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Open file (147.14 KB 430x200 SmallGIF_WW1.gif)
Alternative history thread Strelok 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:42:02 No.17124
This thread includes alternative history wars, conflicts, weapons, tactics and more. For instance >Axis victory proxy wars >Their equipment >East centered world, conflicts And more
Could the Breitspurbahn have made sense if a victorious postwar Germany decided to let everyone in the east keep their respective normal rail gauges with Breitspur serving as the sole gauge directly linking east and west for hegemonial purposes?
>>32922 No, see: >>13324 Slightly moving the tracks so that standard gauge rolling stock can use it is significantly simpler and cheaper.
Life on mars exist, there is water it is green and has oxygen on the planet with a civilization just as smart as our own. What happens during the space race? How would the Martians react? Any future conflicts between earth and Mars?
>>32994 Well, they wont like it ofc! In fact there was already a documentary about this: Mars Attacks! Turns out the invasion has already happened.
Open file (464.46 KB 600x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (864.12 KB 744x566 ClipboardImage.png)
What sort of peace deal with the US could Imperial Japan realistically hope for in a TL where the US Island hopping+strategic bombing campaigns, Battle of Okinawa and nukings still happen but the European Axis kills the USSR+conquers the mediterranean then builds a navy strong enough to strangulate/sea lion the UK into surrender and reach some degree of parity with the USN Atlantic surface fleet? Could a separate peace deal between the US and Japan/peace deal or ceasefire with the Axis as a whole lead to major civil unrest in the US itself, particularly if Truman cucks out following a Midway-level Axis naval victory after the invasion of Japan has already begun? I'm wondering if the US would have any interest in directly occupying Taiwan, Sachalin and perhaps Chukotka+Kamchatka.
>>32994 I guess that depends. Is this Mars the same as our Mars size and gravity wise or is it a A World of Difference kind of situation where "Mars" is Earth sized? Because a live Mars would be much easier to get rockets off of than Earth but much harder to put satellites in orbit due to the fact that Mars doesn't hold its atmosphere as tightly. Also Mars has an asteroidal moon that's in sub synchronous orbit and that would disrupt satellites as well.
>>32994 >>33210 If I recall correctly its Mars' smaller size that caused the core to cool faster dooming the planet to losing its magnetosphere. Scientifically, Mars would have to have very deep, very large craters in order to maintain an atmosphere. Cody does the math behind it but the probability of that happening naturally is pretty low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnRzsQOZSfQ
>>33007 I had been going to write up a brief on why your scenario couldn't happen, but I'll spare you the wall of text and just get to the point. Germany and Italy combined didn't have enough Shipbuilders to out pace the US's naval rearmament buildup, let alone the materials with which to build the ships required. By V-J Day, the US Navy's grand fleet held over 620 major surface combatants, well over half of them being new construction; had the construction draw down not happened, by 1950 they would have possessed at minimum another 200 more and be laying down even more advanced ships as fast as they could come up with designs. By mid-1943, the US Navy was already drawing down construction because they had already crushed the Imperial Japanese Navy so hard that it was just a matter of time before their defeat; the US Navy could have begun a soft pivot to the Atlantic around then, sending a majority of new construction ships to the Atlantic instead of the Pacific, and not lost any real effectiveness in the Pacific theater. This, incidentally, is also ignoring the fact that the Axis (excluding Japan) didn't even have enough manpower nor hulls to counter the UK alone on the seas. As far as naval operations go, Sea Lion was pretty much the picture of an impossibility - even if Germany had actually possessed the warships they envisioned they would need at the time they believed they would need them. Never mind the fact they still didn't have the shipbuilders nor slipways to get them even that far. ...And before anyone says it, no, stepping up u-boat operations earlier would not have helped. The U-boat was nowhere near as effective in starving the UK of sea-going trade as many love to insist, in fact in the grand scheme it made hardly any real impact. It hurt the UK's bottom line, sure, but in terms of actual goods and materials enough made it through that it wasn't even a quarter the way to a decisive blow. If the Kriegsmarine had stepped up U-boat operations sooner, all that would end up happening is the UK would more quickly develop the counters they already historically would.
>>33214 Hellas is near to that point right now. If Mars had a little more atmospheric pressure or if Hellas was a little deeper then it would basically have a high altitude antarctic/Himalayan type climate.
>>33273 Putting aside all the climate-related retardation: >despite the massive die-offs and technological near-collapse that this scenario should entail, Canada and Russia need to import electricity >somehow the global economy is not only intact, but can afford to cover a significant portion of the planet in solar farms and geothermal plants (which we could hardly manage even today) >geothermal plants in zones marked as "uninhabitable due to frequent floods and extreme weather" >massive solar farms and geothermal plants thousands of miles away from the nearest habitable zone >DC power transmission from Ethiopia to Russia >power transmission across almost a thousand miles of ocean Everything in this image is retarded.
>>33285 >Putting aside all the climate-related retardation Yeah even granting the 4 degree scenario, their model is horribly oversimplified. >>33273 >>33285 What if there are abandoned cities under the ice IRL from the previous civilization?
Open file (1.06 MB 1589x2267 Naggaroth.jpeg)
>>33305 >dat spoiler If we want to go by the leaked geopositioning from some politicians and the names of nearby islands, they probably were discovered already and stripped of anything important decades ago. If they announce a discovery it will probably be a completely invented thing with no relation to the real thing.
Open file (69.64 KB 750x1000 the_great_reset.jpg)
>>33215 I know the basic scenario of the Axis reaching naval parity with the US in the Atlantic is retarded outside of HoI, but my question pertained more to a Decisive Darkness'd Imperial Japan """winning""" against all odds. I'm curious as to what sort of policy Imperial Japan could pursue post-nuclear-WW2 with all the big guys who were executed for war crimes OTL still being around and what kind of gains the US would be pushing for in the peace conference.
>>33273 This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. What happened to the jungles? Why there wouldn't be jungles, earth was multiple times way more hotter then this and didn't end like this. And it's impossible atleast by us to return to those periods.
>>33806 Of course over long enough time, if Antarctica were ice free, there would be less water as the crust rebounds. On a side note, I wonder what the weather patterns of a temperate polar region would be like? And how would animal and plant life adapt to the midnight sun and then polar night?
Open file (4.15 MB 1800x1269 ClipboardImage.png)
If France backstabbed the British by way of a fascist coup during Fall Gelb then teamed up with the Germans and Italians after it became clear the eternal Anglo wouldn't let them give humanitarian military assistance to the beleaguered remnants of the Spanish nationalists in Galicia would it be enough perform a Sea Lion? Image unrelated.
>>35297 That's pretty much what happened IRL. All you've done is move up the dates by a week or two.
Open file (289.86 KB 787x396 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35308 ITL the Germans never reach French territory due to the coup happening early on in the campaign, there's no surrender, no german occupation and the French navy stays loyal instead of hiding in Algeria only to get bombed by the RAF, also the SCW ended in 1939 OTL while it's still ongoing by 1940 ITL. It all starts with the French providing military assistance like Germany and Italy did to the Republicans with international brigades never getting shut down, naturally French gear finds its way to church-burning communists who proceed to create multiple waves of refugees fleeing to France as the Nationalists lose territory. This creates organized anti-socialist fascist sentiments among the French populace and government, making France somewhat more politically paralyzed than it was OTL though the French air force gets some degree of combat experience from fighting the Germans and Italians in Spain. France withdraws its volunteers in early 1939 due to the Republicans' overwhelming advantage over the Nationalists who've been pushed to Astorias and Galicia, but just as the French request the Republicans return some of the heavier weapons they've been given CNT-FAI declares war on the Republican government, needlessly prolonging the war and further lowering the opinion of socialist movements among rural Frenchmen. French nationalists and fascists begin plans to usurp the centre-left government by moving left-leaning army units to German and Belgian borders for the expected confrontation there so they'll be too busy fighting the Boche to interfere with the military coup in Paris. This works and the fourth French Republic is proclaimed mere days after the Germans begin to advance into Belgium, the entire BEF is interned with Churchill seething given the probability that the French might solve the Spanish problem by force threatening Gibraltar. Would FDR still back the British in this case or would he consider enacting War Plan Red?
What would have happened if the Pacific War goes on longer, and the soviets manage to capture the whole of the Korean peninsula before Japan capitulates? I remember someone once saying that a unified Korea would be a big deal, but what if it was never split to begin with?
>>35470 Perhaps the lack of an rival government on his land frontier makes the develpoment of the Kim's cult less effective due to less paranoia. This could lead, if the Soviets fall basically same as OTL, to 2 possible outcomes: -Gommies policy is as shitty as altas, which plus less actual worshipping of the leader leads to the Kims being either sidelined or outright purged by the army, which probably after adopts a dengist economic model to turn the economic un. That could make Korea a more economically developed country with an autoritharian government, although less distopian that OTL. -Perhaps, due to overreliance in Soviet gibs, the government collapses like in Eastern Europe by revolution. Im not sure of this outcome with the chinks near though.
>>35477 Would a unified Gommie/Juche-light Korea necessitate a larger JMSDF? With no land border to any enemy states there's no reason for Koreans not to build a navy that's somewhat less of a meme than the one OTL and there'd be slightly fewer naval bases for the US to fuck with the Chinese in the Yellow Sea.
After playing some Total War Shogun 2, I got the idea of a Sengoku-Jidai sitauation in England. The premise is that Harold Godwinson wins the battle of Hastings, and maintains Anglo-Saxon rule over England. However, later instability caused by Godwinson running roughshod over his vassals leads to a civil war between him and Edgar Aetheling (1072-1074), which is barely won by Edgar. The cost for this victory is the stronger presence of the Witangemot and the up-and-coming thegn and huscarls. These warriors, the knights of England who serve their eorls, gradually gain strength until the first fyrdseorl takes power from the practically powerless grandson of Edgar in 1142. The fyrdseorl, like the Japanese Shogun, is the defacto ruler of England, ruling dynastically or electively as needed. After several dynasties of fyrdseorls come and go, England devolves into a state of civil war, the Warringrikes Tide, where the eorls and thegns of England fight amongst each other while the royalty in London keep to themselves. Many of these eorls are ambitious in becoming the next fyrdseorl, but which among them have the ability to achieve such a task? Criticism and comments welcome, /k/
What if Hitler had applied to a prestigious art school in the USA and was accepted?
>>37710 Isn't there a bad DLC for Medieval TW that is kinda this?
>>37795 Yeah, there's Thrones of Britannia which takes place during the era after Alfred the Great, but what you're thinking of is the Brittania campaign from Medieval II: Kingdoms. That one was set in 1258.
>>37710 This is actually intresting, this would mostlikely make the world quite diffrent. And even english too. Since england isn't in the best of shape this would mean that some of the colonial powers more powerful or even new colonial powers then otl. >>37794 We could probably get hitler working in disney. And probably some weird ass shit. But who knows who will start ww2
How would the world look if Kissinger had been thrown out and America never signed the One China policy?
>>17124 does anyone feel like playing vicky 2 or hoi 4? https://t.me/politics_news_debates hit me up bros
What would be the lingua franca of Europe if the French allied with Hitler and Mussolini against the UK and won the second world war? OTL we have Anglospeak because the burger Empire forced everyone to adopt Anglo as the dominant common language through Jew-Jitsu, but in a multipolar fascist Europe adopting a natural language ostensibly tied to a single existing nation(ality) wouldn't work outside of perhaps German client states in the former Soviet Union, a common language would also be sorely needed in the Axis' African colonies. Would Latin fit this purpose as the bridge language used in inter-European relations, with Esperanto used in Africa in case the negroes can't be enlightened according to plan? If darkies proved themselves capable of learning Latin, what unholy pidgin/creole abomination would its use bring forth with time?
>>41522 >What would be the lingua franca of Europe The war was for resources and later banking because Germany was offloading their debt onto America/Great Britain. Why would anyone be speaking a different language today? If the French had allied with the Germans during WWI we'd be speaking German-English dual fluency in America, but I don't think WWII had a significant impact on European languages that would have changed much by a different party winning unless that language happens to be Russian/Ukrainian/Polish. Maybe Africa would be speaking even more French I guess?
>>41528 Europeans wouldn't be speaking different informal languages but if the Axis doesn't collapse in on itself post-WW2 they'd have to use some bridge language for inter-European business relations unless they expect their citizenry to either turtle up at home and seldomly leave their countries which wouldn't happen on the grounds of mass motorization alone or become proficient in 4+ languages/hire translators for everything. It's also an absolute necessity for cold war NATO-style multinational military cooperation, having a standard fallback language for functional communication between units of different nationalities/ethnicities is very useful as Austria-Hungary found out the hard way during the Great War.
>>41522 >if the French allied with Hitler and Mussolini against the UK and won the second world war? wew it would likely be some LARP latin-derrived language like esperanto
Also the reason I suggested Latin is due to its long use as a formal language by the Church and to a lesser degree scientific institutions, so the Axis wouldn't start from scratch should they decide to adopt it.
>>39004 Two possibilities. First, the USSR leaves the UN and condemns it, forming an opposing organization in parallel. Unrestrained by the UN, bipolarity increases. Second, America draws to d├ętente with the USSR to isolate China. >>41522 France, Italy, and Spain would probably split off in a Latin block while Germany keeps its Central/Eastern European colonies and the British Isles. The former would speak Latin in a push for better integration while the latter would speak German for the same reason, though with the intention of annexation. In what's left of the Allies, basically just South Africa, Canada, and America, it would be English, though there'd be civil strife in South Africa (Boers) and Canada (Quebecois). The language and future of the Middle East would be pretty muddled. The Latins would push for colonialism while the Germans would support pan-Arabism. The Japanese would support whoever they think would win but would be a stone throw away in India. Esperanto is completely off the table as it was seen as a Jewish invention.
>Frogs turn fascist and join up with the Italians and G*rms in 1940 >instead of Operation Barbarossa Italy, France and Germany do Sealion in summer of 41 >it succeeds due to declining RAF pilot reserves amid tactical mistakes by the Royal Navy owing to the crippling loss of military and civilian MI6 intelligence networks in mainland Europe following France's fasicst coup >following Scotland's secession from the United Kingdom coupled with Ireland, Spain and Yugoslavia joining the Axis along with the Royal Family's evacuation to Canada FDR sanctions all trade with Europe and threatens repercussions on any South American nation who doesn't fall in line, sending the USN to "shield" Venezuelan and Brazilian ports from fascist Q-ships and spies >South Africa tries their best to lead the remnant colonies of the British Empire against the advancing Axis forces but their only saving grace are central Africa's jungle logistics >former British colonies in the Levant rebel against their Anglo masters and join the Axis as client states >other middle eastern countries and some former colonies stay neutral for the time being >FDR extends the sanctions regime to Japan >Japan does Pearl Harbor, bringing the US officially into the war >early Pacific war happens similarly to OTL including a Midway analog boosting US morale >US declares war on neutral Portugal in order to capture Cape Verde, Portugal joins the Axis in response >a US invasion of Dakar happens the same day as Stalin's declaration of war on the Krauts >Allied gains are made but the Germans manage to stabilize their fronts quickly thanks to help from Persia, Baku's oilfields are destroyed by air raids >the French are more fucked and lose much of West Africa but manage to hold on in Benin >the Red Army is systematically eliminated by the Wehrmacht over the course of the year, Perso-Iraqi-German-Palestinian forces capture Baku in early 1943 and Moscow falls in summer amidst starvation and chaos due to long-range Axis bombing raids of critical lend-lease supply infrastructure >Stalin flees to Kyubshev only to be fatally poisoned by an unknown party causing the prompt collapse of the USSR into multiple warring factions while the Axis sit around the A-A line at the limit of their logistical capacity, attempts to negotiate a peace deal are prevented by the presence of multiple factions claiming to be the real Soviet Union along with diplomatic envoys being killed by one faction in order to blame another to get the Germans to bomb the accused >the US until this point has been successfully island hopping in the Pacific and pushed the French to Nigeria while keeping the southern African front steady >but the loss of the USSR is deemed too devastating for morale so the centrally-controlled US Media prints propaganda about the Soviets heroically resisting fascism against all odds when in reality ex-Soviet Russian warlords are ramming T-34s with no ammo into each other in order to shatter the brittle steel of their enemies >against US fears the appearance of Germans in force on the African fronts has a smaller impact than anticipated due to the average eastern front German's lack of experience in Jungle and Desert warfare along with poorly coordinated logistics >it does result in an ever increasing attrition in the air though, which begins to have an effect on the Pacific campaign >the slow but steady growth of the Axis' green water naval presence further leads to conflicts in the USN as to the allocation of ships to each theatre, particularly light aircraft carriers as they are seen the best option to counter Axis naval bombers >declining Japanese aerial strength combined with the Axis' restrained use of Capital ships in favor of submarines and light cruisers leads the USN to allocate more CVEs and light cruisers to the Atlantic while the Pacific receives the bulk of Capitals to eliminate the IJN >FDR dies in October 1944 and is succeeded by Truman >Nationalist China surrenders to Japan in December 1944 following a failed assassination attempt on Chiang Kai-Shek by the US, this does not help the Japanese resource-wise since their merchant navy is mostly sunk but is a major political blow against the Allies >Hiroshima and Kokura are nuked in August 1945, but the Japanese do not surrender >Okinawa is nuked and captured by the US a month later but the Japs still refuse to surrender >at least intel reports say the sabotage acts at Naples were a success and that the Italians won't get new CVs for at least another year >US Africa command wants to push the Axis out of Nigeria entirely but the USN says they need more destroyers to patrol the Indian Ocean for unsolicited Axis cargo subs sending humanitarian aid to Japan and Japanese-puppeteered China >the USN gets its way on this as Operation Downfall will need gorillions of ships anyway, but a renewed offensive into Nigeria is prepared anyway owing to a decrease in Axis air and submarine raids >the offensive kicks off on february 17, taking the Axis by surprise with Allied forces overrunning defensive lines >a day prior the USN spots what appears to be a decently-sized Kriegsmarine fleet consisting of a Battleship, several heavy cruisers, screens and a CVL heading towards an Allied convoy transporting cargo from Canada to Iceland >a CVBG consisting of USS Essex and USS Wasp escorted by USS Iowa alongside a regular screen of DDs and CAs/CLs is sent to intercept and eliminate it >but as the Axis flotilla gets within range of US carrier aircraft 4 additional aircraft carriers of French and Italian origin emerge out of a dense fogbank that had been obscuring part of the northern central Atlantic from US reconnaissance aircraft >by the time they're spotted it's too late for the USN CVBG to retreat, worse they sent too many fighters to escort the bombers to minimize losses against the german CVL of the bait flotilla >USN fighter pilots do their best to defend their carriers but they're at a massive numerical disadvantage and are all shot down >every capital ship of the CVBG is lost to Baguetti aircraft save for Iowa who somehow manages to remain afloat after tanking 8 torpedo hits >she gets towed to Canada only to find out that a german submarine launched a navalized V1 containing Sarin right at Manhattan in the middle of the night, causing a panic with over a hundred casualties >then as the USN scrambles to move every fucken CVN they have on standby to the Atlantic and US propagandists try to figure out how to best explain to the goyim that ideologically inferior national socialist filth managed to penetrate the impenetrable US air defence screen to launch chemical weapons which they should be too stupid to produce at the unsuspecting populace with no air raid sirens going up because of bureaucratical errors in radar maintenance scheduling >this is followed by a large high altitude bombing raid on NY by German strategic bombers, the damage is negligible and most are shot down by the USAF but the citizens start asking questions >3 days after the Axis naval victory in the North Atlantic several large Axis fleets containing every Capital ship in their inventory are spotted heading for and converging on Bermuda, including several ships thought to be under construction >the USN sends its remaining 5 operational CVs in the Atlantic off to battle aided by a few CVLs, though 2 of the CVs are in a questionable state of preparation due to being pressed into service mid-refit >3 CVs are lost with only one Axis carrier sunk in return, reinforcements from the Pacific are delayed due to the entire timetable for Operation Downfall getting thrown out the window >Bermuda is captured hours later at the cost of 3 additional Axis CVs to land-based aircraft and a few heroic carrier planes launched from suicidal CVEs >the next morning propaganda pamphlets containing photographs of the first successful Axis nuclear test in the Arctic are parachuted over Boston for the lols >US forces capture the entire Nigerian coastline from the French in a stunning victory for democracy and freedom >Truman orders 4 additional nukings of Japan, then sues for Peace What would the European Axis and the US demand from each other, and what would happen to Japan? Would there be any "decolonization" of Africa in the ensuing cold war, and would the continent see a degree of industrialization/civilization it didn't OTL due to the need to supply large armies at the colonial border between France and the US? How would FDR and Truman be described in US history books 40-50 years down the line?
>>42513 Not taking into account all of the problems with this scenario, including the failed mentions of other Balkan states, French Indochina, and the Raj: >Axis-US Peace? Assuming that the war doesn't escalate into nuclear attacks against the United States, particularly the Mid-Atlantic, Truman would demand access through the Suez and Gibraltar, and neutrality in the Raj, French, Portugese, Belgian, and Spanish Africa, and the recognition and aid of a friendly Soviet successor state. The Axis would demand recognition of territorial gains in Europe, Scotland, Ireland's control over Ulster, the reorganized English state, the established governments in the Middle East, and of both Japan's gains in China and its state led by Puyi, and neutrality in Iran and Scandinavia, and immediate peace at current territorial gains and losses with Japan, and lifting of all embargos, and free and unrestricted trade through the Panama Canal and with South America, and the recognition of any future state which liberates itself from Soviet successors (i.e. the various Central Asian states, Outer Manchuria), and a plebiscite in Commonwealth members and the African holdings formerly held by Axis countries over neutral independence. I highly doubt that this would be accepted, considering Truman's zeal and foolishness, but these would be demands in my cursory opinion. The plebiscites are probably the most unrealistic. >Fate of Japan? They'd parade themselves as having won the greater victory, having completed conquest of China at the loss of Pacific holdings. However, eight to ten nuclear attacks would be cause for public outrage unless they can take perception away from that. Germany and France would help rebuild the nation while a Northern campaign for the Siberian coastline under the justifications of peacekeeping and economic security would be waged, though mostly by foreign troops as Japanese troops would be more focused on quelling rioting and reconstruction efforts at home. Whether the outcome is the organization of the previously mentioned friendly Soviet successor as a puppet or a Russian Manchuria is anyone's guess. I'd expect an economic miracle to occur as in real life, but the Americans would be replaced by Germans. While the more zealous would throw a hissing fit over their existence, I doubt that the Japanese would ever see the East Indies or Indochina outside of economic influence by the zaibatsu. >Decolonization and Industrialization of Africa? I'm extremely doubtful of the latter and certain of the former. Germany would be far more eager than even the real Soviets to push anti-colonialist messages, especially since the new states wouldn't have to adopt anything similar to Soviet socialism. Industrialization would only work in sparse cases, but Truman's popularity would be in the dumps as peacehawks are vindicated. I don't see anything similar to the Marshall Plan happening in Africa that isn't in name only. >Legacy of FDR and Truman? FDR would be seen as more of a patriot than he is in real life, a Lincoln-type figure who died too early. Truman would be divisive, if he wasn't voted out or impeached and agreed to peace, in that he agreed to a loss for the free world but kept the US from waging a war that would be unwinnable for allies that never did much of anything for the United States.
>>42796 >Balkans The Greco-Italian war was narrowly avoided due to French pressure on the Italians not to waste resources needed for conquering the British Isles, Greece initially signed a nonaggression pact and joined the Axis upon the UK's fall. Their mountaineers greatly contributed to the Axis victory during the Caucasus campaign. Yugoslavia was pressured into joining the Axis a bit later than OTL, they did not participate in Sealion and only sent a minimum token force to the eastern front. Germans giving ethnic minorities in the former USSR "independence" during and after the war has led to a mild to moderate increase in separatist views among parts of the population. Romania lost Transylvania to Hungary in the Second Vienna Award, but in return captured and annexed Odessa from the Soviets. Bulgaria is Bulgaria, and Albania is an Italian protectorate. >Raj Didn't mention it because I'm still not entirely sure how prone it'd be to collapse without the UK. >Far east Would the US really just let the Germans/French/Italians rebuild its economically and physically ruined main adversary in Asia? The USN ITL holds total sway over East Asian waters in 1946, New Caledonia might be returned and given some leverage but Japan itself is certain to see trade restrictions and/or the demilitarization of a few islands, if I were the US I'd force them into neutrality at minimum. Also I forgot to mention this but the post-Soviet Russian civil war is still ongoing at the world war's end and has bled into China with the Chinese Communists and a large Soviet-style Russian warlord supporting each other, the CCP receiving "modern" Russian weapons from surviving Soviet-era factories with the intent to crush the supply-constrained Japanese military occupation and their bankrupt puppet administrations toregain the mandate of Heaven, upon which the heroic Russian warlord ally shall receive free Chinese cannon fodder for proving his legitimacy over other warlords by conquering them and crushing the German oppressors past the Urals in an epic battle for the future of Socialism Germans aren't as strong as they seem on paper due to constant guerilla activity, rioting, sabotage, and brutal murders of German colonists in the east that even with the Reichspropagandaministerium trying its best to hide it have ground the planned Lebensraum expansion to a halt on top of an overstretched economy struggling to bankroll the shitshow that is RK Moskowien along with rebuilding all the other newly founded RK-turned-client states. >Northern Campaign If that were to happen then either in the form of foreign-backed warlords duking it out for supremacy, or the US creating an East Russian Republic based in Magadan for anti-fascist humanitarian purposes.
Open file (516.18 KB 1550x702 hide_aslani_posts.png)
What if Carter/Reagan had permitted the export of US fighter aircraft to West Taiwan, with the legitimate government of China adopting the F-20 just before the end of the cold war? How would the Tigershark compete in the post-cold war export markets of Europe, South America and the Middle East? Would the damage incurred from simulated F-16 losses to Tigersharks in combat trials conducted by prospective buyers lead Lockheeb into a slightly more aggressive modernization path for the F-16? Would the F-20 being sold to and used by US allies have any effect on the ATF and JAST/JSF programs?
>>42809 >Would the US Let Germans Rebuild? It depends on whether Truman is allowed to stay in office. Letting an American city be gassed would be grossly incompetent to the point of impeachment, and Congress would feel the pressure of a nuclear power on America's doorstep. Since the Succession Act didn't exist, the next president would either be voted for in a snap election (probably Dewey vs Thurmond, though any non-interventionist Democrat would probably try to throw his hat in) or appointed by Congress. The latter is a hellish scenario since whoever is put in charge would either be a puppet of the party or someone the Democrats would tout as tougher but more competent than Truman. However, anyone who is put in charge has to cow to Germany or else they'll be remembered as worse than Truman because they'll have let a United States soil be nuked. The best they could demand might be limited demilitarization of Japan and the allowance of American companies to take part in reconstruction and for a joint oversight committee to be made. However, so many nuclear strikes would likely mean that the Japanese military is already in shambles. The election scenario would naturally allow someone more amicable to be at the table with the Germans, but it would likely be a snap election.
>>43128 Wasn't the AIDS F-CK China, essentially a homemade F-20?
>>33309 >leaked geopositioning from some politicians and the names of nearby islands Ok, not him but I'm interested, can you be more specific/point me in the right direction?
Open file (2.95 MB 480x270 giphy.gif)
>>43128 >over9000hours MSPaint shitpost based on some obscure chinese cartoon from the 80s I made before even cuckchan was cucked finally posted by another person a decade later You are my greatest ally krautanon, and not only because of paying my denbts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLlLV2ExI9o
>>44011 I don't really understand why some anons get really emotional over someone else posting an image he or she edited
>>44218 >being too autistic to understand basic human feelings It's fine, you are in good company here.
Open file (483.79 KB 2000x1200 based traps.jpg)
>>44218 > he or she Did you just ASSUME I'm binary?!
If the HMS Lion had been lost with all hands including Sir David Beatty during the initial Battlecruiser engagement at the battle of Jutland, what ramifications would this have had on the battle itself and on British naval strategy in the years to come?
Here is my recent Alt-History posting nya~ >>44237 Nice nya~
>>44418 Thanks but 49% yourself, tripnigger, desu.

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