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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (413.24 KB 2000x1335 Energetik.jpg)
/k/anteen Mk 4, Brotherhood in Pripyat edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/06/2021 (Sun) 17:17:24 No.16158
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread has hit the bump limit and has left us my brothers. >>16157 is a heretic who noticed and shall be awarded by conversion and rather then death, so brothers, I have made a new /k/anteen thread.... Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших! Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей! В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом! Смерть… лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!
>>16299 >Haitians replaced them That will never be a good thing in almost any context
>>16299 Isn't it just a bastardized French?
>>16299 >wanting to understand an even more insufferable brand of snow niggers and rape babies that couldn't recover from the clinton family, let alone a hurricane are you really missing out on much?
Almost 30 days and Belgian soldier Jürgen still MIA Yo remember the dutch rambo dude who went innawoods and vanished? Apparently, the EU brought in a bunch of KSK dudes from Germany because the Belgians didn't trust their own military, and get this rumor floating around is the KSK dudes vanished LOL. Which leads me to the following possible conclusions, either: 1) Belgian commando man pulled a rambo + terminator and took down a bunch of KSK 2) KSK got tired of being called alt-right, and decided to go fuck shit up as well 3) Germany got embarrassed by this and just isn't saying how KSK + an entire army battalion can't hunt down one man. Some site is also claiming he forgot his psych meds- either a psyop or dudes actually insane, I think it is the former. I don't read Schiffen plan victim so .... https://archive.is/naRSG https://radio1.be/gevonden-rugzak-zo-goed-als-zeker-van-jurgen-conings-p-90-munitie-en-ook-medicatie-tegen-psychoses Warning. Machine translation below: >The federal prosecutor's office is "80 to 90 percent sure" that the backpack found belongs to the fugitive terror suspect Jürgen Conings. The backpack was found in Dilsen-Stokkem, just over a kilometer from where his car was previously found. Ammunition was found in the backpack, according to our information also the ammunition for the P-90 submachine gun that Conings had taken from a barracks. [...] >It could be that that backpack was there from the start and that until now the detectives were really looking for a person or a body and not for stuff. It might as well have been put there afterwards. So all the slopes are still open: was the backpack left there in a panic? Is it a diversion? All this will now be investigated. Personally, I highly doubt that it was left by him, since the government claimed they were combing through the area in minute detail, either it was planted, or the Belgians make the FBI look competent.
>>16250 >The others aren't large enough to matter and generally don't cause issues more or less since they are heavily influenced by Chinese culture (eg; Dong or Kam people) and are wholly located in China proper. So if, let's say, there was a war between Vietnam and China, and somehow the gooks managed to push deep into southern China, they couldn't instigate a new uprising of the southern barbarians, because the current situation is fine for them, right? >Yellow Uighur, who are Buddhists are ok, Muslims are not https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugur >The Yugurs, Yughurs, Yugu (Chinese: 裕固族; pinyin: Yùgù Zú) or Yellow Uyghurs,[1] as they are traditionally known, are a Turkic and Mongolic group and one of China's 56 officially recognized ethnic groups, consisting of 16,719 persons according to the 2000 census. Their number seems to be nothing more than a statistical error, therefore it's hard to take look at them as a serious threat. Are there any movements to turn the Moslem Uyghurs towards Buddhism, or atheism is preferred by the state? >Manchus Are they also chinkified to a sufficient degree to be a non-factor?
Open file (1.14 MB 1279x495 Immersive Jew.png)
>>16245 I've betrayed my beliefs and started working for a big bank in a city that is small by global rankings, but is still big enough to be some kind of a hub. I'm not proud of it, but it gives me a chance to get enough money to buy guns and maybe even start a family before I get so old that I wouldn't see my children grow up. Do note that according to the law here it's perfectly legal to impregnate a 14 years old girl. You can even marry her once she turns 16 if you get her parent's consent. Still, I consider it to be a stepping stone so that I can start a business that is more in line with the will of the /k/ube.
>>16317 >is able to work in finance >works for traditional finance in a world with zero interest rates What did Strelok mean by this?
>>16318 I'm just working in a call centre run by a bank, I don't have any degrees or experience that would make me a bitcoin billionaire. Even if I had, I don't have the money to do anything.
>>16307 realistically what am I suppose to do? Almost job requires Spanish nowadays.
>>16316 >vietnam vs China Some of those groups hate the Chinese more then the Vietnamness (See Hmong). Others of them are basically statistically irrelevant (pop under 50,000). Most of them don't give a fuck but their lifestyle is more "Chinese" like if you could call it that (eg; not living on stiled house afraid of typhoon, and rather afraid of seasonal flooding and earthquakes). It's a bit weird in that area, since it's not a hard cultural boundary like a mountain range and the cultural border isn't strictly a line. Think like the divide between Germany and interwar Czech/poland where there's a large group of inbetween, or better yet, Jugoslavia with less noticeable religious differences. >turn muslims into bhuddist or athiest the latter, the CPC doesn't encourage any religion aside from state sponsored cult of personality. Plus, the muslims lie anyways so they will just convert back. A Common paralance in Mandarin is "You can trust the food a muslim makes (since it is halal and not has MSG or gutter oil), but you can never trust anything they say". Plus, it's fun converting certain muslims culturally by feeding them pork lol. >manchus Manchus are technically pretty closely related to the "Han". In the Song dynasties, the northern Jurchen state adopted Chinese culture (but not language), and in the infamous Jingkang incident, took prisoner the majority of the Song imperial court and family. The Jurchens were then destroyed by the mongols, but the families lived on and traced their decent through the Jurchens and Song era Han. It is noteworthy to note that historically they were considered non-Han because they were considered outsiders that had "missed out" on the 200- year era of the Ming (despite being nominally subordinated), and thus weren't as up to date on many things and started developing their own culture (A good example is that Manchu women the early Qing years were not afraid to talk to other men in private (A big nono in Han confucianisim), and the men didn't care (as much) about female virginity because how do you raise a child when its -20C by yourself back then with no monies?. It was considered acceptable that if your cousin or brother's wife died that you could "marry" them to prevent them from being frozen to death. That most definitely is not acceptable by (neo) Confucian standards, a widow should commit suicide after raising their children was the norm.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=sYmc5o870Mk After watching this I want a Webley-Fosbery even more than before.
Open file (120.98 KB 370x258 word-image.png)
Do you hold any shitcoins, Chang? >>16322 >took prisoner the majority of the Song imperial court and family Weren't the Song Mongols?
>>16325 No, the mongols were the Yuan that came after the Song.
>>16324 Gotta say, that's a dead sexy video. Can you even get a Webley-Fosbery without shelling out a ridiculous sum, though?
>>16325 >bitcoins My ass in the US, I ain't rich enough to mine here. Plus, I'm not a higher up in the CPC since that is how they embezzle their money lol. No Song predate the mongols, you mongoloid >that picture You know that's like how they like to street level drug dealers when the issue is the people in charge of the country? Basically that lol.
>>16327 >No, the mongols were the Yuan that came after the Song. >>16332 >No Song predate the mongols, you mongoloid
Open file (47.82 KB 266x200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16245 Going through uni in a generally un-pozzed country and have a job with some gay corporate one of the biggest in my country coming up. I intend to make money fast, invest, and get out before HR catches me for being a bad goy... >>16317 >perfectly legal to impregnate a 14 years old girl I'm thinking Hungary or Japan - otherwise I'm assuming you're from Africa lmao
Open file (686.69 KB 2728x4000 1466207665216-0.jpg)
Open file (585.21 KB 640x360 DUCE DUCE.webm)
>>16258 DUCE! A NOI!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homophone#Mandarin_Chinese >Due to phonological constraints in Mandarin syllables (as Mandarin only allows for an initial consonant, a vowel, and a nasal or retroflex consonant in respective order), there are only a little over 400 possible unique syllables that can be produced,[6] compared to over 15,831 in the English language.[7] Chinese has an entire genre of poems taking advantage of the large amount of homophones called one-syllable articles, or poems where every single word in the poem is pronounced as the same syllable if tones are disregarded. An example is the Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den. >Like all Chinese languages, Mandarin uses phonemic tones to distinguish homophonic syllables, which it has five. For example, mā (妈) means "mother", má (麻) means "hemp", mă (马) means "horse", mà (骂) means "scold", and ma (吗) is a yes/no question particle. Although all these words consist of the same string of consonants and vowels, the only way to distinguish each of these words audibly is by listening to which tone the word has, and as shown above, saying a consonant-vowel string using a different tone can produce an entirely different word altogether. If tones are included, the number of unique syllables in Mandarin increases to at least 1,522.[8] However, even with tones, Mandarin retains a very large amount of homophones. Yì, for example, has at least 125 homophones,[9] and it is the pronunciation used for Chinese characters such as 义, 意, 易, 亿, 议, 一, and 已. >Many scholars believe that the Chinese language did not always have such a large number of homophones and that the phonological structure of Chinese syllables was once more complex, which allowed for a larger amount of possible syllables so that words sounded more distinct from each other. >Scholars also believe that Old Chinese had no phonemic tones, but tones emerged in Middle Chinese to replace sounds that were lost from Old Chinese. Since words in Old Chinese sounded more distinct from each other at this time, it explains why many words in Classical Chinese consisted of only one syllable. For example, the Standard Mandarin word 狮子(shīzi, meaning "lion") was simply 狮 (shī) in Classical Chinese, and the Standard Mandarin word 教育 (jiàoyù, "education") was simply 教 (jiào) in Classical Chinese. >Since many Chinese words became homophonic over the centuries, it became difficult to distinguish words when listening to documents written in Classical Chinese being read aloud. One-syllable articles like those mentioned above are evidence for this. For this reason, many one-syllable words from Classical Chinese became two-syllable words, like the words mentioned in the previous paragraph. Damn, the janny wasn't kidding about ancient Chinese being a different language.
Open file (106.10 KB 975x596 age of consent is 14.png)
>>16336 >I'm thinking Hungary or Japan - otherwise I'm assuming you're from Africa lmao Kikepedia says that there are quite a few other countries where you can do that.
>>16245 I'm a zog bot because it got my foot in the door at least... If you can manage to get a decent job and learn skills elsewhere you'd probably be more successful. The benefits are alright but for the amount of work and stupid shit you have to do it's still a mostly unskilled blue collar wage until you pull in GI bill money.
Open file (49.26 KB 1000x1080 fatguy4u.png)
Open file (850.18 KB 717x1012 iowaatsea.jpg)
>>16245 Framing Carpenter Got into it via a school district program. I'm surrounded by stupid mask-wearing hylic fucks that buy into everything the radio and the talmudvision says. And they even have the audacity to call themselves conservative. I wanted to join the military here, but it is beyond hope and saving in this banana republic, since the top brass begun pandering to trannies, vaginaniggers, and muzzies. My life isn't easy, but I do manage to earn enough to pay my monthly rent of 600 dollary-doos, along with diesel, groceries, ammuntion, and etc. The car insurance here is jewish as fuck, so I'm using the transit system right now. Not wearing a cuck-muzzle, that's for sure. I wish my waifu would be real :( Maybe the /k/ube will grant my wish....I hope.
>>16308 Impressive + non-Impressive. Best of both worlds, really.
Open file (123.94 KB 602x399 obrezmosin.jpg)
>>16245 Fiber Optic installer. It's okay but the housing situation in the NW of the US is mostly shit. Particularly Montana and Colorado, rent for a place that isn't in the middle of nowhere goes for 1,400$ and up. Thinking of moving to ND/SD and picking up whatever retail job since I can't get any IT work. Now's the time to move if you are considering it, most places are starting at 16/hr and hiring bonuses to boot.
Biden announces the "BBBW" initiative at G7 to counter China's Belt and Road:= >Today President Biden met with G7 leaders to discuss strategic competition with China and commit to concrete actions to help meet the tremendous infrastructure need in low- and middle-income countries. >Build Back Better World: An Affirmative Initiative for Meeting the Tremendous Infrastructure Needs of Low- and Middle-Income Countries. President Biden and G7 partners agreed to launch the bold new global infrastructure initiative Build Back Better World (BBBW), a values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. >Through BBBW, the G7 and other like-minded partners with coordinate in mobilizing private-sector capital in four areas of focus—climate, health and health security, digital technology, and gender equity and equality—with catalytic investments from our respective development finance institutions. >BBBW will be global in scope, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa to the Indo-Pacific. Different G7 partners will have different geographic orientations, but the sum of the initiative will cover low- and middle-income countries across the world.  >In announcing this partnership, the United States and its G7 partners are expressing a unified vision for global infrastructure development. As a lead partner in BBBW, the United States will seek to mobilize the full potential of our development finance tools, including the Development Finance Corporation, USAID, EXIM, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and complementary bodies such as the Transaction Advisory Fund. In doing so, the Biden Administration aims to complement domestic infrastructure investments in the American Jobs Plan and create new opportunities to demonstrate U.S. competitiveness abroad and create jobs at home. >In addition to the billions of dollars which the United States mobilizes in overseas infrastructure financing through existing bilateral and multilateral tools, we will work with Congress to augment our development finance toolkit with the hope that, together with the private sector, other U.S. stakeholders, and G7 partners, BBBW will collectively catalyze hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment for low- and middle-income countries in the coming years. https://archive.is/KKnpm https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/06/12/fact-sheet-president-biden-and-g7-leaders-launch-build-back-better-world-b3w-partnership/
>>16389 Would you rather take money from globohomo, from the CCP, or shoot both their fucking ambassadors in the face? Oh right, this is /k/. I'd be amazed if you didn't choose the third option.
>>16389 >infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world Sounds like G7 partners teaming up to offload their debt onto developing nations in the hopes of having them take out massive loans to offset what is owed by G7 nations.
>>16393 Congrats, you realized it was all a pyramid scheme. Importing people to take out loans in the first world has gone out the window with the current geopolitical climate, so now they are going directly to the source.
>>16394 It's actually not a terrible idea in the grand scheme of things. Investing in infrastructure abroad is very rarely a bad choice unless dealing with a war zone, it's just that they're not going to actually invest, just spread the misery.
Open file (99.52 KB 853x543 Savior of Belgium.jpg)
>>16308 the amount of chaos he's causing by doing nothing and just fucking off innawoods is hysterical
>>16389 could they have picked a worse name?
>>16398 BBBC?
Open file (65.37 KB 483x700 1436841394736.jpg)
>>16389 >and gender equity and equality
Israel has immediately broken the ceasefire following the election: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YAGLBlD98O4
>>16245 I live in a Trench and get shot at.
Open file (53.39 KB 184x169 whyamiwatchingthis.PNG)
>>16389 Oh good, the economic hit men are back.
>>16412 What a coincidence. I also live in a trench, and I shoot at people I see in other trenches. I think that makes us neighbors.
It's pronounced Missourah https://archive.ph/ih7ea >The Justice Department is warning Missouri officials that the state can’t ignore federal law, after the governor signed a bill last week that bans police from enforcing federal gun rules.
Open file (83.65 KB 496x475 1412806744125.jpg)
>>16414 If you're the neighbor I don't like I have a grenade with your name written on it. Also stop fucking with my not-claymores. Tired of having to trap them in eight different ways.
>>16438 Can you post the (non-hotlinked) version of the original URL please? I can't get to any archive.today site b/c cuckflare. With the original URL I can at least look for it on wayback. Thanks. SHOW ME :^)
>>16438 > that the state can’t ignore federal law We all know that is a fucking lie. The feds didn't even try arrest people for weed after many states started legalizing it. At best they went after a few guys growing it without paying taxes for it since that is a big no-no.
>>16440 >>16245 The Russians gave me this place to live but food is limited and I am forced to work all day.
>>16332 >No Song predate the mongols The Mongols invented music?
>.cafe now has a /pol/ Well, it was fun while it lasted Streloks. All good things come to an end.
Yo, could you come pick up your pdf poster from /islam/ please?
>>16474 >now Hello newfriend.
https://aviatorwallet.com/collections/aviator-wallet-accessoires/products/door-hook-open-doors-without-touching-handles-protect-yourself-from-germs https://archive.md/wip/pb2Nv >Door handles - especially in public places - can harbor a variety of bacteria and viruses. If someone sneezes into his hand and then opens a door, germs can remain on the door handle. The next person who touches the handle can bring these germs from their hand to their face. An infection becomes possible. >The AVIATOR Door Hook is the perfect solution to protect yourself efficiently against this way of transmission. This invention allows doors, lights and lift switches to be opened and operated without manual contact. A smear infection can thus be prevented without limiting everyday life. It's certainly overpriced, but is it a solid concept otherwise?
>>16477 Its a grift. Technically yes it works in that the first door you use it on will transfer the bacteria to the metal, but its stainless steel and has no anti microbial properties. Bacteria will spread if you dont douse the thing in alcohol after every use, youre only delaying the inevitable spread to the rest of the device and then to your hand. Its faster, easier, and free to simply wash your hands if youre that concerned about doorknobs.
>>16478 That's about what I was thinking, and I can just use some tissue to touch doorknobs if I get worried enough, and also carry some hand sanitizer with me. Or wear gloves, because that's about as weird as carrying around that device.

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