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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
Open file (91.13 KB 1200x1200 maxim 9.jpg)
Open file (9.62 KB 474x152 de lisle.jpg)
>>19211 Seems like integrally suppressed weapons are a good niche, maybe for hunting or other stuff like self defence, modern de lisle carbine SOON
>>19200 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zBivAAota1g Long story short, it's a ˝legacy˝ cartridge that is only a thing because there are still lots of .44 Special revolvers out there, and if you have one of them and want to use it, then you need .44 Special. It's like .38 Special: if you don't go for .357 Magnum then you might as well buy a revolver chambered for 9mm Parabellum, or buy a .357 revolver with a cylinder cut for moonclips.
Open file (4.93 MB 4217x2811 DM1 links.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2200x1328 M13 links.jpg)
Open file (35.13 KB 800x343 T44.jpg)
>the MG3 is a slightly modified MG42 >the MG3 can use either the DM1 links (which are the same as the original MG34 and MG42 links)or the 'merican M13 links >M13 links were developed for the M60 machine gun >the original prototype of the M60 was an FG42 with the feed system of the MG42 >the FN MAG was designed to feed only with M13 links, and it needs a special (and rare) alternative feedblock to word with DM1 links So then, can you feed an MG34 with M13 links? Can the M60 use DM1 links? And why does the FN MAG need a different feedblock for DM1 links??
Open file (40.82 KB 311x450 erbsenmuster.jpg)
Open file (37.01 KB 474x474 kevlar helmet.jpg)
Open file (31.14 KB 474x250 hugo boss.jpg)
Any ideas on how to go about making your own military uniforms? How could we modernize the ww2 german military uniform and its aesthetics?
Open file (455.92 KB 412x232 1483732864130.gif)
>>19258 >PASGT helmet (Germans were surprised seeing Americans wear something resembling the stahlhelm) >flecktarn (superior to erbsenmuster) It's already been done for you, it's like Germans specialize in warfare and everyone copied them or something. If you're talking about the intricacy of their design go to fashion school or pay close attention to what they were doing. For erbsenmuster as example, it's like a poisonous animal you shouldn't touch and is hard to spot to begin with and the darker shades accentuate bad vibes or some shit.
>>18810 Nigger this is a stupid question, we don't know what your needs and taste are. Buy the Trooper.
Open file (140.75 KB 1025x1125 hc.jpg)
Why are "high cut" helmets becoming so popular? Did armies stop giving a shit about shrapnel protection or something? These new helmets leave your ears and a part of your temple completely unprotected. Unless you want me to believe that the headset will protect you.
>>19267 >believing in helmets Infantry scrub detected.
>>19267 As Seinfeld once said, the helmet is wearing you for protection.
>>19267 If I had to take a guess, this design is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time as compared to a helmet that protects better, so you're trading immediate protection for longer-term protection and less helmet rashes. Honestly you'd be better off giving everyone a safety hard hat and not bothering past that.
>>19273 >safety hard hat Either that or a firefighters hat with the visor so you don't get shrapnel in the eye since you forgot your eye protection Any thoughts on boonie caps?
>>19275 Got EMR digi flora boonie and helmet that I found out later to be cheapo tacticool bicycle helmet. Prefer the boonie any day just for style. Brim longer than brit boonie.
Open file (31.75 KB 474x237 nigger AK.jpg)
Any interesting modern conflicts happening right now? I want to make a FPS game and need a good setting.
>>19325 America
>>19329 Or Mount Athos fighting against the Antichrist.
Open file (148.42 KB 1395x1440 nope.jpg)
Open file (55.77 KB 900x506 BadCar-Bad.jpg)
>>19325 Melbourne, Australia -- Just read that they're using the military to decimate the complainers, now. Stupid complainers, thinking the One True Government would let them visit their neighbors.
Open file (70.03 KB 656x556 very happy remi.png)
>>19325 Guinea and Haiti both happened recently. Go check out the Myanmar thread since it's an ongoing conflict between the Tatmadaw and the Karen ethnostate with the NUG as a minor player riling up other ethnic minorities and committing acts of domestic terrorism in the name of Western Democracy™.
>>19325 >I want to make a FPS game and need a good setting. Yemeni Civil War Syrian Civil War Anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka
Open file (1.01 MB 1364x739 1.png)
Open file (1.37 MB 1364x739 2.png)
What helmets are these? Swedish M37s?
Open file (35.60 KB 1200x339 19367597_1.jpg)
What counts as the length of a barrel for the purpose not being an NFA restricted gun? Are bullpups a problem since most of the barrel is inside the gun? This thing for example has a barrel that goes nearly to the back of the gun.
My waifu is a war criminal, but she is under 18. would it qualify as a misdemeanor and not a felony?
Open file (589.54 KB 2304x1536 wm_7184744.jpg)
>>19513 My understanding, is the LEOs will have an eighteen, and sixteen inch stick, with a marked handle so they can pull it back out. The drop the stick in, and if it hits the bolt while said LEO can still see unmarked measuring depth, congratulations you have an NFA violation. Bullpups are fine because the whole stick disappears, although the other important measurement is the overall legth -- less than 26.5", I think? and again its too small of a carbine. I don't know what the maximum overall length of a pistol is, but the same two measurments are considered for deciding it's a pistol. That assumes they're playing by their own rules. They've also, I've heard, classified AR platform pistols as SBRs because it had a 4x scope and was chambered in "a rifle caliber" and you know, we can't have that, can we?
Open file (5.48 MB 1995x1331 ClipboardImage.png)
How useful are 17th century bastion forts against a 2016 ISIS-tier enemy with limited mechanized forces and no chair force outside of simple reconnaissance drones and access to satellite imagery on the Internet?
>>19527 >How useful are forts designed against land/artillery in a land/artillery battle? You basically answered your own question, but fairly useful. The only thing they don't really protect against are the cheap rockets that groups like HAMAS use, but assuming you're dug in, those are only an issue for surface duty since they aren't bunker busters by any means and only work on soft targets & houses. There are no groups without at least limited air force capabilities in our current timeline with the advent of cheap suicide drones though. Armenia should have taught you that when a fighting force that was superior in every way got brought to their knees by Turkish drones.
Open file (118.41 KB 438x425 Goryokaku1.jpg)
Open file (138.14 KB 438x425 Goryokaku2.jpg)
Forgot my images.
>>19465 They look like a bit like Swiss M1918 helmets or Spanish M1926, or maybe Dutch M34. It's hard to tell from those angles, at least for me.
I know this has been answered over and over. But any recommendations on a good pistol for concealed carry? I haven't shot anything more then a 10mm for pistols so bare with me. Also looking for a good affordable over-under double barrel for fun.
Open file (20.75 KB 474x487 miller.jpg)
Open file (89.63 KB 757x822 national socialism.jpg)
Okay bros, how do I start my own micronation? What weapons could I theoretically produce with little resources available to arm a few thousand people? What rations could be produced to feed the soldiers? Want to take natsoc LARPing to the extreme with loads of flags and armbands to identify each other. Another question is how do I vet glowniggers from the average john doe when accepting foreign volunteers?
>>19527 >>19542 During ww1 they were still good enough to slow down Germans, because they were too much for field artillery, and so they had to wait for the siege guns to arrive and start demolishing them. And they did demolish them, but the waiting period was enough for them to have an effect on the war.
In one of their wars with the Irish, British soldiers used to kill irish children by banging their heads against stones. There was a specific word for this kind of killing, but it eludes me. Does anyone know what that act was being called?
Open file (1018.85 KB 320x200 1454950569095-0.gif)
Does anyone know anything or have info to donate on the "depersonalization" of militaries since Napoleon. When princes or lords of a region commanding regiments of men in service for the state and procuring their own equipment g.e. Russian officers using the C96.
>>19557 Okay so I did a little research and I found Bir Tawil to be a perfect spot for building a micronation, only problem now is figuring out what equipment to get and how to get food/water there to teraform it from dry ass dessert to flourishing land. Another problem is how do I get enough guns once I am there to outfit a small militia. I guess I need to start acquiring funds to begin this venture, wold anyone know roughly how much it would theoretically take to start off?
>>19648 >Terraforming a desert Unless you can get guaranteed rainfall, desert is one of the least hospitable climates on earth which is why the only operations are usually mining and ranching if it's a grassland desert. If you can guarantee rainfall (you can't), planting pine trees everywhere will restore the land to a workable state in about three centuries, but you can probably get away with 50 years if you just want to pack the soil down long enough to farm. California is also a desert but they redirect entire rivers in order to power their agriculture.
>>19648 >>19651 You get more rainfall when trees are planted. To have trees you must raise the water table (well are not a long term solution) In order to get the water table up you must have have an aqueduct and irrigate the land in a way that disperses and slows down as much as possible to increase permeation. NAWAPA or Bradfield Scheme can really do this for America and Australia respectively. I want it to be true but it wont happen.
>>19663 >Bradfield Scheme You mean the one that would have devastated oceanic fishing by reducing overall transfer of terrestrial matter to the reefs while simultaneously using calculations that tripled the alleged benefits? The one that couldn't even prove it could keep up with the evaporation rate?
Does anyone know what models of thermal or night vision optics are used on the M82/M107 rifles?
>>19648 You would be better off just learning how to live in a desert rather than try to change a desert into something that's not a desert. Look up Coober Pedy, Forestiere Underground Gardens, and Atacameno.
Open file (66.53 KB 800x705 the mexican.jpg)
Are there any real life two shot revolvers? Are there any modern versions? I've seen single shot conversions of revolvers but I don't recall ever seeing any two shooters?
>>19791 Never heard of one, but not an expert. Lowest cap revolver I can think of is 4 shots, via a 5 shot cap and ball gun that lost one in the conversion process.
>>19791 the video game Borderlands-2 pretends to implement this, but I think they're actually rotary cannons, though it's more than a little unclear where the chamber is, so if the lower barrel is getting loaded and the upper barrel has no bolt, only a firing pin, it would be more nearly as you describe. I have no idea if that could actually work in a world that honored its own laws of physics.
Open file (1.90 MB 1080x2400 Pc patches up close.jpg)
>>19799 >he posted today Did I make it Strelok? Am I home? How many of us are left?
>>19800 Did you just find the place? This place is pretty fucking dead and there's threads from a year ago still up. 4 /k/ is gay and 8 /k/ is dead/scattered have fun
>>19800 Depends on what you considered home, but you're welcome to shitpost with NewsAnon, ChineseAnon, and PopSci anon. This /k/ is my favorite but not as active as what anon is probably used to.
>>19803 Sometimes less is more.
How do you pronounce chicom? Chee or cheye?
>>19803 I miss the /int/-tier bullshit a little.
>>19812 Chi like chinese Com like communist ʧiːkɒm
>>19823 >ʧi But Chi like Chinese is pronounced ʧaɪ, not ʧi.
>>19825 The internet lied to me again, I probably put it into the phonetic translator wrong. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>19812 It's pronounced the same way ching chong is.

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