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META BREAD 2 Strelok Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:38:08 No.21
This is where you go to complain. In my brief usage of IRC and seeing its effects, the concept of secret administrative communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving forward, any e-mails exchanged between myself and my moderators will be posted here in full for your viewing pleasure. /k/ does not have an IRC, discord, TikTok, exhentai, or Everquest account.
>>5189 >Weapons development has completely stagnated. That's what happens when the weapons developers sit idle while all the guys with big guns take turns shooting at the many guys with seriously shittier or far fewer guns. Chink-Poo war will fix it in due time when the resource wars start a month into the coming Great Chinese Famine. Kalashnikov Concern is more concerned with government contracts to build suicide bomber drones (I'm not even joking, they were showcasing them at tech/weapons showcases all over the place) rather than brand spanking new rifles with the newest breakthroughs. Just, like, make the bullets smart or something guys. You can sell more of those at higher profit margins than guns!
>>5193 Why don't we just have /na/, /eu/, /ru/, /chinkxgook/, /af/, /sa/, /aus/ it covers the whole island area, /jp/, /os/ Outer Space, and /ant/ threads?
Open file (571.25 KB 2100x1200 1565227754645.png)
>>5199 >We also might just see a gradual escalation of low-intensity conflict rather than a single breakout event Because Western societies (and those heavily influenced by them) are weird. They act like frogs in a pot in that they don't notice as you turn up the heat. However, unlike frogs, generally social structure/hierarchy breaks down much faster the closer to death these sorts become. This is usually sounded off initially by capital flight, followed by scandals/government corruption or demographical tensions that get out of hand, and then finally civil war. That is, the up-until 130(Freedom) or so frogs suddenly and all at once get the hint that they need to get the fuck out of whatever's boiling them and they flee in any and every direction. Sometimes only a few of the frogs get out before the lid is put on (events like the burning of the library of Alexandria or a theoretical war between first world nations and obviously the repercussions for at least the rest of our lives), and sometimes most of the frogs get out (Utah surrendering to the USA, saving America a war that would have absolutely decimated their military at the hands of the Mormons because their church leaders asked them not to fuck up again like the completely justified Indian genocides) and maybe the gas hiccups on the boiler turning off the heat and saving the frogs (most of the modern wars started and things that should have been breaking points being ignored or fixed at the last second or something miraculously preventing the disaster). Unfortunately, whoever wants those frogs boiled is making damn sure to keep the heat on, but ain't putting the lid on because they don't want to babysit.
>>5251 These threads should be based around wider geographical regions rather than countries, as borders are liable to change. Roll the /chinkxgook/, /jp/ and /aus/ threads into /asia/, rename /af/ to /me/ and we're good.
>>5253 So we're good for the /ant/arctica thread then, right?
>>5257 It's a good idea, although there hasn't been any fighting in Antarctica, at least not recently. How would you even fight a war over there, seeing as it is one of the most extreme environments on earth?
>>5266 My bet is the fighting ends up being underwater with subs over the drilling rights. Think mother fuckers adding extra armor to the bow of the 688i and the russian 945s (Sierra), 971 (Akulas), 671 (Victors) Yasens are too expensive and the ruskies don't have an economy to go headbutting their newest ships
>>5281 Go make that /ant/ thread Strelok
We should probably figure out a bunker since the cafe went down for a good 6 hours on my end. Anyone got suggestions for bunker?
>>5471 8chan used to go down more than anon.cafe if I'm remembering correctly. Hasn't the longest it's been down a day? But I'm all for having a backup if anyone has any suggestions.
Has the Cafe been down a bit recently for you lads as well these past few days or is it just the onion link
>>5579 Not just you: >>>/meta/13602
>>5579 I've had inconsistent ability to access this site for months now including random outages for an hour or two in the last week or so. Britbong, if that's any use.
>>5581 It seems better recently, maybe they are still working on it now?
>>5580 What's this I'm hearing about tvch offering us a spot?
>>5699 From what I understand, tvchan is run by the same faggots that are dosing other servers so they can collect muh meta data since its the same ring of people who are on the irc faggotry on julay by then offering a spot for them (think good cop bad cop).
>>5700 >>5699 I haven't been following any webring drama but I would never want to be a part of tvch. Also the owner said he was looking into it a couple days ago and it's been stable for me for a while. Have you guys been having more downtime?
>>5702 It's been better but still shaky. Although in the sites defense my net connection is utter garbage.
>>5699 Don't know don't care. /tv/'s shit was compromised when their BO gave three letter agencies access to his PC, and they're in league with Julay who are currently burning every and all bridges in their hunt for autism, so I want no part within either of them.
>>5702 Yes flaky connection these past few days as well
>>5702 I typically see intermittent downtime (anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour) during burger business hours that becomes less of an issue as it gets later.
Open file (169.99 KB 382x346 TLnote.png)
BO IS A FAGGOT. locking the Ginsburg celebration thread is scientific proof that BO is a faggot. that is why this /k/ is so fucking dead. nobody wants to post about nothing. there aren't a lot of topics to go on about if not for happenings or politics. so why are they not allowed? its fucking retarded and gay. are stalker and spook threads allowed? or do you faggots hate fun that much? i get that you probably want to cut down on shit like the mutt spammer but i would prefer the mutt spammer to a boring and dead /k/. this is gay and BO is a triple nigger. stop being such a strict faggot.
>>5850 >just realizing this nu/k/ has been shit from day one.
>>5850 I also wish to say that BO is being a no-fun-allowed faggot.
>>5857 >>5850 I bet it's one of you faggots spamming the board right now.
>>5850 Couldn't you just post it in /100rads/ though?
>>5871 Stop being a rulecuck
I will make a proper thread to replace the RBG thread later tonight just to trigger the spammer based on BO's interpretation.
>>5871 Yes, besides which the thread that was posted was full of literal twitter screencaps like fucking post-2016 /pol/ or the GG thread not anything actually related to /k/. >>5850 There's a thread for off topic posting. Use that or feel free to go make an alternative /k/. Maybe use 8kun's /k/ if you want /pol/ with guns since that's all it is any more. >>5909 Don't bother. Faggots like this will always sperg out until they turn the board into exactly what they want . The fact the spammer is apparently spamming manually and not using a bot is hilarious.
>>5850 Why not post about guns? Surely you must own them.
>>5920 >The fact the spammer is apparently spamming manually and not using a bot is hilarious. Kek I'm surprised he managed to wipe most of the board out
>>5925 Catalog is intentionally left short to encourage higher velocity threads.
Open file (204.74 KB 500x500 1563681543176.png)
BO I requested the site owner to use one of his restore points, please confirm to him that it's ok on the meta board.
I managed to archive most of the threads on the usual site, so slid threads can still be read there until BO restores the board.
>>5921 Or swords, or armour, or tanks/AFVs, or horse archery, or the pros and cons of early battlefield rocket use, or any fucking topic. >>5925 I guess LynxChan doesn't have the basic feature of only allowing a thread to survive past the second page if it has at least ~5 replies. That goes a long way to defeating script-kiddie tier spamming. That or the BO didn't turn it on.
>>5865 dont put that on me. i didnt do shit. BO is still a faggot but im not the even larger faggot spamming. im a good boy who delets his own posts when i forget to spoiler an image. >>5920 I'm not looking for /pol/ with guns but that doesn't mean I'm wholly disinterested in occasionally shit posting about entertaining political happenings.
>>5947 >I'm not looking for /pol/ with guns but that doesn't mean I'm wholly disinterested in occasionally shit posting about entertaining political happenings. Use the /100rads/ thread for that like everyone else. I'm not advocating for being a rulecuck, I mean we've also had a decent running thread about the bugpeople and latterly the bug/poo potential war and that's not strictly /k/ or at least wasn't until recently. The difference there is that there was actual content and discussion possible about the topic and an evolving/ongoing story vs an entire thread that can only ever be an acknowledgement of what happened e.g. 'good riddance' and then laughing at other people crying on twitter/reddit. That's just a worthless opportunity for the imageboard equivalent of virtue signalling, which is all post-2016 /pol/ and the modern GG thread really are.
I'm pretty sure today's spammer is smug's resident shitposter. Hoihoi was whipping him hard yesterday and today, and he stopped posting on /a/ approximately when /k/'s spam started.
Open file (1.18 MB 209x180 ( ̄ー ̄).gif)
>>5865 Not me friendo. Maybe the BO is false flagging his own board in order to make his opposition look bad?
Open file (1.45 MB 720x1280 dangerous lifts.webm)
>>5962 that would take massive levels of mental disorder and faggotry so i sure hope not.
took a nap, board has shit cleared out. >>5850 pph =/= quality, exact same people who wanted riotz/rona threads were the ones complaining that shit was offtopic. okay, you get an offtopic thread. making some shit that's just crabdance.webm is lazy and you fucking suck at posting
>>5973 >no fun allowed This is why /k/ is dead
>>5974 If you genuinely find making worthless posts and acting like a retard fun why not just use 4/k/?
>>5975 I know it’s you BO
Open file (27.84 KB 621x275 Capture5.JPG)
>>5977 No. Again why not just use cuckchan if you want to act like a retard?
What happened to the China/India thread? >>5700 tvch is run by a manic-depressive mutt and most of the mods are the former vols of 8/tv/. Some of the people from tvch used to do cytube streams with some of the people from julay but the relationship between the two sites has since broken down because, according to the tvch owner, the people from julay were getting too "weird". I'm not sure what he meant by that.
>>5978 Don't even respond to him, the kind of niggers that think making and responding to low effort posts all day is fun are /tv/ tier tranny retards that will never admit how fucking cancerous they are and will just make low effort deflections when called out on it. Also, only a stupid dumbass would kowtow to anyone calling them a rulecuck outside of /b/ or some other random board, it's the imageboard equivalent of some retard calling you racist on twitter.
Open file (222.65 KB 768x1057 McCain.jpg)
>>5982 You're right Strelok I'm probably just wasting my time responding to him.
>>5981 He bumped it off the board. Site owner should have a working copy of /k/ but go ahead and create a new one for the time being in case Murphy's Law is in full force.
>>5981 Christ, I wanted a place to just talk about funs, I don't need more fucking drama from retards that wanted to become the new god damn EvaXephon .

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