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Middle East North Africa, 2 for 1: Afghanistan boogaloo Strelok 08/16/2021 (Mon) 21:43:14 No.18275
Last thread is bumplocked. Biden had a presser at 3:45 EDT today FUCKING LOL ITS HILARIOUS https://youtu.be/dHM_1YOXpg4 I just want you to see the daily mail tl;dr, yes, their a britbong commie piece of shit but still: 'The buck stops with me', says Biden but then proceeds to blame Afghan fiasco on Trump and locaIs who failed to fight the Taliban - before ducking questions and fleeing for Camp David >downvoted 3 to 1 ratio before start by magatards thinking downvotes can bring back god emperor trump >Says he will only take questions pre-approved from "certified" reporters >Late for like 30 minutes, probably because talking points got leaked and he was gonna get shat on >Shows up and his pupils are fully dilated >blames trump and afghanis the latter of which is true >Doesn't take an questions >many verbal gaffes >claims that he did everyhing when he was VP and still trumps fault >starts slowing down for no disernable reason >Doesn't answer why withdraw is a shitshow, only that "we got out!!!!!" The "Free world" is being led by the man scrolling the god damn teleprompter. https://twitter.com/CNNAfghan/status/1427173520677556225 https://archive.is/zvDke US Diplomat to AFG has left his post last week. Source unconfirmed. Taliban airforce is a thing now: https://twitter.com/APhilosophae/status/1426516424948862976/photo/1 Meanwhile, the CNN cope is real: https://twitter.com/i/status/1427335498960343048 >They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It's a white woman saying this LOL >video related
>>18907 Bidup impeachment/25th Amendment invocation/ice cream poisoning when?
>>18402 >>18420 >muh northurrrrn alliunce durrr Where they ever of any relevance other than the kids wahhabis beat to steal their cool American toys?
>>18848 Lulz! gib sauce please.
>>18868 >>18894 >>18914 >won't get any media attention. It did get some media attention. The main attempt at downplaying was that the Pentagon claimed"secondary explosions" had killed the civilians, trying to suggest they hit the right car and it was ISIS's explosives that killed nearby civilians, and most news agencies (e.g. BBC, CNN) have either reported that as fact, or quoted the Pentagon's statement without suggesting any doubt. But even then, some major outlets like the Wall Street Journal do mention that all the eyewitnesses call that bullshit and say the strike itself was a mistake. https://archive.is/UpM5D
>>18916 And as is obvious from the article, the initial reports that the translator himself was killed were apparently wrong, and it was actually just a large fraction of his family.
Open file (2.90 MB 2480x3507 1627075698422.png)
>>18908 I think Biden is going to stick around a good while barring a legitimate stroke or whatnot, I'm mostly convinced he's the designated fall guy now. If you assume some group is making a serious go at the Georgia guide stones win conditions, there are a lot of fucked up things that need to be accomplished in the near future and I'm sure they would rather blame it on mistakes instead of planned policy. Biden is just hitting his stride as believably incompetent with most voters and they will ride him as long as possible before throwing him under the bus. I'm not sure what kama-lama-brownpussy's role is but I imagine Biden will hang on long enough to get her two full terms, for whatever reason. But my gut tells me JEB! will be next though, because of "The March of Tyranny". After being savagely burned by the archetypes of the rich playboy and dirty old man the American voter will embrace the lovable dork for being so soft and nonthreatening.
Open file (1.41 MB 320x180 1429829985627.gif)
>>18880 >Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) has reportedly gone missing while trying to enter Afghanistan amid the Taliban takeover and chaotic U.S. departure. What are the odds of him going full rambo and saving US/NATO/Dogs lives?
>>18903 Has anyone been able to find information about Chink flu in Afghanistan? I know the Taliban didn't suspend border operations, but I imagine they sent a lot of women (and foreigners) home from their hospital jobs, and can't imagine all those crowds in Kabul would be doing them any favors right about now. Also I have to wonder if the locust swarms that wiped out most North African & Middle Eastern agriculture last year played a role in the Taliban's rapid resurgence?
>>18922 Your way late on the covid shit. Do you even know how viruses like this work long term in a population?
Open file (516.86 KB 455x587 SOY.PNG)
>>18919 So this whole thing has been orchestrated by Jeb to finally attain power, he was the one playing 5d chess and winning
>>18927 I warned you about Guacman bro. Never count the Guacman out
Open file (112.80 KB 970x714 regret.jpg)
>>18921 >>18889 >Nobody is going to save the service dogs >Abandon in a country that hate dogs
>>18935 Pentagon Press Secretary: >To correct erroneous reports, the U.S. Military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, including the reported military working dogs. Photos circulating online were animals under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, not dogs under our care. https://web.archive.org/web/20210831170623/https://twitter.com/PentagonPresSec/status/1432733998892175370
>>18952 Read: >"The dogs were under our care, but were owned by an NGO under our care that we abandoned instead, so we won't take responsibility since we abandoned the NGO, not the dogs." Does the press secretary understand while this alleviates American asshurt, it multiplies Arab asshurt?
Open file (357.68 KB 828x534 yp3am8q5csh71.png)
>BREAKING: eyewitnesses outside #Panjshir valley say that the entire valley has fallen. Large number of Taliban have entered from various entrances. https://web.archive.org/web/20210903154043/https://twitter.com/paykhar/status/1433802638420811780 NOOOOOO THE HECKIN' MASSOUDERINOS
Open file (411.15 KB 844x626 E9v2FDRWYAMds2e.png)
Class of 29 Sacramento high schoolers left behind in Afghanistan >More than two dozen students from the Sacramento, California, area remain in Afghanistan after the U.S. evacuation ended earlier this week, according to San Juan Unified School District. >“We can confirm that we currently have 29 students, from 19 families, in Afghanistan,” Raj Rai, director of communication for the school district, said Tuesday, responding on behalf of Superintendent Kent Kern. “We stand ready to support these students and families in whatever way that we can.” >Earlier Tuesday, the total number of students from San Juan Unified School District still in Afghanistan was thought to be 32, but the district since learned that three students had been evacuated, he said. >The last U.S. flight out of Kabul took off a minute before midnight local time Monday (3:29 p.m. ET), capping a bloody and chaotic end to America’s longest war and opening a new, uncertain chapter for Afghanistan. >Travis Horne, communications director for Rep. Ami Bera, D-Calif., said his office was in close contact with San Juan Unified School District and had sent the information of students stuck in Afghanistan to the Department of Defense and the State Department. >“We are pushing the DOD and State for an update,” he said. >NBC San Diego station KNSD reportedTuesday that a San Diego-area family, including three students who go to schools in Cajon Valley Union School District, were also not able to make it out of the country. It was not immediately clear how many other U.S. school districts were missing students because they were unable to get out of Afghanistan. http://web.archive.org/web/20210902110358/https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/29-sacramento-students-stuck-afghanistan-school-district-says-n1278203
>>18964 It's not a "class", making it sound like a field trip or something. It's students from various schools in the district. Sounds like immigrant families that went home over summer break and got stuck there. No surprise.
Did they ever find that Congressman?
>>18963 There is a lesson here about not announcing your position in hostile territory. Taliban wouldn't have known any better if they had just hid the guns and clashed violently later.
>>18965 That was my assumption is it was various students throughout the district on summer break. Surprised there were not more being Sacramento. >>18967 lrn2read and stop asking to be spoonfed, Outlander.
>>18896 Pinochet-san, pls.
>>18975 If he becomes a Pinochet then I will make polar bears shoot lasers out of their eyes.
Open file (320.27 KB 1000x1000 download (1).png)
>>18964 Finally, some fucking good news!
What's going on in Daraa?
>>18977 Kek. One of Stonetoss' finest.
Open file (387.43 KB 500x280 laughing muppets.gif)
>>18979 >What's going on in Daraa? I don't know, who is she?
>>18988 Daraa is a Syrian town close to the Jordanian border, it was split between the SAA and moderate rebels until 2017 when Assad decided to clean up southern Syria leading the rebels there to cuck out by reconciliating. However for reasons unknown former rebels there have a habit of deconciliating, the resulting insurgency is IIRC bad enough to warrant MBT deployments but rarely gets brought up outside of southfront and is usually overshadowed by other happenings.
Remember that "missing" US Congressman? https://archive.is/OuSJe https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rep-markwayne-mullin-american-family-afghanistan-evacuation Apparently he DID get an American family out. So I guess someone in Congress actually still believes in serving the people who am I kidding? >Rep. Markwayne Mullin announced Monday that an American family he has been working to get out of Afghanistan was successfully evacuated Monday morning. >Mullin, R-Okla., recently returned from a somewhat secret trip to Asia to help bring home Americans left in Afghanistan following President Biden’s withdrawal of all U.S. troops last week. >"A little over three weeks ago, I received an email from a friend asking if there was anything we could do to help a young lady named Mariam and her 3 small children (all American citizens) get out of Afghanistan," Mullin tweeted. >"Mariam had gone to visit her parents for the first time with the kids and became trapped in Kabul when the Taliban overran the city," Mullin explained, adding that he and a team "left two weeks ago today to get her, the children, and others out." >"We worked around the clock," Mullin continued. "But despite the many frustrating setbacks, the team I have been blessed to work with never gave up." >He added: "Mariam and the kids have been through so much, literally looking death in the face multiple times, including again today, but they never gave up either." >"Praise the Lord!" he said. >But Mullin added that there are "still many families like Mariam’s who are desperately wanting and waiting to get out." >"America cannot rest until we get them all home," Mullin tweeted. >Mullin last week said he was returning home to the U.S. after his whereabouts were unknown to House GOP leadership and Oklahoma’s delegation. >The congressman sought to enter Afghanistan to help evacuate Americans left behind. >"Have we been helping get Americans out of Afghanistan, yes. Is the mission continuing, yes. Am I missing, no. Did I go dark for a little, yes because it wasn't safe to be communicating," Mullin said, upon announcing his return last week. >Mullin's communications director Meredith Blanford said Wednesday that the congressman was never in danger. >"Congressman Mullin has been and is currently completely safe," Blanford said in a statement. "He and the Office of Oklahoma’s Second District will continue to do anything in our power to bring home all >Americans from the war zone that President Biden abandoned. The safety and security of the American people will always be his top priority."
Open file (1.10 MB 770x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Taliban accuses the US of violating Doha Agreement! https://archive.is/67d4I Taliban says keeping new cabinet members belonging to the Haqqani family on the US terror list is a clear violation of the Doha Agreement. tl;dr- Taliban officials are getting cancel cultured by their neighbours because their interior minister and others are still on the international terrorist bounty hunter list, so they are flexing at America to try to get off said list. America is saying they will remain international targets and will not be removed from the list.
>>19059 I'm sure this will turn out great for all the Americans Bidup didn't bother to get out before the military left and who he's been begging the Taliban to let leave (read: provide armed escorts to the border).
>>19029 That's a weird case, either an actual politician who did the right thing (perhaps due to owning a bunch of shady favors to someone on-field there) or a glow pulling out sensitive assets in a covert, not-so-suspicious form. If he carried tons of cash with him it means he had to pay couriers in hand money and/or bribe certain gears aggressively on the spot, that's either glowing desperate or decisive, perhaps both. If this was made to be as public as it is then it can mean anything.
>>19059 >ywn wear open-toe sandals or cheap tennies to an official upper-level national council meeting Feels bad Streloks
Open file (112.31 KB 627x553 watergallons.jpg)
It seems some outraged afghanis gathered some info and had some journalists take pictures and pull out CCTV footage from the ISIS-K drone strike of a week ago. Some homo posted on Twatter much of the bulk of the security footage and field photography investigation and it's all but confirmed that the U.S. flung a Hellfire missile to a non-governmental organization worker in charge of a food bank and who also worked as a repairman for kitchens in U.S. facilities while he was transporting gallons of water to his house due to the water shortage in Kabul. The theory is that the dudes in charge of the drones and surveillance measures weren't familiar with people transporting water in plastic gallons in the middle of crisis or shortages, along with food boxes, so they suspected he was putting gasoline trying to bomb a roadblock. So after traversing the town they eliminated him after stopping at the NGO office sponsored by the U.S. itself, the strike also killed all his children and some near the place. 11 killed in total. News anon might do a better job formatting this than me but found funny this got drowned from all the mandatory vaxx news so might as well.
>>19114 Beijing Joe really is a worthy successor to Obongo.
>>19114 >repair kitchen equipment for the US >US repays you by fragging you, your family, and your neighbours Amazing. >dudes in charge of the drones and surveillance measures weren't familiar with people transporting water in plastic gallons in the middle of crisis or shortages, along with food boxes, Well it actually might be the case. It could be the case that the drone operators are not even aware of the realities on the ground, despite spending dozens of hours a week looking through the cameras. Other option could be that the drone strike was ordered by some literal woman out of spite after that said strong independent woman got scared of her superiors and that made her feel bad. Either way, that is yet another lesson of what might end up happening if and when you ally with the US federal government. Now that I think about it, it's kind of like sticking your dick in the crazy in a sense.
Open file (6.96 MB 1280x720 IdCqvgW7pagtUxN4.mp4)
Taliban give a mansion tour.
>>19126 Are they preparing tourist guides? When will TalibanTours start operations? Surely, if North Korea can use tourism to get monies, so can the Taliban.
Open file (4.78 MB 2000x1333 ClipboardImage.png)
Despite Australians shooting dogs and Americans leaving them locked in cages to rot, it seems the Americans instilled the ability of dogs as utility animals into Muslims, since they rescued them to continue to use or train them as bomb sniffer dogs. https://archive.is/i28nq
>>19158 So 20 years managed to teach them that dogs are kinda cool? Maybe the USA can be a force of good sometimes.
>>19160 Probably the ex-Afghan army guys who are used to working with dogs went for it. Hard to think they would be more considerate than aussies just executing the dogs with mag dumps rather than even a single shoot to the head.
Open file (71.73 KB 576x768 Horses.jpg)
>>19126 >Ghani was a horsefucker
>>19160 Keep saying that furry.
>>19164 Dogs are for protecting your property and to keep you company, not for eating them Mr. Chang
>>19163 It's the mongol blood in his blood. No really he's a Ahmadzai Pashtun, a group in South Afghanistan who fled there after Ghengis Khan raped and pillaged the region.
>>19165 I'm eating them just like my brother farmers in Swizerland.
>>19163 >>19163 I have roosters all over the living room. does this my grandma was a cockfucker? She died but but now my family is giving my mom more rooster decorations. help me Strelok
>>19194 You don't "keep company" with your chickens, do you?

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