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what's a war board without a conflict?

Gun Ranges Strelok 10/16/2020 (Fri) 16:08:35 No.7513 [Reply]
Do you go to any ranges, or do you know any open land areas where you can do whatever you want? Is it a fun range where they let you do what you want or is it rulecucked like webm related? Any stories? I keep trying to find a range around here but the only free ones are only for pistols, and the only "real" range in the area is invite only. Do I have no other choice but to drive three hours out to the sticks to find a good one?
>>7513 Have you tried shooting in the forest yet?
>>7513 Look up BLM land in your area. No one here knows where you are.
>>7529 Yeah man the US is fucking huge and different states have different regulations for such things and different counties in those different states have even further regulations in some cases, there's no way to answer you more accurately beyond "find a place out in the middle of nowhere and have fun" without knowing where you live.

Open file (6.09 MB 1280x720 nrafraud.webm)
Open file (151.42 KB 849x623 nralies.jpg)
Strelok 10/07/2020 (Wed) 00:11:09 No.7010 [Reply]
https://archive.vn/Suc9M Gun grabber Wayne LaPierre is about to get his ass fucked by the IRS.
my boss got a NRA survey call today and told them to fuck off as long as he's still in charge, mentioned him taking bahaman cruises or something like that. looked him up on my own and seems like another boomer that needs to get gassed
Open file (83.89 KB 862x1024 yosh.jpg)
That's what happens when you step on Yoshi's turf.

Open file (603.79 KB 480x848 1516925566042.mp4)
Massive Explosion in Beirut Strelok 08/04/2020 (Tue) 18:20:31 No.4686 [Reply] [Last]
Mainstream is claiming its likely a fireworks factory explosion but I'm not buying it, what kind of firepower do you need to pull this off?
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Didn't they also just find an entirely different unsecured cache of ammonium fertilizer at that same port just a week or two ago?
>>5677 This is probably from the fire reported in the offtopic thread. IIRC there was something weird about the circumstances that suggested it was an old politician trying to hide evidence or a young politician trying to make a profit. The fire was caused in a duty-free warehouse meaning one that's already had taxes paid on it.
They say an arms depot exploded in Lebanon. At this point i believe 100% it was the jews screwing around with all these places, but i don't know why unless there was a massive thing being planned and they sniffed it out.
>>6085 Also never forget middle eastern incompetence. But I do also agree that it's probably just jews fucking with these countries either for the fun of it or some plan that we aren't even aware of.

Open file (146.35 KB 256x192 elitebeatdance.gif)
Open file (2.88 MB 225x194 gurugurudance.gif)
NRA is going down Strelok 08/06/2020 (Thu) 16:55:42 No.4759 [Reply]
New York is finally going after the NRA for its blatant, public, mismanagement. Everything that happens to them is entirely their own fault since they could have moved the charter to virtually any other state years ago. http://archive.vn/wip/WcqpA http://archive.vn/wip/mgXGV Can't wait for all the money they're embezzling to start flowing to real 2A groups.
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Open file (131.88 KB 1366x768 1588202995111.jpg)
>>4845 I have never been sodomized by a garden gnome before but I can't think of a better description for the feeling I have after watching television. It isn't pleasant for anyone and is so absurd just wondering "Why?" doesn't cut it anymore. I know Elvis supposedly shot TVs but how rich would you have to be to summarily execute any TV that has the audacity to be on in your presence and get away with it?
>>4854 Pretty much. A war distracts the population from internal problems too.
Open file (11.97 KB 310x163 Wilson.jpg)
>>4861 The wars also result from the policies to pacify the population. In order to obtain the resources to satisfy the plebs at the lowest expense military image is used to extort them from abroad. This leads to foreign discontent and rebellion, which the plebs are then called to put down with the promise they will be rewarded with the spoils. They get shilled that it will be easy due to their superiority in material but also contradictingly that it is a dire threat to the national body. Neither is true but both are necessary to defend the lies of the political court. Army gets mauled, war costs more than anyone planned, soldiers get nothing in the end because the top gets paid first. There is no reckoning of leadership and no accounting of grievances; the objective was to conserve the decay for another generation.
>>4853 TBH the biggest hurdle to any sort of entrenched tyranny is true "education". I'm not talking the current tier bs they pull, I'm talking someone who has been very well versed in history (to see the mistakes of the past), logic (to deduce the fallacies they use), and rhetoric (because muh ad hominem). It's scarry how we are mirroring the later Roman republic era, especially if you subsitute the rape/racist allegations with sexual deviancy being a bottom gay bitch in roman courts... The question is, who is Marius and who is Sulla? >>4863 The question is has the US reached the limits of spoils that can be acquired from abroad with relative ease? I think the answer is no. Not for another few years I think.
>>4872 The US could still attain the spoils if it focused on one enemy at a time, however when its forces are stretched across the globe, like when the Roman Army became a giant border guard, it decays as a warfighting force to become an occupation force. Diminishing returns at the frontier and internal disorder would force the return of military forces from abroad to maintain domestic order. The curtailment of democratic rights would further continue to preserve government power. The US would ironically become much like the authoritarian regimes it loves to criticize, and the likelihood is that a fall will take many years as such an arrangement can be maintained for decades before meeting its fate. The party system will be of no difference as both serve the same interests, the allegiance of leadership holding purely nominal value. Like the Western Roman Empire plodding along while its citizens became the indentured serfs of the medieval era, though one can only guess at the force which would end central authority in Washington. Perhaps a corporate coup executed by disloyal mercenary companies, as such a conspiracy against the presidency had existed before. At present the United States government derives its legitimacy at a surface level from the consent of the governed, but once the governed have been converted into slaves their consent will no longer be of necessity for effective rule.

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