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Generic News Thread -NTDDIOT Strelok 03/18/2022 (Fri) 04:01:04 No.29184
News That Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread Generic news thread for things related to /k/ or global conflicts that doesn't deserve its own thread but is worth keeping an eye on in case it might be worth making a thread about later.
>>50161 >The account has photos of random Latino people wearing or posing in front of neo-Nazi symbols. Viva, Hitler!
>>50177 links or archives of his social media and youtube?
>>50177 Is that an evanescence poster on his door? I am more and more convinced we are still stuck in the 2000s.
>>50161 >MUH WHITE SUPREMACY!111 But ma'am, it's a beaner, and by the looks of it he's a CIA stooge. >DOESN'T MATTER, MUH WHITE SUPREMACY!111 Kikery happening on both sides of the media's table. I know why (((they))) did the one to kill 8ch. What's this one about I wonder?
>>50197 >What's this one about I wonder? Asshurt over twitter and to a lesser extent Timothy. See >>50161 They're covering up the new hard data about the Bidens' business relations with China that came out in favor of covering some congressman who acted as a patsy to pass the new budget proposal being shitcanned because he lied about being Jewish because he told reporters he was "Jew-ish."
>>50197 >he doesn't know about the brown hordes on 4/pol/
>>50199 Lol. Don't tell us about it. Tell the lying Jew media Strelok. Good for them if they are rightly proud & standing up for thier own people, just as Whites should.
Open file (182.61 KB 906x1375 thekneel.jpg)
>>50177 An amazing victory for latinx representation, finally them little cholos have a role model to aspire to. We'll live to see niggers be framed and shot by latinx cops or even the first beaner to lead The Proud Boys. Inspiring!
Open file (126.14 KB 853x480 laughing.jpg)
So a truck just crashed into the white house barrier with a nazi flag flying and 60k tons of fertilizer went missing.
Open file (660.92 KB 480x852 7AeCEls_bWYF29Xx.mp4)
Video of the false flag brootal assassination attempt.
China bans major chip maker Micron from key infrastructure projects due to spyware found posing a threat to China's critical information infrastructure supply chain. https://archive.ph/fNO2T
>>51130 SCMP says it's because they were shit-talking Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit and as a backlash to American microchip sanctions.
5th Circuit (Louisiana) Appeals Court has placed an injunction on the ATF's pistol brace ruling, but it will probably only be applied to the plaintiffs until the case happens. Judge is holding off on am official ruling until the very last minute in order to prevent another court from overruling him, but is expected to tell the ATF to fuck off.
Open file (60.81 KB 640x360 2023 nazis.jpg)
>>51120 the other day there was the Mexican white supremacist. Now we have the Pajeet White Supremacist. They are getting sloppy.
>>51227 Weren't there some nigger White 'supremacists'? something something two years ago or so. Lol I'm sure jewish White supremacists would be a thing if that's what it took to brainwash the niggercattle.
Some kike just got very, very rich after an AI-generated image of the Pentagon being attacked went viral and got reported by the news triggering a mass sell-off of stocks.
Open file (1.36 MB 1024x1024 00272-3293945496.png)
>>51227 >beaners and pajeets hating on the jews Really makes yout think. >>51260 >News outlets reporting fake news >blame AI I hope the normalfags and their enablers fucking die.
Open file (534.49 KB 1428x2048 Court.jpg)
So if I'm reading this right, SCOTUS basically threw the chess table and are preparing to throw out the Chevron Doctrine in their ruling against the EPA after the EPA told SCOTUS to go fuck themselves. If this happens as SCOTUS suggests they want to do, it would pretty much nullify the rulemaking power of all executive branch decisions taken after 1984 and allow anyone prosecuted under those executive branch decisions to file an appeal that could not be thrown out by the circuit appeals court citing Chevron Doctrine (as happens all the time in the 9th and 10th circuit appeals courts to avoid SCOTUS getting ahold of conservative-leaning court cases). This is a fairly big deal if they follow through as it's basically a soft coup against the executive branch by the judicial branch.
>>51260 Just like they do redflag gayops to take away gun rights, the Globohomo in trying to instill fear in the niggercattle goyim about 'muh ebil, literally Hitler, AI'. Except obviously this type shit is much, much easier & cheaper for (((them))) to plan & execute. Compare the cost of this little 'event' to the coordination involved for the glowniggers to arrange for the Vegas & El Paso shooter events, for example. >tl;dr They are not going to relenquish AI for their own use, but the GH doesn't want you having it, you filthy little goyim.
>>51296 >Chevron deference It won't work since the judicial branch has issues with the following 1) the executive is going to go full Andrew Jackson "They have made their ruling let them enforce it" 2) Whatever is thrown out with Chevron deference will have to be replaced with either agency rules or Congress passing a law in regards on the amount of Chevron deference. That would then have to be litigated all the way back to SCOTUS again, guessing around 10 years. 3) The majority of appeals don't succeed, they'll just use harmless error as justification since judges are lazy bastards too. The CWA written by Congress enforced by the EPA is so clearly a shitshow due to the lines "navigable water" and "significant nexus" somehow interpret that a fucking intermittent stream can be considered both. Honestly strict scrutiny should be applied since this law is so overly vague it and it's penalties so extreme that it violates the the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th amendments. You get money gets arbitrary (rando epa agent can decide if you broke the law or mot) seized by an excessive penalty (40k a day in Sackett I think), with no right to confront the accuser (EPA), of which you have no recourse to rebut the accusations in without suing the government.
>>51309 >1) the executive is going to go full Andrew Jackson "They have made their ruling let them enforce it" This is the only one I'll flat out say "no they wouldn't." Jackson's "overruling" only worked because both the federal government and the state of Georgia were in agreement that the Supreme Court could eat shit. If the Biden Administration overruled the supreme court in such a way today, it would only give power to Conservative states to ignore the federal government which would weaken their grip on power. It's a catch 22 where if they enforce the SCOTUS ruling they can maintain some power, but if they ignore it, sure they get to act like bandits for a year or so, but then their behavior is used against them tenfold to start purging leftists from society and returning power to the states. The feds can't go against SCOTUS on this one. >2) Whatever is thrown out with Chevron deference will have to be replaced with either agency rules or Congress passing a law in regards on the amount of Chevron deference. That would then have to be litigated all the way back to SCOTUS again, guessing around 10 years. Well yeah. They kind of laid out a "new framework" for how the Executive branch and Legislative branch must behave in their Sackett v. EPA ruling if they want to use vague terminology and language (essentially they can't). That's kind of the goal. Much like how Roe v Wade was meant to be a temporary injunction ruling until either congress or culture changed, this ruling is meant to be more of an "injunction on federal powers" until congress or culture changes. Government is supposed to be slow. >3) The majority of appeals don't succeed, they'll just use harmless error as justification since judges are lazy bastards too. Yes, but it's a lot easier to show maleficence in procedural error than in transferring jurisprudence to the Executive Branch. If a lower appeals court isn't careful then the procedural error itself can turn into activating the lawsuit.
Open file (73.98 KB 713x1024 1685280381238354m.jpg)
New conflict started. The Taliban led government of Afghanistan disregarded the previous government's agreements and choked off the flow of water through Afghan dams to Iranian farmers downstream. A series of border skirmishes have kicked off with the Taliban using their captured Western hardware to go on the offensive
>>51325 >Taliban taking on Iran Sounds like Iran will grow larger. Considering the inhabitants of that region speak the same language and don't particularly like the Taliban it might be a quick fight.
Nevermind, news is reporting that the local governments are both ignoring their federal governments and negotiating directly to try and bring the conflict to a close as soon as possible.
>>51331 Considering it's over control of infrastructure and geography that might lead to infighting on the Afghan side.
>>51325 >Taliban fighting Iran with abandoned American weapons >America would love to weaken Iran for the sake of Israel >there is already plausible deniability for any American hardware the Taliban use ("we left it there when we evacuated") It's a long shot, but covert US backing of the Taliban is the kind of thing that would be so hilariously retarded that I can't dismiss it as a possibility if that conflict escalates.
>>51388 >it's a long shot That is some comical cognitive dissonance, assuming you're the type that automatically accepted and internalized the "hilariously retarded" assertion that the Islamic State is/was backed by the US.
Oil and Gas news: Europe has built too many terminals to store hydrocarbons: https://www.rigzone.com/news/wire/europe_risks_lng_terminal_glut-15-may-2023-172776-article/ Oil demand likely to be met, but Europe is not funding any more projects unless they have a 5 year return. Hydrocarbons to primarily come from emerging economies moving forward: https://www.rigzone.com/news/is_there_a_danger_that_oil_and_gas_runs_out_of_financing-29-may-2023-172892-article/ Zimbabwe struck oil: https://www.rigzone.com/news/invictus_strikes_oil_gas_in_zimbabwe-09-may-2023-172727-article/ Lebanon to start drilling in a last-ditch effort to save their skins: https://www.rigzone.com/news/totalenergies_to_drill_lebanons_block_9_this_year-03-may-2023-172686-article/
>>51343 >Zimbabwe Is it time to become a Zimbabwe billionaire?
>>51325 Also I was going to post it in the Middle East / North Africa thread, but i discovered that the slidenigger killed it, so here's an archive: https://archive.ph/C553F
Open file (1004.09 KB 834x1180 1685463600941965.webm)
US Marines beaten by mob of 40 teens in California on Memorial Day weekend.
US B-1B's spotted circling Kosovo, I guess they've decided that the Serbs need to be reminded to roll over quietly.
>>51347 It'll just end up as a black hole money pit like Mozambique and other African countries, where you build up production only for it to be blown up by terrorists then repeat. Have to build a PMC then get sanctioned by a large country to do indiscriminate killing to defend the production, that might work.
>>51389 I wish a serb would step into the fire and remind the EU of their hypocrisy I also wish they didn't because it may legitimately snowball into WWIII
Open file (455.87 KB 976x827 2323432342.jpg)
>>51386 >stop lighting fireworks >we told them that we were marines
>>51402 It'd just fit the eternal Serb to start another world war with their megalomaniacal aspirations of becoming relevant. >>51386 >Tell teens to stop doing thing >Get shit beaten out of you >Yell you're a marine >Teens laugh as they continue kicking the shit out of you There was a time throwing hands at a soldier would end in broken limbs and nobody would give a shit. America's fucked.
>>51402 >I also wish they didn't because it may legitimately snowball into WWIII It's indeed pretty hard to imagine at this stage that the kikes aren't trying to start Jew War III. I think this would reasonably explain the universal ire arrayed against them described at the end of the Christian Bible.
Open file (97.38 KB 500x334 laughing cougar.jpg)
>>51386 >phrasing "identifying as a Marine" the same way as "identifying as a woman" It's better this way, though I'm surprised an editor didn't pick that one up. Correct phrase would have been >He added that he'd identified himself as a marine and 'they kept going' Also, from the article: >The suspects may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon 'because of the amount of suspects we are investigating,' Sheriff Sgt. Frank Gonzalez said. >'The weapons that were used were their feet while these victims were on the ground,' he explained. How many more Marines must be concussed before we introduce common-sense foot control?
>>51515 >How many more Marines must be concussed before we introduce common-sense foot control? >Bin those boots Citizen! The new laws will only apply to Whites ofc.
What's with the recent hubub about UFOs? Is it the usual looney tunes or are they trying to deflect attention for whatever reason? >Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin https://thedebrief.org/intelligence-officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-non-human-craft/ Non-human origin meaning... built by the bug-men?
>>51515 As humorous as it is, hands and feet are deadly weapons in most contexts. That's actually one of those "legal protections" when someone ends up in court for self-defense since the first question is always "why did you use deadly force?" >>51608 There's usually a trend where a bad economy is accompanied by talk of ayyliens. Keep in mind the US military defines anything they can't "reasonably verify" as a UFO. E.G. a migrating duck is considered a UFO by the USAF and USN. His claims that they have consistent radiological patterns would also suggest something on earth rather than ayyliens since anything from outer space would have a fuckton of random noise in any kind of radiological tests. That's why they take subsoil samples on rover missions in many cases.
>>51608 https://rumble.com/v2sh5w4-conspiracies-w-jimmy-akin.html Shamus did an episode discussing this near the beginning and explaining a "rational" explanation of UFOs as a CIA PsyOp for nuclear detterence.
>>51608 Tucker Carlson's right (>>51688) about this being a humongous story -- if it were true. It's extremely-likely not to be true of course. Would a kiked-up general someone do that? Just go on the kiked-up media Internet and lie?
Open file (669.04 KB 833x1000 Artia.png)
Open file (680.03 KB 1280x935 fever dream.png)
>>51608 >>51693 I believe that David Charles Grusch believes this is true, but let's break down what's going on. David Charles Grusch is whistleblowing on a different intelligence agency than the one he work(s/ed) for, for withholding information from congress based on reports he has allegedly seen. Let's keep in mind the last UFO scare in America. In the last UFO scare, a civilian contractor of equivalent rank to a Colonel in the USAF had seen the military version of the CIA's A-12 OXCART flying in the morning and evening hours where the sun had passed the horizon but due to the jet's altitude, the sun's pre-sunrise/post-sunset glare was reflecting off the wings of the aircraft forming what appeared to be a flying saucer based on its silhouette. At the same time, the USSR was running a PsyOp on the American public by claiming that humans were "genetically engineered by ancient aliens" in order to attack America's Christian roots since they saw Christianity as their greatest threat in the West since it prevented people from accepting Marxism. The USAF and CIA proceeded to gaslight the guy into believing it was ayyliens as a reverse psyop to make a then-crumbling Soviet Union believe that America had advanced futuristic ayylien weapons technology as a means of preventing a failing USSR from launching a nuclear war in their death throes by making it seem as if the Americans could use futuristic weapons to shoot down those nukes (all that mind control and psychic power stuff around that time period have similar GlowOp origins behind them). trying to hide a spy plane sparked an entire UFO ayylien scare. Russia is winning in Ukraine and America is worried about the potential of a nuclear strike should they get involved much further in the conflict. Lo' and behold, suddenly there's a million stories about ayyliens. While I want to belieb, one must look into their heart of hearts and accept reality that this is likely just some intelligence agency gaslighting a dude to recreate a tried and true American GlowOp to try and intimidate Russia.
>>51702 I wonder if it will work, again?
>>51715 I think it has diminishing returns given aliens have been overdone in popular culture for decades. Unless they created a fake alien invasion, news like this just is added to the giant pile of ayy reports.
>>51716 Well I guess they could always drop a humongous squid on New York City.
>>51608 Like many wisely say a glownigger never stops being one so there's no "former" in their name, so going to the media is an operation itself but under the guise of a civilian "opinion". If the gov lets some gov worker explain secret gov operations it most likely is a gov play, only when the info is heavily buried under other inane stuff, ignored and its spreader disappeared is when the info might be considered to be peeked at, So ironically in this psyop some other forgotten info from years ago was revisited and put on the foreground via recent use of specific glow phrases, so much that in my opinion it will become part of the UFO mythos from now on even if the info itself is speculation regarding activities, much like how normalfags out of nowhere started blaming WEF/Schwab for everything rather than Soros.
Open file (471.19 KB 793x1122 RAAF Page 28.jpg)
>>51702 >a PsyOp on the American public by claiming that humans were "genetically engineered by ancient aliens" in order to attack America's Christian roots I mean it's not that wrong if you replace Ancient Alien with God, the nature of the creator is the only thing that changes and even sumerians and bunch other religions mention the same thing but using their own name and lore for the logos >reverse psyop to make believe that America had advanced futuristic ayylien weapons technology This is probably the real spice, making the world think the US has reverse engineered UFO stuff while at some point the USSR wanted the world to think they did the same with USO stuff until their own submarines started having too many high profile close encounters. Most military intel and development is too compartmented to know what is going on so gaslighting even their top ranks is relatively easy so i also believe this is a lie, but i went into a more simpler route to think it's a shame in the sense that it went mainstream, that alone is proof it is a psyop. Meanwhile the RAF report (mis)handled as a public paper by Australia's RAAF about aircraft buzzing and paralyzing civilians around the US and Europe that was buried by the media and taken down a couple of times from filehosters when it came out as a PDF is a bit more credible due to its entire context.

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