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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (299.56 KB 2048x1310 Springfield's Bar.jpg)
/k/anteen Attempt VII Strelok 04/14/2022 (Thu) 23:11:31 No.32080
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. The last one has been bumplocked for a while now so I opted to make one myself: >>19848
>>35732 >Wouldnt it be fired just like pistol then though? No, it's too big for that. >And if barrel length matters so much why not use for pistols in the first place a round designed to have maximum performance from the barrel lenghts used normally in pistols? More powder means more burning gases means more pressure, and that makes the boolit go faster, even if this still high pressure has just escapes the barrel and dissipates. If you then use a longer barrel, then the gas has more time to push the boolit, even as its pressure goes down, and so you get a faster boolit. In other words, using more powder with the same barrel length leads to higher performance, and so does using a longer barrel with the same powder charge. Pistols are simply inherently limited by the fact and they have to be compact enough to be used with one hand, and so your only realistic option is to use more powder, because the barrel can be only so long. But then you can still get something with a longer barrel and fire the same cartridge for higher performance.
>>35711 Lel, you sound like I felt after Corona-chan pulled me back to the surface after over half a decade of running silent and deep. tl;dr is everything's fucked and "dead internet" is real jews btw
Open file (97.14 KB 407x419 distressed_kagamini.jpg)
>>35733 >normalfag friends went on a moralfag crusade >i would say enjoy it while you can I honest to God wonder sometimes if this ultimately ends with us shitposting on packet radio ad hoc mesh nets innawasteland, just to get the fuck away from the normalfaggot scourge until it finally dies out. I mean that's no shit why I'm pursuing amateur radio. also, full disclosure, I'm not actually one of you guys, I'm from 4k/OpChan
Open file (286.97 KB 1200x1200 Granny Patchie.jpg)
>>35741 >Spoiler I'm not particularly tribal about where anons come from so long as they aren't acting like cancer, so welcome nonetheless to this little pocket of chaos/refuge.
>>35482 >>35485 >>35499 I have a feeling no one will ever see those extra spicy AP rounds, even in theater. Going for the velocity that turns steel to butter with your service rifle and ball ammo doesn't sound like good Idea. I have a better idea, just chambered a 20 inch, 1:7.5 twist barrel AR-10 in .260 Rem. Top the round with a projectile of similar shape to 6.5mm ELD-X bullet but it's light weight for it's length because it's copper with a tungsten penetrator in the ass end. It should tumble in soft tissue but still punch through a reasonable amount of cover. A receiver mounted, free float, M-Lok fore-end, including a bayonet mount would be nice too.
Open file (70.35 KB 545x1201 Panicked Frog.jpg)
>During Napoleon's reign, 1 in 4 Europeans were of French descent >Afterwards 1 in 5 were still of French descent up until WWI >The only countries with more people living inside of them than France during the 1700s were China, India, and Japan >France STILL hasn't recovered their WWI population sizes (relative to the rest of Europe) to this day >France is basically the case-study for the global phenomena of urban shift in conjunction with depopulation You know I thought Frog history would be kinda boring but this is quite fascinating to discover. I always thought of France as that one country with a big military who is completely irrelevant outside of cooking, cosmetics, their navy, and wine ever since Napoleon got his shit kicked in by the Russians.
>>35789 Wait, I recall that France still held a lot more ethnic French on their borders even after WWI, at the very least up until WWII.
Open file (115.39 KB 756x1024 saber1.jpg)
>>35742 Based BO is based. I'll try not to shit the place up. >>35774 >light weight for it's length because it's copper with a tungsten penetrator in the ass end I might be a fucking brainlet, but this sounds like it might compromise accuracy somewhat at longer ranges. Or would the spin-stabilization keep that in check?
>>35825 There is definitely a point where the velocity and spin and center of gravity all break down and the projectile tumbles in air but there is a large gap where it is stable in air but tumbles in meat. My general concept is to copy the high BC shape of a 140+ gr 6.5mm target bullet, that is stable at 7.5 twist, with lighter materials to increase velocity and a hardened bit for penetration. If things balance out you could have a projectile that fragments from tumbling around when it stops fragmenting from velocity along with the ability to penetrate at range because of the hardened core material and retained velocity from the sleek shape. It might not actually be possible but the best compromise is probably still better than .270win++P, at least from a long term logistics perspective. I have the Sierra Infinity program that I never installed but aside from that I can't really develop the idea any further.
Open file (82.46 KB 845x922 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35774 >>35825 >>35852 You could always calculate it. https://shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php Obviously the nitty gritty stuff like weight distribution would require a physics simulator, but you could measure the other stuff. Maybe it's just how my intuition is framing the physics problem, but wouldn't the moment of inertia be off-balance by having the center of mass distributed towards the back instead of towards the front when moving forward in air? Spin would partially adjust for this by generating forward momentum I guess since it's still "uniform" along the length of the ammunition (just not the width), but I feel like it would start tumbling much, much sooner than standard ammunition of a comparable mass. Plus on impact, human bodies (or at least the blood/tissues containing blood) act as a non-Newtonian fluid so you need mass in the front for the initial penetration, since the faster the round is on impact, the more resistance is generated towards the impact. I guess my concern is that the copper would "crumble" resulting in less of a wound channel and more of a blunt force trauma impact.
>>35857 > wouldn't the moment of inertia be off-balance by having the center of mass distributed towards the back instead of towards the front when moving forward in air? All pointy bullets overcome this problem, they are inherently unstable. Adjusting where the heavy mass is in the bullet to the velocity and spin rate could let you determine under what conditions it upsets and starts tumbling, maybe. That's a nice calculator. I've been using the Vortex Optics one, I like I's charts.
Open file (866.05 KB 498x277 izumi_konata_good_job.gif)
>>35852 Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining; I'm definitely not a ballisticsfag, but that's pretty interesting.
So is SCOTUS going to do their job and issue a second ruling on red flag laws being unconstitutional without a court case (they were ruled unconstitutional unanimously 9-0 last year), or are they going to pretend that there is a case to be had and let establishment-run districts disarm all of their political opponents before coming to a ruling two years later while not even getting people's guns returned (or even better, sweeping last year's ruling under the rug)? They aren't required to hear a court case to issue a ruling on legislation being passed if they consider it egregious enough. IF SCOTUS does their job for the first time in 50 years (that's a big "if"), will it be the start of a new FDR legal war FDR was constantly fighting with SCOTUS who would issue same-day rulings that his socialist shit was unconstitutional, or will it be national divorce when blue states refuse to acknowledge the Supreme Court ruling? After watching all these fucking protestors getting away with felonies because the FBI won't prosecute them and the states legally can't (it is a felony to protest outside ANY judge's house), and having legitimate assassination attempts (Kavanaugh had a legitimate assassination attempt that made it to the justice's property; he was only thwarted by realizing he couldn't run away from cops leading to him turning himself in to try and get a lesser sentence) over an abortion ruling that hasn't even been officialized yet, I think whoever leaked the documents is a snitch for the FBI. Whistleblowers have come out stating the obvious about the FBI purging conservatives from their ranks for being "disloyal" to the institution, and the FBI is explicitly NOT protecting federal judges despite that being one of the few things that DO fall under their jurisdiction instead of the Marshal Service.
>>35863 No. A baste federal judge should slap the first instance of it down because of the prior ruling though. But blue states don't care and will still use it. Everyone's going to try to kiss up to their boss which is whoever is telling biden what to do and the public in the local state of whatever judge you're worried about. Public perception drives a lot of how far judges are willing to go.
Open file (329.91 KB 1920x1080 overpower question.jpg)
>Some Jewish rabbis sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some Christian priests sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some Islamic imams sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some secular African and Middle Eastern warlords sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some rich Asians and Europeans sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Most gays sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >When globalist elites do it, it's a conspiracy theory ?
Open file (179.10 KB 1280x1165 c8P1OOh.jpg)
IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Chinese Military Document Leaks on War Thunder Game Forum >A fan of the video game War Thunder, the free-to-play vehicle combat simulator, has leaked classified Chinese military documents on the game’s online forum. According to defense analysts, while the details of the anti-tank weapon in question were previously known, this is the first time that authenticating documentation has been seen outside of China. How do we know the documents are authentic? Well, they’re pictured next to the weapon itself. >The weapon in question is the DTC10-125, an anti-tank round fielded by the modern-day Chinese military. Also known as a kinetic energy penetrator, its job is to punch through metal and breach the internal compartments of a tank and knock it out of action. As such, its capabilities are a closely guarded secret. Or at least they were until someone on the War Thunder forums got into an argument and needed to prove a point. >The information was quickly removed from the forums, but it is still available online. Polygon has viewed the original image and can confirm it’s quite a comprehensive photo, and includes an annotated diagram of the munition itself as well as its casing, called a sabot. >UK Defense Journal, a volunteer organization that covers issues related to militaries around the world, reports that while the specifications of the DTC10-125 were previously revealed online in multiple locations, this leak appears to confirm them with official government documentation. They also claim that the photo includes a close-up image of the weapon, lending additional credence to its authenticity. >This is not the first time that classified information on modern-day weapons systems was leaked on the War Thunder forums. In July 2021, details of the United Kingdom’s Challenger 2 main battle tank were leaked, and then in December particulars of the French Leclerc main battle tank also ended up online. >War Thunder is not the only simulation game to suffer from these types of incidents. In 2019 an employee of flight simulation developer Eagle Dynamics was indicted on charges of conspiracy and smuggling for allegedly attempting to have someone inside the United States purchase manuals for the F-16 on eBay and then send them overseas for analysis. https://web.archive.org/web/20220609152637/https://www.polygon.com/23152203/war-thunder-chinese-tank-weapon-leak-classified-military-secrets-forum
>>35903 Oh thank goodness. I thought it was a Chinese PsyOp last time (China owns Gaijin Entertainment; forced them to move to Belarus in response to anti-Chinese sentiment in Hungary and funds most of their operations). If China themselves are getting documents leaked then it's just autism and not a concerted effort.
>>35904 >forced them to move to Belarus in response to anti-Chinese sentiment in Hungary and funds most of their operations I take the anti-chink sentiment is the Fudan University debacle, but did they really move away from Hungary? I remember some news about World of Tanks putting all the Russians and Belorussians into a separate server to avoid potential future problems, so it's a bit strange that their main competitor would move to Belarus of all places.
Open file (36.53 KB 640x360 itsovel.jpg)
>>35903 >Being so pissed at some random asshole shitting on your ride that you risk military death sentence to prove him wrong once and for all I kinda like that fella if it wasn't for the fact he can't keep a secret tight
>>35905 I swear I saw an article saying they moved their headquarters to Belarus, but wikipedia says they're still in Budapest, so I guess I'm retarded.
did you know PrSM can physically fit in the F-35's weapon bays
>>35620 >spiders are the ugly good guys everybody hates. >well meaning 8 legged quasimodos Once you see them as butt ugly good guys your view of them changes (poisonous arachnids excepted and given the respect and distance they deserve) >>35641 >>35630 >feds attempt to update their "hi I'm totally one of the cool kids" briefing notes >>35695 >nice body shame about the face gun would finger fuck with / 10
Open file (49.34 KB 800x1296 spurdo.png)
Open file (218.68 KB 1258x733 benis.jpg)
>>35711 >what the hell happened? tl;dr >globiggers >globiggers >e-brama >globiggers >e-brama welcome back Strelok
Open file (80.32 KB 1028x591 ifonlyyouknew.jpg)
>>35741 >I mean that's no shit why I'm pursuing amateur radio. iktf been eyeing up the loft space and downloading antenna diy books. RF shielding & counter surveillance is your friend pics related
Open file (311.93 KB 1280x720 HA.mp4)
>>35903 >until someone on the War Thunder forums got into an argument and needed to prove a point. >got so assblasted over being called a lying niggerfaggot that he leaks top secret military documents with physical evidence to prove himself right i love this fag
Open file (12.19 MB 1280x720 bong-3d-fear-porn.mp4)
Open file (653.42 KB 1689x1381 nato-surplus-darkweb.png)
>b bongistani lugenpresse >b concerned about 'muh 3d printed finger amputaters' >b concerned about rightwingers with diy funs >4 printed finger removal toys collected in 2021 >brit cucks in panic "Ermahgawd we're all gonna Uvalde!" >500+ real firearms seized in same time - *crickets* >6 gorillion knife stabbings, alien acid attacks, and ramavans of peace - *also crickets* Huh? Have these cucks really forgot they are sending BILLION$$$ * of weapons + explosives to literal right wing nazis in Ukraine??! Wtf do they think hohols are doing with shiny new NATO equipment? Using it to fight off ruskies or selling it on the darkweb because the country is corrupt af? ...and get this... their 'solution' to the 3dmeme is to waste taxes on monitoring basement incels for online thought crimes! kek! the jokes about bongs are all true! kek! Even 4cuck retards have figured out weapons heading to Ukraine are going on darkweb selling detours. God knows what it will be like in Europoor countries if their in state ragheads buy up Ukraine gifted anti-air and ATMs. At least border jumping beans here are more concerned about smuggling narcotics than funs because funs are freely available. >2022: unironically feel safer because cartel Chico is running narcotics + ho's and not ex-Ukrainian shiny new NATO ATMs + artillery shells while singing snackbar songs. Clownworld of clownworld. * ...and no "we" are not sending billions to Ukraine too. Federal crooks are money laundering taxes.
>>35926 >tfw Ukrainians are selling automatic weapons cheaper on the darkweb than I can buy the cheapest rifle for in my state I need to move to Montana or Texas already.
Open file (424.30 KB 1538x2048 youkai.jpg)
>>35920 It kinda sucks for me because I'd have to be on at least MF, possibly even engage in some lowfer shenanigans to connect the couple dozen people I actually give a shit about. We're so spread out it's ridiculous. And you sound like you probably already know this, but that shit isn't cheap. Or portable, for that matter. >>35921 Good to see the internets is still serious fucking business, kek. >>35926 >2022: unironically feel safer because cartel Chico is running narcotics + ho's and not ex-Ukrainian shiny new NATO ATMs + artillery shells while singing snackbar songs. >Clownworld of clownworld. The near future is looking primed to be pretty fuckin' lulzy, that's for sure. I'm not sure where all this bullshit is going, but it's gonna be fun watching it get there. >their 'solution' [...] is to waste taxes on monitoring basement incels for online thought crimes! Don't tell me you didn't see that one coming, bro. >>35927 My immediate reflex is to tell you to stay the fuck in your containment board state, but you're here, so you're probably cool. What's keeping you? Clock's ticking, dude.
>>35955 >What's keeping you? Mostly children (both adult and juvenile).
>>36033 You should post this on /finance/, that place really needs some traffic.
>>35927 Montana is beautiful but fucking Californians are driving up prices everywhere. The entire west side is basically unlivable unless you make good money or stay in a vanor have good friends to split rent with :( Texas has too many spics and fat faggots for my taste despite the better laws.
Open file (439.76 KB 1080x1069 Ohh Husbant....jpg)
Ohhh... Husbant... You are buy too much guns... Now we are homeress....
>>36219 Did you think "over my cold, dead body" was an allegory, bitch? Bend over and give me some sugar.
Open file (58.18 KB 1125x982 smug husbant.jpg)
>>36219 Now now, dear, if you really want to be warm you'll have to work that ass up and down the street.
>>36219 Are you going to post this unfunny shit on every board on the webring?
>>36303 what's unfunny about it?
>>36303 Where has he reposted this before?
I have a plan to deal with the mangy raccoons that live under my shed. Traps, poison, and gas bombs are not an option because of pets, the neighbors don't care if I shoot varmints. I'm going to set up a couple trail cams to study their numbers and habits. Once I know when the big mama comes and goes I'll set up an ambush by climbing up on the shed and watching her travel rout an hour before she returns, for maximum safe shooting angle and to avoid the shrubbery. The fuckers are smart and this will probably only work once if I don't get the big one. I mounted a NV scope on my old Marlin .22WMR, I know that will do the job but I've also had a silly idea. I have a B-Square saddle mount for my 12 gauge and that scope will mount right on there. 2-3/4" with 1-1/4oz of #4 shot out of the long barrel with the turkey choke should cause some carnage at less than 10 yards.
>>36674 Wouldn't it be easier to bait a trap and camp at a good angle to take them out when they show up? Obviously a little stalking will help so you can bait a trap along their pathway, but racoons have preferences over eating trash and you can just leave out some leftovers or something.
Open file (3.02 MB 480x360 Tannerite hogs.mp4)
Hell if you play your cards right you could even do pic related.
Open file (2.23 MB 420x236 wmrnvtest.webm)
>>36685 The good angle is the problem, I can't cover the shed from the bathroom window anymore because of vegetation. Bait might help but the big ones don't get big by being stupid. I have some recordings, let's see if I can operate HandBrake. This is a zero confirmation that includes correcting a failure to eject. The scope base covers too much of the ejection port. Dremel work is required.
Open file (2.14 MB 420x236 22lrcoon.webm)
>>36689 Here is a duck murdering coon tasting the wrath of the 10/22. As you can see the wrath is lacking at 60+/-yards. The extra sets of eyes are America Online CDs from my Grandfathers stash, they are supposed to frighten predators and birds. The timestamps aren't right either.
>>35920 I don't understand the second pic. Is the implication that the cameras are viewing the people inside with radio frequencies rather than infrared?
Open file (130.68 KB 921x1329 FWWuX4jXkAEV13D.jpg)
>>36710 The implication is they can do two-factor authentication (wifi and phone signal) to triangulate position even when a wall can't be looked into with infrared. Hence the "infrared image" to show how scary and accurate it is(n't).
>>36712 Who would have thought that a polite society is an armed society?
>>36714 >Brazil >polite
>>36715 They're still mostly unarmed. They are, however, improving as the image shows. If nuclear war breaks out it'll basically be South America and parts of South-East Asia that survive. That's the real scary thought.

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