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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

QTDDTOT Strelok 01/15/2022 (Sat) 13:08:31 No.21645
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread We got to the point where the previous one is autosaging!
didn't mean to hit reply >What makes anyone think that any modern country unless sharing their border would risk involvement in a modern nuclear power's civil war? I don't know, ask the British/Americans why they are starting a war in Russia's backyard. Top level Russian officials are threatening to supply weapons if a Trump-based insurgency forms against the Biden admin.
>>39757 I don't use black-on-white, and I was posting about opsec ... while giving away the weird color combo I use? This was a quick fix to make it less obvious if/when you see my desktop for real someday that it was me.
>>35035 >>35086 I do not recall there ever being a greentext for them going back? I really hope it has been svaed somewhere, id love to read it. The Ruby Mountain Beasts is one of my absolute favorite spook greentexts. Its the reason I bought a G3
>>39755 >>39758 Russia also came to the aid of the Union.
>>39777 Kill yourself commie faggot
Open file (129.02 KB 1080x951 Twitter.jpg)
not a /k/ question but zzz/pol/ is fucking useless. if orange man really did get cheated out of the election and there's plenty of evidence he did, why did the courts cockblock his every attempt at proving there was fraud? did they all just gang up against him, or did he sperg out so hard and basically scream "I WON REEE" in front of the judge without producing actual evidence?
>>39951 The issue was that Trump went after his opponents for electoral fraud instead of procedural wrongdoing, and the courts were too scared to do anything about it because the COVID scare had allowed several unconstitutional procedures to take place. Democrats didn't win from ballot-stuffing or machine fraud (although there are excellent questions to be asked that should be investigated, but I don't think the 2000 mule shit was enough to change the results), they won by procedural fraud and gerrymandering. Ballot drop-boxes and mail-in ballots were deemed unconstitutional in some places in '21 because the state constitutions demand that such measures be passed by ballot not by legislative authority, an mail-in ballots/drop-boxes that don't verify identity heavily favor urban (Democrat) voters who would otherwise not vote. Throw in COVID lockdowns that were in full effect and most entertainment being shut down (with the television screaming "orange man bad"), and you had a recipe for disaster for Republicans. Most of Trump's lawsuits were in blue appeals courts who had Trump Derangement Syndrome for his entire term in office because they were establishment-dick-sucking Obama-appointed shitstains since most purple states fall under blue appeals courts. Then the most valid lawsuit that Texas brought forward to bypass this appeals courts nonsense was thrown out by the Supreme Court because it would have meant SCOTUS deciding the election results and obviously a red court is not going to make that kind of ruling when they have to work with a blue FBI/Executive branch who can (and later did) take away their protections at any time. Don't discount the FBI going to big tech platforms and unconstitutionally telling them to censor speech about the Hunter-Biden laptop story (which IS a first amendment violation on the basis of them GOING to big tech and making those demands, as current lawsuits against Twitter and Fagbook are revealing in court right now). That is to say, cuckservatives are stuck in the mindset of literal counting fraud instead of procedural fraud and executive branch meddling in the elections to strongarm the judicial branch. Thankfully some of the populists are starting to get it and drop the ballot fraud narrative.
>>39951 >did they all just gang up against him, or did he sperg out so hard and basically scream "I WON REEE" in front of the judge without producing actual evidence? Mostly the REEing. But I also remember that at least one of the district courts (either Michigan or Pennsylvania, IIRC) specifically mentioned in its dismissal of the case that they were dismissing it without considering the evidence or lack thereof, because the consequences of hearing it would have been too dangerous. Basically trying to say that even if there were something shady, they were more willing to just ignore it than risk arriving at a ruling that would set the country on fire. I expect that was left unwritten by the other courts. "Ganging up" implies coordination, but it doesn't take coordination for multiple judges to each independently decide that they don't want to be the one who has to take the chance, slim as it may be, of upending a presidential election.
>>39955 Ballots were caught being thrown out multiple times and the office for counting ballots were blocked forbidding people to go near them. What is the definition of election fraud v. procedural wrongdoing?
>>39960 As I stated; although there are excellent questions to be asked about the 2000 mules shit and such, it wasn't enough to actually change results and anyone pushing that narrative is a fucking retard. >What is the difference between election fraud and procedural wrongdoing? One involves outright fraudulent actions such as falsifying ballots, while the other involves changing the rules of the game without going through the proper channels. Stuffing ballots is election fraud. Allowing mail-in voting through legislative backroom deals that are unconstitutional or allowing people to vote without proving citizenship is procedural wrongdoing. Largely it's a matter of "are they actively cheating or are they cheating legally."
>>39962 >it wasn't enough to actually change results Sorry Glowinthedark, no one is dumb enough to believe you.
>>39969 Anathema
>>39969 Which of these two seem more likely: >Mass election fraud across multiple states that for some reason can't keep Trump-nominated candidates from winning their primaries >A bunch of urbanites and nursing home patients bought into "orange man bad" when all of their bars and sportsball events were shut down because of Chink Flu, and the media was actively blaming Trump for all the bad things happening during an unprecedented time when you could fill out a ballot while locked in your home with nothing to do If the fraud narrative was true the FBI would have no reason to panic like they are right now, glownigger-kun.
Do modern tanks still use any type of AT rounds other than sabots for their main gun, or are they considered obsolete?
>>39972 Not that anon but >At least 6 state legislatures held election fraud hearings after 2020 election >Hearings last for 3 days minimum >Hearings are 8 hours per day >Highly qualified witnesses give detailed evidence one after the other for the entire day >6x3x8 = 144+ hours of video personal testimony & evidence presented of election fraud >50,000+ sworn affidavits stating "I saw election fraud, if I'm lying you can send me to jail" in the weeks after election. >Video evidence of election fraud on CCTV >Glowniggers who installed election fraud systems in Venezuela come out and say their fraud system was used >Video evidence of blatant election fraud was getting posted during election night by concerned poll watchers >Mathematics proves there was election fraud >Live TV recordings show the number of votes for Trump DROPPING by the same number Biden votes increase in voting count updates. >(you): It doesn't mean election fraud is real kys
Open file (45.28 KB 270x271 smug soft.png)
>>40163 >At least 6 state legislatures held election fraud hearings after 2020 election Yeah the first step in locating evidence. Not an argument. >Hearings last for 3 days minimum >Hearings are 8 hours per day Not an argument. >Highly qualified witnesses give detailed evidence one after the other for the entire day Still not an argument. >6x3x8 = 144+ hours of video personal testimony & evidence presented of election fraud Not a fucking argument. >50,000+ sworn affidavits stating "I saw election fraud, if I'm lying you can send me to jail" in the weeks after election. >50,000+ Boomers say Orange Man Good Still not a fuking argument but then yes they've established the necessary evidence to proceed with a formal investigation. Something that needs to happen and I've said needs to happen. This is what I hate about hearsay niggers. >Video evidence of election fraud on CCTV You're going to have to actually be specific since at least the top prominent videos were proven to be hoaxes (such as "they're putting ballots underneath the table!?" when ballot counting hadn't even started yet and they were lining up boxes to count). There are questions to be had about some counting stations that bordered up their windows, but again not a god damned fucking argument. >Glowniggers A singular hacker came out and his testimony deserves further investigation, but still not a fucking argument by itself. It's an argument for further investigation to find hard evidence, like I said. >Muh vidya evidence See CCTV. >Muh mathematics Post your mathematical proofs or be considered on the level of climate change hippies >Live updates on television They literally explained what was going on at the time. Still not a fucking argument. Me: It doesn't mean election fraud is real it means that there is sufficient evidence to start investigations. Completely different narratives and all you did was parrot a bunch of "orange man good" propaganda points. I actually think Trump was pretty great on foreign policy, but you fraudniggers are burying the lead by attaching potential criminal activity to investigate to conspiracy. You're no better than the FBI when all you can do is spew talking points. So yes, kys.
And to be clear, I'm telling you not a fucking argument because similar "evidence" (hot air) was used in the Steele Dossier in regards to the Russiagate hoax. In both cases the goal was to be like that one lizard with neck frills 3x the size of its body to war off opposition when challenged when in reality there's no substance.
>>40160 Yes, of course. HEAT and HESH are more lethal when they penetrate, usually work better at very long ranges, and are also the closest thing tankers have to an actual HE shell.
>>40175 >not an argument >too dumb to realize I wasn't making an argument. I was telling you to get a clue, and clearly you still have none. You're pontificating about a topic which you have practically zero knowledge of. My point you failed to understand is, there are 100+s of hours of evidence detailing exactly how the fraud was conducted. Forensic investigators who investigate fraud for a living have found and given evidence of fraud. There are former Pentagon employees who are on record saying the 2020 election used the VOTER FRAUD system they CREATED and USED in Latin America. Biden said with his own mouth he had created the largest voter fraud organization. Thousands of election officials have given personal testimony that fraud took place. You can get voter rolls and check against voted lists and discover for yourself that DEAD PEOPLE VOTED. You have no clue any of this material exists. You will never seek it out. You will never watch it. You will never learn what really happened. Even if someone sat you down and showed you line by line the undeniable proof the election was fraudulent, you would excuse that it changes nothing. Now go stick your head back in the sand where it belongs. >>40176 > similar "evidence" (hot air) was used in the Steele Dossier You already said you had no fucking clue, so there's no need to repeat yourself.
>>40241 Neck yourself.
Open file (21.28 KB 300x325 1640701897963.jpg)
>>40241 >I was telling you to get a clue And I'm telling (You) to get a clue. The American people are clearly over the fraud narrative and getting back the legislative/judicial branch takes priority over any investigation. If you types keep screaming FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD autistically you're giving the New world Order types exactly what they want. Be revolutionary, not reactionary fucking idiot. >FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD Blow it out your ass. >You have no clue any of this material exists. On the contrary I know this material exists and I'm telling you it's not conclusive but it serves as a decent baseline to work off of when starting congressional hearings in January. Focus on the economy, stupid. "NEVER FORGET THE FRAUD" is just pissing off independents and establishment Republicucks who you need to vote for America-first populist candidates. You will never win if you can only shout fraud. You might as well start a militia and get the glowniggers to shoot your retarded ass because you don't fucking get it. You're a fucking retard ape who can't understand he's swimming in his own shit while everyone stares and throws peanuts. MUH EVIDENCE is on par with the shit they had under Russiagate. It serves as a good baseline to launch investigations but you idiots aren't pushing "we have enough evidence to begin investigations" you just shout FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD driving away any and all potential support you may have had. It's no different than the pizzagate conspiracy covering up Epstein's ACTUAL child trafficking. Stop being a fucking retard and get with the program if you actually give a shit about fraud.
>>40258 >You will never win if you can only shout fraud In communist America, who votes doesn't count ... what matters is who counts the votes, da? Fix the fraud; there's no pretending there's still a viable republic if the public part is held at arms length from the re- part. Fortunately, despite how much the glowies are obviously paying you, we're winning; the normies are starting to realize just how deep the doodoo is. >launch (((endless))) investigations. First, sheriffs have made a few arrests. Some of the mules have started talking. Second, with the whole country AWAKE to the dangers of election fraud -- the machines will be refused. By the people, not purchased legislators. The solution isn't to sit back and wait for someone else to fix it, but to SHOUT LOUDLY that corrupt forces are pulling the strings, and we need to work together. No more -isms; we the people will have our vote heard, and China wasn't invited to the ballot.
>>40277 > despite how much the glowies are obviously paying you ...no. They're scripts, aren't they? Paid in 120v AC power, we're looking and Grumpy and Sleepy here, aren't we?
>>40277 >No point in voting Yes, no point in voting when populist candidates are clearly beating the establishment in primaries. Make sure not to vote, goy.
Posts... that do... this... are... al... ways... m... ade... b...y... q...ni...gger... bo...o...m...e...r......s...
>>40249 >butthurt glownigger is butthurt COPE & gys >>40258 > you idiots aren't pushing "we have enough evidence to begin investigations" >to begin investigations >begin >doesn't know investigations were conducted and concluded already >wouldn't give a shit if he did >>40258 >clueless faggot is clueless >types like a man but with weak feminine traits caused by testosterone lowering meds ywnbaw freak
>>40286 >Yes, no point in voting when populist candidates are clearly beating the establishment in primaries. Make sure not to vote, goy. >Yes, you should use a RIGGED voting system that RIGGED a few populist candidates to keep your faith in continuing to use a RIGGED voting system, goy If a mugger gives me back a dollar out of my own wallet - unlike you, I don't praise him for kindness, I fucking shoot the shit. 2020 taught millions that gas chambers come before voting booths, and it's only a question of when not if.
>>40306 >>40305 Ok, tornigger.
Open file (36.06 KB 1200x900 Q Billboard.jpg)
>>40287 Correct
What would be some books or other media that make a good starting point for reading up on the conspiracy theory that the U.S knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and let the Japs proceed? In my opinion, letting Pearl Harbor happen was Roosevelt not letting a good crisis go to waste, but I would like to know more.
>>40452 For starters, all of the effective battleships and aircraft carriers were moved elsewhere prior to the attack, which was picked up on radar days before.
Didn't the Banana Wars, the fighting done by the US Marine Corps across the Caribbean and Central America, only increase Dole and Chiquita's profits by 3%? There was a post about it somewhere on this board. As dumb and helpless as >>40452 sounds I can't help but feel the same, like the information I'm looking for will biased or be hard to find. I guess the best option is to not worry about wasting time and just dig for this information, which is what made a good truther pre-Patriot Movement shit.
Open file (1.31 MB 1333x900 kaczynski's guns.png)
Can anyone here identify these rifles Ted owned?
>>40600 The bottom one I'm certain of being just a 10/22 with a manual-action bolt welded on to it.
Speaking of 22lr I figure it would make a decent vehicle borne defensive caliber as it is light, soft low recoiling and can be surpressed to a whisper. What are some tactical considerations or drawbacks to using it like i'm suggesting and what are some platforms to look at that may mitigate or improve upon these drawbacks? >>40600 Not an expert, but if I had to take a shot at it the bottom is a ruger and the top remington though theres no telling how much of their original designs have been modded at the very least the stocks resemble those in my mind. Anyway, why concern yourself with the design of rifles owned by a madman :^)?
>tfw poorfag >buy gun few years ago >feels good, I love the way it fits, nice heft >magazine prices pretty low/10 >fuck yeah >few years later >magazine prices stupid high >fuck >try to wait it out >money_printer_go_brrrrrrr.png >FUCK >checking around online shops >find a pretty good deal on mags >not as cheap as they used to be, they're used but they're the mag size I want >fuck it, I'll buy a number of them because I won't find this price ever again (literally the lowest I've seen in years) >besides, it's just a box with a spring, it can't be that bad >day of the delivery >shit, it can be that bad >2/3rds of them hold less than what was advertised - attempting to fit more in only put gouges in the brass >1/3rd of them doesn't catch the bolt like it should >two of them, despite actually holding the correct amount, are partially mangled so I can't take them apart, even with easily accessible hand tools What do, /k/? Do I try get my money back because poorfag or do I just accept getting fucked and deal with it because these stupid prices are only going to go up? Already looked at the return policy and I can get my cash back but I'll be eating shit on the return shipping charges.
>>41338 What kind of magazines are they? You can probably just fix them yourself depending on what they're made of, that's what a lot of gun show vendors that sell surplus mags do.
>>40463 I don't know anything about fruit company profits but I did hear about the Banana Wars while reading about Chesty Puller. Quite a few later famous figures from WW2 started their careers in those conflicts because they missed WW1. Their biographies would be a good place to start looking for more in depth info even if they are PR pieces skewed wards the subject. A couple things I remember are that Chesty thought rebel rifleman were usually worthless in steep terrain because they overestimated the distance and shot over their targets. He also previously dropped out of pilot school so he was eager to experiment with aircraft and was an early proponent of combined arms tactics after his experiences in the jungles. >>41338 I've had good luck with surplus and no-name reproduction magazines. There's only a couple that I couldn't get to run right. I pick the least fucked up looking ones at gun shows. Buying that sort of thing sight unseen is a bit of a gamble. I say keep fucking with them and strip the worst ones for parts. I put duck tape over the top of bad mags that aren't stripped so I don't mix them up.
Open file (44.46 KB 385x540 friendly fire.jpg)
What is the worst friendly fire incident in the history of war?
Open file (1.91 KB 125x93 Bolgi.jpg)
>>41367 >thousands wounded because some gypsies refused to give them beer i love history
>>41368 actually it was the commanders that refused to give the lackies beer, never mind. i can't read.
>>41367 Akshually, it was severely overblown long after the incident happened. But the one person digging up the sources decided to make a video instead of writing an essay, so here it is: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=xX0J1-ROiDg
>>41339 CZ 75 metal magazines. The ones that don't hold the necessary 16 rounds hold 15 except for one that holds 14 somehow. >inb4 you don't know shit about guns >I was trying to be vague but it looks like it was dumb to even try, so instead of it catching the bolt like it says in >>41338 it would be catching the slide >plz no bully I've already taken most of them apart and put them back together. I didn't see anything wrong with them except the two that were mangled that I couldn't take apart. The only ideas I've got for making them work would be to either get replacement followers or modify the spring. They also could use a cleaning, but I don't think that'll unfuck the current situation.
>>41383 >The ones that don't hold the necessary 16 rounds hold 15 Oh those. I have some of those too and they do the same shit, I don't know what's up with them showing they hold 16 when they only fit 15 but it seems like 15 is the actual limit and there's not actually anything wrong with them beyond the 16 round lie. Never had feed problems with them though, have you taken one that works and done a close visual comparison to one that doesn't feed properly? The tops may be bent slightly enough to fuck with feeding but not enough to keep you from loading them, I had that issue with a Beretta magazine when my buddy's faggot kid threw it against a tree. One other thing, I don't know how much experience you have with guns but one thing I've noticed a lot of newer owners like to do is ride the slide forward instead of just letting it go and snapping into place, slowly riding it forward when loading can fuck with how the round feeds, slides are designed specifically to handle impact so there's no need to baby it. Also look at the feed ramp on the gun and make sure it isn't damaged. >except for one that holds 14 somehow If you took them apart and checked to make sure they're clean then that sounds like a particularly stubborn spring to me. As for fixing the magazines if they're bent at the top I just used a multi tool and very carefully bent the Beretta mag back into shape and it worked perfectly fine after that, but I'm sure there's better ways that others here could suggest. >the two that were mangled that I couldn't take apart Those I'd just get refunds for. If they're so fucked you can't take them apart then the company straight up owes you a refund and if you try and fix them then make things worse they'll just give you the finger and say you fucked it up yourself and are trying to rip them off.
>>41394 I haven't even tested them feeding yet. I was just testing to see if they'd trigger the slide catch. >what should happen >put in empty magazine >rack the slide >slide holds open >what happens >put in empty magazine >rack the slide >slide closes Some of them failed even that basic task. Thanks for the advice regarding the two weird ones. It's a fucking shame that those two are amongst the few that actually hold what was on the label.
>>41406 Ironically they might be fucked up and unopenable specifically because someone got mad and shoved a 16th round in them.
>>41406 >>put in empty magazine >>rack the slide >>slide closes Double check the followers for damage on top of checking the feed lips (the top of the magazines).
>>39763 do you know much about digital opsec? or opsec and persec in general? I've been doing some research on minimizing my digital footprint but i am not so new-tech savvy, any teachings you can impart would be great.

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