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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
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Open file (74.02 KB 1200x733 DEe4CFpWAAAuB4L.jpg)
>>9461 I'd make the joke of you smoking killing all your smell sensors but some people are still very good with that sense, like everything its genetics. Some fucks can smoke 3 packs a day for five decades+ and die at like 98 with no lung cancer. >>9422 >pic related I desperately, desperately hope that AfD gets a majority in the Bundestag It wont happen, unless the CDU and CSU order the heer to start shooting and I want it to happen >>9439 >corona and real or not It's most definitely real, the question or not is if its a chinese bioweapon or if it was the lab researchers being retarded. Remember that every some 20-40 odd years theres a novel virus in China (usually in southwest, because jungle) due to high person population but still high amount of jungle present. Kinda like how HIV and Ebola both came out of the congo. High no of interactions, high chance of jumping species. I have no idea how we in the US have avoided some novel disease... That and especially Brazil and parts of latin america >>9442 >draconian measures I'm more worried the populace is getting brainwashed. Americans aren't used to this level of brainwashing like chinese are. Even in China people talk about it being a government plot from my relatives. Ironically, all the hardcore covid culters I know are that first gen american born Chinese/vietnamense pop (I want to say its because they get so enthralled with western "liberation" they don't bother listening to their parrents trying to teach them). I know SEVERAL who have not exited their house since January because they have the money and the means and desperately are afraid of a virus that has little chance of killing them. Fuck, my friend and I both have major health issues (I have mutiple issues - mainly Rheumatology related and she has autoimmune disease) go out to work daily. Last time I checked I'm not dead or in the ICU and neither is she Considering she has to interact with people wheras I don't, I'm quite suprised she hasn't got it yet Liberty is the right to make decision, and suffer the consequences of your decisions. It seems that most americans have abdicated that to the state. We are no longer secular, but statist. The soviets and the chinese would be laughing all the way home.
Open file (495.29 KB 1012x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9462 Indeed, the draconian measures i mean are not wearing a mask, but the population control being exercised, remember how the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia helped the Germans? it gave them a lot of experience in how to conduct military operations despite no shots being fired, i feel like a lot of the measures taken now are similar in objective, now it's the elite practicing population control for when they really need it. Also, let's not forget the huge wealth redistribution currently happening either, Amazon and friends are growing by the billions while local economies are dying i haven't checked pic related myself, but it fits perfectly with everything happening It feels like the worst of both worlds making memory of the early threads while the virus was just in China, it either should have been nothing at all so life went on as normal or bad enough to really shake things up and give people a chance, but now it's just barely bad enough to be used as a valid and believable excuse for them to get away with whatever they want.
Open file (448.93 KB 500x354 1567321194420.gif)
>>9462 >"We" are no longer secular, but statist. Because "we" are full of shitskins like you, filthy chinkshit pretending to be an American. Of course the ethno european philosophy of liberty is totally down the drain when are halfway occupied by shitskins. The irony of you as part of the problem lamenting our downfall is just too much. You are only even here through kikes subversion of the state by opening the grates to ethnic invasion through immigration. We don't want you here. Leave.
>>9480 >implying the future isn't The Camp of the Saints
Open file (4.75 KB 261x193 公瑾耻笑.jpg)
>>9480 >implying people don't assimilate It's certain possible. But the current state of affairs leads it into a rare event due to the large amount of energy that's required to assimilate. That's the part currently people fail at. Before, if you didn't speak good english, didn't follow (white) social norms you had no shot in life unless it was through high education (which required the former). Nowdays there's no pressure because the government and society bend back over for immigrants rather than the other way around. >lament your downfall Considering that I was basically taught how to be an American by a greatest generation vet from the deep south, I'm just as pissed if not more than you. You're better off fighting wetbacks since they are a greater threat than any asian populace will be. At least I do more than just yell at people to leave. I actually go out, convince people, and make them adopt western values. I go out to teach them how to shoot, show them what western wear is and how they should wear it, and teach them the true meaning of liberty. Unfortunately, most people are set in their molds and refuse to change, but I have never seen greater smiles when I've been teaching someone how to fish and skeet I'm bad at hunting no bully You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment, you need to CONVINCE people that it is the best ideology there is. You can't go out there and whack heads because those people will always resent you and play along, you need to convince them to follow. Of course there will be the zealous and dogmatic, the only solution for those is a bullet. To be quite blunt, the GOP could EASILY, EASILY swing 90%+ of the naturalized asian vote by showing they're meritocratic above all else. The dems aren't doing themselves any favors by getting niggers to bash in the heads of asians in california and fixin' to put asians as "white". The first natural born gen on the other hand is usually no different from the baseline white american and those woke ones are in the cities and need to be purged regardless Abram Petrovich Gannibal was a negro who was raised by Russian nobility, his decendents include Alexander Pushkin. The upbringing of a person determines what they are to be come when they are in a very insignificant minority. Since the blacks and wetbacks are a sizable minority, there is no reason to change. >>9463 I feel like this quote from a friend of mine is somewhat applicable here, the individual desires liberty naturally, but will readily exchange it for safety. >the african has high liberty or none of it at all, but no safety due to a historical lack of civilization. >the european gave up liberty for safety after being conditioned to reject the enlightement by the government and jews >the latin americans have neither liberty nor safety due to the stranglehold of europeans on their culture combined with the barbaric culture of meso-america >the (eastern) asians have been conditioned since the advent of confucius to reject liberty and strive for safety >the arabians have both extremes, liberty and no safety, or vice versa due to a shitty civilization set of ethics. >the urban american rejected safety for liberty, and deserves neither >the rural american is being conditioned to reject liberty for safety >>9481 No, it will be the camp of the state. Oppression to a degree is necessary for higher society, and governments will progressively gain in their tyrannical attributes. It is the duty of the civilian to revolt when tyranny is to great. reee, triple flood post fuck you
>>9462 The fact all information and top biologists working at the lab were being purged from the internet, such as the true Google maps location being shifted some 10-20 miles away to make the exotic meat market seem closer, is proof enough that it was a bio weapon being covered up. It's released being intentional or not is what's disputed as no potential whistle blowers have lived to tell the tale.
>>9486 You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. You create an ethnic tragedy of the commons where nobody cares anymore because the country is not for them but for everyone and thus for nobody at all. Meanwhile you wonton jews vote overwhelmingly against gun rights. >I go out and make people adopt western values Those values don't include being ethnically replaced you disingenuous fuck, the erosion of our liberty is in direct response to flooding of our countries with non-whites. Even if you fancy yourself the special snowflake exception that simply reaffirms the overarching rule. It's exactly the opposite of what you say, you don't convince shitskins to love liberty, you expel them by force or you lose liberty forever as you become Brazil. You are part of the cancer because you are not even self aware, just deluding yourself. The truth is you want access to our wealth while the getting is good, to our inventions, to our culture of liberty all of which are the domain of European man. But plenty of people see through your bullshit.
>>9486 >this retard doesn't know about Jean Raspail, and how he is living out the very prophecy he claims to defy
>>9486 >You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment I doubt that, many see that as the start of the problem. >>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. But that's not happening anywhere except the UK with HK Can't you have some nuance? i'm an ethnonationalist too, but i also understand that exceptions exist and have existed, at least east Asians have shown themselves to be smart and hard working, they have shown to be civilized, better to have them as allies than not.
>>9502 You stop being an ally once you invade a country. It's that simple. The only way you could ever take in "refugees" is if you flat out removed a portion of your country, segregated it, and declared it "New Niggerland" or wherever they came from and expected them to be autonomous. This, obviously, is a terrible idea. If Chang Fungding decides to come to (Western country), do you think he's going to content himself with a monastic existence? He's going to want children. He will infect the gene pool with his spawn and continue to propagate himself. Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners.
>>9502 >But that's not happening anywhere but the UK >Canada >Australia >New Zealand >West Coast of the US >Hawaii 38% Asian compared to 27% white and 10% polynesian as of the 2010 census! >Fucking africa
>>9503 Sure, deport them at the end of the day, each ethnicity should live in their own countries, but that won't be the case for a while, there's no need to be unreasonably hostile to someone that wants to aid you, good fences make good neighbors, it doesn't mean you must also hate the guy. >They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners. They seem to do better by some measures. >Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. I'd like to see some studies on that, there seems to be something to it. What you're doing is pushing people that agree with you way more than they do with the left to the left as at least the left accepts their existence, all i'm saying is that the more allies we have the better even if very few, later we can part ways when this is all solved. >>9504 True, completely forgot about that, still they're no where near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve.
>>9505 There's never a "later", because by the time the supposed threat is gone a new one rises. The concept rapidly becomes a pseudotradition in a matter of generations. These people will then say, oh, my children were born here and they know nothing of their mother country so how can you deport them- and they're completely right. Their original country won't want them back either. How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place?
>>9506 >Their original country won't want them back either. Well they can cry you a river, it's the better long term solution in most cases deportation i mean, but still, very few exceptions exist, i'm not saying is worth keeping the lot because of it though. >How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place? Sure, but some are already in, what do you do then? wishing that wasn't the case is not enough.
>>9507 >Country doesn't want immigrants >Original country doesn't want them back either This is how ethnic minorities form ethnostates between two borders.
Open file (112.15 KB 858x1057 onsvpmy3r0zz.jpg)
>>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. >>9495 > Jean Raspail I have not read him unfortunately, information is hard to come by when you're stuck in a liberal college town and the current year professor dare not to question. I did a quick skim of his work and I'll need to add that to my reading list (if the kikepedia summary is to be trusted, I would agree with most of the statements if anyone has a pdf copy I'd be happy. I have read Spengler, Huntington, Schlesinger and Putnam Putanms paper is E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty‐first Century if you want to know >>9503 The chinese aren't invading the country, as a matter of fact, due to the aging population back on the mainly the chinese government is attempting (read: "convincing") people to come back if they were chinese born and keeping them from leaving. They are also loosing the culture war really badly. Break up the asian monolith into seperate blocks. Fuck, Iranians are considered white by the census for some dumbass reason. There's a big difference in the ethnicities even within China (some are more pro-european than others), the same applies to Asia as a whole Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans >>9505 >hapa kids having mental issues I have a guess as to why, although I didn't meet a hapa until college in the US I was basically the only asian in the are period until like high school. This is because you first have to split them into two categories. Number one are mixed race from a marriage where the parent was an immigrant Number two are mixed race from a 1st generation born with an american (eg; this retard here). No1 usually never works out because of the cultural differences between the two parents and they end up causing this split personality in the "unconscious mind" (term from Freud). No2 is slightly more successful but still somewhat challenging. The first gen parent idolizes in most cases, but misrepresents likely misrepresents (but at a lower rate then case no 1) the cultural norms of the host country, this leads to them coming in contact with ideological extremes as their partner (eg; in this case, you've got extra woke asian with a woke asian partner) If we then assume that race and IQ are directly correlated, and that Eyferth's study holds true, then the mixed race children would have higher IQs in this case due to the higher IQ of the asian population in general compared to negros. This (theoretically) leads to higher degrees of mental illness but also higher intelligence, combine that with the issues in the 2 types of parents shown above. Hybrid vigor and hybrid depression both scientifically proven concepts in plants, the question is which one applies to humans? I think the supposed fetishization of asian women by white men also play a role, but I am not too sure as that since there's no fucking women on the internet and I don't know if thats an actual thing. >nowhere near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve. You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. >negros don't assimilate very well because they don't value being productive to society >arabs don't assimilate well because they reject the concept of society in the western sense entirely >wetbacks don't assimilate because there's too many of them (at least down south) >uneducated asians don't assimilate because they believe the government owes them >education asians assimilate better than all the above due to certain common ideas shared with europeans (mainly hard work and intellectualism), but will struggle still due to preference of a collective social society over an individual one (this issue is gone by their children usually)
Open file (45.49 KB 700x429 am0JQNQ9_700w_0.jpg)
>>9509 continued because fucking character limit >>9506 >psuedo tradition That is a problem neither the romans, chinese, nor persians ever solved. It is not practical because at some point you are going to have to let mercenaries in alongside with traders, and sometimes you straight up get invaded inthe case of the british these things are cyclic. The issue is in the US there is no need to assimilate. Why should I learn english when the federal government prints shit in Chinese? Why should I assimilate when there are large Chinatowns to where people congregate and never leave? There is no pressure to assimilate these days and the fact that woke white women thinking that any non european culture (esp niggers) is great and that european culture is flawed and belongs to history is an issue as well. In short, make english the ONLY language supported by the government, start breaking up these large ethnic communities. >>9508 >ethnic minorities form between two borders the solution is genocide. Genocide was a very common occurrence until recent history (one can say in africa, it still is). Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion, the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man, and that afrikaners are being annihilated by the niggers in SA and Rhodesia
>>9508 Then a new nation forms i guess, wouldn't be the first time it happens and wouldn't be the last. >>9509 >Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans Probably because you've lived around Europeans an European living in asia would learn to tell the difference with time too. >You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. Asians are way less likely to kill me or rape members of my family or blow themselves up, that's what i mean, the lack of ethnic homogeneity is a problem always, but i'd much rather live next to chinatown than the ghetto. >>9510 >the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first and foremost then political instability brought by that, that's what allowed Europeans to conquer the place so easily.
>>9510 >Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Levounion >The Pechenegs appear to have been caught by surprise. At any rate, the battle that took place on the next morning at Levounion was practically a massacre. The Pecheneg warriors had brought their women and children with them, and they were totally unprepared for the ferocity of the attack that was unleashed upon them. The Cumans and the Byzantines fell upon the enemy camp, slaughtering all in their path. The Pechenegs quickly collapsed, and the victorious allies butchered them so savagely that they were almost wiped out. The survivors were captured by the Byzantines and taken into imperial service.
>>9512 >Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first Point taken. >>9513 That's entirely the point, the pechengs were completely destroyed as an independent people at that stage Although technically, technically they were still capable of resiting until Beroia
Open file (204.27 KB 3240x3228 How-Dominion-works.png)
Gloves fixin' to come off lads. As Church hill titled the first section of his ww2 history, "the gathering storm". https://archive.is/CEV0e GA govenor is a cuck, signs and ceritifies election results, then claims fraud. >Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp certified the state's election results Friday, saying that now that the results are certified, the Trump campaign can pursue other legal options to call for a recount. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, told reporters Friday morning that President-elect Biden had definitively won the state, after the state's hand recount was completed Thursday. >But Kemp didn't endorse the results, instead calling for another full hand recount. Kemp, who served as Georgia secretary of state before Raffensperger, has not publicly defended the state's election process from accusations from the president and his campaign. He alleged Friday that the audit revealed significant errors made in several counties, including Floyd, Douglas and Walton. As a friend of mine put it, way to fucking show up the firefight after the battle. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057.202.0_1.pdf >PA district judge tosses trump challenge and call it bullshit in nice flowerly language. >no bandwith to download this piece of shit. some mid-level DNC staffer goes on a ranting spree on how republicucks need to be deprogrammed. >No seriously...how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? >We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South. https://twitter.com/DavidOAtkins/status/1328898661569363969 https://archive.vn/erS3I Some random asshole on the itnernet claims to have figured out dominon's voting system. Take with a grain of salt. I ain't smart enough to understand this shit more like I'm fucking braindead from work right now >pic related https://gofile.io/d/qZcQl6
>>9509 Here's the deal Chinaman: how about you fuck off back to Beijing, blow up Zhongnanhai, and then we'll discuss the merits of your character.
Open file (769.21 KB 736x724 2ENlg70.png)
>>9519 I'm just going point you to the jannie post >>9041 as to how absurd your are. Imagine if I told you to theoretically, hi FBI fuck off to DC, blow up the white house and the capitol building, and then we'll talk about your dedication to ethnic nationalism?
>>9521 >what is hyperbole This is why you can't stay. By the end of college you will be a full-blown leftist or a Charlie Kirk / PragerU / Sargon-tier "conservative".
Open file (645.24 KB 640x360 They glow in the dark.mp4)
>>9527 >I tried to bait someone into getting vanned and got called out for it!
>>9529 >chink is too cowardly to defy the CCP, is afraid of getting vanned by the MSS while hiding in a Western country, claims to be white
Open file (662.13 KB 1150x1200 1582527411115.jpg)
Corona-chan update If you got the MMR vaccine and the associated autism, or you had mumps at some point in your life, you're immune: >Within the MMR II group, mumps titers of 134 to 300 arbitrary units (AU)/ml (n = 8) were found only in those who were functionally immune or asymptomatic; all with mild symptoms had mumps titers below 134 AU/ml (n = 17); all with moderate symptoms had mumps titers below 75 AU/ml (n = 11); all who had been hospitalized and had required oxygen had mumps titers below 32 AU/ml (n = 5). Our results demonstrate that there is a significant inverse correlation between mumps titers from MMR II and COVID-19 severity. https://web.archive.org/web/20201122211438/https://mbio.asm.org/content/11/6/e02628-20 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zdAPgglDJAU
>>9537 Antivax btfo forever and ever.
>>9509 >genghis khan exists The mongol raids didn't even reach the Holy Roman Empire, you retard, they made a couple of Rus Principalities into tributaries but the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania. They only knew how to raid and sack, only lasted for 5 years, and never settled or intermingled, their only genetic legacy was from the coudle of rape babies left in their wake which hardly amounted to anything in the big picture.
>>9539 Isn't that his point more or less?
>>9539 > never settled or intermingled >What is the Yuan dynasty >What is the Ilkhanate of Persia > never settled or intermingled In Europe, maybe.
Open file (2.87 MB 4032x3024 GLdCAVG.jpg)
>>9537 Absolute-fucking a. So we've been fucking around for damn near a year on something that wont kill you even if you're immunocompromised lol. In other news. CP 2077 got leaked. CDPR taking down everything related. Turns out the game's gunplay is still shit cause lol no recoil. https://anonfiles.com/XeEet7sep5/CYBERPUNK_2077_GAMEPLAY_HIGH_-QWOybECO1ks_mp4
>>9540 Was it? >>You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. >>[Western values] values don't include being ethnically replaced >First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. To me that would imply the mongols end the Europeans by miscegenation in the same way that mass immigration and assimilation would ethnically replace the Europeans.
Open file (91.73 KB 640x1280 EneHlUoXYAAkP3n.jpg)
Open file (24.01 KB 640x293 s-l640.jpg)
Open file (17.71 KB 589x405 shitshow.PNG)
black rifle coffee co pulled a fox news? LOL Archive sites are all failing for me right now so no bulli please Send halp bandwith wise They got uppity after a podcaster had a "support kyle' shirt: >SALT LAKE CITY -- A Utah-based coffee company says it will end its sponsorship of a Blaze Media podcast after the host shared a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse wearing a T-shirt with the company's logo, according to a report from The Salt Lake Tribune. Now they are claiming they infact, did not pull the sponsorship https://twitter.com/blckriflecoffee/status/1330564755203846144 Their statement on Rittenhouse: >We do not support legal advocacy efforts. We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI. Someone is making the claim they're a neocon. https://twitter.com/Supernomas/status/1330681292061601794 >non patch pic related Some other company comes in and dunks on them hoping to steal the boomer purchases. https://twitter.com/smcroasters/status/1330466384569135104 >tweet pic related. And thats it for what a shitshow the GOP and the conservatives are. Have a patch to make in your spare time and to laugh at this crapshoot because some podcaster had fuck around and find out shirt. Is this formatting better than the standard 1 line format or too reddit like? Testing it out readability wise
>>9544 It looks fine.
>>9539 >the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania >Romania >European >nation Romania only exists since the middle of the 19th century when Wallachia and Moldavia united. And Wallachia and Moldavia only exists since the 14th century, before those lands were called Cumania, that is, land of the Cumans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Cumania Even more, many of the ˝Romanian˝ nobles from those lands had clearly Turkic names, like Basarab I.
>>9543 I think he meant that the Mongols not lead by genghis khan actually already invaded Europe, like the Huns and Turks and Arabs but that Europe had survived and thrived after.
>>9542 >No recoil No shit, it's a cucksole game
>>9544 Always had a gut feeling about these fucks and that one eyed nigger dan crenshaw. Every time some faggot (with shit to sell) tries screaming about how they're "more 2A than u" almost always turn in to traitors Daniel defense, Springfield, the faggots that just rebrand and sell the can cannon
>>9585 I'd like for a list of the companies that do this shit to be compiled at some point so I can avoid giving them money in the future. Especially with an archived link to the offense.
>>9591 I don't have time to grab sources on these, but here's the start of a list and what they did: >Springfield Armory: Sold out Illinois gun owners by lobbying for additional restrictions on FFLs >Rock River: Involved in the same lobbying group as Springfield >Daniel Defense: Supported FixNICS bill >Colt: Constantly bends over for govbux, sold out gun owners on multiple occasions >Troy Industries: Hired the partner of Lon Horiuchi >HS Precision: Hired Lon Horiuchi >Dick's/Field and Stream: Gun control shills >Benchmade: Helped police destroy firearms
>>9585 The ones who are genuine 2A don't make it very far because current year + 1 you need to compromise your beliefs to be successful, or they are just smart enough to not say it and get bluecheckmark mobbed. Had to reupload it because the fucking pic/video didn't go through it appears I know streloks don't believe in red flag laws but here: https://controller.phila.gov/philadelphia-audits/investigation-and-review-of-the-sheriffs-office-gun-inventory/ https://archive.is/k4FUS PA Loses 210 firearms that were held from "red flag " laws >City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, joined by Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, announced the results of her office’s investigation into the gun inventory maintained by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. After receiving a complaint alleging that 15 rifles and shotguns had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, the Controller’s Office opened an investigation into all firearms under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. >The investigation found that 101 service firearms and 109 PFA weapons were missing from the Sheriff’s Office inventory. The review also identified other issues with the overall management of the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory. In response to the review, Sheriff Bilal expressed her willingness to improve the management of her office’s gun inventory and to implement recommendations outlined in the report. PFA- "Protection From Abuse" AKA Red flag law in PA. These motherfucking niggers mixed up service weapons with fucking confiscated firearms. And conservicucks think that they can do red flag properly? >pic related is pa sheriff, spoiler as its NSFL, video unrelated
Open file (87.07 KB 192x197 aaaaa.gif)
>>9603 >everything you just typed can we just end this hell right now? Literal hell would be preferable to the current timeline.
Open file (61.23 KB 233x366 sadputsch.jpg)
>>9605 As much as I believe that you need darkness to see the light it's almost like the nightmare is never ending.
Open file (121.29 KB 614x518 1594878864605.jpg)
Open file (2.54 MB 498x498 KILL HER ctryghj 2.gif)
Open file (96.83 KB 244x130 KILL HER ctryghj.gif)
>>9603 >can we just end this hell right now? You can end it at any time. It will only take team work. You are armed aren't you?
Open file (22.31 KB 214x225 1603751680734.png)
The answer is to redacted public officials and civil propagators but that will just get you called a fed. How long am I/are we going to let this happen; what's the breaking point?
The moment we engage in political assassination the anti-gunners will have all the ammo they'd ever need from here until the end of time to justify their cause, go back to shooting innocent dogs.
Open file (261.01 KB 1517x891 1586327398765.jpg)
>>9613 Nah, >>9611 is right. A good ol' lynching would drive some fear into the gun grabbers to keep their hands off since it could spark a chain reaction. Doubly so since most politicians outside of the kikes in New York are relatively unprotected. That person won't be me though when this rotting, festering system works perfectly for allowing people like me to move up the dregs of society with some mild adjustments here or there.

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