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what's a war board without a conflict?

Generic News Thread -NTDDIOT Strelok 03/18/2022 (Fri) 04:01:04 No.29184
News That Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread Generic news thread for things related to /k/ or global conflicts that doesn't deserve its own thread but is worth keeping an eye on in case it might be worth making a thread about later.
>>33657 >Bosnia >fix their shit
Open file (662.68 KB 672x847 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33660 >is letting two nations and millions of civvies get buttfucked a legitimate reason for doing this? Yes. Sweden and Finland might as well be two countries in South America or Africa to Croatia. No different than an America first > fixing Mexico's shit argument. It's putting localized pressure on NATO to meet Croatian demands to stabilize future NATO members on their borders if they want a compromise of inviting new members to the party that could put the whole group at risk. "You scratch my back, I scratch yours." More NATO states should be doing it. >is this just him posturing IIRC he has the right to veto outright membership but he can't veto NATO cooperation or other "lower level" political treaties that NATO acts on. That being said NATO has very rarely done such lower level treaties since they tend to piss off existing members who then threaten to leave whenever it happens.
>>29198 Can't wait to get nuked by a bunch of pedophiles.
>>32029 Yes, it is. It's the end.
>>33664 can NATO kick him out for pulling this stunt? can they say "you are doing this not because you think it's right but to play politics in your own country, gtfo"?
>>33657 The books are clear, nato membership requires all applicants to have no ongoing border disputes and or major internal conflicts (The UK and the US have tons of those I know but bear with me).
>>33667 There is no legal policy in the NATO charter for expulsion of a member nation. That being said it has been talked about between member nations and deemed "legal" to do so. America will never do so since France formally comes up on their 20 year mark (NATO nations may voluntarily leave after 20 years) in 2029 and are expected to do so if America makes any sudden moves in favor of trying for an EU army. If they kick out Croatia over utilizing their veto power, it would create a slipper slope where Greece or one of the other nations that hate the Turks would demand that Turkey be removed from NATO for breach of article 2 over human rights violations which would likely cause several central European nations to withdraw at the same time. Keep in mind Turkey almost got kicked out of NATO back in 2019 for playing dirty. NATO doesn't need to expel members in the first place since being a recalcitrant member de facto strips you of the privileges granted by article 3 and article 8. That's why Poland was so cautious (legally) in getting US authorization at the beginning of the war before going full anti-Russia.
>>33652 >>33654 >>33657 Yeah NATO/EU/US should first and foremost solve peacefully or not so peacefully the internal struggles of their member states, allies and satellite states, it's inconceivable that Cyprus is still pretty much split between UK, Turkey and EU and we just gotta pretend that it's normal. >>33661 I mean, they won their own war on drugs by having roads so bad drug dealers and organized crime don't even bother passing through them
https://archive.ph/k8WDN Apparently the truckers are "coming back to DC with teeth" after filing a lawsuit against the city. Why does this feel like a GlowOp?
Open file (273.73 KB 600x614 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33837 > Why does this feel like a GlowOp? B/c you're a glownigger trying to gaslight it here early on?
Open file (877.53 KB 720x720 consider_the_hotarun.png)
>>33843 >Trying to gaslight The way I look at it... >Lockdown mandates got BTFO in court at the federal level >The group had every opportunity to push boundaries and they did not >They don't have a real reason to go back other than to fight a lawsuit over being denied entry to DC >Another protest will get the lawsuit thrown out as a conflict of interests >They are asking for money (tracing who would donate to this sort of event) >They are implying violent protests with the new rally It screams GlowOp.
Open file (75.71 KB 768x507 c1.jpeg)
US judge forced to allow extradition of ex-Marine to Spain fears he’ll be killed >A California federal judge appealed this week for a higher court to overturn her order allowing the extradition of a former US Marine to Spain, citing fears he will be abducted and murdered by North Korea for taking part in a raid on Pyongyang’s Madrid embassy three years ago. >US Magistrate Judge Jean Rosenbluth wrote in her order that Christopher Ahn could face death if sent back to Europe to face trial for taking part in the daring February 2019 operation. >“In part because of his participation in the embassy incident, North Korea wants to kill Ahn. I must decide whether to certify his extradition to Spain, where North Korea can much more easily murder him,” ​she said in the order issued Monday in US District Court in the Central District of California. >“Although I conclude that the law requires me to certify, I do not think it’s the right result, and I hope that a higher court will either tell me I’m wrong or itself block the extradition​,” Rosenbluth​ added. >Ahn will be placed in the custody of a federal marshal to await the final decision on his extradition by the secretary of state, according to NK News, which first reported on the order. ​>US authorities arrested Ahn in April 2019 in response to a request from Spanish law enforcement. >According to Spanish authorities, Ahn was among a group of 10 people who stormed the North Korean embassy, beat some of the personnel and removed computers and hard-drives before fleeing to the US. >Ahn and Adrian Hong, the leader of Cheolima Civil Defense — a group also known as Free Joseon that seeks to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — disputed the contention that they intended to raid the embassy, saying they were there at the invitation of someone who wanted to defect. >​In her order, Rosenbluth noted that while Spain has an extradition agreement with North Korea, the US considers the Kim regime a state sponsor of terrorism. >“I hold out some hope that this court will not become an ‘accomplice’ to Ahn’s otherwise inevitable extradition,” the judge wrote, adding: “I regret that I am too weak, in power if not in will, to save him from the threat of torture and assassination by that outcast nation​.” https://nypost.com/2022/05/10/us-judge-forced-to-allow-extradition-of-ex-marine-christopher-ahn-to-spain-fears-hell-be-killed/
>>34137 No American is above the law. I don't care what their background is or who they were attacking, facts are facts; They went to a foreign country and staged an attack on a third party's embassy creating an international crisis. It's terrorism whether it was a North Korean, Russian, Canadians, etc. embassy. This shouldn't even be a question and while the judge did the "right" thing by appealing it to a higher court I'm still disgusted. You have one of two options in this situation when a "former hero" causes an incident of international terrorism. You turn them over to the offended party (Spain) as a sacrificial pawn knowing that the offended party will have to deal with the incident themselves, or you work through international diplomacy to try and bribe them out of a death sentence. Anything else is wrong on an ethical and moral level no matter the circumstances. Yes it was North Korea which America considers a "terrorist state" however international law exists for a reason. If America pardons the ex-marine for this incident, they create an international precedent for the Chinese or Russians to do the same thing against political enemies via an attack on a foreign embassy in America. Diplomats have political immunity and embassies are considered foreign soil for a reason.
>>34140 Especially the claim that it would be "easier to kill him in Spain" is a great fucking joke. Spain may have an extradition agreement with North Korea, but like all European countries should be against the death penalty and no Spanish judge would send someone to North Korea if there was even a slight chance of that happening. On top of that considering the 3rd world country living situations in the USA, it is easier to kill US citizen inside the USA than in Europe.
>>34141 Under normal circumstances I would agree that Spain would protect the ex-marine and just dish out a sentence that would let North Korea save face without physically harming the American (beyond being in prison for several years anyways). However, given the group he was part of is essentially a terrorist group and the ex-marine is entirely unapologetic, I could see them chucking it in the fuck it bucket and extraditing him to the Norks to wipe their hands clean of the problem too. Usually when you have foreigners involved in these matters and they avoid extradition, it's because the foreigner actually seems to be apologetic and didn't knowingly commit an international crime so they are trying to protect said foreigner's dignity and life.
>>34140 >194,619 Best Korea dollah add to account Glorious Leader approve
>>34142 The way of thinking has only one problem: This way of political meddling into the legal process does usually not exist in Europe and when it's done, it is usually not done for a 3rd world country like North Korea. All this guys lawyer has to do is show how substandard and inhuman North Korean prisons are compared to Europeans and this guy will never be extradited. This is all American paranoia and egotism about not having their guys judged publicly by another country for the crimes they have done.
Open file (115.76 KB 555x527 1326454302460.png)
Riots are happening in Sri Lanka because of an "economic crisis" but it really has something to with whatever the fuck ESG farming is and all I found on it was a buzzword salad about effective farming so I'll just write it off as another plan part of the Great Reset.
Is china going to attack taiwan? Just wondering
>>34334 They banned using any and all chemicals in agriculture, and that alone would cause problems, even if in general I'd approve the idea of a more natural form of agriculture. But that is ought to be a gradual process, instead they seem to have banned them overnight. Then Corona-chan descended upon the world, causing all kinds of problems, and although they backtracked on the ban, these two things still collided. And then when they were about to start recovering, this current war in Ukraine managed to cause both a food and an energy crisis. So it's less about the great reset, and more about one retarded decision causing a small internal crisis, immediately followed by two rather large external crises.
Open file (2.58 MB 2163x1242 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (243.09 KB 703x832 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (199.08 KB 655x816 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (314.88 KB 600x600 adios glowniggers.png)
Happening So apparently some discord tranny non-even worthy of a newfag sperg from cuckchan's /k/ went on a highscore spree >quite literally plagiarizes Tarrant's manifesto >posts his gay manifesto on discord like the vapid normalnigger he is He namechecks /k/ several times in his rip-off of the Tarrant manifesto. This is on the heels of vid related who was arrested and openly wore a /k/ patch to the capitol spergout of 2020. Don't be shocked if there's going to be bills on banning armor and etc. Fuck's sake, these glowniggerfaggots are getting lazy. Be aware there will be likely more glownigger activity from here on out.
>>34355 10 reported dead so far. >Don't be shocked if there's going to be bills on banning armor and etc More like bans on "disinformation" and anonymity, given the second of the pages you posted. Shit sounds like it was written specifically to give them something to point to and say "ban this". >some discord tranny A reddit tranny, you mean. He open admits he's a redditor in the manifesto.
>>34351 I appreciate you for clearing that up. Restricting usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers does help as at some point the only bugs that are dead are those that were too weak to survive them and insects higher on the food chain get depopulated to where they can't handle the population size of their pesty prey. >>34355 >>34359 I think plan has changed to increase surveillance on the whole country as a new bill was passed some weeks ago that will require all new cars by 2026 to have a computer chip GPS implemented in them. More things in the vein of the Patriot Act and less attacking gun rights because people aren't falling for it and both sides of the autistic corn syrup political spectrum in America are armed.
Open file (6.48 MB 912x720 CIA.mp4)
>>34355 Following 8ch thread, apparently the manifesto is even verbatim the Christchurch one.
>>34355 https://twitter.com/JoMiMi_h/status/1525552992497246208#m >kept a todo list on discord https://archive.ph/UrRSf >rust + forest gaymer he seems so zoom zoom
manifesto: https://archive.org/details/yeah.docx-1 torrent hash - 1FA884756A093B94BB712FAC680D73D603119B7B it is downloading rather slowly
Wake me up when the canadian who is apparently the only one with the FULL video (kinda fishy that he was recording the stream when only 22 or so people were watching, he might have been connected to the shooter in some loose way) actually posts it somewhere.
>>34382 Got the partial video with the Suika Ibuki edit here >>>/k/34381
Open file (14.48 MB 1280x720 newsconference-1.mp4)
>Official: Security guard, a retired police officer, engaged the shooter and shot him—but ‘armor plating’ stopped the rounds. He was ultimately killed. Wow can't wait for Biden to ban body armor now. It's almost as if this is all a fucking false flag.
>>34385 Did they try to do any shit with body armour after the North Hollywood Shootout in 1997?
>>34386 Nigger the AWB was signed into law in 1994 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Assault_Weapons_Ban They are absolutely going to try to go after body armor now. It doesn't matter because you can DIY ceramics with compressed milk cartons if you wanted to. But it's just another way to erode the Second Amendment one piece at a time and let the frog boil.
>>34387 >you can DIY ceramics with compressed milk cartons Damn, I didn't know that. Plastic milk jugs or the card cartons? >But it's just another way to erode the Second Amendment one piece at a time and let the frog boil. I don't think they're slowly boiling the frog anymore, I think they're panicking.
Open file (286.01 KB 919x489 at_least_hes_safe.png)
I think we can all be grateful he's a responsible citizen and wearing his mask! Otherwise he would be ebil nahdzee-tier bad, bad, bad. This whole thing glows like a thousand suns. I suppose this is another "crash the site with no survivors" redflag gayop like the one that destroyed 8ch?
>>34401 >'...Meanwhile, there is a black mass shooter on the loose in Texas who is targeting Asians by rushing their businesses and opening fire on random people with a semi-automatic rifle. This has barely been mentioned in the national media." Nothing to see here goy...citizen. move along, move along.
Open file (82.21 KB 1024x576 Rooftop Koreans.jpg)
>>34385 Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't American Police completely militarized after a couple of robbers wore so much body armor that local law enforcement could not put a dent in the perpetrators' rectums? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Hollywood_shootout >The North Hollywood shootout was a confrontation between two heavily armed and armored bank robbers, Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, and members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California, United States on February 28, 1997. Both robbers were killed, twelve police officers and eight civilians were injured, and numerous vehicles and other property were damaged or destroyed by the nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition fired by the robbers and police.[1] >At 9:17 a.m., Phillips and Mătăsăreanu entered and robbed Bank of America's North Hollywood branch. The two robbers were confronted by LAPD officers when they exited the bank and a shootout between the officers and robbers ensued. The robbers attempted to flee the scene, Phillips on foot and Mătăsăreanu in their getaway vehicle, while continuing to exchange fire with the officers. The shootout continued onto a residential street adjacent to the bank until Phillips, mortally wounded, succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound; Mătăsăreanu was incapacitated by officers three blocks away and subsequently bled to death before the arrival of paramedics more than an hour later. >Phillips and Mătăsăreanu are believed to have robbed at least two other banks using similar methods for entry past "bullet-proof" security doors, taking control of the entire bank, and firing weapons illegally modified to enable fully-automatic fire. They were also suspects in two armored car robberies.[2] >Standard issue sidearms carried by most local patrol officers at the time were 9mm pistols or .38 Special revolvers; some patrol cars were also equipped with a 12-gauge shotgun. Phillips and Mătăsăreanu carried Norinco Type 56 rifles (a Chinese AK-47 variant), a Bushmaster XM-15 Dissipator with a 100-round drum magazine, and a Heckler & Koch HK91 rifle, all of which had been illegally modified to be select-fire capable, as well as a Beretta 92FS pistol. The robbers wore homemade body armor which successfully protected them from handgun rounds and shotgun pellets fired by the responding officers. A law enforcement SWAT team eventually arrived with higher-caliber weapons, but they had little effect on the heavy body armor used by the two perpetrators. The SWAT team also commandeered an armored car to evacuate the wounded. Several officers additionally equipped themselves with AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles from a nearby firearms dealer. The incident sparked debate on the need for patrol officers to upgrade their firepower in preparation for similar situations in the future.[1] >Due to the large number of injuries and rounds fired, equipment used by the robbers, and overall length of the shootout, it is regarded as one of the most intense and significant gun battles in U.S. police history.[3] Combined, the two men had fired approximately 1,100 rounds in total, while approximately 650 rounds were fired by police.[4] Another estimate is that a total of nearly 2,000 rounds were fired collectively.[1] >>34402 Where are our stalwart heroes when you need them?
https://files.catbox.moe/8q1fys.mp4 6 min 52 s vidya is here btw, no goblins >>34402 Ordinary shootings that have clear actors and motives are not worth mentioning, shootings committed by 18 year olds for reasons that are so incomprehensible are.
>>34404 >btw, no goblins Speaking of goblins, does anyone have the 108mb 1280x1280 rick roll version with Suika Ibuki? I had it but I fucked it up with ffmpeg when I was trying to do something, and the old catbox link for it was removed some time ago.
>>34406 Should add that I'd like it just for my own personal archival purposes.
Open file (38.75 KB 640x640 1652275699492.jpeg)
>>34404 >Ordinary shootings that have clear actors and motives are not worth mentioning, shootings committed by 18 year olds for reasons that are so incomprehensible are. Or maybe -- just maybe -- kike media managers have explicit directives not to impugn niggers in any way whatsoever? Food for thought.
>>34406 it's on 8/pol/
>>34412 The 480p webm? I made that. I'm looking for the source file that I used to make it, the one that I fucked up.
Day after banning wheat exports, Centre extends procurement season >A day after imposing ban on exports, the Centre on Sunday asked wheat producing states and UTs with procurement closing dates expiring early to continue purchases till May 31. >Wheat procurement under the central pool has been less during RMS 2022-23 as compared to previous RMS 2021-22 due to the higher market prices than MSP with farmers selling to private traders, officials said. >The Ministry of Food and Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs has also directed FCI to continue with wheat procurement under the central pool. The extended period is expected to benefit farmers, they added >The decision comes in the wake of requests by state governments and UTs to continue the procurement process amid rising prices of the grain and byproducts as ‘atta’. >Till Saturday, 180 LMT (corresponding purchase of 367 LMT during RMS 2021-22) of wheat has been procured, benefiting about 16.83 lakh farmers with MSP value of Rs.36,208 crore. >State-wise revised closing date for procurement of wheat during RMS 2022-23 are: >Punjab: May 31 >Haryana: May 31 >Uttar Pradesh: June 15 >Madhya Pradesh: June 15 >Bihar: July 15 >Rajasthan: June 10 >Uttarakhand: June 30 >Delhi: May 31 >Gujarat: June 15 >Himachal Pradesh: June 15 >Jammu & Kashmir: May 31 https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/day-after-banning-wheat-exports-centre-extends-procurement-season-395111 tl:dr, India is imposing export restrictions on wheat.
>>34419 Pooper power's time to shine?
>>34355 this retard falls on the same spectrum as the El Paso goblino, if you are retarded enough to believe that killing a dozen nonwhites will in any way save the white race, either through accelerationism (which only works if there are consistent attacks one after another) or somehow spiking white birthrates/curbing nonwhite ones, please do the world a favor and kill yourself. killing 10 black churchgoers of all people makes this scream glow, similar to Dylann Roof, like it was specifically chosen to bitchslap the bear and provoke outrage. i really have no choice but to believe that this is either a desperate glowop to distract from king joe's senile retardation or yet another ultra-retarded edgelord that drank the koolaid without actually taking a close look at the ingrediants first. you really want to save muh white race? find a white wife, have a dozen kids together and raise them to be good people. don't sperg out against 10 literal whos that will be replaced by the end of the day by nonwhite newborns. fuck im angry, angry that people are either falling for this retarded glowop or that there are reddit rejects out there that are completely incapable of critical thinking.
>>34527 What people besides total hylics are falling for this one? I feel like no one cares about this shooting due to the news media's strategy of focusing on one story to outrage people then move to the next and there's one too many stories concurrently going on to capture the attention of the normalfag's emotions as they've been groomed to comply with. After such a long time the alphabet agencies didn't orchestrate one and how the Las Vegas shooting was so blatantly done by them that they had to reel them back for a while. Also if you're going to kill random pedestrians at least get a body count of 50.
>>34527 Thank god that glownigger psyop board has left this site. If you still want to stimulate your blood pressure I recommend going to 16chan/fascist.
>>34646 >that glownigger psyop board This is the same board that was BO'd by a literal glownigger. You have no room to talk.
>>34653 *was* It would surprise me if there still existed an anti gh online community that hasn't been glownigger monitored in some way. At least anons here aren't chinese SS uniform wearing LARPers.
Open file (231.74 KB 440x440 5a4c57b5e32dc.png)
>>34661 >At least anons here aren't chinese SS uniform wearing LARPers Are you absolutely certain of that?

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