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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Neue Meta Thread Strelok Board owner 04/16/2022 (Sat) 07:21:46 ID: fc3ccc No.32204 [Reply] [Last]
Hello. The board was officially transferred a little less than 24 hours ago, if that wasn't obvious to anyone still. I am the BO now. I'm going to ignore anon if he discusses meta outside this thread and anon may be running afoul of the rules depending on context. I might not respond to anon anyways in-thread, but know that your post was at least read if posted here. First order of business is to make a seamless transition of power that isn't too jarring. Posts made before the hostile ta/k/eover are all pardoned by virtue of working under a different ruleset at the time of making. I can not in good faith purge someone who was unaware of wrongdoing. Allow me to review the rules. >0. Fuck around and find out. Encompasses all standard rules. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Act accordingly. Learn through bans if you get banned since I don't hold grudges and would prefer you learn. This rule is intentionally loose so that troublemakers can't play rule lawyer games and will be applied liberally. >1. This is a gentlemen's club not a shitting street. Posts will be expected to maintain a certain quality outside of the meta thread and /k/anteen/100rads. "Any community who gets their kicks acting like retards etc." as the saying goes. Wit/humor can be substituted for quality else expect the beatings to continue until morale improves should strelo/k/'s desire to pretend to be retarded kick in. Overlaps with rule 0 but separate to make a point. >2. Global rules apply. Do not wake up the globals. Do not wake up the globals or else I will be forced to abide by global rules. Make a reasonable post explaining your "DIY cluster munitions are for educational & recreational purposes only" if you want to discuss them. >3. Fun allowed. As implied in rule 1 exception, Strelok has limited rights, and this rule is a reminder that no rules are sacred if anon says a funny or engages in a content-generating discussion (example: the nazi discussion in the Ukraine thread that should have moved to the /k/anteen or history thread a while ago). >IDs temporarily enabled Anons are still expected to do most of their own moderation work. I retired from imageboard moderation with some 7ish years under my belt and intend to remain an old retired groundskeeper living in the manor's back shed. The ID question will be judged in two weeks, and then again on a monthly basis if believed to have had a positive effect on board quality. Ultimately I would like to remove it if anon can show himself capable of not needing it. tl;dr- Board is laissez-faire and I am the private security company/PMC keeping an eye on niggerfaggots acting unprofessionally or in bad faith. This is neither a democracy nor a dictatorship, and (You)s are the currency of choice with embezzlers & currency launderers getting heavy punishments. Succession

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Open file (140.44 KB 401x413 smug hora.png)
>>40437 Do I intimidate you? You seem upset, friend.
Looks like we're being raided by anime avatarniggers if anything.
Open file (52.14 KB 1000x1000 soyjack.jpg)
>>40397 >i-it's /dup/!!!1!
>>40446 >Reading comprehension
>>40439 F-fug guys he figured out I'm terrified of obnoxious retards that cry waid and post cartoons.

Open file (412.63 KB 1391x1076 SHTF OP.jpg)
SHTF GENERAL:HANDY GRAPHIC EDITION Strelok 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:50:36 No.5569 [Reply] [Last]
2 months before the election. US is on emp, coup, internet blackout, power blackout watch for the next 6 months. Imagine that some or most of this applies to Europe and Austrailia/NZ as well. Best of luck on your preps, don't neglect your networking.
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Open file (731.17 KB 859x900 1629824033309.png)
>>40084 Huh. So what vegetable (grain) stores would you advise Anon to stock up on? To grow, to use daily, both? And what about fat/lipid compound intake? Obviously we can stock up on cooking oils, and grease our pans with a chunk of Spam or whatever if it comes down to it; but is there anything you have to add on that particular matter? Is there some nutritional failing of vegetable oils, for instance, of which we should be aware? Can we just raise avocados or olives or moringa olifera and be okay, or is there a biochemical reason that won't work?
>What kind of stores? Depends on what anon is planning for. Not every form of strife is civil war-tier. For shorter events, whatever is the cheapest. Beans and rice may not be a complete protein, but if it's all you've got then it's gonna take at least a few weeks if not months for malnutrition to really set in and if you are supplementing with meat/dairy you can reasonably live off of it indefinitely. >Oil Different oils have different shelf lifes. As a rule of thumb if you can't render fat from an animal for one reason or another, Palm and Coconut oil are hands-down the best choices. They're both high in the good kinds of fat, they both have modest heat profiles and low taste profiles, they're both fairly cheap in large (liter+) quantities, and while most oils go rancid after a year or two, both can last up to five years in sealed cold/dark conditions (indefinitely in the freezer). >Avocados Don't bother they require a shit ton of water and you need the right spliced branch to get edible ones. >Olives Olives require a fairly heavy processing to be edible/useful for oil. More than most people have the knowhow or space to do. As a rule of thumb I advise people to at bare minimum keep a 25lb bag of cheap grains (beans, rice, barley, wheat, etc.), a 5lb bag of sugar, a 2lb box of salt, 2-10lbs of cheese (preferably wax-sealed), a container of country time lemonade drink mix or tang (for vitamin C), a container of multivitamins, a container of instant coffee or tea, a box of aspirin, 25-40 gallons of water, sanitary wipes, and a few pounds of some kind of shelf-stable meat. It won't be enough in a civil war-tier scenario, but so long as you have means of boiling water that will be enough to thrive for a couple weeks/survive a month or so of civil unrest for one person if you stretch it, and it is affordable on a poorfag's budget.
>>40085 >So what vegetable (grain) stores would you advise Anon to stock up on? To grow, to use daily, both? Depends on where Anon lives since every environment is different. For instance quinoa grows really well here and is space-effective, but that is not so elsewhere. Some plants that I know grow well almost anywhere are... >Beets They need a little bit better soil but they are an excellent garden plant/crop. The edible variety is delicious, filling, and full of chemicals that are good for your blood, while the sugar varieties can be fermented into alcohol or have the sugar extracted. The non-sugar beets can also be fermented into alcohol but it will produce a very dry wine. The greens are also edible and good for you. >Radishes They grow in piss-poor soil and can be grown anywhere, and they make for an excellent addition to stews or salads. >Chard They get you your leafy greens and they also grow in piss-poor soil in basically all conditions. They also look pretty. Just break the cellulose complex up a little with your hands if you intend to eat them raw. >Rye It also grows in piss-poor soil and acts as a cover crop. It's more effective in colder climates but you can grow it basically anywhere. Millet is the equivalent to rye if you live in a hotter environment where rye struggles. Both grains can be used to make alcohol as well. Rye also counteracts the inflammatory effects of a high-wheat diet (why your ancestors probably ate it) and the pollen is allegedly good for your prostate. >Corn Corn isn't so bad when you Nixtamalized and the stuff basically grows anywhere. Just keep in mind corn is nitrogen-heavy so you may want to grow a nitrogen-fertilizing crop like alfalfa or soybeans afterwards. >Soy I know I'm going to get some faggot screeching for even mentioning soy but there is a time and a place, and there is a difference between home-grown "organic" soybeans and the xenoestrogen monstrosity that is conventionally mass-produced soy. Soy is a fairly complete protein source, adds nitrogen back into the soil (the most important factor), grows easy, and will keep you alive in an emergency better than most grains. A corn-soy crop rotation schedule will keep you or your livestock well-fed if growing on a larger scale (obviously like corn, for personal garden use it's stupid to grow it). >Runner beans They look pretty and they are a perennial plant (outside of colder climates where they act more like a seasonal plant) so they are a good supplementary crop and they add nitrogen back into the soil.

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Open file (82.73 KB 564x797 1629931158768.jpg)
>>40088 >>40092 Thank you both, gents. I'm pretty fuckin' hammered right now, but I'll read up on everything you've said and get back to you when I'm a bit more coherent/sober. You've given me a lot to chew on, pun intended. To contribute to the overall thread, my research indicates that bell peppers are suitably high in vitamin C, and easy enough to grow in most of the lower half of CONUS and (presumably) equivalent ecoregions. Eat 'em raw, though - cooking destroys C compounds.
Open file (287.04 KB 1801x1817 1638617791212.jpg)
>>40095 fuckin' forgot to take the sage outta the name field after upbraiding some fuckin' faggot actual sage for double post

Open file (1.01 MB 847x1063 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 1022x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Randy Weaver has passed away. Strelok 05/14/2022 (Sat) 04:25:55 ID: 524ce3 No.34321 [Reply]
A bit late, but Randy Weaver has died yesterday at the age of 74. Never forget that feds and glowniggers are the scum of the Earth and each single last one of them will burn in whatever Hell exists. >https://www.kxly.com/randy-weaver-man-at-center-of-ruby-ridge-standoff-has-died/ F inb4 i get b&
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>>34525 I hear a lot of conflicting information on whether he just knew a guy who knew a guy in the Aryan Nations, he was a light affiliate, or a full-on member. Lots of misinfo from our side as well and there isn't a wealth of information on it like Waco. >>34660 I also hear that the feds (or just the SWAT and doughnuts or whoever the fuck was involved that weren't the Marshals and FBI) that they weren't aware anyone died.
>>34675 IIRC he just did some business with them and acted as a decent neighbor and was otherwise unaffiliated outside of like one friend who mentioned it to him. Nothing more.
>>34688 Even if he was, so what? We are all Boers now. If the Feds are going to start shooting people for having repugnant and destructive politics, Antifa and BLM are four and a half years into a tantrum that's burned down cities, killed thousands of people, and cost the economy a trillion dollars. How many cities have the Proud Boys burned down, again? Of course, in Clown World, the punchline is, since the Clintons, the FBI is half sullen IQ-55 niggers hired under Affirmative Action and half pink-haired trannies who salivate over the idea of shooting a "ultra maga agenda fascist," and the jewsmedia eggs them on. If you're not a Boomer civnat you see it for what it is. Millenial soyboys understand it perfectly well also, they just think being against "muh alt right" makes them superheroes, just like Captain America, and desperately want to kill a Proud Boy.
>>38777 Some of us Millenials actually go full Dr. William Luther Pierce/ George Lincoln Rockwell T. Millenial.

Russia Vs. Ukraine 18 - Stalemate Edition Strelok 08/08/2022 (Mon) 01:48:34 ID: 06d79d No.39006 [Reply] [Last]
>Russians have abandoned taking Siversk in favor of taking Bakhmut >Zelensky and Zaluzhny (his top general) are fighting after Zaluzhny blamed Britain/America for the recent cockups on the Eastern Front and told Zelensky to tell them to fuck off >Reinforcements have shown up in Kherson on the Russian side >Great Ukrainian Counteroffensive never ever >Nikolaev under lockdown/martial law because Russia now has 1 BTG per 6km (the density needed to take a city the size of Kharkiv) on their doorstep >Artillery/Tanks are being pulled out of the Northern regions to assist the Southern/Eastern front >Mass recruitment drives in Sumy/Chernihiv for reserve forces >Some speculation Ukraine might push into Russia proper using said reserve forces even though this would trigger the CSTO >Putin made the Oblasts swear to provide a brigade each for the war effort in order to maintain their individual autonomy in the federation >Russia turning everything near the Enerhodar Nuclear Power Plant into rubble so that the Ukrainians can't sneak up on it >Zaluzhny coming out saying any plans for a true counteroffensive will likely have to wait until next year because of British interference >Ukrainian airforce apparently still exists despite reports of aircraft fighting continuing to slow to a trickle >Russia has formed an economic alliance with the Watermelon salesman >This is turning into a war of attrition and gains might slow to a crawl in another month or two until the following Spring (while people fucking starve to death/freeze to death across Europe) Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/

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Open file (45.39 KB 255x226 it rhymes.jpg)
>>40730 >Russian's have just completely evacuated the forward lines in the region That's slightly concerning.
>>40798 Major déjà vu with your post
>>40798 what do you imply?
Please mods or OP, make a new Russia vs. Ukraine thread, this is getting ridiculous
New thread >>40804

Open file (83.15 KB 976x549 suitcase nuke.jpg)
Strelok 08/12/2022 (Fri) 18:33:32 ID: c36ad7 No.39331 [Reply]
is there any real chance ,possibility,of there-being a nuclear war within 20-40 years? Will biological/bacterial/nucelar war ever occur?what about balkanization of european countries,and more obviously african and M.E. ones(i think latam will,on the contrary,become bigger countries trough intestine civil wars and inter-statist wars) how do I,myself,prepp for all this?
Imo? No, things will temporarily get worse till eventually it reaches a "boiling point" where people and countries are so devastated either by inflation, war, famine, etc that they let the U.N or some other global government type organization take over. We already see the prelude to this in Africa with all the humanitarian aid they hand out and not long ago they made an article about the "benefits of world hunger" in which they discussed how hunger was exploited by business in 3rd world countries for better profits, it sounds asinine at first till you read the whole article and realize the tone and context of the person and organization that made it.
>is there any real chance ,possibility,of there-being a nuclear war within 20-40 years? Yes, but you won't think so unless you are following everything going on. US hegemony made sure nuclear proliferation was out-of-reach, but several countries have already started developing nuclear for "energy needs" in such a way that it can quickly be turned around for bomb production, and nuclear bombs are far easier to produce than most modern guided or large-blast unguided weaponry. Russia's foreign policy is "everyone should have nukes and it is up to their neighbors to stop them if they don't like that" while China's foreign policy is "fuck everybody I want it" which is rapidly radicalizing the rest of Asia towards nuclear proliferation. As America becomes utterly incapable of preventing their enemies from getting nukes, their allies will start developing them, and unless Russia and China get together and agree on a "world council" to replace the UN as they become the dominant economic order (unlikely), someone, somewhere, is gonna get a nuke and use it. Is it going to look like mass-scale ICBMs around the world? Probably not. It will, however, look like a smaller country being invaded by a larger country and having no choice but to use a nuclear deterrent to wipe out a large amount of the enemy all at once to try and collapse the enemy's morale, and at that point it will escalate to countries firing back and forth at each other assuming the world doesn't get boots on the ground to try and stop them.
Open file (1.09 MB 1450x1200 1623136109564.png)
>>39331 >CBRN ever? Almost certainly. >within 20-40 years Anyone's guess, really. The order's been given at least once before, actually, so there's that; but also worth noting is that it somehow all came down to one random Slav nobody'd ever heard of before (not sure WTF they're doing over there, but this is what I'm told) and the story goes that he straight-up told chain to go fuck themselves, he wasn't doing it. tl;dr I guess we'll find out, won't we?
In a sane world, no nuclear war would occur. We do not live in a sane world.

Logistics Strelok 02/14/2021 (Sun) 12:50:10 No.13232 [Reply] [Last]
A thread where we can sperg out share our thoughts about everything that goes into an industrialized war.
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>>38962 But even the Proprietary Meme does not really work since in the end it's all Taiwanese/Chink manufacturing that reuse the same schematics and just append a different owner on it. There's a clip about this floating around but I don't have the webm, basically western companies contract Taiwanese hardware manufacturers for similar products and rather than making them from scratch all the time they reuse like 99% of the assets, western companies notice that their counterpart is using a similar product and start suing each other. >>38960 I've heard a far harsher reality in that most of the computational tech developed extremely quickly because it was highly unregulated for the longest of time.
>>13305 The decline was inevitable once the New Deal State was born. The New Deal State immediately began to sponsor various puppets and stooges, including Germany and Soviet Union (and never stopped - who is the last Moderate Rebel, again?) This "help" sped up WWII the way it was. WWII (along with its prologue and epilogue stages) massively brain-drained Europe (consider little Hungary alone: https://newrepublic.com/article/71697/missile-man ) and then made USA hegemonic (between taking over British colonies and competitors being ruined). This made Harvard more important than Royal Society. Sure, Royal Society was halfway to Laputa, but they at least remembered what it was about. Harvard always was a theological institution. "Progress" is just another euphemism for "Predestination". "Mainstream Protestant" and "Progressive" were mostly synonymous for a while. Theology is not science, but it can pretend. Yet science and pseudoscience cannot just coexist in a stable equilibrium. Science was already brought too close to power by the Mugwumps. And power corrupts. Then nukes brought science even closer to power. Cold War (or rather its arms race) forced a big unprincipled exception for R&D, as long as it lasted. But once it ended, welcome to gender studies and other trash.
>>39058 >guys the US and Germans and Russians were on the same side!!!! Ukraine general was a mistake
>>13232 >A thread where we can sperg out share our thoughts about everything that goes into an industrialized war. >everything that goes into an industrialized war. Demographic homogeneity of culture. However, this no longer applies to Western nations, thus we have regressed to a society prior to the treaty of Westphalia (when nation states in the modern sense began to conduct wars on behalf of regional collectives). Henceforth, nation states are proxies with which to fight wars. Nation states are effectively contracted mercenaries of commercial entities. Thus discussions of "logistics" in the sense used in early 20th century conflicts is moot. Since differences between military and commercial resilient delivery are artificial. Pics related. Internal attacks on commercial rail freight logistics in LA, USA emulate the internal attacks on military hardware in Ukraine, resulting in kamikaze drones sold on the black market.
>>39062 >, thus we have regressed to a society prior to the treaty of Westphalia (when nation states in the modern sense began to conduct wars on behalf of regional collectives). What the hell "on behalf of regional collectives" even means? It's so much simpler. >> the nomos of the earth > The heart of modern international law is the right of the international community, which just happens to be shaped rather like the 200-year-old Anglo-American empire, to distinguish between ethical and unethical war, and use the former to stop the latter. > As Schmitt observes, this unipolar design is not just in conflict with the classical law; it is actually a resurrection of the medieval law of nations, with its concept of “just war.” Naturally it was the Vatican which decided whether a war was just—and shifting this onus to the Truman Building only reflects Washington’s role as the Fourth Rome. Conversely, under classical international law, the "jus ad bellum" is a necessary attribute of sovereignty. Almost by definition: there's nobody in a legitimate position to resolve disputes between any two arbitrary sovereigns. Or authority to interpret some sort of One True Teaching and enforce their adherence to it, etc. Without some equivalent of Vatican, that is.

Open file (761.89 KB 350x263 Max_Cross.gif)
Bible Study Thread (/christian/ "bunker") Strelok Board owner 08/06/2022 (Sat) 09:31:33 ID: e31a61 No.38853 [Reply]
As per >>38832 and what has taken place since then, I've seen enough. This is a place for anon to cool his head and discuss Christianity in a moderated environment away from the current drama attached to the board. Thread's survival is up in the air after the end of the month (up to the succeeding BO), but I'll try to periodically moderate it until then. This thread has custom rulesets that differ from the board rules. 1) No /christian/ meta period. Take it to /christian/ or /shelter/. 2) No identityfags or lolcows period. Progressive ASN banning will be applied if reported for identityfagging (1 day ban, then 2 day ban, 4 day ban, etc.) 3) /christian/s only. 4) Do not advocate for regime change in this thread (in relation to the /christian/ board) or you will get bonked; take it to /christian/ or /shelter/. 5) Board rules apply. Thread will be locked when the situation improves. Thread only to be used for theological discussion and fun; not as a platform for drama or raids. If it's misused consistently I will lock it. See the meta thread for my email or to post complaints. Do not post complaints/local meta here or you will be banned under rule 0. Have fun. >Please see me on /christian/ You can talk to me through the meta thread or through emails I'm not handing you my IP or discussing this decision over there since I do not consider the board stable at the moment. As an icebreaker, how did anon come to join the faith?
Edited last time by Reuenthal on 08/06/2022 (Sat) 09:47:15.
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>>38988 >The book isn't for you, it's for others to more elegantly defend against your pipul Because you can't defend your idols yourself.
>>38967 >that the bible erases 20 years of Jesus' history Yes, that was my implication lol but also because not only buddhism used zoroastrian clues but also relied heavily on taoist "magic" or like they used to say "energy cultivation and spirit counseling", in its early stages taoism had many key figures who travelled around and performed miracles while claiming to be mere men who simply "grabbed" energy from the natural sources but due to their knowledge of other realms they were often allegedly commanded to help the needed and in one specific case to expect being killed as to unlock a series of events which would end up leading a peasant sector being liberated, or "fate". Later they went to study and write stuff which goes deep into what we would call alchemy and esoteric mathematics, teachings which were heavily corrupted and taoism overall never recovering nor having its wandering sages around. One of its most mythical figures, Zuo Ci, is suspected to have been contemporary to Jesus as he was 16 to 36 when Jesus was travelling around the east. Due to Zuo Ci having done similar things according to myth (transformed or summoned food, transplanted energy, cured the very ill, taught of the spirit and a much higher realm above us which we need to behave and live well to reach/understand) some chinamen theorize Jesus learned from him as did other latter taoist masters, but we might as well say in theory Zuo could've learned and understood the teachings from a wandering foreigner and later meditated to attain what He said (anyone can perform great things if you believe) and after all Zuo is famous for being one of the first to have done such widespread and notorious acts to the point of the de-facto emperor summoning him and later being persecuted for trying to dissuade the authority to study with him and leave their campaigns to subdue the population. After all it is not unheard of chinese attaining some masterhood from a wandering foreigner expert (Buddhism reaching China via Bodhidharma "the red-haired blue-eyed monk") Also to note a good chunk of chinaman history has also been deleted a couple of times, the manichean/nestorian church was the main belief in a considerable sector of China for 500 years, even Marco Polo was surprised in seeing churches in the middle of nowhere back there with the white buddha he had heard of being probably Jesus on the altar due to the cross and the identical acts.
>>38983 Nice find, anon. Word of advice: if you save a lot of PDFs and possibly EPUBs off the internet without actually reading them, consider buying an e-reader that supports both file formats. They're a lot nicer to read on than a computer screen and I personally find I read more of the stuff I save if I have it on an e-reader.
Open file (31.34 KB 1029x602 screenshot.jpg)
Open file (55.38 KB 640x480 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Fuck it, /animu/ was the wrong place to post this writeup (doesn't help that I likely posted it in the wrong thread) so I'll repost it here on the offchance someone is interested in this movie or somehow saw it before its rediscovery. Zenon: Boundless Love Here's one you likely haven't heard of: a 1999 children's movie that may or may not have been considered lost media until it turned up in a Polish church's archives. So why would a Catholic parish have an obscure anime movie laying around? You see, this was the home parish of one Wladyslaw Zebrowski, better known to his beloved Japan as Zenon Zebrowski. In the early 1930s he and a few other monks established a Franciscan monastery in Nagasaki and quickly bonded with the locals. You can probably guess what happens from there: he survives the nuking of Nagasaki, thrusts himself into caring for the survivors, builds an orphanage, possibly meets Emperor Hirohito several times, then becomes a fixture in Japanese disaster relief and charity for several decades following this. I really can't do his long life justice, especially after only knowing about him for a few hours. For example, I am only just discovering as I write this that the leader of this missionary trip to Japan, Maximilian Kolbe, is not only considered a saint within Roman Catholicism, but is also responsible for Zenon's surviving the nuking of Nagasaki in the first place. St. Maximilian Kolbe apparently refused to build the monastery within Nagasaki, declaring the city would be soon destroyed by a ball of fire, and had the monks build it on a mountain slope facing away from the city where it was ultimately shielded from the blast. So how is the movie? As a children's movie, it's decent. There's some nice music by Toshiyuki Watanabe and its animation and backgrounds are decent enough, but it's very limited by its target audience and short length, and these hurt it in a couple areas. For example, it doesn't quite capture the scale of what Brother Zenon did, greatly compresses the timeline, and almost gives the impression that Brother Zenon achieved all this through a mixture of divine providence (which he definitely benefited from) and befuddling and exasperating everyone around him as a sort of holy fool, which really isn't the impression I get from other English-language articles on his life. However, to be fair to the production crew, how do you portray a man so near to sainthood through animation? There is an extensive tradition of how to do so in writing and still images, but you try to place him in an anime and he gains a sort of unreality (or super-reality?) that makes him stand out from everyone around him. An ideal portrayal would also have this quality, and it is to the team's credit that something of this shines through even if they didn't quite understand him. Would I recommend Zeno: Kagirinaki Ai ni? If what I've described interests you and you don't mind it being a children's movie, then, sure. It's only a little over an hour long and- Actually, it's getting late and I don't know what else to write about the movie itself right now, so I'll jump back to the opening subject for now. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YQL_SC6T-qU https://web.archive.org/web/20220721055131/https://www.ucanews.com/story-archive/?post_name=%2F1999%2F01%2F07%2Fanimated-film-highlights-work-of-polish-franciscan-brother&post_id=12770 https://web.archive.org/web/20161002092355/http://brotherzenon.com/ https://iderepublica.pl/en/known-unknowns/index/brat-zenon-zebrowski/
Open file (728.50 KB 1300x950 a monument to zenon.jpg)
>>39055 So, if English-language information about Brother Zenon is scarce, information about this movie is even scarcer. There may have been some kind of theatrical release in Japan (I've found a date of May 15th, 1999 on websites like AniList) and possibly another in Poland, but I haven't seen anything of a home video release. The UCA News article I've attached below claims it was funded entirely by donations, and from digging through Youtube comments it seems a gentleman who knew Brother Zenon personally brought this VHS tape over from Japan and gave it to Brother Zenon's old parish. From there it seems to have languished in obscurity until the Youtube uploader found it and enlisted a teacher and a friend to translate it. This is all I can find on the English internet and by running Youtube comments through Google Translate. Perhaps a Polish or Japanese-speaking anon more acquainted with their sides of the internet could dig up more, but that's also assuming any on /animu/ are even interested. It is a very niche anime, after all, and I wouldn't have even heard of it if someone hadn't mentioned it in the comments on a new-ish Kenny Lauderdale video. https://polanddaily24.com/221-the-second-best-known-pole-in-japan

Open file (2.71 MB 4080x3072 1658719245268755.jpg)
Homemade Meds for Bullet wounds AntichristHater 07/25/2022 (Mon) 03:37:17 ID: 908bdb No.38058 [Reply]
I made this celox b knock off using everything seen in pic + electrical tape. Havent tested it yet, what do you guys think the likelyhood of this working is? And how should i test it?
15 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>38058 >how do I test it If you live in the states shoot a pigger Quick clot bandages use kaolin as the active hemostatic ingredient. Kaolin used to be used as a powder before the us military realized that dumping hemostatic on a bleeding wound just caused it to bond to blood on the outside and it doesn't do a good job at stopping bleeding. The issues with quick clot come from its inability to sterilize wounds. So what would be the most effective delivery of both alcohol/hydrogen peroxide and kaolin to a wound? Also >>38087 I know Jack shit about antibacterial medication. What should I be looking to get my hands on?
>>38730 hmm, well if youre trying to sterilize before clotting then keep a vial of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on you with your clotting kit. i have no clue on how to apply it so i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound or if you have to soak a rag in it but either way that sounds like the easiest solution. Get some zipper sealed mylar bags, your clotting device, and a vial full of hydrogen peroxide/alchol and cotton balls/rags if needed.
Open file (275.34 KB 1551x2048 1643993459747.jpg)
>>38614 fuckin' lel, u cheeki /k/unt >>38730 FIRST fucking thing I wanna say is that I'm not a doctor. Take this for what it is, just some random faggot on the Internet telling you what he's read and/or been told. That out of the way, my first-echelon choices for minor shit in the field, personally, is either ordinary triple-antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (burger brand name, if you're not familiar), or the New-Skin shit I mentioned earlier, which contains... hang on... benzethonium chloride. Which of these I use is largely dictated by the size of the wound and the mechanism of wounding; they seem more or less equally effective in my experience. Although as I say that, it occurs to me to mention that New-Skin can be troublesome with young children in my experience; they seem prone to scratching it away if the wound itches, so bear that in mind if you're responsible for any larvae. In a more settled setting, like at home for instance, my go-to is high-strength isopropyl, like 91%. Murders fucking everything, no prisoners. Hydrogen peroxide is pretty good, too, but I'm told by my ER nurse relative that it slows healing, and that the pros are moving away from it for this reason. She also recommended PVP-I, but research I conducted found an issue with certain pathogens actually being able to sort of hide out in the agent itself (guess my nurse hadn't got that memo yet), so I'd skip it for now. As far as in vivo, you know about fish antibiotics, right? Final note, I always try to stress in these sorts of conversations that I'm not, NOT a fucking professional, and I urge you to consult someone you trust who has actual, formal training and certs. >>38088 Based namefag is based, let's do it. >>38738 >i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound No, you don't wanna just dump that shit into the abdominal cavity or some shit. It's entire job is being universally toxic as shit; anything with a label saying stuff like "for external use only", you're gonna want to use carefully. I'm not qualified to advise you on how to, or indeed even whether or not to apply such agents to internal tissues; all I'll say is that by the time you have occasion to even contemplate any such action, it's time to just stop the bleeding as best you're able to and get your PT to actual fucking trauma care and let them deal with it. You or I have absolutely no business trying to sterilize deep tissue in the field, except maybe as a last-resort hail Mary when everything is fucked forever (EMP-level bullshit, for instance) and homie's definitely gonna die anyway if we don't do something.
>>38741 agreed

Strelok 07/15/2022 (Fri) 11:12:30 ID: 8c632f No.37583 [Reply] [Last]
Another month, another thread. Things happening: >Russians took Severodonetsk. Just walked in into the center unopposed >Ukrainians claimed to perform a heroic counterattack and pushing Russians out in brutal city combat out of the city. This has never actually happened. >Russians took Lysichansk unoposed >Russians currently attacking all over Siwiersk-Bakhmut line, Ukrainian lines completly collapsing >Russians shelled off Snake Island >Ukrainians shell Doneck, as in the city, with all sorts of munitions without targeting any military targets. >HIMARS and other ukrainian missile systems they stockpiled since the beggining of the war went into action, destroying several ammo dumps >Ukrainians conscripting women now >Ukrainian counteroffensives in Kherson get repelled time and time again >last one was burned out with kilometers of white phosphorous >both sides make a deal with Turkey to move grain out of ports Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>38993 >Doing so would trigger the CSTO which would be really fucking stupid. I'm surprised Ukraine hasn't tried harder to do this, if it wanted to scare the West into believing that Russia is on the war path against all of Europe. Ukraine sure is half-assing a lot of this war. Except for killing civilians and unarmed prisoners.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87imtAWIMQ Mercouris talked a bit about humanitarian politics and such. Thinks it's a sign of the Ukrainians becoming increasingly reckless/desperate. >>38997 It's still a massive gamble that looks less and less appealing with each day of the war. There's always the likelihood chance that Ukraine won't receive any more support if it becomes a clearly unwinnable war due to Belarus/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan becoming involved.
Open file (98.04 KB 556x481 FZlk9JOXgAE2ab6.png)
>>38964 >Any word on the vaunted Kherson counter offensive? Take your pick.
Open file (80.10 KB 242x317 1640298467391.png)
Bumped some threads to disingenuously get this one to page 3. New thread can be found here: >>39006
>>38992 After seeing the aftermath even Sadam's staunchest opponents agreed he was right and many of the officials are in Iran's pocket. US did succeed if we count the objective being "avoid Israel being attacked in the next few years" but not in the "regime change" because even in Sadam is gone his ideals are practically there, just without the money because the fields were bombed and now Iran manages some of them, although i think the US/"Canadians" also grabbed some.

Open file (118.24 KB 915x641 sports-1.jpg)
Strelok 03/10/2022 (Thu) 20:39:09 No.27993 [Reply]
I have quit a good sum of money to spend purely on sports training( I wont give away info about which Country im from,but il say its enough to buy an old car..this is extra,expendable income,it wont damage me) Im obsessed over cross-functionality and inter-style matches(not mma which has devolved into its own style..I mean each fighter sticking to his own style) What do i DO? I want to do: >decathlon >track and field >muay thai,pro wrestling, water polo >climbing plus acrobatics give me some advice,some direction, i dont want to get scammed or injured
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How do I become a TRUE caveman-man? Doing what ancient white mammoth-hunter did in the ice age..I thouht of : >carrying/pulling weights while crouched or walking on all fours >lightly weighed stretches >doing barbell training but while running or moving,not in a static posture anything else?
>>33597 If I ever become a billionarie (semen retention LOA gang!) I will bankroll that vegas sports to more massive playing levels.
>>33718 Historical medieval combat is mostly grappling, and the teams that do practice historical fighting moves tend to win even when it does turn into a brawl because of that grappling moveset advantage.
>>33860 would Aiki-jujutsu work on an armored oppponent?
Open file (12.56 KB 340x261 Baron_Dino.jpg)
I thought of a great idea for a new sport;its rugby but with calcio storico hits allowed,and hollow-wood nunchucks .It would be a mix of shin-kicking,sumo wrestling with team tactics,and nunchuck martial arts,with a ball of old leather.

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