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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Russa Vs. Ukraine 21 - Kherson retreat edition Strelok 11/10/2022 (Thu) 04:40:10 No.43534
Open file (157.47 KB 796x606 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44310 Oh yeah, full list https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html And this is just the stuff that was visibly confirmed and identified. Vatniks eternally btfo
>>44308 I just realized I wrote Bakhmut twice. Why do slavs write like this when re-translating it to English?
>>44308 >so west part of the city is cut off from the rest of the city. Some sort of localized encirclement then? I doubt they can achieve much more than that, unless they are supported by another pincer. Also >Russian advance also reported on Spornoe
>>44312 I imagine it's got to do with identifying the administrative district, like saying "Houston County, Houston, Texas" to specify you mean the city of Houston in Houston County in Texas Oblast, and not for instance Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Houston, Alaska- the city of Houston in Matanuska-Susitna Borough in Alaska.
Open file (323.67 KB 760x739 Jakub.png)
>>44310 >By Stijn Mitzer and Jakub Janovsky Am I supposed to take this seriously just because they put Mitzer's name first?
>>44310 >>44315 To humor you though I went through some if the images and I stand by my statement. The tank gore from the Ukrainian losses mostly look like they've been utterly wrecked beyond repair while most of the tank gore from the Russian losses look like they're still functional or refurbishable. Additionally many of the tank losses appear to be surplus Soviet Shit from the early Kiev/Sumy conflicts which lines up with shitposting about it at the time.
>>44316 Stay asshurt vatnik
Open file (133.49 KB 1280x660 FiqTOsHWIAI5cfG.jpg)
Belgorod and Kursk, shelters bomb shelter signs are being posted because of shelling happening at the border.
>>44320 I assumed they did this after the first time Ukraine sent helicopters in to blow shit up. They're only now getting around to this?
Open file (116.75 KB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Apparently Putin met with some working class soldiers' moms. He made sure that all the Russian minorities were recognized in the meeting which is pretty rare for Russia to focus on. I know it's propaganda, but he made sure to include people who's sons were active duty, wounded, and dead, which is the kind of sit-down media Western governments would never do. http://kremlin.ru/events/president/news/69935 https://archive.is/Wq5VT
>>44323 Those were revealed as actors like 4 days ago you moskal cum slurper
>>44324 The Western Press ran Star Wars footage as Ukraine War footage and you want me to believe anything they say, Germ? Considering some of the pointed questions asked were the kind of stuff you'd get arrested on the streets in Moscow for, I think you should do your research instead of sucking the Associated Press' dick.
>>44310 >5000 destroyed tonks >>44322 >2908 lost tonks So, which one is it?
Six gorillion vatnik tanks destroyed, glorious Ukrainian forces have liberated Tver (soon to be renamed Banderopol) from the evil putler regime.
>n-no, Russia retreating on all fronts and drafting another 500k criminals and old men means they are winning!
>No you're supposed to be running out of missiles! >N-No you aren't allowed to restock troops just roll over and die already! >W-Why aren't Ukrainian freedom fighters already at the gates of Sankt Petersbourgh REEEEEEEEEEEE Do we really have to go here?
>>44331 No the fact that they are bombing Ukraine back to the literal dark ages means they're winning. >>44230
Apparently there's three "new" Russian jets entering mass production. Think we'll get to see them against F-35s in this war?
>>44334 >what do you mean "Losing the war"?? we have hundreds of V1 rockets hitting London! States don't go for these temper tantrum vengeance campaigns when they are winning
>>44335 Russia can't even produce cars anymore, lmao
Mercouris doesn't think an ultimatum was actually given to Bakhmut since he can't find anything from the Russian MoD. >>44336 States don't mobilize women when they're winning either. Let's review though... >Russia is losing because they can't keep enough troops to placate partisan groups >Oh no they placated the partisan groups with pensions and food aid! >Russia is losing because they can't advance without blowing up civilian infrastructure >Oh no Russia started blowing up high rises! >Russia is losing because they can't stop the electric trains delivering troops/supplies >Oh no! Russia is blowing up the energy infrastructure! >Russia is losing because they don't have enough men >Oh no! Russia is mobilizing! >Russia is losing because all the mobilized veterans are old >Just ignore Ukraine mobilizing old men starting back in May and women over the summer I don't want to use the word cope but come on now, anon.
>>44337 They can't get ahold of airbags and ABS systems. They've already waived those requirements starting February 2023 if manufacturers can't figure it out before then. The ABS system waiver is pretty scary though since those are nice in snowy places.
>>44335 >Think we'll get to see them against F-35s in this war? Well that depends on whether or not the F-35s stay in the sky long enough to ever meat the Russian jets.
>>44340 *meet
>>44322 so audacious with their claims
>>44322 it seems most of these figures are 10x the actual amount. srsly, just remove the last digit, and it suddenly becomes believable. >8,970 troops >290 tanks >189 artillery >155 drones >27 planes >53 cruise missiles shot down (hits don't count obv) etc. the only exception is boats/cutters, which seems to be more than double (I guess they realized they couldn't lie too infamously there). >>44338 I've noticed a number of the braincucked believe that Russia's missile strikes are a spergout, rather than a calculated escalation of the conflict. Granted, you can't win a war entirely by air, but it works in tandem with other fronts, where despite the propaganda, Russians are winning. >>44277 >I really have my doubts everything has been going according to plan for Russia, there's too much pointing to the opposite, i don't think Russia is losing or failing miserably at all, but neither can you just trust the plan I read an interesting theory the other day, that GAE's plan was for Russia to blitzkrieg and capture all of Ukraine, so that the West could support a long-term insurgency and gradually drain Russia's resources; eventually toppling Russia's gov't with a color revolution, then subversion, AIDS, and the usual. But Russia avoided this trap entirely and has inverted it on GAE, by waging a limited war emphasizing artillery and air strikes, they can burn through Western resources and pull GAE into a downward spiral instead. It's a viable take on this at least. >>44274 I don't think China needs lebensraum. They'll continue with their belt & road initiative.
>>44345 >Russia avoided this trap entirely LMAO Yeah Russia got its elite formations smashed ON PURPOSE.
When is the ground projected to be frozen enough for both sides to make mechanized assaults? >>44322 >Kiev Independent Wasn't this the same rag that said Russia lost 10k in the first week while Ukraine only lost 500? Ukraine has been fudging numbers harder than Russia since day one. I swear its always German IPs peddling this kind of clear bullshit non-stop.
>>44348 Ground is freezing now so it should be cold enough in a week or two.
Antiwar Activists Who Flee Russia Find Detention, Not Freedom, in the U.S. Many asylum seekers are released and allowed to argue their cases later in court. But thousands are sent to detention centers, where it is difficult to secure lawyers and collect evidence, and the chances of winning asylum are extremely slim. ICE has not released statistics on the nationalities of migrants being held behind bars, but lawyers who work regularly with migrants say Russian asylum seekers appear to have been detained at relatively high rates in recent months — sometimes with bonds set in excess of $30,000. Some Russians have remained incarcerated for months under conditions they describe as extremely harsh. “Proportionately, compared to people from other countries, there are more Russians being sent to detention,” said Svetlana Kaff, a San Francisco-based immigration lawyer who said she has been flooded with requests for help. Like the young doctors who were held in Louisiana, many said they had come to the United States thinking they would be welcomed as allies in America’s push for democracy in Russia and Ukraine. Olga Nikitina, who fled Russia with her husband after he was imprisoned there multiple times, spent five months in the same facility as Ms. Shemiatina. “The whole time I was there, they treated us like garbage,” said Ms. Nikitina, 33. “I called hotlines, but it did not help in any way” Her husband, Aleksandr Balashov, 33, was detained for four months at a facility in Batavia, N.Y., where he says officers told him and others that they had no rights because they had entered the country illegally. Ivan Sokolovski, 25, another activist, has been held at Pine Prairie for seven months. He recently lost his asylum case and said he fears that he will be deported to his death. “It would have been more humane to be shot dead at the border than to be held in prison so long,” he said. https://us.knews.media/news/antiwar-activists-who-flee-russia-find-detention-not-freedom-in-the-u-s/ https://archive.ph/dSnGw
>>44345 >srsly, just remove the last digit, and it suddenly becomes believable. Sorry but no, i have no doubt Ukrainians have exaggerated their numbers, but still, halving their numbers i'd find believable
>>44350 Amazing that they can't find the cells or time to deal with Mexicans but Russians can be persecuted all day long when they come in on the same Mexican caravans.
>>44331 >Russia retreating on all fronts Are we not looking at the same maps or is one of us completely retarded? But which one?
>>44352 Is because they are too white.
Apparently Wagner PMC's head honcho has come out in an interview and said that the goal in Bakhmut was never to capture the city but to inflict the maximum number of Ukrainian casualties. That'd explain why they've not made any progress for months despite piles of dead Hohols.
>>44356 A modern Verdun? will we still be debating if that was true or just a retroactive justification in a hundred years?
>>44269 >Destroying our highways while expecting the city to pay for it are their specialty. I believe it. I only see their convoys on the interstate - which fed pays for. I bet they sing you the "but stationed service members drive local business and tax revenues" song about the roads. >>44339 >The ABS system waiver is pretty scary though since those are nice in snowy places. ABS is shit in deep snow and ice, gets in the way more than it helps and people who are qualified to drive would turn it off anyway
>>44350 pottery
>>44357 >will we still be debating if that was true or just a retroactive justification in a hundred years? Depends on how far Russia pushes. If Russia ends up taking Kharkiv/Sumy/Chernihiv then I'd say it was a sound strategy. Ukraine's been dedicating troops upon troops to Bakhmut (I've heard 7:1 K:D ratios of dead Ukrainians to dead Russians) to the point where they've depleted their armor and veteran troops. If they had simply taken Bakhmut, then those troops would have been withdrawn to Kharkiv or Sumy or West of the Dniepr, but if those troops were wasted in Bakhmut that would mean that Ukraine is weakened to a degree that they couldn't hold off a proper Russian advance down the line. We probably won't have an idea of whether that's cope or not until February but if it isn't I expect the war to get spicy next year.
>>44352 There's this myth americans detain mexicans or want to, that is a complete lie, americans detain "skilled" (read: need a college degree for it) labour mexicans/latins to avoid them winning places the chinamen and the pajeets have (alongside jews) while letting in the "low" skill (read: manual labour skill that can hardly be taught at school) and the cartel links because that's the real business, the former do all the jobs low-tier whites and niggers don't want to do for cheap in the former case and where not enough middle east immigrants are to supply the work pool (some states do have tons of arabs willing to do construction work) and the cartel links and operatives are glow assets so cannot detain business partners of the government. You will see some dude with an engineer degree get detained in some random town in Arizona but some low life midget monkey with 0 (zero) english will live 10 years in Texas because reasons, another coke-addict will enjoy roaming around bars in some southwest city downtown while open carrying and driving like a banshee on a pimped economy sedan while a dude with a degree on agronomy systems will get detained at a farm up north and the owner charged for hosting him because he's a danger and the John Deere tractor he was using had an illegal USB plugged in that makes the GPS/auto system more accurate (due to a paid firmware hack) which is a crime against humanity for some reason.
Open file (181.19 KB 1181x829 Claimed advance.jpg)
Reports of continued Russian advance. As of this morning there are reports of Russians capturing Klischiivka. Unofficial pro Russian sources, so you know, grain of salt.
>>44363 That map shows they also got into Pidhorodne, so I feel like a tactical genius right now.
>>44364 Encirclement is the most sound tactic here. It's much easier to fight an opponent that's drained of supplies and ammo. I doubt theres much civvies left in Bakhmut anyway, so putting it in pocket sould be attempted. Even Ukrainian side has admitted the situation there is deteriorating rapidly for UAF,but it remains to be seen if RuAF can capitalize on it. But still, we should wait for official statement if such advance was really made. This movement could have been just a recon force that was overhyped.
Open file (703.66 KB 240x360 laughing maouloli.gif)
Encirclement seems to be the approach Russia is gaining ground with at the moment. Europe's response is to purchase more Russian LNG.
>>44370 >Europe's response is to purchase more Russian LNG. Are they going to memory hole being united against Russia?
Open file (1.24 MB 1232x690 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXDAZBzXPNA DPA did a short video explaining what's going on in Bakhmut and why West of Bakhmut is more important than North-East of Bakhmut.

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