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what's a war board without a conflict?

Biological Warfare Thread Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 23:51:38 No.10356
A thread dedicated to biological warfare, whether it's discussion of how the settlers intentionally handed smallpox-ridden blankets to shitty Natives, Poland mixing rabies-infected saliva on their arrows, Emperor Barbarossa poisoning the well water, Napolean flooding Italy to spread Malaria, the CSA secretly selling Yellow Fever-ridden clothes to the Union, the USSR developing Marburg-sama, or Mongols chucking diseased animal carcasses over the ramparts of cities and castles under siege. A thread dedicated to all things biological and /k/.
>>13164 >implying they weren't already robbing you two years ago, that they aren't robbing you now, and they won't rob you tomorrow >implying you actually have the courage to do anything to change the course of history You will eat the bugs. You will enter the pods. You will own nothing and you will be happy.
>>13177 Just spam the board and get it over with nigger pill god damn.
>>13178 If you hate it so much do something with your life to prove me wrong instead of blowing hot air up everyone's ass.
>>13180 Do it fag, we all already know what you're gonna say, you literally never do anything different. Just do it so you can get banned and repeat the fucking cycle.
Open file (1.90 MB 3327x2977 ga5PNXG.jpg)
>>13118 It was just a flu. A flu with a higher death rate than average because the body is not used to dealing with Coronaviruses (the docking mechanism, not this specific one). The concern was, is, and remains twofold: 1) That it had/has a high mutation rate that makes it able to adapt similar to how Spanish Flu did. You're seeing this right now with mutations that specifically make it easier to infect (and thus kill) children by sheer viral load. 2) That outside of small pockets of the world like South Korea and their SARS epidemic, most of the world had become too relaxed in regards to mass viral spread and the working culture of the international community made us prone for another Spanish Flu-tier outbreak between third worlders who don't practice proper hygiene and first worlders who have no sense of caution. I and others have cautioned against global systems in part due to the influences behind them, but more importantly because mass use of antibiotics and poor hygiene was going to create a supervirus. We were due for one and Corona in comparison is fairly milquetoast, but even being a milquetoast flu-bug with a higher-than-average death rate and potential permanent long-term consequences (not uncommon, see the aftermath of Scarlet Fever back in the 1800s), it's managed to disrupt global hegemony as we know it. >I thought it was gonna be a whole lot worse at first too I don't know what anons are talking about with this. When I made predictions to /k/ in January of last year I proposed that it would likely disrupt global trade leading to shortages and that world leaders would be forced to choose their economies or the lives of their citizens. World leaders have since fucked up worse than I could have ever imagined, with the exceptions, funnily enough, of China and Iran. I predicted that you would see the virus mostly kill older people for the first year, but by the second or third year it will mutate to mostly infect healthy adults and/or children since they would be the ones who have the most exposure to one another and thus be the easiest vector for the virus to spread through if it mutated. When I discovered that children had less severe symptoms due to the methods in which the virus worked back in May, I readdressed this point and made note that the schools would likely open back up at least partially and you would see the virus mutate to affect children. The strain going through South America that will soon hit America and then spread globally did this. I predict that like Spanish Flu, the next mutation within about a year or two will be to affect primarily men aged 20-40 since men in that age gap are both the least prone to personal hygiene and the most prone to being in close proximity to one another during a pandemic. All of my predictions up until this point about how the virus would affect global trade and how countries would respond to it have held up. The discrepancies can largely be attributed to half-assed measures. We are currently at the stage in the virus where everyone wants to return to normalcy because of all the restrictions for the last year, which is precisely the point where you will see a boom in infections, as I predicted. I expect another "wave" come Spring when people no longer have the excuse of cold weather to stay at home but will still be in close contact with one another. The only discrepancy from my predictions that I did not account for over the last year was that the re-infection rate is actually far lower than I had suspected originally.
>>13184 I meant to respond to >>13163 apologies. Anyways... >but there's been what like 2 million deaths worldwide over the course of a year and a couple months There have been more deaths from Corona in America in a single year than there were in the roughly three years that America was involved in WWII. The deaths during WWII contributed directly to the "baby boom" and surge in the economy post-war due to a lack of labor. The difference between now and then is that third world countries have easy access to first world countries in our modern global system so you're getting the civil unrest without the promise of a brighter future as was the case during previous events that killed this many people. While admittedly that number is heavily skewed towards older generations, in many first world countries those older individuals tend to work well into their 60s/70s/80s and you're seeing the slow death of certain industries (such as unions, thank god) because the Boomers never trained their replacements, pulled the ladder up with them to keep out their children/grand children, and are now mass dying off finally. Should the virus mutate to affect working adults like I predict it will by next year, then we're in for some pretty hellish times. >Either being due to underlying conditions Well yes, that's how most viruses end up killing people. The issue is this isn't the 1800s where only the healthy survive and reproduce. The infirm, frail, etc. have had about three to six generations to spread their shitty genes through the population due to advances in medicine in the 1800s/first half of the 1900s. >or outright "he had covid when he got hit by a truck so covid killed him" tier While these certainly happened, they are not as frequent as one would think. In the cases where they did happen, they were largely due to the medical staff being overworked/not having time to fill out the paperwork or were perpetuated by doctor advocacy groups to raise awareness at the national level to get something done. They worked quite efficiently at getting hospitals supplies/personnel they were previously lacking. >It's barely worse than swine flu or bird flu were when they were being hyped years ago. Swine flu killed 200k people globally. A tenth of Corona in the same timespan. Avian influenza is even less deadly when you look at the timespan of its infection (600k in the US since 1997). If Corona mysteriously goes away tomorrow it will still have been more deadly than bird flu, despite causing fewer deaths. >Everything that comes out of China is a massive disappointment. Well yes. The bugmen need to have all their ports blown up or blockaded so they can experience another Great Famine already.
I'll apologize to anon though. I did make one mistake. I expected that with China closed, lithium anti-psychotics and ADHD meds would not be distributed and we would see a surge in mass shootings. As of this time, India managed to replace China as the world producer of both of those types of drugs.
>>13187 Your word salad doesn't make cough cuckery any less of an overhyped dud. It's a huge joke and it isn't anything resembling a world ender, much less anything worth killing entire economies over. Plus all this >me me I my predictions me me I me my talk you're putting out is dumb, I don't know who you are, your predictions alone mean jackshit, and I'm not talking about you specifically anyway because nothing you're saying is even remotely unique, you weren't making some grand predictions a year ago that anyone would bother taking note of or else someone would have sucked your cock over it. This just makes me think you're one of the double down faggots I was talking about and you really hate being wrong about a happening that wouldn't actually have been a happening without kikes deliberately exacerbating the situation.
>>13188 Ah holy fuck I'm coming off as a real cunt here and I don't mean it personally, sorry Strelok. I don't think this chink cold shit is anywhere near as bad as media and government faggots hype it up to be but that's no reason to be such a tremendous faggot. I was already bitter as shit before 2020 and that year only made it worse.
>>13186 <that jingle Heh. Our culture used to be sensible, and an actual benefit to it's people. Nothing like the 'culture' of today. Just remember what they've stolen from your family.
>>13193 Well, for one, they stole my Nigger Boy™ brand steel wool soap pads.
>>13186 Couldn't the chinks cook up new strains to keep the scam going?
Open file (1.78 MB 1140x1039 Corona-chan_burger.png)
>>13186 >There have been more deaths from Corona in America in a single year than there were in the roughly three years that America was involved in WWII. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_the_United_States#Historical_Census_population >1940 132,164,569 >2020 332,639,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_military_casualties_of_war >World War II 405,399 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_the_United_States >More than 27,400,000 confirmed cases have been reported since January 2020, resulting in more than 480,000 deaths, the most of any country and the eighth-highest per capita. In other words, the population of Burgeristan is roughly 2,5 times greater than back then, so the proportionally equivalent loss of life from ww2 would be around 1 million people today. If Corona-chan keeps up the good work she will need a bit more than a year to get to that point. And considering how slow vaccination is and how fed up people (and shitskins) are with the current lockdowns, I suspect she's not going to slow down. If anything these new variants will be deadlier overall.
>>13200 The poos are doing that for free.
Open file (83.83 KB 220x234 corona sway.gif)
>>13201 In defense of that number, WWII saw mostly young men die while Corona is killing off mainly the old, infirm, and niggers. So, at least in my opinion, Wu Flu is doing god's work and I'm content to work my essential job and stay at home if she wants to keep fucking up the world economy and causing mass unrest.
>>13200 Wouldn't matter since it's mutating naturally. There's a South American strain that seems to target children specifically beginning to spread through the Western World, whatever the fuck the UK variant is doing that allegedly makes it "more dangerous," and a strain in South Africa (where China does a lot of trading) that the vaccine only has a 10% efficacy against. Don't even need to cook up a new strain when the virus is doing just that in response to vaccinations. Keep in mind the virus is not literally doing that, but rather that's how viruses mutate if you don't basically launch a genocide campaign against them. I don't believe Corona is the end of the world, but I do believe there is much to gain from abusing the Wu Flu and strelo/k/s need to consider these factors. Whether you consider the virus real or not (it is), whether it came from a Chink janitor making bat soup out of experimentation bats or deliberate spread, Corona-chan is killing off the excess fat, creating mass unrest, and crashing the global economy with no survivors. And that's a good thing. :^)
>>13208 >the vaccine only has a 10% efficacy against. There are at least 5 vaccines currently on the market if I'm not mistaken, and all of them are different. And there isn't enough of them available to properly vaccinate all of the EU and the USA, especially because the immunity only lasts for 10 months at best. Of course the sane method would be to keep testing all of them for a few years until we learn which one works best (or works at all) and what are the potential risks, and then mass produce that one. Instead millions of people are turned into Guinea pigs and the whole effort is wasted because it's not enough for herd immunity.
>>13205 >>13201 >>13208 >fear fear fear fear >fear be distracted You get that this bullshit is a distraction right? Now I want you to take into consideration what fucking effort it takes to convince highly educated people(they're not people anymore just retarded highly programmed drones) that a virus of a mortality rate of astonishingly low 99.~% is worthy of consequences like putting hundreds upon hundreds of people out of work with 70% of businesses destroyed, ever increasing debt, soul crushing depression, deadly vaccines and to keep promoting these and this insane flu narrative when 9.6 MILLION people died of cancer in 2017. Yet cancer isn't the problem. This bullshit like >>13166 pointed out is a fucking nothingburger. It's literally nothing. >>13209 >Herd immunity Herd immunity is a theory and fad of the times, it is not based on fact. It's a theoretical model, an assumption that does not discuss genetic, inherited immunity. the vaccine doesn't prevent coronavirus infection. It helps protect against serious illnesses
Open file (24.69 KB 441x345 tfw.jpg)
>>13212 2 "the vaccine doesn't prevent coronavirus infection. It helps protect against serious illnesses" And yes they literally admit this openly. Over and over again. "Helping to protect against serious illnesses" is something un-quantifiable and completely unproven. It's just like the quackery of stating that if you take this 99.99$ super male bulk vitality supplement from mr.Alex Jonestein "it will protect you from cancer". That's explicitly illegal marketing that will get you into a-lot of trouble. On the other hand it's illegal for mr.Alex Jonestein to do this, but only okay if big pharma does it, one rule for them and one for you and that's how scum like (((them))) operate since time immemorial. We're all supposed to conveniently ignore this contradiction of course because they're banking on the sad fact that most people are actual cretins and simpletons who for the most part don't have the capacity of critical thinking to examine things individually or DTOR.
>>13212 The real distraction is that you are posting there instead of going out and doing what has to be done.
>>13214 You too faggot.
>>13214 The laundry?
Open file (156.83 KB 762x510 1602969184468.png)
>>13212 >fear fear fear fear I'm sorry that being honest scares you. I felt no fear in the things I wrote, I was just giving the most objective analysis I could. >Now I want you to take into consideration what fucking effort it takes It's important to distinguish between university pedants and people crunching the numbers. When the virus first hit last year, a full quarantine on all non-essential staff (true essential like agriculture and health workers, and not "government likes you" Department of Defense/news media essential) for about 2-3 months, despite hurting businesses tremendously, would have prevented everything we are currently experiencing in relation to this virus. If that had been done before we hit the 100k milestone of people dead, then the economic losses of shuttering businesses, perhaps permanently, would have been negligible. You are severely underestimating the economic impact of people dying. The damage has not been done precisely because of the limited efforts that have been made to prevent the spread of the disease. The issue is that most 1st world countries took the objectively worst approach of quarantines to keep the hospitals from being overrun without any substance to them, ensuring you get both the economic downfall from loss of human life and from closed businesses/trade. When you hear "highly educated people" arguing for or against quarantine, assuming they aren't just pedants doing whatever the government tells them to, what they are actually arguing is whether or not it's worth continuing to do quarantines at this stage in the game. >is a fucking nothingburger. It's literally nothing. Sure, whatever. The data doesn't lie and every single country (state in the case of America) who took this approach to the virus saw death rates skyrocket while hospitals were overrun leading to mass death both from the virus and from people being unable to access the healthcare they need/could access under normal circumstances. This happened in South Dakota, this happened in the UK, this happened in Czechia, and I'm sure it happened elsewhere. But that's just a nothingburger, right? Secondary effects to infrastructure are almost always worse than the primary victims of a virus and unfortunately no one cares/everyone only sees how it's affected their work/their free time until their own begin to die from it. >Vaccines The vaccines are a joke, but I won't get into that can of worms.
>>13214 >The real distraction is that you are posting there instead of going out and doing what has to be done. Thanks for reminding me I hadn't transferred my clothes to the dryer or eaten dinner.
While you retards are worrying about a flu with fudged numbers I'm using the mask mandates to my advantage and stealing ammo from Walmarts. Virgin cuck muzzle vs the chad masked marauder.
Open file (30.92 KB 420x245 doubt.png)
>>13246 Yeah, sure. Pick me up a six pack of natty light while you're at it, fag.
>>13254 >Natty Light Figures a cuckc muzzle would put such disgusting trash down their gullet.
Open file (437.71 KB 480x270 ski slap.gif)
>>13255 It's a joke. Learn to take it easy.
>>13256 My response was clearly also banter.
Open file (51.29 KB 653x537 11.PNG)
>>12134 Well was there anything more interesting in the leaked files?
How come the only groups that ever seem to give solid grounded opinions are the physicists? I only hear batshit insane garbage from medical workers and biologists, while physicists and chemists are generally on-point despite not being tied to the medical field. I say this as someone who's more physics-inclined, but it generally seems like the "hard" science enthusiasts seem to be the most likely to look at any given scenario objectively whether it's Wu Flu, accounting, etc.
Open file (44.76 KB 704x519 1565065141636.jpg)
>>13840 >>13839 This is getting annoying. If I include text with a post, there's a 50/50 chance it doesn't go through, but if I don't include text, there's a 100% chance it goes through.
>>13839 Medicine and biology are not hard sciences?
>>13839 They are trying to go woke too. >t. Physics undergraduate Basically they are pushig the narrative that mayh is racist and that 1+1 doesnt equal 2.
>>13852 This is what happens when men stop being in charge.
>>13850 When you begin to look into their methodologies they barely qualify.
There was one study that investigated whether Bromhexine (Bisolvon) could be used to remedy the buildup of excessive mucus. (Bromhexine also inhibits TMPRSS2) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7175911/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7249615/ I wonder whether Cetirizine (Zyrtec) could be useful for covid-19 infection as well. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7833340/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7455799/ But don't over dose anti-histamines. Do not use multiple different anti-histamine drugs. >>12554 >>12555 > colchicine good and old drug. it's safe when used properly, but if you over dose (or take other drugs/herbal remedies that inhibit an enzyme called CYP3A4) , it is also toxic (it inhibits cell division) and there is no antidote available currently (you don't necessarily die if you are hospitalized, though. you can fully recover from colchicine toxicity) > Vitamin K2 there is one caveat: covid-19 infection can cause blood clotting (inflammation is the reason why liquid accumulates in the lungs of patients with severe corona infection) also, people who take blood thinners are advised to not take vitamin K supplement (and sometimes Ibuprofen) > Aspirin using Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) during viral infection can trigger Reye syndrome in some people, especially kids. the doses used for cardiovascular diseases are lower than the ones used when using aspirin as painkiller/for fever. > Zinc > Vitamin D these two supplements are widely recommended. also i want to point out that zinc inhibits absorption of minerals (such as magnesium and iron) > Vitamin C requires fat to absorb. it depends whether you take it in Ascorbyl palmitate form (fat-soluble) or as L-ascorbic acid. L-ascorbic acid is water-soluble and harder to over-dose (you can take 1 gram of L-ascorbic acid up to 3 times a day)
>>13859 I think I fucked up because Vitamin D is the one that is fat-soluble, not C.
Is it possible to transfer smallpox to someone through a blanket? Also did the CSA's plan of selling Yellow Fever-ridden blankets to the Union actually work?
>>13863 Smallpox was largely spread through either direct skin contact for prolonged periods or bodily fluids. Since the virus can apparently stay dormant for an extremely long time, getting smallpox victim's skin/fluids into blankets could potentially spread the disease. Keep in mind the only reason we eliminated smallpox is because that dormant strategy of the virus made it mutate extremely slowly, making even its infection between different strains (cowpox) fairly similar. Similar enough for the first successful vaccine to be created using the much milder Cowpox virus. >Also did the CSA's plan of selling Yellow Fever-ridden blankets to the Union actually work? Don't know anything about it so I'd have to read up on it.
Open file (104.08 KB 930x620 cchan.jpg)
>>11428 >>11430 Beata Corona sends her tidings: Hungarian Gypsies Dying Like Animals, Blame Racism >Coronavirus infections are ravaging Hungary’s 700,000-strong Roma community, according to personal accounts that suggest multiple deaths in single families are common in an unchecked outbreak fuelled by deep distrust of authorities. >Data on infections in the community is unavailable but interviews with about a dozen Roma, who often live in cramped and unsanitary conditions, reveal harrowing stories of suffering and death and of huge health-care challenges. >“Our people are falling like flies,” said Aladar Horvath, a Roma rights advocate who travels widely among the community. >When asked by phone to describe the overall situation, he broke down sobbing and said he had learned an hour before that his 35-year-old nephew had died of COVID. >Another Roma, Zsanett Bito-Balogh, likened the outbreak in her town of Nagykallo in eastern Hungary to an explosion. >“It’s like a bomb went off,” she said. >“Just about every family got it…People you see riding their bikes one week are in hospital the next and you order flowers for their funerals the third.” >Bito-Balogh, who herself recovered twice from COVID-19, said that at one point she had 12 family members in hospital. She said she had lost two uncles and her grandmother to the virus in the past month, and a neighbour lost both parents, a cousin and a uncle within weeks. >She says she is now rushing to organise in-person registration points for vaccines and plans to have the network up and running in a few weeks. >Despite the challenges in persuading many Roma to turn to health authorities for medical care and vaccinations, Roma leaders are urging the government to do more to intervene and tackle what Horvath describes as a humanitarian crisis. >Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, Gergely Gulyas, said vaccinations would be rolled out to Roma but that the community needed to volunteer for their shots. >“Once we get to that point, the younger Roma should get in line,” Gulyas said in answer to Reuters questions. The Roma community is predominantly young, which means their vaccinations are scheduled later than for older Hungarians. >The government’s chief epidemiologist did not respond to requests for comment. >Decades of mistrust >Barely 9% of Roma want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a survey carried out at Hungary’s University of Pecs in January but published here for the first time. It was conducted by Zsuzsanna Kiss, a Roma biologist and professor at Hungary’s University of Pecs. >Kiss said the Roma have mistrusted doctors and governments for decades because of perceived discrimination. >However, gaining Roma trust is not the only challenge. >Hungary’s 6,500 general practitioners are leading the vaccine roll-out, but 10% of small GP clinics are shut because there is no doctor to operate them, mostly in areas with high Roma populations, government data shows. >Although the government has deployed five “vaccination buses” that tour remote areas, people must first register for inoculations. >“The rise in cases (among the Roma) is clearly proportionate to vaccine rejection,” said former Surgeon General Ferenc Falus. >“This more infectious virus reaches a population whose immune system has weakened greatly during the winter months. If they go without vaccines for long, it will definitely show in extra infections and fatalities among the Roma.” >Hungary currently has the world’s highest weekly per capita death toll, driven by the more contagious variant first detected in Britain, despite a rapid vaccination rollout, data from Johns Hopkins University and the European Union indicates. >“We never trusted vaccines much,” said Zoltan Varga, a young Roma also from Nagykallo. https://web.archive.org/web/20210402002933/https://www.euractiv.com/section/non-discrimination/news/falling-like-flies-hungarys-roma-community-pleads-for-covid-help/
>>14539 >he broke down sobbing and said he had learned an hour before that his 35-year-old nephew had died of COVID. >35-year-old Pure crisis-acting horseshit. Sandy-hoax tier. I guess """TPTB""" think ppl will just keep gulping down their swill without a second's hesitation now. This sort of 'news' will become unbelievably ridiculous with the onset of fall as they try to herd everyone back into their hovels after summer is over.
Open file (100.69 KB 720x960 EbmZJc4X0AMWZC_.jpg)
>>14539 lmao gypos
>>14564 >oni-chán That hurts. The ˝normal˝ a sound is already the Hungarian ˝short á˝, but they can also lengthen it for something that is roughly the same as á. So you'd have to use á instead of a (e.g. Jámáto instead of Jamato), and then write áá for the long á. And then oni is also wrong, either go full weeb with onii-csan, or make it a bit more palpatable with oní-csan.
>>14566 Mind translating if for us Strelok? Don't think the majority of us here can understand that poster except for the one word you criticized heh
>>14590 >Hey, onii-chan! >Did you know that gypsies are only 9% of the population and yet the commit two-third of crimes? >But that's some gigantic over-representation! >Indeed, that's gigantic, onii-chan!
>>14591 Topkek. Do you know anything about the sponsors ?
>>14610 From what I can find it wasn't a paid ad, somebody just opened up the case and put in the poster without paying the company that maintains these things.
>>14631 Heh, that's even better in a way. Social vandalism for the greater good. Poor gypsies, though. Just imagine both the response and how fast if she was telling the truth about the Holohoax instead? >"Onii-chan, did you know the holohoax is pure fabrication? >"Really? >"Yes! >...

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