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Weaponry to fight a cryptid Strelok 06/02/2020 (Tue) 04:19:51 No.1322
You find out there's some cryptid in your area. Big foot, a yeti, some weird thing with assholes for nipples. Doesn't really matter what it is exactly. You and a couple of guys are to form a militia and check the area after 3 kids come running home bloody and crying. What do you take equipment wise? What tactics would you use as a small team to fight an animal of unknown capabilities (at least a bear in size and strength) and high intelligence (potentially human level intelligence)?
>>1322 Largest caliber semi-auto you can find, assuming you aren't talking something outright supernatural. Just something to shred anything quickly. As for tactics, stay close together enough so you can have each other's backs even in a thick forest environment. Some cryptids are known to be hellishly fast, even a large tree blocking your line of sight to your buddy for a second could be enough of an opening. The main problem comes in when you don't find it in a single day and stay innawoods overnight. You're gonna need a large group of friends with nightvision goggles to have enough guards for that eventuality. Maybe tight-formation squads that keep some distance between each other at day, but go into a single camp at night. Wear reflective vests and shit, camo is irrelevant against something without guns, not shooting each other is more important.
Assuming it's a 3 man fireteam and budgeting isn't really an issue > navigation tools in conjunction with GPS >Radios, >Water >cliff bars >axes >weapon lights >headlamps >at least one pair of Nods >pipe bombs Pointman will be equipped with a semi auto shotgun with hard lead or tungsten slugs. If nothing goes terribly wrong, he'll be the one making the kill. The other two will have AR platform .308s and will support the pointman by watching the flanks and rear. All with carry handguns in 10mm. We'll be treating this like a Tiger hunt, unless some real spoopy shit is specified. First few days will be focused on finding the beast's lair. If it's an animal, it sleeps somewhere. Using the axes, a palisade will be set up around the camp to give a small amount of security and tripwires set up for the hope of an early warning. Shifts will be taken to keep watch. Chances are though, whatever it is will be some form of ambush predator, which will naturally wish to refrain from attacking an armed group of (presumably) competent aggressors. If it has human like intelligence, it will understand that it's best bet is to monitor and set traps, rather than attack. During the search the group should refrain from leaving each others sights and maintain radio contact for when it's unavoidable. If the Animal's lair is subterranean, Use pipe bombs to collapse it's tunnel If not, use pipe bombs to herd it into pointman's kill zone. The problem with these things isn't killing them, it's finding them. If it's something altogether magical, we'll just burn the forest down and call it a day.
>>1349 >First few days will be focused on finding the beast's lair. If it's an animal, it sleeps somewhere. Too late friendo it's already gone. These events tend to happen very quickly and then vanish for long periods of time.
Full size rifle calibres are a must, as well as shotguns(12 gauge being the minimum). Semi-autos would be prefered, but it would be prudent for someone to bring a bolt-action chambered in a big "fuck you" cartridge. Different bullet types would be useful, solid brass for penetration in most guns, a few hollow points to cause more bleeding, 000 buck and slugs for obvious reasons. Comms are a must, even though people ideally stick together relatively close. Night vision for sure, especially if the creature doesn't know you have it. I like the idea of hi-vis clothing here >>1339. Doubtful that a group(or groups) of heavily armed civvies can be covert enough to matter. Maps of the area, along with hunters/rangers so you don't get lost. Learn from past mistakes, every monster movie has a scene where it looks dead, but is just sleeping/playing possum. Don't trust the corpse, bring incendiary devices to make sure. I don't know much about tactics, but setting up a lodge for monster hunting after the fact would help ensure continued protection. Document everything in painstaking detail. Nothing worse than a new generation thinking that the old one is crazy and must have "just seen a bear with mange." Make sure people are educated and know what's going on, knowledge is half the battle, and if everyone in town knows that his thing exists, it makes it that much easier to combat.
>3 man team minimum more preferable >20k+$ double rifle in an African big game cartridge for point man >pith helmets and short shorts for all men >weaponry for others is 12g shotguns using slugs and 4 barrel howdah pistols >no shirts allowed calf high socks and ankle high boots are mandatory >one barefoot slim and nubile african boy with pink nipples wearing only tight booty shorts snatched from the local ghetto to act as a guide (it's fine if he's never been past the asphalt shit hole into a place with actual trees hes not actually guiding the group just acting as an early warning system for the point-man) >a pack mule with the rest of the gear but enough weight saved to haul at at least a gorilla in weight (if no pack mule and proper bush gear is found then an old radio flyer cart with a cooler full of beer big enough to fit a man inside after you dispose of the beer safely by chugging) Nubile african boy about 3 or 4 yards ahead of the point-man and who has the leash in his off hand. The other men flank the point-man and help scan the area and ensuring they always have overlapping fields of view. when the african boy is snatched the others need to help the point-man reel it in if its able to drag him away or take over the leash if one or two guys can handle the reeling in while the rest get ready to shoot it while it feeds. This is assuming the cryptid isn't some super crack faggot that attacks in a blink of an eye and then teleports behind you with cock unsheathed. If the point-man feels his leash just drop to the ground only to follow the slack a few steps more and find a bloody spot on the ground with no other signs of struggle, then just fuck off quickly and orderly and never return unless you're burning the whole forest down.
>>1376 Everyone being informed back fires pretty badly for "real" monster hunters. Small town monsters do documentaries on towns with cryptids and how it effects them. As soon as a monster makes any news story the area is swarming with FUDs and larpers going here there and every where. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmnSCGr65Pk One of the best documentaries made on these kind of things. Sherrif being interviewed and the family who claimed it, even has the journo who wrote the stories up. It became a real shit show once it grew legs.
>>1322 >after 3 kids come running home bloody and crying. What do you take equipment wise? I go full commando, I only need one thing if you know what I mean.
Open file (90.92 KB 618x618 263623680456.jpg)
>>1322 Get stab/slash protection armor. Armor is a force multiplier and in the forest you cannot guarantee that the encounter isn't going to be close and personal.
>>1379 missing out on your bushy moustache policy for rifle/shotgun team
A coathanger.

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