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Open file (42.55 KB 540x405 Bigfuckinglines.jpg)
Open file (362.27 KB 921x1400 ultimatelarp.jpeg)
Gun purchases. Panic buying new fags. And other shit. Strelok 07/28/2020 (Tue) 23:30:07 No.4526
Alright faggots. 2020 so far has been fun and it created a ton of new fags for the gun community. Now this board is likely not the first, second, or third place a new fag will come for gun advice. So this is not that thread. So have any of you: Bought a gun sometime this year? Bought a piece of gear like an optic or maybe even armor? Helped someone buy a gun? Teach someone how to not anhero? Or did you laugh and call someone a faggot for not buying earlier? Did a family member or friend or coworker become a total retard the second they got their first gun? either turning into an internet tough guy or saying I'm a 2A person now """"""BUT"""""" Were you planning to buy something but just said fuck it due to the lines and/or couldn't because of stripped bare shelves? Do any of you happen to work in a gun store and did you get fun phone calls from people in shitholes asking to buy a fun and have it delivered to their doors? Do you live and work in a shithole and have the fun of explaining the hoops they have to jump through? Did you explain the hoops and obstacles with a shit eating grin on your face? I've been trying to get two friends to get a gun for a while now and neither have made the effort to even get a wood stick for defense even though one said he wanted a fun for possible shtf reasons way before gook aids was a thing. Some people can't get motivated by seeing hordes of retards talk about spreading the fun I guess. I've helped two boomer age pencil pushers by taking them to the range and letting them fire an okay amount I think of self defense oriented guns (AR, shotguns, DA\SA and striker fired handguns, a revolver also) and got paid for it too. They had a bit of a reaction upon seeing the AR A3/A4 20 inch style but after handling the shotguns and handguns they warmed up real quick to it. Lines had been forming outside of gun shops when this all kicked off, sometimes wrapping around the block while the rain was pouring. I figured I would wait for the panic buying to calm down and thought I'd be safe since the gun I've been wanting was either a Ruger sp101 or a Smith and Wesson J-frame thinking plastic blasters and shotguns would be the only things that would be hard to restock. But then a wonderful culture spreader got subtracted from the diversity interaction statistics, and for now I won't be able to larp as a 30s detective or CC in a plastic dog shit bag in hand while blasting a home made pharmaceuticals enthusiast if it ever comes to it.
>>5027 You joke but yes in a way. Hunters want a slim, light weight, compact, package especially when dealing with brush and tree limbs a package like a 16-20-something inch bolt gun or BP rifle so companies create weird small limb, reverse limb, or no limb systems. They'll perform about the same as a cheaper normal design but with added complexity to make a sub-optimal design work as well think tavor with the outside body made first then the insides made to fit the nerf gun shell. There is an argument to be made about "buying once crying once" but it's not even about quality half the time anymore and about how scifi it looks. But on the other hand I don't expect some $50 amazon chink shit to work as well as a $700 excalibur.
>>5033 >no limb systems It looks like a an Olympic sharpshooter rifle had a baby with a flettner airplane.
>panic starts >every anti-fun family member asking for advice on buying funs and ammo Is there anything left to get at any price? I'm looking for 9mm hollow points, SD9 tier auto loaders, and ARs. I haven't checked my local store in months and even back then they were limiting common ammo to two boxes per customer a day. I looked online and prices for 5.56mm seem higher than the last time I looked. I've never ordered ammo online but I'm thinking about sending out for 1,000 rounds even at the current prices. Anyone had any luck getting something shipped these last couple of months? I can't find ARs in stock anywhere right now but I'd like to get a couple even if I have to pay double what I was paying a couple of years ago for them.
Open file (187.98 KB 479x447 iuwj2ui42t221.png)
>>5351 If you're in a blue state then even stripped lowers (besides 9mm carbines and plastic shit) are gone. Places and states where people have actually bought guns might still have parts up the ass. Ammo has been on the rise I remember .223 or 5.56 being around $.30 now it's regularly up to $.50 or even $.75 for 55 grain fmj. If you sign up for a sellers news letter they'll bombard you with emails almost always about a "NEW SMALL SHIPMENT JUST CAME IN". You just need to cross your fingers and hope it's what you want and not just a bunch of tokarev or .32 S&W short. Even if it's what you're looking for expect it to be range blaster stuff like Russian steel case. Good luck on your search for an AR even if you find one off buds gun shop or something you better hope the FFLs are still doing transfers. I'm not sure why some have been shutting off transfers besides wanting to make sure they the money goes to them but you'd think they're losing money by not raking in transfer fees.
>>5354 I'm in a red state that's slowly turning blue thanks to one of our large cities. I'll check my local shop and see if there is anything left today. I know what you mean about prices for 5.56mm I was surprised to see that FMJs are that high now. How are the prices for 7.62mm? I'm expecting they've gone up too. I don't own a rifle for that but I have a local willing to trade an SKS for something I already own. I might have to do that if I can get ammo for it. I'm fine other than having less 5.56mm than I would like. Just trying to figure out how to arm some people in the family that waited this long to buy in. How are reloading supplies? If brass, bullets, and powder isn't being panic bought I might just go ahead and invest in a press. Been meaning to do that for years anyway.
>>5355 Sorry only AK I own is a 74 so I never really looked at 7.62 but I'd imagine even tula is getting to be about $.30-$.40 assuming the site you look at isn't jacking prices up lots. Reloading parts are getting scarce not so much the powder, cases, and bullets, but the primers. Especially since the ammo manufactures themselves need them. Some sites I use are Grafs and sons and mid south shooters but good luck finding shit, it wasn't nearly as bad some weeks ago. The situation is almost so fucked that I'm considering getting into black powder for plinking instead of using .22s.
>>5356 I've always wondered if it was worth getting a firearm in some somewhat obscure calibre, and just stockpiling endless amounts of ammo for it since it's useless if you don't have that gun and you'll never have it run out. Example: 303 british. The issue is finding one that won't be more expensive then the cost of regular ammo 6.8 SPC or grendel?
>>5356 >assuming the site you look at isn't jacking prices up lots They are all doing that now that the normalfags are waking up to the fact that the police won't protect them when the commies march into their neighborhood to lynch them. It pisses me off that it takes literal commie lynch mobs to get people to think about actually protecting themselves.
>>5357 Modern .303 British is out of spec and crap (rims are out of spec so enjoy rim lock), while surplus is degraded and crap to the point of being dangerous.
Open file (2.31 MB 1718x966 1598635868367.png)
>>5361 I see what you're saying but I meant more like cheaper than dirt's idea of slight cost adjustments as opposed to midway usa or other better companies boosting prices up by a dollar or two. BTW take a gander at these prices for aguila bulk 22lr (I know for a fact super extra was riding around cci mini mag prices but not this shit) https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/aguila-super-extra-hv-.22-long-rifle-ammunition-50-rounds-40-grain-copper-plated-solid-point-1255fps/FC-640420001012.html https://www.outdoorlimited.com/rimfire-ammo/22-lr-ammo/?cid=479&search_text=&per_row=20&sortBy=8&mode=list Bonus 9mm because everyone loves $1.10 per round tula https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/tulammo-9mm-luger-ammunition-50-rounds-fmj-115-grains-ta919150/FC-814950011531.html >>5357 I was planning to do sort of this with a police trade in glock 23 or 22. the Idea being I'd just get conversion barrels for 9mm and even .357 sig if I wanted to larp as the great Gecko45, but I got lazy and my states laws didn't help good luck trying to find a .40 cal compatible non rock your glock, glock slide since everyone wants 9mm. My closest thing to hipster caliber in my safe is 8mm mauser and apparently people near me also love to goose step with their yugos in the living room since that was actually the first caliber gone from the shelves during the first chimp out. Luckily I still have some reloading components.
Open file (22.50 KB 739x548 Capture.PNG)
>>5365 >gecko45 I fell out of my chair on that one. Unfortunately I'm a lolpoor with only single fun but I'm thinking of going for an M1 fudd in 30.06 and grabbing a spare 308 barrel. does anyone know where to find a fucking M1 that isn't overpriced rack grade bullshit on gunbroker? Because fucking election cycle + covid sold this shit out faster than KFC in detroit >>5363 thanks for the warning strelok. That being said, I know this isn't QTDDTOT but anyone have a recommendation for a semi-auto in .308 that has somewhat commonly found parts in the US? I know the M1A/garand /PSL/AR-10 exist Does armalite still use the propertiary mags? but I wasn't sure if there was a more common firearm that wasn't using clips (garand), SR9 Can't find any, AR-10 DPMS versus armalite bs, M1A also overpriced as fuck imho. ... Have a picture of a dude selling rifles I can't afford somewhat near me, I cry everytime these get sold to a fudd and not used properly like any true lad would.
>>5367 >He wants a garand that isn't some beat to death rust pipe First step is to sacrifice your first born to the fudd gods and offer them your left nut for a 1 in 10,000 chance at getting the opportunity to write a letter begging the grand boomer to accept your filthy cash. No but seriously CMP is pretty much the only way to get still usable (out of the box anyway) rifles. Usually you'd have to take a shooting test or go to competitions along with proving you volunteered at gun related stuff then you get a ticket that shows your place in line so only once they contact you they'd let you buy a rifle. Last I checked M1s that weren't blown the fuck out were in the high $2000s. There's old boomers who make make their beer money using thier qualifications to buy up the beaters and turn them into fixed up franken rifles and sell them on gunjoker for the price of a decent AR and a gen 2 night vision set. You'd think someone would try to make repro M1 rifles like they do the carbines that would probably cost no more than an M1A. but I'm certain there's a fudd and springfield conspiracy to assassinate any one who gets their hands on the complete specs for the rifles who also happen to own a cnc machine so as to not sully the grand ancient with modern manufacturing because no one wants to admit their new guns had a grand total of 45 minutes of labor from human hands and everyone wants to romantically believe their gun was personally crafted by the gun oompa loompas that live only to happily craft away in the machine shop.
>>5370 Unironically working on watches so mini granand chamber in .00308 when. But yeah, I also heard CMP field grade shit is fucked up now since they are assembling them from leftovers the 650$ rack grade is intresting.... Full rebuild almost except the receiver is shit
>>5370 >You'd think someone would try to make repro M1 rifles like they do the carbines Closest I can think of is Fulton Armory and even then IIRC those are just match grade rebuilds. Tho since we're on the topic of true repro M1 Garands, I might look apply some autism and contacts and see if I can't do something about that. Best case scenario it'll take several years to make anything happen. So y'know, continue not holding your breath.
>>5370 The Garand would be noticibly harder to make a reproduction of than the M1 Carbine and M14. Before the M1 Carbine, the TDP for guns was loose enough that parts from different factories were not interchangable. There's also the fact that the equipment needed to make a Garand is from a completely different era than what is cheap to do today. It's why a 1911 varies so wildly in quality compared to an AR15. We're not quite at the price for historical Garands where building new ones is worth it and every time we've gotten close, some US ally remembers the ones we loaned them actually belong to us.
Open file (268.90 KB 1200x1060 boston cucked.jpg)
>>5367 Get a good AR-10 variant. Cheap, reliable, and readily available mags. Parts readily available, great aftermarket, good price to performance ratio, solid optics mount out of the box. I'm assuming you want a fighting rifle. But if you're really poor a 308 is a poor choice because the ammo is insanely expensive and you can carry far less on your person. Unless you are specifically trying to punch through car doors and go long range.
>>4526 Poorfag here. Noguns. I live in a bad state. I'm not yet 21 and it's looking like I'm going to be shit out of luck, sadly. I'm hoping I can scrape together some money soon. Get a cheap rifle. Probably a Henry AR7 since it's the cheapest I can legally get, and it'll takedown and fit in a bag since I don't want to have problems with people about it. So I'd rather they not even know I have one. When I turn 21 I'd like to get a RIA M206 revolver. again, really cheap. Bad idea or what? I turn 21 only after election day. So I would rather at least have something before then.
>>5687 If you can, get a 10-22 takedown instead of the Henry. It's a lot more versalite. A .38 revolver is a great choice but you can probably just get any old used one that's in decent shape and feels solid. Doesn't have to be that specific model. If you are getting the M206 for conceal, go for the spurless if possible.
>>5687 >RIA M206 Pretty sweet. Just know that RIA sometimes contradict themselves when the +P question comes up. Common sense would say that yes it could handle +P but not consistently the same way a classic gun from long ago could probably but you wouldn't want to fuck one of those up, which realistically wouldn't matter since the 206 is about blasting it in anger and then forgetting about it in the evidence locker while you go ogle some other new guns.
Bought a redhawk early this year along with an SLR106, overall bretty good
>>5367 A ptr is probably best bang for your buck in the battle rifle market. Ar10s are good nice too and if you can afford 6.5creed it's a tack driver. >>5687 A ruger 10-22 is probably the best .22lr option. Getting a child sized .22 bolt action is unironicly a solid option for an extremely light and small rifle that will kill as good as any other .22lr.
As someone who was a lazy faggot/had more immediate needs than funs/was stuck in a blue city with zero funs shops until it was pretty much too late, reminder that you can still at least try to defend yourself without funs. Bear repellent spray, demo tools from your local hardware store, and guerilla-tier improvised firearms are less than ideal, but if shit really does hit the fan it could mean the difference between life and death. If you buy predator spray remember to buy some token camping gear to go with it, otherwise the pigs may give you hassle if you use it against a "proactive looter" because you obviously bought it to hurt people.
Open file (272.22 KB 1210x681 bolts.jpg)
Open file (271.21 KB 1210x681 gas systems.jpg)
Open file (332.68 KB 1210x681 internals.jpg)
Open file (319.46 KB 1210x681 Recoil Springs.jpg)
Open file (316.65 KB 1210x681 Type81 rifle and lmg.jpg)
Recently got a Type-81 LMG. Overall fit and finish is better than the rifle, but that's not saying too much with Chicom stuff. Some of the machining on the LMG bolt(the one with the black box) is rougher, and I also don't appreciate carving the serial number into the bolt lug, but it has smoother travel than the rifle. The rifle recoil spring is a bit better imo, I find it's easier to take off the dust cover. However the dust cover on the LMG is tight, whereas the rifle's rattles slightly. Triggers are similar. The carry handle isn't as stiff as I'd like, but after using it I don't feel like it's weak.
Open file (173.97 KB 1210x681 lmg barrel.jpg)
Open file (184.40 KB 1210x681 rifle barrel.jpg)
>>7389 Don't look too shabby.
Open file (106.35 KB 1144x488 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5367 >does anyone know where to find a fucking M1 that isn't overpriced rack grade bullshit on gunbroker? Because fucking election cycle + covid sold this shit out faster than KFC in detroit Not going to be any time soon, but... https://archive.vn/wip/doCbJ
Are high capacity meme guns any good, or should I just get more common weapons and invest in lots of magazines?
Open file (13.35 KB 474x235 pngrape.jpg)
>>7566 The PS90 is pretty cool. I don't know of the 1216 shotgun, I think mag fed shotguns are kinda meh because you need to take out the mag to top it off when with tube fed you can just top it off whenever, unless you are doing a swift raid where you need to pop off as much rounds as fast as possible. I don't think the Calico is any good. Maybe get a Magpul D-60 for your AR and then reload with standard 30 rounders after. Thats what my setup is right now but there is a lot of different ways to fill in this problem.
>>7566 I've always though P90s were a really cool looking weapon and the high capacity of its magazine was always really appealing. The downsides of course are that you can't buy a full auto one, at least affordably and the ammo is fairly uncommon and kind of expensive, assuming you buy it in its original caliber, 5.7x28mm. on the subject of that, I actually believe I have seen an upper for an AR that allows you to use P90 mags and 5.7x28mm ammo but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. >>7567 A lot of people had problems with the calico because they weren't using the proper ammunition. appearently you have to use very "hot" ammo to get the weapon to cycle properly, or least that's what I've heard. Also a question regarding your P-mag, do you have any reliability issues with it? I've heard drum magazines can have that sometimes. image semi related.
>>7569 It works awesome. I had no problems with it so far and I am sure if Magpul releases something, they don't want to fuck up by making it shit. Its pretty bulky but yeah it runs fine. Its not too big either.
Best place to get decent Gen 3 or higher monocular? TNVC has jacked up their prices. Kicking myself that I didn't buy earlier.
>>7569 >>7567 If you can find the original batch produced there was an "issue" where you could inadverdently make it a full giggle by removing a tiny white piece of plastic. Don't do it because ATF will rape your ass like the booty warrior.
>>7569 >I actually believe I have seen an upper for an AR that allows you to use P90 mags and 5.7x28mm ammo but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. The AR-57, apparently. I can't tell if this is some kind of elaborate joke, or if this is a real weapon. How the fuck does this even work, why the hell are there two magazines?
>>7582 It ejects out the magwell, the last pic is a brass catcher. Yeah you could totally streetsweep with that and not leave brass behind.
Open file (388.85 KB 630x891 hyper.jpg)
>>7582 I think the mag's guts were removed so you can probably run it with subsonics and a suppressor, then use a empty mag as a brass catcher. It sounds like a really cool concept really. But I think they stopped making the AR-57 because of how unreliable they are. They only ran with their line of magazines and FN's line of mags, other aftermarket mags didn't work properly. I think they also spiked up in price because again they stopped making them.
Are the P90 and those Hera Stocks really that comfortable to hold as some people suggest?
Open file (71.07 KB 1434x1434 M10X-DMR.jpg)
>>7389 I was going to get one but decided to wait until the morning after i got the email from tactical imports. It was already too late by then. How are they? Did you get the drum mag? Since they sold out and the type 81 rifles aren't being brought in anymore I was thinking of getting a M+M M10x, know anything about them?
Have any of you been able to get primers locally? They are the only thing I've been lacking for weeks
>>7628 Front heavy.
>>7628 Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but the bolt runs smoother than on the rifle. People have been getting the same minute-of-man that the rifle has. I did get one drum, but only for the look since >5 rounds for $200 The internals look retarded, but the next shipment of LMGs is going to have the proper parts that were replaced, which TI is sending to anyone who bought a drum and wants them. Don't know anything about the M10X other than the snafu over the first imports.
>>7584 >>7582 What does the AR57 weight while loaded?
Open file (182.89 KB 399x271 freedommanga.png)
Since I've got guns already, I bought some vitamins, black beans and dried bell peppers (more for variety) in case Biden's goons stage a really big riot after election results enough to disrupt supply. Already had some basmatti rice I barely use (I prefer my Nipponese rice) and various canned tomatoes and other stuff. Recommend me some recopies for taco filling I can make with it in a slow cooker (I've got powdered milk, powdered cheese and sodium citrate, so I can make a cheese sauce)
Streloks, I need advice. I live in a nofuns country but I've been working on getting a pistol license, and I'll finally have it soon. I've wanted a CZ 75 as my first pistol ever since Rally shilled it hard to me, but with the way shit's going I'm considering a Glawk 17 or 19 instead, which are the local military and police service pistols. On the one hand all guides say to avoid snowflake guns for SHTF, and CZs and their parts are already more expensive to get where I live, but on the other hand I know my heart just won't be with it if I get a glawk. Which fun would you recommend?
Open file (76.75 KB 474x710 OIP.jpeg.jpg)
>>7747 I can only vouch for the CZ being an owner of a BD. If you buy it then you'll also need to replace the firing pin retaining pin with a solid roll pin instead of their hollow factory one because the hammer will eventually push the firing pin through it. Thus why you need a solid one to keep the firing pin from launching out the back into oblivion. Assuming thats the weapon youll be maining for some time you should also buy as many mags as you think is necessary at the same time as every thing else you should purchase for it. That being said CZ doesn't make wonder weapons or caters to poorfags. Get a cheap semi auto .22 cal rifle over a pistol and if not then prefer to have a compact size pistol over a full size in 9mm or lower being your cheapest bet. SCCY may be a better option or even Walther but i wont speak much on weapons Ive never shot.
>>7752 Thanks for the tips. I already own a 10/22, a .308 bolt action and a 12-gauge. Didn't know about the retaining pin, looks like the same applies to the SP-01 which is the model I was looking at.
>>7747 both are pretty gay, but if i could only have one i would get the gun that i would be able to repair and would have more utility and available parts.
>>7747 GO with what your heart wants. If parts are a concern, buy a parts kit, buy a few if you're paranoid. I don't get the emphasis people place on guns with easily available/cheap parts. As long as you don't buy garbage guns, or surplus that has seen countless rounds, nothing on your gun will break until you hit the high thousands round count. The only time you'd ever fire that volume is peacetime, and at that point you have access to parts. During SHTF, not only is ammo conservation is paramount, but avoiding fights altogether is the single most effective way to survive one. At that point you shouldn't be shooting so much that you experience breakages, unless you're looking for trouble. In that case, you'll likely die before hitting those numbers anyway.
>>7754 >>7756 Thanks streloks, I'm going to stew on this for a while.
>>7747 Get a rifle before a pistol, but if you must have (or can only get) a pistol then the glock is by far the better choice if you're concerned about parts availability in your area in a SHTF scenario since you could just kill a zogbot for spares, but I can tell you that CZ 75s are very nice guns, though the slide is thinner than most other handguns so it's a little weird to pull on it if you have large hands. Take some time to seriously assess how likely you think a shitstorm is to happen in the next couple of years and decide accordingly. Either way won't be a wrong decision, glocks aren't the hand grenade meme pieces of shit they used to be and they're also pretty comfortable in the hand I think. There's no external safety outside of the lever on the trigger though, so take that into consideration if you're not very experienced with firearms and aren't comfortable with carrying when you have a round chambered.
Open file (2.01 MB 3264x2448 foto_no_exif.jpg)
Open file (2.30 MB 3264x2448 foto_no_exif (1).jpg)
>>7747 >>7767 GLAWK brand GLAWKS are the greatest guns ever made and anyone who says otherwise is nigger who hates being able to easily repair and maintain their gun, getting cheap reliable FACTORY mags, mount lights/lasers, or having a wide selection of sights both normal and tritium, and just all around being able to make the gun fit their needs. They talk shit about GLAWKS because they have mental diseases like being a hipster or more likely being a homosexual. wish they'd cost about the same as a beretta apx though That being said you cant fix a cucked glock mag without buying from 10/30 mag makers who charge ~5 dollars higher than a factory mag and then drill out the shitty rivet then dunk the mag body in hot water to weaken the epoxy sealing assuming you live in a state that requires the belt and suspenders setup. A CZ Mec-Gar mag is about the same price as a glock factory mag (~26 burger coupons) and are available in restricted forms that only require a few minutes of dremel tool work to make them standard capacity (they also hold 17 rounds).

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