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Open file (25.62 KB 540x342 kizunashoot.jpg)
/k/ video games Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 04:53:04 No.236
I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?
>>291 >RA3 C&C 3, RA3 sucked ass story and gameplay-wise I don't know why you fags defend it.
>>410 arent the originals fine? EA just want to get some shekels from the normalfags with nostalgia.
>>422 Cause muh hawt pr0n actresses! I hated CNC 3, generals was the last one that 'made the cut' for me
>>422 Cnc 3 is alright ra3 is shit because the time travel crap is some really high class shit.
>>410 Just the ones from cncnet
>>442 *Just use the ones from cncnet
>>422 I've never liked either personally. Well except for that one track from Kane's Wrath which apparently I can't post here because anon.cafe won't accept it even though that other anon posted mp3s successfully
>>449 This one? Or Act on instinct KW edition? Have some generals ost while you're at it
>>477 That's the one. Best post-Klepacki track, at least outside of Generals.
>>372 Yeah a lot of people are bailing julay now. >>393 I'm looking forward to that, pls tell. >>394 I wasn't defending them, just confirming they add no gameplay. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying them. Forgot about Army Men though, that was actually pretty fun for a bit. >>386 >NEOTOKYO I've wanted to play that for a long time but it's always dead when I've checked. It has an amazing soundtrack.
>>484 >I wasn't defending them, just confirming they add no gameplay. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying them. My bad then. >I've wanted to play that for a long time but it's always dead when I've checked. It has an amazing soundtrack. The gameplay isn't as good as the soundtrack and aesthetics might lead you to believe.
>>484 >pls tell. Well it's a coldwar gone hot scenario. There are as far as I know three factions: >US Army >British army >Soviet army It's supposed to have a high player counts (80+) and there are vehicles, land and sky maybe even sea/water. And also it has a new mechanic whete you can rest your gun on some enviromental stuff. And also there is a thing whete the gun sights expand when you aim through them. Aaaand you can stop in middle of reload and you can shoot from it when you have a bullet in the chamber. And it will pick up where it ended. Weapons: As far as I've seen >M16 >M60 >L1A1 >AK74 >L2A3 Sterling >M79 >M1911 >PK >L7A2 >Bren lmg >L42A1 >RPK >SVD >F1 grenade >vz.61 škorpion >MP5 Vehicles: >Land rover mk.3 >UAZ-469 >And maybe Abrams and other tanks >And jets im not too much into planes, sorry
I can heartily recommend Armored Brigade. It's fairly fun once you get used to the pathfinding/AI logic. It's fairly similar to Close Combat, except that it's in bigger scale and set in cold war.
Anyone know of a good torrent for World of Guns? I don't feel like grinding for raifus.
>>236 >I just wanted to play video games no you didn't you fucking ni/gg/er
>>820 They have the game really tightly coupled to their servers so I doubt anyone has done the work it would take to make that work. When you first go to field strip a particular gun, all the files for that gun are downloaded.
Open file (316.79 KB 1511x1235 Swat4X meatbarn.jpg)
Do any of you like SWAT4? SEF7 just came out not long ago and i have a server configured for it. i can provide the files/instructions for setting it up including the map packs if you like.
>>820 >implying the raifus won't grind you
Open file (63.29 KB 286x260 1575517316011.gif)
I long for the day we get a tactically focused squad based Halo game centered around ODST preforming subterfuge against Covenant forces on a forerunner shield world.
Open file (646.73 KB 1278x720 STALKER 2 Xbox.PNG)
Open file (4.02 MB 2672x1437 Stalkan roof.png)
I want to fucking die
>>4428 Time to make our own stalker themed game. /agdg/, /k/ and /tech/.
Open file (25.26 KB 323x254 1565719620426.jpg)
>>4428 Not surprising given the state of modern gaming. Chinks are doing whatever it takes to make everything exclusive/owned by them, and they have the money to entice smaller and weaker devs to "accepting" their offers (if they aren't owned by china already). Keep in mind that the original team that made the games have long since left GSC. Even if it wasn't exclusive or limiting itself by being on a console, the game will be full of bugs like before and filled with the usual AAA shit ruining games. I wouldn't be surprised if they possibly try to mimic the Metro games as well. Most devs just want to create interactive movies instead of actual games, either by just being incompetent, trying to push a narrative, limiting the player interaction and choices, or all of the above. I can't see them pulling a (messy) miracle like the 2 games were, nor do I see them allowing mods to be created like before (if they do allow them, they would probably find a means to control them rather than let people have the freedom to make their game better and functional). Only winning move here is not to play and stick to the classics.
>>4434 Unfortunately games that are real masterworks are stuck to being 1 man dev teams insert yanderedev joke here and the ocassional japanese game. Most AAA has been trash for the longest time.
Open file (342.57 KB 878x1089 1454542188341.png)
>>4428 I bet that the anon who went to Chernobyl made a wish for Stalker 2.
Open file (125.70 KB 629x312 JINXED IT.PNG)
>>4440 I'm sure of it
>>4435 Wish I didn't live in noguns shithole so I could ignore this faggot industry I used to love and dedicate myself to collecting firearms and reloading ammunition.
Speaking of Stalker did anyone try Anomaly? Is it any good?
Open file (1.15 MB 772x669 Scambo and Guide.PNG)
>>4487 If you're autistic and love breaking down weapons to repair other weapons and creating gear out of trash you pick up from bodies and the environment then it's the game for you. Aesthetics are a less rusten kitchen sink Misery but the difficulty is customizable, so you won't be forcibly playing an MMO. Wouldn't happen anyway considering it's a mod based on the dynamic sandbox that is CoC. I love it, especially all the differences between factions, the secrets, the Quests and the progression system even if I kinda burned out on it. You either love it or hate it, though you will probably hate it at first depending on the faction and difficulty you choose. It's all very customizable though and if you don't understand the systems you might want to read a guide or initially play on easier difficulties. I feel like learning the systems is half the fun though, and it mimics the original game well, I went from a literal retard that couldn't even find water to drink to a 150 IQ Dungeon Clearing Power Armor wearing Super Soldier and it all felt satisfying with late game still being hard considering you're outnumbered and easily killed even with God tier gear. Definitely give it a try, it's not for everybody but it might be for you.
>>4493 Thanks anon I'll give it a try.
>>4493 TBH Nosrogs are easy mode. Then again, just stack upgraded kevlar plates. Also warfare is not really balanced
>>4487 It's a slightly less gay Call of Misery.
Anyone try Escape From Tarkov? To me it basically looks like the perfect game that I've been waiting for since Delta Force 2. But I'm a poorfag and I don't think my computer can run it. Also STALKER co-op/MP mod Ray of Hope looks like it will finally be released soonish. In closed beta now!
>>4628 This about sums it up.
>>4635 Ten years ago I would've been outraged at how retarded this is. Today I'm only wondering if they'll actually "finish" the game and never patch out the guaranteed game breaking bugs, or if they'll just take the money and run because what the fuck are their retard goy customers gonna do about it? If they're stupid enough to drop money on this shit there's no way they have enough saved up to sue.
>>4337 It got overplayed and no one wanted to host it. SEF also still hasn't enabled PvP so the coop gamemode gets tiresome after a while. >>4429 >/tech/ Are they still around?
Open file (34.82 KB 400x400 fagioli.jpg)
>>4635 >>4636 It's turning out ok now, but it's still online only faggotry and the conjoined map is still year from now so fuck them. >>4637 >Are they still around? Nah, Fagioli whacked them
Open file (29.94 KB 620x412 moonman.jpeg)
Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? >>291 Some more /k/ tier games are XCOM the classics and the new ones. I admit that XCOM: Enemy Within is kind of dumbed down but I still think it's a fun game. Even though some might disagree with this, and I understand why they would, I actually enjoyed XCOM 2. My primary reason is because it legitimately made me feel like an insurgent fighting a superior military. It could almost be a Vietcong or Taliban simulator. Almost every engagement I got into was opened with an explosive. I'd say the worst part of the game are the character models, and the story related characters. I didn't really care for any of them., and Xenonauts with the Community edition mod is pretty fun. I have encountered a few game breaking bugs that actually caused me to uninstall the game but outside of that I think it's pretty fun Resident Evil 5 and 6 are games that I've found surprisingly enjoyable, If you can suspend your disbelief that they are resident evil games. Resident Evil 5 is fun because the first part of the game has you taking on waves of African niggers and you can roleplay with your /k/ids that you are fighting to save Rhodesia or take back South Africa. Resident Evil 6 is fun because it's a mechanically interesting 3rd person shooter. It's what gears of war isn't. It's not a perfect game by any means but it is fun; It's just not a good Resident Evil game. In fact, I would actually call Resident Evil 6 the worst Resident Evil if we are comparing it to the other games since it's nothing like them and almost completely throws horror out the window. It's mostly fun due to its game play and the hand to hand combat. A final game I would like to recommend, especially if you happen to live near an extremely culturally enriched area, would be Moonman Doom. The game itself is a mod for Doom and you are given 3 characters to play as. Moonman, Ben Garrison, and Adolf Hitler. There's nothing particularly crazy about the mod but it's primarily the subject matter that makes it enjoyable. I would recommend playing it you feel yourself stressed out and frustrated at the world. It's really great for that purpose.
>>4637 >Are they still around? nanochan.
>>4661 this. any /tech/ board on a non-onion address or that needs javascript is illegitimate.
>>4660 >Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? 4. You should also give Alpha Centauri a try but if you are just looking for Civ like gameplay check out Endless Legend and Oriental Empires.
>>4660 >moonman mod There is another /pol/ tier games as well, such as "Angry Goy". They're simple 16-bit 2d shooters which can take just 30-60 minutes for walkthrough, but has a lot of fun encounters and and racist/edgy humor. First one: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=16657115 And second: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=27578206
Open file (61.51 KB 677x328 blm.PNG)
I fucking wanted to just play games. First time I check the bay12 devlog since march and the toad fucking went down the rabbit hole. How hard is it to make a game without pulling a retard and injecting politics like dumb fucking spergs? At least anomaly hasn't gone down that road yet
>>4869 He already put tranny dwarfs in a while back. Why does this surprise you?
>>4877 >>4869 Or come to think of it might only have mentioned planning too. I've been out of the loop for a while.
>>4869 >No amount of protection afforded to white people is worth the horror we continue to perpetuate in this country against millions in marginalized communities Well toady maybe if the niggers acted like civilized people and didn't chimpout constantly the police wouldn't fucking need to gun them down constantly. Christ half the time I am watching body cam footage it feels like the cops are doing everything they can in their power to not shoot niggers. I hope they do abolish the police so they can see what happens when they aren't there to protect the niggers from the backlash of the victims of their crimes.
>>4898 He doesn't give a shit, probably lives in some suburb or small white community where he doesn't have to personally deal with them anyways. So he can get the social points for being a "good person" without any personal risk. Like the racial version of a champagne socialist, he's just another hypocrite. Probably thinks his limited contact with shitskins at convenient stores or the talented tenther at his job or his gay nigger friend means he is highly integrated. I've seen this so many times it's like a stereotype unto itself. As soon as the real masses of shitskins start moving near him, he'll relocate to a more remote area for "better schools" or some euphemism that avoids the racial truth. Then vote to flood his new area with rapefugees, and repeat the process until he dies, and can leave the mess to future generations.
Well lads are you ready for Cyberpunk 2077?
>>4901 No. I'm gonna still wait for 83'
>>4899 He's some dweeb who spends all day inside making shitty games. Even if he's in a nigger infested area he never interacts with them. Remember nerds are losers, faggots and trannies. They all want to be included because no one wants them around them. They support leftism as a personal vehicle to not be outcasts wearing womens clothing with a full beard. >>4901 What race is she? She's got a nigger nose, chink eyes and blonde hair. No wonder she represents America.

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