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what's a war board without a conflict?

What is easier and more reliable to build in a cave? Strelok 07/21/2021 (Wed) 20:30:42 No.17439 [Reply]
So, I've got my list of different aircraft that I've tought about: 1.1 Petrol Jet 1.2 Electric Jet 1.3 Petrol Piston Propeller 1.4 Electric Engine Propeller 2.1 He 162 2.2 Me 262 2.3 Ta 183 2.4 Bf 109 (G6/K4/other improved variant) 2.5 Other Germany war emergency fighter I just want a general opinion and a reason for your opinion. Thank you! Just a quick note: I am a bit more inclined with He 162, with electric jet engine, as I have experience with it from games (using a stirling generator + car batteries for fuel on the real one) and maintenance after flight would be easier. If you suggest something else please have something with the criteria: can hold minimum 4 pylons for SAAMS or bombs, can fly for over 4 hours and have spare fuel for another 30 minute of emergency flight back home, easy to build by untrained personel in cramped conditions, can get up to mach 0.8 without structural damage/failure.

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>>17539 Yeah, I now realize that too, after a nights rest. Scary what sleep deprivation and late night anger can do to a strelok. also, I just remembered: if OP wants to build planes in a cave, depending on its size, maybe he could go for MiG-15's, they were developed right after the second world war, and they approximately hit the OPs criteria, although fuel doesn't hit (1.5 hours max, 2.4 if you pick the hunter variant). But, if it's for efficiency and effectiveness in combat, >>17540 has the right idea.
>>17540 drones can get hacked, have a max distance until communications can't happen anymore for a small team as over 1000km is a long long distance, can get hijacked easily by enemy forces if I try to use the internet. The only way this would work it would be if it would get a strong encryption and I've got to fly it over cities so I would get internet, which will make my drone visible. >>17537 the materials I'll use will be of higher quality. Wood isn't that good, expecially for a jet fighter. Like a bri'ish ace that flew it said that the He 162, if well trained pilots flew it, it would've been a game changer. The BF 109 I put there, even though it doesn't meet that mach 0.8 speed criteria as the mach 0.8 is only for jets, sorry for not pointing it out in the first place. Also the workers have some experience in the workshop, altough only simple stuff as installing an electric motor on a bike or reinforcing a part of the house and stuff. Not that experienced with manufacturing parts from raw materials and such. The part with MiG-15 I considered it before, but dismissed it as the shock when I bombard [REDACTED]. Like what would attract more attention? "An unindentified MiG-15 pilot struck [REDACTED] this morning with multiple bombs and rockets, hitting the air defence of [REDACTED]. It is tought that ISIS/HAMAS is being the attack. Watch the rest on our channel later this day!" or "An unindentified Nazi pilot flying an WW2 era jet plane struck [REDACTED] this morning, killing [REDACTED] people, are Nazis coming back and what are they going to do? See on our channel later this day!" Sorry for the wall of text.>>17540
>>17546 >Finally reveals the end goal of this thread In your shoes, I would build smaller drones that are basically RC missiles and completely disposable, so you don't have to worry about maintenance or resupplying your devices. This cuts costs on the manufacture and having a smaller form factor will enable you to carry even hundreds in something like a moving truck. >Hacking the drones It's not impossible, but with the scenario I'm proposing it would be incredibly unlikely. You would be using either a 2.4 GHz antenna setup or a 4G LTE setup on the drones. These are very common signals and to try to hijack the drones using them in time probably wouldn't happen. You could even program the drones to head to the target whilst completely cut off from you. A box truck full of drones that can fire from anywhere would be a very difficult problem to solve. >Distance The drones wouldn't have a maximum range of 1000km, you are correct about that. With a proper antenna you can reach about 33km (20 miles) which is still pretty good. Outfitting the drones with 4G dongles could possibly extend that range, I really don't know. But the kicker with this set-up is that nobody can really plan for it. A moving box truck with a hundred drones sets up 20 miles away and sends suicide drones at a target? How do you stop that? >what about the audience? IM THE JOKAH BABY Idk paint swastikas on the drones? If you dressed up like a clown and danced with signs supporting and showing abortion pictures you'd probably get the reactions you are looking for. And also I'd get a big laugh from seeing that on the news. >Sorry for the wall of text Enjoy reading mine, friend
>>17565 I see I see, the part with the guided RC V1's I've thougt about and are in my plans, tho only as laser guided as GPS would be bitch in trying to control the drone. The GPS would read that le drone would be 1km forward or backward if it ain't precise (as the drone would get over 1000km of traveling, it will loose precision). I also have an old saying: "Overestimate your enemy twice and sub estimate yourself twice for the best strategy." Btw, hi mr jew that watches us! I'll fucking kill you ^^ And another good one would be: "when everything gets fucked, at least you've got a manual" (this refers to the reliability of manual vehicles, when it gets fucked, at least you can repair it easily, without a problem) Not to forget, it's quite gay to lay back and let a robot do the job 99.9%, that's what trannies of US military do. Plus, a robot isn't that smart. Even tho it might be programmed very well, it is still worse than a human. A bot can predict so much till it get's a loading error that cannot be resolved and it crashes. Also, imo, it is more cool to see an explosion in real life than on a screen.
>>17576 Honestly, at that point you could just go for homebrew mortars. High range and destructive capabilities, paired with high mobility makes those an extremely effective way of attacking targets. And if you put some effort into production and QC, you can get quite the precision with 'em.

Mêlée Strelok 10/20/2020 (Tue) 16:27:36 No.7658 [Reply] [Last]
A thread dedicated to close encounters of the bloody kind.
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A place to discuss the pokey bits on the end of your shooter. Have they completely fallen into obsolescence at this point? If they have do you think that they'll ever become valid ans useful again at some point in the future and under what circumstances? Also post any strange and inventive bayonets or bayonet like devices because I love that strange shit.
I honestly don't know what went wrong with the first image.
>>18873 Seems images bigger than 3999x2999 get screwed. Also did any nation train bayonets as spears rather than thrusting knifes with a giant handle?
>>18874 >Also did any nation train bayonets as spears rather than thrusting knifes with a giant handle? My guess is that they didn't for the same reasons that was brought up in the fantasy weapons thread about gun hatchets. Bayonets are typical, if not almost always, directly attached to the barrel which means any stress that that you put on the bayonet would risk bending the barrel ad taking the whole gun out of commission, or at least affecting its performance. If bayonets were attached to the stock instead then that might be a different thing.
>>18871 Anon, we already have a thread dedicated to such things. It even has quite a few posts about bayonets. >>7658

/out/doorsmanship Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 03:47:46 No.10262 [Reply]
A thread dedicated to camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor sports, and general outdoorsmanship. The fresh open air, clear blue skies, ice-cold white winters, and grey-black storms that threaten fire and flash floods are your domain Strelok. What will you make of it? Have you done any camping in the last year? Are you making sure to get that D get sunlight for your eyes and general health? Even in a concrete jungle there's usually great secrets to be found with a little time, exploration, and innovation.
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>>17442 I got a cheapo mora I found somewhere. Its probably one of the better knifes I got where I can use and trash it through work.
>>17442 >People using actually bought knives from high grade steel, caring for it, using it for work. >Me, found an shitty dull kitchen knife with reasonably thick blade, sharpened to a workable blade, uses it for carving wood and cutting my steak. Am I wrong? Or am I just a poorfag?
>>17452 If it works it works man.
>>17452 Knife is merely a sharpened piece of metal. If it works then it's good enough.
>>17452 Depends on the application. I hate niggers who use other people's knife tips as a flathead screwdriver. My favorite everyday carry knife is an incredibly cheap piece of fucking garbage $1.50 Walmart pocket knife. I use it maybe 1-5 times a day at work to cut through shit when dull scissors won't cut it or when I forget a butter knife for spreading something, sharpen it every 10 uses or so for a few minutes, and it works great. Probably wouldn't survive stabbing someone more than twice, but who gives a shit?

Open file (213.07 KB 600x418 1595333254645.jpg)
Strelok 10/16/2020 (Fri) 19:47:16 No.7531 [Reply] [Last]
Will the ammo scare get as bad as it did in 2013?
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Anyone have any expetience or hear anything bad about IMI 5.56?
>>17247 I've put around 500 rounds down so far so good. Seems to be better than whatever shit frontier has been pushing out, I had 3 cartridges with major dents in the case and 2 failure to extracts in less than 100 rounds on those.
>>17247 as good as any other. just to reiterate, unless you don't already have a 1,000 round box of ammo lying around, you shouldn't be paying these prices. You're fucking yourself and keeping this insane market inflated. Let the scalpers and the scumbag hoarders starve to death and be forced to eat their stolen supply literally.
>>17254 >Frontier >snagged a 500 rd case of 55gr 223 because I was a fucking retard. Pray for me since I should have stuck with PMC at least. I heard though there weren't that many issues as during the 2019 lots but now their meme lineups like 350 Legend or etc. are having the worst of it with sheered bolts & extractors.
>>17457 >frontier is shit I'm 90% sure these fuckers don't even bother to QC since I got those failures. Somehow my gun isn't grenaded yet. Hornady claims that the issue was resolved in late 2018 so yeah.

Open file (413.24 KB 2000x1335 Energetik.jpg)
/k/anteen Mk 4, Brotherhood in Pripyat edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/06/2021 (Sun) 17:17:24 No.16158 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread has hit the bump limit and has left us my brothers. >>16157 is a heretic who noticed and shall be awarded by conversion and rather then death, so brothers, I have made a new /k/anteen thread.... Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших! Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей! В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом! Смерть… лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!
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>>17461 Letting posts stay up if they're not endangering the site's existence (like it would be the case with illegal content) is actually better than having a lackluster carpet of replies to nothing. I personally hate imageboard censorship and jannies wiping posts from threads, but sometimes it's necessary to keep the site as a whole. In cases like this however, keeping the string of discussion intact helps following the line of thought- making understanding the whole thread easier.
>>17465 German government and it's "experts" have already chewed this topic through in order to demoralize everyone who wants to do this. There is actually a paragraph in the Grundgesetz, which allows the Germans to throw out the Grundgesetz and demand a real constitution to be written (as the Grundgesetz is actually only a provisional constitution, written during the occupation of Germany, and was never meant to last beyond the reunification of germany), but, the so called "law experts" "professors" "researchers" and other paid actors all say that "no no, the Grundgesetz is a constitution, the author never even anticipated german reunification to take that long, bla bla bla"- They're bullshitting everyone, and the germans are eating it up and parroting the "Das Grundgesetz ist unsere Verfassung" idiocy. It's too far gone, we can only hope for civil war and that no one interferes with the bloodbath, kicking out the dune coons, and rebuilding of germany, except maybe russia, but russia has it's own problems.
>>17471 Is it possible to amend it or is it so brief (being that it was expected to be temporary) that even amendments aren't allowed?
>>17465 Pastafag here, it's practically the same thing in every single European country.
Open file (60.86 KB 899x417 3h4v7rodyzc71.jpg)
The absolute state of conservatives in the largest "red" state, you couldn't make this shit up. https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB928/id/2374783 >University of Texas quit their conference with OU​ and want to move to the SEC, >Big 12 on life support now lol . TCU/Texas Tech/Baylor shitting their pants >Meanwhile on the special session agenda... >shitshow ensues in the legislature and people protesting because of muh jobs. >Bill introduced to ban UT from moving without legistlature approval, instead of actually hunting down the runaway dems this is the real priority. >pic related Meanwhile in worst korea, commentators shit talk the other teams and bring up that Chernobyl is the only reason Ukraine has an economy And the sad part is that they are right.

Cold War projects Strelok 10/11/2020 (Sun) 08:50:41 No.7182 [Reply]
A thread to discuss everything from nuclear tanks to nuclear spacecraft, and many more things.
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Why don't the brits use turbine engines for their tanks when they've tested them and made them fuctional way back on centurions?
>>17061 The same reason we don't see turbine engines on trains: turbines are only good if they are working at a constant speed, and terrestrial vehicles have to constantly accelerate and decelerate, and so turbines are simply a bad fit for them. That the burgers still put a turbine into the M1 has more to do with how the 'merican military-industrial complex functions than with any real world performance.
>>17064 And russians only put it into T80 thanks to americans
>>17077 >only because of americans Supposedly one of the other benifits was that a turbine engine would allow for better reverse speeds but I'm pretty sure its FUD because thats some idiot equating PWR to transmission gearing. There's also the Leclerc which uses a really small turbine as a turbocharger. Intresting concept, should remove turbo lag and also allows for it to be an APU. Not sure how mechanically complex and reliable it is. I think what will be intresting is if we get hybrid electric-turbine engines on cars.

Artillery thread Strelok 03/03/2021 (Wed) 15:35:13 No.13754 [Reply]
A thread where we can went our pent up thoughts about the king/queen/god/aidoru (please underline your preference) of the battlefield.
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>>13816 "Allegedly" the Saudis believe the pilot "thought he was dealing with a heat guided missile when the reality was he was being tracked by a surface-to-air missile" and that the pilot was "doing routine procedures having mistaken his location as being in safe airzones" even though the plane had been out for quite a while.
The obvious dawned upon me: a 210mm gun could fire both 152mm and 155mm shells with sabots, and you could go even lower for 127mm naval shells. Or even 122mm and 130mm soviet shells. Or go bigger for the 175mm US and 180mm soviet shells, or even the 203mm shells from either side of the Cold War. Not that this would be the best solution, but a country could use up whatever old stocks of shells they have lying around and save some pennies, especially if they can recycle the powder charges too. And it also cuts down on initial R&D if you already have access to a wide variety of fancy guided shells that just need a sabot to work with a new gun.
>>14038 I have no sources to confirm this whatsoever, but I believe that the thinking was that they could have a self propelled artillery platform that could hypothetically have a similar alpha-strike capability in a battery to a rocket artillery piece, with smaller logistical footprint when compared to traditional artillery pieces.
Open file (63.69 KB 750x403 AL_Fao_210mm_SPG.jpg)
>>14557 Speaking of 210mm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Fao >Al-Fao is a self-propelled artillery system designed for the former Iraqi Army by the late Canadian weapons engineer, Gerald Bull. It is one of the world's most powerful artillery pieces, with a caliber of 210 mm (8.3 in) and a range of 56 km (35 mi).[1] The Al-Fao system weighs 48 tons and can drive on roads with a top speed of about 72 km/h (45 mph). It's gun is claimed to be able to fire four 109 kg (240 lb) rounds a minute. The projectiles could be filled with chemical weapons such as sarin, mustard gas or phosgene, or with conventional high explosives. And unfortunately this is all the information I could find scouring the internet. >>14622 That makes sense, and I guess they could revive the idea by trying to make a better autoloader for a design with a single tube. But why would it have a smaller logistical footprint? Simply because they wouldn't need both tube and rocket artillery units for these two different applications?
I've tried to find some info online about how the Schwerer Gustav was operated, especially about how the breech was opened and closed. Sadly there is nothing written about that, this is about the best article I could find: https://oldmachinepress.com/2017/05/20/krupp-80-cm-schwerer-gustav-dora-railway-gun/ Then there is this piece of 'tism about the breech: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=yWBOtU5ejfo A propaganda video about heavy guns: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=DBvAni3TsKs A finally the closest thing I could find was this footage of the breech of a K5 being opened (around 0:55): https://yewtu.be/watch?v=PrsWaHex_BU It really is frustrating how people can repeat the same basic things about a piece of technology ad nauseam, and yet nobody can be bothered to get into the actual details of how it works.

The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's military autism Strelok 02/13/2021 (Sat) 03:19:25 No.13172 [Reply]
How the fuck is this /k/? I'll get to that. It's time to get something off my chest and I don't know where else to post this. As a kid, I was part of something called the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. It started off as a bunch of kids writing about their OCs, as you'd expect, but that quickly grew boring, so the kids began making their own penguin countries? And what happens when that gets boring? What happens when the users don't get along? Simple: your imaginary penguin countries go to war. There are several hundred articles about Club Penguin wars, Club Penguin soldiers, Club Penguin weapons, and so on. Some went into incredibly autistic detail about this stuff, a bunch included photos of real life military equipment or penguins photoshopped with guns. Some people got into retelling real life conflicts with their made-up countries: I particularly remember checking the website several years ago for a laugh and finding some turboautist had retold the Yugoslavian Wars at great length. Yes, there was a penguin Adolf Hitler. Someone made up the High Penguins as a parody of Tolkien's elves, but fucked them up so badly everyone thought they were supposed to be Jews, so they made up a penguin Hitler named Whoot Smackler Whoot (a descendent of Penghis Khan) to genocide them. In-universe he survived WW2 and lived to a ripe old age in a retirement home, where he was beloved by all. This isn't even getting into stuff like deletion nukes, the site's editors existing in-universe as a sort of constantly bickering pantheon, or just how little separation there was between user interactions and the setting itself. The entire thing was batshit and I still can't believe it existed or that I was a part of this. Looking back, the autism put into this stuff was really impressive for something made by a bunch of kids and I figured you guys might get a kick out of it.
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>>17245 I've always enjoyed that Suntory brand products are consistent. They might not be the most amazing products, nor the best, nor the most reasonably priced, but they are consistently good to drink and typically smoother than any of their counterparts in their price range. I can vouch for Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, Suntory, Toki, Hibiki, Yamazaki, Hakushu, strong zero, and haku vodka all being tasty.
Open file (232.24 KB 2064x1300 Tokyo2821_2.jpeg)
>>17244 >>17245 Nice. Looks like they are rather a sizable brewery just on their own apart from acquisitions. Apparently they are over 100 years old too. They must have some interesting leadership to have funded the production of this 'commercial'. Thanks Streloks.
>>17246 i don't really care for maker's mark, my mom and sister love it but I don't get the appeal. i find wild turkey better which they're both repulsed by.
>>17249 Wild turkey has a nicer twang to it, I'll agree. The reason women like Maker's Mark is because when chilled, it loses most of its bite and becomes easy to drink copiously. It's similar to a Bush Mills just without the complex flavor profiles that make a Bush Mills a sipping whiskey (and for a quarter of the price). I like using it as a base for my own herbal concoctions or for making homemade vanilla due to the lack of bite or strong flavors. It makes a nice highball if you add a tinge of fresh juice and use sparkling mineral water and optionally absinthe, but my sisters like it because it lets them get shitfaced on whiskey & coke.
>>17248 >Nice. Looks like they are rather a sizable brewery just on their own apart from acquisitions. Yep. I haven't been to their distillery (yet), however when you go into a Japanese konbini the three whiskies every single one stocks is traditional Suntory, Suntory black label, and Jim Bean. Even the shittiest konbini that had nothing else with half the shelves empty out in the sticks always had those three in stock.

Open file (429.66 KB 1789x2515 tpo.jfif)
Open file (3.44 KB 64x40 Terran Primus.png)
Strelok 01/02/2021 (Sat) 19:42:16 No.11610 [Reply]
So, what kind of Military Rank System and/or names you prefer? Germanic Under-Officers? Classic Sergeants? United Major First Staff Sergeants? Because myself would prefer them simple, something akin to Royal Army of UK. I also wonder which rank insignia look good. I even made some certain fictional insignias myself out of boredom, although I cannot show them, except 2nd pic related though it's modification than creation. I also wonder which rank insignia would fit staff administrators.
7 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>11890 Are you serious? It's not hard to learn ranks by title. Let's say there's on average 20 of them per branch per military. Assuming there are four branches per military you're memorizing 80 titles, most of which are similar but with differences that are noteworthy enough specifically for the purpose of easier identification among the ranks. Then there's weird classes like warrant officer but those are usually just called "WO-1" or "WO-4" or some variant until you get to the max rank. Though to be fair I still don't know why warrant officers are a different rank system, but I've never looked it up for myself and I never asked despite being in the zog system at one point years ago. Regardless ranks aren't nearly as hard to make out as you sem to think, they're designed so literal retards can remember them. Seriously, there are literal retards in almost every military that can identify ranks among their individual branches, you're not dumber than a crayon eater are you?
Open file (92.37 KB 429x559 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11924 WO-X in NATO grade is a snowflakery for the USA. I might be wrong, but it seems that Burgerland's Warrant Officer have some kind of complex subordination shit, while other countries have Warrants in the OR-8 and/or OR-9 normally. >>11890 You can look up NATO Rank Grading, which may fit your autism over power levels. >>11882 They seem to inherit 3-star system (just instead of stars you have pips), and leaves for the high officers and generals. However, its hint ends here, because pips indicate NCO and CO status, as well it can go up to four.
>>11927 >its hint ends here, because pips indicate NCO and CO status, as well it can go up to four. They are Germans, the people who are perfectly capable of taking a simple and logical system, and needlessly overcomplicating it with their autism. And you'd also have to look up how it changed over the years and find the earliest system they had, because in the very beginning they actually used the armbands to indicate rank.
>>11901 see >>11924 i rest my case
Aiguillettes are too gaudy and impractical for field uniforms, but I think they are pretty sexy on ceremonial uniforms. But is it better to give to members of certain units, or officers who hold certain positions, or every officer above a certain rank? I think giving them out to too many people ruins their appeal, but only giving them to aides-de-camp and the like is also a waste, because then it's not for the really important people. As such, I think it's best to give them only to generals and lower-ranking members of the high command.

Open file (85.13 KB 757x1600 Type 00 NBC suit.jpg)
Open file (208.46 KB 959x1279 1.jpg)
Camo and other clothing Strelok 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:06:19 No.1085 [Reply]
Camo, jackets, hats, paint, shoes, and etc. go in this thread. The rule of thumb for camo is that if you don't know what to get, you want a general camo, your options are limited, or you're on a budget just get flecktarn. ATACS and SS-Leto are god-tier for lush environments, and alpenflage, strichtarn, and multicam are good for drier areas. M05 Winter for Winter.
38 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>16395 >>16411 Clear sky homos just use either OMON uniforms or some navy surplus.
>>16415 >>16395 >freedom Flecktarn >dolg Literally any black paramilitary, paint the red stripes yourself >military Russian or ukrainan milsurp >monolith Chinese Type 99 camo (Good luck that's stuff for the SF boys) , SK Armed forced intel agency camo,Tajik OMON, UCP (?), JSDF Air force pixel camo, or DPM urban. >clear sky M-MDU-03 (Serbian commercial stuff) or Ukrainian "urban" TTsKO >bandit Loot your local addias store and make sure that black leggings matter >renegade ??? >loner

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1085 I really appreciate the ECWCS clothing system. I own and love both Gen 1 and Gen 2 in pic(s) rel., though most argue against woodland. I also own the same parka that is used by US Marines in Marpat and its great. Another great military clothing and camo stuff is Serbia. I own this camo parka (I have no idea of the name of the camo) and also I own another Serbian Parka but in OD Green. Personally, I like these ones and a lot may argue against the effectiveness of their camo (especially against the od green parka, understandable), they work great in my opinion.
Open file (207.74 KB 450x331 1579914431947.png)
>>16457 Where did you find that last one and where can I get one myself.
>>16471 Swisslink.com, I've managed to buy two from them last year. Also, Sportman's Guide was selling them for awhile as well, I would check and see if they have any. Avoid Arcisa on ebay, he has a tendency of selling milsurp clothing that is missing most of it's parts and buttons. Arcisa is okay if you want to buy gas masks, anything clothing related, do not buy from him.

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