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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (1.80 MB 640x360 1666031440535725.webm)
Does this look like a real shooting to you? Strelok 10/19/2022 (Wed) 16:03:28 No.42833 [Reply]
Clouds of smoke *SPOOF* fat lady fall down. This is fucking low effort lmao >weapon related
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Open file (668.45 KB 800x496 1570888471282.png)
>>42911 >>42887 If memory serves me right the dead guy in the shop was also a german and not a kebab. Doorcuck truly wasn't the protector Europe needs, but the one it deserves.
Did we ever find out if he was spergkraut?
>>42994 Spergkraut was still shitting up the board long after doorcuck happened. Twist ending: it was spergook and he forgot to bring his underslung shotguns.
>>42994 Nah, he posted on KC and Meguca (AFAIK). Gun smoked like shit because he had to improvise both primer and propellant.
rip meguca/pol/.

Open file (299.56 KB 2048x1310 Springfield's Bar.jpg)
/k/anteen Attempt VII Strelok 04/14/2022 (Thu) 23:11:31 No.32080 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. The last one has been bumplocked for a while now so I opted to make one myself: >>19848
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Open file (314.16 KB 766x1100 1664964965845535.jpg)
>>43279 Lel the dynasty version of one of ayane's madohomu works is the scanlator censored ver. It's one of the few no-js first gen uploader sites though
Open file (434.26 KB 2340x1080 lasors.png)
Y'all see Beanie Man's new song? It's breddy gud. For the press release email he sent a middle finger emoji to all the journalists who told him to go fuck himself during his last media press release. http://losingmymind.com/ https://youtube.com/watch?v=IXV615QfuI8&t=0s
Should we make a new thread already, or wait until it falls off a bit more?
>>43395 I don't mind either way. This is comfy but I think some anons forget to check the second page.
>>43401 Well then: >>43407

Russa Vs. Ukraine 20 aka Z general - Try deleting this I dare you edition Strelok 10/07/2022 (Fri) 09:30:37 No.42250 [Reply] [Last]
Real raped of ukrainian Z 40-4000 years Files taken from a 404'd thread list links https://pst.moe/paste/jtabpc
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Alright, so here's what I've gathered about Kherson. I'd like to point out that the USSR was infamous for digging in positions right before abandoning them in retreat to confuse the enemy or in staging retreats before pushing forward, and that from what I can gather even the Ukrainian presidential advisors are saying it's too early to call it a Russian retreat. That being said from the sounds of it, it's probably a legit retreat. Retreating is militarily sound, but politically suicidal for the Russians, so it will be interesting to see how Russian citizens react to the withdrawal and how Putin's advisors try to justify it. Surovikin the war general in charge of giving out actual orders and meeting demands is taking a "don't give a fuck it's necessary to win the war" approach while Shoigu the civilian-side defense minister is humming and hawwing quite a bit while having approved the measure from the sounds of it (Russia's military has a civilian-sector group declaring objectives and a military-sector group deciding how to go about achieving those objectives; it's very top-down and has bogged down the Russian military repeatedly which is why it's primarily the Chechens and Wagner making gains in Ukraine).  Contributing factors that lead to Russians deciding to retreat from Kherson include... >Ukraine knows it's a politically strategic target that will mess with Russian morale after the prior morale loss after pulling out of Kharkiv so they are targeting more resources there harming Russian combat capabilities >Russia relies on the rail networks for transporting artillery to the front lines so ferries just don't cut it >There are only two rail networks Russia can use to replace artillery shells, and they are under increasingly strong attacks >Russians would need to secure territory to the North or West in order to maintain Kherson, and the Nova Khakovkha crossing is unusable killing any hopes of a Northern assault not passing through Zaporizhia/Dnipro >On the flip side, Kherson is a necessary bridgehead to launch any assaults on Kryvy Rih or Nikolaev (Russians have apparently decided these are not suitable targets) >Ukraine needs to take Kherson in order to open up any kind of negotiations with Russia since they have to show results to America (around the time that Russia started to make moves to suggest pulling out of Kherson, the Biden admin stopped trying to block Biden and Putin from meeting in the upcoming Bali G20 summit and Putin is sending Lavrov instead in order to ease tensions and encourage Zelensky to attend)  >Civilians have been successfully evacuated (many reported it would take about 25 days to evacuate all civilians in a timely manner and we're approaching that 25 day mark) >With resupply being difficult and power being intermittent at best in the Kherson region, Russians would have to supply the troops with a greater-than-average number of resources in order to get through winter, through limited contact lines that are easily targeted, which could lead to a mess come December/January >If the Ukrainians do blow one of the dams, the river will get even wider than it already is from the autumn rain releases destroying any pontoon crossings currently set up >On the flip side, these same winter/flooding vulnerabilities mean Ukraine will likely struggle to "hold" the territory if Russia does decide to cross again >Russia is experiencing larger munition and troop losses in Kherson than elsewhere >Russia seems to still be using the "minimize civilian casualty" strategy (there are several high rises in Donbass that could have been taken out to speed up the capture process there, but Russian high command was worried about civilian casualties so they wouldn't let artillery strike high-rise structures in Bakhmut, as an example) >From the sounds of it, the mobilized troops aren't being deployed in Kherson for one reason or another tl;dr- There is no military reason for Russia to hold Kherson other than to justify further pushes to the West/North. It's almost purely a morale/ideological drive in maintaining the city, so the Russians seem to be taking a sobering approach. If you want to take the "4D chess" approach you could claim that Russia pulling back will encourage the war hawks in Ukraine to keep engaging in war/further radicalize the Russian populace, but Surovikin/Shoigu have shown themselves to be almost overly pragmatic so chances are this is being done understanding the military consequences if they don't. ngl wish Ukraine would make gains that wasn't "Russia is retreating for strategic reasons" but Russia is gonna look the fool if they don't make some gains soon.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

what the fuck is even going on anymore
>>43522 Thanks for this. Russia probably has some offensive plans i'd assume, i know Surovikin has been trying to stabilize the front but it would be too foolish to not plan attacks at all, maybe they waited to retreat now since they have forces and plans to attack elsewhere. This is a cope though, at this point it wouldn't surprise me if the Russian leadership is so incompetent to not have any follow up moves to improve their position. This whole war is starting to remind me of the Armenian-azeri one.
>>43527 tl;dr- Russia is making politically embarrassing retreats that make them look like complete asses on the world stage/domestically, but that make sense militarily.

Open file (1.32 MB 1300x1625 ICBM.jfif)
Open file (506.76 KB 717x563 Welcome to Hell.png)
Open file (944.53 KB 3994x1994 WWIII.jpg)
World War III (WWIII) General Strelok 08/02/2022 (Tue) 04:41:42 ID: 73a4d5 No.38489 [Reply] [Last]
>China is threatening retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan with both sides moving aircraft carriers towards the South China Sea/Taiwan >Russia saying they are already at war with NATO (half-jokingly half-seriously) with sanctions and weapons deployments >Lithuania still being little shits endangering all of Europe after Ukraine >America signed a pact with Israel saying Israel can choose to start a war with Iran at any time and America will come to their aid militarily >Kim Jong-un claiming that North Korea is now ready to deploy nuclear deterrents >Stalemate in India-China talks after 16 rounds of negotiations >Gas shortages which are going to lead to food shortages/famines around the globe >An American administration keen to flaunt their military superiority after the giant flop that was Afghanistan last year while getting militarily embarrassed over the (realistically impressive but politically) lackluster performance of NATO-trained forces in Ukraine >A Russian administration with everything to gain and very little to lose >A Chinese administration holding on by the skin of their teeth amid chink flu lockdowns with elections coming and Xi who's painted himself as "equal to Mao" wanting a third term in office >Japan talking about expanding their nuclear power generation at a time when they are seriously considering amending the constitution to allow nuclear weapons proliferation/a standing army after Shinzo Abe's assassination >Strauss-Howe Generational Theory estimating 2028 as the start of the next "good times" after hard times >Tamamo no Mae still on the loose The world is not in a good place right now and while it may not actually be time for WWIII but perhaps rather a global collapse, the real threat is there that it could spark from a single event much like WWI did. A general thread for WWIII-related discussion, news, and speculation.
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>>41992 Yeah sure just ignore the dozen posts of faggotry all spammed within minutes of each other on a board where there's usually hours between posts you stupid faggot. You can't even sage properly either, go back to gayhole's swamp and wallow in your self-made hell.
>>41986 Even if they were removed from that stupid plugin they're already aware of the other sites and will just come to them anyway.
>>41995 nothing is stopping you but I think you should make a new thread because this one hit the global bump limit
>>41993 >talks like a /v/ faggot >muh gayhoole Kys, seriously.
>>42024 DnC successful, 0.05lira has been deposited to your account

WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION 2 Strelok 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:25:10 No.7830 [Reply] [Last]
Previous Thread >>6332 https://archive.is/SCXtf >Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes https://archive.vn/cpLdk >Armenians Claim They Shot Down Another Bayraktar TB2 Over Nagorno-Karabakh https://archive.is/Rd2r0 >Azerbaijani Forces Rush To Capture Lachin Cororidor From Retreating Armenians
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>>41842 Armenia already asked the CSTO to intervene, and the CSTO told Armenia to fuck off. https://archive.ph/sGOix
>>41839 >shooting wildly >towards a bunch of rocks >when your buddies are standing in a circle around your targets Seems like a bad idea, I wonder how many times someone has done this and injured/killed one of their own with a ricochet.
>>41851 thats hella uncool, yo
>>41839 It's been a couple of hundred thousands years of human conflict and somehow there's still people out there that unironically believe that surrendering to the enemy is a viable option. Throughout history the overwhelming majority of the time, prisoners end up butchered. Unless you're fighting some western nation then surrendering is literally the equivalent of suicide. The Azeris in that video are not doing anything out of the ordinary. Killing prisoners is literally what everyone except for the west tends to do in war. You'd think that the Armenians especially would understand this after fighting them twice already.
>>41897 It depends pretty heavily on your neighbors, the modern west isn't anywhere near the first society to take prisoners over mass slaughter. Though the other result was usually slavery instead of being thrown in a prison forever.

Might as well make sure that nobody is stuck here: >>42011 >>42011 >>42011 >>42011
>>42046 stuck? no, I'm here by choice.
>>42046 >404 Well, RIP
>>42250 >>42250 don't fug it up this time
>>41956 >Air Raider has requested a SpriteFall

Asian military history Strelok 12/14/2020 (Mon) 12:30:01 No.10850 [Reply] [Last]
A thread where we can discuss anything from horse archery to why the two Koreas should be reunified as part of the Great Japanese Empire.
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>>17948 >That were genuinely neutral Don't exist during the Cold War. Arguably Bhutan, but they were just a hedonist Buddhist sect camping out in the swamps below the Tibetan mountains. In almost every case where a "neutral" country existed, either America, Russia, or China was involved secretly if not overtly. My personal favorite is Indonesia. Originally the US was filming a fake pornography of the Communist party's leader set up to look as much like him as possible, until militants in Indonesia started launching a coup leading to the political plan being scrapped. Then, the US embassy proceeded to offer "asylum" to the commies being murdered in the streets so that they could hand over a list of names to the Indonesian military, all while claiming to be a "neutral party" in it.
I like the JGSDF wheeled tanks as QRF or expeditionary force. Now I hope some force adopts DMR's sots full power rifle cartridges for everyone. With varying degrees of optics for more specialized roles.
Open file (29.16 KB 480x512 confused 2.jpg)
>>18989 >Now I hope some force adopts DMR's sots full power rifle cartridges for everyone. What do you mean by this?
Open file (292.19 KB 2122x1750 Ōzutsu (Big Gun).jpg)
I don't have anything to say, except that I like this thing.
Open file (112.67 KB 1440x622 a05-1.jpg)
Open file (249.04 KB 1536x1024 a05-3.jpg)
Open file (107.90 KB 1049x799 a05-2.jpg)
>>10850 Mongols ~ World History #17 by Crash Course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szxPar0BcMo >>10850 KAI KF-21 Boramae - Korean Future Fighter Program: will it be good? K2 Black Panther tank looks sick.

Open file (160.47 KB 1280x960 kusarigama.jpg)
Kusarigama and Other Ninja Gear Strelok 11/14/2021 (Sun) 10:24:43 No.20438 [Reply] [Last]
The kusarigama confuses me. The design itself is perfectly reasonable: It's a flail with a short-range weapon attached for when you get a bit too intimate with your enemy. It leaves me wondering why European flails didn't have a spike on the handle just in case, but whatever. No, the confusing thing about the kusarigama is why a sickle of all things? Why not use a kunai, a hatchet or a pick instead? They are typically seen as ninja weapons and in that regard the obvious answer is to use the sickle as a grappling hook. However, a Japanese sickle would be an absolutely shit grappling hook because the shaft is longer than the blade is wide and that's the opposite of what you want. And even if you do manage to catch something, you're going to be putting half your bodyweight directly onto your carefully sharpened blade so now all you've got is a shitty warpick. A normal pick would make an excellent hook, with the downside of losing your throat-slitting capability. And as for skirting ATF-san? Do you really think your local glow-kokujin is going to believe you when you tell him that you thresh your grain with a meteor flail, and that you do it out in the rice paddy? It would be perfect if you could just stick the chain on with a bow shackle, but I don't know if the nips had anything quite that convenient back then.
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Open file (72.78 KB 552x844 Barbary Pirates.jpg)
>>40293 I think ideally you would just make the shells out of iron but of course the whole point was that Nippon didn't have the metal to spare in WWII. >lead shot I'm kind of wondering that myself after I came across this.
>>40291 That post doesn't really do the type 4 grenade justice. It wasn't designed for general Naval use nor was it designed for fragmentation. It was a last-ditch suicide weapon that every civilian was armed with in the event of an American invasion. It was designed as a concussion grenade to disorient American troops long enough to charge over a trench or hill without getting mowed down as badly, which is why so much craftsmenship based on region went into the weapon. It was a "people's weapon" to defend their homeland, not a military weapon for taking out enemy positions.
>>40293 Perhaps, but they weren't being built by manufacturing hubs. Pottery makers were commissioned to make them and given "schematics" detailing the construction. They are different in every region because each Japanese potter had a different set of glassmaking/ceramic skills. In many cases those people were civilian artisans so they likely wouldn't have thought much on how to make them kill better. They were pulled away from their lifelong works to make suicide grenades in preparation for an American invasion. The potters probably didn't want to build them in the first place.
>>40395 That's a nice bit of extra info anon. I don't guess you have anything on pre-modern Japanese (or just Asian) hand grenades?
I've been looking at the Fire Dragon Manual and it has some interesting stuff on early Chinese incendiary weapons but I still can't find anything yet on early Japanese grenades.

Leftists are hypocritical DeepL.com/Translator 08/30/2022 (Tue) 15:11:46 ID: b67685 No.40037 [Reply] [Last]
I find the way history is written is very hypocritical. When Westerners take control of a place or move to a new land, they are called "colonized" "colonizers" "plundering resources", "stealing land " etc. When non-Western countries invade and colonize a place, they are called "migrants", "in-migrants", "expansion" and "redistributing land " When the West renders insurgent forces harmless, the left usually calls it "massacre innocent people". When the same thing happens in a non-Western country, the way to describe the event becomes "conflict outbreak", "quelling the rebellion", "XX people were killed in the conflict"
50 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>40377 >n-no you're mad Keep crying, bitch. At this rate you might actually drown me! >>40375 You may be illiterate, but you're welcome you double-jew.
>>40384 I wonder, why isn't this already banned.
Open file (98.87 KB 600x674 smugerika.png)
>can't stop replying >proves he has no sense of actual self-awareness >the best he can do is to deliver another emotionally fueled woman-tier no u response >10 posts by his own id >somehow its everyone else that is mad/illiterate/[insert buzzword] Gentlemen, I present to you your "sane" marxist One massive oxymoron indeed
Open file (28.42 KB 300x381 Clausewitz.jpg)
>>40298 >I don't want a community any more if it's full of people who are more interested in politics than in weapons/war....
>>40308 >90 year ban kek. >>40388 (checked, \o heil) >the best he can do is to deliver another emotionally fueled woman-tier no u response well anon the estrogen has stripped him of his ability to reason or functionally convey the thoughts in his troonshine saturated mess of a brain.

Open file (83.15 KB 976x549 suitcase nuke.jpg)
Strelok 09/08/2022 (Thu) 15:42:02 ID: fd6529 No.40541 [Reply]
theoretically speaking;would poisoning 10 000 coins and throwing them (not at all at once;tho)down the toilet, cause mass-poisoning of a population? would the sewer workers,evenually, notice hundreds of vauable coins and want to fetch them? And, what about poisoning with extra-lethal concentrated dousing liquid,a large patch of land,so-that the evaporation of the liquid unto clouds produces murderous rain?
Go read up on how wastewater processing works first if you want your answer. Knowing OP's luck he'd just flush them into a closed leech field system and kill everything on his property with zinc/copper poisoning. You's have better luck making a fatberg and paying several thousand in cleanup fees. "Poison" doesn't mean anything without knowing the delivery mechanism and how it interacts with the body.
>>40541 You don't need to do terrorism today and risk ruining your life when crooked corporations and corrupted governments are poisoning our food and water supply already covertly, while rolling out toxic tainted "vaccines" and spraying us like bugs via the chemtrails (read: aluminum oxides, barium and strontium) over the skies. There is enough effort to depopulate the world 10x more than any effort you could ever muster by much more rich greedy and well resourced organizations. And no, 10,000 coins would not be enough to poison any major city. Maybe a small town. But anyone with brain value today already filters their water.
>>40541 >flushing poisoned coins down the toilet >not strategically placing them near synagogues, financial exchanges and investment banks >not dumping the poison into a drinking water reservoir and using the shekels for something else
>>40618 Stop replying and bumping his threads. He's just a scat fetishist obsessed with toilet-related "WMDs".

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