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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
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The GOP has confirmed all possible defectors are on board with a Supreme Court appointment. The Dems are done. >>6080 Canadian political power is concentrated in two provinces despite the Western areas having advanced considerably in economic terms in the past 50 years, and any challenge to the status quo has been shut down without a constitutional reform that would require the Eastern provinces' consent.
>>6082 >The GOP has confirmed all possible defectors are on board with a Supreme Court appointment. Romney being on board was shocking to me. Is he up for re-election and got sacred that voting against confirmation would oust him? Is that what happened. >The Dems are done. What's the likelihood that the Dems will try to expand the courts when and if ever they recapture the Senate and the Executive office? Wouldn't that just end up with every subsequent president trying to pack the courts and eventually us ending with something like 100 justices on the court or something absurd like that?
>>6082 Keep in mind he's said he in for a vote, not necessarily that he'll vote yes. >>6083 They will almost certainly push for it, they've been making overtures that they want to for years. That was the exact reason FDR didn't end up doing it, but it was also his threats to do so that got the court to start legislating from the bench in the fist place.
Okay, massive sage and gonna go make the fucking /ant/ thread the other strelok wanted. we can strike out text now???? >>6062 Strelok, I know there's a shit ton of angry young men, but what are they going to do? Burn society down again and try to force women back into the kitchen make me a sammich? That's not going to work long-term. Fuck, in chinese history one of the most successful chinese emperors would hang draw and quarter fucking eunichs (basically women) and his concubines who DARED influence politics and it still was the eventual cause of the end of the dynasty. On top of that, the west deliberately marginalizes women who think they DARE need a man's help, unless they need it, then its because muh patriarchy. Both genders are like wheels on a cart, you cannot exist without the other Gattaca tier gene editing still doesn't negate the need for social development from both parents >>6064 >cart before the horse I disagree. The issue is the fact they are supplanting religions, and their subsequent morals, for SCIENCE. You must not let religon inhibit your logic towards science, but rather let it be a guiding to an end goal. At the same time, I don't like any abrahamic religion, and I'd rather be daoist or a fucking sihk than a modern day buddhist Burma excepted for kebab removing abilities or jain cuckhold. The romans did great things without christanity like nero and Vespasian burning jerusalem Let us see where the modern day religons lead us: >christanity is cucked beyond relief, >Islam teaches you to be a pedo and a womanbeater, just like any good congressman >judiasim deserves to be destroyed once again since the banks >buddhists are pretty much pushovers like christans unless you're from burma >Hindus are poo in the loo tier buddhists >sihks have a child molester supposedly as leader religion concepts still pretty based >daoisim is a way of life and the religon is cucked to the CCP >tengri is a dying religon >consummerisim is everywhere confucianisim isn't a religon In the vein of roman greek like gods that are still widely followed I can only see maybe Japanese/Korean folk being major enough in the first world countries chinese folk is larger but it's not a first world country Hail to our new overload and spiritual leader jeff bezos? >>6076 >>6065 They are two separate experiments, the well known set by Calhoun and a lesser known set by Alexander. Calhoun's experiments proved that overpopulation in a density results in "behavior sinks" which deviation from the norm causes societal collapse. The experiments by Alexander prove that social isolation (as in the vein of faux relationships like today) without spirtual strength (see irl hermits) leads to addiction, and that females are more addictive then males (which is important because they are the limit for reproduction in animals). Think about it, we live in an age of artifically induced (COVID-19 BS) social isolation, in which the population is excessively medicated Anything not "normal" is an illness and then increasingly conditioned to accept materialisim happiness" in addition to addiction to the old bread and circuses, and ever greated retarding of our rights under an increasingly centralized government. Don't forget the high ubranization causing increasing normalization of deviancy and behavioral sinks. This is a positive feedback loop. The adaptation of chicago theory of economics to further gain monies and to medicate people so they don't deviate from the norm kills the soul, not the body. People exist to experience emotions and to make their own choices, not to be medicated the second they feel slightly unhappy so they can buy the newest xbone. Mark my words, in a decade or two they will have a test at pharmacies to gauge your dopamine/seratonin levels and medication to keep you "stable" will be over the counter. >Alexander's experiments?? TFW you high on strelok? https://www.brucekalexander.com/articles-speeches/rat-park/148-addiction-the-view-from-rat-park We are living in a real world transition to Huxley's brave new world, the sexual "revolution" just accelerated it. Regarding relationships and monogamy, it is theoretically possible to have polygamous stable relationships, specifically certain types of polyandry (fraternal/ associated,Successional polygamy is INHERENTLY unstable) You have to have a place with extremely scarce natrual resources and a need for the physically stronger sex (men) to travel for trade at long times at a year as a prequisite, and for the males to be close relatives like brothers as long term polygyny is inherently unstable in my personal understanding. But EITHER of these would require the destruction of the concept of western ideals as a whole since we value individualism so strongly (only need one jealous person to ruin the polygamy relationship).
>>6094 >I know there's a shit ton of angry young men, but what are they going to do? They are going to get violent and start attacking the other races. I'm sure you've noticed it's already started. It's just that up to now the angry young men have been hispanics and blacks. Once the current batch of milliennials and zoomers get to the age where they realize they have no hope for a future with wife and family, out of work, shouldering the tax burden, but with a collection of funs, and surrounded by violent subhumans stirring shit, it will eventually hit a flashpoint. You can't even go on nature trails without seeing large loud groups of mystery meat ruining the experience anymore. They are simply everywhere. Those young angry men can't even escape from it anymore so there will be more of them lashing out.
>>6072 Term limits don't work since power mostly resides with the donors and internal party organisations. The public face of government, democratic or otherwise, is basically never who's actually in charge outside of dictatorships and even they usually have to balance other factions behind the scenes. If you want to solve the people there you need to remove any monetary or personality influence, I'd go for some ancient Greek shit like selecting a huge house at complete random from the adult population. Can't be any worse than the current methods of selection after all. >>6028 The USA cannot continue to exist as it is now because the concept of strong states is in direct conflict with using states as the federal government's voting regions. Either you weaken the states or you reduce the federal government to a rump organisation that only controls foreign policy and the bare minimum of interstate cooperation. When you do that you don't need to try and balance populations in states to number of candidates or anything along those lines which is a large part of what contributes to the current system of ignoring safe states and focussing on swing states.
>>6079 >In other words don't own their own homes, their own business, their own land, have generational wealth, etc. It's all a house of cards. It's even more sick that the government encourages this behavior. Just three months ago, some Bezos owned outlet published a story detailing how people survived the great depression. One of the families baked pies in their home. Try that now. >Food handler's permit >Health inspection requirements that preclude commercial kitchens >City business license >LLC registration fees >Business tax >Various worker requirements Depending on the local, that's in the range of 1-8k per year. Startup cost is that plus supplies. >muh get a job Pay rent, pay taxes, spend a tiny amount on food and clothing. Land is much the same issue. Nobody owns land in the U.S. except the government. In the early U.S., Delaware didn't levy property tax against non-profit domiciles. Now, land ownership is nothing more than rent control to a landlord that will kick you out over $6. Generational wealth? Taxes. The entire government demands rent seeking behavior. >gas tax >road tax >licensing "fees" tax >passport "fees" tax >phone 911 tax An American that is not part of the 10% pays easily upwards of 65% tax, whether it be in the form of "access fees" or "usage fees", or outright taxes. >Federal income tax >Lincoln >The act created a flat tax of three percent on incomes above $800 ($22,800 in current dollar terms). >Wilson >In 2010 dollars, the 2010 personal exemption ($3,650) and the standard deduction ($5,700) for single filers were together $9,350, only 14.1% of the 1913 exemption of $66,100 in 2010 dollars ($9,350/$66,100). There can be no freedom when a man cannot own a home for his family. If you continually pay to legally occupy or use something, you don't own it.
>>6107 Holy fuck this makes me rage so hard. >Now, land ownership is nothing more than rent control to a landlord that will kick you out over $6. I forgot to add that you can't even legally build on "your" property without paying taxes in most states. Plus, if you decide to build a small house and have kids, DHS could swoop in and seize them if you have the wrong number of bedrooms, or are "neglecting" them, which at this point could mean not buying them a cellphone or them missing a zoomer conference. Put your kids to work in the field before a certain age? Child abuse because muh labor laws. You don't even own the fruit of your loins in the U.S. anymore. The state does. Do you want to leave the U.S. officially? Nah you can't just sign something, you have to pay exit taxes! hand rubbing intensifies
>>6108 AH FUCK I'M RAGING SO HARD THE COMMERCE CLAUSE WAS USED BY THE SUPREME COURT TO OUTLAW SELF SUFFICIENCY Their logic: Since producing enough to supply your consumption affects interstate trade, the federal government can force you to stop producing. HOLY FUCK
>>6107 >911 phone tax I kinda understand the reasoning behind it, since idiots call it for the most shittiest of reasons and not usually an emergency, and dindus who call every day for DV and won't prosecute. >>6108 That's because (((concerned humanists))) said it was illegal and inhumane. As if the majority of the world gets to do that. Kill the income and the property tax, government will just fucking tax the shit out of your food then. >>6110 Mate do you not understand how every government prevented becomes ripe for abuse? Those who led the initial founding are the ones who recognize the inherent flaws in the system and strive to prevent them. By the time you get three, four hundred years down the line, people will have forgotten.
>>6111 >911 tax reasoning Then why can't I buy phone service without 911? >Kill the income and the property tax, government will just fucking tax the shit out of your food then. BUT THEY ALREADY DO. >gas tax >road use tax >property tax on the farms >farm licensing >income taxes which get fed into farm subsidies There's probably EPA related taxes mixed in there for the rail and barge shipping. And then there's the outright taxation on certain "foods" including alcohol containing foods, cannabis containing foods, and sugary drinks. And for everything else, they can just print more money, which causes inflation, which is a silent tax. >Mate do you not understand I do, but that doesn't make me any less angry.
>>6107 Anon, you forgot the mandatory insurance they have to offer to every employee that's $1000/month out of the employer's pocket as well as the business insurance that's several thousand a month. Let's not forget the business-specific taxes or the fines for stupid shit. Did I mention the fact that if a single employee is laid off/fired and you have less than 30 people working for you, you automatically get placed in the highest business tax brackets at the end ofof the year and get taxed as if you hired 1000+ employees because unemployment taxes (on the employer's end) are through the roof and based on how many people YOU fire, meaning you have to convince the offending party to quit, and that even in no-fault states they can sue the shit out of you for wrongful termination/unemployment if you don't give them at least 8 hours per week portioned in two week intervals? If anon fell for the trades meme, make sure to do everything you can under-the-table.
>>6111 If government abuse is inevitable, you either dissolve the government or option two, hope the abuser is "your" guy. Which explains the two primary streams of political ideology on imageboards.
>>6067 >the military hasn't been coopted Absolute delusion, outside of a dwindling number of hardcore patriautists the military consists mostly of fags, histrionic women trying to prove something by dragging down the already abysmal standards, and shitskins looking for gibs, and even among the patriot retards a good majority of them would gladly kick down your door the moment their CO tells them you're an evil WN domestic terrorist. Combat jobs (the guys you actually have to worry about) aren't known for independent thinking or critical thought in general outside of clearing a room.
>>6107 >Taxes Stop hating roads, anon.
>>6119 I know your joking but let me give you a regional example. >heavy rain 2/3 of the year >parents like their children playing outside >school doesn't have a covered area >recess during rainy winter is spent huddling in groups near heating vents like slavs >families don't like this >raise money to build a covered area >have money will spend >government says no we won't let you >nothing happens >families do it again 10 years later >build covered area >government eliminates recess >wuflu happens >government tears down covered area and builds more classrooms in the field >government pays top tax dollar to friend of councilman for classroom contract >taxes Next thing you'll say is that taxes pay for firefighters the majority of firefighting in my region is done by volunteers with donations from the local communities
>>6118 >Blah blah fags I explicitly explained why this doesn't matter outside of an offensively invading threat in my post.
>>6121 And this anon recognizes the root of the problem. Even if you fix it yourself, a man in a suit will come around the corner to explain that even though that thing you built meets all standards and specifications and possibly even has a "certified by original company refurbished" certificate, it was not done with their permission, so they're going to demolish it, spend a year debating it then possibly approving it, then another two years rebuilding the thing you built in an afternoon. Afterwards it will spend four months in inspection, then another year being rebuilt because it no longer meets code, then finally the project will be scrapped by a political rival in retaliation, and they'll put a fence around the thing to keep people out. It will cost ~50x what you could do it for, and then that stated pricetag will become double before work begins. Some politicians will then threaten that it can't be done unless you agree to pay double the doubled price which will once more have another zero attached. You will foot the bill in this exercise in futility.
>>6122 So you admit it's been coopted. Why lead in with such a retarded statement then? I wouldn't have assumed you were retarded and stopped reading otherwise.
>>6113 >why can't you buy without I'm not saying its a stupid idea. >>6121 >volunteer firefighting You do realize that we get funds from state and county because the supplies make our shit absurdly expensive and then make the VFD legally liable if we repair some of our own shit or if its over X years old? I'm not even going to describe the absolute clusterfuck on how liability for VFDs seem to work now days. They are trying to get rid of our custom built engines because we're not as rich as other VFDs and they are saying "apply for a grant, raise taxes!" because some contractors want monies.
>>6122 >>6118 Fags in the military don't mean shit, what does is culture, ideology and ethnicity.
>>6136 As I see it, acceptingly openly homos is a pretty recent change that dovetails with the culture aspect, is part of a slippery slope for other reduced recruiting standards, and makes them look weak and effeminate. Perhaps a minor point but if we're quibbling anyways.
>>6141 The big gay isn't what fucked everything up in the .mil world they've been here since someone thought the military should be a thing. It's the women that come in expecting the exceptions they get in the civvie world and getting them so the big hats can say they've got good PR look at all this inclusiveness please give us funding. Good men get fucked over when an entitled bitch gets something mean said about her because this is the 7th time this month shes been late to formation and she still falls out of pt and shes knocked up again but here comes his discharge. Yeah hes got 16 years of experience but we gotta look good to all of the nobodies that are gonna join, then she gets sent to bumfuckistan and fucks unit cohesion like shes fucked every pv2 in the company. At least chad assthunder will have your back when shit goes sideways while prissypants has backstabbed another good soldier and sent another complaint up the chain that no one respects her, the entire time getting told shes a woman in a mans world and she needs to take what she can get fuck patriarchy lmao grrrrrrl power.
>>6142 Not that strelok, but you seem to be missing the point, the same people pushing women are the ones pushing homos, and for the same reason, egalitarian ideology. I don't think anyone is really saying that gays weaken the military in and of themselves. Honestly there has always been a homoerotic undercurrent in most military cultures (hazing etc) since Alexander. The problem is that equality culture is anathema to any military, and gays have in many ways been the tip of the spear, so to speak, in bringing equality culture to the military.
>>6141 Not every fag is an exuberant queen. But if they do accept those into the army then yeah, US army is pretty much fucked. And from what I've searched the Jarheads aren't much better. >>6143 >the same people pushing women are the ones pushing homos, and for the same reason, egalitarian ideology Good point
>>6143 >Equality culture The basis of modern militaries is equality culture and has been since at least Napoleon. That is, equality culture of "you're all equally expendible at the drop of a dime and you all equally get treated like shit for discipline or something."
>>6146 all soldiers are equal, just some have to be more equal than others :^)
What's 100 rads?
>>6155 Get out of here, stalker.
>>6146 >what are officers Blocks at the bottom of the pyramid are always the most numerous, don't mistake that for egalitarianism.
>>6160 Is there a happening? I don't follow the news.
>>6161 The cops that shot that Taylor nog didn't get indicted. So now there's a major chimpout.
>>6161 It went like this: >nurse is being investigated because two years ago she had dated someone now being investigated for drug trafficking >cops launch no-knock raid (the order were retroactively changed to "knock and announce", which the cops say they did, but 12 of the 13 eyewitnesses disagree) >boyfriend (who had a carry permit even aside from being at home at the time) pulls a gun on the group of armed men who suddenly just kicked down his front door >cops open fire on everything and in every direction, including other apartments, nearly hitting at least one neighbour >the woman dies, the boyfriend is injured, one cop also injured >silence from BLM et al for a couple months, probably because she had a respectable job and her death was genuinely objectionable >Floyd dies, protests pick up, and they finally remember her as they're looking for names to put on signs Fast forward several months to now. >city starts preparing for riots >investigation announces results >one of the cops has been indicted for wanton endangerment for blindly firing at nothing, but that's the only charge >imminent riots
>>6163 At least one cop was shot, I think it was Federal too, they were near the Cort house. I saw it live on a multi-livesteam, someone opened up from the line of "protesters". The quality was shit so I won't claim to know what the fuck just happened.
Who was the guy crippled for life when the ATF raided the wrong house?
Open file (1.48 MB 1277x2896 highest autism.png)
>>6163 Inner city cops are mostly sub-90 IQ retards, and inner city niggers are, well, niggers. My smooth brain says it's nearly a win-win, but the way shit has been going since Saint Tray-Tray, I know it's not that simple.
>>6164 Reports are saying two shot, both in stable condition, one person detained.
>>6168 Don’t jump to conclusions, we’re not sure if it’s tied to the protest, racist
>>6167 Why do they defend a system that hates them and people they hate? Is it just cash?
>>6172 I've wondered about this often.
>>6172 Media brainwashing
Open file (582.87 KB 1224x1213 zog semite cock suckers.jpg)
>>6172 They are part of a gang and feel comraderie with their fellow zoglings. "Us against the world". Hence the thin blue line, police corruption and coverups, etc. They are also given special privileges like access to automatic rifles and other fun toys that make them feel above the plebs, even though they are just useful idiots being thrown a few bones.
>>6167 I wish this were true but most inner-city police buildings have an education policy saying you must have a 2-year degree or X years experience on a police force before they'll hire you. The cities want smarter cops specifically to ensure charges stick when filed against someone and so they know their police officers can socially manipulate their prey. Traffic officers are sub-human retards, but that's because they don't even have to pretend to be fair/applying the law. You commit three traffic violations every time you drive a vehicle and traffic would actually be worse if everyone followed the law. Thankfully traffic officers also only make minimum wage and have basically zero benefits. It's increasingly hard to even pretend to side with conservatives though when the police force has thrown due process out with the trash and the courts are a joke of how much money you're willing to spend to get bullshit charges dropped since the Judges don't even pretend to listen to the cases any more.
>>6172 Power tripping basically. People who are inclined to beat their wives and abuse power are generally attracted to positions of power. If you're too stupid to be a judge, not suave enough to be a politician, and not healthy enough to kill goat fuckers in the ME for Israel (or were formally discharged), the next logical step is either militia groups if you still have a sense of conscience, prison guards if you're physically active, or the police force with the hopes of landing a cushiony government job where you have power over others. There's a reason more than half of police officers wives are also domestic violence victims and it stems from the same personality/mentality that got them the job.
Open file (48.68 KB 670x372 dayoftherope.jpg)
>>6188 What's it going to take for conservatives to realise the game is rigged, the hypocrisy is baked into the system? How many years will they do nothing while acting surprised at whatever new double standard is being pushed? I mean, I used to be the same but after a while I started to wise up.
>>6189 Cuckservatives above all identify as being good people or having the primal need to fit in. In this way they are not really different from liberals. Being called "racist" is a killshot that stops them in their tracks and renders them neuter and incapable of meaningful resistance because it's a word that says "you are a bad person", and "you will be ostracized". Nothing will change until they openly embrace being racist, thus taking away the word's power over them. This is important because the individual always loses to a coordinated group. As long as we are pre-empted from being able to explicitly work together as a race it will just be constant attrition as we are picked off one by one.
>>6191 >lolbertarian meme Technically they're not wrong you just gotta backstab them after like a certain group

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