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Open file (365.46 KB 1274x1035 new gun new fum.jpg)
Meta Strelok 09/11/2022 (Sun) 21:01:30 ID: 314b5b No.40754
Welcome to /k/! I said come in, don't stand there! /japan/ has placed /k/ under it’s protection sosu. Please maintain niceness and you will be treated with /kind/ness sosu. Ruur(s) 1. This is a private club. Schizo posts without clocks attached will be treated appropriately if I'm awake. Globo homo rules apply as you would expect…………………. Board is for discussion of weapons, combat, military history, conflict news reporting, and outdoorsmanship. Olde useful links: https://pst.moe/paste/zammwe
>>40951 Nope, there's a small handful of retards making shit up and trying to force a consensus. it only takes 3 or four idiots running around screeching their schizotranny nonsense to throw slow sites into chaos. Banning them on sight works really well as long as the vols aren't stupid enough to back off when they hop IPs and cry rulecuck. >>40956 A lot of them moved to tvch and gayhole is stupid enough to think of them as friends since they use his discord, that's why over half the threads on that site get derailed with arguments over people nobody knows or cares about and absolutely nothing is done about it.
>>40960 >banning them >they IP hop and cry rulecuck The small handful of retards are at least 80% mods though
>>40964 Maybe on tvch. And here too now I guess.
Open file (90.33 KB 675x878 1649681099802.png)
Why do you guys speak of /tv/ ruining /k/ like it's magic, the reason /tv/ succeeds in shitting up its own house is because people take the bait or fail to ignore bad posts. /tv/ I feel doesn't really instigate anything, they simply exploit this impulsion because Anon is a little man who must always prove that he's right and take obvious bait even to his own detriment. I don't think anyone has tried ignoring them or calling out this behavior without getting roused to anger.
>>40980 It's hard to ignore a hornet's nest when it's right by your front door and someone put hornet bait inside the front door. Being good at driving people away from imageboards isn't a behavior to praise in the first place; you run out of victims eventually and you're left with an echo chamber of people screaming insults at each other while trying to post about how totally not mad they are at each other. Why would you want that?
I post everywhere but only on tor and never not on tor as I believe that any other way is wrong. I'm the last guy in the world who would ever never use anything other then tor is what I'm saying.
>>40982 Where did I say that? I'm not saying to ignore the issue but ignore what shitposters or boogeymen may come, and /k/ I believe wouldn't stoop to such levels in the first place to become a pigsty like it and /b/.
>>40985 The past couple weeks kinda proves you wrong, this board is the absolute worst it's ever been. You're also completely disregarding fags that will samefag and talk to themselves even when someone doesn't take their b8. An extremely obvious example would be the niggerpill who posts on zzz/v/, there have been times where he has responded to himself with basically zero reaction from anyone else for entire threads and only stopped when he got banned and all of his shit deleted. Like it or not shitstirring b8 spamming retards need to be smacked down occasionally, or you will wind up with a tvch tier shithole.
>>40989 >mods will ban samefagging That's should be a given but I don't come here often anymore so I don't know what goes on.
>>40980 Posting the same way you post anywhere else is what killed cuckchan and what's killing the internet. I post on pretty much every webring board, but I use them for their intended purpose instead of trying to push my own brand of faggotry.
Open file (17.58 KB 552x330 Illegal.jpg)
Hola mi amigos de anonymous, me complace mostrar mi verdadero orgullo nacional en este foro y discutirlo sin temor a ser decapitado por los cárteles locales. Verdaderamente un gran lugar este es!
Open file (303.52 KB 600x399 567468.jpg)
Flags are back? Does that mean I can come back to roast that retarded s*rb from 8ch?
>>41131 rare flag
Did someone delete the pdfs for weapon schematics? I remember one here with full auto funs on an AR-15 but I can't find it. Was that a global mod? I know we can't post stuff like how to make explosives because fuck global rules.
>>41147 Use the 8ch /library/ board
I know that you like taking it easy but please tell the 4um faggot to fuck off.
Why is there a drastic nosedive of post quality lately? Did I miss something? Some sort of interboard shit slinging? I'm out of loop.
>>41398 Anime faggots, never even once.
>>41398 Someone said gatekeeping on a 5 person board is retarded and the person he said it too is having a conniption fit. Gatekeepers, never even once.
>>41398 Yeah, cuckchan just waltzed on in :^)
we had a good 2 weeks
Open file (39.42 KB 223x227 fawtyfive.jpg)
>>41399 >goes to an imageboard to complain about anime >>41400 >gatekeeping is bad....because it just is goy! >you need to accept literal cuckchan crossposters or else your site won't survive. >muh pph muthafucka Go back to your 4um, you kvetching and projecting little yid. >>41405 Yep, and there's even proof in the current Ukraine/Russia thread and the Leafnigger thread. And the same niggerfaggot that kvetches about gatekeeping is in this thread as well.
>>41419 Kinda looks like tooru
It's funny to me how the fags who cry about how good gatekeeping is are also the first to grab every piece of b8 in sight and proceed to destroy every thread over it. You know what the best kind of gatekeeping is? Not being an easily trolled retarded baby.
>>41426 Okay but you gotta post a funny leaf picture
Open file (31.54 KB 435x389 bZcGOUh_d.jpg)
>>40854 What's up with his face? >>40980 You cannot teach a stupid fish to not take stupid bait. > I don't think anyone has tried ignoring them If you didn't see anon's posts, this does not mean anon does not exist. But if they don't respond to bait, and there's no point in discussing something on-topic when it's being shitted over, there are no non-baited posts.
>>41426 They're precisely the people that'd have been kept out if gatekeeping worked anyway >>40997 The thing that killed cuckchan was the admin (via the moderation team). The only other way to kill a site is for it to literally go down. >I use them for their intended purpose instead of trying to push my own brand of faggotry If you're using them for their "intended purpose" then you are pushing your own brand of faggotry, which is just your interpretation of some admemes projected purpose of the board. If you're interacting with what's there then you're going to conform to the culture by definition; you can instantly see how out of place the non-sequitur complaining about someone using whatever badthink word triggered a retard today is compared to every board-topic thread it appears in. yes, that includes this post
>>41432 I have no idea what you're inferring here.
Open file (72.65 KB 1280x720 Gahoole Raiden.jpg)
>>41440 >If you're using them for their "intended purpose" then you are pushing your own brand of faggotry, which is just your interpretation of some admemes projected purpose of the board. Bullshit, places like tvch don't give a fuck because it's all about shitposting, but most other boards have standard procedure. And it actually makes it more fun and unique when boards overlap. Go to any cuckchan board post the 2016 election and it's the same template garbage on every single board.
>>41539 >most other boards have standard procedure. Which has nothing to do with the admins or their intended purpose, yes. Board culture doesn't cum down from on high, it spring up out of usage. >standard procedure Outside of literal ritualposting like 4am and lol threads, board culture is definitely not procedural and it's prescribed faggotry like >every thread must be a general that kills sites (and squashes them into a homogeneous blob in the process)
>>41539 >tvtroons are annoying pests that seek to shit up everything they touch, much like /cow/ Checks out.
So are you going to clean up the board or what?
>>41734 Do a global report so the admins can clean it up as well
you're supposed to be babysitting me not the other way around
>>41737 There was full on uncensored child porn on the catalog, no one expects much from you but could you at least curb that shit?
Open file (134.82 KB 750x1000 satoko holding the gun.jpg)
Open file (774.54 KB 1464x1920 changing mag.jpg)
Open file (837.54 KB 724x1023 easy taking.png)
>>41795 It gets del if I see it. Local AND Global report it regardless in-case I don't. Since this board is hit often due to shitty captcha I don't mind bringing on more teens to deal with it specifically. Problem is nobody from my faction wants to do it, not even me. Since I now apparently stack boards like I do silver, I might need some help. I haven't decided how I'm going to get that yet. I could potentially keep searching teen branches internally, or recruit one of (You). If (You) were selected, I would not have (You) del anything that doesn't break global rules unless you undertook mandatory teen sensitivity training. The screening process would also have to be airtight, to prevent giving them the satisfaction of sabotaging this board. I'll let everyone know when a decision has been made. Until then, please try to take it easy www.
Open file (1.71 MB 8881x4992 the rena face.png)
Open file (648.82 KB 1280x720 ueeeehh.jpg)
>>41808 pay me in satoko gun pictures and I will check this board twice a day
>>41808 Generate creds post em on the board delete mods if they misbehave or aren't active ain't that hard niggy
>>41817 what's your account name????
>>41818 u retarded buddi? Need some english classes?
>>41819 Hohols watch out!
>>41824 retarded? yes bored? you better believe it
>>41826 How could I know what name for the accounts you'd make are Not like you'd know which one of them I'd get if I was goin for one Which I ain't
>>41827 I can't just make you an account and post it here because I have no way of seeing who uses it. I don't own cafe lmao. You would have to make one so I can give it access.
>>41834 >I can't just make you an account and post it here because I have no way of seeing who uses it. Yeah no shit faggot that's the point. What do you think was meant by >>41817 ? You generate accounts, post them on the board you want mods from, then random niggies will log in and change the password. Ain't shit hard, ain't shit hard to understand.

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