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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (460.58 KB 1200x1670 Russia meets Ukraine.png)
Open file (105.87 KB 830x272 Blinkin idiot.png)
Russia vs Ukraine 24 - This is What Happens When I Have to Make the Thread - EDITION Strelok 02/20/2023 (Mon) 09:22:52 No.47995
Emergency thread since the previous one was auto locked. I've not been paying attention to the war for the past couple of months so I really don't know what to put here. Someone with more info is going to have to fill us in starting with the second post. One bit of news I heard today was the Biden administration plus Graham threatening China not to supply weapons to Russia. https://archive.is/p4CvP I also wanted a new thread so we could talk about what a post anti satellite warfare world would/will look like. Both in it's effects on civilian life and also how wars will be fought after all the eyes in the sky are put out.
>>49127 all of these new vehicles are just gonna get blown up. Russia's artillery superiority means that deploying these kinds of armored units is going to be less than intelligent, especially when they cant really be replaced and I doubt they can be repaired easily. I really dont know what NATO was thinking ti was gonna achieve by sending them top of the line sutff. At least Germany was smart enough to send them outdated Leo 2A4s. Also with the inappropriate way in which Ukraine likes to expand the front every time they have a chance to, I dont see these vehicles making much of a difference other than being big targets
>>49144 The idol industry is a Japanese PsyOp to quickly convert otaku into a conscripted military force. Wotagei are their tribal callsigns and training maneuvers. Vtubers are designed around calling upon the masses in dire times but Japan isn't going to weaponize them for Ukraine when Ukraine has already fucked them over on LNG deals, no matter how much America bitches.
Open file (106.80 KB 563x768 nopan.jpg)
>>49150 >Wotagei are their tribal callsigns and training maneuvers. It all makes sense now that you mention it. >Myouhontuske! Kazen tobi jokyou! "We shall remove the occupiers from the Northern Territories" >Yamazaki haru no pan matsuri! "In springtime we feast on the bread of our (Korean) enemies" They're the future elites of the new IJA. Pic related is a recon wotaku making cheki of a sensitive area.
Open file (473.76 KB 1280x1280 kid_loving_dads_army.jpg)
Apparently Ukrainians are protesting/petitioning the use of DU rounds because it defeats the entire purpose of reclaiming the territory if the earth is salted. Russia claims staging nukes in Belarus is their retaliatory response to DU rounds.
>>49157 Are those rounds such a big deal? we're speaking of dozens of tanks using them no? If they were speaking about artillery shells I'd see the issue
>>49158 Practically? No. Guys hit by them or in the general vicinity will have health issues and cancer later in life but we're talking a few thousand dudes (mostly tank crews and tribal women) in America's 20 year campaign had DU poisoning and most of that was from reactive armor rather than shells. But your average normalfag thinks radiation is basically some kind of conscious toxic black sludge magic like FernGully, so they freak out over minor issues.
>>49158 Ukrainians don't have a good history with radioactive materials, even if the government tells them there's nothing to worry about.
>>49144 Both sides are already using regular "influencers" that appeal to different age groups, from hot young attractive women all the way up to ol' Scott Ritter. >>49148 Most likely just to see how much the Ukrainians are capable of doing with them, even if all the hardware ends up blown up, and gather that valuable data; see what still works and what doesn't. And, of course, justify paying for new expensive toys. I would laugh at the way your government expends your taxes, but I'm a spic so it would be a huge hypocrisy. >>49150 >>49153 The IJA's return is inevitable, prepare for the rise of comfort women, fellow streloks!
>>49155 >not using flag of sodom for usa You had one job, Mexico.
>>49161 >Most likely just to see how much the Ukrainians are capable of doing with them, even if all the hardware ends up blown up, and gather that valuable data; see what still works and what doesn't. I used to say this until Blinken blustered and accidentally admitted that the Ukrainians are refusing to share any of their tooling data with the Americans (and by proxy that means everyone else too in NATO except maybe Poland). They'll happily take American drone information, but they refuse to share their drone information with the Americans. After learning that, unless they have spyware sending last-generation tanks isn't gonna do much even for war data like that if the Ukrainians aren't sharing it. Makes me wonder if that's why the US government strong-armed Elon into continuing to provide starlink to the Hohols. Without that war data the only excuse that comes to mind for their actions would be ideology or blood sacrifices to Moloch.
Open file (163.41 KB 1200x814 slavrig.jpg)
Image of Ukrop Challenger. Looks like they have little faith in the world's best hyped composite armor.
>>49167 that's a picture of M-55S. M-55S are T-55 that have been upgraded and modernized
>>49172 Looks like a Polish variant of a modernized T-55A. Maybe from the 70s/80s since upgraded variant?
>>49159 Uranium is toxic, fucks up the kidneys especially, long before radiation does it's thing. >>49164 >Ukrainians are refusing to share any of their tooling data with the Americans Any real sauce on this? Doesn't make sense unless the numbers look really sad, ie massive waste of $$. or hohols are hiding something >US government strong-armed Elon into continuing to provide starlink to the Hohols Nah ISPs can't see anything except the fact you are transmitting data, everything is using end-to-end encryption now days.
>>49155 >you will now receive 15 billion dollars >>49172 >>49174 Look at the optics hosuing above the barrel, barrel shroud and center hull driver hatch. Isn't that kind of thing distinctive of Challanger or am I just wrong on this? The T55's have drivers hatch on the right side of the hull.
Open file (2.10 MB 1690x601 Chally2.png)
>>49167 >>49172 >>49174 >>49177 That is most certainly a Challenger 2.
Open file (858.85 KB 1024x576 Untitled.png)
Zelenskiy is meeting the IAEA Chief at the the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant as we speak
Ukros are claiming Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant protection zone and de-militarization around the enerhodar deal is close to being sealed
>>49136 I think the stadium is at the grey zone, I keep advancements towards the stadium for a week and a half now as if the Russians keep losing and gaining the area back
>>49164 >Without that war data the only excuse that comes to mind for their actions would be ideology or blood sacrifices to Moloch >blood sacrifices to Moloch more likely than you think!
Open file (117.31 KB 1280x853 tanks for the memory.jpg)
T-55 meme intensifies. Seen at some defense expo at the booth of the manufacturer, implying T-55 is still available to purchase. It was common in the passenger car market to keep an obsolete model on sale for budget conscious buyers. Maybe T-55 is the Renault 4 option for impoverished defense ministries. UK has expressed no interest so far.
European ammunition maker says plant expansion hit by energy-guzzling TikTok site https://archive.ph/O62XI >Norwegian group Nammo blames ‘storage of cat videos’ for threatening its growth as data centre corners spare electricity >One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of ammunition is facing a roadblock to the planned expansion of its largest factory because a new data centre for TikTok is using up all the spare electricity in the area. >Nammo, which is co-owned by the Norwegian government and a Finnish state-controlled defence company, has been told there is no surplus energy for its Raufoss plant in central Norway as a data centre that counts the social media platform as its main customer is using up the electricity in the region. The article goes on-and-on, but this is the funny part.
Front has been static last few days. Only thing worth of note is that Russians finally replaced Muradov, the guy that has fucked up attacks on Uhledar few months back.
Open file (47.95 KB 1308x694 Gotterdammerung.png)
Interesting statement attributed to Prigozhin implying Wagner is nearly a spent force. Meanwhile Zelensky reportedly stated that holding Bakhmut is vital otherwise allies and even Ukrainian people will demand he makes peace with Russia. This is despite US (and his own commanders) telling him that Bakhmut is not worth it and AFU resources are best used elsewhere. >>49186 In the current year uploading a 16 second video is an act of asymmetric warfare. I wonder how much electricity is consumed by data centers for Google, Amazon, Youtube etc. These US big tech companies spread the narratives of the satanist elite so they will be powered even when Europeans cannot access electric lighting. But Tik Tok is apparently a threat to our democracy.
>>49188 Guess Putin sees more advantage in fucking him out of being a political rival than pressing a victory.
>>49167 >>49178 I take your Challenger and raise you a Leopard 2A4
>>49188 >Interesting statement attributed to Prigozhin What's the original source?
>>49162 We failed you, mr señor strelok, don't deport us back to glownniger imageboards, por favor es no bueno!
>>49192 Prigozhin usually makes statements on a Telegram channel. Screencap is from some guy on twitter.
Open file (442.37 KB 1190x906 ClipboardImage.png)
>>49172 >that's a picture of M-55S fucking nu-/k/.
>>49139 I'd fuck nigger Reimu.
>>49181 He looks like a fucking goblin.
Open file (259.61 KB 1200x1057 Harry Potter Goblin.jpg)
Open file (106.29 KB 1600x900 Harry Potter Ukraine.jpg)
>>49203 >Goblin looks like goblin Who would have thought!
Open file (31.54 KB 630x400 33535.jpg)
Ukrainian Energy Minister Galushchenko called on global energy companies to share their profits with Ukraine "Many energy companies make huge profits because of the war. According to our estimates, it is more than $200 billion. They get this money because of the war, because we are at war. I think it would be fair to share this money with Ukraine to help us rebuild our energy infrastructure," the minister said. \ Galushchenko noted that the Lithuanian company Ignitis Group has already announced that it is ready to send about 10 percent of its profits to help rebuild Ukraine. He called on other international companies to follow its example. source NEXTA Ukrainian national news
>>49228 >piss off Russia by trying to join the globohomo crowd >as a result a good chunk of the world decides to stop buying Russian gas&oil >this makes the market unstable, leading to volatile prices >eventually the market stabilizes, but now Europe buys LNG from the US & the Middle East, and China&India buy the Russian surplus >shipping LNG is more expensive that pumping it through pipes, so everyone has to pay more now >all because these fucking hohols wanted to have their cake and eat it too >now ask for gibs from the companies who made a hefty profit at first due to this collective retardation that could have been easily avoided if they just give up some clay Eurasia will not fulfill its true potential until the last Kalibr from the last Slava-class cruiser falls on the last hohol.
>>49228 beggar nation
>>49236 >inb4 Ukraine joins the EU and Greece becomes the "rich" nation expected to help foot the bill
>>49241 Speaking of joining things, Turkey has approved Finland's NATO application.
>>49228 My first thought was 'surely that's illegal, are we finally going to see a test case?' but of course >Lithuanian company [sic] >Ignitis Group is a state-controlled energy holding company ... Its shares are owned the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
>>49242 Saw that too, wonder what will be the next step of the plan from the Bosphorus diplomats
Open file (1.21 MB 591x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (203.70 KB 464x352 ClipboardImage.png)
It's over... New York fell and Russia has won
Open file (1.85 MB 1280x719 ClipboardImage.png)
Interesting graph posted by The Times. No way to know exactly how many actually got across the border and how many are KIA. But given how first thing when SHTF was to ban travel abroad for military able men, I'd say majority are actually traded in Ukraine.
>>49266 Looks like there was a huge hole in their demographics even before it kicked off. What went on 20 years ago that stopped them from having kids?
>>49272 The collapse of the soviet union and thirty years of mail-order brides and child trafficking, anon. That's where that male:female disparity comes from too. Didn't you know that until Obama, Russia and Ukraine were the primary place single people and gays went to adopt children since Slav orphanages will slip you a kid for a few hundred. Obviously predators also went to "adopt" kids (wives). >>49266 I find it amusing that even the Times recognizes that mail-order brides will increase in the following years. I think it will be worse to be female if Russia takes over Ukraine since there will be a shortage of men, but if Ukraine remains independent it will be hell on Earth for men for the next decade or so there while becoming a matriarchy culture.
>>49242 My favorite part about the NATO process is all the coping from Sweden. First it was so important and certain that Finland and Sweden would join at the same time, then it gradually became "We're happy for Finland, but it's also very important that Sweden join too. Please." The NATO meeting in June will surely be the time when Sweden becomes a member, surely. It would be so funny if Sweden doesn't get to join by then.
>>49277 Not to mention that if Finland is in, then it doesn't even matter if Sweden is a member or not, simply because invading Sweden from Russia is de facto impossible in the current situation. Except if Russia decides to build a fleet of ekranoplans and try to take over Sweden in a single day. But even then, supplying those forces without encroaching on Finland is not realistic. So it really is just empty posturing on everyone's part.
>>49276 >That's where that male:female disparity comes from too That disparity is all over age 50. Women live longer than men in every western country but in Slavland the disparity is exaggerated by hard work and hard drinking. >if Ukraine remains independent it will be hell on Earth for men for the next decade or so there while becoming a matriarchy culture. Ukraine will not remain independent. It will join EU then the shortage of men will be 'solved' by mass importation of niggers. >>49278 >Russia decides to build a fleet of ekranoplans and try to take over Sweden in a single day. That would be kino.
>>49272 Dissolution of Soviet Union and subsequent economic clusterfuck as well as corruption and privatization destroying remnant of economy. Also there was a lot of economic emigration to the EU/West

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