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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (34.29 KB 1280x698 1684657698511522.jpg)
Open file (67.37 KB 530x682 1684283690051950.jpg)
Russo-Ukrainian War #26: Free Artyemovsk edition Strelok 05/21/2023 (Sun) 09:18:57 No.50882
Wagner has captured fortress Bahmut after 224 days of fighting. Ukrainian spring counteroffensive still failed to materialize. Ukrainians to get f-16. USA apparently misscalculated value of gear they gave to Ukraine, which is about to get additional 3 billion $ in gear to compensate. Welcome to the grind and enjoy the show!
>>51427 How does inducting Ukraine change anything? Wouldn't any further NATO involvement be a third world war, in which case, why not just do it straight away?
>>51427 >>51428 Won't that just make Russia try an go all out and crush Ukraine before that happens?
>>51429 That would seem a sensible alternative, humanly-speaking. Certainly less expensive in the long run AFAICT.
Open file (234.59 KB 1920x1080 748954612.jpg)
Open file (2.26 MB 1456x1184 00035-3403258364.png)
>>51425 >mfw >>51428 >why not just do it straight away? Can they afford doing WWIII?
>>51399 >>51425 >>51443 Where? It's not in lists I've seen, nothing comes up searching HuggingFace, and Civitai's cucked so there's no point even checking there.
Open file (212.18 KB 1565x1037 bearception.jpg)
Why are you guys always killing each other?
>>51418 >If it was a probing attack where are the followup waves? I think this is one off kind of deal, or at least very rare occurrence. This kinds of stunts are way too expensive to justify pitiful amount of damage they caused. The one time it could have had an actual impact was on Victory Day Parade. >>51446 >Why are you guys always killing each other? It's a time honored Slavic tradition.
Open file (101.30 KB 947x527 ClipboardImage.png)
>>51451 >What happened?
>>51427 >NATO secretary general has allegedly declared that Ukraine will be inducted by unanimous decision (presumably in the near future). I doubt Ukraine will ever be a full fledged member, they'd never be allowed to invoke article 5. Best they can hope for is to become a forward base/tripwire. Reminder they're still trying to sort out this shit show: >Stoltenberg: I will also travel to Ankara in the near future to continue to address how we can ensure the fastest possible accession of Sweden ...and Turkish elections are now done, kek. >>51443 >Can they afford doing WWIII? Printer go burrrrr. Better question is: can they afford not to? >>51447 >It's a time honored Slavic tradition. Gotta thin the herd to keep bloodlines strong.
>>51452 It is just normalfags being normalfags.
>>51453 >Printer go burrrrr That seems like a grand way towards hyperinflation. I mean we're already on the way there so I can't imagine accelerating the whole process by finally kicking the debt markets teeth in is going to be productive.
>>51456 I mean if we're going there anyway why not in cammo style with a nuclear bang?
No more Ukrainian citizens in Russian Territory anymore, this will be illegal. The Russians are expediting Russian passports and citizenship in Artyemovsk. I think the Russians learnt their lesson in Kherson and Zaporizhia where they allowed Ukrainian citizens keep their Ukrainian documents while living in Russian Territory, Too much spies and partisan attacks
Open file (493.37 KB 1080x1036 1638305611680.png)
>>51464 >have Ukrainian citizens in your newly acquired territory >suspect they may be spies >give them a piece of paper that allows them to move freely through your country I don't think Putin has thought this through
>>51466 Not to mention it's a free pass for Ukraine to wash its hands of any internal attacks in Russia, because now they're domestic attacks by discontented Russians instead of being Ukrainians.
>>51466 >>51467 If they are Russian citizens they can be handled by the Russian legal system (bag and tag) instead of within the military legal system as a foreign national. It's illegal to hold Russian citizenship in Ukraine so they can't flee if they are spies. It's a net positive.
>>51467 It also gives them a chance to claim attacks that don't necessarily occurred or inflate the number of victims, I doubt the total of Ukrainians now under Russian rule can be known with much certainty. >>51468 why bother with bagging and tagging in the middle of a warzone? Shoot them, claim they were combatants.
>>51470 Because these incidents don't happen in the middle of a war zone. Despite the shelling Donetsk has active markets and funding as an example.
>>51466 Presumably they will vet them and if found lacking will deport them. At least that would be the reasonable way of going about it.
>>51468 >It's illegal to hold Russian citizenship in Ukraine so they can't flee if they are spies. >Go kill Russians, Holol, but you can't come back in when you're finished -- even with a high-score. OK? Sure you've thought this through yet, Strelok?
>>51477 I have thought this through. Forcing Hohols to hold Russian citizenship is a net positive for the Russian Federation because they can then label any war-like acts as domestic terrorism (and use counter-terrorism forces to stop them instead of the army proper) and it makes it so the Ukrainians can't pull this "Russian foreign legion" shit. I understand anon has never particularly cared about the whole foreign vs domestic issue in waaaaagh but there are net benefits in doing this since it lets you distribute different otherwise unaccessible resources to reducing the Ukrainian opposition while equally forcing those Ukrainians still in the territory who refuse to assimilate to either flee the country or forcefully assimilate. There's a logic to the whole thing from a "social engineering" perspective.
>>51479 Conversely it allows the Ukrainians to disavow any knowledge of spies while perpetuating the idea that Russians are rebelling. At the very least it means domestic issues and lower moral when the population thinks it is being split into civil war.
>>51451 I don't understand, what's wrong with it?
All quiet on the Ukraine front?
>>51480 >At the very least it means domestic issues and lower moral when the population thinks it is being split into civil war. Which certainly seems to serve Greater Jerusalem's agendas here. Why the Ukrainians ever agreed to their psychotic death cult is beyond my understanding, but they clearly have. Ehh, at this point let it play out to the last drop of Ukrop blood I guess.
So. >There was another attempt at raid within Russian borders today and yesterday, this time it was stopped much sooner, OSINT puts UAF advance at little under 200m from border before losing two tanks and rolling back. >active combat in Belgorod border region, so far UAF was not able to penetrate in depth, shelling of border settlements continues >Daily cruise missiles administered to Ukraine >Wagner has been rotated to field camps where they will regroup and reorganize, rumor has it they'll be put back on combat duty when they're done resting >Prigozhin last seen setting up tents with Wagner grunts on field camps and taking combat debriefs >Akhmat and Wagner are having a heated dispute
>>51466 Russia has an internal passport system, you are not free to move between the various republics without approval from the government and appropriate documentation.
>>51487 The fact that no one else in the thread noted this and continued discussion as if it were a real possibility shows how retarded nu-/k/ is.
>>51487 This applies only to the autonomous republics or also to the oblasts and territories too? Because if it is the former they could still break havoc upon a lot of Russia, at least the Kherson and Zaporizhia hohols, as those places were given oblasts status.
>>51487 That is not true you retard, the Russian internal passport just works as an ID, containing information on the person's identity and place of residence.
>>51486 Don't forget the (((Zelensky))) finally announced that the """"""""Spring"""""" Counter-Offensive is going to happen soon guys!!
Open file (1.65 MB 1378x2039 Beer Putin.jpg)
>>51487 Approval is given for anything as simple as "I have a job offer" or "I've got family there" though. The federation's internal transportation system is very loose and fast. The issue only really comes up when poor people from the outlying regions want to move to Moscow and don't have the money or job offer to afford to actually move to Moscow since they don't want homeless running about willy nilly (and poor people get around this by joining the military). Technically neither does the USA, the states just defer that privilege to the federal government to avoid interstate commerce lawsuits. >>>/k/51489 >"Hurr durr everyone is retarded except me because I'm a smarty McSmartFace oh how the mighty have fallen" Yeah sure, whatever retard. 4/10 for getting me to respond to you being retarded. >>51490 Because everyone has family everywhere and job offers are aplenty in Russia (outside the cities), it really only applies to the autonomous republics within the federation and to poorfags trying to move to cities. There's some speculation if you want to move to an area that's primarily a military town but nobody is going to bat an eye at your documents if you want to move from the Tatarstan Republic over to Vladivostok (or just in general from a more populated oblast to a less populated one). >>51491 It's really "somewhere inbetween." If you're a single woman from Novosibirsk, the authorities are probably going to deny your request to go to Chechnya unless you're going to live with family or are going there for a marriage proposition. Similarly if you're some poor bastard from Yakutsk you're going to get stopped and questioned if you want to move to Saint Petersburg or Yekaterinburg or something, but in general it just acts as an ID card, yes. It's more to just make sure people aren't going to become homeless or troublemakers wherever they end up.
Oh cool I guess I'm not Ukrainian any more finally while using burgerland servers.
>>51493 Your info is massively outdated, this is how it used to be in USSR, in modern Russia the authorities can't "deny" or "approve" you moving to a different subject as there are no internal checkpoints, you're free to travel wherever you please. The only restrictions are, you have you notify the Ministry of the Internal Affairs within 3 months of changing your permanent residence location if you're moving to another subject, or else you get fined for 50 bucks or so.
>>51496 The border checkpoints have been replaced with plaincloths "helpers" at the train stations and digital verification thanks to social media, but the basics remain the same. You just mysteriously lose your job and rental property and get pulled in for questioning in regards to crime a bit too often for it to be a coincidence making it so you have "no choice" but to go back instead of being told to fuck off directly these days.
>>51492 Two more weeks to Utopia.(tm)
thoughts lads, hysterics, or am I going to be atomic dust before summer ends?
>>51499 >am I going to be atomic dust before summer ends? Probably. But thankfully it's just you, yourself. The rest of us are going to be just fine. :^)
>>51500 Peace at last.
>>51497 lel nice to see Russia runs soft power just like the west internally. I still like that you can have your bank account terminated with no explanation required if you've angered the wrong gods here.
sorry wrong field
>>51499 >Source: some crap I found in my mail bro trust me.
>>51504 It's all edumacated guesses based on publicly available information minus the speculation, but they are reasonable assumptions to make.
Open file (331.16 KB 792x598 monkeyhold.png)
>>51499 It's on like Donkey Kong.
Open file (535.53 KB 1024x520 1615692836114.jpg)
>>51505 The part about the Gerald Ford going to Norway is real.
>>51499 I'll believe it when it happens. Regardless, you should always be prepared just in case. Funnily enough, this reminds me of that /x/ story where anon had the dream about nukes that led to lizard-demons taking over the world and torturing everyone in a literal hell on Earth.
Open file (6.40 MB 392x498 huh.gif)
>>51499 >my contacts from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), during which I handled National Security Intelligence, Terrorism, and Foreign Counter-Intelligence. >Turner was a paid informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for several years, supplying information about right-wing groups to federal agents.
>>51508 Do you have a copy of that story? >lizard-demons taking over the world and torturing everyone in a literal hell on Earth. But Soros is already here.
Open file (436.49 KB 1839x2511 skin.png)
Open file (241.06 KB 1839x2216 skin2.png)
>>51510 Not him but I think this is the story he was talking about.

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