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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
>>17359 How so? The dense stuff is behind the light stuff so it should just push it in.
>>17361 Your issue with that is that pink stone also has mass and inertia that the main body would have to punch through and isn't efficient. You are better off with a plastic sabot covering the projectile. Think of it as trying to stab a plastic spear into the earth versus using a shovel. Now, if you're making some mutistage projectile like a tank round (APFSDS or a HEAT) round, that would make slightly more sense.
About pic related : I would attack japan too. Not pic related : y'all know of any cheap low profile red dot sight to fit on a AR-10 styled rifle with a carbon fiber tube handguard and a 1 inch width scope that holds zero for under 100 yards.
>>17368 I don't follow. The stone, penetrator and lead all have inertia and it's all going in the same direction so how is that bad? The sole purpose of the stone is to add a blade to make the penetration of the penetrator smoother (therefore deeper) and allow it to better penetrate things harder than steel. Your plastic spear analogy makes no sense and I like to think of it more like using an ordinary shovel vs using an ordinary shovel that has been hardfaced and sharpened. >HEAT Those just melt through the tank with a plasma beam. It would be interesting to see if they could be improved upon by including some sort of stone blade that doesn't melt with the copper, but I doubt it will since if you put in front and try to drive it in with the beam then it seems like it'll do more to protect the tank than increase penetration. I can see it working if you put it behind the charge but you'd need to add so much explosive that you may as well just build a bigger rocket. You could maybe embed it inside the explosive at the tip of the cone but that'll fuck with the shockwaves so the HEAT charge itself won't work as well.
>>17372 >I don't follow. The penetrator has to ˝bore the hole˝ through the armour plate, and the rest of the projectile follows it. If the tip is made of a different material, but it doesn't cover the whole of the penetrator, then the non-rock part will also make contact with the armour plate, and so it will have to ˝bore the hole˝ on its own, without the help of that pebble. Consequently it will lag behind the pebble, and so the pebble will have to bore its way on its own, without being pushed by the rest of the penetrator. For reference, in pic related the whole of 5 is the penetrator, and 4 is an explosive material. For your design to work, 5 would have to be made out of hole, and then a cavity like 4 could be filled with a denser material (e.g. lead) to increase the weight. But even beyond this, I strongly suspect that a stone penetrator would just shatter at high velocities. >Those just melt through the tank with a plasma beam. No, modern research showed that the jet of copper (or other material) penetrates the armour with its high velocity and density, just like any other penetrator. Look up explosively former penetrators for more info.
Open file (12.01 KB 255x186 1463343302421.jpg)
Where can I find info on what guns and equipment were used by American police departments on a state level?
>>17375 Ah, now I get you. I think you may be right when it comes to hard targets. However, it definitely is possible to some capacity because I've seen this setup used IRL. It was some sort of fancy nail with what looked to be a tungsten tip mounted in a steel shaft, and there were several of them driven into a 12mm steel plate. Of course, this was mild steel not armour plate and even if they were driven through in one go, they still would have been going much slower than a bullet, >I strongly suspect that a stone penetrator would just shatter at high velocities Yeah this is the real issue here. Too large a stone is guaranteed to shatter uselessly but a small stone will have the aforementioned issue plus it might shatter anyway. Tungsten carbide is much stronger but we use that already without dicking around like jewelers. What about taking an ordinary penetrator and coating it in diamond via vapour deposition? Obviously the "shell" would be terribly damaged but being chemically bonded to the steel seems like it would give it enough integrity to do its job plus it'll keep the core from welding to the plate. >modern research showed that the jet of copper (or other material) penetrates the armour with its high velocity and density Interesting. Why copper instead of lead then?
>>17376 Look into projects that track police corruption/police militarization. They probably have sources for that stuff.
>Jackass distributor doesn't ship to my state/county What do? Are there any middle man services for stuff that doesn't require a background check? It's just parts I want shipped.
Which substances tick all of the following boxes? >lethally poisonous >incurable or hard to cure once administered >can survive being loaded into a hollowpoint round and fired from a gun
>>17427 Look up "[COO] proxy service." You pay the proxy service like a $5-$10 fee, they buy it, they ship it to you with a big fat middle finger to the distributor. Buyfags have been doing this for years.
>>17463 Ricin. Botulism. Most bacterial diseases that come out of the earth.
>>17463 If you're at the point where you're shooting someone with a gun, why bother with doing some JRPG element stacking bullshit instead of just using a larger caliber or shooting them more than once? A nigger rigged suppressor on a .22 pistol should survive plenty of shots. Just dump the mag into your retard of choice.
Open file (83.36 KB 300x360 minori polite eating.gif)
>>17472 My brain went in the opposite direction. If you're at the point where you're trying to put something deadly inside of boolit, why not just use an animal dart gun so you can syringe it in or go the DIY man's way of drone+explosive? Creativity is the spice of life and there will be more to talk about when strelok uses a creative method to kill his local politician.
>>17474 I feel like the way to prevent this from devolving to "what's the most impractical/practical way to RDM the DarkRP city mayor" is to set conditions. If we're going by the initial question, the method needs to use a projectile that penetrates the flesh of the target, but doesn't use the projectile itself for lethal effect. Suppose it's more a payload+delivery method question.
Open file (504.70 KB 342x880 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17475 Then I hold to >>17474 as you can load all kinds of nasty chemicals or bio-warfare materials into a tranquilizer dart that will fuck with the body, the majority of them very cheap, and most can pierce the sort of fabrics that aren't covering DarkRP city mayor's chest, the only place most politicians wear any kind of concealed armor anyways. You could even turn the dart gun into a CO2 pistol if you wanted to. Slingshot guy related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNxrNclaNqw
>>17467 >Look up "[COO] proxy service." Sorry for asking to be spoonfed twice in a row, but I'm not seeing the same thing you are when I put this in a search engine. Is there a special place I should be conducting this?
Can someone please repost the "heatseeking missiles" image here? The infographics-info thread that had it got slid off the board.
Open file (70.20 KB 1178x216 SAM for cheap.png)
>>17484 Do you mean one about homemade surfacte-to-air missiles? Because I have the screencap of an other post about that (besides this one), but r9k prevents me from posting that, therefore that is already there in an other thread.
>>17492 What's it with the r9k shit? It also prevented me from posting a hackerman meme. Is there some kinda mechanism behind it?
>>17493 >What is r9k bot Jesus Christ lurk more if you don't even know where the legacy board got its name from.
>>17480 I'm assuming COO is short for something but I can't guess at it either. How do you compress "shipping across state lines" to "COO" ? That's what you probably should search for. Also, you've tried Searx & Qwant in addition to DuckDuckGo? Even DDG filters output sometimes to keep (((palms))) from getting too sweaty.
>>17495 >>17480 Country Of Origin.
>>17494 ayy, sorry for not being able to lurk the past, time travel hasn't been invented yet. I've done a quick search to see if i can get some actually helpful info instead of 'lurk moar', and it seems like a bot that scans for repeating messages. Still doesn't explain why it doesn't allow certain pictures to be posted, especially since i didn't see it on this board yet.
>>17492 An other thread? Which one?
>>17511 I have no idea, all I know is that the robot doesn't let me upload that particular image because it is already uploaded to an other thread. But if I remember correctly, it doesn't let you post any file that was posted even once before, even if the image is already gone. In other words, it's fucking annoying and we should turn it off already.
>>17512 I believe it doesn't let you post any file with the same hash that was reposted in the last 9000 posts, which can make sense for a faster board but doesn't make sense here. You can just edit it but it's a worthless annoyance as it is.
Open file (292.61 KB 622x518 ClipboardImage.png)
It was turned on due to nigger spam at one point. I imagine it will stay on since nigger spammer (Tengunigger) magically shows up every time it gets turned off. Just use clipboardimage with 1 pixel changed, fucking newfags.
Hi everyone, I have a question about earpro. I'm going to buy some earpro soon, probably slim earmuffs. I actually was looking at a model by Howard Leight because they're electronic, and they also have an input jack which would allow me to play music through them at the range which I think would be pretty cool. But I was wondering if I wore regular earbuds/in-ear-monitors underneath a pair of regular muffs, would it mess up the seal on the muffs? It would be a cable that's at most 2mm in diameter running underneath the muffs... would this ruin the seal or would it still be fine? I'm on a tight budget so buying passive earmuffs would be nice to save some money but I just wanted to know if there was a way that I could have some more fun with it and play music when I go to the range.
>>17550 I have a pair of those Leight ones with the input jack, and they were like $40 or something. They work well. Though you could pass your earphone cable under the pad for conventional muffs, and it likely won't affect their efficacy, you might find the end result uncomfortable. Just pay the couple extra bucks. If you can afford to shoot, you can afford earpro.
>>17550 >>17551 I don't often cry "reddit spacing", but this is pretty egregious. Stop it.
>>17552 Relax lad, I just space lines out because the quick reply window is so small and I'm usually too lazy to resize it to my browser window width every time. >>17551 When did you buy those Leight ones? They seem to be $60 now, although perhaps I could find them cheaper than the store I looked at. I know this is going to sound just a little autistic but I heard the Howard Leight electronic muffs aren't in stereo so it just got me thinking. If I can find them on sale, I think I'll get them anyway.
>>17550 Depends on the model. You can wear sunglasses with most models and as long as it's not nigger shit it'll work fine. If you're really concerned by this, then use bluetooth earbuds.
>>17555 Well I hate (((bluetooth))) so it's really a non-starter, if they work with sunglasses I should be fine. I finally am in a position to buy some funs after a long time so I'm just doing a bit of research on all the stuff I'll need at the moment. So thanks for the info. Unfortunately now is also a terrible time to buy but at this point I don't think I'll let it stop me.
Open file (166.86 KB 1280x960 OddColorsBut.jpg)
>handgun edition Does anyone have a GST-9 glockalike? ...does it shoot? I've finished mine, and the trigger bar "bounces" if I push on it. If the slide is on it, nothing pushes on it and it isn't getting anywhere near to dropping to release the striker. I'd prefer to use my Spirico aftermarket shoe but I've tried with the trigger shoe that shipped with the lower kit, I've tried the stock connector and two Lonewolf connectors, and the behavior is always the same except for the two times I got it to behave aright just long enough for me to put the rest of the pieces in, and then it went back to not dropping out of the way. I've tried grinding the top of the cruciform down, I've tried a second trigger housing, I've tried all-stock parts, and it won't fire. I've got another trigger bar coming. But since "squeezing the slide" has zero effect, and I've "polished" the rear-rail holes to allow the pin to fit through both the trigger AND the rails (need a tiny bit more to come out the other side without bulging the frame but it's close), and also two-thirds of the tests have been without slide OR pin as I use my thumb to hold the housing down, I'm feeling frustrated at what should, even could, be a moderately nice striker pistol but instead is a money-sinking paperweight of spare parts.
>>17552 Thank you for your valuable contribution. >>17554 Right now they're $42 on Amazon, if you have no objections to using that site. They're in stereo. It'd be bizarre to advertise that you could plug in your music player (and include a cord to do so) for it to only be in mono.
>>17560 I don't use Amazon for many reasons I'm sure I don't have to explain, but thanks for letting me know. > They're in stereo. It'd be bizarre to advertise that you could plug in your music player (and include a cord to do so) for it to only be in mono. Ah, that's also nice to know. I don't know where I read that they're in mono. And I suppose it's really a minor issue anyway--who really needs music at the range, right? But it seems like it'd be nice. >>16240 Anyone have anything to say about the Taurus 856? Looking for a snubby .38.
Open file (712.57 KB 800x1214 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17558 >Well I hate (((bluetooth))) so it's really a non-starter I'd ask why you are using Jew quotes with Bluetooth. Bluetooth was designed from the start with encryption in mind and all attempts to break into it have to go through a channel where: >A) The software is being attacked, not the delivery/communication. >B) The end-user still has to give permissions to allow their encryption to be "broken." While Bluetooth certainly has a bad rep due to its prevalence in wireless devices, the actual hardware and attention by developers to software is more secure by default than 99% of (((wifi))) networks or the ilk that use them. One can recognize wireless devices are inherently more insecure without shitting on a form of wireless communication that was made with security and privacy in mind from the very start.
Open file (90.33 KB 1200x533 SoManyMemes.jpg)
>>17563 >I'd ask why you are using Jew quotes with Bluetooth. Not that Strelok, but (((wireless)) in general earns a lack of trust. Yes there's insecurity but also insolvency. Wireless communication fails at the drop of a hat, using a wire solves the problem. When I had a working motorcycle I used to listen to put decent earbuds in, and they would seal enough to let me hear the music over the roar of the engine. Likewise driving the tractor around the property, I can wear earmuffs over my earbuds and its time consuming and awkward but trustworthy. My car has bluetooth. When I associate my phone, every thirty seconds I get a double announcement from the car's dulcet toned announcer that my phone was disconnected. Also, my phone was connected. Every. Thirty. Seconds. Unless I'm using my phone to play music, in which case it never reconnects, only disconnects the once. Now I grant you, my hands-free-headset at work, since my job is taking calls, has been pretty reliable when the battery is charged. But sometimes I'll take it off the charger, which had a blinking light indicating it had been charging successfully, and find the battery is as dead as a doornail, to coin a phrase. Sticking it BACK on the charger for a day resolves this mystery without solving it. This has happened more than a few times without having any rhyme or reason. It's not like I can predict "Oh, yes, it's been five and a half weeks so now it has decided to drain the battery to the floor; maybe this is planned/programmed maintenance." Nope! Just dead today. Might have happened last week, might have been ten months ago, but it keeps happening, and I'm not quite the only one, I think. Wires work. Wires, I can trust. (((bluetooth))) I cannot. (((802.11 WiFi))) I cannot. (((Cell))) coverage? No, visitors to my home will find their phones stop several miles before getting to my house. But the landline has a dialtone. Thank you for your patience, and your understanding, strelok. I do not like dismissing wires. Also, >>17559 Let's not bury questions in the wired replacements for (((bluetooth))). > no, I do not. > Thus, any finger gun I call a GST-9 will not "fire" Anyone else care to help that poster out?
>>17474 this discussion reminds me from a time forever ago, when 4um wasn't the shitshow it is now. A thread about using drones to remove people from the server. I suggested, why not attach a syringe full of nasty shit to a drone, then fly it into someone? I got shitted on by everyone, it was hilarious. "Someone's gonna fucking do that now shut the fuck up Anon!" Anyway, that would probably be a better delivery method than using a bullet, and more remote than using a dart gun.
>>17563 >>17566 Wasn't Bluetooth made by Danes?
>>17563 I wasn't really serious about ((())). I just don't like wireless stuff. I already have earphones, I don't want to wastefully buy more. And wireless ones need to be charged. And my walkman doesn't have bluetooth. For most areas in my life I've been trying to simplify my technology and reject modern stuff. I just don't like it, simple as, I guess. I suppose I'd use it if I really had to but I don't think I will in this case. >>17566 I feel the same way, anon. >>17568 no idea but I like wires and I don't like wireless and I'm anonymous so whatever, thing I don't like == jews
>>16865 What are they even bitching about? That was an adorable vid and she was even PPE.
>>17573 *even wearing
>>17573 Kid with gun = bad Kids have to be wearing drag/slutty clothes, twerk for old geezers and be "brave". Also learn about equality and pronouns. And that's a good thing sweetie, I'm literally shaking, crying and shitting my pants right now, why would a child ever want to shoot a gun, especially such a semi-fully automatic assault rifle. That's clearly illegal.
What's a reasonable price for Romanian surplus 8mm mauser? I recently picked up a mauser and haven't been able to find any ammo for it. There is a private seller with some Romanian (a little over 350 rounds for 89 cents per round), but not sure if the price is worth it or not.
>>17554 >I heard the Howard Leight electronic muffs aren't in stereo I have a pair and they play music in stereo no problem. My big problem with them is that they only get audio in a single earphone when you connect it to a radio, because all commercial com units use inverted cable polarities for proprietary profit reasons and the earphones can't read the signal right.
>>17463 >>17472 >>17474 >>17475 >>17479 For anyone interested in this, check out this link (go to the section "The Press Conference"): https://spycraft101.com/2021/02/01/the-assassin-who-came-in-from-the-cold/ Highlights: >Two of the four pistols were equipped with three single-shot .25 caliber barrels loaded with hollow point bullets filled with potassium cyanide. These poisoned rounds held a mixture of two-thirds potassium cyanide and one-third gum binder, to seal it in the hollow point of the bullet. Each round contained approximately half a gram of poison Admittedly, not difficult to cure, but that's only if they figure out what happened before the target is dead. I think the articles claim of less than 5mg being sufficient to kill someone is incorrect wiki says 5mg/kg, so an easy mistake to make but 500mg should still be more than sufficient. >the pistols used both an electronic ignition system powered by flashlight batteries and captive-piston ammunition >When fired, these cartridges are nearly silent [...] According to Khokhlov, the sound of firing was no louder than a finger snap virtually undetectable in most environments and situations. >The other two firearms were disguised as cigarette cases, intended for a close-range attack >real tobacco-filled cigarette tips were visible inside, concealing the weapon’s barrel and an expansion chamber that functioned as a sound suppressor >A cigarette case was the perfect tool as the assassin could approach the target with the case held out in front of him, as if to offer a cigarette. A gesture like this would be dismissed as harmless by both the target and any witnesses present. The article has more details about the design of the weapons for anyone interested, but these seem to be the most relevant
Other than the endless flavours of 1911s and Glocks, what semi-auto pistols chambered for .45 ACP (or more like .45 Super) are out there on the market? I really struggle to recall anything other than maybe that one HK pistol a few decades ago, and I'm not interested in that.
>>17740 CZ 97

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