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/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen

If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.

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Welcome to the /k/ bunker bunker.

It's not a retreat, we're attacking new territory! >What happened to julay? From what I understand, julay was getting spammed with CP while the global moderators refused to delete it due to a shitfit between a newly minted /v/ BO and the global mod team's intense hatred for various forms of legal pornography. The reaction by the global moderators combined with the general inaccessibility of Robi has led me to conclude that until the rework of julay is finished, it would be for the best to not use the site. Once robi's workload has lessened, we can take a second look at julay- but by that time, we may just have our own site. >Why the fuck do you keep mentioning wanting to go back I'm not experienced with website hosting stuff. I wouldn't want to compromise your guys's experience and functionality of the site from my technical fuckups. Our hosts here at are gracious in allowing us to stay, but from what I understand their overall resources for the site are lower than julay. This isn't conducive to the .pdf threads we frequently have. >are you pro skub or anti skub I think all porn is equally immoral. Spoiler your NSFW stuff and if you have a burning desire to dump hentai, do it on a dedicated board somewhere on the webring. I don't think loli specifically should be banned while other porn stays. My e-mail is If you would like to moderate for the board, please send an e-mail to me with your time zones and either a timestamped image of a firearm you own or (if you live in some derivative of yurop) anything that can be improvised as a weapon. Make sure there isn't EXIF data or any identifying marks on the weapon such as serial numbers, fingerprints in reflection, yourself, etc. Happenings (civil unrest, mass shooting, etc) generally do not merit a thread on /k/ as this is not intended to be a board for discussing current events. Unless you have some specific reason for why a current event needs to go on /k/, please post your thread there. Rules are viewable in the post box, but I will repost them here for your convenience: 1 : Follow the global rules. 2 : Do not spam content or dump porn. 3 : Spoiler gore or NSFW content. 4 : Do not honeypot streloks into committing crime. 5 : Keep threads on topic; if the conversation's too off track, then make a new thread. 6 :DO NOT POST PERSONAL, IDENTIFYING DATA ABOUT YOURSELF WITHOUT PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Check any pictures for EXIF data, serial numbers, reflective surfaces, etc. OPSEC is important! 7 : If you make a thread that cites a web page or article, please use an archiving service for the URL and make sure the text you're quoting is actually from the article. Please do not post direct links to external websites on this board or they may be filtered. Archive before posting. 8 : Do not post invite links to Discord groups. 9: If you aren't a regular user of the board and you use retard lingo or have a posting style indicative of a certain age demographic and series of websites, you will be given the prerequisite two years of lurking. 10: Do not shill other imageboards. Go to >>>/meta/ if you want your board added to the webring. Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply Check out the zeemaps to find hot streloks in your area today. If making an entry, do not use your real name or real e-mail address. Burner e-mails can easily be made at

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ITT: We sing Star Spangled banner


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QTDDTOT-Questions that don't deserve their own thread

Didn't see this thread up yet so I decided to create it.

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Gookening / Pajeetening

2 for 1 Asian Special Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy" >South Korea Prepared to Retaliate Against Military Incursion India: >June 16th: Indian and Chinese forces engage in hand-to-hand combat on a mountain ridge in the Himalayan Galwan Valley. 3 pajeets dead on the scene, 17 die later from injuries. Indian media claims 43 Chinese casualties. Chinks claim it was an Pajeet provocation while Pajeets claim they were attempting to de-escalate and came under attack. >New Delhi: Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a "violent face-off" with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, the army said on Tuesday, in the most serious escalation between the two countries along the border in five decades. News agency ANI claimed that sources had confirmed 43 Chinese soldiers have been killed or seriously injured because of intercepts, though the army's statement did not refer to this. A statement on Tuesday confirmed the death of a Colonel and two jawans and spoke of "casualties on both sides". India blamed the clashes on "an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there", rebutting China's claims that Indian soldiers crossed the border. >PLA Death Squads Hunted Down Indian Troops in Galwan in Savage Execution Spree, says report >Furious hand-to-hand fighting raged across the Galwan river valley for over eight hours on Monday night, as People’s Liberation Army assault teams armed with iron rods as well as batons wrapped in barbed wire hunted down and slaughtered troops of the 16 Bihar Regiment, News18 cited a senior government official familiar with the debriefing of survivors at hospitals in Leh as saying. >The savage combat, with few parallels in the history of modern armies, is confirmed to have claimed the lives of at least 23 Indian soldiers, including 16 Bihar’s commanding officer, Colonel Santosh Babu, many because of protracted exposure to sub-zero temperatures the Indian Army said late on Tuesday, the report added. >“Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed,” the report quoted an officer as saying. “The dead include men who jumped into the Galwan river in a desperate effort to escape,” it added. >Government sources say at least another two dozen soldiers are battling life-threatening injuries, and over 110 have needed treatment, the News18 report said. “The toll will likely go up,” the report quoted a military officer with knowledge of the issue as saying. >Chinese State Media: China is well prepared for and holds the advantage in a potential larger military conflict with India, which should not take China’s restraint as a sign of weakness. Both sides should maintain restraint as military clashes don’t fit each other’s interests. >Editor of Chinese State Newspaper: This is definitely not Chinese people like me want to hear. Lives of Chinese and Indian soldiers are all precious. Indian political force that pushes those young soldiers to deadly physical clashes is responsible for their death. India must stop taking risks at border. >PLA Rocket Force Official "If we had to go to battle tomorrow, We are Ready !"

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Remington Bankrupt Again; To Be Sold to Red Indians

Gun Maker Remington Preps for Bankruptcy, Seeks Sale to Navajo Nation The second chapter 11 filing for Remington could come within days >Firearms manufacturer Remington Arms Co. is preparing to file for chapter 11 protection for the second time since 2018 and is in advanced talks for a potential bankruptcy sale to the Navajo Nation, people familiar with the matter said. >The bankruptcy filing could come within days as the gun maker makes preparations for the Navajo Nation to serve as the lead bidder to purchase Remington’s assets out of chapter 11, these people said. Founded in 1816, Remington’s namesake weapons are mainstays in hunting, shooting sports, law enforcement and the military. >The Navajo Nation—a territory with roughly 175,000 people across parts of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico—could finalize a bid for Remington as soon as Friday, one of the people said. Any bid for the company would be subject to competing offers and require bankruptcy-court approval. >The timetable could be pushed back, and an offer from the Navajo Nation isn’t guaranteed to materialize, people familiar with the matter said. >Despite cutting some $775 million in debt through the 2018 bankruptcy, Remington has continued to face high interest costs and operational issues, according to people familiar with the matter, and expensive litigation surrounding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

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Riots 3.0 : No gooks edition

Thread about the June 2020 chimp outs ONLY. >Latest news White man sent to jail for 2 weeks for pissing near a monument Chimps still smashing, burning and looting with full government support. Given millions of dollars to continue busing in more chimps. Planet of the apes stage show cancelled due to real life being more exciting. Wendy's burning because a chimp went for a cops gun while resisting arrest and got shot. >A man has been jailed for two weeks for urinating next to a memorial to PC Keith Palmer during an event to protect monuments on Saturday. >Andrew Banks, 28, had travelled to Westminster with a group of football "lads" for the event, despite not knowing which statues he was purportedly defending from possible vandalism. >Westminster Magistrates' Court was told that Banks, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, had been drinking through the night and admitted consuming around 16 pints. >He was arrested after pictures of him urinating by the memorial to the fallen officer, who was killed in the 2017 Westminster Bridge terror attack, circulated on social media, prompting outrage.

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Germany to partially disband KSK >Germany's defence minister says she has ordered the partial dissolution of the elite KSK commando force, which has come under growing criticism over right-wing extremism in its ranks. >In January, military intelligence said there were almost 600 suspected far-right supporters in the army last year. >They also said the KSK (Special Forces Command) was seen as a particular problem, with 20 members of the elite force suspected of right-wing extremism. >The KSK "cannot continue to exist in its current form" and must be "better integrated into the Bundeswehr [German army]", said the report, seen by the AFP news agency. >"Anyone who turns out to be a right-wing extremist has no place in the Bundeswehr and must leave it," she told German radio. >Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer said the latest findings - including the disappearance of 48,000 rounds of ammunition and 62kg (137lb) of explosives - were "disturbing" and "alarming". TLDR Germs partially disband special forces because they were too right wing and were getting a little terroristy

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WW2 General

epic WW2 bread

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Tank/afv thread

A discussion thread about the most powerfull land vehicles and it's derivatives. Prototypes, historical, modern just needs to be an afv.

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80% build of something more series than an AR Built five ARs, but I have other things on my list. a glockalike, that should be predominantly AR-like in difficulty level. But I've bought some parts for a 1911 in the full centimeter. Honestly I think pic-attached are literal matches. Slide is from tr-enabling, which is Swenson, I think? Tried fitting everything together, used a vise to press the new pin through the new link to hold it to the new (inexpensive) barrel. The link doesn't move. I mean, if I run a nail though it, secure the nail in a vice, and use a mallet to tap the barrel, it will actuate, but I can't make it move with less pressure. Is this a problem? The bushing doesn't go all the way onto the barrel. Is this normal? I assume I'll have to sand out the center of the bushing until I can slide it a ways down the barrel, yes? and the slide. I can make the bushing get stuck in the slide opening, but it gets pretty stuck pretty quickly. I'm assuming I'll need to sand equal parts from slide opening, bushing, until I have a chance at securing the bushing inside the slide where it belongs? What book might I still be able to get from the local library that tells me anything useful about the specifics of what metal to take off when assembling arbitrarily sourced items together to make a functioning pistol? (Also do I use a 9mm firing pin, or .45? Or do they make a .40/10mm and I just haven't found it yet?)

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Julay (at the moment) is down.

I'll make this thread so that if any stelo/k/ remembers this place can see it, hopefully in the frontpage.

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How to get introduced to guns in a firearm-banned country?

Just answer the title >PS: Happy we're out of 8kun

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Biological warfare: Coronavirus (I/XIV): Old Boots New Dirt Edition

Coronavirus Cases: 4,259,527 (without China) Deaths: 288,260 (without China) Recovered: 1,602,443 (with China) Missing her love: You >NEWS Unreleased White House report shows coronavirus rates spiking in heartland communities Up to 5 NY Children Dead, 93 Sickened by Rare COVID-Related Illness Coronavirus researcher killed CCP told WHO to hold back info on "human-human" transmission HCQ fails to help coronavirus patients US jobless rate spikes to 14.7%, highest since Great Depression Coronavirus - wait 28 days after testing positive to screen for military >REMINDER Paradoxical dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 by herd immunity and ADE SARS‐CoV‐2 viral spike G614 mutation exhibits higher case fatality rate > COVID-19 broadly neuroinfectious Characteristics and Outcomes of Children With COVID-19 Potential influence of COVID-19/ACE2 on the female reproductive system Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe coronavirus cases >OLD INFORMATION >READING MATERIAL IF YOU AREN'T INNAWOODS YET The Ark

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PDF thread

A good 'ol fashion PDF thread. Anything /k/-related. If anyone has >German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary >Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two: German, Italian and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945 or >Type VII U-Boats (by Robert C. Stern) I will do fucking anything for them

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This is where you go to complain. In my brief usage of IRC and seeing its effects, the concept of secret administrative communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving forward, any e-mails exchanged between myself and my moderators will be posted here in full for your viewing pleasure. /k/ does not have an IRC, discord, TikTok, exhentai, or Everquest account.

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/k/ for /icup/ 2020!

What's going on, /k/ommandos, It's the Infinity Cup committee here, to tell you guys that we'd love to have you play with us! Come over if you want to give it a look!

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Coolest full package

Which nation had the coolest set of weaponry and armour pre-firearms? Danes have really cool big ass axes while Celts waved their dick at you and got hopped up on haggis to fuck you up. Hard to argue with a naked ginger smelling of pig fat from gelling his hair 3 feet tall.

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Stencils for ammo boxes and such.

I feel kind enough to share some /k/ related stencils I saved over the years.

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Shooting Spree Defense

We always get threads about spree shooters, but i'ld like to get a useful discussion going that doesn't end up being all about politics and beta faggot uprising memes. Something occured to me and that is these guys are typically open carrying long guns, usually AR platforms. Rarely do they use supressors, or a handgun/handguns in close quarters to kill a high number of people.If one of you were to get caught in the wake of one of these faggots temper tantrums how would you deal with the problem of being outgunned? There are lots of tactics we could discuss about how to neutralize or escape the threat before being mortally wounded. I personally feel morally obligated to close with the threat and gain a position that I could THEN draw my side arm and incapacitate or kill, then move on to the next objective. Why I decide to draw when i'm in position? A few reasons. 1) Avoid attention. If I appear as unthreatening as possible I can avoid attention while other people are looking for a guy with a gun to either avoid or pursue then i'll reduce the potential chaos I have to deal with. 2) Element of surprise. Again closing without posing a threat allows me time to gain a superior position, which is especially important when being outgunned. He may or may not target me with accurate fire, but the point is to reduce the odds as much as possible because he can't throw a rock and expect to hit every ant all at once. Some ants may make it easier by crowding around each other and the bigger the ant the more likely the rock will hit it, but smaller ants are less likely to be hit because they aren't as noticable. This is important psychologically too because most of these guys wont have to tranquility to rationally identify and react to a threat letting a harmless looking person get too close could be fatal for them. Are they accurate? Are they cocky? Do they need to reload? It isn't a simple yes or no and this is probably where the most danger is. 3) Self defense claim. There may be nothing to this, but I just thought if somehow I don't kill him and he latter presses charges. If I pop shot him from 20 meters with my pistol and it breaks his lower vertebrate effectively crippling his body and will to fight can he then survive and press charges against me for shooting him in the back? Might be less important or not depending on what laws govern your state and what (((lawyer))) he has. I apologize for a lack of sources to draw from as this isn't something I thought heavily about until now for reasons such as "I'll just draw faster, hur, magdump, hur, surpressive fire, durh" and my only real experience in fighting comes from Greco-Roman, old USSR style boxing, BJJ, free sparing in the army, HEMA and basic literature like The Art of War, or The Book of Five Rings. Hopefully now that i've posed this question you all could provide your resources and we could gain deeper insight from one another. Thoughts?

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Weaponry to fight a cryptid

You find out there's some cryptid in your area. Big foot, a yeti, some weird thing with assholes for nipples. Doesn't really matter what it is exactly. You and a couple of guys are to form a militia and check the area after 3 kids come running home bloody and crying. What do you take equipment wise? What tactics would you use as a small team to fight an animal of unknown capabilities (at least a bear in size and strength) and high intelligence (potentially human level intelligence)?

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a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread)

Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.

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Riots 2

There be riots. This be them riot posts. Them police be shootin gud bois. Them Irish be raycis Post your riot shit here so the China Flu thread isn't cluttered.

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R&D, New Adoption, Procurements Thread I

NEW SHIT HOT SHIT Thread to discuss new research projects, developments, adoptions, and procurements of /k/ related material. JAPAN: "Type 20" Rifle unveiled = Improved Drainage, Pistol Renewed May 18th Translated by anon >The Ground Self Defense Forces unveiled newly adopted Type 20 5.56mm rifle and 9mm Pistol SFP 9 to the press on the 18th. The new rifle has been outfitted with use in remote island defence operations in mind, with improvements in drainage and corrosion resistance, in addition to a new stock with adjustable cheek riser and stock extension. The new rifle is to be adopted by infantry regiments of the various army groups and the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade. >The current rifle (Type 89) was introduced in 1989, and pistol (P220) in 1982, both being renewed for the first time in 31 and 38 years respectively. The Ministry of Defence plans to acquire 3283 new Type 20 rifles and 323 SFP9 pistols within the year. >The new rifle is made by Howa Industries (Aichi Pref. Kiyosu City). It is capable of firing 30 rounds continuously [sic], and maintains the famous "ア・タ・レ (translates to HIT)" selector markings (安全・アンゼン=Safe)・タ(単発・タンパツ=Single Shot)・レ(連射・レンシャ=Automatic Fire)". The rifle has a grip on the forend improving manipulation [sic]. The new pistol is made by Heckler and Koch of Germany and carries 15 rounds. The grip is far more ergonomic and it is capable of single handed magazine extraction. With sexy andguards with MLOK slots, cringepods, and journalists who know so little about firearms and picatinny rails, you can all marvel how the Japanese rearmament continues cheerfully.

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Meme revolver thread

Let's pick up where we left, and I don't mean the part with the glockfag. >Mateba Unica 6 Conservation and Refurbishment

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How 2 go about getting a high capacity mag if I live in a state where they're banned completely? NY state is garbage but I managed to get a setup with detachable mags. Just unsure of how to procure something better than 10 round capacity. Ideas?

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Artillery thread

I like 'em big.

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Camo and other clothing

Camo, jackets, hats, paint, shoes, and etc. go in this thread. The rule of thumb for camo is that if you don't know what to get, you want a general camo, your options are limited, or you're on a budget just get flecktarn. ATACS and SS-Leto are god-tier for lush environments, and alpenflage, strichtarn, and multicam are good for drier areas. M05 Winter for Winter.

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ITT: We say Animal Mother's line word by word


R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 4

Urban survivalist in Bosnia Balkan Wars

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There be riots. This be them riot posts. Them police be shootin gud bois. Post your riot shit here so the China Flu thread isn't cluttered.

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Navy can't into refueling

>flood detected Fuck off >stronk wamyn CO takes charge of warship in april 2019 >relieved two weeks after an oil spill while docked >Caused massive oil spill on york river while pierside. >Navy comment "Loss of confidence" not related to spill Diversity hire or just plain retardation? Only the report detailing the spill cause will tell captain still responsible for the ship, she did make it for one year so maybe she did something then that was minor but kept pissing off COMUSLANTFLT? Oh, and she used to be the reactor officer on a CVN. Video not related

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Starting properly

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/k/ooking bread

The bread for all topics revolving around /k/ooking. How does your canteen kit look like Streloks? Whats your favorite recipe for cooking innawoods? What foods are your storing for SHTF Happenings? Do you make them yourself or do you just buy MREs? What are the most healthy nutritious /fit/ foods for long term storage? Are you a Strelok who hunts to get his meat? What tips can you give Strelok new to it? Also to the Strelok giving me the tip to use baking soda while cooking my dried white beans that didn't want to go soft. It worked halfway, they are still somewhat corny but they are edible now. However the baking soda caused a lot of foam during cooking, so I don't know if that is worth the effort.

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Glass/Scope thread

Are Meopta scopes any good? I've got some Czech guns and the matching is worth considering for me. Vortex Fury HD any good? Got a relative in medicine that has been looking for some ranged finding binoculars and Vortex is offering a large discount for medical workers during the Wuhan Flu.

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US Navy tests frinken laser beam, destroys drone Navy's statement Note that the USS Portland is non-nuclear, suggesting that unlike the railgun this doesn't need enough juice to power an entire settlement dedicated to it.

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/k/ video games

I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?

R: 15 / I: 7 / P: 4

Phoenix Arizona

R: 21 / I: 80 / P: 5

Non-armored army vehicles

Well it's just what it says.

R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 5

Who makes the best SAA in .45 Colt that isn't stupidly expensive?