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what's a war board without a conflict?

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Russia Vs Ukraine 14 - Victory Day Edition Strelok 05/07/2022 (Sat) 23:19:16 ID: 59a090 No.33939
Another war, another thread... >Ukrainians have mostly taken back the area near Kharkiv >There's a river keeping them from Vovchansk which they need to cut off to stop the forces at Izium >Izium seems to have been a distraction in order to take Lysychansk >Russians moved through the forest in on Bilohorivka in order to take the landfill >Landfill is noticeably taller than everything else and gives them free artillery range over the Luhansk front, potentially closing that theater >Rail Wars continue as Ukraine experiences a fuel shortage slowing down their advances >Russians shelling the shit out of Mykolaiv and Odessa >Ukrainians launched a major assault on snake island but it failed and they lost a fuck ton of equipment >Russians keep getting their supply lines cut preventing advances on Apostolove to cut off Ukrainian supply lines >Popasna might be over soon with a Russian victory >Azovstal being raided by Chechens after they found an engineer who voluntarily gave them building bunker plans to stab Azov in the back >Both sides taking risky moves in preparation for V-day Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news Maps: https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnc496-PPmFZVKlYxUnToA (Belarusian take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg (Singaporean take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2QApi8G2TKc8NZmeDWSUg (Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) Sister threads: /pol/: https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/55331.html /leftypol/: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/818936.html
>>34638 Anyone have the meme where he's faced off against the 4 stronk, independynts of Yurope? One of whom is now the token president of the EU lol
Open file (7.05 MB 1280x688 IMG_5413.MP4)
Open file (738.54 KB 464x848 IMG_5414.MP4)
Open file (19.22 MB 1280x720 IMG_5405.MP4)
Open file (8.41 MB 848x832 IMG_5386.MP4)
1-2 kharviv administration building 3) more surrendering at azovstal 1387 marines and 177 civvies laid down their arms there 4) Severodonetsk 5) Malin, Zhytomyr region
>>34639 This one?
>>34640 Rybar report >The footage shows a convoy of Russian military equipment caught on fire in the center of Kamyshevakhi. About 7 units of military equipment were hit: you can see from the smoke that this is a rear column with ammunition. >Apparently, the convoy was heading to the Kamyshevakhi railway station for the transport of ammunition, and it was covered halfway. At night, several Bayraktar TB2 UAV crews were transferred to this section of the front: most likely, the Turkish “birds” provided reconnaissance and target designation, directing artillery strikes. Flying watermelon strikes again!
>Russia announces mass delivery of strategic drones to Russian forces. Shoigu says this is in order to make targeting easier and for units to not have to rely on Russian Air Force to target the Ukranians with precision strikes. Every unit will now be able to do this themselves Not reliable source, but there has been talks regarding drone delivery to frontline units.
>>34651 Do they even have them? Can they even procure them?
AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough PT 1! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSKqqw511do Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGaRPNdNSoU I have it saved on my computer but the file is too large to post.
>>34654 Russians developed the precursor drone Erdogan's brother's drones are based on. They had just previously determined them to not be worth the costs associated with fielding them. They've probably determined that missiles are being rapidly diminished and this is the solution.
>>34636 It is Finland turning off the gas. The order for rubles went out to them too.
Open file (345.79 KB 3541x2508 95674051_p1.jpg)
Open file (435.87 KB 828x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Odessa Port
>>34654 The main problem is getting chips and optics for them. China and Malaysia can amend that. They're more than capable of designing UAV and providing them with powerplant and avionics. Russia has some fabless processor designs and I think they even manufacture some on their own, but quantity is probably limited as of this moment. I don't know if they have plans to kickstart their own chips and semiconductor manufacturing, startup for the is pretty pricey. But I digress. Check out Okhotnik Drone. Also, I think they meant commercial drones in the article. They also mentioned 'strategic drones', but they didn't specify what that entails, probably something like said Okhotnik.
Open file (2.66 MB 848x496 Volyna.MP4)
One of the tree top Azov officers was confirmed to have surrenderd. All three were said to have layed down their arms and were 'evacuated' to the Russian detention center. Only Volyna visually confirmed. Still waiting for Kalina and the other guy.
>>34663 Full MoD statement on Azovstal >The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where since April 21 this year. A group of Ukrainian militants of the Nazi formation "Azov" was blocked, completely released. >The underground facilities of the enterprise, where the militants were hiding, came under the full control of the Russian armed forces. In total, since May 16, during the operation, 2,439 Azov Nazis and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were blocked on the territory of the plant, laid down their arms and surrendered. >Today, May 20, the last group of 531 militants surrendered. >The so-called "commander" of the Nazis "Azov" because of the hatred of the Mariupol residents and the desire of the townspeople to punish him for numerous atrocities, was taken out of the territory of the plant in a special armored car. >On the completion of the operation and the complete liberation of the plant and the city of Mariupol from Ukrainian militants, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army S. Shoigu, reported to President of Russia V.V. Putin.
>>34664 I wonder what impact on morale would their surrender have. It was only a matter of time before they inevitably surrendered, so it should come as no surprise to anyone except sub 20iq twittertards. They even tried to spin the whole surrender thing, it was hilarious.
>>34665 >"A lot of pilots died trying to break through to Azovstal "Zelensky >The President of Ukraine acknowledged that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered significant losses among the flight crew, but could not organize an air corridor with the Azovstal plant in Mariupol I don't understand why Zelensky or any of his generals around him whom thought this was a good plan to travel 100 miles from the frontline deep into enemy territory let alone transport thousands of people out of the Azovstal.
Neat. So that's several thousand Russians freed up for other tasks, right? Looks like Russia is going for complete demoralization between Mariupol and Lysychansk.
>>34666 I don't know Satan, maybe they were sent to evacuate more 'sensitive' personnel? There was some rumors about high ranking wester officers trapped in Azovstal, not to mention a ton of foreign mercenaries, but who knows. Maybe it was a drive for propaganda victory, maybe it was a simple fallacy.
>>34667 For a month or so there were only like 1 000 russians besieging it + bombers farming flight hours. I have no idea where they did get redeployed. Iirc they were just sitting there as reserves. >>34668 Probably just rumors.
>It is reported that tomorrow sappers and assault groups will start entering the territory of Azovstal to comb the territory. Then you can wait for special services, investigators and forensic experts. > In addition, as previously known, more than 200 corpses are stored in a frozen state on the territory of Azovstal. They will also have to be pulled out and stored / buried somewhere (after identification).
>>34674 They haven't joined yet. Turkey still needs to approve it.
>>34676 their government put in the application, that's the only criteria needed for "our country wants to join". i beat that anon and i have been waiting to post that for months now and nobody can take that from me.
>>34657 So are they just going to buy Russian oil from Germany like everyone else is planning to do making this whole farce completely pointless?
>>34668 tl;dr there may be 'sensitive' personnel in the sense that they may have relations/intel on international extreme-right movements backed by the USA. All unconfirmed, and we'll probably never know for sure. But it wouldn't surprise me if the 'VIP's are something "boring" in comparison to NATO generals. >Intel Slava Z >Forwarded from UKR LEAKS eng ​​>NAZISM FOR EXPORT >HOW THE US SUPPLIES NEO-NAZIS TO UKRAINE >Washington has been nurturing Nazi movements in Ukraine for many years, arming them, and also regularly supplying National Socialists to create a "new reich" in the center of Europe. For example, organizations such as the American Front and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), also known as the Nazi Party of America, have been operating in the United States for decades. >At first glance, we can call NSM a marginal grouping. However, the party has its own channel in Telegram. And that's where the fun begins. The channel itself is not of particular interest, but it has a private chat in which radicals from all over the world, including from Ukraine, actively correspond. >One of the key figures of the chat and the "Nazi landing of the USA" in Ukraine is a user named "Bone face". A US citizen, hereditary neo-fascist Kent McLellan, is hiding behind him, and he is now in Mariupol as part of Azov. >However, his journey began much earlier. In 2013, he was the leader of the mercenary group The Misanthropic Division, and in 2014 a member of the "Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of the Right Sector". He was directly involved in military actions and engaged in recruiting volunteers in the United States and other countries. >The main thesis that McLellan constantly repeats in all his correspondence is that Azov is not fighting for Zelensky, nor for NATO, nor for the EU. According to him, "Azov" is not so much a regiment as the idea of a neo-nazi "revival". >This character can become an important source of information and living evidence of the export of American nationalism to Ukraine.
screenshot it because it wouldn't let me archive it.
>>34682 >tfw Ghost of Kyiv was ghosted >again
>>34666 >I don't understand why Zelensky or any of his generals around him whom thought this was a good plan to travel 100 miles from the frontline deep into enemy territory let alone transport thousands of people out of the Azovstal. Well Satan, maybe they thought they could pull off another Operation Entebbe and win kudos and reinstated gibbs from the West by such 'heroism'? Too bad they forgot the Russian defenders were a) on high-alert, and b) weren't actual niggers. F for the poor sotts killed by such incompetent leadership.
>>34680 No doubt the glowniggers try to ruse Whites with various gayops attempting to infiltrate them, but the idea that such an overtly Commie government today would """actually""" try to promote NatSoc ideals or groups? Laughable.
>>34680 >>HOW THE US SUPPLIES NEO-NAZIS TO UKRAINE That's funny when you learn where Charles Bausman gets his money from.
Open file (9.85 MB 600x602 Evacuated.gif)
Open file (5.23 MB 848x464 sd.mp4)
Open file (11.12 MB 1280x704 IMG_4367.MP4)
ussr flag was raised over Azovstal Works on demining "Azovstal" have begun.
>Russia sent the first batch of new equipment to the capital of the Luhansk People's Republic to modernize the gas supply system, -t LPR's telegram channel construction teams are being sent to DPR/LPR
>The railway communication of the Donbass republics with the Russian Crimea through the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will be resumed as soon as possible - speaker of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov >“This route was invented not by us, but by our fathers and grandfathers, it is shorter than going, for example, through Krasnodar here. It is already obvious today that the entire economy of southern Russia will develop according to this format. We will use this railway to transport goods, to transport people,” Konstantinov concluded. >For Crimea, this will be another additional source of cargo transportation, the politician added.
Funker is basically Youtube with more faggy author opinions. They censor everything and have a clear bias in what they upload because everything is uploaded by moderators only. So where can one watch uncensored, unbiased videos of the war? I'd like something like a total free for all website where anyone can upload stuff and is minimally moderated. Does a place like that exist?
>>34704 >Does a place like that exist? It's the answer you seek but not the one you want to hear since you still have to wade through shit: https://rumble.com/ Otherwise Telegram seems to allow gore no problem if that is what you are really asking for.
>>34695 Out of all the intelligence we're missing from Ukraine's information blockade, the part I am most interested in is how Zelensky giving guns and grenades to every rando who wants one is affecting the crime rates in the "safe" areas of Ukraine.
There are claims of another failed river crossing, coming from ukrainian sources.
Open file (114.03 KB 479x680 1430857164041.jpg)
> Moody's on Friday downgraded Ukraine's foreign currency sovereign credit rating to "Caa3" from "Caa2", with a negative outlook, citing increased risks to the government's "debt sustainability" following Russia's invasion. >"While Ukraine is benefiting from large commitments of international financial support, helping to mitigate immediate liquidity risks, the resulting significant rise in government debt is likely to prove unsustainable over the medium term," the ratings agency said. >The agency, which earlier kept the country's outlook under review, revised it due to uncertainty around the evolution of the war and credit implications associated with it. >The Group of Seven's financial leaders agreed on $9.5 billion in new aid to Ukraine on Friday and promised enough money to keep the country's devastated economy afloat as long as it fights against Russia's invasion. >Moody's said it expects the military conflict in Ukraine to be more prolonged than initially assumed and forecasts the country's real gross domestic product (GDP) to shrink by about 35% in 2022. >The agency expects the Ukrainian economy to start a recovery from 2023, but expects Russia's invasion to cause a permanent damage to the country's GDP. https://archive.ph/W9wkH https://money.usnews.com/investing/news/articles/2022-05-20/moodys-downgrades-ukraine-to-caa3-on-debt-uncertainty tldr Ukraine debt has junk level credit.
>>34707 >Sort by most recent >"Ukraine" >almost every new video shows Ukrainians getting obliterated Either Rumble is Russia-owned, or Funker and Youtube war channels are completely biased faggotroids and the masses eat it up. I'm guessing it's the second one.
Open file (103.81 KB 735x660 Pay Debt.jpg)
>>34713 i don't think foreign debt is very high on their "shit we need to worry about" list right now
>>34708 I remember at the start of the war liveuamap showed Ukraine capturing various 'sabotuers' hundreds of km's from the frontlines. I haven't seen anything since march so I wonder if it really stopped or if it's still happening and they just stopped reporting on it to prevent people digging into what was going on.
>>34716 Most of those were from uncoordinated attacks that went too deep into Ukraine in several cases. Now that front lines are reestablished and this is following a "conventional" war with fronts and such, those are going to be less likely. liveua and cen4 have both stopped reporting nearly as much making the DPA map the best/most up to date and closest to true in my experience following this since early on.
The only thing worse than reading mainstream news about this war is to read the comments under those news. According to one genius this war proves that Russian tech is 50-75 years behind natto, and Shina and India must be nervous because their tech is based on what the Russkies have.
>>34720 I stopped reading comment sections earlier this month, including for pro-Russian videos. I was reading them in hopes of stumbling upon interesting semi-related information. But it's not worth sifting through the endless trash.
>>34717 Liveua is pretty much worthless now. Its behind by days, has terrible pro-western bend and does retarded shit like changing how they count captured territory or showing territories >liberated by ukrops to make fun of russians. >>34720 I have been reading 4/k/ just to experience the meltdown when russia wins.
Open file (308.74 KB 721x334 1641027050164.png)
>>34722 >to experience the meltdown when russia wins. This is basically my main stake in this war. Just imagine the banter if when Russia wins.

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