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what's a war board without a conflict?

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Third-world armies Strelok 08/28/2020 (Fri) 05:49:58 No.5260
What should be the strategy for militaries that don't have big budgets to spend?
>>9588 >Niggers in an actual, proper, shooting stance Mind blowing.
Open file (57.70 KB 660x456 Niggercattle.jpg)
>>9589 Niggers from the Horn of Africa are at least one or two notches higher than other niggers. And that seems to include Basketball Americans.
>>9590 Aren´t Somalis absolute subhumans, even for nigger-tier?
>>9592 Only recently i think.
Open file (198.40 KB 1920x1000 1603242725329.jpg)
>>8065 Same anon here, decided to write more on the subject. 1st paragraph is more less repeat. Apologies Role of Drones: >Observation During the Southern African liberations Wars in the Congo, northern Angola, and Southern Rhodesia, the ‘bush’ in these countries was used to its full advantage by for black terrorists whom conducted their guerrilla operations from it. The foliage concealed their movement through it, and was used a place of refuge from which launch ambushes and hit and run attacks from. Without the overhead vegetation, combatants become extremely exposed to areal observation. Because South Africa has plains and grasslands not bush; Drones can cost effectively take advantage of this. Such as in Yemen, dispute not having an air force, Iran and by extension the Houthis guerrilla [have] found it can achieve ISR – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance – by flying drones over the battlefield.” [1] This can be for both tactical and operational applications. Drones could be very useful to spotting hostile mobs, combatants and potential ambushes along evacuation routes on the battlefield. And for the headquarters they can be used in intelligence gathering as well to see enemy troop movements, concentrations, training camps and build ups. >Targeting Drones, even without weaponry, have a vital role bombarding targets as “they [UAVs] are also becoming effective at using drones to call in highly accurate artillery and mortar fire.” [1] This devolvement of areal recon is not new, over fifty years ago, the marine corps concluded that a “commanders required a realtime information, reconnaissance, security, aerial observation, and target acquisition/designation system that could operate day and night in all kinds of weather. Based upon those needs, obtaining the Advanced Scout Helicopter was mandatory.” [5] While the project was later scraped due to bureaucratic red tape, it is worth noting that drones fill role of artillery spotters just well and for a much cheaper cost. Drones can also have an attacking ability. There are two methods of doing so engage targets with onboard weapons like gunship or the expendable option of being a loitering munition or otherwise called suicide drone. >Technological advancement has given the edges to drones UVAs are also smaller minimizing their radar profile compared to conventional aircraft.0 the non-metal, foam (?) and carbon fiber drones have low radar signatures and are virtually indivisible to non-interlinked antiquated air defense systems. 0. Both Yemen and the Karabakh War show, Cheap drones against second rate air defense systems are the winning factor. Drones can hug the terrain to hid from radar. “There are multiplier effects to ‘layering’ different types of air defense units and ‘integrating’ them all with each other and to multiple sensors. It appears that the Armenians didn’t do this seriously.” [3] Loitering munitions can also stay low to the terrain or even masked behind terrain features such as hills and valleys. Bait aircraft are viable for anti-air to fire and reveal themselves and then be taken out from a suicide drone in hiding. [3] In Yemen rebel, “Low-flying UAVs have also gone undetected…” by the Saudi led, US supplied coalition air defenses. [2 ] “…UAVs have been successfully deployed to target and disable coalition air defenses, inflicting notable reputational damage.” Succeeding where their missiles did not. The “unsophisticated UAV attacks are humiliating for a coalition led by the Middle East’s largest military spender.” [2] Sadi Arabinan had help in air defense network. Top of the line US equipment and ???Advisers”””seems air defense could counter super local drone attacks because where built for planes and stragertigc point defense in mind- lost source although “The Ukrainian experience demonstrates that UAV defense and traditional air defense should be integrated. A wide variety of drones have been deployed in support of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps deployed in eastern Ukraine, and the Ukranian air defenses have shot down some 45% of drones in the conflict, with another 40% downed by small arms fire and the final 10% with electronic measures.” [4] [1] https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/mena/the-houthis-have-built-their-own-drone-industry-in-yemen-1.1032847#5 [2] https://www.iiss.org/blogs/analysis/2019/08/houthi-uav-strategy-in-yemen [3] https://www.unz.com/akarlin/military-lessons-of-karabakh-war-2020/ [4] https://www.thedefensepost.com/2019/10/02/ukraine-unmanned-aerial-systems-borys-kremenetskyi-future/ [5] https://history.army.mil/html/books/070/70-27/cmhPub_70-27.pdf
Open file (30.29 KB 158x241 komi_fun.png)
>>9598 >you will live to see the day an F-35 hiding from enemy S-400 sites by hugging the ground is "shot down" by a $10 loitering swarm munition intercepting the flightpath of the airborne abomination in order to get sucked into the engine >you will live to see the day a NATO airfield is disabled by small powered mini-glider drones flying over the runway at night in random patterns and damaging any aircraft trying to takeoff and land >you will live to see air to air engagements between small drones
>>9589 >>9590 It must be the Semitic admixture from Arabs and Jews (if the House of Solomon's story is to be believed).
Open file (57.46 KB 550x325 based somali.jpg)
>>9592 Possibly, I once heard that in terms of the tier list for Negros, Ethiopians are at the top, and possibly Somalis coming second. I don't know what caused them to turn into complete niggers though. probably failed colonization efforts and Jews. >/k/ Nigger tier list when?
>>9646 That area being spared from the Bantu Expansion probably played a role in it as well.
>>9592 They also have the most Caucasoid admixture of any ethnic group in Africa.
>>9701 Basically was bantu-tards and no muh colonisation and slave trade what fuck up that much subsaharian Africa from being midly decent?
>>9836 Some parts sure, if it wasn't for their attempt at communism i'm sure Ethiopia would be doing a lot better today, a lot better doesn't mean Africa's Japan but at least decent for the place. And no matter how you look at it the Bantu expansion was infinitely more destructive than colonization ever was, at least Africa ended in a better position post colonization than before it, niggers just didn't take advantage of it.
>>9837 >>9675 >>9701 Can you guys give me a overview on Bantu's and why they are the worst of the worst as far as niggers go.
>>9855 >bantus Just look at the fact that the only semi-civilized country in the area of those spoken languages is Botswana and that's because it's first president was married to a white woman, and it's third president was the son of said marriage and had some idea what a civilization is the second president being in power in name only can also be argued. Also, it has no fucking industry of it's own and relies on finance money laundering and diamonds. IT's also 90% fucking desert. The only African country that might be able to become a global power is fucking Ethiopia (maybe) Madagascar Ethiopia has the issue of being muticultural in the worst way (tribal) with a fucking militant version of actual free scots (Eritrea). It /could/ become a major player but it needs industrialization and it needs fucking coastline (and a port town). Madagascar because it's basically isolated from the retardation of the rest of the continent. and also the reason for it being dirt poor Tanzania is the only one that hasn't had a war thats a major country, but I haven't read enough on them.
Open file (279.77 KB 1371x651 Austronesian languages.jpg)
>>9877 Madagascar also has an Austronesian indigenous population, because making boats is beyond niggers, so they don't have that great of an impact on that island. Although they do have Bantu admixture, and also Arab. Still, with enough soft eugenics they might be able to produce an elite that can do some good for all of those islanders.
>>9877 Global power? no way, regional at best.
>>9639 Will Fresh Fruits become a reality?
>>9892 What did you mean by this anon?
Open file (151.46 KB 680x750 24124123.jpg)
>>9896 It gets fresher every time you see it
Open file (11.65 MB 960x540 war has changed.webm)
>>9896 >>9899 These are great
Look at this.
>>10033 Anyone who assists niggers in any shape or form is an enemy of mine, even if the jews consider him an enemy too.
>>10050 And?
>>10050 Why?
>>10075 And EO should stop pretending to be a victim. >>10080 Kill subhumans
Open file (139.81 KB 799x646 EO.jpg)
>>9899 I wonder what ever happened to Zerg. >>10033 That's really interesting I wonder why they chose now to resume operations? Also didn't they continue to do pmc work but under the company names Sandline International and Sterling Corporate Services? Well what do you think Streloks will they be able to replicate the success they had in Angola and Sierra Leone or will this end the same way the Equatorial guinea operation went?
>>10050 OW the EDGE!
>>10105 >zergface The actor for Zergface is Wangbao Qiang. He got semi-canceled after he caught his wife cheating and divorced him, also mostly moved on from the soldiers films since the CCP thinks its not proper culturally to let a divoicee be in a soldier film. If you're asking a bout the tv series. It ends like any shitty written fanfiction where hero gets all except his mother dies from lung cancer I think.
Open file (68.70 KB 640x620 redditor.jpg)
>>10132 >Hating niggers is edgy This is your brain on reddit.
>>10132 pls leave
>>10153 To such ridiculous extent, yes it is edgy.
>>10153 >making money by helping African countries maintain stability makes you an "enemy" Less stability in Africa=more nigger Africans in European countries. It's also pretty fucking cringey to call a merc company your enemy. The fuck are you going to do? If they took you seriously for a moment you'd likely end up dead. >>10173 No
>>10182 >Less stability in Africa=more nigger Africans in European countries. How underage must one be to seriously believe this?
>>10256 Isn't it wierd how you're having difficulties disproving his statement
>>10256 >stable Africa >no one leaves because they're not being slaughtered by dozens of different extremist groups and the gibs are all right there so why go? >unstable Africa >wtf these niggers keep chopping arms off and eating other niggers and there's no gibs and none of us know how to farm >but those pale men up north say there's free shit for refugees think I'm finna take me some ypipo pussy Not hard to figure out retard, shitskins go where the gibs are, and if they can just go to Europe and get everything handed to them versus staying and probably getting their dome split as part of some congo voodoo hoodoo bullshit some ape in a beret made up for his militant cult then even the dumbest nigger can connect the dots and start making his way across the Mediterranean.
>>10256 It's fairly simple. People don't like leaving their homelands unless they have to, not even niggers. Of course there are opportunists from central/southern Africa, but the majority of them are from unstable regions in North Africa or the Middle East. You don't have African shoemakers because dumb American shoe companies give them free shoes driving the shoemakers out of business since they can't compete with free shoes. Same thing happens with food to the point where what mockery of an agricultural sector Africa did have before is now completely gone. Teach a man to fish and all that isn't possible if day-to-day life involves criminals running rampant in the streets. Yes I'm aware that if the gibs were cut it would cause mass famine and some level of instability. That's why it's important to stabilize the region first, THEN pull out the gibs so that security forces can enforce martial law while the nigs are relearning how to have a functional economy.
>>10264 Or, and hear me out on this: We just deny Africans from entering our countries. I know its impossible because apparently white people long for mudhouse matriarichal schoolmarm bullshit so much but there is not a single reason we can't exploit these countries and keep them out of our own. Hell we did it for about 100 years.
>>10345 Yeah no shit deny them entry, you can also make them trying to enter a non-issue by teaching them some basic shit and then letting them have at it instead of this half-measure bullshit the UN and dumbass organizations like greenpeace like to do. Saying an entire region being destabilized is anything but trouble for everyone else around them is asinine.
>>5260 I'm gonna say the N word
>>12917 Don't do it!
>>12918 NUCLEAR
>>12917 >>12918 >>12924 Reddit-tier 'memery'. Kill yourselves, you fucking faggots.
>>12917 >>12918 >>12924 This board is absolutely cuckchan-tier
>>12931 >>12933 Is it that bad of a joke or did you not get the context? I thought it was pretty clear that I'm implying nuclear weapons are the best option if you want to viably protect yourself. No two nuclear armed states have ever gone to war with each other.
>>12961 the amount of Xenon-129 in the surface soil and atmosphere of Mars says you're super wrong about that, Strelok
>>12969 Someone tested nukes, possibly gigaton range, on mars. Why do you think we made the "moon" program? What do you think the saturn V was originally intended to carry? Everybody acknowledges that the atlas, minotaur, R-7, etc were initially nuclear weapon launch vehicles so there's not a big leap of the imagination there. I'm not even joking, I think we probably, at least just designed, the Saturn series as ICBMs, and probably went a lot further.
>>12972 that could be more plausible than intelligent life on mars but there's an awful lot of that xenon 129, I'm not sure that amount could be created by just a couple nukes and I'm not sure the USA and USSR were capable of launching that many nukes to mars. Wouldn't they just nuke the far side of the moon or something
>>12974 You know, it would contribute to explaining why mars used to have oceans and a stronger magnetic field.
>>12961 It was that bad of a joke. Keep that shit out of the webring.

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