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New Meta Thread Strelok Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 21:51:10 No.10348
In an effort to stop posting meta in the /k/antina so Streloks can use it for its intended purposes, I'm establishing a new meta thread. The old one has been locked and I'll just let it gracefully fall off the board. IF YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH BOARD ADMINISTRATION (ME) POST IN THIS THREAD- I DON'T READ EVERYTHING ON THE BOARD. Volunteering REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED SEE BELOW Volunteers are welcome to apply. e-mail answers to following statements >Your account name (required for all Lynxchan boards, unfortunately) >Timezones you'll be able to assist with >Previous experience, if any >specific topics you've got more interest in relevant to the board Communications powerwordN@cock.li in an attempt to increase transparency behind administrative action, moving forward posts that end up deleted or banned will be screenshotted and posted here along with ban duration and some explanation as to why. if you've had something you posted removed or been banned and do not see your post here, please e-mail me and i'll look into it. the reason for this is so the userbase can see what reasons people get banned and if they find said action disagreeable, tell me that i'm not doing my job correctly so as to improve and fix whatever the fuck is going on.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 08:20:29.
Open file (13.45 KB 729x132 3-6-21.PNG)
doing my job please send .25 cpr 9mm or chicken tenders deleted 5 posts, some dude posting "Gahoole"s ass, some dude spamming really inane shit as in image, and some ghetto telegram gun salesman honeypot type deal yes i do actually log in to the board- where the fuck has chinkanon vol disappeared to
>>13866 >the PLA is janitoring the board
>>13866 Why do you think this person is doing it? Do you think chinkanon was killed by the CIA niggers?
>>13884 >chinkanon was killed by the CIA niggers Fuck, i liked chinkanon
>connection failed >connection failed >connection failed fucking cafe needs to fix their shit. >>13866 >>13892 >where the fuck did you goto. Moderating the bunker board obviously zzzchan doesn't fucking require emails for password resets thank gods. I'll let you know my foxconn contractor slave labor ain't free, gotta pay for suicide netting. Actually I got (((recovered)), and sent to a mental asylum on the mainland and got drugged with enough benzodiapenes to keep the entire population of hawaii from not panicing on a false missile test alarm. Send halp. If you didn't bother reading the email from my new tutanota address then you probably didn't see why. >>13884 >getting whacked by CIA Unironically speaking, I have an actual (precievable) risk of getting whacked by the MSS rather than american three letters because I chose a job where I wouldn't have any contact with anything remotely close to MSS espionage targets in the US.
Why is the /k/anteen anchored?
>>13893 i asked you what your new username was but you never got back to me stupid re-instated the zergfacecultist username if this board gets nuked in 1 hr i'm going to short-sell your chinko employer's company and have you selling gook ass for hits of meth in shenzhen after being laid off >>13899 prob hit post limit. make a new thread
>>13902 But as far as I remember it was a cyclic thread from the very beginning.
>>13902 >reinstating an old account even though I never specified if I regained access U fookin wot mate. Never got the email. check your email for a the new username >short selling my employer and becoming a male prostitute Sorry not sorry, I'm not an enunch and I'm not into CBT. Please send any referrals you wish to your local MSS agent email 5544@12339.gov.cn send halp mss is like a yandere gf but with benzodiapames and sleep deperivation >picture mostly unrelated?
Do you fellas like stenciling your ammo boxes? My recent one turned out pretty gud.
>>13960 We have the /k/anteen for exactly these kind of posts.
>>13961 Unstickying 100rads was a mistake on such a slow board, with a whole 1 new post a week while bumplocked its barely worth checking.
>>13963 Make a new one then.
Cower in fear foreign devils. After ten thousand years, the Red dragon has returned, China will grow larger! All hail the CPC mandated installation of safety nets, CCTVs, and mental health sanitariums for the trouble causers! >pic, video and audio is related shitposting Send halp I'm on an MSS hitlist for tankman joke Stayed tuned for some CNC generals themed OC. Moderation action, 3/24 2200Z I have fixed the triplepost (>>14115 >>14116 >>14118) I've left one up ( >>14116 ) so you could see what it originally said. It's good to fucking be back.
Edited last time by Kondor on 03/25/2021 (Thu) 02:46:04.
>>14286 >linked the deleted post as the one left up so solly chang but you've already fucked up your first post as volunteer, time for another week in uncle police's slapping chair
>>14289 Don't go too hard on him, Mac. It's a tough life out there. Won't someone please just think of the Red dragons?
>>14289 >messed up Nope. That's the quality I was told to aim for.
Open file (610.92 KB 850x1135 Yutaka Izubuchi.jpg)
>pic unrelated Report on >>14356 is closed. It's a low effort bait attempt so just ignore it, it's not like they're spamming. >>14307 alongside several other posts was binned by our BO for being spam and the user ate a ban. However, with /fascist/ getting the boot off the cafe (for good or bad), /k/ has become the biggest board on this site (by post number) followed by /meta/ and /comfy/, likewise, this makes the board a target. I was not here for the majority of the drama regarding the /fascist/ board, but my current reading of the remaining information makes me disagree with the site administration heavily on their stance. Granted, just because we disagree does not mean that we should be mortal enemies bent on the destruction of the other. Therefore, I would like further input on the current state of moderation, and what other streloks are willing to tolerate of the site administration and of the board volunteers. Imageboards require the both the posters and the administration to understand what is required of each other to prevent splitting. Personally, I take a relatively strict scrutiny approach to this, (Rules must be narrowly tailored as possible and be justified by a compelling site administration interest). If there are any other proposals that follow Romanian law I would like to hear them. The current plan in case of the board going down still to bunker with sturgeonfish at the zzzchan bunker board which I need to stop procrastinating finish setting up the banners and stuff, please keep that in mind. activeshooter my email is still rejecting your ass for some dumb reason even with the unblock rule. So the board is the only way to contact me. Edit: Couldn't spell properly.
Edited last time by Kondor on 03/29/2021 (Mon) 02:55:53.
>>14425 >Therefore, I would like further input on the current state of moderation, and what other streloks are willing to tolerate of the site administration and of the board volunteers. I'm here because the anon.cafe site owner is one of only two site owners I trust on the webring. I will not go anywhere else, especially not to Sturgeon's bunker, and I think site owner was in the right and communicated clearly based on my own dealings with the /fascist/ BO and his personality. There's no point flinging shit at this point though so I'll leave it at that. If something happens to this one I will go down with the ship and stop posting on /k/ boards altogether. >If there are any other proposals that follow Romanian law I would like to hear them. Rule 1 should be changed to a 3 day range ban. >but my current reading of the remaining information makes me disagree with the site administration heavily on their stance. When I read it at the time of it happening, it seemed pretty straightforward. >Rules must be narrowly tailored as possible and be justified by a compelling site administration interest I like rule 4 the way it is.
>>14425 > /k/ has become the biggest board on this site (by post number) followed by /meta/ and /comfy/, likewise, this makes the board a target. Should we ever considering hiding the board?
>>14425 FWIW, I absolutely agree with Anoncafe's decision regarding /fascist/. I say that for their benefit, not yours. I've seen few publicly approve o the choice, and your post is an obvious opportunity to do so.
>>14425 >/k/ has become the biggest board on this site That's kinda sad too be honest >I would like further input on the current state of moderation Pretty happy with it
Moderation seems fine as it is. If being the top board brings more spam, it might then be good to draft a few users as jannies purely for the sake of removing only spam (as in, ban any who overstep that). Worked great for my imageboard when 2015 CP spam was a daily occurance. >>14435 I fully agree with the decision as well. They messed up with the wrong email address but still gave a whole month to migrate so I think the admin handled a messy situation well. Plus, the BO probably couldn't have done anything to fix the troublemakers in the userbase, no matter how competent they were. As a prominent crossboarder, I've noticed site drama has dropped significantly.
Open file (24.13 KB 400x238 muh bund.jpg)
>pic unrelated Moderation done between 3/29 and 4/11 23:00z BO deleted and baned someone posting >>14686. Reason: "you breakin the law homie!!". This was a global moderator action. >>14469 has been merged into the QTDDTOT thread >>7036. I think it might hit the bump limit soon but I was too tired and didn't properly check. Sorry about that, but I guess that means someone can make the new QTDDTOT thread! >>14428 >trust If it is one thing. I have learned to not trust anyone at all. Perhaps I am just a pessimist. Regarding Rule 1, you'll have to wait for the BO to reply, I could probably change the rules but I do at least want to go up the command chain. Usually 1-2 hours bans are enough to calm them down. >>14432 >Hiding the board I am against that unless we get five finger fisted up the ass like old 8cuck did. 4cucks are basically reddittors and are not really capable versus ye old golden days. I don't see a reason and the BO doesn't either probably unless it turns out a poster on this board pulled a killdozer. >>14435 Again, I wasn't around, but it seemed to me the admins seemed to fuck it up quite royally. As to if /fascist/ did have law breaking material IDK because I don't go there (occasionally to scrape from their news thread since it ties in with /k/). >>14442 >janies for spam only Might work, but so far we've been good. Hope that if they do spam it gets caught on one of my 48 off shifts.
>>14442 >They messed up with the wrong email address They didn’t, though. The /fascist/ BO confirmed that they did receive the initial admin emails, but missed them under board reports. Someone posted a summary of the incident over in /monster/'s meta thread if you want to look: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/88802.html#88967
Open file (417.21 KB 546x860 retardation.PNG)
>picture completely unrelated April 15th, 00:20z An advertising spam post about "legitimate" drug purchases has been given the boot in the Middle East and Africa buy one get one free (>>9172) thread. Poster was given a 4 hour ban. Repeated offenses will incur an increasingly longer bans. Edit: I forgot to grammar and I need to go back to the foxconn factory.
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/15/2021 (Thu) 00:28:48.
>>14428 >>14775 the reason for rule 1 having a comparatively short duration is that people spamming generally use a VPN or TOR- banning one of their IP addresses doesn't really do anything other than force them to swap to a new IP and it also means if someone uses the same VPN as them they'd get banned as well. most people aren't autistic enough to spam a board for four straight hours manually and if such a situation were to occur, it wouldn't really make much of a difference on the jannie side of things as it just means you ban the IP again
Open file (11.30 MB 640x360 Freemont shootout.mp4)
>forgot #RS tag >video unrelated. It's one of the better PD shots I've seen so far this year The shot dude almost got the department issued rifle. I fucked up while merging >>15028 into >>13971 and did the exact opposite. Whoops. Someone reported a bunch of shit in the Middle East Africa 2 for 1 and War in the Caucus thread for no reason or "dilution". Yes, its offtopic saging a bit but it is still somewhat related to the thread in my opinion.
At around 18:55z on April 23rd, 2021. >>15124 was deleted and banned for 4 hours shilling drugs (spamming) and linking to outside the webring >>15087 was deleted because I don't see how Mr. William H. Gates III is a criminal is even remotely relevant to /k/. Unrelated, but is anyone getting required to finish two captchas before posting?
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/23/2021 (Fri) 18:57:59.
>>15133 I think the first one is the generic one required to post on the site, and the second one is specific for the post. After that subsequent posts only require one captcha.
>>15133 Tell admin the quick reply captcha doesn't seem to work, unless it's something to do with cookies or scripts being disabled. The new reply captcha functions as expected.
Actions on 28/4/21 16:00z >>15194 has been merged into the 100 rads thread. Let this be a warning this time since I caught it late. Go to fascist or 8cuck pol if you want to start threads about politics without /k/ related stuff outside the canteen. >>15296 Has been given a 1m ban so the big ass red letters can you fuckss to move this shit to the kanteen thread. It's not about biological warfare. Action on 25/4/21 22:00z Global action. Someone ate the banhammer for cp.
Open file (4.45 MB 1280x720 S stands for.mp4)
>video unrelated Two reports have been closed. >Namefagging Not against the rules (just laugh at them). >schizo posting Not a bannable offense. >>15943 Poster has been given a 1 day ban with the message to "Fuck off to 4cuck or plebbit where you belong". We appreciate if there is additional feedback on the level of distaste required for these messages. >>15875 BO caught this one before me and handed out a ban and deleted the thread on 05/23/2021 19:40:51z for spamming. ........And I fucked up the grammar again. I said come in, don't stand there!
Edited last time by Kondor on 05/26/2021 (Wed) 17:08:16.
>>16067 has been removed because it is offtopic porn spam, and links to outside the webring. A 1week ban has been applied. Report on >>15936 has been closed because namefagging, while detestable and deserving humiliation of the greatest degree, is not against the rules. >>16035 has been merged into PDF thread >>245.
>>15028 has hit the bumplimit and as such, a new /k/anteen thread (>>16158) has been made. Yes. The captcha is still fucking broken but >>>/meta/ has been silent on the issue.
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/06/2021 (Sun) 17:20:35.
Open file (1.73 MB 1800x996 q0bdtmgpinfx.gif)
>>16176 has been merged into new QTDDTOT thread. >>16237 has been temp banned >Ban reason 5. Name/avatar/tripfagging is gay and antithetical to imageboard use, do not do this. >ban duration: 1 second >ban type: ASN > non-bypassable? no Now, go cry in a corner get laughed at by the board since you'd either have no eyes or down syndrome to miss the big pin on the top of the board. This ban is to mainly warn other newfags coming (the question is fine). Edit: Praise be the BO, for he hath ended the tyranny of the broken captcha (we think).
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/09/2021 (Wed) 16:04:43.
Open file (860.11 KB 1366x768 Yukari Akiyama Shovel.png)
Open file (247.29 KB 720x1311 Le 2003 veteran.jpg)
Open file (194.76 KB 720x1326 Refined Sauce.jpg)
If there's been more newcomers here than usual, (and I'll make no secret of the fact I'm one of them) I think I have an explanation as to why: The second pic above was posted a week ago in 4 Chan's /K/. Old timers reminisced, mourned for the absolute state of the board and cursed /pol/ and how their shit flooded every discussion. In the discussion of "how do we unfuck the situation" the webring, and cafe was mentioned, as you can see above. That's how I found this place. I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I don't know how this place works, or what it needs, but it's better than any solution I could have come up with, and feel I've found real treasure here, and don't want to fuck it up. So far, I've assumed this place's best defense against the /pol/posting hordes is it's obscurity. Don't talk about the cafe, and it'll stay worth talking about, but what the fuck do I know? The takeaway is that mods should be ready for more traffic, much of which will probably be done in the ignorance of the Cafe's rules and culture. But hey, it was just one mention, in one thread. I have no fucking idea if it was a big deal.
>>16339 /pol/ is inescapable though, this board is surprisingly nuanced but there are still some spergs lurking. Just post quality posts and it'll be fine.
Open file (1.31 MB 1915x1049 Rin Cute.png)
>>16341 Thanks friend. Any trends I should avoid dragging into here? The guys in the above thread were sick of wojack, and being a doomer just isn't helping. Here's a cute still from Inu Yasha that I'm sure /kind/ will love. Also, >Dude says he started in 2008 >Named file Le 2003 >Measure TWICE!
>>16342 First of all, don't push enter after every fucking sentence like >>16339 does, because that actually makes it harder to read the post. Second, remember that /k/ is about /k/. Lastly, lurk more.
>>16342 I can't say I'm not apprehensive about new guys, but its hard to deny that this place has been dead since we got kicked out of julay. and died even more when the feds showed up Etiquette is mostly limited to not posting like a glownigger or excessive memespeak. That's about it.
>>16339 Doubtful. If the times Smug and other webring members have been posted has any stats on the matter, those sorts of posts are the definition if pissing in an ocean of piss and would be lucky to attract one or two individuals.
>>16345 >>16349 >>16351 Alright. I'm pretty sure fedposting is straight up illegal in my country, so I'll continue my proud tradition of not suggesting people do as antifa did. Excessive memespeak, yea, that rarley adds anything. And sorry about pressing enter. Was trying to break up the wall of text, but if it looked silly, I'll keep that in mind for the future. And regarding keeping /k/ about /k/, that's why I'm here, but does the whole "magical place" thing still fly? Can people post their bad dragon collection, as long as they're posting guns as well? Or is that another thing people have grown tired of?
>>16372 I was referring to advertising on 4chan, not anyone's posts.
>>16372 Have fun if you want, but don't make it too cancerous, as long as is related to guns it's fine.
>video unrelated >>16418 has been banned for 5 days >Reason: Spam, linking to sites outside webring >ban type: IP/Bypass >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: Thread deleted >Other notes: No listed ASN so ASN ban impossible Report on >>16390 has been closed No action has been taken as it does not violate in our opinion Romanian law. I suggest you ignore the post. >>16372 This site follows Romanian law, under which the following may be of note >>>/meta/13836 You are still responsible for knowing the laws of your jurisdiction and following the rules of this site. For example, Romanian laws ban the "incitement" of ethnic hatred, genocide, and specific threats >(4) Incitement to commit the crime of genocide, committed directly, in public, shall be punishable by no less than 2 and no more than 7 years of imprisonment and a ban on the exercise of certain rights. In short, the opinion is currently statements without a location and/or time are generally acceptable as long as they do not show intent. For example: >gas the jews Is probably acceptable, wheras >gas the jews at X location tommorrow Is not acceptable. >>16341 and >>16339 >spergs It has gotten a bit better since /fascist/ left more or less, although to be fair we're pretty lenient on the "don't offtopic rule" in general. My understanding is /fascist/ migrated off this site and immediately died as a board before going onion only. >>16349 The current active board staff consists of: activeshooter (Board operator) Kondor (vol) Global staff may initiate actions sometimes due to global rules being broken, I try my best to post here on actions since nobody reads logs usually.
>>16423 I'd just like to point out that pointing at deleted posts is not that helpful to understand the situation.
>>16426 >deleted post It's literally a spam post. I've written it there for posterity in case you waned to know the post number.
Sage for doublepost >>16462 was banned for 8hrs for spamming >Reason: Spam, linking to outside WR >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: Post deleted >Other notes: Tor posted, previous 5d ban on >>16418 has been lifted since I realized that the ban time was over excessive. Sorry. >>16465 has been banned for 2 hrs >Reason: Not spoiling porn/gore >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: N/A >Other notes: Tor poster, photo not taken because post is still up if you want to see porn. EDIT: It appears I fucked up and accidentally deleted it while applying the ban. Please accept my apologizes, I don't think I can restore it.
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/18/2021 (Fri) 17:13:59.

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