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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

QTDDTOT Strelok 02/06/2023 (Mon) 06:32:04 No.47376
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Previous thread: >>21645 Old one is bump locked and dead.
>>57857 Rake away the truth all you want, it'll just fall back down to cover up your lies again before long.
Open file (811.49 KB 355x355 123124216.gif)
Helo were are da guns :DDDDDDDDD
>>57877 We were spammed recently by a schizo and all gun related threads there were fell off the board before I or others could save them. And most of users with troves of knowledge about guns never came back after exodus and there is not much to discuss I guess. At the moment we are /pol/lite.
>>57877 >>57911 If you want to discuss Nip Nong and occasionally African cutting implements we do have a thread for that though.
>>57911 >All the gun-related threads I didn't realize the white supremacy thread was gun-related. Or that the two or three non-bumplocked threads that fell off were the only gun-related threads.
>>57914 And we also have threads about guns: >>13754 >>19322
>>57929 >>57929 >the white supremacy thread Where!? WTF I LOVE /K/ NOW >that fell off >fell That's a funny way to spell slide-attacked glownigger-kun! :^)
>>58017 >white supremacy Looking back its crazy how dumb boomers and ever their forefathers were to fall for this shit. Its literally trying to bogeyman the obvious truth due to extremely retarded and unrelated "muh genetics" strawmen that doesn't even understand how genetics works. Its as stupid as saying "damn those arabic supremacists" during the islamic golden age, or a better example "damn those italian supremacists" during the roman empire. They are obviously correct statements of truth during their time, to say that refutation and even stigmatize it is literally just cope from haters. They are better than you due to long-term factors of their ancestors leading to golden ages. "But muh genetics", again genetics is 99% adaptation to environment and 1% random chance, and while there are some natural environmental adaptation that is beneficial to humans, its so minor to not matter in the long run. For all the major empire periods in the world (egypt, classical, islamic, european) none of them had major advantage of genetic adaptation or random genetics. The best example of seemingly random genetics is something like china, with the highest iq scores and by far the earliest invention of the printing press, gunpowder, and compasses. Yet despite this they were still the silver bitch boy of the world living in a stagnant dream more concerned with larping as the best empire in the world than actually being it. Comparatively, europe didn't even have a writing system before the romans invaded our shit, and we were more savage, barbaric and uncivilized than most people anywhere. "but whity power is real", again its mostly placebo due to god-tier culture, yet there is some minor genetic superiority from whites, just as there came about minor genetic superiority from romans or egyptians, and that was from Artifical Adaptation. So tl;dr, whites are supreme due to being better than everyone else, whites are better than anyone else due to skill issue from ancestors + themselves due to god-tier culture/philosophy/theology. White genetic "superiority" is almost entirely from artificial adaptation due to ancestors being better at sweating and bleeding than the rest of the world. "White supremacy" is laughably dumb and incredible coping as a bogeyman and its amazing (((they))) ever managed to stigmatize it.
>>58035 POTD. Uncle Ted talked about the fundamental driving force with Leftists is their sense of inadequacy: they see themselves as losers. That's one reason it's such a disconnect to see whites as leftists (although this is clearly the direct result of (((them))) & their control of media for many decades now). Through the centuries since the Enlightenment began across all Western Europe, Whites have simply shown themselves (in general) to be the most superior race. Sadly, we've followed the path of folly giving women a say in society, and ofc they've immediately burnt it all down -- as they always do. And so the cycle will repeat again... the time the Yellow man will ascend to the throne, I think.
Open file (145.32 KB 1024x1024 IMG_20230825_173352_205.jpg)
>>58035 >>58039 It's funny that when it comes to borders and national identity, I put similar race over similar culture. But when it comes to claiming whether I'm superior or not, I put similar culture over similar race. I can't tell if it's because I'm right or because I want to be a comfortable civ-nat instead of a hard ethno-nat, or because of my chosen religion prohibiting the concept of God's Chosen™ from building up.
Open file (16.13 KB 640x185 red tanegashima.jpg)
>>58057 I like it. I'm personally not a fan of the modern "L" handle design. The old style used by matchlocks and flintlocks was more aesthetic and elegant.
Open file (8.94 KB 339x316 TheFrontFellOff.jpg)
>>58017 The threads fell off. Then they were towed outside the board. >>58039 >the time the Yellow man will ascend to the throne Well as long as the Yellow Man stays off my fucking lawn and goes back to making traditional architecture I don't give a fuck. >>58035 >just as there came about minor genetic superiority from romans or egyptians You're putting it way too recent. A large part of what makes Europeans European came about during the middle paleolithic and mesolithic.
>>57827 That's not very nice :'(
Open file (134.42 KB 1165x740 Nfpr1F7.jpg)
So, there’s an obvious raid spamming the board with lots of clumsy LARP at that. And then >>57645 > Why the difference? > Muh spammers Oh fuck off. < before the glowie reinforcements arrived you guys totally have spammed yourself. Now that’s top tier trolling, (b)8/(b)8.
>>58068 I was just being a faggot because I can't tell what kind of mount or scope that is. If it even is a scope and not an IR laser considering he's using NVGs. Actually I think that is an IR laser, but I still couldn't tell you what mount its sitting on. The carry handle just looks like the standard M16 handle from back in the day to me.
Anyone have experience with psychedelic therapy? I can't afford monthly drug injections/prescriptions nor weekly therapists, but I've heard a lot of good stuff about magic mushroom therapy helping people get over their PTSD in only a couple sessions and know a therapist in town licensed to use them.
>>58217 I don't have PTSD, but it really helps with depression in my experience. Really helped me quit drinking too, but that still required some willpower. It's worth a shot since they're not addictive and the chances of you permanently losing your mind from mushrooms is basically non-existent. If you've never done them before then it's a good idea to have a tripsitter nearby, which I guess the therapist would be doing? Bad trips are really fucking scary by yourself if you don't know how to tard wrangle your thought processes and a tripsitter really helps with that. Plus mushrooms are fun as shit anyway, and since they're non-addictive you won't have that chasing the dragon feeling you'd get with shit like heroin.
>>58217 >>58220 honestly magic mushrooms won't help much if have anxiety if don't have the mindset, it will make whatever you are feeling, so much worse. bad trips are the worst feeling and you will never come out the same way as you did before. I am not trying persuade you from not trying but be careful. for me I am not trying that shit ever again.
Why was Bin Laden a massive weeb? Why was his laptop full of anime, memes, crocheting tutorials, and hentai?
>>58256 >why was an oxford nerd who associated with other academics all his life a nerd
I've decided to build an AR, but I have a very vague design motivation. I just want it to be "nice". That doesn't mean it has top-tier expensive parts, or land 0.5 MOA, but I just want it to "feel" really really good. I was thinking of having a 12.5 in barrel with a can because it's aesthetic as fuck and it has decent dwell time for a suppressed SBR build, which I'm thinking means it would feel smooth to shoot. Anyway, would appreciate input on what would contribute to the "niceness" of the build, and also suggestions about manufacturers that fit the profile of pandering to neither poors nor LARPers.
>>58217 >know a therapist in town licensed to use them. If you can, have someone with experience to supervise/guide you (and make sure you're consuming the right mushrooms). +1 what >>58221 said it's a double edge sword as is most medicine, don't look at it as a 'cheat code' or an escape hatch. If you're not comfortable being in your head and alone with your thoughts for a while (meditating) amping that up to 11 with substances is ill advised.
>>58259 You will want a wood furniture, obviously. The pro is that any carpenter you ask will be able to make it.
Open file (50.33 KB 231x277 1553391073382.png)
There was a German soldier during the Franco-Prussian War I believe whose regiment had trouble taking a fortress so he runs up to the gate with a satchel charge and exclaims that now he has become the key to the gate and blows himself up, leading his fellow soldiers to storm inside and conquer it. I asked this before and no one knew what I was talking about despite me reading it back on the 8chan board years ago.
>>58063 I wonder what modern Japanese firearms would look like. I'ld imagine there would be a lot of initial plagerization of foreign designs before a Nippon tailored design based within the scope of their military's geopolitical aims.
>>58259 Why was it called A-5 instead of B-5 when its ONLY mission was literally shitting a retarded nuke from its ass?
>>58482 Because it is light and fast and A is designation for CAS / light bombers ?
>>58482 It's a weird side effect of the USN designation system at the time. In 1946 they decided to get rid of the "torpedo bomber" and "dive bomber" designations since the two had become basically interchangeable, so all carrier-capable bombers from then on would be designated as attack planes. At the time this seemed reasonable, the Doolittle raid proved that carrier-capable strategic bombers were a horrible idea that no sane military should ever pursue. Then along came Truman the nuke-fetishist.
>>58524 So they wanted a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber but they did not want to label it as a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber because a carrierborne borderline strategic bomber would be objectively a retarded idea?
>>58524 Should have made nuclear seaplanes.
>>58556 Basically, yes. >>58559 We almost did. The first squadron was reportedly just a few days away from being declared operational when the USN suddenly and for no reason shut down the entire program and had all of them scrapped.
Okay advertising like this is not well received. At least tell us who is hal turner and how it is related to this board?
Open file (198.26 KB 1280x833 F-106_unmanned_landing.jpg)
Why was the MiG-25 or at least MiG-31 (after learning from the previous' shortcomings) made with a variable geometry or at least delta wing when agility and weight were obviously not prioritized and when both alternative wing designs would offer more wing area and leading edge sweep for the same wingspan (FCS area) that would be overall advantageous for high altitude high speed missile truck like was trhe case with its western equivalents (F-106, Avro Arrow, F-111 in its original concept)?
Open file (33.71 KB 700x405 MiG-31.jpg)
Open file (948.52 KB 320x240 MiG-25.gif)
>>58656 >variable geometry Mo parts - mo problems, simple as that. We don't see it in modern designs either, my theory is variable geometry was sort of a 'cheat code' designers relied on for a while, supersonic flows are stupid hard and so unintuitive but modern computer modeling enabled overcoming that so the extra mechanical complexity is not worth it. >or at least delta wing If you ignore the two massive engines breaking up the outline they're just cropped delta wings with tail configuration, is it not? >that would be overall advantageous That's a highly speculative statement. Interesting to note the Ye-150 series of prototypes that preceded the MiG-25 had a true triangular delta wing shape but those used a single engine, so they've obviously tried it and decided to evolve it for reasons. Perhaps the sweptback trailing edge and multiple angles on leading edge (a 'compound delta' is it?) were needed to accommodate the dual engine profile. The entire platform in a nutshell is: the two engines with a radar and meatbag container strapped on and just enough airfoils to keep it all moving in a straight line lol
>>58656 Both of those were designed as Air Defence Forces interceptors. MiG-31 explicitly as a counter to cruising missiles. So the time in air patrol mattered. Once refueling in air was worked out well enough (early MiG-31 did not have this feature, it was added in MiG-31B), fuel efficiency at cruising speed could be de-prioritized. Thus requirement was dropped only after MiG-31B. IMHO.
>>58686 >So the time in air patrol mattered. A full delta would provide more fuel space though. Movable tails are kind of waste of wing surface for an interceptor that actively avoids close quarter combat.
How to put p0n!z in V@Go0?
/k/, have you ever been in an Escape and Evasion situation?
>>58904 Not really in the wild unless you consider urban mexican environments as wilderness Being calm and collected will always be priority, in most activities it should be i think
>>58904 No. Hopefully i'll never have to though I think the best way for this to happen is to live in an inhospitable hole of bumfuckistan, inna woods, in a small shed. Afterwards I guess everything else is a matter of slowly building up resources for food and water that allows you to achieve homeostasis with your new environment.
Open file (6.45 MB 1440x2560 ClipboardImage.png)
Wouldn't it make more sense to arm honour guards with shotguns that have tube magazines? You can put a bayonet on those too, and normally load them with various nonlethal projectiles, but also give the guards some fancy lethal ones designed to stop cars and people wearing body armour. They could still have rifles ready to go in armouries, but if they really need those then they also need backup anyway. And now imagine all the fun videos if they could shoot uppity tourists with bean bags.
>>59052 Their hiring practices have since built up a cohort of 5 foot 0 diverse multiculti pinkhairs underneath their bearskins. They all live in want for trigger discipline. If you give them anything other than the nuclear option that they're afraid to press, then they will quickly be using it with gay LGBTQQ+BBQ abandon. They'll take their frustration towards wogkandaland out on the first no-Dad whitey who steps into their direction. You can still blind or deafen people with an empty explosion or slower moving projectile.
>>59058 >Their hiring practices have since built up a cohort of 5 foot 0 diverse multiculti pinkhairs underneath their bearskins. I was not aware of that, although I only used them as an example because they are most famous one. >You can still blind or deafen people with an empty explosion or slower moving projectile. True, although my idea for a standard non-lethal shell would be filled with teargas, similar to those teargas guns that are so popular in parts of Europe. Although a hapless guard might still blind himself if he fires it in a strong breeze, but normally it would be just a significantly scarier alternative to a pepper spray.
To keep ones dependance on the "system" to a minimum what resources are good to buy now while we're still in peace time, what resources are good to continually buy (such as gas, food, ammunition, etc.) and what is best purchased on occassion?
Open file (50.39 KB 534x400 am_pod_gpu5_v1.jpg)
How many Pave Claws can we fit on an A-10? >>57645 lol dead kikes
Open file (164.11 KB 1280x720 15719536-3789906058.jpg)
How would one go abkut important Russian optics, firearms, gear and other legal to own militaria safely into the States? I know there are certain businesses that act as surrogates to ship items not commonly mass marketed only from other countries, but technically couldn't you get around certain arms import restrictions if it ships from another country that allows russian goods with their import marking?
>>6987 Field Fortifications Subcourse EN0065-U. S. ARMY ENGINEER SCHOOL teaches how to build "nutcracker" — an improvised beach mine with tilt rod fuse. This raises the questions: why they had to improvise this? What factory made beach mines were built, other than these Soviet series and their Bulgarian variants ( https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/PDM_series_of_amphibious_mines )? In NATO countries or others.
>>59412 I'm just wildly speculating here, but maybe that document has large sections from older texts, and it was made a department that has nothing to do with the development and procurement of mines. E.g. they throw in a 1940s book about improvised explosives that had the nutcracker, meanwhile the department responsible for mines never even considered a potential need for beach mines. Who knows, maybe even the writers of the book didn't give it much thought, and just included it because it might be handy.
Flight of the Valkyries is peak war-themed music.

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