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Open file (25.62 KB 540x342 kizunashoot.jpg)
/k/ video games Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 04:53:04 No.236
I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?
Open file (531.38 KB 1980x1080 2846625.jpg)
The game is to be subtitled Heart of Chernobyl and most-likely a Steam exclusive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNLaKOlXVvw
>>16362 HOLY SHIT NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL KOSHER >PRE-ORDER STANDARD EDITION NOW TO GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES: >Extended Campfire Content: more guitar tunes and tales that you can hear in the game around the stalkers' campfires >'Early bird' Weapon Skin >'Early bird' Costume Skin >'Early Bird' Multiplayer Badge >Steam Pack: Animated Avatar, Animated Avatar Frame & Animated Profile Background >DELUXE EDITION INCLUDES: >Additional Story-Based Side Quest >Single Player: 1 Costume Skin & 3 Weapon Skins >Multiplayer: 2 Costume Skins & 3 Weapon Skins >Digital Artbook >Digital Soundtrack >ULTIMATE EDITION INCLUDES: >Season Pass With Access to All Future DLCs, Including 2 Story Expansions >Additional Story-Based Side Quest >Single Player: 1 Costume Skin & 3 Weapon Skins >Multiplayer: 3 Costume Skins & 7 Weapon Skins for Multiplayer >Digital Artbook >Digital Soundtrack
Open file (421.38 KB 1029x960 unknown.png)
>>16365 I really hate this modern trend of packing useless merchandise along with the game. You are paying more so that you can advertise the product. But then again, normalfags are normalfags, they have to express somehow that they are part of a group by wearing corporate branding.
>>16364 >>16365 I'm a little surprised they'd do this piece meal DLC model, selling quests and fucking dialogue as paid bonus content. Looking back at GSC though you could see they weren't anything that special and the reason their games had personality was because they were poor and learning along the way how to makes games, or how to conform. Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat never had the unintended atmosphere and aura that SoC had and felt they "gamier" than it too, SoC was good on accident. >>16366 You can buy faction patches, a multitool and military surplus backpack for cheaper and of better quality than what GSC will deliver.
Open file (92.23 KB 146x236 SPATOOOOOO.png)
Minimum >Windows 10 >AMD Ryzen 5 1600X / Intel Core i5-7600K >8GB RAM >AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB >150GB available space Recommended >Windows 10 >AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / Intel Core i7-9700K >16GB >AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB >150GB available space
Open file (37.25 KB 641x293 index.png)
Open file (146.50 KB 657x484 index1.png)
STALKER 2 REVEAL TRAILER IS OUT, PRESS F FOR X-RAY AND GAMEPLAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjDMwsbaSd8 Graphics look meh (Not bad for AA, but definitely not AAA tier), also, look at the amount of still shot and dialogue. I suspect that its gonna skyrim tier "sit here and get force fed plot" Note the attachment scope system, my bet is focus is more on gunplay, notice how we only see a few anomalies (mainly DURGA radar). Also, monolith faction leader that is speaking on rooftop? Or perhaps death truck survivor, note he says "she (the zone) gave me life". >>16367 >>16365 >DLC o be fair, the only two I would be okay with are the art packs and music packs, but only if they were non-digital. I remember a long time ago when my Tib sun manual had a lot of artwork and detailed lore. Oh how far they have fallen. >letter from devs as dlc Used to be free shit, good times. >storyline DLC >Mutiplayer DLC >skins >minimum RX 580 Well, I know it's going to be a anthem tier unbalanced piece of shit, and that the AI is going to be fucking SHIT if they spent all their time on this instead of making proper coding for the game. All it will do is look (on the surface) and maybe sound pretty. It won't have the allure of the original.
>saged for double post but for some reason it posted >>16368 >>16370 The sad part is my computer according to that, can barely run S2. GSC better give me an AR zone or they can fuck off with the graphics >still shot I meant where the view is sitting still. Also note no gameplay sprint in the game? I looked over trailer and I see the following anomalies >vortex >Durga radar (Some sort of eletrical one) >Pulse or a gas anomaly (I think it is latter) >fruitpunch in X-18 ? Either that or it is a broken flickering tube light for the mutant testing Also jesus christ that AI in the gunfight is stupid, fucking point blank misses, also note the lack of need to aim.
>>16368 >RX 580 8GB >minimum This seems untrustworthy.
>>16368 >150GB because fuck compressing textures and audio and shit
>>16370 >>minimum RX 580 Why focus on this? This is completely reasonable. It's a surprise that a 6 year old card will even last so long. I have no doubt in my mind that the slavs will make graphics-shittifiers to make it run on an Atom too. If RTX 3060 cards were available, that would be an obvious $300 upgrade path that will probably run most games at high settings for the next 5 years. >>16371 >Also jesus christ that AI in the gunfight is stupid, fucking point blank misses, also note the lack of need to aim. You're retarded. This isn't real gameplay, it's a glorified cinematic. They turn off health and script these setpieces for the sake of trailers. >>16383 Gamers whine too much. If they cut baked lightmaps for RT then most people couldn't run it, and you can't compress textures and keep modern lighting (in which case people complain about graphics.) Audio is a pittance in size. I wish these retarded myths stopped. And who cares? A terabyte of SSD storage is going to be $70 by the time this game comes out.
>>16385 Also, on the minimum spec, with DLSS or AMD FSR I think they might actually be able to reduce the requirements. I presume they have yet to do any real optimisation or have yet to implement either of those, but since this is an Xbox game they will probably add AMD FSR.
>>16385 It's in anon's nature to always find something to complain about, always find a reason to shit on something when discussing this /k/ i've found people that seem to think the glownigger is still BO not to imply that everything is perfect, far from it, but still.
>>16385 >6 years for a gpu My Athlon 64 and FireGL T2-128 are still functioning. As a matter of fact, I can play stalker anomaly on dx8 on it. Granted, I get like 33 FPS on minmum settings.
Open file (56.12 KB 640x480 The Wizard.jpg)
>>16370 I have a 580 but it's the 4GB variant. My Ryzen 7 should be good enough but even then I'm using linux and I'm sure it will be impossible to run through wine. Might have to dualboot 10 but the thought of doing that makes me sick, it's going to take more than one game to make me put that shit on my main PC ever again. >>16391 >2003 card I still have my 9600 Pro, it handles old vidya perfectly. Some things never die
Open file (2.10 MB 330x166 1465486341630.gif)
>>16385 >defending a 150GB install It's ridiculous and impractical to dedicate that much space to a single consumer program/executable/file and I'd rather the game look uglier or have an optional HD install than be forcefed this bloat on my crummy bandwidth. The CPU and GPU requirements seem extreme to me too and probably devs not giving a fuck about poors or those who don't want to drop hundreds or a thousand dollars to upgrade their rig, or getting paid by the hardware kikes to artificially evolve people to new cards.
>>16405 My understanding is that 4K textures is part of the issue, the other part of the issues is that they've basically given up on compressing shit and went with the whole, "It's not our fucking issue". >>16399 >9600 pro Now I hear GPUs die frequently every 3-5 years? I know AMD's Vega is a great meme and Nividia got class auctioned over a 980 or something stupid.
Open file (55.83 KB 592x485 speccy.JPG)
>>16368 >AMD Ryzen 5 1600X / Intel Core i5-7600K >AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
>>16406 How recent is now? I've had my GeForce X00 card for over half a decade now and it's never given me a single issue.
I like a good battlestation same as the next man. I once built a fair-to-middling one, and still have most of the parts. But today, I just can't see myself becoming too invested in NSA-OS 10. The idea that it's literally sending every keystroke, etc., directly to glowniggers today is something I just can't stomach. Actually, today I'm more interested in using GPUs to crunch numbers for AI, so I'm not losing too much sleep over walking away from the Micro$hat botnet. Just about 4 years now.
>>16391 I don't mean 6 years for it to break, I mean 6 years is an eternity for it to remain an up to date part capable of running recent games. A Voodoo card from late 1998 couldn't run anything by mid 2002, and that was seen as perfectly reasonable then. Why isn't it reasonable now, that a 2016 card will "only" be able to run games at minimum settings by late 2022? Get with the times you fucking dinosaurs, tech won't stop moving forward just because you don't like it.
>>16405 >>16406 You could've made the same arguments 20 years ago about games a 10th the size. Games need more data nowadays, which is barely an issue since hardware can process and store more data too
>>16416 More data does not mean better.
>>16416 >more data The growth of data used is not really proportionate (at least in my opinon) to the quality of the product, and in the end that is all that matters to me. Then again, I haven't brought a game since 2016 and that was an indie game. I haven't brought AAA since CNC Generals came out. >>16410 >6 years to remain up to date Fair enough. I've heard my friends **That's a lie nobody on muh 'tisim boards has friends irl** keep having issues with their Nividia 1000+ cards as well as 580 and later cards. I'm not sure if it's because every dumbfuck can build their own pc now or if GPU reliablity just went in the shitter. Case in point, I brought a used case (I'm not paying 120 USD for a case) off a friend who lost 5 GPUs in 3 years, and I tested it and immediately found out it had a short in the casing.
>>16420 Crypto-mining might be distorting the market.
>>16419 >More data does not mean better. No one implied that, that's an entirely different argument. >>16420 >The growth of data used is not really proportionate (at least in my opinon) to the quality of the product, and in the end that is all that matters to me. No one implied that, that's an entirely different argument.
>>16410 >>16416 >that was seen as perfectly reasonable then. Why isn't it reasonable now In the past games visually improved. These days games look like shit, and the lack of visual design means that more intensive graphics don't improve how the game actually looks. Higher performance needing better hardware is reasonable. But if the performance doesn't improve then needing better hardware is unreasonable.
>>16424 "Games need more data" is a pointless statement, it's like restating the system requirement. Why would you do that? The issue that the replies are pointing out is that they require more data for no essential reason, since there is no comparable experiential improvement from the increased data usage that one would expect. Visual improvements lie more on the processing side of things these days, not in raw texture, model, and sound processing. They're unable to maximize the fidelity of what they already have access to but yet they shove in more.
I wish the engine of Metal Gear Solid V had caught on. It uses very simple models and yet it looks very nice due to lightning. It means by tuning down or even switching off all the effects lets the game run on older machines without immediately giving you eye cancer. >>16368 >Windows 10 I have a feeling that the game is important enough for Valve to make it work with Proton, and then it will work on Linux. Not that it's an excuse for anything.
>>16425 I agree, but that's a different argument, the problem then is not their size, but if their size is worth it probably not. >>16427 They seem to be complaining about the size itself and nothing else the replies i replied to you're changing the subject, or not understanding what my original point was. >>16428 >MGSV So many things i wished from that title, wew.
>>16429 >but that's a different argument It isn't a different argument. The question of whether the size is reasonable is inextricably tied to how that size is being used.
>>16429 I was one of the replies and >>16430 was what I meant. New releases carry a lot of raw data but not useful information (content). When you use storage space, the data is implicitly expected to be useful with one of the maxims of computing being garbage in, garbage out: if you feed useless data into a machine, you receive useless output. If you fill up a harddrive with 1TB of soyjaks, that isn't of value to anyone, thus you wouldn't do that, unless you had sufficient cause anti-piracy. Are you autistic?
Open file (564.37 KB 1800x1440 confused.jpg)
>>16416 >Games need more data nowadays Why? What is your definition of "data"? >>16428 I don't think Proton is developed to have games selectively run for it, it's a catch-all emulator and some games get downgraded with new updates for it. >>16429 Why else would we complain about the size? Also the filesize of games has increased exponentially over the past few years, if the game was 30GB or maybe even 40 that'd be understandable but technology hasn't advanced that much to warrant that bulk. I guess that 500GB was what 2TB is today and most mid-high and high-end games ranged from 5GB-15GB so accounting for your Wangblows install that's 470GB meaning each game would take up 1.064%-3.191% of your hard drive per game. For games that are now 75GB-200GB for a 2TB hard drive (OS install negligible) that's 3.75%-10% of your hard drive per game.
>>16433 >HDD space There's also some of us who rock old hard drives with new gear. My oldest disk is a 100GB spin disk, granted it's for swap partion wheras my 500 GB HDD is my main drive I don't believe in SSD and NVME because I don't believe in those being able to be securely erased so far, mainly because of SSD and NVME trim commands being accessble with special firmware only >complaining about size Part of the issue is they don't bother with compression, another fucking issue is DRM (esp denuvo, which basically runs a VM that requires online to retrieve crypto keys from servers that game dev runs, and decrypts and reencrypts every 20 mins, hence why BL3 was laggy as fuck). The anomaly dev team's 4k textures are a total of 2.75GB and the full game is 8.75GB (so around 11GB max, assuming no overwrites) with FOUR fucking render engines (DX 8,9,10,11). Meanwhile, Bad Company was released in 2008 as well and required around 10GB. GSC is not AAA dev, and they never fucking WILL be. EA's Battlefailed 2042 the new one is 50 GB minimum before DLC. There is NO WAY GSC is going to be making more "content" (read: maps, skins, textures) than EA, text and dialouge, should not take up 100 more GB. There is no way that STALKER 2 should use 16GB RAM, that's the same as EA's BF2042. GSC had better put in self learning AI capable of not only pathing and finding artifacts in anomalies, but better be damn capable of reaching the end of the story itself like the original before release. >tl;dr GSC is a wannabe AAA and this release will be worse than clear sky
>>16430 >It isn't a different argument. It's not something either of them brought up, so it is a different argument. >>16432 > If you fill up a harddrive with 1TB of soyjaks If that's what you wanted then that's useful to you, the discussion of whether or not is worth it to have 1TB of soyjacks is different than the discussion regarding if those soyjacks need to be 1TB, my point is that it makes sense they're that heavy because they're many or something, it doesn't really matter if you reply telling me that it is not worth it to have 1TB of soyjacks in the first place then that's a different matter. >Are you autistic? I'm the one that should ask that question >>16433 >Why? What is your definition of "data"? The binary data that compromises the game, more is needed in general to account for all the extra stuff that games have nowadays, whether or not that stuff is worth it is a different matter, see the above reply. >Why else would we complain about the size? That's what i'm curious about >but technology hasn't advanced that much to warrant that bulk Probably, but i'm not entirely sure, your head math makes sense, but it needs real data not just your guesses, Imagine we're talking video, the jump in size from 720p to 1080p to 4k to 8k is pretty significant, if you're used to 720 file sizes you'd be pretty annoyed at having to store videos with higher resolutions, while understandable there's no doubt the 4k video will need more data and therefore a bigger file size than the 720 video, whether or not the jump from 720 to 4k is worth the extra size to you is a different matter to whether or not that 4k file should be that heavy. Compression and such helps no doubt, but it can only get you so far and considering you can easily get more storage then the raw size is not that big an issue, unless of course you just want to complain about something to virtue signal how much of a normalfag you are not. On the matter of "is that size worth it?" i'm very much in agreement with you, it often isn't at all.
>>16442 >It's not something either of them brought up, so it is a different argument >I'm the one that should ask that question It's called an implication. Do you store all your reaction images in .bmp, too?
Open file (536.92 KB 600x732 1ab.png)
>>16442 Actually, from your grammar it also sounds like you aren't a native English speaker, so it won't make sense to argue across a language barrier.
>>16444 >It's called an implication. I think changing the goal post is more accurate. >>16445 I'll take that as admitting you were wrong.
Open file (98.43 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-2.jpg)
>>16447 It's not changing goal posts if that's what we originally meant, since you began arguing past that and attacking a strawman (that we don't like more data usage because we are contrarian); but because you lacked the familiarity to understand the intended meaning, even though we all actually agree that the increased file size is usually not worth it appeared to be a difference of opinion when in reality we are just arguing semantics.
>>16448 >that's what we originally meant Looking back, sort of, i still see more complain about just the size as if that by itself was the issue than if it is or not worth it. >attacking a strawman A extremely common attitude in imageboards, it isn't a strawman at all. >when in reality we are just arguing semantics. Fair enough, all i'm saying is that if those 150Gbs are worth it then there's nothing to complain about.
>>16450 >if those 150Gbs are worth it then there's nothing to complain about. But that's an irrelevant argument because this is a video game in the 2020s; it can be taken as a given that it won't be worth it.
>>16450 tbh I attacked your point as a strawman of bigger game = better first which was not what you meant
>>16452 Probably. >>16455 There comes a point where i don't really know what i was arguing for and against in the first place, makes it easy to seem dishonest when one didn't really want to be, i guess it happens to everyone.
Open file (8.98 KB 255x253 1599181219559.jpg)
>>16455 >Continue Yes, please live doggo.
>>16450 What the fuck can you stick inside a game, that makes it 150 gigs large, AND adds any sort of functionality? The size bloating of the game industry is just a plain strategy at this point, made to sell people more hard drives/wear down existing hard drives by repeated installation/deinstallation cycles.
>>16466 You could probably fill it with something useful, but not with the current crop of degenerates running the show.
>>16466 Either cutscenes or uncompressed assets would be my guess. Either way it's way too fucking big. I have a hard time justifying downloading a game over a gig, ten tops. Hard drives haven't even improved significantly so that's still 10-20% of the average consumer's hard drive, and fuck anyone who planned to run it off an SSD apparently.
>>16466 A truly dynamic world and environment (to the degree of the Butterfly Effect), good procedural generation, and permanent interactive physics.
>>16470 At that point grad students would be modding it to do fluid dynamic simulations and non-euclidian centers of mass in collisions without their department having to shell out $70k though, anon. University book/software rackets can't be having that.

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