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Open file (1.97 MB 1245x930 ClipboardImage.png)
Russia & Ukraine Thread 16 - Bakhmut Blitz Edition Strelok 06/23/2022 (Thu) 03:32:31 ID: bd0d6b No.36308
Past the 800 replies or page 3 requirement. "Recent" updates: >Confirmed that 50 Ukrainian command staff (including the guy running the official Ukrainian MOD twitter page- not their propaganda sidearm) killed in Russian missile strike >Overall Ukrainian casualties reported in/confirmed at about 27% death rate (at least 65k Ukrainian soldiers KIA) with Russian numbers maybe 5-10% behind >Snek island was attacked again unsuccessfully and has become a surface-to-air missile fortress of sorts >Ukrainians gathering a large number of forces in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv >Both fronts aren't swimming so good but can genuinely be called an offensive >Russians forced to divert troops to Kherson and Izium to defend the main highways >Sverodonetsk and Lysychansk are to become the new Mariupol in the coming weeks >Hirske was abandoned >Ukrainians are finally getting Western weaponry >Countries like America are stripping the targeting computers out of the artillery before shipping since it would increase the accuracy range of the howitzers into Russia proper >First thing they did was shell the fuck out of civilian population centers in Donetsk >Russians have already captured France's artillery for research purposes >1/3 of donated American howitzers are gone between Snek Island losses and Luhansk front losses if you follow Russia's official numbers >Russian MOD reporting 60% casualties from Ukrainians near Hirske after they surrendered, while Ukrainian MOD's spokesperson is still fucking dead >At best soldiers on the ground are claiming that "most of their guys got out already" and insisting it was a retreat instead of a surrender >A new front line is beginning to form along a set of towns from Bakhmut to Slovyansk because of >Based on estimated BTG densities and the distances of the front lines, Russians will have 30k-60k troops to throw around at new fronts (and Ukraine will be able to relax their defense until then) so new fronts might open up >Status of the 200-600 foreign mercenaries in Sverodonetsk is still unclear but they have no safe escape route >Reports of Mercenaries getting shitter shattered by Russian snipers and mines while fleeing becoming commonplace since they will get the death sentence if captured >Russia renamed the street the US embassy is at to "Donetsk People's Republic Square" after America refused to acknowledge the two breakaway nations >Lithuania is effectively blockading Russian transit to Kaliningrad and blaming EU sanctions >This technically violates a Cold War treaty that lets Russia legally take pretty much Lithuania's entire coast (by force) if they don't cease >Additionally international law states you can't use regional sanctions to prevent transit between a country and its exclave (you can legally tax it) >Russia has already threatened "harsh action" >Lithuania being part of NATO, this is a Cuban missile crisis-tier situation that politicians are bumbling right now >Oil pressure is mounting as Turkey is set to close down their pipeline for a week for yearly maintenance and Gazprom is set to close down their few remaining active pipelines for maintenance in early July (while being sanctioned from having the equipment to repair/maintain them delivered to the workers at the pipes) I'm sure I missed something, but basically video related. Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news Maps: https://mobile.twitter.com/Suriyakmaps https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTq5KxoyKuquatzn2iF0Pg (Numbers and brief overviews of the day's news; no bullshit) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnc496-PPmFZVKlYxUnToA ("Breaking news" Belarusian take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg ("Breaking news" Singaporean take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/MilitaryandForeignAffairsNetwork (Military and foreign affairs network; slightly pro-Ukrainian and uses militaryland maps allowing him to cover more specific military groups and pockets at the cost of less breaking news) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2QApi8G2TKc8NZmeDWSUg (Least biased "breaking news" Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickLancasterNewsToday (Patrick Lancaster reporting from Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/GrahamPhillipsUK (Graham Phillips less personal more professional reporting from the Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexanderMercourisReal (Alexander Mercouris; Discusses the geopolitical issues of policies and their effects) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHqqf2BwNM4Oih-a_ikbWww (French Zoomer Historian/Comedian covering the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0EnYUt8dJUYcDgHUFG8vYA (Covers Economic matters in regard to Ukraine, updates on the frontlines, shorts, and other things; mild Russian bias) https://www.youtube.com/user/Itapirkanmaa2/videos (Z) https://www.youtube.com/c/DjukiSan/videos (Z2) https://www.youtube.com/c/RoadHomeMotorcycleVlogs (Ukrainian propaganda channel) Sister threads: /pol/: Currently fucked. Will post a new link when they get a new permanent location or anon can provide a link to a good alternative sister thread. /leftypol/: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/818936.html
Edited last time by Reuenthal on 06/29/2022 (Wed) 03:04:48.
Open file (2.50 MB 400x480 cirno_sip.gif)
Couldn't Russia capture Sweden bloodlessly by dressing up Chechen operatives as poor starving moderate migrants, then have them depose the Swedish government with help from fellow muslims and create a pro-Russian caliphate? Suddenly bombing the refugees you spent so much time and money to traffic across the mediterranean and Roachland for peaceful integration into a modern cosmopolitan anti-racist Europe free of discrimination would be an even tougher sell for natto than militarily invading/defending from some evil Christian Orthodox backwater opposing the sacred American Empire.
Open file (2.04 MB 1280x826 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (649.73 KB 1152x914 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (145.94 KB 657x892 ClipboardImage.png)
>>36673 >This would have every chance of starting WW3. You say this, but so far Russia should have started WWIII by NATO doctrine several times over and yet everyone except Poland has had cold feet. At this point it seems like it's NATO that's shaking in their boots at the prospect of Russia doing anything, and that's as someone who wants this war to end with Ukraine becoming landlocked and Russia ceasing all further actions against everyone in Europe.
>>36677 Chechens are Caucasian so it would never work. They only let Arab/African Muslims into Sweden, not Asian/Caucasian ones.
Interception of negotiations: Massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine on June 25, 2022 [ENG SUBS ] switch on subtitles/captions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKCoN2hlS6w&t=7s
>>36687 This is from that chink-in-the-armor attack on Kiev recently? I thought those were surface-to-surface missiles, not aircraft. That makes the situation more dire since I was under the impression that the aircraft strikes are easier to trace than surface-to-surface missiles.
Belarusian man is claiming that the situation in Lysychansk is worse than previously thought for the Ukrainians, and that LNR forces already have 1/3rd of the city under their control. DPA didn't do an update today so chances are he's waiting for more information to come out. Take with a pinch of MSG, as Singaporean-man would say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_wlUqbuqk
Open file (516.74 KB 1280x720 happeningu.webm)
Oh right, it's possible that he's right. After all the entire argument between Zelensky and Zaluzhnyi was over whether to keep Lysychansk and Hirske as outposts to fall like Mariupol (Zelensky's decision) or whether to retreat to the Bakhmut line in order to reduce pressure on Ukrainian soldiers by creating a bottleneck (Zaluzhnyi). They were following Zelensky's plans despite Zaluzhnyi's protests, but the surrender of Hirske against direct orders not to had the Ukrainian oligarchs in a massive shit fit for various reasons (some more dark than others) and effectively forced them to half-assedly adopt Zaluzhnyi's line of defense.
>>36683 >At this point it seems like it's NATO that's shaking in their boots at the prospect of Russia doing anything At this point I don't see how anyone could have a different opinion about it since most of Europe have been basically removing all the funding they can from their militaries and the US has spent the last two years pissing off anybody who would actually want to go and fight a war and replacing anyone competent with niggers and trannies. Russia can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want and all the west can do is shoot themselves in the fucking chest and whine that Russia is being mean for not falling over and dying when they asked them to.
Open file (923.90 KB 1920x1080 teenage2turtles411.jpg)
>>36691 I had impatience with Russia's agonizingly slow approach to war. But now I have impatience with West Ukraine not yet boiling into an open civil war on Poland's doorstep.
Added some new Jewtube channels to the list from a range of viewpoints so that Strelok has the most resources available at his fingertips.
Open file (376.81 KB 2560x1707 fuck around.png)
>>36673 >This would have every chance of starting WW3. It'd essentially spit in the face of NATO. The danger is that it's impossible to know when Russia is just going to McFucking have enough of the motherfucking NATO members on it's motherfucking border and just decide that fortune favors the bold. After all, it's impossible to nuke Russia without also irradiating all of Europe and in the event of a conventional war Europe would be the battle field. Neither of those things would really work out good for Europe and would most likely cause European NATO members that aren't perfidious retarded anglos to reassess the whole situation. Also the Lithuania-Baltic situation might cause enough of an escalation to make a NATO v Russian war happen anyway. It is not a terribly wise idea to back a nuclear armed power into a corner, especially one that in the long run seems to have less to lose than you do from launching the ICBMs than to not.
>>36696 Don't forget one that is largely ideologically driven and which has been ideologically attacked since passing a "don't talk about gay sex in front of children" bill in 2012.
>>36658 Honestly? It changes nothing and is just acceptance of realityy. What, you think current year finland would stay neutral in any kind of scenario where nato fights russia? And Sweden is irrelevent militarilly. The only thing this changes is most likely sweden and finland losing native arms industry in favor of burgerlands, in long term.
Man I wish I could get my hands on some of those ukrainian gib weapons they handed out to civillians earlier on. Would make the whole conflict worth it in my eyes.
>>36308 >>Confirmed that 50 Ukrainian command staff (including the guy running the official Ukrainian MOD twitter page- not their propaganda sidearm) killed in Russian missile strike What, no more “which shrooms you are on?” grade tweets? Aww. That stream of cheerful delusions was one of the few hilarious parts in this mess. >>36491 According to the last Internet poll, 100% Russians use Internet.
Apparently Youtube shills for someone or another are going around defaming DPA as a "pro-Russian" channel because he tells funny jokes and won't use Ukrainian MoD reports unless they are backed up with video evidence. Even the Military Summary folks were having a good chuckle about it today. >>36700 The ultra-propaganda channel still seems to be up and posting. It's just the primary "serious" channel that is no longer posting, or at least wasn't for a while (haven't checked).
Anybody got any further information about allegedly caputed two Cesars by the Russians? Uralvagonzavod made a shitpost and thanked French for the donation of two pieces, but haven't seen any pictures of SPG for confirmation.
>>36702 Correction. It's not a Cesars on the video, it's Pion. But my question still stands regarding the allegedly captured Cesars
>>36698 >And Sweden is irrelevent militarilly. Didn't they have the 4th largest airforce in Europe after Russia, Britain and France?
>>36704 Like he said, irrelevant.
Its a good thing that pro war journos told us that Russia would run out of missiles. They forgot Belarus had a huge stockpile of missiles that is being used now that Russia doesnot have any left. https://youtu.be/RdlWG_pfsHo
Open file (550.28 KB 480x360 Finland.webm)
>>36671 yes, but the idea of the red army being a hugely superior force to everyone else on earth was completely shitter shattered in the process. red army was embarrased, stalin was embarrased, rest of the world were laughing their asses off, and it made dolphy think Barbarossa might actually work. there was one contingent the finns destroyed that were armed with drums and brass instruments, they legitimately believed victory was imminent and were marching towards the capital for the victory parade.
>>36707 Interesting that it happened at the same time the Red Army royally buttfucked the Japanese in the east, enough to make them abandon the Siberia invasion plans.
Open file (123.77 KB 852x1200 yukari_question.jpg)
>>36708 You mean how Edo sickness (beriberi) buttfucked the Japanese after they had already buttfucked the Russians?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Jha1seSQbYc DPA seems to somewhat agree with the human waves tactic speculation, and that Ukraine is launching wave tactics on Snek Island with intent to demoralize/fatigue Russian troops and use up their air defenses in preparation for an amphibian assault. If true it's likely Ukraine will take Snake Island some time in the next month. Whether they can hold it or not is an entirely different story.
Open file (443.07 KB 1393x971 Moscow_trenches.jpg)
Does either side use trench digging machines, or at least civilian bulldozers and whatnot to help with earthworks?
Open file (53.66 KB 600x460 t1.jpg)
Open file (11.88 KB 500x375 t2.jpg)
Open file (255.19 KB 1023x676 t4.jpg)
Open file (151.67 KB 941x619 t3.jpg)
>>36717 tanks come with dozer blades. There are "recovery vehicles" that help dig trenches. Ukraine developed a PZM-3 armored trencher machine (the blue one in the pictures). USSR had a few machines they used already. Havent seen any pictures of these from DNR/LNR.
Open file (2.76 MB 1280x875 ClipboardImage.png)
>"By nine o'clock in the evening, the allied forces managed to establish control over the Lisichansk oil refinery. There are four kilometers left: to take Zolotorevka with the long-suffering Belogorovka and finally close the "cauldron".
>>36719 So, how much POW are we talking about this time?
>>36711 It’s hard to believe. Because I thought the point in human wave tactics is overwhelming the enemy with low grade, utterly disposable assets. I didn’t know fighter jets, their pilots, and assault UAV’s are now cheap enough to be disposable? But judging by Hohol reactions to the latest attack, which claims to have destroyed an air defense system, Ukraine wants Snake Island for the easy PR points for justifying more foreign aid, and that’s it. Its long term positional value in a naval blockade is outside of Ukraine’s thinking, I feel.
>>36720 I don't remember any POWs being taken on the Zolote-Girske cauldron, so perhaps Urinians are also going to avoid this encirclement?
>>36722 They took some prisoner, around 50ish by some accounts, they claimed to have killed off a lot more as they tried to evacuate. There are videos of UAF convoys getting hi by artillery, not sure if it's from the said pocket. We'll know soon I guess
>>36719 gg no re see you at bakhmut.
Russians allegedly swapped out Azov PoWs for pilots suggesting they value their pilots more than killing Azov. Not sure how the LNR/DNR feel about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNEuuPahxmc
Open file (536.46 KB 894x763 1567902077242.png)
>>36658 The United States agreed to a deal to sell F-16s to Turkey at a heavy discount two hours after Turkey signed a memorandum with Sweden and Finland.
>>36726 Not just LNR/DNR, a lot of Russians are mad about that too. Allegedly the Azovites that were exchanged are in no fighting condition though, with many missing limbs and the like.
>>36726 Some days before this new possible exchange, Chechens apparently also exchanged a notorious lesbian Azov medic for one high ranking Chechen officer. Not sure how I feel about that. It sends mixed signals. The Chechens won't say who they exactly got in the exchange either. And that is more strange to me than the exchange happening at all. Because I would think that playing up how the Chechens got the better trade is a good way to smooth tensions among the public.
>>36728 Well, maybe their justification is that they don't expect to see them on the battlefield and can always recapture them as civilians or something. It makes practical sense but I can imagine how it wouldn't feel right letting them walk away. >>36729 >lesbian Azov medic >lesbian >Azov I'm still trying to piece this one together unless she's super butch and clit-rapes women, but I expect an "Lesbian ravished by Chechen soldiers" editorial before the end of Summer.
Open file (2.31 MB 1340x845 am i kawaii uguu.png)
>>36730 >unless she's super butch Here is the real life Azov-chan. You have been warned.
Open file (2.03 MB 500x369 to_be_alive.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xWpRra7YQ4 Military summary highlights: >Finland joining NATO would make cutting off Kaliningrad much easier explaining the main non-nuclear reason for adding them >Syrian Government officially recognizes the LNR/DNR as sovereign nations right as talks began to induct them into the Russian Federation officially >A referendum in Donetsk could spark an excuse for Russia to officially go to war with Ukraine since the Ukrainians wouldn't be able to resist shelling the civilian centers during/post-referendum >Explained a bit why he thinks Russia will invade Kharkiv first and not Odessa >Avdeevka seems to be the only place the Ukrainians are having any success in right now >Ukrainians are successfully evacuating Lysychansk much to Russian chagrin (estimates are about 90% of Ukrainian soldiers retreated successfully, whatever that means) >Russia pushing towards the landfill again >Walked back his claim that Russia owned 30% of Lysychansk >But insisted that Southern Lysychansk cannot retreat >DPA is saying Pryvilia is devoid of Ukrainian troops while Military Summary is saying there are heavy clashes there but that the town is reduced to ruins so it doesn't matter >There are allegedly about 8,000 Ukrainian soldiers still around Lysychansk and its outskirts so he estimates another week of fighting there Comments section also mentioned something about part of the peace agreement after WWII was that Finland remains a neutral country, so joining NATO can be interpreted as violating that contract and could theoretically be interpreted as an act of War by the Russians (if they want to). In other news... >DPA now supports streaming infrastructure that cannot be censored by Big Tech >Hasas stated he will post videos there that he can't post to Youtube or that get banned from youtube https://rumble.com/c/DefensePoliticsAsia >Lithuania is vetoing any attempts by the EU to lift sanctions on Kaliningrad >Using the excuse that once goods reach port in Kaliningrad, Russians will just change the goods from a domestic location to an international location and ship them >Is insisting that any special exceptions must not rely on Lithuania to inspect or otherwise ensure sanctions are being followed >Not to ensure neutrality or prevent bad actors, but because Lithuania doesn't want to deal with anything Russian-related >G7 is trying to scheme to cap oil prices in order to defund Russia >If they do this Russian oil production is threatening that it would fall from 10 million barrels per day to 2 million barrels per day >Even the progressives are coming out screaming because this will raise oil to more than $200/barrel >For perspective oil was $107/barrel back in March and is finally stabilizing at $120/barrel >Some official numbers suggest Russians have 15k-20k Ukrainian PoWs while Ukraine has about 600 to 2k Russian PoWs right now >>36733 Honestly if she grew out her hair/stopped bleaching it and got rid of the earrings she doesn't look that terrible. The tats are a dealbreaker though.
has anyone been archiving these threads?
>>36736 >>36736 I only do a lazy archive if there's not one being made and I'm getting ready to delete them so that anon doesn't yell at me for cleaning house. I don't believe in archiving imageboards so that is my compromise.
>>36735 >Comments section also mentioned something about part of the peace agreement after WWII was that Finland remains a neutral country, so joining NATO can be interpreted as violating that contract and could theoretically be interpreted as an act of War by the Russians (if they want to). The 29 June video on the Alexander Mercouris YouTube channel says about the same thing. We're reaching levels of "Fuck around and find out." I didn't think are possible.
>>36738 I've been listening to that one a bit and will likely continue it at work tomorrow. I'm ten minutes in and it's not bad. https://youtube.com/watch?v=TSPvz4LuoSw >"What the Russians are essentially demanding is capitulation" He's not wrong. Russia tried to negotiate, France tried to negotiate, Israel tried to negotiate, Turkey tried to negotiate... When four of the biggest warmongering countries on earth (America, the UK, and China aside) try to negotiate a peace deal and the response is drinking the koolaid that was meant for the civilians and cannon fodder, committing war crimes against civilians & PoWs, and acting stoic/machismo in the face of an avoidable war, it's not hard to see why Russia would demand Ukraine's complete humiliation at this point regardless of whether they are right or wrong for invading.
>>36726 >>36728 Could it be that Russians/Chechens are playing with a hand tied behind their back due to PR and thus every man they can rescue counts? ProVatniks made a huge stint about the fact that it's not a full on mobilization. >>36735 >DPA now supports streaming infrastructure that cannot be censored by Big Tech A new place to host imageboardss soon?
>>36664 You see, fighting to not be herded into collective farms (or "tent settlements for the forest clearers") involved a very different sort of people than fighting for colour revolutions and puppet kleptocracies (as well as "gay is okay", frown of a Brezhnev's clone, or whatever fuck they can advertise now) might conceivably attract. Hence different results from the early stages on, even against an adversary who doesn’t seem all that driven. >>36668 Theoretically possible, but likely unnecessary. The end game is: 1. It's established that Uncle Sam will not come to defend his puppets (which by now is well past reasonable doubt). 2. The whole network of protectorates starts collapsing. To the internal opposition. The external attacks are likely to be counterproductive. 3. NATO does not matter any more, as due to (1) and (2) it becomes obsolete. 4. Inside USA they already talk about sedition openly, so on what exactly assets Vatican-at-Harvard can rely even by now? 5. Curtains. Exit left, pursued by bees, etc.
There are reports of Russians abandoning Snake Island again
>>36745 Its like we are in some soet of timeloop, all over an island with no strategic value.

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