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what's a war board without a conflict?

a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
Hello people, newest edition. As usual, any new text is in green so you can find it more easily. Still hoping for contributions from any writefags (remember it doesn't need to be all your own info, just let me know if you're quoting so I can edit the text and avoid copyright breaches). Topics I would appreciate input on: > Tribe-building > post-shtf social organization and management > any images showing defense of a building > any other images that anons feel would clarify the material > basic OPSEC stuff for any normies who read the book > literally any shit that you think would be good to throw in somewhere >>6432 >What about not-sugar? Probably ok - do what you think is best, strelok, I'm no nutritionist: > "If you need anything more specific than this regarding your diet, go and see a nutritionist, not a personal trainer." - page 50
>>6495 Aquaculture is not feasibly unless you have very little fish. Since you will be constantly trying to add nutrients to the system from my experience. You might be able to get away with a aquapontics (fish + hydropontics in seperate but linked tanks). If you don't filter out quite a bit of fish shit you're plants are gonna taste like fish though. Hydropontics relies on you having certain chemicals like hydrated lime depending on your water composition.
>>7252 For tribe building you can put in something for cooking or some sort of meal prep as well as assigning roles per person to accomplish tasks. Id like to help with the project as best I can.
I shouldn't have to say this but don't post (((discord))) links please. I'm all for Streloks collaborating and giving feed back on things like a world turned upside-down but if you need to communicate in private for some reason just exchange disposable email addresses.
>>7428 >Id like to help with the project as best I can. Thank you strelok. >>7431 In that case, can anyone suggest a free email that does not require an existing email or phone number to create? I use a completely separate browser through a VPN to post on here and it does not play well with the usual disposable sites that allow you to do that like mail.com
>>7519 There's cock.li, but I've had people tell me they're compromised. They never elaborated on that so I don't know.
>>7431 >Disposable email addresses Why not set up a channel on IRC? From what I understand Rizon let's you do that for free, gives you a BNC for free after two weeks if you want one (updates you on what happened while you were gone when you log in), doesn't enforce their own rules unless you start a child pornography ring or something similar, and it's tried/true.
>>7546 >let's set up more IRC cabals If someone has something to say they should post it. All this dicking around with chat and dicksword and god knows what else is the death of imageboards. The only reasons someone could have for wanting to PM others are >meet ups Gay glowshit. >buying shit Gay merchant shit, also probably glowing. >dramafaggotry and circle jerking No comment needed. Mods can have their own private meta board. I'm deeply suspicious of chat bullshit.
>>7548 As opposed to imageboard meet ups which always glow and also involve cum brownies, ">buying online" at all, and the gay dramafaggotry and circlejerking that very clearly happens here and on most other imageboards? What do you want? What do you think there is as far as options for internet communication goes? It's either deal with circlejerks or fuck off somewhere IRL and buy from some fag you talk to on the regular, which at the end of the day is probably safer and less likely to get you v& than doing any of this shit online. Things are very grim strelok. Not niggerpill grim yet, but the world is fucking stupid and the internet is the worst it has ever been in regards to not getting arrested for what should be legal activities.
>>7519 Very well... Email me at burnyboi123@gmail.com
>>7596 >gmail Nigger.
Open file (86.05 KB 1078x1234 1561927749248.jpg)
>>7596 >>7603 You should probably use cock.li like >>7538 said I've heard people say it's be compromised but I've never seen any proof of that being the case. Also what info do you have to give jewgle in order to make a gmail? I haven't had a gmail account for a long time.
>>7605 Literally nothing. Fake name, fake DOB, and a burner emai address. Literally made the thing in 5 seconds flat.
>>7605 >>7606 Don't touch ANY jewgle service, If you're going through the clearnet or even TOR all your actions WILL be profiled. Cock.li asks for a password and is 100% better for burner accounts.
>>7608 Addendum: Cock.li has been compromised in the past, (Edgy hitler jokes lead to a raid by the German police) but does not use anything to track you beyond storing your emails. On the other hand, Google uses multiple different methods to track users across accounts and services. Fuck off with your glownigger antics.
>>7605 Ok whatever... burnyboi@cock.li Fucking send it
>>7605 Indy's a cool guy
>>7538 >>7605 >>7609 Ok well, fine. I've made AWTUDwriter@cock.li - I won't be using it for anything else. Not sure why you're all so shy about simply posting writefag shit on here that can simply be added but whatever. >>7428 Building tribe starts with: >a) selecting a small (up to maybe 5) group of people you would implicitly trust with your life, even if you had to tell them you just killed somebody. >b) getting their immediate family on-board with your preps, and if possible their extended family. These mean: >c) there needs to be an explanation of how to find, attract, and filter for those trusted people- you can't just write a "gunfags wanted" post on 4chin or here of jewbook and expect anyone decent to rock up. >c) there needs to be a how-to written of all that shit. c/d are what I need help writing up the most. I have a couple of relatives, but that just sort of happened. People who don't have that naturally will need to be taught hot to sort out potential strelo/k/s from the generic retards who just wanna play war. >>7596 >>7610 Ok, sent you two a hello.
Guys, think of this book as almost a kind of crowdsourced thing. Whatever field of knowledge any of you have, please contribute some text, even just a paragraph. If you're too shy to post here, that's cool, send whatever info you want to contribute in an email. If it's especially long, please send it as a .txt file, not a word document.
>>7654 Did we not have the old meetup map?
>>7699 > the old meetup map That's been dead for a while though. And what if the book gets reposted someplace else?
>>7806 lets revive it...?
>>8018 I'd do it if I didn't have the bandwith of a blm protestor. There's a great machine shop playlist under this channel. If someone could rip out and upload the videos in a compressed zip I'd be happy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMm_Cq-8nRfVz6niVbVQNQ Meanwhile have an old copy of the do/k/ument before inifnitychan went down >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f4294ed6278a78be6200131044a7e058017c2dbf&dn=The+Do%2Fk%2Fument&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.istole.it%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.ccc.de%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337 A copy of the gentooman library >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0bbfaaf5f469a2bd3d762f6942a302f7014a35e9&tr.1=udp://tracker.ccc.de:80&tr.2=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:6969/announce&tr.3=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce.php&tr.4=http://bttrack.9you.com/:8080/announce&tr.5=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce&tr.6=http://bitflip.uni.cx:6969/announce&kt=http://www.bt2magnet.com As with all things you should be paranoid and check them for malicious software, and probably keep it hidden away on a USB to a computer airgapped. The PDF is spoilered as is it about the great replacement, ala brenton tarrant >pic and video unrelated I have never seen a tacticool set of cat ears before but now I can't view helmets in the same way ever again
Open file (123.68 KB 1209x1106 1471714805982.png)
Open file (931.16 KB 2504x6000 1603744505240.jpg)
>>8036 sage for shameless doublepost but is important I should read: forgot add that the doc/k/ument is missing some areas in the torrent so you'll only be partially finished. If anyone wants to help me find these files and put a new tracker that'd be great: > Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun ~2.7 Gb >AGI- Heat Treat and Case Hardening 748.1 Mb >Thompson specs 2.9 mb > AGI- Glass Bedding , partially functional, missing index and index needs to be rebuilt to find video. > AGI- spring course, 791 mb >The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding- Knifemaker, index broken, 499mb, missing transcript in rtf. Cheers fellow streloks.
>>8037 Those are all, except for the thompson, in the ark torrent. It's looks like the thread it was posted in is gone though, after someone limited the page count to 3 and kept no back-ups. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:NVZKBUJ5AUHW5UABPH75IKKLKSLRIFAK&dn=The%20Ark
Did anyone every grab all the PDF from infinitycuck or do I have to go back to that boomer site now to rip them?
>>7262 What about chickens?
Open file (37.09 KB 600x420 DKPg4vPWAAANVjq.jpg)
>>9818 I'd wager you'd have to keep them close and make sure they don't get eaten by foxes or something. But I'm notwell informed with that. I'm a agrifield strelok and I did a lot of research into hydro/aqua since its related to my field. >in re hydro/aquapontics If you're interested check this PDF, its 50mb so too large to fucking upload here. Feel free to ask any questions. It's a lot more in depth than random strelok on a tibetan basket weaving fourm. http://www.fao.org/3/a-i4021e.pdf https://archive.is/9vRvg Archive can't save it all Some things to take note: >if you use plastic totes, place them in a room, because UV will absolutely rape it >Put your biofilm somewhere dark because UV will rape it >get a pH probe, EC meter, and ammonia tests. Those will help you a lot. >might want to read up on your plumbing, lots of PVC/ stainless steel work. >if you use moving bed bio reactors, make sure to keep it away from heat and light because it will get raped (some light is ok) Feel free to ask for clarifications. absolutely haram that afd chan isn't wearing shoes but wearing socks...
thank you for making this
Any news?
>>10300 You're welcome. And anyone who wants to contribute anything is also welcome. Write up some shit and I'll include it - I'll even credit you in the book! >>11722 Newest copy. Been busy with IRL stuff so not much has been updated. Took me ages to find the graph I included on page 18.
Hello streloks. Latest version. I've added a lot of historical stuff that should clarify several points (I hope). Remember to send an email with any text you might want to contribute to this, or post links on here or write stuff on here to stuff that could be added or useful. I don't check the email often (sorry!), but any input would be appreciated. Also if anyone wants to name the hypothetical political system I've sketched out in the book, feel free to suggest some names.
>>14337 its looking really good. id suggest information on how normalfags can get training. carbine classes, EMT classes, CPR classes etc etc. its not productive to hammer on how important skill is without explaining how to get more of it.
>>14337 1. Put the scenario (*turning cars away based on the driver's race*) back at the front, that was the best part. 2. Make the sections separate: You keep jumping from political theory, to food storage, to psychological theory, to gun advice every two pages. It makes it hard to follow.
>>14337 Keep up the good work Strelok. Comparing where I left off when you initially made this thread to your latest iterration left me a bit shocked at how much effort you placed into this book. I wont try to give you too much praise or critique as I have yet to finish but the intro is significantly more captivating than I remember. Quality post.
>>14407 >id suggest information on How about you type up some stuff on that and contriboot?
>>14337 I think a second look at lighter forms of body armor (special threat plates in a pair are closer to 12 pounds with PC rather than 20 as the gear section notes) would be appreciated. While I agree with the general concept behind not treating armor as an "always-have-it" decision, especially due to the lack of medical professionals present in a whoopsydoo situation, a lot of good armor's gotten much lighter and comfortable to wear for longer durations and making sure your chest rig/belt rig can be up-armored without hassle is a good thing to have ready.
Open file (75.64 KB 640x921 marsoc short card.jpg)
>>14445 >How about you type up some stuff on that and contriboot? your right strelok. ill stop being a lazy faggot. just add this passage wherever you feel it fits or reword it to fit in existing passages idk idc Regardless of what weapon system or equipment you chose you will need to be proficient with it. Shooting skill means nothing if you or your buddies are dead so take a first aid class. these are readily available basically everywhere thanks to the Red cross. https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/first-aid now you need to be proficient with your rifle. if you can stomach giving money to the NRA they do offer plenty of classes geared mostly towards uninitiated shooters. There isnt really a monolithic organization dedicated towards firearms training for civilians so to develop skill you are going to need to search for local carbine, long rifle, precision shooting, and pistol courses. If you live near them and/or can afford to travel to and take them the boomer at Thunder ranch and Pat McNamara Know their shit and teach it well. that's also why they command such a high premium. You are also going to want more CQC centric training just to keep all your bases covered. Though they are few and far between classes like Shivworks' ECQC do provide some practical if less conventional training. Lots of martial arts are practically useless, but if you can train yourself to strike(with your hands) and grapple, you will be better off for it. Join a boxing/wrestling gym or get into MMA. (i like your page on physical strength but im also going to recommend convectional powerlifting programs, many of which are free and highly tested. Starting strength for example. https://iteroni.com/embed/nhoikoUEI8U https://iteroni.com/embed/p2OPUi4xGrM https://iteroni.com/embed/rxD321l2svE https://iteroni.com/embed/2ggG1M2gGes its a lot easier to lug around heavy gear when you can squat 300lbs once than when you can squat 180lbs 15x Source: me. also here is a marsoc short card focusing on cardiovascular endurance. these exercises should be done back to back with little or ideally no rest in-between. only rest between sets of the whole card.)
Highly appreciate your recommendation for "Forging the Hero". A lot of the stuff in your book seems very greatly marked by the concepts elucidated in Mosby's work and I'd encourage other anons to give it a read as well. It's fantastic.
>>14413 > (*turning cars away based on the driver's race*) Oh? Something I never said/wrote? No. If you can't seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of people you would turn away from your tribe's hometown would be white, I can't help you. I mention race because it's such a problem here in the US for us, one that will be worse in a major crisis. I am also writing for our friends in Europe, who have their own issues. If you're stupid enough to accept whites into your tribe's homeland just because they are white.... you deserve everything that happens to you, and everything that those "whites" do to your children is on you. Those lovely "whites" you plan to let in will act just about like the saxons did with the celts: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=CH8JcBKb1W4 >>14465 I do mention that it's situation-dependent, but even soft armor isn't something you can wear 24/7.
>>14475 >>14475 That's excellent work strelok, I'll add it to the fitness section.
>>14567 Now the amazing thing is if anyone has the other books he wrote in digital form.... even though I hate depriving Mosby of income, there's not that many streloks, surely?
Latest edition. Enjoy, review, let me know what you think and what you want added.
Version 2.0.7 I managed to screw up the new text so a few new parts are not colored green. Thanks to the guy who emailed me, I'll drop your stuff into the next version once I find some new images for it.
>>15946 its fun watching this evolve. are there any parts you aren't particularly happy with or any other information you think would be useful/helpful to add that i can help with?
>>16121 > any parts you aren't particularly happy with I'm slooowly fixing the order and grouping of the parts- I know it's kind of fucked up. I'm building this from pieces taken from several places, re-written a bit to shorten them and jammed together. I doubt it's ever going to be a nice polished thing like you would find in a book shop. > any other information you think would be useful/helpful to add that i can help with? If there's anything you're an expert on or know a lot about yes please, write your knowledge up and post it here. Or email me (I check it roughly once a month.) You'll notice I used the physical training stuff the strelok contributed >>14475. Feel free to do the same as him.
>>16265 I have attached a link to because smh no rtf/txt file, of which I hope that you may find useful in this book, they currently finished (or much less started) but they will be eventually as I finish working on them. Does anyone have a replacement for pastebin after they went woke? I'm using ghostbin rn but it seems a bit meh Included are: >section on vegetables (soon, after I finish tree crops) >section on tree crops (WIP) >Value of TIME and the necessity of HOROLOGY (DONE - Needs sources). >Metric versus imperial, which to use? (Soon) https://ghostbin.co/paste/24z6

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