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Riots 3.0 : No gooks edition Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 08:13:45 No.2699
Thread about the June 2020 chimp outs ONLY. >Latest news White man sent to jail for 2 weeks for pissing near a monument Chimps still smashing, burning and looting with full government support. Given millions of dollars to continue busing in more chimps. Planet of the apes stage show cancelled due to real life being more exciting. Wendy's burning because a chimp went for a cops gun while resisting arrest and got shot. >A man has been jailed for two weeks for urinating next to a memorial to PC Keith Palmer during an event to protect monuments on Saturday. >Andrew Banks, 28, had travelled to Westminster with a group of football "lads" for the event, despite not knowing which statues he was purportedly defending from possible vandalism. >Westminster Magistrates' Court was told that Banks, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, had been drinking through the night and admitted consuming around 16 pints. >He was arrested after pictures of him urinating by the memorial to the fallen officer, who was killed in the 2017 Westminster Bridge terror attack, circulated on social media, prompting outrage.
>>3308 >Impotent leftists can't even kill themselves properly. If they ask nicely I'm sure some people will gladly help with that
Open file (553.57 KB 867x516 autistcheer.PNG)
>>3304 >communist hellhole in 3 weeks The speedrunning community must be really proud.
>>3263 >Immediately following the war, the allies destroyed every third reich monument, and nearly every major architectural project. This is false, as there are still hundreds of monuments from the Nazi Era left in Germany. They destroyed some of the biggest and most well known, but the Nazis build so many monuments all over Germany that they couldn't destroy them all.
>>3309 Never soon enough.
>>3304 It could only go on as long as there was something to rob. They've looted the place dry like every red occupied place has.
>>3309 As soon a the government steps into the situation and does something stupid.
>your comment about the jews has been deleted He does it for freeeeeeee
>>3308 >nomadic communists moving from place to place shitting all over Seattle is finished.
Some people have figured out how they were able to create the CHAZ and their zone of influence. https://archive.vn/I9aSd In 2015 Obama started Police Data Initiative, which basically force the police departments taking part of it to let go of their equipment to deal with riots and force a protocol that demands Police officers to use as little force as possible to when dealing with law enforcement situations. https://invidio.us/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw Thanks to that Seattle has basically little CHAZes all over the place as can be seen in this documentation, only instead of being Antifa and BLM they are camps of homeless and criminal drug addicts. When the riots broke out in Seattle and the mob of Antifa/BLM activist reached the East Precinct, it was abandoned by police, because holding it would have required the use of force that became a big NO NO thanks to the regulations put into place by Obama. Once the Antifa/BLM activist recognized the luck they had because of it, they move in and attracted the homeless criminal drug addict population with free food/drinks, possible drugs and a promise to protect them from the Police. These homeless criminal drug addicts than made their numbers look bigger and made them look like an actual movement and not just a bunch payed organization shills, which in return attracted the stupid hipsters of the left, which they needed to be really legit and expand. However they didn't manage to use their momentum thank to how fast the name Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was spreading on social media, it gained disapproval a large part of the population and people pointed out who what they were doing was a serious crime with potentially serious repercussion. On top of it the homeless criminal population to no ones surprise caused problems from day 1, as can be seen in a lot of social media. Despite them getting support from collaborator inside the city government of Seattle, their fear of having given Trump the excuse of squashing them like the bunch of dirty communist they are in combination with the bad press caused them to rename the Zone to CHOP and open it to public travel again. This is the point when they ramp up their armed guards and tried to enforce a black out, to hide how bad the situation inside the CHAZ with the criminal homeless drug addicts really is. But this compromise caused a Schism between the BLM activist who were there for gibs and ok with LARPing a "summer of love" with the Antifa radicals, who want to follow their retarded dream of a Revolution. Together with the rampant crime and the assault of Streamers to hide the ugly truth of the CHAZ it managed to scare away the stupid hipsters. When they lost the support of their government collaborators after the shootings were leaked, the Antifa radicals predominantly abandoned the CHAZ as just another "this isn't real communism", while the activist left desperately try to get the homeless criminal drug addicts to set up tents around the East Precinct in a desperate attempt to prolong their summer of gibs. Currently the barricades of the CHAZ are abandoned and left open, only guarded by a few leftovers during the night.
>>3333 Quads of good info. I used to fear what kind of cascade would happen if they successfully set up commy no-go zones in cities, but I now find it hilarious I ever thought of them succeeding to make one work.
>>3335 Well unlike commies and proto commies of the past, these fags don't know how to do anything except to full contact LARP their fantasies of the October Revolution. They're all big and tough when they're in a crowd and their victims ore immobile statues and innocent bystanders but the instant that even one person competently puts up a fight then they scatter and run begging for the police to help them. They aren't the threat themselves. The threat is the slow wearing away of civilization and culture by these bastards and the traitorous media that aids them and the sniveling corporations and public officials that bow and scrape to them
>>3336 More and more I'm convinced the media should be attacked first. If you ever get the chance, kill a journalist.
>>3337 I thought this was common knowledge. In war, one of the first things the occupying force does after driving out enemy forces is take over radio/TV stations.
>>3333 neat info
https://www.dailywire.com/news/minnesota-town-goes-woke-pledges-not-to-call-cops-is-now-overrun-by-homeless-encampment Liberal SJWs try to accommodate homeless cause muh privlege, get rekt >A Minneapolis community, just a few miles away from where George Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, pledged to “check its privilege,” allowing hundreds of transients and homeless individuals to take up residents on their front lawns and pledging not to call the police to handle incidents of drug abuse and mental illness. >Now that same town’s residents are concerned things have gotten out of hand. Crime is rampant and the homeless encampment now has more than 300 people >The park at the center of town had just 25 tents when it formed up, but now the homeless encampment has 300 residents, many of whom are suffering from some form of mental illness or who are known drug users. >That doesn’t bother the progressives who’ve vowed to avoid allowing law enforcement to handle criminal situations. >"My feeling around it is those are symptoms of systemic oppression,” one resident explained. “And that’s not on them.” Also in the article: >>The New York Times reports that Powderhorn Park residents — mostly left-leaning white women
>>3350 >That doesn’t bother the progressives I dont believe that for a minute, they are just scared to break out of the cult. Will take some time until the pressure cooker goes off
>>3331 Wait no, I was wrong. My apologies.
Open file (62.13 KB 543x468 tranny.png)
>>3350 The memes just write themselves with these people.
Open file (83.67 KB 627x744 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (107.23 KB 657x769 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (138.25 KB 625x967 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 674x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.16 MB 720x1280 CT01K7DTGm7Lap7X.mp4)
Trump signs executive order on statues: >I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues - and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country! https://archive.vn/FMBX4 >INBOX: @realDonaldTrump's EO to protect (confederate) statues is nuts: "Many of the rioters, arsonists, and left-wing extremists...have explicitly identified themselves with ideologies -- such as Marxism -- that call for the destruction of the United States system of government." https://archive.vn/JbeNn Atlanta water supply disrupted, "water main break": >We’re out of water all across East Atlanta @CityofAtlanta. What’s happening?? https://archive.vn/gn9SQ >yep, major water main break at Hemphill plant... picture shared from my neighborhood (Reynoldstown) Facebook group https://archive.vn/zTZ1F >@11AliveNews Massive water main break on Georgia Tech’s campus. Large chunk of Midtown without water. https://archive.vn/u7TQb
>>3394 Well shit, did Trump finally find his balls? It's about damn time.
>>3394 That's good news, thanks Anon.
>>3394 Where is the "crazy" part of that Executive Order? Aside from pointing out claims by and facts about many of the people destroying monuments and advocating for BLM, all it does is say "yeah we should follow these two laws that were already implemented over a decade ago"
>>3402 The one calling it crazy was a (((Feinberg))).
>>3394 Is this fuckstick really calling destruction of property and monuments 'freedom of speech' because its they think it should be torn down?
Open file (864.29 KB 640x640 7cmqR289CaNyUMhC.mp4)
Open file (1020.88 KB 768x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.10 KB 856x115 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Shootouts, carjackings in Minneapolis, local government hires private security after defunding police. BLM raids Californian suburbs. >A recent gunfight in the streets of Minneapolis. Exact date, location and source are unknown. https://archive.is/NxYNr >‘Organized’ and violent juvenile robbery, carjacking spree spans metro >A violent group of 35 to 40 teens has been terrorizing residents in a series of armed robberies and carjackings >An organized group of juveniles has been terrorizing the metro and committing robberies and carjackings since early June. One spree last week that spanned three cities ended in a violent crash in Northeast Minneapolis sending two of the suspects to the hospital, while two others fled. >Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher is raising the alarm about dangerous and violent groups of teenagers he says are responsible for most of the recent spike in violent crime. Fletcher’s remarks were made in an interview this week after it was reported that the city of St. Paul has seen 50 armed robberies since June 1 and 20 carjackings in two weeks. >A spree of seven carjackings happened last Friday before the suspects crashed in Northeast Minneapolis. The spree started in the city of Maplewood in the late afternoon with three carjackings in rapid succession, follow by three more in St. Paul throughout the early evening and ended up with a robbery in the Marcy Holmes area of Minneapolis after 10:30 p.m. Officers spotted the suspect vehicle on East Hennepin Avenue following the last robbery and the vehicle crashed and rolled when it tried to flee at a high rate of speed, according to police. >There were reports of at least two violent carjackings in north Minneapolis in the days prior to last Friday’s spree. One reportedly took place on June 16 when armed suspects approached a man around 4:30 p.m. as he exited his vehicle and threatened to shoot him in the stomach. The man’s daughter was still inside the vehicle during the incident and the victim was able to convince the carjackers to let him get his daughter out of the vehicle before they took it. Another was reported near Plymouth and James Avenues around 9 p.m. on June 17 in which three suspects were reported to have guns and fired shots before taking the vehicle. >Sheriff Fletcher said this week that all the incidents are connected to a group of 35 to 40 teenagers and they’re all violent. In almost all cases the suspects are pointing guns at people, Fletcher said. “They approach and ask a simple question to get you off guard, and that allows them to get inside your personal space where they can display a gun or use some kind of force.” >Fletcher said a Washington County judge was even robbed at Marshall and Fairview Avenues in St. Paul this week. >Other carjackings have been reported this week including one in Minneapolis where a care facility employee was assaulted and carjacked just after 2 p.m. on Wednesday on the 2500 block of Portland Avenue South. And another was reported on Wednesday evening, again in Northeast Minneapolis. A report this week said the youngest person taken into custody related to the carjackings so far has been a 12-year-old boy. http://archive.is/RwAmz >Minneapolis Council members get private security after threats >The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned. A city spokesperson said the private security details have cost taxpayers $63,000 over the past three weeks. >The three council members who have the security detail – Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)– have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department. Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham declined to discuss the security measures. >“I don’t feel comfortable publicly discussing the death threats against me or the level of security I currently have protecting me from those threats,” said Cunningham in a text message. Cunningham added that the security is temporary. >Councilmember Andrea Jenkins said she has been asking for security since she was sworn in. She said current threats have come in the form of emails, letters, and posts to social media. “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” wrote Jenkins in an email. >Councilmember Cano did not return messages seeking comment. >Minneapolis mayors have traditionally had a security detail provided by a Minneapolis Police officer who also functions as the mayor’s driver. The thirteen council members are not given the same protection. >Asked why Minneapolis Police are not providing security services to the three council members, a city spokesperson said MPD resources are needed in the community. The hourly cost of private security is similar to the cost for a police officer, the spokesperson added. http://archive.is/xqZ4u >Back into the residential streets "Wake yo ass up!" https://archive.is/KfKuD
>>3427 >gubbermint hiring private security for police duties Huh, seems all those dystopian cyberpunk novels were right in the end.
>>3280 >Born in Norway >come to America to die in a war for ungrateful niggers Sounds like something Sweden would do instead. Wait, were Sweden and Norway one back then?
>>3437 Yes the were. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, it was decided that Sweden would get to take Norway away from Denmark so the Russia could keep Finland.
>>3427 And this is what the 3 council members look like. We don't even need parody anymore when real life is like this.
Open file (107.90 KB 489x652 13_3.jpg)
>>3159 >Is this fuckstick really calling destruction of property and monuments 'freedom of speech' he clearly said the opposite several times you illiterate nigger. >>3394 >Main break not a big deal. happens all the time. They'll shut off the big main, do the repair, and reopen the mains. then divide up the lost water cost among everyone's water bill (or just those that cant prove how much they owe because of property disputes and meter issues). The only thing that can complicate things if there are riots or virus that prevent the repairs, or if it happened on a large non-standard main size and replacement/repair parts are absent. this happened in NYC a few years back so water was out in some places for about 4-5 days but i dont think atlanta's water system is anywhere nearly as complicated as NYC. iicr a 56" main blew and NYC didnt have any clamps and had to essentially use a more common size like 42" and stretch it over and then pour concrete on it>>3394
>>3450 Might be worse if you jackhammer (Open and close the water valve all the way really fast) a fire hydrant since it usually injures/kills someone while taking out the entire main. >mfw modern terrorism in US is some dude jackhammering fire hydrants on a busy street
>>3285 >Some end up on Easter Island, and build giants to mock their enemies Genetics have implied the original settlers were pacific islanders rather than injuns. Sure enough it fits to the t pacific islanders/war escapees being master sailors. >white explorers make landfall on many of the islands and witness whites I lost trace there, pacific islanders were white, the race war in the crescent/caucasus area had the dark skinned ones run away and become white all of the sudden, i don't get it, doesn't link the genetics done in Easter Island and your story >all the whites died off from disease, presumably spread by the explorers Everyone and their dogs died of disease, that's true and same with south america elites being known to be clear eyed and light-haired, along with some injuns having those traits but with their red skin. I can easily believe the race war and migration of highly skilled groups, because there's plenty of evidence of both, but the pearly white thing always seems odd to me if a bit wewuz. Those guys are most probably not the same stock of white as the one we know, and many do describe them by eyes and hair but with different skin, nor pink or white but reddish (sunburn or a different one). By description they might as well be also light-haired koryaks in the case of the native american tales, grey aliens in the case of the olmecs and toltecs and some sort of heavily sunburned vikings in the case of the incans. Fucking injuns and their lack of subject description skills. >>3292 Very well put, also worth adding around the context of the discussion (30,000 or 12,000 years) that Qing is the dude who invaded most states and killed tons of men, banging all the locals with what can be considered han troops, around 2000 years ago to accomplish some sort of pax qink that ended up with the guy never sleeping at ease due to the amount of plots against him. A massive mongreling scheme that contrasts with the Shanghai phenomenon of various different races "originating" from a small area in the northeast of said China territory.
>>3451 firehydrants have a cutoff to prevent that from really being an issue. fire hydrants are very easy to cut off from the main water supply. the firehydrant would be out of commission until replaced, but the flushing of firehydrants is fairly common.
Open file (97.33 KB 625x461 1444940623223.gif)
>>3400 >Well shit, did Trump finally find his balls? It's about damn time. Only if the statues go back to their pedestals >>3427 Literally Liberian warfighter tier
>>3454 Damn, that's probably because my department pipes are old as fuck Lead pipe joke here. When that dude on mutual aid jacked the hydrant they had to shut down the entire main (We're also bumfuck nowhere county too so that might also be a reason)?
>>3464 yea, hydrants here dont leak water if a car was to hit them because it would snap at the stem. we also have a very old infastructure with very old lead pipes. the parts that have lead though were replaced with ductile iron so that they could properly attach the entire hydrant fixture onto it. for example in pic1 the supply main could possibly be lead, but not the gate valve or anything after it. You could have just a really old hydrant, or they may have put one in where installing its own valve wasnt practical. its standard here now but there are still hydrants that dont have them because that standard is only "fairly" recent. i also used to work for a place that accidentally tapped a hydrant into a gas service line because the maps were too old and illegible. testing from the outside was impossible because of the ground water making them think the pipe had condensation It's also possible you have a wet barrel hydrant vs dry. we use dry because of increased freezing concerns but wet barrel are more common in warmer climates.
>>3427 >35 to 40 teens Hmm... I wonder what color they are...
Thanks the to the niggening I haven't been able to buy any fucking ammo. No .223 in any of the LGS or the shitty big box stores, I managed to nab the last 3 boxes of .357 sig but it's high end shit so now I can't use it for target practice without feeling like a retard. On that subject, can you drop a .40 barrel in a glock 33 or will I blow my face off?
>>3427 >Organized’ and violent juvenile robbery, carjacking spree spans metro Translation: Disorganized, nigger mobs acting like niggers.
>>3427 >My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city >stronk independynt: It's not the nigg's fault, its the ebil nahdzees!11
>>3503 I believe you can swap .357 SIG and 9mm barrels into their .40s so I wouldn't be surprised if you could. .357 SIG is a little more energetic than .40 so you may have a slide that doesn't want to cycle the action.
>>3506 I believe he could get different recoil springs.
>>3506 so I should probably replace the slide too just to be safe. I don't see a lot of info online about swapping the barrels on these specific glocks so I was kind of unsure about it. I don't really want to get another glock just for one caliber, I like my 33 a lot.
>>3508 Recoil springs are a lot cheaper than slides, maybe 20$. I'd definitely try with the stock springs before buying a slide.
>>3508 Midway has a G33 .40 conversion barrel for $65 right now. Debate is open on whether you need .40SW mags as well. Many say you don't, some say you do. Mag followers look to be nearly identical. You do not need to replace the slide.
>>3476 We have wet barrels. IT doesn't even go close to freezing here usually.
>>3510 The dimensions are very similar. Looks like .40 S&W is the parent case of the .357 SIG. Base is almost identical and overall length of the .40 is only 0.005" shorter than the .357. I'd try with the .357 mags and, since the gun is already a small one, the stock springs before buying anything more than a barrel.
>>3529 .40 is the parent case to .357sig, a lot of .40 guns can be converted to .357 with a sping and barrel change.
Open file (83.68 KB 634x966 Chachpoya.jpg)
>>3452 >all this handwringing and doubt You realise there are literally Caucasian mummies in Peru, right? It's not that complicated.

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