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Open file (325.70 KB 719x587 bloodsports .jpg)
100 Rads Canteen Mk 3.5, Clear Skies with scattered vol retardation edition Strelok 04/20/2021 (Tue) 16:59:55 No.15028
YES, I KNOW, I MERGED THE THREADS WRONG. HAVE A 0.5 INCITEMENT IN VERSION NUMBER TO SHOWCASE THE TRAGIC EXTENT OF MY FAILINGS - VOL >r9k prevented an image from being posted >flood detected >flood detected Fuck off. Off topic canteen is saging. We have new offtopic thread now. What are streloks up to nothing illegal, just hobby wise. My comp I use usually died and now I'm stuck waiting for a motherboard because shits so expensive now. Thoughts on the Chauvin trial? Maxine Walters may have (intentionally) tried to just setup the trial for a mistrial for rioting. I don't see the Jury getting out of this alive.
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/20/2021 (Tue) 22:05:30.
>>15496 When watching wood gasifier vids I got to urge to try and build one on the back of a motor bike. Imagine having a bike that can venture innawoods that can then be refueled by said woods. Id imagine something that isnt directly connected to the tank but something that you'd have to take stops to use and refuel. I'm not a smart man but i think the hardest part would be getting the stuff to condense and stay liquid in a gas tank. since one could just cop a mini gasifier design from the internet.
stalker 2 news update >The below images are translated to English as the original screenshots were in Russian. https://gamingsym.in/stalker-2-development-in-full-swing-with-more-than-300-employees-on-board/ >GSC Game World has reacted to the recently leaked STALKER 2 release date in Microsoft documents. A spokesman for GSC Game World commented on the situation on the official Discord channel as follows: >"We have not announced a release date for the game, nothing has changed. We are doing well, development is in full swing, but we have not announced a release date yet. As soon as possible." >"As for the console, the game will only be released on the next-generation Xbox consoles. In principle, we have said this many times already, but we can repeat it again!" >A few days ago, GSC also updated the FAQ page on the Russian social media platform VK. In the FAQ GSC mentioned that currently, more than 300 employees are working on the game. For comparison, the Cyberpunk 2077 development team consisted of 500 developers. >"The visual component is the most important part of immersing yourself in the world of STALKER 2. Our team of more than 300 employees strives to use the most advanced technologies. For example, motion and face capture, photogrammetry is involved in production." If anyone was wondering, release date on court documents was slated Q4 2021. Also, it's going to be shit. My bets, cyberpunk tier with no vehicles.
>>15499 Fuck forgot archive link: https://archive.is/PMX1V
>>15499 Business translation: Microsoft has been working on cross-compatibility between the new Xbox consoles and computers for years. The work needed to translate from PC to Xbox is minimal and they cna advertise it for consoles so there's no reason not to. Recoding for other consoles would be a pain.
>>15501 >Recoding You mean rewriting the contract that makes Stalker 2 an Xbox-console exclusive?
>>15499 my god >the visual component is the most important part... NO. I hoped they would make the right decisions and stay on the path of good gameplay and immersion by game design, but no, they decide to go with "muh visuals" and turn Stalker into Cyberblyat 2021. If it turns out to be 80% graphics, i'll pirate it and spit on their graves.
>>15502 Nah, I meant recoding. The devs wouldn't have signed that if they had any interest in porting to console in the first place.
>>15503 >muh gfx i agree, but cap these words. When Stalker 2 fails, then they will suddently send C&Ds to the mod teams that use the OpenXray renderer like anomaly and are standalone. You just watch.
>>15507 when that happens, i sure hope they'll go underground. Isn't anomaly mod team russian? If so, they won't give a fuck about it, instead just going incognito and continue developing anomaly, or maybe it's successor for Stalker 2. Because if it flops, mod teams are our only hope for making the sequel we waited for.
Open file (109.17 KB 351x437 pain.jpg)
>>15499 >300 developers So 50 developers, 50 crying political officers and 200 marketers?
>>15508 >russian pretty sure devs are a few ruskies with two americans and a south african in the mix.
How does /k/ interpret a fortuneless cookie. I've heard everything from amazing luck to a bad omen to nonsensical garbage about being able to grab life by the balls.
>>15514 >How does /k/ interpret a fortuneless cookie As a cookie that does not contain a pointless slip of paper with a meaningless platitude written on it.
>>15514 Your future is the product of your own free choice. The cookie has released you from fate.
>>15514 The only omens you should trust are nightmares and gut feelings as they're proof of the sixth sense being connected to evolutionary instincts
Open file (224.51 KB 634x362 filbert_fortune.png)
>>15514 I've got some bad news, anon. this webzone uses the most broken piece of shit Captcha ever holy fuck.
>>15431 >>15434 But how did Singapore became what it is today? I understand that it's right next to one of the world's most important shipping lanes, but there are many other cities just as close to that very same shipping lane, and yet none of them have the same status. >>15454 > Also, strelok, if you didn't know, don't go gambling in Macao if you value your name. Don't let your family members go to Macao if they're attractive women unless you hate them enough for them to dissapear. After all, where else does the CPC keep their sex-traffic slaves and get to blackmail prominent people legally? How should I imagine that place? Something like Berlin in the Weimar era, just with Asians? Or are they trying to put up a façade and all of the shady shit happens in backrooms? Also, can you tell us more about these kidnappings? It sounds like even a Russian oligarch or an Arab sheik can lose a female there, and I'm wondering if something like that ever happened. >The hub for degeneracy was Macao, now that the banking shit is moving there it'll most likely move to Zhengzhou since they'll sell themselves for clean needles. So Macao really is replacing Hong Kong, at least when it comes to banking?
>"...Any of those markets could collapse. With real estate or precious metals, you theoretically won’t be left with nothing – but in the event that civilization totally collapses, these are the only things that are going to have real value: > Canned food > Guns and ammunition > Young women"'' I know you have the funs and ammo thing covered /k/, but how are your canned food & young women stockpiles currently? Better do a checkup and make any necessary corrections prior to a SHTF scenario.
>>15565 >Singapore what it is today I ain't gonna spoonfeed your ass. Singapore used to be called Crown jew of the East back in the British empire for reason. If you're wondering why there's so many Chinese descent there its cause the Malays and Indonesians hated the Chinks and sent them all there and then the Malays kicked out Singapore from the union (which they probably now regret). >What Macao is? The closest analogy I can think of is ironically Campione d'Italia or Las Vegas mixed with HK or Japan in the compactness but "cleaner" (In China the gov tries to get rid of these issue son the main cities... ) than LV without the obvious drug issues on the surface. >replacing HK on banking Depends on how the next leader of Macau goes, I'm wating to see if the CPC makes some changes regarding the foreign affairs portion of Macao. They don't want a repeat of HK but Macau is not as "Anti-China" since they don't suffer as much as HK with economic issues (remember, HK is going the detroit route). >in re kidnappings I know for a fact that there's quite a bit of sex trafficking from the former Sovbloc states, Portugal (and?) Spain. Most of it comes from kidnapping Chinese from shittly places like Dongguan nearby/ giving them modeling contract dreams IDK why any woman with half a brain would believe that shit. Rumor is that the MSS runs some sort of Salon Kitty like stuff there. You have to remember, China as a government fears foreigners, and tries to avoid antagonizing them. The civvies on the hand don't and will lynch them instead. It's jokingly called "a circle of oppression" in China, "Civvies are afraid of the jackboot, jackboots are afraid of (white) foreigners, foreigners are afraid of civvies". Triads are not as obvious since they know that it will damage their own income since Macao has no real economy aside from sex, drugs, gambling (all tourism). HK triads are a bit more uh, shall we say, "diversified" in since HK used to have a pretty diverse economy. Remember in China there's no local/state independent enforcement, everything goes directly to the central organ derived MSS (FBI/CIA with some domestic police duties in regards to political shit) and PSB (Public Safety Beau, aka cops) which vary widely in enforcement of laws, unlike the US feds except when it comes to we dindus nuthinsI think a couple months ago there was a major, major shitshow involving a major party secretary keeping a 14 year old girl in sexual slavery (If memories serve it was a large city, maybe Zhengzhou?). Originally the parents complained to the local PSB/MSS and they got ignored, turns out later on the girl managed to call the Shanghai PSB. The local PSB officer then tried to smooth it over with the Shanghai PSB, and those dudes don't fuck around with that since Shanghai is filled with kikes and literally dialed up the head office in Beijing and heads rolled.
Pipeline service restoration is going swimmingly- >By execution of this Emergency Declaration, motor carriers and drivers providing direct assistance to the emergency in the Affected States in direct support of relief efforts related to the shortages of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products due to the shutdown, partial shutdown, and/or manual operation of the Colonial pipeline system are granted relief from Parts 390 through 399 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations except as restricted herein. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/emergency/esc-ssc-wsc-regional-emergency-declaration-2021-002-05-09-2021
>>15573 What's going on? What's up with what pipeline, and what does this order actually imply?
>>15574 tl;dr- Joe shut down the big pipeline keeping gas cheap on day 1 in office, and then a network infrastructure issue has taken the few reliant gas pipelines left that pump domestically offline.
>>15575 If his plan was to get everyone in line for government handouts and welfare, he did good. Only question is how high can those prices keep going?
>>15575 Is the l33t hax0rs a cover?
>>15585 Without everything going kaput? I could see gas spiking between $4.50-$7.50/gallon before local legislature gets involved. I don't think it would hyperinflate at under $8/gallon.
>>15625 This, I am curious what the 'russian hackers' has to do with any of this.
>>15641 > I am curious what the 'russian hackers' has to do with any of this. The pipeline's down because of ransomware. Apparently the way the group responsible works is that they provide training and software to recruits in exchange for a cut of the profits from whomever the recruits target. The group says they don't want their people hitting targets this prominent and will tighten restrictions (reportedly they already ban their members from targeting schools, medical facilities, and governments). They also say they're apolitical, but the US claims they have a bias against targeting CIS country companies. Of course, it seems entirely possible that given their model, it'd be relatively straightforward to false flag.
Going to sound stupid but anyone got that video of that weird pump action rifle that used the firing grip as a pump handle?
Open file (99.86 KB 450x583 1620696385818.jpg)
A massive deposit of lithium was just discovered on the Rhine, in Alsace-Lorraine. Enough to make Europe a resource powerhouse: Germans discover enough lithium in the Rhine River Valley to build 400 million EVs >Certain rare earth elements and metals are in high demand globally as automakers ramp up to produce electric vehicles rather than combustion engine-powered cars and trucks. One challenge for producing electric vehicles is finding enough raw materials, which can be difficult to procure and are at times scarce. One of the critical raw materials for building the batteries used in electric vehicles is lithium. >Germany has announced that it has discovered significant lithium deposits beneath the Rhine River and plans to mine the critical material. According to authorities, the deposit beneath the river could hold enough to build 400 million electric cars. The Upper-Rhine Valley in the Black Forest area of southern Germany sits in an area about 186 miles long and as many as 40 kilometers wide. >The lithium is in a molten state and is trapped inside underground springs of boiling water thousands of meters below the Rhine River. If the estimates of the size of the lithium deposit are accurate, it would be one of the world’s biggest deposits. If the material can be successfully mined, it would reduce the reliance of Germany on imported lithium, and early talks are already underway with automotive manufacturers. >Authorities wanting to mine the critical material are concerned about possible local opposition to mining operations. So far, most lithium deposits have been located in remote areas of Australia or South America, where there is little population to oppose mining operations. Vulcan Energy Resources plans to invest about $2 billion to build geothermal power stations and facilities to extract lithium. >The company believes it can extract 15,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year at two locations by 2024. A second phase would begin in 2025 onwards, targeting an output of 40,000 tons per year at three additional facilities. https://web.archive.org/web/20210503002441/https://www.slashgear.com/germans-discover-enough-lithium-in-the-rhine-river-valley-to-build-400-million-evs-02671220/
>>15649 This is a pretty big fucking deal since the only large lithium salt mine in the world is based out of Patagonia.
>>15649 Extended Nord Stream 2 sanctions soon?
>>15652 Why though? You can't heat with lithium, and unless the Germans want to freeze or buy overpriced murican gas, they'll never seriously oppose Nordstream 2.
>>15654 >You can't heat with lithium
>>15657 There's nothing fancy about car batteries that makes them more likely to explode than other lithium batteries. They are just one of the larger applications of a lithium battery so they have the most violent explosions.
>>15660 Thanks, that is some cash money stuff.
Open file (142.48 KB 976x549 _118457449_police.jpg)
Open file (679.44 KB 480x592 RaT60AIsH7rS5Q38.mp4)
"I said come in, don't stand there!" Ruskies learning from the burgers on how to commit school shootings? Chance its a false flag or religon of peace strikes again? either way you slavs are gonna get more laws banning firearms now since muh putin said so https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57069589 https://archive.is/MJY2N >Seven children and two adults have been killed in a shooting at a school in the Russian city of Kazan, officials say. >Twenty-one other people, mostly children, were injured. A 19-year-old suspect was detained. >The attack happened in the capital of the republic of Tatarstan, 820km (510 miles) east of Moscow. >Responding to the shooting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would review the country's gun control laws. >Minnikhanov confirmed the deaths of seven children - four boys and three girls - as well as a female teacher and a female school worker at School No 175. It is believed the children were eighth graders (aged around 15). >Eighteen children and three adults were being treated in hospitals for gunshot wounds, fractures and bruising, Mr Minnikhanov added. >The attack began at about 09:20 local time (06:20 GMT), a source in the emergency services told Russian news agency Tass. The first signal from a panic button at the school was sent five minutes later. >"Everyone started panicking and saying 'shut the doors'," a student who witnessed the attack told the Mediazona news website. "About a minute later the head teacher started yelling: 'We're shutting the doors!' >"We got out about 15 minutes later, not out of the windows. I wanted to do that, but the teacher closed the window immediately and said no." >Footage shared on social media shows some children jumping from windows to escape as well as injured people being evacuated. Russian TV reported that two of the children had died after jumping from a second-floor window. >Reports initially said that there were two gunmen and that one of them had been killed. But officials later said there was only one suspect, named locally as Ilnaz Galyaviev. >Reports initially said that there were two gunmen and that one of them had been killed. But officials later said there was only one suspect, named locally as Ilnaz Galyaviev. >Russian investigators say he is a Kazan resident and it is believed he once studied at the school. >Mr Minnikhanov said the suspect was a registered firearm owner. According to Russian MP Alexander Khinshteyn, the suspect received a firearms licence only recently. The MP said it was for a semi-automatic shotgun. >Officials did not comment on the possible motive for the attack although Mr Minnikhanov called the attacker a "terrorist". >The suspect went on social media before the attack, posting that he planned to kill a "huge number" of people before shooting himself. Screenshots of his account, now blocked, show him wearing a black mask with the word "god" written across it in red. Quote from video source: "Задержание одного из нападавших. Видео: Readovka" Translation >Detention of one of the attackers. Video: Readovka
>>15657 >electric vehicle explode Nothing explodes in that vid u liar.
>>15664 According to russian articles, he was always quiet, polite, non-conflicting, generally a very unsuspecting person. Apparently he was under the effect of psychotropic substances at the time of the shooting. Additionally, he studied programming for a while, before he stopped coming to the lessons. Also, he's Muslim. He also thinks he's a god. Now, what the hell pushed him to this? Drugs? Imageboards? Both? Or something else entirely? >Weapons banning Yeah, no. Probably just an increase in safety measures. Probably gonna require an enhanced testing process before being allowed to buy weapons. It won't stop gun crime, but it sure as hell will stop idiots like that boy from creating such a shitshow again.
Open file (279.42 KB 500x500 Tooru bait.png)
>>15670 >gun control is a good thing and it will stop mass shootings
>>15664 Anon, there are slavs outside of ruskie federation.
>>15677 And they are lots of non-Slavs inside the Rooskie Federation, they even have whole republics. But don't except Americans to be able with deal with such complicated topics.
Open file (24.25 KB 338x300 1571323352409.jpg)
If I can't buy land in the northwest where should I buy it?
>>15684 Depends on where your income comes from. Lots of places with dirt cheap land. Most of those places don't have any jobs though so you gotta have remote work or work stonks to live there.
>>15670 >>15676 Don't Russians already have pretty strict "gun control"?
Local man here just assblasted two cops for being on his property. >EDEN, Texas (AP) — A West Texas man accused of fatally shooting two sheriff's deputies was angry they were in his yard trying to catch a dog and he told them he would open fire if they didn't leave, a witness said. >“They walked up towards him, rushed him, and he pulled a gun, and shots were fired,” David Hutchings told the San Angelo Standard-Times. >The shooting happened Monday evening in Eden, a city of about 1,300 people roughly 210 miles (340 kilometers) southwest of Dallas. Officials say Concho County deputies Stephen Jones and Samuel Leonard were killed and city employee Ronnie Winans was injured. >DPS said Wednesday that Jeffrey Nicholas, 28, opened fire on Jones and Leonard after they “made contact” with him while responding to a dog complaint. ?>Officials have said little else about what happened before the shooting, which is being investigated by the Texas Rangers. Nicholas is jailed in nearby Tom Green County Detention Center on two charges of capital murder of a peace officer. >Hutchings, a city employee who helps with animal control, told the newspaper that the officers were helping city employees collect two dogs that had bitten someone earlier in the day. >The deputies had already caught one of the dogs and the other one ran into Nicholas’ yard. Hutchings said Nicholas did not own either animal. >Nicholas told the deputies they couldn't enter his yard to get the dog, then that they should “get off his property” and that he “has his civil rights,” Hutchings said. >He said Nicholas told the deputies that he would shoot them, and then opened fire. >Hutchins said Winans, who is his boss, was shot in the stomach when a bullet went through door of a city pickup. DPS said Wednesday that Winans was in stable condition. >The funeral for Leonard is set for Monday, Jones' funeral is set for Wednesday. State police took over the investigation so this boy abouta get hammered in the slammer. Dude was known for having anger issues but turned himself in instead of going down blazing in glory.
>>15692 They have to go after him for "capital murder of a peace officer" because based on Texas law he didn't do anything wrong. He probably thinks his rights will protect him and that his public defender is all he needs. Even ignoring how laughable the concept of a Public Defender actually doing work and not actively working against you might be, the fact is that Texas lays out pretty clear-cut rules regarding when castle doctrine applies: >1) Unlawfully and with force enters or attempts to enter your habitation, vehicle, or work-place; or >2) Attempts to remove you, by force, from your habitation, vehicle, or work-place; >3) Was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery. Unless the LEOs had their weapons drawn (unlikely), tried to escort him from his property (possible given his behavior, but then other laws come into effect at that point), or otherwise coaxed him into shooting, that local man is gonna be in for a wild time.
>>15693 >based on Texas law he didn't do anything wrong Based on the criteria you laid out it sure sounds like he was wrong under Texas law, and he's DEFINITELY wrong by basic morality, so I don't see where you're getting that remark.
>>15693 While the requirements you specified would seem to place him squarely in the wrong, I wonder if this might be used to attack castle doctrine on the whole in the court of public opinion?

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