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Open file (636.93 KB 865x601 ClipboardImage.png)
Remington Bankrupt Again; To Be Sold to Red Indians Strelok 06/28/2020 (Sun) 17:09:10 No.3446
Gun Maker Remington Preps for Bankruptcy, Seeks Sale to Navajo Nation The second chapter 11 filing for Remington could come within days >Firearms manufacturer Remington Arms Co. is preparing to file for chapter 11 protection for the second time since 2018 and is in advanced talks for a potential bankruptcy sale to the Navajo Nation, people familiar with the matter said. >The bankruptcy filing could come within days as the gun maker makes preparations for the Navajo Nation to serve as the lead bidder to purchase Remington’s assets out of chapter 11, these people said. Founded in 1816, Remington’s namesake weapons are mainstays in hunting, shooting sports, law enforcement and the military. >The Navajo Nation—a territory with roughly 175,000 people across parts of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico—could finalize a bid for Remington as soon as Friday, one of the people said. Any bid for the company would be subject to competing offers and require bankruptcy-court approval. >The timetable could be pushed back, and an offer from the Navajo Nation isn’t guaranteed to materialize, people familiar with the matter said. >Despite cutting some $775 million in debt through the 2018 bankruptcy, Remington has continued to face high interest costs and operational issues, according to people familiar with the matter, and expensive litigation surrounding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. http://archive.is/k2Gc9
You know your firearm corporation is total shit when you manage to go bankrupt while there has been incessant record breaking panic buying for several months on end.
I wonder how this'll affect the Injuns, if any, beyond giving them more money to drown themselves in booze.
>>3466 >Navajo Wars 2: Electric Boogaloo
>>3466 Who knows but it could be a decent move for Remington. Much harder to get sued when you can just fall back on the race card.
>>3469 Does it potentially exempt them from federal oversight or regulation?
>>3446 Freedom group bankrupt again, jesus fuck.
>>3459 Well if the stupid niggers could just make some affordable firearms that didn't fucking fire without you pulling the trigger they might actually have people buy shit from them.
>>3485 I was trying to come up with something clever to say, but it really is just a completely retarded situation to the point that sarcasm and jokes don't do it justice. You can't even really claim it's kikes taking a step towards shutting down the firearm industry by subverting the quality of a company because they could just shut it down completely and move on to the next one instead of selling it to featherniggers if that was the case.
>>3446 Will the Navajo be making Remingtons with ornate tribal stocks now?
>>3497 That would be kind of coll actually. Imagine if they decided to outperform the pastaniggers in terms of Old West firearms.
>>3513 CAS matches with people larping as injuns. God damn that is a future I'd like to see.
Open file (1.72 MB 3024x4032 cem7ty2xll051.jpg)
>>3513 A 1858 in uber steel so I can shoot 60 grain loads would be kick ass.
>>3546 >A new Remington 1858 actually made by Remington I want that just for the novelty factor
>>3494 Honestly it just feels like they think they are too big of a brand to fail that they don't think their shitty overpriced firearms could ever not sell. Kind of like how disney felt about the star wars licence they think that no matter what hot garbage they shit out people will still buy it because it says Remington on it.
Open file (95.05 KB 1200x1126 RUCK.jpg)
>Clues of a race war looming closer >Injuns buy a gunsmith company with all its factory machinery >Instead of another casino or liquor store
>>3575 >Injuns proceed to move factories to reservations >hire only feathers >don't know shit since they only know blackjack, spotting cheaters, or how many empty bottles of jack are scattered in their trailer home >try to find the 5 injuns in the world that actually took trade classes >could be just plumbing or carpentry but those guys atleast know how to turn a wrench >workers get first paycheck >spend on booze and wake up the next few weeks hung over and staying home >the 5 foremans decide to hire the other kind of indians >pajeets flood reservations (both by physical existence and the tsunami of shit) >break room smells like ass >foremans grab 870s fresh off the line to remove curry >blows up >the race war starts as curry and feather battle over the whisky bottle wastelands using only remingshit products >freedom group stuff is treasured as precious relics from an age past when the pale faced ancients controlled the tools and produced guns that worked 90% of the time 3/10ths of the time and only on days that start with a letter Z
>>3576 >the 5 injun foremans decide to hire the other kind of indians, dotniggers That is as believable as an indian being straight edge after winning the local lotto for 500 dollars. If we go by what other injuns have done in similar situations i don't find crazy that they could hire deranged or outcast german researchers who don't mind drunken people sneaking in the chimney at night looking for a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Hell one time one of these guys, Borlaug, ended up doubling or tripling harvest season produce by being let free in a giant valley with injun protection and money.
>>3578 so we should ally with them to form a /k/olony?
>>3580 >we
>>3580 Just do what their elders would do: Climb a high spot and watch the show, then proceed based on the outcome. I doubt if something happens they would target white first (other than liquor store clerks) it's much more plausible them killing negroes, pajeets and chicanos around their rez areas first than whites unless the civnat rural american preppers start sniping them to protect le based godly blacks.
>>3581 :^) >>3582 Why hasn't some enterprising brewer started a distillery in Indian country and become king of the reds?
>>3585 Most have laws against having liquor sales on the res, so enterprising folk like us open a shop in bumfuck nowhere ten minutes from the resline.
>>3470 Don't know enough about the legal situation. Might depend on if they're based on a reservation.
Not that it matters since every company under Freedom Group/ROC dropped in quality.

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