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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (1.60 MB 640x360 priwiet andrzeju.webm)
Open file (4.93 MB 1280x720 Abe is fucking DEAD.webm)
Open file (3.77 MB 480x360 MONOLITH.webm)
Webm & Video-sharing Thread Strelok 07/17/2022 (Sun) 06:33:14 ID: 1b6d7b No.37675
New webm/mp4 thread. Post 'em if you got 'em.
>>46484 >let them put the boot on your neck Sweden YES!
>>46475 >Throw robot at dude just before dawn >Shoot him for trying to give it back Ruby Ridge everyday until americans like it or so it seems Also that's a very white injun, i don't recall seeing skins like that at San Xavier >"FUCK there's cameras" lol
>>46512 Now imagine all the ones where there weren't cameras. Makes me wonder how many completely innocent people people not niggers are just rotting in jail because the cops shot them unjustifiably and then charged them with bogus shit to retroactively justify it to their superiors.
>>46475 >be mexican >get shot at by illiterate morons wearing tactical gear >be american >get shot at by illiterate morons wearing tactical gear and a badge
>>46475 I'm surprised the burgers haven't killed all the cops in country yet.
>>47145 We excuse our cuckoldry by saying that taking care of the problem is "glowniggery" and then go to a rally and yell a little bit, maybe set some shit on fire if we're anyifa or niggers, and then go back home and jerk off into our own mouths about how free we are. The disgust and hatred felt for America by the rest of the world is fully warranted.
Open file (1.52 MB 352x640 Paddled.com.mp4)
>>47125 >get shot at by illiterate morons wearing tactical gear If you mess with them you are lucky if you only get shot, if you act like a dummy you get the paddle
>>48763 Didn't they executed the germans anyway?
>>48831 Germans in WWII were generally pleased to jump into American/British arms since it meant not dying to the Soviets to the point where they were overburdened with POWs and killed as many as they could before white flags could come up. As for WWI which this video is about, at that time period, America was considering German as a second language because roughly 55% of the American population spoke it. The Americans entered late and didn't have much inclination towards killing Germans any more than anyone else at the time, they were just reckless about taking territory and would kill a few commanders (on their own side as much as the enemy's) and violently dealt with "questionable situations" where Europeans would hold if it sped up that process. They just wanted to go home which is why the Europeans saw them as ruthless. Kinda like the Canadians, honestly. Besides, at that point in the war the shotgun complaint was just a stalling tactic anyways since it was clear the Americans had tilted the balance away from a truce.
>>48865 >America was considering German as a second language because roughly 55% of the American population spoke it. proofs?
>>48871 wym proof isnt that common knowledge? hell small parts of the US still speak German especially the Amish.
>>48865 >America was considering German as a second language because roughly 55% of the American population spoke it its really a shame what we have done in this country. We could have had it so nice but we ruined it with greed and ridiculous ambition at the cost of our people >>48871 my man, the Germans and later the Irish literally built the US to what it is today and still make up like the majority of the White population in the country. In fact one of the most common mixes(since we are talking about the glorious muttmerica) of White person is German/Irish mix. Hell, im German Irish mix. Anglo cucks literally can only barely say they were founding stock as any claim to fame, it was the Germanchads leading the charge and the Irish potatochads doing all of the work
>>44385 >we Death to Israel and death to the Military Industrial Complex.
>>48972 >>47146 >>44385 >We I've been minding my own business and giving almost the opposite advice that the feds have given since baby's first autodidactic history/economics book.
>>46484 You know what, I don't think I feel bad for all of the beheadings and rapes that go on in Sweden anymore. You retarded faggots have really, really earned it time and time again.
Open file (65.08 KB 266x391 1668648008024.png)
>>49035 >>46507 >If you don't intend to shoot cops, then don't resist arrest because the cops will get violent with you >"lol fucking Swede thinks I should let the cops put a boot on my neck!" This is your brain on identity politics. I literally said "kill the police if you don't intend to get on your knees and fellate the state." Not sure how much clearer I can be there. The implication is fuck the police, not fellate the state.
>>49042 >posting a manga character who fantasizes about her crush turning into a nigger OK Sweden.
>>49042 cringe larp and I bet you don't even own a weapon
>>46512 no one said "FUCK there's cameras". cop #1 said "FUCK" (commenting on the situation) and cop #3 replied with "there's cameras" as in shut up because anything you say is being recorded. that's just common sense. don't comment on a possible future court case while being recorded. it's the same reason the right to remain silent is crucial to a working justice system. cops look bad enough on your own that you don't have to invent stuff
>>49042 >Kuchinashi-san noice
>>46475 >>47125 Mexicans don't need no stinkin badges
>>49051 The fuck are you talking about?
>>49051 >>49084 Allow me to interject as I happen to be reading that manga The protagonist, the huge boobied woman in the picture, has a tsundere relationship with a four-eyes who she imagines sexually assaulting her hard. However, while the love interest is light skinned, her mental image of him shows him darker. Now, since the user replying is a Canadian and is accustomed to BBC porn, he assumed that the delusions of the protagonist involve a nigger raping her. In reality it can be read in two different ways through the lenses of Asian culture: for one thing, her mental image of her would be boyfriend is extremely nasty, with darker skin representing "evil" or mischievous intentions. On the other hand, you tend to see brown looking characters in Japanese pornography a lot because a tanned skin is associated with the rowdy, rough working population. Pay note to the fact that despite hentai art having tons of (personally unsettling) black cock, none of the people in it are Africans.
Open file (17.12 MB 854x480 1653077220597-3.webm)
>>44387 >Absolute power corrupts absolutely Absolute power reveals true character and human beings are self-serving, of low morality, short-sighted, sloven, and arrogant. Especially so when the human being comes from a country that epitomizes and celebrates this.
>>48972 >Germans and Irish >chads
Open file (3.71 MB 852x480 ajdoom.webm)
Open file (5.79 MB 480x270 great.webm)
Open file (3.54 MB 480x480 yeoldassaultlever.webm)
>>49090 Manga title and if available whitewashed version?
Open file (171.25 KB 1114x1600 6.jpg)
>>49387 Here you go.
>>49387 Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru
>>49391 Gracias!
>>49395 Birşey değil
Open file (954.38 KB 1370x831 ClipboardImage.png)
>>49587 I just don't understand what would possess a city nigger to go down to Wakayama prefecture of all places where he knows they hate his guts because of the increase in Yakuza-related crime while the government is going after old farmers for tax crimes.
Open file (1.14 MB 1300x4200 Killdozer_CYOA.jpg)
Open file (3.24 MB 427x240 Out of Context.webm)
Open file (564.42 KB 480x380 Car.mp4)
Does anyone have that killdozer lego city video?
>>38979 If he was white, he would've been brought up on some charge since that was excessive; which means he should've since only whites are ever held to the full extent of the law. He didn't show he was armed, he didn't try to avoid confrontation, he baited the guy over to take sucker stabs at him before he even knew what was hitting him, and he was still stabbing him in the neck when he was limp. Nigger behavior, but you praise it because he's a yellow nigger.
Open file (36.45 KB 383x396 1373490632905.png)
>>44385 Not per se but you are in the belly of the beast and have done nothing against it. Make of that what you will through your own justifications. >>44387 >but American Imperialism significantly improved the countries we were involved with since the European alternatives were treating the local populations 100x worse while Americans promised upward mobility at the cost of temporary serf status >countries like Hungary would still be absolute shit holes if not for the Internationalist American Agenda that propped up many of the business leaders and intellectuals around the world that are actively improving the lives of people in third world countries. Is this fucking bait? Let's see how America has helped the world. >Central America, where banana republics get their name sake, are still banana republics and those spics and literal natives flood your border looking for a better life, one of many ethnic groups that have leached onto your country >Sudan, where a pharmaceutical plant was precision-striked by the Clinton administration for daring to produce their own medicine and not rely on handouts >same generally goes for the rest of Africa whenever they had a decent president that didn't bend their ass up to America and old European mining companies >Serbia/SFRJ, who still wasn't going to play ball with America and was a major manufacturer of goods (that probably scared Germany as well), got bombed to shit and designated an even terrorist country like Iraq and then was bombed by fucking NATO a few years after the threeway in Bosnia ended, Kosovo becomes a CIA heroin pipeline run by (((Madeleine Albright))), all telecommunications in Kosovo are owned by one Israeli company And imagine how fucking retarded Saddam must've felt for trusting America. >get into 8-year war with former US ally >former ally in fact hates the west >America gives you chemical airborne deployments like phosgene gas >country is thrown into the meatgrinder, your only port city is fucking destroyed >something something oil, Kuwait and debt >specifically ask permission from the US ambassador of Kuwait if Iraq can invade without interference, bitch says it's none of the US's business >"haha tricked you" >Iraq becomes the evil of the world, gets curbstomped (expectedly), no-fly zones are established, sanctions are established, what was once the fastest-developing country in the middle-east with the largest army plummets to poverty and tin, 500,000-600,000 children are malnourished or dead over the course of the 90s >get invaded again because oil, sectarianism and Turkish construction companies run rampant There was also the vulture-esque swoop of post-communism's corpse and how all the major industries in those countries was bought as public capital but that's more on corporations rather than government and military. >>46507 >>49035 On principal cops shouldn't be so fucking paranoid or cowardly but he's right, it should be crystal clear by now that the police are low-IQ trigger happy sociopaths and if you want to comply with whatever it is they want you better play Simon Says to a T and get your facts (or lies) in order.
>>50013 >be Nyguen >get store robbed multiple times, stab someone at least once for this >about to get robbed again >politely ask the two wiggers to leave >one, who is bundled in clothing meaning he could be hiding a weapon, defies you and jumps over the counter >rightfully stab him >"oh my poor fair play hoodlum, he's just like a nigger too for being so savage, even thieves deserve honor!" How long do you like your big black cocks, cuckservative?
Open file (812.25 KB 640x360 Lego city KILLDOZER.mp4)
>>50015 >defend nigger behavior >immediately talk about nigger dicks How's the weather in TelAviv, kike?
>>50031 >no u
Open file (725.83 KB 480x360 retarded.webm)
Open file (14.41 MB 406x720 Lenovo Autism.webm)

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