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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

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Canadian and US forces intervening in Haiti Strelok 10/15/2022 (Sat) 21:46:18 No.42647
Exclusive: U.S. will support sending ‘multinational rapid action force’ to Haiti The United States has drafted a United Nations Security Council resolution that will encourage the “immediate deployment of a multinational rapid action force” to Haiti to address the nation’s worst security and health crisis in decades, according to a copy of the resolution obtained by McClatchy and the Miami Herald. The draft resolution, confirmed by multiple U.S. and U.N. officials, comes in response to a call by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres last week for the establishment of a rapid reaction force to assist the Haitian National Police. Over the past four weeks, powerful armed gangs have all but sent the country into anarchy, blockading the country’s largest fuel terminals and cutting off its critical roadways. It is the first public indication so far that the Biden administration is willing to participate in a military force in Haiti — although the resolution does not specify what role various nations would play. https://archive.ph/Ko3J9 https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article267336107.html
>>42652 >>42660 >>42663 >>42661 >muh afghan >even though it's clearly a Mogadishu situation Are you too young to watch Black Hawk Down or something? How the fuck can you not even see this parallel in the first place?
>>42672 Why did you quote me in your reply?
>>42647 How in the everloving fuck do you fuck up so bad that gangs hold your capital hostage? Rebels, I can understand. Rebels happen. Terrorists, I get. Partisans, even. But gangs? How can you fail to bring a group of people with no motivation beyond "me big dick, me want drugs/alcohol/women" to heel? Offer one of them a literal ton of opium to clean up the rest, and three weeks later they'll die off naturally.
>>42647 >the resolution does not specify what role various nations would play. Now imagine if the Chinese or Russians decided to also send some token force there, just to piss of the Americans.
>>42673 He's a retard trying to get (you)s. My reply was also disagreeing about the Afghanistan comparison.
I'd rather have my limbs blown off by vatniks than be turned into sopa de yankee by Haitians.
>>42672 > yet another Haiti intervention < WHY ARE YOU COMPARING IT TO AFGHANISTAN? < TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER SOMALIA? Kill yourself. US Interventions in Haiti: 1914-34 19-year occupation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_occupation_of_Haiti 1994-95 Blockade ; troops *restore President Aristide to office* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Uphold_Democracy 2004- *Removal of democratically elected President Aristide*; troops occupy country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Haitian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat#French_and_U.S._involvement
>>42676 we are talking about Haiti, there's about 100+ gangs roaming about the countryside alone , with Jovenel Moïse gone it caused a huge divide and vacuum within the government, the gangs just took the protest and instability to there advantage by siegeing the ports, electrical supply and and anything else important while the government was too busy with fighting itself. Ariel Henry wanted create a transitional government, he tried stoping the subsidies of petrol from happening which caused Varreux terminal to shut down because all the supply stopped, the gangs then took the opportunity to take the port, so now everything it is going through Port-au-Prince by ship is controlled by the gangs.
>>42652 You fucking idiot, you absolute mentally handicapped baboon.
>>42688 >Sopa de Yankee Haitians aren't Portuguese or even Spanish culturized. They're French niggers, Dominicans, on the other side of the island, are the ones with the Spanish culture. What you're stating makes no sense.
>>42707 >What you're stating makes no sense. The haitians boiled the french as execution due to the french doing the same too at rare times when a cane farmer screwed something hard. Due to low supplies/being dumb negroes who cannot farm without instructions it was rumored they drank the soup of the cauldron, hence Yankee Soup, although it it a high rumor as the french ran pretty fast from the island. In Southern US literature there's a recurrent theme about cotton pickers being thrown in boiling water for doing really bad stuff, the stuff not even a lynching or a hanging can fix properly.
Open file (41.76 KB 1266x132 café_bigwit.png)
>>42706 You need to call him out more.
>>42695 Just fucking annex it at that point and turn it into a tropical Detroit
>>42718 More like Tropical Paris since everynig speaks Frog.
Open file (222.21 KB 597x765 1665931558588945.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 480x848 28s1Wooz6-8fRZ9Z.mp4)
Will it be /k/ino?
>>42727 Gangsters not knowing how to hold guns is such a tired cliche, you'd think some of them would have some idea from video games or at least watching how their CIA contacts handled the guns when they brought them into the country.
>>42676 I am more surprised that Americanised slave-derived shitholes like Haiti and Liberia have governments in the first place.
Open file (1.81 MB 320x568 1.mp4)
Open file (72.37 KB 720x445 FfNiIm_WQAMDDwB.jpg)
Open file (2.60 MB 490x270 2.mp4)
Open file (1.27 MB 1200x843 ClipboardImage.png)
>>42673 >>42686 Yeah sorry about that, i got gung-ho and thought you burgers are the same dumb ones like the first post. My bad. >>42695 Those are just the U.S bumfucking Haiti, not Haiti getting bumfucked by a bunch of gangs and having the U.S to bail them out dumbass. That's why i compare them to Mogadishu. Plus there's a 'humanitarian' crisis going on at the same time. >>42732 Well they have to emulate their old master one way or the other anon.
>>42735 is there any truth to what the niguette is saying? it's not like haiti would pose any kind of threat to the US even if they weren't a fourth-world country, and they have nothing we want.
>>42735 For a moment I thought there was another burger protest.
Open file (2.02 MB 1296x849 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>42797 I think it's bullshit since i think the US is the lesser evil here when compared to the sheer incompetence of a former slave revolt country. Haiti produces nothing and has zero value to the world when compared it's Dominican neighbor. One of it's greatest income to the country is remittances for fuck's sake. That's how worthless they are. I mean, they've repeated the cycle of Easter Island where they cut down all the fucking trees in their border for charcoal and slowly die to strife because they're too fucking poor for gas. Destroying the environment in the process. Not to mention about them eating mud cookies, thus making their own population suffer a vicious cycle of malnutrition and sickness.
>>42797 >they have nothing we want Haiti has an extremely high amount of natural resources, including gold. The nation sits near a tectonic plate. The nation has a ton of potential oil, natural gas, gold, copper, and bauxite. In its hundreds of years of history since independence, it is only historically recently that mining has been allowed because of the 1986 and 1991 coups, which drove the country further into the dirt, and this isn't to defend Aristide or Papa and Baby Doc. If it wasn't for the supermassive amount of niggers in Haiti who would collapse the country upon annexation, Hispaniola would be better under the Dominican Republic. The difference between the two nations is as great as Spain and South Africa. It would not be an exaggeration to call Haiti the Africa of the Caribbean.
Should just send military aid to the Dominicans and let them handle the monkey crisis, since they absolutely hate Haitians.
>>42815 Wasn't Haiti part of the milk trade with Jamaica? I know America used to import our milk from Jamaica and a few other islands, but then they passed a bunch of tariffs to force Americans to buy American milk collapsing the Jamaican economy overnight.
>>42815 I mean, that's not particularly fair towards the Haitians. They were a sugar plantation, whereas the Spanish part of Hispaniola was slightly more mixed in the agriculture sector as well as largely maintained by the local lords rather than the centralized French state. Add to that the fact that the US and France heavily blockaded and embargo'd the country out of fear it would spark more black revolts around the globe, plus getting gayop'd several times would turn any nation into a shithole. But then again, the only diplomatic tool the Haitians have ever built is their massive numbers when it comes to refugee crises. It really makes no sense as a nation. >>42820 There are several majority black tropical islands that managed to do so much better either because they had been dominated by Anglos (who for all their faults at least tried to instill classical liberalism principles in their institutions) or because they had so little starting resources that they had to get creative with them and unfucked their ilk into being proper civilizations. Plus tons of foreign investment.
>>42806 Mein Sides
>>42735 >third video What's the back story on what this guy is saying of the "CORE" group working with the U.S or is he referring to global jewery? Do we know specifics about what "aid" means. My thoughts are only speculative as I assume not gifting arms and armor from one military to another like on the eastern stage.
>>42849 Don't forget that Hillary Clinton literally stole recovery funds from them, so they're even more crippled by a major nature disaster than normal.
>>42827 >Wasn't Haiti part of the milk trade with Jamaica? I know America used to import our milk from Jamaica and a few other islands, but then they passed a bunch of tariffs to force Americans to buy American milk collapsing the Jamaican economy overnight. I have zero idea about American economic policies in the past but i call bullshit on that since America has always been an agricultural powerhouse, there's literally no reason for them to buy milk when they can make so much of them, they're forced to throw them out in the millions of gallons. I think you got the idea the wrong way around, Americans subsidizes the shit out of their farmers. It's not tariffs that what killed any agricultural import to America, it's because the farmers in America are literally roided with Millions of dollars worth of taxpayer money. I mean there's also the matter of which that America has so much land that making a farm there is a no-brainer. Why bother importing fresh produce when you can make it at home? >>42849 >I mean, that's not particularly fair towards the Haitians. (...) It really makes no sense as a nation. I guess, they are after all the only post-revolt slave country in existence. What culture they have is a bastardized mix of African and French culture. So i guess that they can only do so much with a backwater country with zero support from it's neighbors or former colonizer. You can see the same result on East Timor, but they're doing far better than Haiti since they actually do make use of the resource that they have, and not having to be intervened by the U.N every decade or so. >>42855 No offense but that fund's going to get embezzled sooner or later, just like any 'aid' to any African country. Still, fuck that cuckquean for sucking up to Bill.
>>42908 Canada produces a lot of milk too, and still needs tariffs on American milk because it's just that much cheaper.
Open file (79.90 KB 699x1024 1666749009541925m.jpg)
Open file (48.67 KB 331x331 please_respond.jpg)
>>43145 I can just imagine the conversations behind closed doors >I'm sorry but we sent all our munitions to Ukraine, we simply can't
PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti –The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)has announced the closure of its mango preclearance program in Haiti, blaming the “worsening challenges” faced by its inspectors in the French-speaking CARICOM country. In an October 24 letter to the President of the Association Nationale des Exportateur de Mangues (ANEM) Ralph Perry, the Area Director for Central America and The Caribbean at the USDA Preclearance and Offshore Programme, Jorge Abad, said the closure would take effect from the end of January next year. “We are taking this action because of worsening challenges in Haiti that have made it impossible for our inspectors to safely work. This move is in alignment with information that we have received from the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince,” he said. He said the USAID has placed all 10 inspectors in Haiti “on indefinite, paid leave starting on October 10, 2022” and that the team will remain on leave until the program officially closes. “We commit to working very closely with them, Haiti’s national plant protection organization, and ANEM as we move forward with this process. We will consider reinstating the program if the situation in Haiti improves, in consultation with the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince,” Abad wrote. He said that the safety of “our employees is our highest concern”. Officials in Haiti said that the closure will seriously affect farmers, noting that last year, the sector recorded more than US$12 million in revenue. But so far this year, they note that the volume of mangoes from Haiti, one of the leading producers of Francisque mangoes in the Caribbean and Central America, has declined to about 48 percent. This decrease is mainly attributable to the situation of insecurity in Haiti, the difficulties of moving and transporting the fruit in the country as a result of the shortage of fuel caused by armed gangs seizing fuel depots as well as the high prices paid for the commodity on the black market. https://www.nycaribnews.com/articles/haiti-mango-shipments-to-us-hit-a-snag/ https://archive.ph/hwrfv
If ever a country needed a "great reset" involving the removal of 99% of the population, its haiti
>>43149 Honestly that is probably why the US is begging anyone to help them since they did the same shit. The funniest part is the situation won't improve since the US government got a real wake up call because they found out that putting all of your industries out of business for Chinese bribes means that you can't manufacture new weapons that relied on those industries. Frankly I think it will take decades for the US to be able to intervein in any military way if they start building industry up RIGHT NOW which they won't do. The rest of NATO is probably fucked forever though since they can't even power themselves now with the shitfit they threw at Russia.
>>43264 The US has their industry very much alive, but only for specific parts. For instance America is on-track to maintain air superiority and submarine superiority, and if it came to a "ground war" we have enough equipment to use infantry tactics, but there are severe deficiencies in specific technologies (anti-tank weapons, artillery, offensive missiles) and under-funding in important industries (air defense, above-water naval superiority) necessary to run the peace-keeping operations we currently do in foreign countries. Trump may have not been fully anti-war but I'll give him credit for only really renewing contracts for what could be considered "defensive technologies" during his tenure.
>>43264 America can't manufacture weapons cos they don't hold shipwrights (etc.) accountable for their fuckups, since all the navy cares about is increasing their budget by spending more i.e. what all government departments do. There were no chinese bribes, the US doesn't make ships because nobody makes ships.
update: the gangs have kidnapped 3 traffic controllers at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. Haiti's response: hire unlicensed individuals to replace the three traffic controllers
>>43340 I mean you might as well, not like the government treasury has money to pay the bribes anyway. If they just keep hiring new traffic guards there will be no incentive to kidnap them in the first place. Also why traffic guiders of all people? Yeah they're technically government employee's but certainly isn't equal to nabbing yourself a mayor or foreign diplomat. I can only imagine that's about as logical as kidnapping some poor fuck college kid flipping burgers at some shitty fast food joint and expecting to become a millionaire instead of shot for being a fucking retard. Unless I'm missing something and being a traffic controller is actually a highly sought after job in Haiti I just don't see the point.
>>42647 You know I don't like it anymore than anyone else here does but if Haiti isn't stabilized at least for Haiti standards it will turn into a Syria tier refugee crisis on steroids, technically it already is and the USA already has enough problems. So it's probably inevitable. Oh god that means poor saps will have to actually learn their retarded off shoot of French. Fuck France for leaving us this mess of country to fix. Why is it that literally every modern country that used to be a French colony is an absolute shithole? I think the only exception here is Vietnam. Say what you will about Nigeria or Jamaica those obviously have huge flaws too but those countries actually have functional economies, industries and even tourism. >>42652 >Is thist shit going to turn into another Afghanistan? Doubt it, it's bunch o frouge barley organized gangs not battle hardened ethnic tribal warlords and their peasant allies who've defeated every empire that's ever occupied them going back to the Mongol hordes. Technically they did defeat France but the Parisians were probably more concerned with not getting sandwiched by to death by the Spanish, Dutch, Prussians that they decided to start shit with at the time and wasting soldiers to retake a glorified far gaway sugarcane farm probably wasn't worth it in their eyes to say the least. >>42685 >Now imagine if the Chinese or Russians decided to also send some token force there, just to piss of the Americans. Could actually be a good strategy for the CCP to send some of their spooks to indoctrinate the populous into Marxism under the guise of "humanitarian aid" because then America's mission would go from babysitting Haiti so they don't do even more retarded shit and to clean up the Clinton foundations mess into fighting guerrillas which would be a bit annoying. >>42815 >Haiti produces nothing and has zero value to the world when compared it's Dominican neighbor. They produce charcoal and the odd decent T-shirt but yeah there's nothing special about it at all given anyone can do that. t. anon got a comfy T-shirt as a gift once and found out it was made in Haiti.
>>43718 Not traffic guards baka, airport traffic control tower operators aka traffic controllers. As in the people that tell planes what to do with shitty ones being responsible for a lot of aviation accidents, which is why hiring unlicensed controllers is a big deal.
>>43733 Could Haitian airports in theory route their ATC feeds into VATSIM?
>>43733 If I could learn how to run air traffic control in an afternoon at an air traffic control facility I'm sure some homeless bum can learn it in a couple weeks. It's not like Haiti's airport was getting all that traffic in the first place and pilots are trained to be their own ATC in smaller airports. Sure the risk of catastrophic accident is higher but it's not like a major American international airport and that's on the airlines to not schedule large flights to Haiti.
>>43733 Oh, well my next question is why aren't their skilled employee's who are indispensable receiving private company or government funded security? That or perhaps they might as well just build small town houses or apartments within the airports themselves. Same should apply to seaport workers hauling steel containers full of imports/exports and aid. Else gangs, warlords or heaven forbid normal citizens just trying to get by since their corrupt government is probably just gonna horde it for themselves or re-sell it at outrageous markups because LMAO cronyism.
Niggers are niggers. Haiti would be paradise if populated by, say, Brits or Japanese. The only way to fix a nigger problem is to get rid of the niggers. So either leave them to their shit, (((vax))) them, bury them, and/or or push them into the ocean nya~
apparently they arrested the diocese of haiti .
>>50965 They? Which they?
>>51183 Well if the conflict is in Haiti and the Haiti resident was arrested, it can be presumed that "they" are the Haitian authorities.
>>43728 >>42685 >Could actually be a good strategy for the CCP to send some of their spooks to indoctrinate the populous into Marxism under the guise of "humanitarian aid" China's to busy selling Fentanyl and old Norinco surplus guns to Mexican drug cartels and the occasional CIAnigger pretending to be a cartel member to be bothered with what is happening in Haiti.

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