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Open file (603.79 KB 480x848 1516925566042.mp4)
Massive Explosion in Beirut Strelok 08/04/2020 (Tue) 18:20:31 No.4686
Mainstream is claiming its likely a fireworks factory explosion but I'm not buying it, what kind of firepower do you need to pull this off?
>>4734 Mozambique can't use fertilizer?
>>4734 They wouldn't even let half the crew off the boat for a year despite them running out of food and being trapped on board with enough nitrate to devastate a harbor. It seems like it's a case of bureaucracy + stupidity = BOOM.
>>4737 >case of bureaucracy + stupidity add corruption, it's not rare over there to tie down your competitors with fabricated legal bullshit. actually that's not rare anywhere but the notorious disregard for catastrophic consequences seems to be
How not to store your AN kek, those retards had it coming, though the chosenites could still have used that to their end https://mobile.twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/1290782284686266372
Open file (419.11 KB 432x244 PepCon.gif)
>>4736 Not that the world is aware of, nor pay it. >>4737 That's usual for maritime law but an entire year is insane, i've heard a couple of weeks but not 54 of them. >>4738 Laziness aspect of corruption, doing other shit while you are supposed to do your job, happens all the time everywhere but they seem to make a habit out of it. >notorious disregard for catastrophic consequences seems to be First world still has it, if you want to believe the official story don't the japs had shitty maintenance at Fukushima and none of the outsourced israeli security company workers wanted to report it. In the U.S. there was a jet fuel place that also went kaput although somewhat far from the city. I recall another happened 5 years ago or so.
Open file (1.14 MB 1127x649 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 1135x647 ClipboardImage.png)
F Lebanon's economy.
>>4742 Right next to grain storage silos too.
Open file (15.03 KB 500x472 OOOOO YA.jpg)
>>4742 >that hole
>>4742 Just some buildings bro.
>>4746 There's a swathe of destruction across the city, lots of shattered glass and what not, Lebanon might get out alright but Beirut is gonna feel this for a while. Who knows? Maybe this combined with Corona-chan and the run of the mill ME instability we might see some more havoc in Lebanon
Open file (56.55 KB 440x615 Hug.jpg)
>>4740 that's not at all why fukushima went the way it did >be jap >want nuclear power despite being on a small as fuck island prone to several dozen earthquakes every year >rest of the world is somehow ok with this and lets them build nuke plants, provides them with materials and uranium >put safeguards in place in case of earthquakes and tsunamis, backup generators, seawalls, the whole deal >2011 happens >fuckhuge earthquake buttfucks japan, reactors forced offline, still have to pump water through them so they don't melt >go to backup diesel generators to keep the water running through them, we good now >fuckhuge tsunami slams into nihongo >waves crash over the seawall, flood generators, water no longer flowing through reactors >water lines burst in reactors, radioactive steam is now building up inside >japs can't do jackshit because fucked infrastructure = no power = no pumps/vents to get the water out safely or cool the reactors >pressure keeps building in reactor hall until it explodes, releases radioactive steam across the area >TEPCO apologizes a few years later after the whole landscape gets fucked by radiation and they get fucked by lawsuits from dead worker's families the eternal jap
>>4746 That's just some buildings in a prosperous nation with a stable economy. This is Lebanon and that big hole was their main trade port, in a time when overland trade is getting fucked because Syria is a pile of rubble and the Arabs are busy getting raped by Yemeni tribesmen. And now consider the economic impact of all the lost goods that used to be in those warehouses. We're gonna see what happens, but I doubt Lebanon is just going to jump back up amid global recession due to the Chinese plague.
>>4748 >let's build the backup generators near sea level
>>4751 They were actually advised by the consulting engineers on the project to move the backup generators away, but refused. The upper levels of TEPCO have long been a sinecure where loyal government lackeys get deposited to serve out the rest of their days, which means that the old men who are nominally in charge haven’t a fucking clue what should actually be done, all they know is control cost fall asleep at meeting and drink after work. The young and/or competent guys meanwhile can’t get up the ladder because political manouverings aimed at keeping future positions open for their old buddies.
>>4742 whoopsie, looks like it might be a lot easier to rebuild Beirut as it was in 500BC and just make it a theme park for ancient Phoenicia.
So I did a little snooping and I don't think it was nitrogen dioxide any more. The sand/clay around the area is covered in super iron-rich sediment, so I think that might have been the main cause. Looking at the chemical reactions to produce nitrogen dioxide, there was far too much energy inside the warehouse to properly form those bonds that quickly. Iron in the dirt causing that beautiful red is more likely. It probably rapidly oxidized since one of the byproducts of nitrous oxide and ammonium nitrate burning is pure oxygen gas (which is why military operations tend to mix in about 6% fuel in their ammonium nitrate bombs since, the fuel consumes the pure oxygen gas creating a much bigger/more powerful explosion).
Open file (19.63 KB 640x664 megu_question.jpg)
Wouldn't a ship loaded with fertilizer make for a good maritime VBIED?
>>4763 Shh shut up or Australia will destroy the entire US navy with cargo ships full of fertilizer traveling in a straight line.
>>4772 Isn't that a valid strategy if paired up with an aircraft carrier?
>>4761 There is a petition with 55000 signatures to put Lebanon back under French mandate.
>>4774 >French Mandate Would the French even take it? They're already accused of neo-colonialism enough as-is.
>>4776 Absolutely they would do it, as it means more brown people flooding to europe.
Open file (24.95 KB 220x275 VanRiper_USMC.jpg)
>>4763 Operation Chariot already demonstrated its a valid tactic.
>>4763 https://invidio.us/watch?v=rJjT60yGe1I also invido.us dev seems to be quitting, look for other alternatives for anonymous jewtube https://omar.yt/posts/stepping-away-from-open-source
>“Whatever in the world made the port authorities keep the cargo for six years is beyond my comprehension,” he says. “It seems likely that authorities couldn’t decide among themselves just how to split up the profits.” kek https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/igor-grechushkin-beirut-port-russia-floating-bomb-ammonium-nitrate-a9657816.html
>>4822 All you need is Peter Sellers playing 3 to 5 characters and this farce would be complete.
>>4822 It gets worse the more you read.
The USS Bonhomme Richards fire is entirely unrelated to this, right?
>>4833 >Grechushkin controlled from a company registered in the Marshall Islands but he conducted his business from Cyprus >Grechushkin owed his crew over $200,000 >Only made 2 trips This sounds usual for a failed money laundering scheme or creating a set-up for something bigger. What a fucking mess
>Macron visits >turns down the French mandate >mass rioting starts Lmao.
>>4857 Wouldn't surprise me if the whole plan is to pretend France doesn't want to do it, have the riots, then France feels it must to "save the people".
>>4881 What does this mean? What will happen now?
>>4886 Even odds that Israel will launch an operation to take southern Lebanon. also even odds that the kikes/saudis caused the big badaboom.
>>4886 In a normal situation, an election and probably some infighting over the results. But the situation is anything but normal since the leadership of every faction is complicit in the corruption by participating in a power sharing agreement in a financial and service economy experiencing hyperinflation and massive unemployment due to the collapse of tourism. We will see what happens when a modern democratic republic becomes unsustainable.
>>4889 Erdogan just waiting up north to be (((helpful))), too
>>4788 invidious isn't anonymous, you still connect to google's servers to stream the videos
Open file (195.59 KB 960x960 x32_laffing.jpg)
>>4925 >invidious.gachirangers.com 🇮🇳
Open file (267.09 KB 754x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4686 >Lebanon's economy minister says he had planned to buy strategic reserves for the country's wheat supply but had not got around to it. “Luckily we did not, it would have been destroyed.” https://archive.is/d2KDk >when one fuck-up inadvertently mitigates the impact of your other fuck-up
>>5594 I'd have thought people there would know better than to closely film a massive raging fire
>>5610 Social media has shown a shit ton of psychology that we spent decades examining goes out the window with instantious information access and instantaneous stupidity that comes with your 5 seconds of fame. Sage aside, any news on fire?
>>5668 It was still on fire as of yesterday.
Didn't they also just find an entirely different unsecured cache of ammonium fertilizer at that same port just a week or two ago?
>>5677 This is probably from the fire reported in the offtopic thread. IIRC there was something weird about the circumstances that suggested it was an old politician trying to hide evidence or a young politician trying to make a profit. The fire was caused in a duty-free warehouse meaning one that's already had taxes paid on it.
They say an arms depot exploded in Lebanon. At this point i believe 100% it was the jews screwing around with all these places, but i don't know why unless there was a massive thing being planned and they sniffed it out.
>>6085 Also never forget middle eastern incompetence. But I do also agree that it's probably just jews fucking with these countries either for the fun of it or some plan that we aren't even aware of.

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