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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Russia Vs. Ukraine 23 for a 2023 - Happy New Year Edition Strelok 01/14/2023 (Sat) 17:11:43 No.46206
Current Happenings: >Soledar has fallen >Western countries panicking and sending mass amounts of money/armor to Ukraine >Most of this equipment is useless in the Donbass but could be used to strike towards Melitopol >Allegedly surrendered Ukrainian conscripts have a lot of frostbite and/or tuberculosis >Norway, Canada, and the Baltics rushing to supply Ukraine with winter gear >Russians attempting to encircle the Northern Bakhmut route >Spreading out to Pidhorodne and Klishchiivka >Ukraine will either have to counterattack soon (now, at great losses) or abandon Bakhmut soon >Ukrainians continue to hold the train stations on the outskirts of Soledar- Western maps claim this means Russia owns none of Soledar >tl;dr- Bakhmut/Soledar aren't important towns, but Ukraine has turned the two towns in the bottom of a valley in perfect range of artillery into important towns with their turning them into a meatgrinder >Russia restructured their military >Official line is that Gerasimov was above Surovikin in rank and thus was always in charge of the war >Unofficial line is that the Russians only intended to use Surovikin to get the war back on-track to not ruin Gerasimov's reputation >Tensions between the military high command and Wagner after the Russian military refused to accredit them with the capture of Soledar because Prigozhin called Shoigu and Gerasimov fucking idiots >Ukraine seems more panicked about this change in leadership while Russian citizens/infantry seem somewhat pissed off >Military forced to make a statement explicitly praising Wagner after massive civilian backlash on social media >Ukraine's Mozart group (foreign PMC) is claiming they "only perform humanitarian missions and don't engage in combat" >Ukraine caught using seven figure missiles to shoot down five figure drones in Kiev >Strikes on Dnipro suggest that Ukraine has expended most of their surface-to-air missiles >Surovikin, having retained his post as head of the Russian Air Force, is likely to be involved in further bombing runs that will be credited to Gerasimov (unless a new front opens) >Russia is expected to attack "somewhere" in the net month or so >Ukraine seems to be in a panicked state because they don't know where Russia will strike from >Lukashenko reminded the Kiev regime that any attacks on Belarus (now head of the CSTO) will be seen as an attack on ALL CSTO nations >Russians mobilizing in Belgorod, Zaporizhia, and Mozyr suggesting there will be a repeat of Russia's "attack from every direction then send reinforcements to whatever sticks" strategy under Gerasimov Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news nitter.net https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (documents equipment losses; strong Ukrainian bias) Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/6/viewer?z=6&mid=1iE-0CwiZnHYtLgndqU3l2G7VInoZE9o (THETI maps: shows both troops deployments and conflict areas) https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1_JYk9u6A-TBxADdy2oqLfjFQr5koKT8 (Weeb Union Map) https://mobile.twitter.com/Suriyakmaps https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ (Ukrainian propaganda map) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ (requires giving DPA $12/month now) Channels: https://www.youtube.com/@WeebUnionWar/videos (Weeb Union - Shortest briefing but accurate) https://www.youtube.com/@Theti/videos (THETI Mapping - More detailed briefings but sounds like a teen) https://www.youtube.com/@historylegends/videos (French Comedian/Historian) https://www.youtube.com/@militarylabb/videos (Numbers and brief overviews of the day's news; no bullshit) https://www.youtube.com/@militarysummary/videos ("Breaking news" Belarusian take on the war - Subject to Russian Army fanboyism sometimes) https://www.youtube.com/@newworldecon4517/videos (Covers Economic matters in regard to Ukraine, updates on the frontlines, shorts, and other things) https://www.youtube.com/c/MilitaryandForeignAffairsNetwork (Military and foreign affairs network; slightly pro-Ukrainian and uses militaryland maps allowing him to cover more specific military groups and pockets at the cost of less breaking news) https://www.youtube.com/@WiU/videos (Least biased "breaking news" Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickLancasterNewsToday (Patrick Lancaster reporting from Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/GrahamPhillipsUK (Graham Phillips less personal more professional reporting from the Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexanderMercourisReal (Alexander Mercouris; Discusses the geopolitical issues of policies and their effects) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg (Singaporean take on the war - Typically a day or two old and shits on his userbase) https://www.youtube.com/@dpa-war/videos (DPA's war-specific channel now) https://www.youtube.com/user/Itapirkanmaa2/videos (Z) https://www.youtube.com/c/UkraineCombatFootage/videos (counter-Z) https://www.youtube.com/c/DjukiSan/videos (Z2) https://www.youtube.com/c/RoadHomeMotorcycleVlogs (Ukrainian propaganda channel)
>>47176 Well shit it looks like Russia is going to liberate the shit out of Georgia next.
>>47215 If we're talking about the same video the trail is on the opposite side of the projectile so I'd chalk this up to HEAT doing weird shit again.
>>47251 >I'd chalk this up to HEAT doing weird shit again. Certainly seems more likely to me too. Occam's Razor and watnot. Just thought I'd check with the experts first.
>>47245 >Their "intelligence" these days is probably a few juniors reading twatter then making reports which the seniors swear to their seniors is the latest sekrit stealz from 1337 field agents. And so it goes up the chain being embellished at every stage until some Buck Turgidson tells Bidet the Ruskies will attack on a certain day and nobody thinks to ask for evidence. Reasonable analysis Strelok, but you forgot one point: Trannies. 3-letter agencies are stacked with these asylum-fodder today. Surely having several certifiably-insane individuals along the chain will affect the eventual outcome?
>>47251 >>47255 >video webm or link please?
Open file (258.87 KB 633x345 ClipboardImage.png)
>>47278 Oh that's clearly a jewish space laser.
>>47278 Looks like something fiery is being thrown out of it really fuckin fast to me with how the smoke trail looks.
>>47046 my bad, should've put a warning. but ty >>47055 >>47056 I've heard good things about handbrake. the issue is that the drone footage is way heavier in MB than the combat footage. I went ahead and processed it into 5 parts anyway.
>>47292 >I went ahead and processed it into 5 parts anyway. Nice work Strelok, thanks.
>>47193 >>47198 https://archive.ph/E0Aap According to this Jew York Times article they were basically a bunch of muscleheads who just wanted to rake in money and have some fun in the Kiyevan night.
>>47309 >Run the group like a frat house >Ignore the guy trying to turn it into a legitimate business >Shit on your customer >Shit on your major shareholder >Get banned from working in half the world >Specifically the half that handles most combat-related disputes >Act surprised when the money runs out Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
>>47309 Note the generally sympathetic tone of the article about a group that is essentially blackwater 2.0.
Open file (1.35 MB 480x480 1611537244970.mp4)
>>47309 >Mr. Milburn, 59, met Mr. Bain, 58. Also a former Marine colonel, Mr. Bain had been working in media and marketing in Ukraine for more than 30 years. >Mr. Milburn, whose career has tracked America’s wars of the past three decades, from Somalia to Iraq, had both the combat experience and the contacts. He counts Marine heavyweights like the author Bing West and a former defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis, as friends. >But the Ukrainians could not pay for it, leaving Mozart reliant on a small pool of steady donors, including a group of East Coast financiers with Jewish-Ukrainian roots and a Texas tycoon. If this follows the usual pattern of current and former US government employees involved in Ukraine then someone was laundering a lot of money.
>>47329 >was laundering a lot of money What makes you think they stopped?
>>47329 >that clip Soy. Soy never changes.
>>47308 for sure, ty. it turned out to be an interesting challenge, splitting it into 5 parts for posting purposes, despite the very inconsistent bandwidth. also, the original kremennaya music video in 1 piece: https://anonfiles.com/N6N1gfWfya/kremen-34gs-2_mp4
>>47329 >Mr. Bain Was going bankrupt part of his plan?
>>47357 His hit on the Ukraine didn't work, my friend
>>47360 They were paid a small fortune though.
I'm posting here: https://zzzchan.xyz/k/thread/322.html Until >>47199 is deleted. Not making a new thread.
>>47372 What does that have to do with anything Ukraine, Karen? Go cry to the modnagers and don't bring your plebbit tier shaming habit to this place.
>>47165 The term "war crime" was invented by people who live in utopian bubbles away from real enemies. If you think war crimes are real then you live in a country that is surrounded only by other civilised nations and your people haven't had to fight for their very existence in a millennium, if ever. Good luck convincing a Chink or Jap that they shouldn't kill every single bipedal being they come across. Good luck convincing a Greek or Turk not to stack POWs heads 15 feet high. Good luck convincing an Indian not to rape, butcher and burn every Pakistani village in his way. Good luck convincing a Serb or Albanian not to commit ethnic cleansing.
>>47372 Kek. Don't the door, precious.
>>47372 It is a shit thread, admittedly.
>>47372 it's a spam thread, they get posted all over the webring and should be taken down by now. mods are blind.
Nothing much to report last few days except minor Russian gains. Here's some videos I've found instead.
>>47374 >>47214 >>47161 >>47159 I think there is such a thing as excessive, dishonorable conduct in warfare, eg Ukraine dropping PFM-1 butterfly mines on civilian areas in Donetsk. At the same time, it's almost impossible to prosecute war crimes with any modicum of fairness or impartiality, because they're used as an excuse to dehumanize and humiliate the vanquished party, as streloks said. >>47384 the site linked by the spammer seems like a honeypot, so I'll assume it is.
>>47386 >eg Ukraine dropping PFM-1 butterfly mines on civilian areas in Donetsk. This. While not as bad as specifically-targeting civilians as this was, their dehumanizing, brutal torture of captured Russians (remember all that Strelok?) was clearly beyond the pale, and is bringing their just retribution down on the Hohol's heads. They're hardly better than standard-issue mudshts, or beaner cartels, or tribal niggers at that point. They've all left their humanity behind at that stage and seemingly are little better than animals.
>>47373 >>47378 Obvious outsider. Better hope your niggerpill cuck fantasies are real, because if shit ever pops off you will be tortured gleefully and you will deserve it.
>>47386 >the site linked by the spammer seems like a honeypot, so I'll assume it is. I wouldn't have even clicked it, but I decided to check out your claim. AFAICT, it's the exact opposite of some kind of gayop. Point in case (just one of literally 1'000+ of these), 'Memorial Pages' pic-related. > Glowniggers don't create shit like this. Watch CNN, et al, to see them at work. This was developed by someone that autisically hates nigger.
>>47391 I remember that all too well. I think GAE is encouraging their worst tendencies. Not all Ukros might be like that, but they should know better than to serve Jewish tyranny. Point is, there is a valid concept there, but "war crimes" is also a linguistic weapon and psyop, like "disinformation" and "conspiracy theory", which describe things GAE doesn't like as opposed to actual bullshit. >>47404 I'll admit, I jumped to conclusions, and hadn't delved into its content when I made that post. In fact, it is a repository of red-pilled knowledge. It's unlikely that the usual suspects would pull that together just to gather IP's. The only thing that gives me pause is the WhoIs data, where most of the info is redacted, and it's hosted by CloudFlare, which is known to be cucked. But anyway, my tendency to assume the worst should be understandable.
>>47408 Alright fair enough. No worries mate.
Open file (18.29 MB 1280x720 x-hBG_tfdGibIocH.mp4)
This video has been going around on twitter. The soldier in the video is supposedly Russian (aligned) and the drone is supposedly Ukrainian operated. Some are saying it is of a chemical weapon attack with a nerve agent being used - hence the flailing. Others are saying it is just frag fucking with his nerves. Don't know what to make of it myself. Does it make much sense to use chemical weapons for such a small scale attack? Would the Ukrainians have access to such weapons?
>>47421 he's definitely a Z (you can see the red band on his leg towards the end), if it were a chemical attack wouldn't there be a larger gas cloud? seems more like shrapnel may have gotten in his leg/face making him writhe in pain, then he starts drowning halfway through resulting in more writhing.
>>47421 There was a video published on one of the Russian telegram channels few days ago. In the video there was some Ukrainan drone operator talking to the camera while a fridge with small glass vials with something solid in them got into the frame. Russians obviously threw a shit fit a bout it, there was a talk of some compound of cyanide that needs to be cooled to like -6C to be solid. As to if it was really chemical warfare? Who knows. Ukraine can get away with anything short of a nuke and Russians won't be able to respond symmetrically.
>>47421 It's hard to say. We know gas in general can be effective on such small scales (grenades are how police deploy tear gas, after all) and drone-dropping them takes away any risk to the operator that a hand-thrown gas grenade would have. But at the same time it seems possible that that soldier is just injured by shrapnel, and flailing in panic as he tries to avoid drowning from the combination of injuries, heavy gear, and frigid water. A fucking terrible way to die either way. >>47422 >if it were a chemical attack wouldn't there be a larger gas cloud Plenty of gas weapons are colorless and clear. Even back in WWI you had phosgene, which killed more than five times as many people as chlorine and mustard gases combined, and these days you've got things like sarin.
>>47404 >white victims of black crime I remember there was always a thread on /pol/ years back, with these exact infographics.
>>47408 >The only thing that gives me pause is the WhoIs data, where most of the info is redacted, and it's hosted by CloudFlare You mean like everything else pajeetnationalists spam links to on the interwebz
>>47421 >Does it make much sense to use chemical weapons for such a small scale attack? From zelensky's point of view, it makes some sense. As the west will never acknowledge it and it will get the Russians to escalate 'disproportionally' as they will market it as. They can also just blame it on the Russians and the west won't look twice. Ultimately depends on how desperate zelensky is, he may go entirely off the rails to get NATO involved anyway he can. Or someone in NATO wants to repeat Syrian gas attack claims, only they want investigators to find something real so they can blame the Russians as "Ukraine does not have chemical weapons :^)". >Would the Ukrainians have access to such weapons? Getting the precursors are likely the hardest part of making them (probably the hardest part of making anything) and they have government(s) help with that so it's a non-issue. Making them in small batches is feasible, it also means any stores are small and can be destroyed quickly. It's not like they need a whole lot either way. Of course this video could be just shrapnel wounds, but what >>47423 put out it's worth paying attention and waiting to see if there are any other cases similar to this.
>>47423 Do you still have that video?
Open file (13.59 MB 464x848 Video.mp4)
>>47432 Had to go trough telegram channels to find this one again ,can't find the second video as it was posted several days ago and buried under hundreds of posts on another random Russian channel, can't exactly remember which one. Looking at the video again, there's obvious plausible deniability here, as exact compound is not shown, but kinda strange its stored in fridge.I can't think of any reason to store it there if not for chemical properties inside the cylinders. Once again, could be chemical, could be nothing. Russian seem to think there's a reason to be alarmed though, but that's not saying much given the circumstances .
>>47425 >I remember there was always a thread on /pol/ years back, with these exact infographics. Maybe some anon just collected them all together, then added more?
>>47434 >could be nothing 'Nothing' as in some kind of binary liquid explosive, Strelok? Seems a bit redundant as C4 would be easier/safer. This definitely would have me up in arms in I were a Russian combatant.
>>47439 I thought binary for a second too, but then again, it seems like an afwul lot of work and preparation when plasticides are more than plentiful on the battlefield and you can just take Efonka or VOG ,put it on a drone and call it a day.
Open file (33.24 KB 816x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>47421 Russian soldiers are wearing 10kg weights on their shoulders and additional 10kg weights on their thighs as part of standard issue infantry body armor to prevent deadly injury by shrapnel or fire. That looks like a video of someone getting shrapnel to the eyes, falling face-first into ice-cold water, becoming disoriented, and having too much weight near the top of his body relative to center of mass to correct himself (initial flailing). When he realizes what is going on he tries to re-orient himself because the weights on his thighs are keeping him from just standing back upright like a normal person would in a ditch of ice-cold water. He tries desperately to get a "grip" with his legs on any kind of surface to help right himself, but it seems as if he propelled his upper body into a slightly deeper ditch than where he initially was at which point the weights make it impossible to correct himself.
>>47408 >>47428 >WhoIs data, where most of the info is redacted Every single domain registrar I know anonymizes whois data by default, it hasn't been useful in ages (if ever). >CloudFlare Fun fact: anon.cafe's nameserver is ns4.impreza.host which in turn is backed by cloudflare DNS. And anything at CF's scale is going to be cucked if it's to continue existing.
>>47421 If the DoD backed their research laboritories it's entirely possible they've been training chemists and biologists on the how to of certain CW/BW agents. Spasms are indicative of nerve poisoning, blood coming from the mouth may be indicative of shrapnel to the face, or chlorine gas attacking the lining of the lungs. Cyanid will prevent your blood cells from metabolising oxygen, which will cause you to slip into unconsciousness. This would also affect your muscle function. Nerve spasms cause you to seize to death in the spot you fell after your lethal dose, not flail about as if you have a chance of fighting it. I think it's less likely a piece of shrapnel hit a nerve cluster in his face that would make his lower back and limbs fail to work without having killed him.
split up another large video, this one's a musician guided tour near Bakhmut. >>47454 well alright, I just wasn't sure. >>47459 yea, let's not forget the US bioweapon labs in Ukraine. It all fits together. The Kiev regime basically has carte blanche to commit war crimes, since normalniggers will think it's "disinformation" no matter how well documented and proven, while credulously believing obvious fake&gay ops like Bucha. It reminds me of that interview on youtube with the defected KGB agent, and what he described as demoralization.

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