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a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
>>4374 I might get bored enough to write some pseudo-philosophical stuff at some point or go through and edit stuff myself but that's down the road. My point is just that it is currently not robust.
>>4374 Don't forget to include a source of electrolytes. They are vital to life, end of story. If you're deficient in electrolytes, your muscles end up cramping. If you're deficient enough, your heart stops beating. Remember: You're gonna be sweating, and you're gonna lose a lot of your electrolytes in the process. Lord knows how much sweat unfit nec/k/beards would make bugging out in pounds of tacticool gear on a hot summer's day.
>>4391 P.S. Sodium is the most abundant electrolyte in your bloodstream, and would naturally be the one most excreted in sweat, but that doesn't mean you should just bring some table salt. You also need other equally important electrolytes such as magnesium, phosphate, and potassium. There are companies that make complete electrolyte supplements, and they can either be chewed, dissolved in water, or swallowed as caplets. It would be very prudent to carry some in a watertight container on your person.
Turning a garbage can into a pill box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEA8ct7t5E0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFfGHW9xVSg Making spikes to stop cars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOmq4u3go_0 Didn't feel like writing down the information , so here's the videos.
>>3743 Newest version, several large structural changes to make the whole thing flow more logically, still working on sorting them out. >>3748 Is the offer of a proof-reader (editor?) still open? If so, I suspect I will need one soon. If anyone wants to draft up some writing, look for groups of asterisks (eg: ***) in the file, copy and paste the sentence, and throw whatever you thought up together. I will edit it to be shorter and to fit into the rest. I don't care if you copied it from elsewhere. >>4407 >>4432 Thanks.
>>4485 Also, I'm looking for a good-quality image or diagram to show what a fortified house prepared for defense would look like. Anyone got anything?
Hi kids, here's my draft on physical training, I'll break it into sections due to the character limit: FIT TO FIGHT, FIT TO SURVIVE: It will be important for you and your fellows to be physically fit to withstand the stresses that life will bring you. This will also ensure you remain healthy and can withstand fatigue and hard work (farming without machine tools is hard work as well). There is no need to be as fit as say, an Olympic-level athlete, but you should at least be able to do the following prior to SHTF: > Run for 2miles (3km) in 20 minutes (max) without being completely out of breath at the end. > Depending on age, be able to perform the following amount of push-ups within two minutes: anyone between 18 and 25 should be able to do at least 35 push-ups. Between 25-35, at least 30, between 35-45 25, 45-55 20, etc. These are minimums. > Carry a person of roughly your own body-weight to safety at a run for a hundred yards/metres. > With weapon, full gear and loaded pack, speed-march for 10 miles (16km), taking no more than a quarter-hour per mile, and arrive fit to fight at the end of it. > Be able to physically push an aggressive person of roughly your own body-weight off yourself so you can draw a concealed weapon if they are trying to grapple you. To achieve these minimum standards as laid out above, you will need to work out. There are two main ways to work out - 1) Strength training, which uses low rep/ high weight - you won't look fancy, but you may end up able to throw someone across a room (this is the one we will focus on, for obvious reasons.) VS 2) "Looks" training, which uses high rep/low weight - makes you look good, does build some endurance, but can't actually do shit unless you keep adding weight. Needs expensive equipment. To start improving your strength and fitness, find out your max reps to failure (MRTF) of push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and squats. For some of you that will be 1, for others a few more. Record this initial number for each exercise, then subtract two, up to a minimum of one rep. (eg. if you can do 2 push-ups before your arms give out, that would be 1 push-up. If you can do 5, it would be 3, and so on.) We will call this number "MRTF-2", it is obviously going to be a different value for each exercise type. Ensure you can perform the movements correctly and safely - see how to perform PROPER push-ups here so that you don't waste your time and risk injury: https://www.t-nation.com/training/push-ups-youre-doing-them-wrong If you are extremely unfit or obese, then it may be best to initially do your push-ups pivoting on your knees instead of your toes, until you lose a little weight and gain more strength. See the paragraph on exercise diet at the end of this section.
>>5219 To correctly perform a sit-up, lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and hook your feet under a secure brace or overhang - the lower edge of a bed is perfect for this. Then, lightly put your hands flat on your thighs, arms slightly bent, keeping your neck straight so that you can breathe easily- don't lean your head forward otherwise you won't breathe right. Bend at the hips to raise your body. As soon as your fingertips hit your kneecaps, drop back down immediately. It is best to do this to a timed cadence like the British Royal Marines do. Refer to this video, you may wish to download it. Raise your body at the beep. It is quite a punishing pace for a beginner, but will very rapidly build your core strength as you progress: https://invidio.us/watch?v=ZpZHcExCIY4 I suggest that after waking up, brushing your teeth and shaving, on weekdays (Monday to Friday), you perform your MRTF-2 of push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. Then, after a 5-10 minute rest (if you actually need it), do a one-mile (1.6km) run at the fastest speed that does not force you to stop and catch your breath (be sure to time your runs to track your improvement). When you get back, do your MRTF-2 of squats, then stretch thoroughly. This whole exercise process including the run, should not take you more than an hour at most. It takes me less than 30min. After this, stretch out your muscles, shower, have your breakfast, and go on about your normal day. (Refer to the stretches here: [add link from 4chan /fit/ sticky]) When you reach the point where you find this easy to do, then run the same distance aiming for a faster time, and add ONE push-up, TWO sit-ups, ONE chin-up, and ONE squat. Do this each time you get to the point you find the exercises easy. You should add sit-ups slightly faster than the other exercises, as this strengthens your core muscles, and the exercise is somewhat less intense on the musculoskeletal structure. Keep track of your progress as you go - it will take some time to build up your ability if you start out unfit. Saturday should be your rest day, and Sunday should be a double-length run (2miles/~3km) followed by a series of weight exercises to develop upper-body strength, such as one-arm front and lateral kettle-bell raises (these develop the muscles that enable you to push away an opponent.) To perform kettle-bell raises, hold your arm straight down holding the kettle-bell, then swing it smoothly in a controlled fashion through a 180 degree arc until your arm is pointing straight up. Then lower it through the same arc under control - don't just let it drop down. The raise and the lower should each take one full second to perform, count it by thinking "one mississippi" on the upswing, hold it for a half-second ("ah-two") and then count "three mississippi" on the downswing. Do your personal MRTF-2 for both front and lateral raises. Again, start with your own personal MRTF-2 for that exercise and build up over time as you start finding it easy, eventually adding a weighted pack to your run and gradually increasing the weight.
>>5220 Notice that so far, the only piece of equipment needed to perform all the exercises described is a kettle-bell, easily improvised by filling a 50-cal ammunition box or some other durable container or bag with sand or dirt until it weighs about 16lbs (~8kg) if you're broke. Once you get strong enough to require more weight, look into a professional kettle-bell of around 24lbs (~12kg) (depending on your ability), or fill the ammo can with something heavier than sand. I make no concessions for the ladies - they need to keep up or else. On top of this, you should regularly perform the regimen suggested in the backpack section, at the very least once a month, to ensure you can perform the 10-mile speed-march. Once you start getting to the point you can comfortably perform more than the minimums for each exercise category I've described, I suggest looking into the training methods developed by former SPETSNAZ fitness instructor Pavel Tsatsouline. His methods emphasize kettle-bell, barbell, and bodyweight strength training. In a nutshell, his method focuses on picking 5 different overall-body exercises, (Say...dips, pull-ups, squats, dumbbell side bends, and barbell curls) and performing them 5 days each week (M-F), stopping each training session a couple of reps short of failure, similar to the training regimen I suggested above. By the time you get to this point, your Sunday 2-mile run time should be well under 20 minutes. A Simple But Effective Exercise Diet - I was hesitant to recommend an exercise diet initially, but then realised that some readers might try using a useless fad diet if I didn't say something, so here goes with a bit of basic dietary advice: You do not need to have a special diet to lose weight and build strength, you will merely need to change the proportions a little to take in more of what you need and less of what you don't. Good things to eat are things like lean meat, lots of leafy greens (eg. spinach, cabbage, kale, lettuce, broccoli, and other collard greens) and fresh fruit. Bad things include shit like processed, fatty foods (eg. McDonalds) and sweet sugary crap such as sodas and candy. At most, have one such meal a month to reward your improvement, maximum. You should somewhat reduce but not eliminate the amount of carbs (eg. bread, rice, pasta), and fats (eg. butter, oil, lard) you eat. Especially if you're trying to lose that spare tyre of fat around your gut, limit yourself to just one small portion of whatever you're eating, but fill up with salad to stop the hunger, and don't use anything other than plain vinegar (balsamic vinegar for flavor) on the salad. You don't need to waste your money on protein powders or bars if you're eating enough lean red meat or chicken - always trim off the fat and discard it. Avoid stuff like gatorade and drink plain water to hydrate instead - the sugar content is harmful to your diet, and as long as you're eating a healthy mixed diet daily, you will be getting quite enough electrolytes from your food. If you need anything more specific than this regarding your diet, go and see a nutritionist, not a personal trainer.
Open file (141.20 KB 800x600 lard.jpeg)
>>5221 Is animal fat bad for you if you are trying to lose body fat? I forgot where I might have heard this, probably on 8chan's /fit/ a few years ago. It was something about how sugar companies paid off scientists to say bad things about fat so they could sell more sugar and margarine. Also, a question regarding drinks besides water, what would you recommend? Is home made orange juice or grape juice okay? Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? And one final thing, what are the best species of cock roaches to make into protein shakes? (^:
>>5225 It's fine if you're going for ketosis. Ketosis will help you lose fat but it doesn't help you gain muscle for obvious reasons, though you definitely can by adding more protein than ketofags recommend. The most important thing is to stop eating garbage American food. t. not OP and also a fatass
>>5225 Eating vegetables is important, but fat is (generally) good for you. The thing you're keeping in mind is the glycemic index of food. Foods rich in protein or fat (usually) have a low glycemic index. Most people think of glycemic index in relation to blood sugar control, but a low GI also means the food digests more slowly E.G. it takes longer for you to get hungry. It's not that sugars or fats are particularly better for you. Your body needs a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to function correctly (more active lifestyles requiring more proteins (for repair) and carbs (for energy). Ignore ketone nonsense for a second, keto is a dumb idea when SHTF because it means your body is forming little cinderblocks in your colon. If your goal is losing weight, you want to eat primarily vegetables to fill your stomach while using protein and fats (animal fats being more efficient) to keep yourself from getting hungry. A bagel with cream cheese is just as efficient as bacon and eggs (ignore nutrition where bacon and eggs wins, just talking at a macro level), but the bagel will sit on your stomach for 2 hours while the bacon/eggs will sit there for 4-6 hours. >Beverages I enjoy tea and tisane frequently and plain coffee is good for you. If you're watching your caffeine, I recommend barley tea. You can get a 30 pack on Amazon pretty cheap and 1 bag makes like a liter. Just boil it for five minutes and then sit for an hour. Just chill or drink warm at that point.
>>4374 can anybody share the ranger handbooks on the /pdf/ thread?
>>5225 Losing fat mostly boils down to calories in, calories out. Eating less and cutting out all processed crap is a good place to start. >sugar companies It's just the other end of the spectrum and their propaganda (ketofags). Although, the nutritional science of all fat = bad did turn out to be bullshit in the 2000s despite running until the late 90s. Margarine is just fat. Plant based fat, but fat regardless. Sometimes less fat than butter, which is pure butterfat, as margarine usually has water mixed in with it, so less calories. I don't think fat minimisation is specifically a bad thing, as you can usually find plenty of fat in meat and eggs already which you should always be eating, so trimming it in other areas and doubling down on salads instead is fine. I don't think the traditional idea of having your plate be 50% carb, 25% meat, 25% salad (alternatively a third each, or 10% less carb and put that into meat and salad) is a particularly bad place to start, even if it goes way deeper than that. >juice You might as well drink sugar water, juice is not much more than that but with some vitamins and fibre. Better to eat fruit directly. I just drink probably a few litre of tea every day since it's what I enjoy and there's zero proven ill effects from it. Alcohol is proven to be a good digestive aid, wine, cider and dark beer specifically, so a drink after a meal no more than once a day or once every other day is fine. Other anon mentioned plain coffee. I think saying it's good for you is walking a line, the caffeine is one thing but the acidity probably harms your digestive health if in too great quantities. Just opinion. >Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? I'm not a fan of non-fermented dairy products, milk doesn't contain much more than calcium, sugar and fat. In limited quantities it won't be bad, but since ice cream is a rather concentrated product you are probably just better off eating nuts and raisins if all you want is a snack. My opinion is that nutritional science is still a bit of a mess and as it happens, it's simply everyone else's opinion and them trying to win over other people. Take everything with a grain of salt.
Just a tip, the pictures, especially that one screencap is way too compressed to be legible, i'd also put in more pics for various things, it really helps to make things clear even to the most retarded of retards. Otherwise I really like what's being done here, good job. t.(former) Yugoslav man.
>>5285 Done.
Open file (26.88 KB 291x326 stares.jpg)
>>5225 > Is animal fat bad for you if you are trying to lose body fat? No, unless you're eating large amounts. Lean meat has a little fat, but it's not excessive. > sugar companies paid off scientists to say bad things about fat so they could sell more sugar and margarine. Kind of true, yes, but not quite so clear-cut as that sounds. Sugar is a shitty thing to eat because it causes insulin spikes- most people with diabetes have it because of their shitty, high-sugar diet. > besides water, what would you recommend? Water. Buy a water filter if your local tapwater tastes like ass. A little booze now and then, in moderation. > Is home made orange juice or grape juice okay? Probably, as an occasional treat. Go easy on it though. > Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? I'd suggest no more than one ice-cream cone a week, occasionally. Moderation isn't that hard guys. > And one final thing, what are the best species of cock roaches to make into protein shakes? *vomits violently* What the fuck dude?
Hey guys been busy recently with stuff so only a small update. Enjoy.
Newest version - fresh and clean. Added images where it helped the content. >>5419 >t.(former) Yugoslav man. You would actually probably be the best person on here to respond and provide content to include friend.
>The most importanttake-away from this is that you will NOT be able to depend on hunting to supply food in the first few years after SHTF Why not? Humans were originally hunter/gatherers, and got along fine for millennia. Farming is far more labour intensive, and is more punishing towards failure. Maybe you can't rely on hunting if you live in Europe or America where you've destroyed your forests, but other parts of the world aren't so damned. There are many people in Canada, indigenous and otherwise, who can rely wholly on hunting. As an aside, any disgust about eating insects is obviously a cultural reaction, and a modern one at that. People used to use every part of the animal, which involved eating unappetizing(to us) dishes. Insects are no worse than cow tongues or sheep heads. That being said, I don't think North America has any good food insects, aside from grasshoppers and ants.
>>5460 >I'd suggest no more than one ice-cream cone a week, occasionally. Moderation isn't that hard guys. What about not-sugar? Erythritol can't be processed by the human body so it's basically zero calories. The bacteria in your mouth can't utilize it either so it's good for your teeth.
>>6379 Literally two pages later: "Again, don't expect to hunt for your meat - just as they were hunted to almost extinction by both armies during the US Civil War, deer and other wild creatures will take decades to recover from people's actions."
>>6465 I think aquaculture is your best bet for meat in a long term survival situation.
Hello people, newest edition. As usual, any new text is in green so you can find it more easily. Still hoping for contributions from any writefags (remember it doesn't need to be all your own info, just let me know if you're quoting so I can edit the text and avoid copyright breaches). Topics I would appreciate input on: > Tribe-building > post-shtf social organization and management > any images showing defense of a building > any other images that anons feel would clarify the material > basic OPSEC stuff for any normies who read the book > literally any shit that you think would be good to throw in somewhere >>6432 >What about not-sugar? Probably ok - do what you think is best, strelok, I'm no nutritionist: > "If you need anything more specific than this regarding your diet, go and see a nutritionist, not a personal trainer." - page 50
>>6495 Aquaculture is not feasibly unless you have very little fish. Since you will be constantly trying to add nutrients to the system from my experience. You might be able to get away with a aquapontics (fish + hydropontics in seperate but linked tanks). If you don't filter out quite a bit of fish shit you're plants are gonna taste like fish though. Hydropontics relies on you having certain chemicals like hydrated lime depending on your water composition.
>>7252 For tribe building you can put in something for cooking or some sort of meal prep as well as assigning roles per person to accomplish tasks. Id like to help with the project as best I can.
I shouldn't have to say this but don't post (((discord))) links please. I'm all for Streloks collaborating and giving feed back on things like a world turned upside-down but if you need to communicate in private for some reason just exchange disposable email addresses.
>>7428 >Id like to help with the project as best I can. Thank you strelok. >>7431 In that case, can anyone suggest a free email that does not require an existing email or phone number to create? I use a completely separate browser through a VPN to post on here and it does not play well with the usual disposable sites that allow you to do that like mail.com
>>7519 There's cock.li, but I've had people tell me they're compromised. They never elaborated on that so I don't know.
>>7431 >Disposable email addresses Why not set up a channel on IRC? From what I understand Rizon let's you do that for free, gives you a BNC for free after two weeks if you want one (updates you on what happened while you were gone when you log in), doesn't enforce their own rules unless you start a child pornography ring or something similar, and it's tried/true.
>>7546 >let's set up more IRC cabals If someone has something to say they should post it. All this dicking around with chat and dicksword and god knows what else is the death of imageboards. The only reasons someone could have for wanting to PM others are >meet ups Gay glowshit. >buying shit Gay merchant shit, also probably glowing. >dramafaggotry and circle jerking No comment needed. Mods can have their own private meta board. I'm deeply suspicious of chat bullshit.
>>7548 As opposed to imageboard meet ups which always glow and also involve cum brownies, ">buying online" at all, and the gay dramafaggotry and circlejerking that very clearly happens here and on most other imageboards? What do you want? What do you think there is as far as options for internet communication goes? It's either deal with circlejerks or fuck off somewhere IRL and buy from some fag you talk to on the regular, which at the end of the day is probably safer and less likely to get you v& than doing any of this shit online. Things are very grim strelok. Not niggerpill grim yet, but the world is fucking stupid and the internet is the worst it has ever been in regards to not getting arrested for what should be legal activities.
>>7519 Very well... Email me at burnyboi123@gmail.com
>>7596 >gmail Nigger.
Open file (86.05 KB 1078x1234 1561927749248.jpg)
>>7596 >>7603 You should probably use cock.li like >>7538 said I've heard people say it's be compromised but I've never seen any proof of that being the case. Also what info do you have to give jewgle in order to make a gmail? I haven't had a gmail account for a long time.
>>7605 Literally nothing. Fake name, fake DOB, and a burner emai address. Literally made the thing in 5 seconds flat.
>>7605 >>7606 Don't touch ANY jewgle service, If you're going through the clearnet or even TOR all your actions WILL be profiled. Cock.li asks for a password and is 100% better for burner accounts.
>>7608 Addendum: Cock.li has been compromised in the past, (Edgy hitler jokes lead to a raid by the German police) but does not use anything to track you beyond storing your emails. On the other hand, Google uses multiple different methods to track users across accounts and services. Fuck off with your glownigger antics.
>>7605 Ok whatever... burnyboi@cock.li Fucking send it
>>7605 Indy's a cool guy
>>7538 >>7605 >>7609 Ok well, fine. I've made AWTUDwriter@cock.li - I won't be using it for anything else. Not sure why you're all so shy about simply posting writefag shit on here that can simply be added but whatever. >>7428 Building tribe starts with: >a) selecting a small (up to maybe 5) group of people you would implicitly trust with your life, even if you had to tell them you just killed somebody. >b) getting their immediate family on-board with your preps, and if possible their extended family. These mean: >c) there needs to be an explanation of how to find, attract, and filter for those trusted people- you can't just write a "gunfags wanted" post on 4chin or here of jewbook and expect anyone decent to rock up. >c) there needs to be a how-to written of all that shit. c/d are what I need help writing up the most. I have a couple of relatives, but that just sort of happened. People who don't have that naturally will need to be taught hot to sort out potential strelo/k/s from the generic retards who just wanna play war. >>7596 >>7610 Ok, sent you two a hello.
Guys, think of this book as almost a kind of crowdsourced thing. Whatever field of knowledge any of you have, please contribute some text, even just a paragraph. If you're too shy to post here, that's cool, send whatever info you want to contribute in an email. If it's especially long, please send it as a .txt file, not a word document.
>>7654 Did we not have the old meetup map?
>>7699 > the old meetup map That's been dead for a while though. And what if the book gets reposted someplace else?
>>7806 lets revive it...?
>>8018 I'd do it if I didn't have the bandwith of a blm protestor. There's a great machine shop playlist under this channel. If someone could rip out and upload the videos in a compressed zip I'd be happy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMm_Cq-8nRfVz6niVbVQNQ Meanwhile have an old copy of the do/k/ument before inifnitychan went down >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f4294ed6278a78be6200131044a7e058017c2dbf&dn=The+Do%2Fk%2Fument&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.istole.it%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.ccc.de%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337 A copy of the gentooman library >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0bbfaaf5f469a2bd3d762f6942a302f7014a35e9&tr.1=udp://tracker.ccc.de:80&tr.2=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:6969/announce&tr.3=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce.php&tr.4=http://bttrack.9you.com/:8080/announce&tr.5=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce&tr.6=http://bitflip.uni.cx:6969/announce&kt=http://www.bt2magnet.com As with all things you should be paranoid and check them for malicious software, and probably keep it hidden away on a USB to a computer airgapped. The PDF is spoilered as is it about the great replacement, ala brenton tarrant >pic and video unrelated I have never seen a tacticool set of cat ears before but now I can't view helmets in the same way ever again
Open file (123.68 KB 1209x1106 1471714805982.png)
Open file (931.16 KB 2504x6000 1603744505240.jpg)
>>8036 sage for shameless doublepost but is important I should read: forgot add that the doc/k/ument is missing some areas in the torrent so you'll only be partially finished. If anyone wants to help me find these files and put a new tracker that'd be great: > Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun ~2.7 Gb >AGI- Heat Treat and Case Hardening 748.1 Mb >Thompson specs 2.9 mb > AGI- Glass Bedding , partially functional, missing index and index needs to be rebuilt to find video. > AGI- spring course, 791 mb >The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding- Knifemaker, index broken, 499mb, missing transcript in rtf. Cheers fellow streloks.
>>8037 Those are all, except for the thompson, in the ark torrent. It's looks like the thread it was posted in is gone though, after someone limited the page count to 3 and kept no back-ups. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:NVZKBUJ5AUHW5UABPH75IKKLKSLRIFAK&dn=The%20Ark

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