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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (4.76 MB 800x450 stalker_bard.webm)
Open file (945.63 KB 400x400 Get_in_here_STALKER.mp4)
/k/anteen the VI. Strelok 10/17/2021 (Sun) 10:13:54 No.19848
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread bumplocked >>17549 Remember, history is a tragicomedy written blood and ashes.
Open file (103.33 KB 458x438 1628426728986.gif)
>>20750 I'm just stating sources and linking anon since he seemed curious.
Open file (278.76 KB 470x646 cover.png)
>>20751 I'm using the books by Stephan Berndt. The problem with Irlmaier is that he was a borderline illiterate Bavarian peasant/well-digger. He wrote very little beyond signing his own name. However, he gave persona readings to pretty much everyone he came across that asked (and always for free). A guy called Adlmaier interviewed Irlmaier directly and released a book during Irlmaier's lifetime about his prophecies, and the books by Berndt have also much gathered from people that got readings, all over southern Germany and Western Austria, or, at worst, their direct descendants (keeping in mind, his books were written 2015, and Irlmaier died in 59), as well as reports from local papers and such since Irlmaier was quite famous in his region due to accurately prophesying where bombs would fall in WW2. All that however, is in German. So if you aren't reading German, you're gonna rely on partial translatons of either Adlmaier or Berndt. The Crystallinks, futurerevealed and rielpolitik sites on Irlmaier have statements that, from skimming them seem accurate to the book.
>>20695 By the way this article more or less confirms it. Biden is asking non-OPEC nations (because OPEC told him to fuck off) to release their oil reserves because he doesn't think he has a chance in hell of winning the midterms for his party and gas is too expensive. Basically confirming the Democrats can't funnel in domestic terrorists because gas is too expensive. https://archive.md/FEgm3
Open file (69.97 KB 300x383 seething nog.jpg)
>>20753 I'm just stating the obvious.
>>20756 /k/ isn't much more alive tbh fam.
Open file (25.95 KB 1062x530 1.png)
Open file (6.44 KB 1057x55 2.png)
Open file (70.23 KB 300x383 3.jpg)
>>20759 At least eight of those users are me jumping IPs on my VPN, dumbass. I'm an AnCap in the first place.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>20760 >he doesn't know how user and PPH count works
Open file (260.82 KB 978x1010 k.png)
>>20761 Whatever you say, boomer.
>>20720 >>20721 Kennedy's whole approach to Vietnam was (appropriately) to deploy only Special Forces, but LBJ fucked it up since he was a political hack who was trying to balance appealing to the left with massive government welfare programs by appealing to right by being a supposed anti-communist warhawk. Thus he unnecessarily escalated the war by blowing the Gulf of Tonkin incident out of proportion to earn the approval of manufacturers with government procurement contracts and since it kept them employed, the union vote. The bigger and more protracted the war, the more it funneled to the interest groups behind the Democrats. Unfortunately the Vietnamese were actually fighting a war they gave a shit about while the US sent draftees to save on re-deploying regulars from Europe and along with everything else that went wrong operationally it proved to be a humiliating shitshow.
Open file (18.36 KB 255x222 1424960974092.jpg)
remember the couple threads ago someone told me that you should grow me to grow my hair out and start listening to rock and roll. well my hair is getting tangled and knotted. It hurts to comb my hair
>>20766 Conditioner.
>>20766 Use some baby shampoo.
>>20766 >soap, coconut oil, brush sections of the hair. if you can't into section brushing, google it. It's stupid simple
Sweden's first female prime minister resigns hours after appointment >"It is about respect, but I also do not want to lead a government where there may be grounds to question its legitimacy,” Magdalena Andersson said. >Hours after being tapped as Sweden’s prime minister, Magdalena Andersson resigned Wednesday after suffering a budget defeat in parliament and her coalition partner left the two-party minority government. >”For me, it is about respect, but I also do not want to lead a government where there may be grounds to question its legitimacy,” Andersson said at a news conference. >She informed parliamentary Speaker Anderas Norlen that she remains interested in leading a Social Democratic one-party government. >Andersson said “a coalition government should resign if a party chooses to leave the government. Despite the fact that the parliamentary situation is unchanged, it needs to be tried again.” >Her resignation came just hours after Sweden’s parliament approved Andersson as the country’s first female prime minister, tapping the finance minister who recently became the new leader of the Social Democratic party. >Andersson had been set to replace Stefan Lofven as party leader and prime minister, roles he relinquished earlier this year. >The development marked a milestone for Sweden, viewed for decades as one of Europe’s most progressive countries regarding gender relations but which had yet to have a woman in the top political post. >Lofven’s government describes itself as feminist, putting equality between women and men at the heart of national and international work. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/swedens-first-female-prime-minister-resigns-hours-appointment-rcna6628 https://archive.md/5oJch >Get handed PM position in minority gov >Immediately fail a budget vote and piss off enough that they vote for the opposition >Coalition breaks down >Resigns >Twitter mob blaming sexisim. I have no words to describe how ironic this is.
>>20794 Sweden, yes indeed
>>20794 I'll give her credit for having the courage to step down if nothing else. Sweden's government hasn't been allowing the citizenry to elect who they want for the last decade, so I think she recognized that and respectfully admitted defeat when it became clear she would have to work with her enemies to avoid being Sweden's first and worst female PM in the country's history.
Open file (27.69 KB 186x208 cia_confused.png)
>>20798 keep d&c'ing, moshe god. what has this place become?
Open file (621.10 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20799 >>20800 you retards forgot that to add that this is all for minecraft. now you have glownigs watching this board.
>>20800 >He's Austrian how.
>>20802 Presumably, by being born in Austria, or having moved there at some point. That's usually how it happens. >>20797 Attacking officials with acid is going to get labelled deadly force. You aren't some muslim getting offended a woman is showing her face on the street, you can't expect mildness.
>>20803 no no, did you assume i'm austrian?
>>20794 >she remains interested in leading a Social Democratic one-party government. This really makes it sound like she wants to be some kind of commie dictator, and got mad she couldn't, and so quit. I'm sure there must be nuance I'm missing though.
>>20794 Is Twitter the final face of mobocracy? The domination of shitty hot takes?
>>20802 >>20804 With the timing of your question I figured you are Dutch, Austrian, or Australian. Given complaints of anons on other imageboards the most likely (about 80% likely) case is that anon was Austrian.
>>20801 Glownigs always watch the board anyways. >>20803 This. Even if they aren't in the vehicle it's the same result. I'll try to think up some other useful riot gear anon could build in the next day or two. >>20806 The article explains it poorly. They signed an agreement with the greens that they would get a budget passed if they got her elected. They didn't get their budget passed even though the greens got her elected and the other leftists "abstained" from voting her in. The greens quit the two-party coalition in anger, and this is her trying to get them back on their side. They couldn't follow through on their deal with the greens but she still got her political position so she resigned since the deal was not followed.
It seems the Arbery trial anon kept shilling went up in smokes and they full-sentenced all three. Not surprising since they argued self-defense and did not have reasonable suspicion that the nog would have killed them when they were the ones pinning him and then assaulting him.
>>20803 >Attacking officials with acid is going to get labelled deadly force. Attacking officials full stop is going to get labelled terrorism. His posts are full of directly stated intent to cause deadly harm. If he's not a fed, he's doing their jobs for them. >>20800 >Add sulfur to the bottle to make it poisonous. Add sodium to make it explosive. >chlorine gas bomb >just go all-out And when the deadly poisonous sulfur and chlorine fumes hurt or kill uninvolved bystanders, what then? >>20812 >the chlorine gas bomb will cause damage and set off the car alarm, not just corrode it with chlorine gas Chlorine gas won't just corrode the car, it will also injure or kill anyone unlucky enough to be near it. Gas attacks are the hallmark of those who seek to kill, and "b-but I was just trying to hurt da car" is just about the stupidest-sounding excuse for using a chlorine gas bomb I've ever heard. Even glowniggers have more subtlety, unless they're trying to bait some patsy into doing a vaccine terrorism in the loudest, messiest, Casus Belli-est way possible.
what do you guys use for EDC flashlights? I am looking for something that isn't like the sun and can fit in my hand with only on and off.
>>20813 not a fed, and i guess when it comes to the point, where attacking officials is an acceptable alternative to accepting rulings from above, it doesn't really matter anyways. Might as well prepare BEFORE talking about it earns you a raid and deportation. Terrorism works. >>20824 I picked a cheapo flashlight with aluminum body, 200 lumen, 5w LED, sliding focus and, as a neat bonus, a screw thread for screwing in a variety of color filters. cost me less than 10 bucks, it is bright enough to fully illuminate a school hallway, and its light. It also has a belt clip. It had 3 light functions, but it took one disassembly and reassembly to "fix" it. Haven't been able to find anything like it under 50 bucks on amazon. crazy.
>>20825 I have a maglite XL50 currently, it does the job fine, but I wanted to see if I could find something relatively cheap and just on and off. It seems the chinks these days put a whole bunch of settings on the flashlights which are useless to me.
>>20826 This is is the norm nowadays. There's not really any other way to cut service life on a flashlight, except through the button and the light element. They targeted both at the same time. It's kinda sad, but begun thinking about putting together my own flashlights from LED light strips, old aluminum tubing/flash light bodies, battery compartments and switches. currently working on a clip-on light, which will take current from a battery pack over a cable. keeps the hands free, and i plan on clipping it on my glasses, which gives me a big tactical advantage.
Open file (3.24 MB 1280x720 Chad Read censored.mp4)
https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/local-news/wife-of-chad-read-releases-video-of-deadly-shooting-ssj/amp/ https://archive.md/PcmaA They be fixin' to pass gun control laws in texas me thinks. Been lots of news trying to sway opinons on this one. Funnily enough, the shooter's Ex wife is a judge so get ready for some serrious shenanigans. Censored version is shown because there's a video I can't find anywhere else. video link (23.5mb at smallest): https://files.catbox.moe/fc9xwj.mp4 >Be a felon >Loose your kids to a divoice because family court fucks over men >Go to your ex's residence in rural TX for kids visitation time >Get told to get off the property >Throw a fit because your ex is playing games with you >Ex new BF comes out with a firearm and tells you to leave >Threaten to take the gun and use it on the manlet because your a foot taller >Ask where you son is >I don't know. >Assault (In TX law "an act designed to be offensive or provoke" the BF in his house (the porch is an extention under TX law) >"warning shot" fired >Tosses the manlet out of his "house" >Gets shot Am I missing anything aside from everyone involved is a fucking 'tard?
>>20843 Wimenz are just plain evil when the law is with them. Also did the small guy just meet the ex dude with a shotgun? can't defend the tall dummy but overcompensating in a legal kids visit while also being within a meter's distance is just being an asshole. No one is innocent there lol.
Open file (13.22 MB 410x720 vQPia6pIABbQ5ZcI.mp4)
>>20843 You're missing the aftermath where they're calmly talking over his dying body. Looks to me like the ex-wife knew what'd happen and organized an incident with her new bf to legally kill him... assuming she was smart enough not to leave behind evidence of the planning. That's not the reaction of someone unexpectedly shooting a guy.
>>20845 >>20844 Also saw it's not a shotgun but some sort of either sub-machine gun or one of those ghetto pistols with long barrels and stock, didn't point it at him at any moment either so it's "fair play". Some articles say the defending lawyer was told the eldest kid said to the mom it was her fault and that if he saw the bf again in the house he would run away and return to kill him later, so this is some spicy small town drama to be fair. Honestly the shooter was all legal if a bit silly as the ex-dude, lucky for him he lives in America where people don't do much because in a violent country all the dead dude's pals (if he had) would go after him to the point of requesting asylum. >organized an incident with her new bf to legally kill him... assuming she was smart enough It seems the shooter dude dumped his wife for this ex-girl of the dead guy, and in this tricky situation turns out the shooter's now ex-wife is one of the districts' judges, and after this incident she filled papers to kick him out of their house. So if the bogus prosecution goes in the dude is either fucked six ways to sunday or going to get off scot-free faster than legally usual. What a mess, here's for the eldest kid to go nuts for further episodes.
Open file (47.92 KB 274x143 one_second_in.png)
>>20846 >didn't point it at him at any moment either so it's "fair play Looking at the stock position right at the start, it looks like he's pointing the gun to his left and slightly angled downwards, and then you see the barrel pointing right into big guy's stomach... I think.
Open file (275.44 KB 309x478 1.PNG)
Open file (383.44 KB 465x456 2.PNG)
>>20847 >barrel In the other video you can see him not pointing to him but the green shirt man trying to move the gun.
>>20846 >Honestly the shooter was all legal it depends on the nature of the visitation. If he just showed up and demanded his kids, sure. If he had specific visitation rights as part of the custody agreement, then it is not trespassing for him to refuse to leave, and the ex-wife and her BF are in the wrong for denying him access to them that they are required to provide. If someone kidnaps your kids, self-defense should be strictly excluded as a defense if they kill you as you try to get them back, and it would be murder.
>>20843 Sounds right to me. More or less anyways. Without seeing the full documents/court case I can't really comment on this one.
>>20849 It really is going to come down to visitation rights, probably. It sounds like he was a few minutes late and the ex used that as an excuse to throw the book at him. Unfortunately for the ex, most courts in Texas define you as being allowed to be a few hours late and still get your visitation rights so long as an inconvenience hasn't occurred (an inconvenience being defined as, say, having to be at work at 3PM and not being able to because the ex spouse was late).
>>20848 What is it with American hot heads that get shot by ignoring the deadly nature of a gun? They all seem to have the same voice, headform, energy and personality be it this guy, the jew shot by Ritthousen or the one guy getting shot fighting over a dumpster with the two fatties.
>>20853 Most people think they are invincible due to never having been in any kind of altercation in their life and assume that they won't be shot because that's illegal. This is also why they think gun control works because they assume criminals go down to the local gun store to buy guns and they don't do background checks or anything because they have never tried to purchase a firearm. It's been really funny watching all these retards come in to the LGS and try to buy a gun just to get dinged on the background check because the fucking retard didn't think beating his girlfriend would prevent him from buying a gun.
Open file (90.30 KB 875x965 honest reporting.png)
>>20854 >they assume criminals go down to the local gun store to buy guns and they don't do background checks or anything because they have never tried to purchase a firearm Even when they do try and get dinged, they claim the gun store's just discriminating against them.
>>20857 So wait, he lied on his ATF forms and had the gall to bitch about it? That's funny.
>>20857 >I tried to buy a gun and had a criminal record, and they REFUSED ME! >Surely this only applies to me, because they must have it in for me in particular. Jesus...
>>20863 >>20859 Don't forget his name is (((berg))). Persecution complexes come with the territory.
>>20846 It's a 22lr looks like I assume. With one of those ar-15 handguards jurryrigged on the weapon I can't identify. Hardly ghetto, but it's a plinker and for small game. If it's a ghetto they would be having unregistered Hi-points. Can't really make sense of the situation personally, can't real with interpersonal relationship drama.
Open file (24.80 KB 128x128 yoba.png)
>>20857 >alcohol abuse, domestic violence. >lies on the form >hey man you can't do that. no guns for you >"OY VEY, THEY SURELY DON'T CHECK OTHERS LIKE THEY DID TO ME. it's like a fucking stonetoss comic, i swear.

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