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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (147.14 KB 430x200 SmallGIF_WW1.gif)
Alternative history thread Strelok 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:42:02 No.17124
This thread includes alternative history wars, conflicts, weapons, tactics and more. For instance >Axis victory proxy wars >Their equipment >East centered world, conflicts And more
>>29886 There were declassified documents revealing the US government was fully aware the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor and let them do it. In preparation they moved all the newer ships including an aircraft carrier out into the ocean where they wouldn't be targeted leaving only older ships nearing the end of their lifespan to be destroyed for propaganda purposes. The only thing the US government wasn't sure on was the exact time of the attack. FDR was a massive socialist piece of shit.
>>29790 I feel like I knew that already and just forgot it, thanks for correcting me.
>>30240 Happy to help
Open file (4.53 MB 2400x1350 map.png)
What do you guys think of these maps?
Open file (1.31 MB 1440x1080 dytairfdaeh31.png)
What isthe worst alt-history media you've seen?
>>32233 There was a HoI4 mod that was basically "what if Germany lost WWI and a fascist government was elected afterwards" that it's basically just a change from Swastikas to some larpagan symbol and more shit with Italy and Austria. As far as noj gaming goes, Turtledove's WWII that happens a year earlier and turns into WWI part 2 and an out of left field Allies betrayal. Most shitpost one is Wafflereich or what if Belgium won WWI.
>>32233 Hard to say for sure. I've seen plenty of retardation from alternatehistory.com, but I think overall Turtledove's newer works takes the cake. >>32306 Führerreich? And they use a Valknut as their symbol, idiot.
>>32306 I think the hoi4 mod you are talking about if fuhrerreich.
>>30944 >>30945 >What do you guys think of these maps? Pretty nice-looking quality Strelok. Are these your OC?
>>32336 Nah, maps from mods I like or are intrested in
Open file (35.15 KB 552x197 sigh.jpg)
>>32233 Some 2ACW timeline where FDR gets assassinated shortly after winning the 1932 election leaving John Nance Garner in charge who fucks up it all up turning the US into a dysfunctional third world shithole with an economy smaller than Spain and extremist organizations popping up left and right culminating in the outbreak of civil war in 1937. It starts out quite good with various Leftard organisations arguing about what real socialism is while they battle strikebreakers, Huey Long kansei dorifting the KKK, various libertarian organizations and even some black nationalists into organized armies, MacArthur being MacArthur and the Japanese struggling with debt but because the Author is a literal Jew it falls apart when the KKK start to genocide innocent negroes and communists so hard everyone but Hitler and Hirohito cease diplomatic recognition of the southern states, then Huey Long temporarily cedes Hawaii to Nippon and even lets them invade the Pacific States which turns everyone against the ebul southerners and in the end the US is reinstated by a commie-democrat-nigger triumvirate with Atlanta getting thoroughly blacked and Hitler getting nuked to death by the US-British alliance in 1947 because he somehow wasn't able to kill the Soviet Union for 6 years despite capturing the Caucasus so eastern Europe gets liberated by heroic socialists who do nothing bad. The timeline ends with gay marriage being legalized in the early 1950s and the emergence of nonbinary trans acceptance groups in US universities.
>>32339 I remember that one. alternatehistory.com is full of retarded timelines like that.
>>32344 It's no wonder with their retarded mods banning anyone suspected of wrongthink, you practically have to fellate jews or genocide some white minority if you want to finish a TL over there. I'm still mad at (((CalBear))) for banning CardCarrier for insinuating that it wouldn't make much difference if the Germans were to establish concentration camps for genociding Jews in an Egypt full of thirsty starving armed Arabs angry at the British for destroying their biggest port just so the evil N*zis couldn't have it, on AH.com that apparently counts as Holohoax denial or something.
>>32344 Well, I should've knowned it was alternatehistory.com. That's where TWR got popularized or even started. >>32352 >That spoiler >Getting mad at imaginary jewish deaths in a fiction. LOL. You know what, I would love to make an alt-history board.
Open file (225.44 KB 540x720 radical nationalist.jpg)
Would the discovery of CRISPR/Cas in a victorious greater Germany of the early 1980s be enough to cause a major schism in German society and politics? Particularly in regards to animal experimentation, the laboratory experiments carried out by technocratic factions of the NSDAP to further strengthen the German people at any cost so they might survive global thermonuclear war colonize space ought to offend the more conservative(?) naturalist-Darwinist wings.
>>32355 >I would love to make an alt-history board. That would be great. Hell, I've been trying to get a /his/ board made on sleepychan, but I'm open to any site that's willing to host it.
Could the Breitspurbahn have made sense if a victorious postwar Germany decided to let everyone in the east keep their respective normal rail gauges with Breitspur serving as the sole gauge directly linking east and west for hegemonial purposes?
>>32922 No, see: >>13324 Slightly moving the tracks so that standard gauge rolling stock can use it is significantly simpler and cheaper.
Life on mars exist, there is water it is green and has oxygen on the planet with a civilization just as smart as our own. What happens during the space race? How would the Martians react? Any future conflicts between earth and Mars?
>>32994 Well, they wont like it ofc! In fact there was already a documentary about this: Mars Attacks! Turns out the invasion has already happened.
Open file (464.46 KB 600x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (864.12 KB 744x566 ClipboardImage.png)
What sort of peace deal with the US could Imperial Japan realistically hope for in a TL where the US Island hopping+strategic bombing campaigns, Battle of Okinawa and nukings still happen but the European Axis kills the USSR+conquers the mediterranean then builds a navy strong enough to strangulate/sea lion the UK into surrender and reach some degree of parity with the USN Atlantic surface fleet? Could a separate peace deal between the US and Japan/peace deal or ceasefire with the Axis as a whole lead to major civil unrest in the US itself, particularly if Truman cucks out following a Midway-level Axis naval victory after the invasion of Japan has already begun? I'm wondering if the US would have any interest in directly occupying Taiwan, Sachalin and perhaps Chukotka+Kamchatka.
>>32994 I guess that depends. Is this Mars the same as our Mars size and gravity wise or is it a A World of Difference kind of situation where "Mars" is Earth sized? Because a live Mars would be much easier to get rockets off of than Earth but much harder to put satellites in orbit due to the fact that Mars doesn't hold its atmosphere as tightly. Also Mars has an asteroidal moon that's in sub synchronous orbit and that would disrupt satellites as well.
>>32994 >>33210 If I recall correctly its Mars' smaller size that caused the core to cool faster dooming the planet to losing its magnetosphere. Scientifically, Mars would have to have very deep, very large craters in order to maintain an atmosphere. Cody does the math behind it but the probability of that happening naturally is pretty low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnRzsQOZSfQ
>>33007 I had been going to write up a brief on why your scenario couldn't happen, but I'll spare you the wall of text and just get to the point. Germany and Italy combined didn't have enough Shipbuilders to out pace the US's naval rearmament buildup, let alone the materials with which to build the ships required. By V-J Day, the US Navy's grand fleet held over 620 major surface combatants, well over half of them being new construction; had the construction draw down not happened, by 1950 they would have possessed at minimum another 200 more and be laying down even more advanced ships as fast as they could come up with designs. By mid-1943, the US Navy was already drawing down construction because they had already crushed the Imperial Japanese Navy so hard that it was just a matter of time before their defeat; the US Navy could have begun a soft pivot to the Atlantic around then, sending a majority of new construction ships to the Atlantic instead of the Pacific, and not lost any real effectiveness in the Pacific theater. This, incidentally, is also ignoring the fact that the Axis (excluding Japan) didn't even have enough manpower nor hulls to counter the UK alone on the seas. As far as naval operations go, Sea Lion was pretty much the picture of an impossibility - even if Germany had actually possessed the warships they envisioned they would need at the time they believed they would need them. Never mind the fact they still didn't have the shipbuilders nor slipways to get them even that far. ...And before anyone says it, no, stepping up u-boat operations earlier would not have helped. The U-boat was nowhere near as effective in starving the UK of sea-going trade as many love to insist, in fact in the grand scheme it made hardly any real impact. It hurt the UK's bottom line, sure, but in terms of actual goods and materials enough made it through that it wasn't even a quarter the way to a decisive blow. If the Kriegsmarine had stepped up U-boat operations sooner, all that would end up happening is the UK would more quickly develop the counters they already historically would.
>>33214 Hellas is near to that point right now. If Mars had a little more atmospheric pressure or if Hellas was a little deeper then it would basically have a high altitude antarctic/Himalayan type climate.
Open file (201.33 KB 1200x1002 The world 4°C warmer.jpg)
>>33273 Putting aside all the climate-related retardation: >despite the massive die-offs and technological near-collapse that this scenario should entail, Canada and Russia need to import electricity >somehow the global economy is not only intact, but can afford to cover a significant portion of the planet in solar farms and geothermal plants (which we could hardly manage even today) >geothermal plants in zones marked as "uninhabitable due to frequent floods and extreme weather" >massive solar farms and geothermal plants thousands of miles away from the nearest habitable zone >DC power transmission from Ethiopia to Russia >power transmission across almost a thousand miles of ocean Everything in this image is retarded.
Open file (247.35 KB 825x1241 1439039271243.jpg)
>>33285 >Putting aside all the climate-related retardation Yeah even granting the 4 degree scenario, their model is horribly oversimplified. >>33273 >>33285 What if there are abandoned cities under the ice IRL from the previous civilization?
Open file (1.06 MB 1589x2267 Naggaroth.jpeg)
>>33305 >dat spoiler If we want to go by the leaked geopositioning from some politicians and the names of nearby islands, they probably were discovered already and stripped of anything important decades ago. If they announce a discovery it will probably be a completely invented thing with no relation to the real thing.
Open file (69.64 KB 750x1000 the_great_reset.jpg)
>>33215 I know the basic scenario of the Axis reaching naval parity with the US in the Atlantic is retarded outside of HoI, but my question pertained more to a Decisive Darkness'd Imperial Japan """winning""" against all odds. I'm curious as to what sort of policy Imperial Japan could pursue post-nuclear-WW2 with all the big guys who were executed for war crimes OTL still being around and what kind of gains the US would be pushing for in the peace conference.
>>33273 This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. What happened to the jungles? Why there wouldn't be jungles, earth was multiple times way more hotter then this and didn't end like this. And it's impossible atleast by us to return to those periods.
Open file (8.62 MB 3490x3490 Habitable Antarctica.png)
>>33806 Of course over long enough time, if Antarctica were ice free, there would be less water as the crust rebounds. On a side note, I wonder what the weather patterns of a temperate polar region would be like? And how would animal and plant life adapt to the midnight sun and then polar night?
Open file (4.15 MB 1800x1269 ClipboardImage.png)
If France backstabbed the British by way of a fascist coup during Fall Gelb then teamed up with the Germans and Italians after it became clear the eternal Anglo wouldn't let them give humanitarian military assistance to the beleaguered remnants of the Spanish nationalists in Galicia would it be enough perform a Sea Lion? Image unrelated.
>>35297 That's pretty much what happened IRL. All you've done is move up the dates by a week or two.
Open file (289.86 KB 787x396 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35308 ITL the Germans never reach French territory due to the coup happening early on in the campaign, there's no surrender, no german occupation and the French navy stays loyal instead of hiding in Algeria only to get bombed by the RAF, also the SCW ended in 1939 OTL while it's still ongoing by 1940 ITL. It all starts with the French providing military assistance like Germany and Italy did to the Republicans with international brigades never getting shut down, naturally French gear finds its way to church-burning communists who proceed to create multiple waves of refugees fleeing to France as the Nationalists lose territory. This creates organized anti-socialist fascist sentiments among the French populace and government, making France somewhat more politically paralyzed than it was OTL though the French air force gets some degree of combat experience from fighting the Germans and Italians in Spain. France withdraws its volunteers in early 1939 due to the Republicans' overwhelming advantage over the Nationalists who've been pushed to Astorias and Galicia, but just as the French request the Republicans return some of the heavier weapons they've been given CNT-FAI declares war on the Republican government, needlessly prolonging the war and further lowering the opinion of socialist movements among rural Frenchmen. French nationalists and fascists begin plans to usurp the centre-left government by moving left-leaning army units to German and Belgian borders for the expected confrontation there so they'll be too busy fighting the Boche to interfere with the military coup in Paris. This works and the fourth French Republic is proclaimed mere days after the Germans begin to advance into Belgium, the entire BEF is interned with Churchill seething given the probability that the French might solve the Spanish problem by force threatening Gibraltar. Would FDR still back the British in this case or would he consider enacting War Plan Red?
What would have happened if the Pacific War goes on longer, and the soviets manage to capture the whole of the Korean peninsula before Japan capitulates? I remember someone once saying that a unified Korea would be a big deal, but what if it was never split to begin with?
>>35470 Perhaps the lack of an rival government on his land frontier makes the develpoment of the Kim's cult less effective due to less paranoia. This could lead, if the Soviets fall basically same as OTL, to 2 possible outcomes: -Gommies policy is as shitty as altas, which plus less actual worshipping of the leader leads to the Kims being either sidelined or outright purged by the army, which probably after adopts a dengist economic model to turn the economic un. That could make Korea a more economically developed country with an autoritharian government, although less distopian that OTL. -Perhaps, due to overreliance in Soviet gibs, the government collapses like in Eastern Europe by revolution. Im not sure of this outcome with the chinks near though.
>>35477 Would a unified Gommie/Juche-light Korea necessitate a larger JMSDF? With no land border to any enemy states there's no reason for Koreans not to build a navy that's somewhat less of a meme than the one OTL and there'd be slightly fewer naval bases for the US to fuck with the Chinese in the Yellow Sea.
After playing some Total War Shogun 2, I got the idea of a Sengoku-Jidai sitauation in England. The premise is that Harold Godwinson wins the battle of Hastings, and maintains Anglo-Saxon rule over England. However, later instability caused by Godwinson running roughshod over his vassals leads to a civil war between him and Edgar Aetheling (1072-1074), which is barely won by Edgar. The cost for this victory is the stronger presence of the Witangemot and the up-and-coming thegn and huscarls. These warriors, the knights of England who serve their eorls, gradually gain strength until the first fyrdseorl takes power from the practically powerless grandson of Edgar in 1142. The fyrdseorl, like the Japanese Shogun, is the defacto ruler of England, ruling dynastically or electively as needed. After several dynasties of fyrdseorls come and go, England devolves into a state of civil war, the Warringrikes Tide, where the eorls and thegns of England fight amongst each other while the royalty in London keep to themselves. Many of these eorls are ambitious in becoming the next fyrdseorl, but which among them have the ability to achieve such a task? Criticism and comments welcome, /k/
What if Hitler had applied to a prestigious art school in the USA and was accepted?
>>37710 Isn't there a bad DLC for Medieval TW that is kinda this?
>>37795 Yeah, there's Thrones of Britannia which takes place during the era after Alfred the Great, but what you're thinking of is the Brittania campaign from Medieval II: Kingdoms. That one was set in 1258.
>>37710 This is actually intresting, this would mostlikely make the world quite diffrent. And even english too. Since england isn't in the best of shape this would mean that some of the colonial powers more powerful or even new colonial powers then otl. >>37794 We could probably get hitler working in disney. And probably some weird ass shit. But who knows who will start ww2
How would the world look if Kissinger had been thrown out and America never signed the One China policy?

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