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Open file (365.46 KB 1274x1035 new gun new fum.jpg)
Meta Strelok 09/11/2022 (Sun) 21:01:30 ID: 314b5b No.40754
Welcome to /k/! I said come in, don't stand there! /japan/ has placed /k/ under it’s protection sosu. Please maintain niceness and you will be treated with /kind/ness sosu. Ruur(s) 1. This is a private club. Schizo posts without clocks attached will be treated appropriately if I'm awake. Globo homo rules apply as you would expect…………………. Board is for discussion of weapons, combat, military history, conflict news reporting, and outdoorsmanship. Olde useful links: https://pst.moe/paste/zammwe
Actually considering how much of a fucking faggot you apparently are yourself there probably wouldn't be much difference if tengunigger gave it to you. All I wanted to do was talk about /k/ shit, god damn.
Open file (157.29 KB 500x500 incredulous shrug.png)
>>57998 >All I wanted to do was talk about /k/ shit, god damn. Same, and then >>56061 who was hired by Tengu decided I'm not allowed to. I have a bone to pick and a shitpost to make inbetween properly posting because that's my style, but that doesn't mean you have to as well. It's a frame of mind, man. Now gimme the board.
>>57997 Maybe you asked after the board was already dropped. Should've asked in /meta/.
>>57997 >And what might that be? Your eminence.
Why was the biological warfare thread deleted, faggot?
>>58700 looks like all 1 (one) posts from that thread were moved to the /k/anteen for whatever reason
slidenigger is actually site the admins kicking old threads out of the /k/atalog to save server storage while avoiding suspicion
Open file (1.44 MB 2400x1800 Nigger Maid.jpeg)
>>58736 Well I can't speak for the other slider, but I have done that once before. Right now I'm just following up on a promise with the niggerfaggot Tengu put in charge since he wants to fuck around and find out. Except this time there is no specific thread in need of sliding so it's up to dice rolls.
Open file (129.45 KB 508x350 tamamo shitpost 101.png)
>>58753 You're the only piece of shit who can't leave threads alone and let sleeping dogs lie. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Open file (60.57 KB 400x400 1691182750979.jpg)
Not really sure what you're trying to accomplish by pinning bumplocked threads btw. Unless you intend to keep them bumplocked indefinitely they will return to their place on the catalog (in the case of people shitting up the board to the bottom of the catalog) at which point they will be just as easy to get baleeted at that time. It accomplishes nothing. Those threads are already lost unless you intend to pin every thread indefinitely.
>>58751 >>58761 >tfw you will never be this much of a butthurt sperg Thank you God for my functioning brain and properly balanced hormone levels, please forgive this HRT and cuckime poisoned creature, his mind is that of an animal's.
Open file (36.08 KB 341x495 gobbo huh.jpg)
Open file (26.07 KB 282x373 gobbo huh 2.jpg)
Open file (307.49 KB 450x628 Denied.png)
>>58796 >Butthurt Whatever helps you sleep at night. If you want to have the entire front page shitted up with your pins that's your business. It works for me all the same if you pull your hair out for refusing to let sleeping dogs lie. You have had multiple chances to act in a courtly manner and each time you chose to ooga booga like a nigger and demand people respect your (non-existent) authority over the last two months, so your blood pressure rising is your own fault.
>>58799 I'm going to bop you on the head and give you a spanking to double your butthurt and make your head hurt too. Also you're grounded, no more cuckime or hormones for a week, your titties aren't even coming in anyway.
Open file (143.93 KB 480x270 pinpon bell boop.gif)
>>58802 I'm going to boop your doorbell and there's nothing you can do about it!
Open file (45.89 KB 500x725 ClipboardImage.png)
>Deleting the new Jew-war and /k/anteen threads out of asshurt lol. lmao even.
Oh I get it. Leave up the porn spam from actual bad actors, but delete the functional threads for not respecting your authority. You really are a terrible human being, Yanny.
I think the global bump limit is set below the local limit. There's no option to remove the anchor when it's automatically added either. Should the perpetual generals just be given a spinny wheel instead?
>>58897 Personally I'm a fan of the OG "let it fall off the board and someone can make a new one" when a thread reaches the limit. Polite social order was always 500-700 posts or page 3 for going to a new thread after something is bumplocked. Archive-autists will have a shitfit over the funny spinny wheel since it makes posts disappear if they don't keep a close eye on it while the anti-archivists will get angry because spinny-wheel thread OPs are either generic/bland or encourage a form of favoritism (or perceived favoritism if OP is a faggot), and most threads go through a brief period of hyperactivity followed by little activity for weeks anyways outside of [current thing]. On a related note, I'm also a fan of limiting the board to 5 pages to encourage new thread-creation, but the archive-autists would likely get hemorrhoids from the asshurt if that were to happen.
Why the fuck is my new Israel-Palestine war thread deleted? Have the zzzchan mods invaded? >>58898 >On a related note, I'm also a fan of limiting the board to 5 pages to encourage new thread-creation Would make it incredibly easy to slide new threads and lead to fast-paced zero effort discussions
>Would make it incredibly easy to slide new threads lol >and lead to fast-paced zero effort discussions Complete bullshit. Quality posting is in response to things you've (just) seen, whether external or on the board. It's got nothing to do with buried threads which everyone has already seen and decided not to respond to.
Open file (2.77 MB 1920x2808 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58914 >Would make it incredibly easy to slide new threads We're not allowed to have new threads. That's where new thread limits come in. A board like /k/ doesn't need to allow more than like 2 threads per hour at our current speed. I don't understand concern over thread-sliding anyways since a new one can be made lickety-split, but then I lean towards "it couldn't have been that important anyways if it wasn't archived" school of thought. Anons will lie through their teeth regardless of what the archive shows. >and lead to fast-paced zero effort discussions I disagree mostly for the same reason >>58916 does. Pic related. Lightning Bolt means the thread has functionally served its purpose and nothing of value would be lost if it disappeared and a new one was made. Brown octagon means the thread is on life support and in serious need of a new thread/updated thread. Purple heart means the thread has a purpose, but anon would not even notice or would just make a new one if it organically fell off. That leaves 16 functional threads (2 pages), 22 threads that could have activity (3 pages), and 42 threads potentially worth keeping around. E.G. "slightly less than 5 pages." >People are actively using some of those! And they would actively use a new thread or make a new thread when they want to discuss those. Most of those haven't seen the light of day in months and are only now getting activity because that one faggot was knocking the whole board out-of-order. There may be some disagreements on a handful of those threads but it still comes out to roughly 5 pages.
>>58898 >archive-autists Is there an actual long term archive of this board? I think 4 & 8chan had bots continuously backing up catalog and threads for datamining later I guess not sure if that survived past the cloudflare fiasco. The catalog should really be viewed as a "working set" not a long term or persistent storage - it offers no guarantees as we've just witnessed. Wayback machine take occasional snapshots but not enough to be a useful backup: https://web.archive.org/web/20230000000000*/https://anon.cafe/k/catalog.html Probably OK for specific threads though if you have the thread URL.
You may want to implement some kind of filter like sportschan has to combat the glownigger hurtcore pizza spam. God damn I wish we lived in a timeline where feds were being strung up from trees after being tortured for their crimes.
>>59171 They keep changing up the text every few days to get around regex filters like that.
>>59191 It won't stop it entirely obviously because fedniggers are tenacious but I haven't seen anywhere near as much of it posted on /sp/ lately so dudder figured something out.
>>59197 It literally makes no difference
>>59204 Nigger /sp/ was getting cp spammed by the hour before the filter and now it happens maybe once a week. But yeah just let the fed have it easy fuck it do them favors I forgot I'm on cuc/k/ and tengunigger is probably a kiddie fucker himself anyway.
>>59207 It literally makes no difference It gets posted with the exact same frequency on /sp/ as on every other site where it's posted. Whether it's a bot or more likely just some poorly paid fishnigger, it's very obvious that the filter makes literally zero difference. >Nigger /sp/ was getting cp spammed by the hour before the filter That never happened tbqh
>>59212 Ok so we're just not going to agree then. >never happened Guess you're just going to lie too. Ok, the board is garbage anyway, it getting taken down because tengunigger left up bloody child asshole too long would just be a plus at this point.
I'm going to go ahead and say I don't want to turn this into a slapfight argument you're right it doesn't matter at all.
Can the moderation do something in the uptick of anti-semetic and anti-White pro-terrorist propaganda and general misinformation that is being spread on /k/, be warned that if this issue is not dealt with i will have to contact the romanian authorities and inform them of this. The Mods here must know that holocaust denial is a serious offence here in romania.
>>59334 Actually where can I report this site for that? I'll do you the favor I'm tired of dealing with you and you clearly won't stop until the site is gone, let's just rip the bandaid off and kill it.
>>59334 Are you talking about the holocaust that Benny and his jets are doing to the innocent arabs in his open air concentration camps? No man we're not denying that at all.
>>59337 The links are all over the Romanian internet but you won't get a response back since you're not a Romanian citizen. Trust me, I've already filed the paperwork and tried.
>>59337 >Actually where can I report this site for that? I'll do you the favor I'm tired of dealing with you and you clearly won't stop until the site is gone, let's just rip the bandaid off and kill it. Based, but all we can do now is spam *p until the global mods take notice and action. It's for the best interest of our race that this pro-mudslime board dies.
Can I kill tengu and take over the board?
Open file (157.76 KB 960x778 Aussie'sGreatestEnemy.png)
>>59406 >Australia >white May the theropods take you all!
Open file (775.48 KB 1296x2304 1701042920450.jpg)
was too busy hunting honkers what happened that caused you to sperg this week
>>59418 Hire a fucking vol or just delete the board like you did with julay/v/ iif you don't actually want to maintain this shithole.
>>59421 how many more vols will satisfy you we've had 3 already
>>59426 Ignore those retards. If they actually gave a shit about the board they would've claimed way before you or maybe move to the bunker board.
>>59426 Your vols do about as much as you do then. Fuck it kill the board do it. >>59427 Multiple people tried retard, they were ignored and the faggot ass previous BO deliberately gave it to the worst nigger imaginable.
>>59418 I think their periods have just synced up. They're extra bitchy right now.
Open file (238.63 KB 884x1024 lying.jpg)
>>59428 I like how your asshurt bullshit story gets more wild with each retelling. It's gone from >The BO ignored me (still not true) All the way to >The BO ignored multiple people who applied and personally handed the board off to Tengu As the story actually went, the BO never ignored anyone, but when he left for three days on a test run for the new volunteer, the mod who was set to take over left CP and spam on the front page for three days straight and only responded shortly after a global deleted it and asked what the fuck was going on. So the BO relinquished the board back to the previous owner, and then instructed those using the board to go apply in meta for the board or else it would go up to claims. Everyone laughed and said /k/ didn't need a BO which allowed Tengu to swoop in and take it. For all of my distaste for birdman, Tengu isn't the BO /k/ needs, but he's the one (You) deserve. Still not posting outside of one specific thread after having multiple legitimate threads deleted, so 6/10 you got me to respond by being a massive liar.
>>59430 What the fuck are you talking about? Are you genuinely schizophrenic? You know more than one person can have a problem with your shitty non-existent moderation of the board you stupid faggot. You know what, fuck it you want a shit board I'll make it as shitty as possible for you.
>>59441 Not really helping your point.
What's with all the weird threads all of a sudden?
>>59550 someone got mad lole

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