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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (160.12 KB 1024x683 buda castle.jpg)
Open file (98.43 KB 800x600 ukraine.jpg)
Open file (71.91 KB 640x426 shinkansen.jpg)
Open file (60.94 KB 625x425 oil rig.jpg)
Open file (59.16 KB 711x400 ru sub.jpg)
Constructs thread Strelok 02/28/2022 (Mon) 22:36:00 No.25634 [Reply]
Good evening. Constructs thread. I'm posting castles and some other goodies. Post structures, crafts, and vehicles that you like and want to share. Scifi concepts are welcome too.
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>>28469 >hated France itself as concept >some kind of lunatic Going to have to disagree with that one
>>28469 If akbars get hold of bombs that can level it, they might actually do it. Extremist Muslims can be idiotically iconoclastic.
Kiev's Soviet era subway, currently being used as a bunker for civilians.
Open file (231.65 KB 1300x956 budapest-old-apartments.jpg)
>>25710 >There's a bit of Tower of London Puts me in mind of the Budapest waterfront. Whose main export, at least today, is "government services" IIRC.
>>28383 Anything built after WW2 is generally trash tier, so yes, roughly 70% of Europe (And Europe isn't only the big 3) can be levelled without damaging the actually good old structures

Open file (337.95 KB 1000x705 leo and attila.jpg)
Regular history thread Strelok 03/14/2022 (Mon) 17:35:09 No.28460 [Reply]
History thread. Because >>17124 needs a less schizo buddy. Talk about whatever interests in history. Military, weapons, politics, etc, are obviously a stronger focus here. Here's something to start with: How did Pope Leo I persuade Attila to avert his planned invasion of Italy? What mastery of diplomacy and persuasion did it take to pull this off, and how do you think he did it specifically? >Pope Leo I is perhaps best known for having met Attila the Hun in 452 and persuaded him to turn back from his invasion of Italy. >Pope Benedict XVI said that Leo's papacy "was undoubtedly one of the most important in the Church's history." (I made a longpost about Assyria at first, but lost the tab. This is my alternate thread starter topic.)
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>>29159 >Lived and worked with so many of them Same, but it could be a matter of professions/regions.
Why do Jews become so insane? What makes them want to indent and experiment with sex change operations?
>>31306 They have a genetic predisposition to severe mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia. They cannot help being insane nuisances, it's literally in their blood.
José Martí was exiled from Cuba and started his media empire in America, He hated Cuba and Spain and spread lies about it, whether it is warranted or not doesn't matter. Jew York and American papers were quick to pick up on it. This along with some quite convenient assassinations of American politicians neutral or pro cracking down on the rampant corruption (gee, I wonder by whom?), lead to the spanish american war. Teddy Roosevelt has attempted assassination multiple times, he was known for his lip service to cracking down on corruption in Jew York but brought the corporate media's lie when he was in the military and went on with the invasion. This will tie in later. FDR created the Office of the Coordinator of Information under the advice of a Jew York lawyer to replace the function of several unnamed agencies in 1941 (I assume are offshoots of Pinkertons detective agency). This was renamed into the OSS and then into the CIA. 1963 JFK died, crime scene had too much noise possibility of multiple assailants, this will tie in with next point. Okay I can't find the source but around the time of the pentagon papers and Watergate it became known that the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies gloat their power over the president, able to put whomever in power and throw them out whenever they deem undesirable. Since I have no source I shall alternatively claim that this has came to me in a lucid dream. Think of every single president after Nixon. They were all strife with scandals, this was all by design. The candidates are chosen by a board of shareholders of which the two largest ones are Davos and something else I forgot. A person I admire from history. Joshua. Genghis Khan, Mussolini, Stalin, Hoxha, Brennus, Spartacus, Mutzer, Allende, Teddy, and the Goddess. Brennus really should've finished the romans but he was too weak. My Boii attacked the hill wherever that was and buck broken (not sexually) the legion guido back to tibus. Carl Clausewitz was the student of big brained Brennus who famously said "cope, seethe, dilate" at the roman captives. and overwhelmed them 3 to one on many occasions.
>>31306 Jews are matrilineal and this had lead to heavy inbreeding within their populations. In addition this causing >>31319 it also means that they are heavily interested in correcting this incest issue with artificial wombs being off the table (since it's not matrilineal heritage), so subconsciously they want to turn men into women to produce more Jews and thus spread their sick attempts through goyim experimentation as a means to an end in the name of various ideologies to disguise the subconscious reason.

Open file (133.75 KB 882x960 1594198539242.jpg)
Is a 22 a good choice for self defense? Strelok 04/03/2022 (Sun) 01:15:26 No.31110 [Reply]
I could mag dump and then hit him in the head with a club or some crap. Overpenetration is a concern. Pic kinda related. She's holding a gun, and this is /k.
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>>31343 >Clearly, it was an explosion -- not small-arms fire No it was mosin.
>>31343 >My question was if it was an intentional triggering. It looks like a gas explosion to me. There's a couple frames of blue flame right before the main blast. It guess the question is did someone inside trigger it or did the A Team set it off by throwing a flash bang or something like that.
>>31353 Heh, horseshit. :^) >>31355 Yeah, could be. A booby trap then? While a reasonable scenario, I don't think Le Ebil Nahdzee could in fact be sure they would use their Poppy McPoppops as a friendly little greeting. Probably a tripwire, or contact-triggered detonator then? OTOH, seems to be a pretty high-energy-rate blowout, Strelok. You sure 'bout that blue flame mate? Pretty ferocious discharge seems to me.
Open file (48.42 KB 370x281 5rim4ejb.png)
>>31360 >Strelok. You sure 'bout that blue flame mate? Not not entirely and it's kind of hard to be sure from a gif image at such low resolution but that's kind of what it looks like to me. >Pretty ferocious discharge seems to me. Flammable gas or vapor mixed at the right ratio in air is damn energetic. Just look at all those propane explosions that make houses look like they've been drone striked.
>>31372 Nice frame capp. The coloration could be an artifact of the over-saturation of the camera's CCD. Also, I'm no Demo man, so I'm not entirely sure what the chromo spectrum would be for various types of either HE or gases. Once thing's certain -- if it was gas, then it was compressed. That's a helluva discharge for merely a 'oh honey, did you remember to turn off the stove?' leak. Pretty neatly deconstructed Hero #1 into 1'001 pieces, and (I think) Hero #2 as well. At least I think the leg belonged to number 2. 1 was merely splatter on the paint afterwards. Also, look at the form of the alcove/porch volume. Probably a reasonably good wave-refractory that focused the shock front. Probably partially why #3 turned into a flying squirrel. Anyway, good detective work Strelok. Cheers.

Open file (142.37 KB 1000x541 1046394547.jpg)
Open file (142.93 KB 876x590 c270978a00.jpg)
filterme#VXAnzg 04/03/2022 (Sun) 04:16:51 No.31118 [Reply]
Technical guides on converting average civilian vehicles into mobile weapon platforms in short time period. Ford, Ram, BMW, etc. centric. MLRS platforms, AMG systems, layers of sandbags, Different mounting setups, AA systems, mounted ATGM's, portable radar systems, logistics, and other needed systems for homegrown warlordship in a country with large car culture. Betting first thing to do is to cut up the fiberglass since it takes up space for more useful things that won't kill you. and insigia for sure.
There's a bit on that in the "world turned upside-down" book the anon keeps posting on the board.

Open file (89.06 KB 720x526 glock.jpg)
weapons 09/10/2021 (Fri) 10:47:57 No.19096 [Reply]
How can i buy a gun or a weapon ? can you give me some market site?
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>>19096 Just drive down to Albania or Serbia and buy some old surplus Makarov in exchange for a boat load of Euro's. Make sure this is in a public setting like a busy shopping center or popular restaurant of course as apposed to out in the mountains where they'll just take your money and beat the shit out of you for fun. They'll probably just hand you said gun in a paper bag.
Open file (974.75 KB 720x480 glow.webm)
>>19096 Why would you need to buy a gun? Don't most cops have a barter system where they'll give you a gun in exchange for a knife?
>>29134 >Why would you need to buy a gun? Don't most cops have a barter system where they'll give you a gun in exchange for a knife? I don't they do
>>29135 >I don't they do *I don't think they do

Open file (693.50 KB 1622x1628 0478536896.jpg)
Strelok 08/14/2021 (Sat) 00:30:31 No.18078 [Reply]
>CIA >NSA >DIA >CSS >DHS Does anyone know why exactly there are so many three letter agencies all devoted to doing the same vague, classified jobs? I can excuse stuff like ICE, DEA and ATF who have more specific roles (although they should still be being handled by the police or military) but this is different. Are there any I missed? Do you know what the differences are between them and how they interact with each other? Why were the rest of them created despite the fact that which ever one of them came first already existed, and why do they all continue to exist today?
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>>18078 It creates confusion and muddies the water, hiding the fact that the three-letter agency they all serve is Z O G.
The short answer is that political systems do nothing but perpetuate themselves when unfettered. Any other outcome is functionally a happy accident.
Open file (27.43 KB 382x368 Roll you qt AK.webm)
>>18078 >Does anyone know why exactly there are so many three letter agencies all devoted to doing the same vague, classified jobs? Harder for both the common citizen and foreign powers to keep up with the alphabet soup organizations if there's hundreds of them. >>19839 >AKM I'm satisfied
AKS. Very nice. My favourite besides the AK-105.

Automatic firepower Strelok 09/22/2021 (Wed) 16:22:10 No.19322 [Reply]
Machine guns, autocannons, automatic grenade launchers, early hand-cranked weapons, and everything else that's meant to shoot a lot.
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>>20128 BC is only better in a relative sense. A 50 BMG has so much more weight and energy that it would overwhelm a slight BC advantage from 338 at any range. Also I think the 50 BMG in even the 650ish grain load has a higher BC anyway. I'm really not sure why 338 machine guns are a thing. All the 338 rounds were designed for extreme range sniping. In a machine gun though that long range potential is mostly meaningless. You'll just melt your barrel faster, and you'll have more power obviously than a 7.62x51 gun but it won't be enough to have anti-material potential like a 50 BMG. IMO 7.62x51 machine guns just make more sense.
Open file (2.12 MB 4416x2723 AMX-30_img_2330.jpg)
>>20447 I think it's a weird cross between the experiences from Afghanistan and the sudden (and unfounded) fear of body armour that can't be penetrated by 7.62 NATO. So they might see it as the next step up from 7.62 that has a smaller footprint than 12.7mm, so you can haul more of it into battle. But if they have the infantry in mind, then maybe finally replacing the M2 with a significantly lighter and more compact machine gun would be better. It's not like they'd want to clear rooms with a .338 machine gun, and the Russians already proved with the Kord that you can make a heavy machine gun light enough to fire it from a bipod, and at that point a single machine gunner can carry it happily. You'd need an ammo bearer regardless of calibre. And it makes even less sense for vehicles, because if you are so hell-bent on it then you can replace the coaxial mg with a 12.7mm one. The AMX-30 had a coax M2 that they later replaced with a 20mm autocannon, and many British tanks had a .50 ranging in addition of a 7.62 mg.
Open file (23.81 KB 609x467 10x54mmR.jpg)
>>20128 A potentially interesting upgrade might be to neck out either of those cartridges, load them with saboted flechettes, and fire them from an unrifled barrel, kind of like what the soviets were going for with pic related, just bigger. With .50 BMG you might be able to increase armour penetration even if you use steel flechettes.
Open file (172.90 KB 920x690 nork type 73.jpg)
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=aDXfVEtJtfQ So this is actually a PKM knock-off that can be fed from autistic magazine, and you can also launch rifle grenades with it. Both of those are quite useless features on such a machine gun, but it's the kind of tacticool that I really love.
>>20642 Moreover, if you have a smooth barrel and straight-walled cartridges, you could also fill them with ball bearings or multiple flechettes, and turn it into an automatic shotgun. .50 BMG just happens to be about the size of a 12 gauge shell anyway, except that it can hold a lot more powder and shell, not to mention that it can withstand much higher pressures. I can see it working in urban combat where you can shred infantry at relatively close range. Maybe you could even put a duckbill choke on it, assuming that it does not impact the use of the miniature APFSDS.

Open file (62.32 KB 720x900 e7c.jpg)
Strelok 02/26/2022 (Sat) 02:54:27 No.24487 [Reply]
This is a response to this post >>23873 >The liberal threat wants to turn my theoretical son into a homo and daughter into a coalburning slut. The Chinese threat wants to kill my son, rape my daughter and/or use her for human experimentation, put me into a slave labor camp for not fellating the state, and eat my dog. Both are insidious but one has more real-world long-term ramifications for society than the other. That's not true. Liberalism isn't as temporary as you think. The liberal threat gives an existential crisis, same as the Chinese. Your real opposition aren't retard libshits, but the focused, high-intelligence globalists, with trillions of dollars they can bankroll puppets with. Apparent liberalism in society is only apparent, and hasn't weakened for decades, but is rather increasing, and could devour our society before we get a real opportunity to recover. If they have control of the youth through shitty schools, and control of their lives through consumerist sterile hypersexuality ideology, they can effectively brainwash and get the kind of servile class they want. And if they're able to eliminate all potential rebellion, by targeting even lukewarm reactionary groups into irrelevance or destitution, and control the flow of weapons distribution, which seems a serious probability with ever weakening gun ownership protection laws, Western society has a serious threat growing within it, that may permanently make the idea of it extinct.
big and true
>control of the youth through shitty schools Vast majority of kids hate school and everything they preach >and control of their lives through consumerist sterile hypersexuality ideology This however is a real threat
>>27952 >Vast majority of kids hate school and everything they preach... Kids hate school and everything they preach because they hate going to school instead of playing. Later in live they spew and repeat the retarded nonsense they got taught as the truth. How many kids actually go out of their way to learn alternative facts and deprogram themselves? No only that, some kid's become the teacher's pets and seek out roles as the class representative and in student councils, in these roles they get further indoctrinated, because any pupil that doesn't tow the ideological party line of the school gets removed and made an example of. On top of that schools are plastered with multicultural slogans and propaganda poster, partially it even seeps into school lessens that have nothing to do with it like language class or natural science. The whole environment of a western public school is toxic.
Open file (92.45 KB 600x902 jokester.jpg)
>>24487 >>27974 >Western >society >AD 2022

Open file (6.54 MB 1920x1080 Fail upwards.webm)
Board OC video competition Strelok Board volunteer 08/10/2021 (Tue) 00:58:36 No.17990 [Reply]
TL DR: VOL IS RETARDED AND CAN'T VIDEO EDIT. BEST OC VIDEO SUBMITTED BEFORE DEC 14TH GETS FEATURED ON PINNED ON A (NEW) META POST FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. RULES BELOW. First off... Happy Aufbau Ost. I said I'd make a few videos for the board when I had free time when I got a functioning GPU. Well, GPU still missing so I got a pos from 2004.... Took me forever to render this so fuck that and it was $5 for the GPU........ I think personally, that the board needs to break off from the original 8cuck history, since a lot of our banners/oc is from that era... So..... Taking into the spirit, "What's a warboard without conflict?" signage in red, I'll give all you streloks' a little challenge. Create the an oc video for the board to be featured on the intro post for half a year, before I rotate them. The previous video was made by slovak anon here: >>7690 Entry Requirements: >must be less than file limit (20mb), preferably under 10mb >Must be submitted in WEBM format >must be oc >Sound encouraged, not required >focused on board content (If it's interesting I can accept that). >board rules apply, gore in this case means visible organs/limbs/head detached etc. If it's just a dead body I don't think anyone gives a fuck. >must be submitted before Dec 14th, 2021. >real life footage preferred >SCRUB YOUR FILE METADATA If there are no visible quality differences (eg, bad cuts like my POS right there, mismatched audio), I'll put them all into a raffle drawing and draw one as the winner. The rest will be rotated at some interval I'll figure out later (probably annually/ semi-annual)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Kondor on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 00:59:48.
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No entries received so yeah. No winner.
>>21322 I'm sorry anon I can't into video editing.
Open file (59.23 KB 300x100 z-team.png)
Open file (509.40 KB 408x640 k-at-war.webm)
>>17990 >Entry Requirements: >must be less than file limit (20mb), preferably under 10mb YES. ~500Kb >Must be submitted in WEBM format YES. >must be oc YES. >Sound encouraged, not required YES. >focused on board content (If it's interesting I can accept that). YES. >board rules apply, gore in this case means visible organs/limbs/head detached etc. If it's just a dead body I don't think anyone gives a fuck. YES. >must be submitted before Dec 14th, 2021. NO. Oh well. >real life footage preferred

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Just post it to the meta thread.

Open file (1.30 MB 641x1280 1644113333381.png)
Strelok 02/13/2022 (Sun) 18:13:27 No.22460 [Reply]

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