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Open file (74.02 KB 709x709 MCniggerator.jpg)
QTDDTOT Strelok 02/06/2023 (Mon) 06:32:04 No.47376
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Previous thread: >>21645 Old one is bump locked and dead.
What is the best kind of 12-gauge snap-cap? I've been hearing that a-zoom's stuff have problems with aluminum shavings getting left in the gun.
>>48575 It's from an old Stalker book called "The Secret Poltergeist" that was released in 2010, it's not image generated. https://www.libking.ru/books/sf-/sf-cyberpunk/199432-7-sergey-nedorub-tayna-poltergeysta.html
>>48612 OK, fair enough I'll recant. I certainly matches the modern MO however.
3d printed Glock 19 issue. The rails don't quite line up. If I run a straight edge held flush with the left rear rail there is a small gap (maybe 1.5mm at the widest point) between straight edge and front left rail. It that normal for 3d printed Glocks? The tutorial doesn't mention it, and the slide goes on and moves with a few minor adjustments. I don't have mags for it and haven't fired it yet. I printed multiple Glocks and it's the same problem on all of them so it's probably the cheap rails I bought.
>>48559 I thought it was just a part of his glove.
Speaking printed Glocks, is ABS usable?
>>48653 I heard won't work for a receiver. I made mine out of PLA+. I'm a beginner so I started with the easy to print filament.
Has anyone tried the Sub2000? I'm thinking of picking one up.
>>48685 Yes I definitely want one of those.
>>48685 They're neat, the sights aren't all that great, and I found it to be slightly heavier then expected; I recall it being front heavy. The latch mechanism isn't super quick to operate but it's secure. But it's still well made and I found it to be reliable. It's been a while since I've shot one and I don't remember what the trigger is like but it's good, particularly if you already have mags for it.
Thoughts on Liberty safes and vault doors? I'm considering getting one.
Open file (176.68 KB 1500x820 4.jpg)
>>48275 How much does a 6.88 near seven inch barrel make out of one of those? I'd imagine the difference is barely noticeable if at all. I ask because I've been eye balling one of these for a while now since I currently don't own any 22lr handguns yet. >>48685 >I'm thinking of picking one up. Ask your self these questions anon, do you really need a PCC? Do you intend to carry it around in a backpack? Do you just want it as a fun quirky range toy or is over penetration through walls a serious consideration for where you live? Do you already have a lot of surplus Glock mags laying around? If most of your answers are a yes then sure, I'm a bit skeptical of Kel-tecs other products but haven't heard anything bad about Sub2000's aside from stories about a few lemons which can happen with any manufacturer. Sure, get yourself a Floridian special forces gator blaster. >>48706 >Thoughts on Liberty safes and vault doors? I'm considering getting one. Well as far as I'm aware of their only real competition is Sturdysafe and Fortnox safes and for what they are I'd say they're priced well. Not that I'm an expert on these things though, my safe is just a cheap Chinesium piece of shit that could probably be broken open with a crowbar to be quite honest but it's enough to keep the kids out plus I live in pretty quite safe neighborhood so burglaries aren't a big concern of mine. Those vault doors are pretty neat though, I'm half tempted get one and turn my basement into a sudo fortress thing now and if not for the current geopolitics going on around the world I'd probably just make my family think I've gone crazy so I might actually be able to get away with it.
>>48731 High velocity .22LR will ring your ears at twice that barrel length. A longer barrel is not hearing protection, it just isn't as bad. Whatever barrel length you want, those older target models with adjustable sights are quality pistols. The only real complaint I have is the retarded take down and reassembly procedure. They fixed that on the newest models but I haven't handled one myself.
>>47382 Do nukes real to begin with tho??
How do I harden my home against EMP strikes and solar flares with a minimal budget or at the very least preserve my backups? I don't wanna lose my movies, vidya, and anime.
>>47382 If America launched land-based ICBMs it would take about 30 minutes for them to reach European Russia where the majority of their population lies. That is more than enough time for virtually any country with functioning scientists/engineers (all the nuclear-armed ones) to be able to figure out whodunnit and retaliate. Countries like Russia have the capability to detect if the US is launching nukes before the official command to fire is ever given because electronics warfare and missile warfare are their specialties. Similarly the Americans and Chinese likely possess this capability as do the Australians, Japanese, French, etc. Possibly even the Indians and Brazilians for that matter. At most if America launched everything they had in reserve for that particular country with the ones for the other countries at the ready on standby and secretly told their allies in advance without anyone squealing, they might just be able to turn it into a limited exchange, but at the end of the day if all of your major cities and industrial centers are still destroyed anyways, whether you saved a few supplementary targets or not seems like a Pyrrhic victory. >>48845 1) Buy CE marking electronics that you want to protect because they (the Europeans) have a guaranteed Volt-meter field test ensuring they can survive a certain amount of fuckery, unlike American electronics which have no such requirements. At bare minimum ensure that your electronics you wish to protect have an Underwriters Laboratories label for peace of mind. 2) Wrap your electronics in two or three layers of aluminum broiler trays (about 10+ layers of regular foil) to achieve 85% effectiveness against a nuclear-grade EMP 3) For a proper 98% effectiveness, wrap the objects in bronze/copper knitting or honestly even stainless steel knitting, and then surround it with some kind of flat copper surface to absorb/reflect the initial fuckery that will hit it. For an entire house I don't know what to tell you, but there is no cheap way to do a whole home. A box sure, maybe even a closet at a price, but the only faraday cage building that I know about is that chainmail house in Scotland. Video related.
Open file (30.66 KB 540x549 1623560150319.jpg)
Buy ammo, shoot it, and load the brass, or just spend the same money on empty brass?
>>48862 It's worth fixing/reloading brass for the experience factor in case you ever need to, but until you need to, buying new brass is better since you can always come back and sweep later. Find a balance?
>>48863 Well I like milsurp so the idea is to use the brass as long as possible.
>>48855 >without anyone squealing, See, there's where it all falls apart. One man can keep a secret, but two. Press X to doubt.
What is a good type of ammunition for a Savage 64F .22? I've seen some remmington thunderbolt packs that have some 500 rounds a pop so I was wondering if that kind of stuff is alright for the 64. I understand it's a very cheap plinker, probably the cheapest you can get for a semi-auto LR. But I still think it's important to get the best bang for your buck.
>>48862 >Buy ammo Always a good idea, what caliber? I hear reloading 45lc is supposed to be pretty easy to learn on.
>>48957 Hopefully things have changed in the last year, but the last bulk rimfire I bought and shot was awful. For my money, I'm only buying CCI Minimags or Standard Velocity. Blazer used to be ok too but I can't find it locally I've stopped buying gun and ammo shit online or using cards
>>48998 Yeah, I've heard that the remingtons are pretty greasy. I don't think they have a jacket. I mean, when you don't have a lot, ammo is still ammo, but I would like to avoid gunking up my action if I can. I'm still trying to figure out what grains mean and which ones best for which one. I know that its not the best idea, but if there's a good online deal I'm compelled to take it
Why did Deterrence Dispensed remove their .onion are they retarded? You would think they would have one just in case their shit gets taken down?
Some of the beans were under-cooked and now I can't stop burping. What is the best way to calm your stomach down. Not farting or having diarrhea just constantly burping
>>49060 my question is what should I drink to calm my stomach down?
>>49059 Is he okay?
>>49059 What's with that weird snorting noise?
>>49060 Soak your beans overnight with about a tablespoon or so of vinegar (or more to taste) per cup of beans and if available, a piece of kombu (thick cooking kelp) to eliminate to eliminate indigestible sugars. I usually use about half a cup (about 250ml) of apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar, and a 5cmx5cm (about 2inx2in) piece of konbu per cup of beans, and soak for about 18 hours starting the water breddy hot. >>49061 Alpha-galactosidase (α-GAL) is an OTC "medication" that eliminates gassiness. It's like the lactaid of beans. You can buy it as generic "vegetable enzyme" or bean pun brands and it can generally be found in online fronts too. As for a more immediate solution, eat yogurt or drink some kind of probiotic/enzyme drink, then drink about a liter or two of water slowly/gradually over the course of an hour. If you've got some cotton balls or fiber supplement, feel free to swallow those to help speed up recovery from gassiness later before drinking the water. t. Advice I remember from /fit/ back in the day.
Oh right that is basically the trick to passing a drug test too. Just multiply the dosage by ten and do it for two weeks straight.
>>49064 Too much "stuff"
>>48855 >Buy CE marking electronics that you want to protect because they (the Europeans) have a guaranteed Volt-meter field test ensuring they can survive a certain amount of fuckery I'll look into that. >2) Wrap your electronics in two or three layers of aluminum broiler trays (about 10+ layers of regular foil) to achieve 85% effectiveness against a nuclear-grade EMP That's all I need to protect an external HHD and a few flash drives? Nice. Thanks anon
>>49086 >That's all I need to protect an external HHD and a few flash drives? The engineering is slightly more complicated because you are guarding against three different forms of radiation (heat, photon, and radioactive particles). Aluminum exhibits "good but not perfect" qualities in neutralizing/dissipating each of these which should already have been reduced. So long as you don't leave such an aluminum box in direct sunlight, a nuke far enough away not to vaporize your skin will feel something like a "hot sunny day in direct sunlight on a metal surface" for about two hours for your foil'd devices' internal electronics from the particles that do get through the aluminum. Hence "about 85%" success rate assuming fairly new/unused electronics.
What is the point in holding the gun sideways?
>>49165 Rotates your optic out of your line of site for point shooting in close quarters.
>>49165 Maybe he's got an off set red dot behind that big scope? Basically a Goldilocks solution for long range and CQB shooting that is less of a meme compared to the other options for having multiple optics. Well I tried piggy backs once and didn't like them anyway.
>>49171 What was the tranny shooting at?
>>49195 christians, they won't tell us what is in the manifesto for exactly that reason THOUGH
>>49195 Christian children.
>>48685 >confirmed tranny posted here > inb4 anon.cafe is banned
Why were the shooter's shoes trans too? Why are all discussions about the shooter's shoes being different being scrubbed from the internet?
>>49202 shoephobia
>>49202 from where?
>>49195 Apparently they ARE no going to release the manifesto. Probably because they have to or people will start making up things that might be even more damning than what was actually in it.
>>49233 *now going
>>49088 >Hence "about 85%" success rate assuming fairly new/unused electronics. The survivability of substrate transistors like microchips isn't dependent on 'newness'. Rather it's dependent on being OG, clunky AF blobs of silicon & dopants that can withstand millions of particle 'boollits' and still keep on ticking. This is why space probes from JPL and others use ancient, old tech by today's standards, and clocking over at a snail's-pace, b/c this is what survives in the hard-radiation environment of deep space.
Open file (21.19 KB 987x551 fpc_carbine.jpg)
Follow up to the Sub-2000 question, has anyone tried the new S&W FPC? How does it compare to the Sub2k?
>>49239 Yes, but new electronics are using new silicon bouillon inside of them that hasn't had space particles bombarding it for months/years causing minor damage already. RAM isn't a good comparison because crypto-miners keep their operations inside windowless controlled environments, but generally most used computer parts, even non-moving ones, are worse-for-wear between solar exposure (space particles) and general heat stress. There's a reason UV light is used to "wipe" old programmable chips.

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