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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (1.32 MB 1300x1625 ICBM.jfif)
Open file (506.76 KB 717x563 Welcome to Hell.png)
Open file (944.53 KB 3994x1994 WWIII.jpg)
World War III (WWIII) General Strelok 08/02/2022 (Tue) 04:41:42 ID: 73a4d5 No.38489
>China is threatening retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan with both sides moving aircraft carriers towards the South China Sea/Taiwan >Russia saying they are already at war with NATO (half-jokingly half-seriously) with sanctions and weapons deployments >Lithuania still being little shits endangering all of Europe after Ukraine >America signed a pact with Israel saying Israel can choose to start a war with Iran at any time and America will come to their aid militarily >Kim Jong-un claiming that North Korea is now ready to deploy nuclear deterrents >Stalemate in India-China talks after 16 rounds of negotiations >Gas shortages which are going to lead to food shortages/famines around the globe >An American administration keen to flaunt their military superiority after the giant flop that was Afghanistan last year while getting militarily embarrassed over the (realistically impressive but politically) lackluster performance of NATO-trained forces in Ukraine >A Russian administration with everything to gain and very little to lose >A Chinese administration holding on by the skin of their teeth amid chink flu lockdowns with elections coming and Xi who's painted himself as "equal to Mao" wanting a third term in office >Japan talking about expanding their nuclear power generation at a time when they are seriously considering amending the constitution to allow nuclear weapons proliferation/a standing army after Shinzo Abe's assassination >Strauss-Howe Generational Theory estimating 2028 as the start of the next "good times" after hard times >Tamamo no Mae still on the loose The world is not in a good place right now and while it may not actually be time for WWIII but perhaps rather a global collapse, the real threat is there that it could spark from a single event much like WWI did. A general thread for WWIII-related discussion, news, and speculation.
Open file (285.57 KB 1451x2048 1644018427804.jpg)
>>38787 Because doing otherwise would be much more of a royal pain in the ass. Yes, seriously, that's it. That's all.
Open file (312.15 KB 528x792 1454672808046.png)
>>38788 You know, I'm starting to think this whole "whining" thing is a better kind of dakka than we give it credit for. How many millions of people had their lives turned upside down just because people didn't want to deal with some bug's tantrum? Not to mention how much real world power the ADL has. Maybe I should make a thread about tactical whining...
>>38789 If it makes you feel any better China has experienced at least two Tunguska style airburst in the past 600 years so maybe good things will come in threes.
Open file (328.56 KB 600x688 1644226269346.jpg)
>>38789 I mean I'm not gonna argue with you on that. >>38790 fucking kek, here's hoping
>>38784 >the people the power to impose orders through referendums Referendums are easily influenced and manipulated, and most modern political systems push everything in hardline single issue or extremely bloated omnibus bills. Alternatives are not allowed to exist outside of the regional level, which is where most of he focus should really be. >stop letting lawyers become elected officials and just keep the job of politician as its own institution with its own rules That goes against your idea of letting experts speak. Lawyers are meant to be the most qualified in law outside of judges. While I don't think that only lawyers and other legal-types should have power, they're typically the most suited to understand laws and the backgrounds of them. Stopping lawyers from becoming politicians is like stopping religious students from becoming monks. >>38787 Taiwan isn't recognized because doing so would make business extremely hard in East Asia, and it would cause an international incident.
>>38778 Yes, but Kissinger got America to sign the documents recognizing them as a legal entity.
>>38780 >So as to psychologically demoralize the entire West People need to stop stroking their egos and look at real politics. That's up there with "China is mad because Pelosi is a woman" tier logic. Russia is going to strike London first because they blame the UK for this entire war happening. Go figure when a UK warship started this war.
>>38787 >Why does anyone pay lip service to China? Slave labor along standardized international shipping lanes fairly far away from piracy-heavy waters while still having a central location. The important takeaway is slave labor. The other slave labor countries all have a million and one restrictions.
68 Chinese fighter jets and 13 warships crossed the median line on Friday t. Taiwan defense ministry
Tsai (President of Taiwan) responds to the live-fire military exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkD-awRsSXM
>>38780 Russia would never kill that many muslims.
>>38489 >>Gas shortages which are going to lead to food shortages/famines around the globe Don't forget various adverse weather events. France is experiencing a massive drought, with their driest summer in 60 years. Crops can't be irrigated (both because wells are drying up so there's nothing to irrigate with, and because irrigation is getting restricted or banned since drinking water gets priority), and livestock are having to get water trucked in, with all the fuel expense that implies.
>>38787 Taiwan does the opposite and asserts a de jure claim to mainland China, that they're unwilling to give up by declaring independence.
>>38768 whom are you speaking of out of curiosity?
>>38762 I think you've got it wrong anon, I think we've already passed the four horsemen long ago. The red horse was communism
>>38824 >nostradamus-tier confirmation bias The absolute state of /k/
Open file (169.47 KB 600x800 Nanjing, PRC.jpg)
>>38812 Really feel for Taiwan, they are the original "Republic of China" despite being on an invaded territory called Formosa and even their flag is the original one too, the very same banner that is on some mausoleums for Yatsen Sun in PR China. The whole "Commie China was always the original China" is some massive doublethink by the west to get all that sweet wampum penny labor costs. It really will be seen as clown world in future history books if they are allowed to portray the truth at mainstream. And still it seems inane that the US supports them given that originally Yatsen Sun disliked americans for being the most chaotic/backstabbing party in the 8 Nation Alliance.
>>38831 >and even their flag is the original one too, Actually that's just the Kuomintang's flag. This IIRC was the Republican Chinese flag from 1912, which I believe was supposed to symbolize all the different chink ethnic groups before the country was split up into warlord states. >>38786 You should check out 8chan/cb/ for the cute boys/shota pics, I have a feeling you'll like it there too >>38795 >Referendums are easily influenced and manipulated So are elections and politicians, difference being that a referendum has a direct, visible impact on the world whereas letting a bunch of limp wristed bureaucrats and lawyers choose for you will take years of going nowhere until the solution will be long overdue. Also, AFAIK Switzerland functions pretty much like a direct democracy and they're doing just fine. Also, from direct experience, lawyers are not expert of jack shit, you're thinking of jurists and law professors (who also shouldn't hold any political office imo). They're just a bunch of useless assets to the law, they just interpret whatever the fuck they want from it and bend it to their liking, but cannot implement practical policies for shit. IMO politics should mostly be about leadership, getting people to accept a given idea and being diplomatically involved in the country and the world, while leaving the actual policy making to those who would be directly and indirectly affected by it. >Stopping lawyers from becoming politicians is like stopping religious students from becoming monks. They're both good ideas though. Religious students generally speaking fall more in line with the philosophers than the Church's bureaucrats.
>>38834 >Switzerland does ok Switzerland is a small, rich country separated by mountains. Direct democracy is alright on smaller scales, but it scales incredibly poorly when metropolitan areas get involved.
Open file (121.62 KB 1000x1480 1641883780743.jpg)
>>38818 Stre-chan was referring to Ted Kaczynski, once a prominent American mathematics professor, now commonly regarded as an eco-terrorist, dubbed the Unabomber by the media back in the day. His whole thing was, to grossly oversimplify it, basically that technology is gonna buttfuck us in the end (hot). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kaczynski >>38834 >You should check out 8chan/cb/ for the cute boys/shota pics, I have a feeling you'll like it there too I'll look into it, thanks. I didn't know 8chan still existed, actually; in fact, looking for it after OpChan was kill and 4chang rangebanned me (or my VPN, anyways) was what eventually lead me here.
>it's the last day of exercise and Shina did fuck all
Open file (108.42 KB 800x602 xufbzv3a4na51.jpg)
>>38835 Look I agree that federalization and power structures that are distributed among regions/states is a wonderful thing, but if each of said regions could impose shit through direct democracy then it would follow that higher magnitude legislation can be passed through similar means. >>38838 Yeah the current 8chan has nothing to do with 8chan prime (8kun), it's run by a bunch of guys who're buddy buddy with the feds, except it's actually a good thing for once since it lets them bypass Esther styled cease and desist attacks we had a bunch of IBs taken down by some faggot who would spam dead boards with CP and then report it to cuckflare or the ISP, the admins of 8chan.moe can just tell their govt friends to wait for them to delete it By the way if you have trouble connecting there, they ban IPs from Israel, Russia and Germany because each of these countries wants their data to look for ebil natsees and cute and funny pictures. >>38849 Of course they didn't, it's like picrel (except when it stops being so)
Open file (93.45 KB 1000x1000 Disgusted Mana.jpg)
>>38851 >but if each of said regions could impose shit through direct democracy then it would follow that higher magnitude legislation can be passed through similar means. No it really doesn't. A fucking leaf in Vancouver doesn't know anything about the personal situation of a fucking leaf in Halifax, and giving in to ideas like "direct democracy" is a recipe for disaster. In the American example most "red" states have a single "blue" urban stronghold that has 60% of the state's population trying to rule over the other 40% spread out over the rest of the state without understanding the difference between an urban and a rural environment. The entire idea of a direct democracy is extremely childish and extremely insidious precisely because it is two wolves voting to eat a sheep and trying to say otherwise is either insidious or extremely ignorant. The majority (population) does not have the right to vote away the rights of the minority (majority by land mass) and any attempts to "secure" the system are just bandaid patches better fulfilled by a full-fledged constitutional republic.
>Amnesty International has stated that it does not intend to retract its conclusions about Ukraine's violations of the laws of warfare >"The findings in our press release documenting violations of international humanitarian law by the Ukrainian military were based on evidence gathered during extensive investigations on the ground. We believe it is fundamentally important to respond impartially," the statement said. another L for jewcraine
>>38852 So how local would it have to be for you to work? Because as things are now, the minority seems to hold almost all the cards in every democracy I know of and things went to absolute shit because of it.
>>38852 >>38858 Monarch as the central authority, with local lords as the local authority. This is the best system and always was.
>>38860 Queen's Blade is the best system. It weeds out the cowards who would turn the country into a sissified bureaucracy, provides the people with actual representation without the trappings of real or representative Democracy, provides the stability and decisiveness of monarchism without the elitist clique bullshit and it guarantees that whoever gets the throne wants it more than they want to be alive. The last point of course includes megalomaniacal douchebags and crazy zealots alongside the noble warriors and brave idealists but whatever that's what the right to bear arms is for.
>>38860 Yeah, feudalism is the only system that works. Hope we'll get to it soon.
>>38860 Aren't the lords able to fuck your wife infront of you?
>>38860 Feudalism ended because monarchs successful centralized power. You can never stop the ambitions of a truly great man.
>>38875 No, but actually yes. The notion that it was a codified, widespread law is mostly false (this is the point monarchists will argue against). But that doesn't mean it didn't happen, and that some lords didn't abuse their authority with impunity. Were lords able to fuck your wife in front of you, in the sense of an explicit legal ruling? Usually, no. Were lords able to fuck your wife in front of you, in the sense that they can just do it and know you can't do shit to stop him? Yes. Was it common? Probably not TOO common, between the ones who wouldn't do that even if they did have legal right, and the ones who want to do it but know it's a bad idea to abuse their authority for something so pointless. But that still leaves the ones degenerate enough to want to and dumb/shortsighted enough to actually do it, and that's surely still a significant minority of them.
>>38760 >Nobody is saying it's the end of the world >post I responded to literally say "I guess the end of the world really will come not with a bang, but a whimper." That aside you're either stuck under a rock or incredibly oblivious because the doomsayers have been crying about the sky falling harder than they used to since the corona lockdowns. >>38764 Makes sense. I think the inability to accept that chaos is an ever present factor is also the reason you see niggerpills blow a gasket and spin tales of incredibly elaborate schemes by nebulous secret societies to make [x] more badder because it's more comforting to think some smelly jew cabal is the entire reason the world is fucking stupid instead of just being one aspect among many. Taking out jew cabals would be a good thing but you'd have to be entirely delusional to think that would solve all problems forever and ever and that there aren't other people out there who will fill that void who are just as conniving. It's also easier to excuse inaction when you hyped your enemy up as a borderline deity. >>38849 As expected, if they were actually intent on starting shit they'd have killed Pelosi.
>>38884 >hyped your enemy up as a borderline deity Money is the god of many people and the noses do control how the money moves at macro nation levels most of the time, but i agree, someone usually always fills the void when it has been proved before someone does. As long as money goes that will happen time and time again but do have to mention in some nations eliminating someone(s) usually ended the problem when combined with an ongoing policy.
>>38834 Is that the flag for people who sexually identify as China?
>>38929 It might as well be.
Taiwanese official found dead in his hotel room with a heart attack. He was in part of research and development unit supervising missile production projects
>>38944 >>38942 Maybe try not jumping to conclusions when you fuck up. And drinking less while you're at it.
>>38943 >Taiwanese authorities said there was no sign of an "intrusion" in the hotel room in southern Taiwan where the 57-year-old died, according to CNA. He was in charge of supervising various missile production projects. >Ou Yang's family said he had a history of heart problems and also had a cardiac stent. A heart attack is the easiest medical emergency to replicate using drugs, but the guy had a history of heart conditions and was probably under a fuckton of stress, so I don't know. I guess if other officials start dropping that will make the answers clear.
>>38787 Economics. There is too much money on the line for countries to dare piss off West Taiwan. >>38798 Boomers Burgers claim to hate communism; unless they know they can profit handsomely from its existence. >>38958 Plasable deniability, huh.
>>38974 >Plasable deniability, huh. Anon, being a politically sensitive person doesn't give you immunity to disease. Sometimes a heart attack is actually a heart attack.
>>38974 >Plausible deniability, huh. I mean realistically if I was the head of the missile procurement program in Taiwan, I'd be under a fuckton of stress since Taiwan's strategy in the last 30 years hasn't changed despite every ally on Earth screaming at them to fix their missile program already. People with heart conditions in the first place are more likely to have a heart attack from lack of sleep/stress during a crisis. That's why I'll wait and see if any other officials die of heart attacks who weren't already at high risk.
Open file (185.79 KB 1070x1522 ab3.jpg)
Open file (384.29 KB 1080x789 42-sS5wrsJ.png)
>>38849 No, anon. You don't understand! Can't you see military exercises are a de-facto blockade dress rehearsal for the 'real' blockade that will come next week month year?
>America signed a pact with Israel saying Israel can choose to start a war with Iran at any time and America will come to their aid militarily Source. >>38530 The good side about China's Final Warning is that they'll eventually go through with their promise and no one can say they weren't warned.
>>39015 >Biden: US prepared to use force to stop Iran getting nuclear arms >President Joe Biden has pledged that the US is "prepared to use all elements of its national power" to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >Israel wants Iran's nuclear programme stopped altogether and has said it reserves the right to use force if it has to. In an interview with Israel's Channel 12 TV on Wednesday, Mr Biden also said the US would be prepared to use force against Iran >Mr Biden was asked about voices in the Democratic Party who describe Israel as an apartheid state and call for an end to unconditional American military aid. He said those views were "few and wrong", adding that there was no possibility of his party walking away from Israel.
>>39015 Y'all niggers never ask for a source when it's fresh, only after you think you can be smug and the lead is buried. >>37541
>>39018 >>39015 If war between Iran and Israel breaks out, could this possibly mean that China and Russia will start making moves in Europe and Russia respectively? Also, if a war were to happen between Iran and Israel and the US didn't get involved, who would win? I know the premise of the 2nd question is unlikely to ever happen but I think it's interesting to speculate
Open file (56.74 KB 438x500 1434384578023.jpg)
Military exercises were supposed to end today but China has announced military exercises around Taiwan will be extended
>>39040 Flavors of Ukraine.

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