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Open file (95.46 KB 550x825 feldsher.jpg)
Medical knowledge thread: rural edition Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 17:48:07 No.10305 [Reply]
Anons, i need your advice. Today, one of my chicken was attacked, and heavily wounded, by some bird, i didn't recognize what kind. I took it in, cleaned the wound, put on some cream and bandages, now it's hopefully recovering. still, it made me think, about what could happen in a more serious scenario. What if it was one of my family members, or a friend or ally? what would i do? i need more knowledge on medical procedures, some kind of feldsher handbooks, everything you could provide on how to treat medium or heavy wounds in a rural environment, without the help of a doctor.
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>>10306 every little bit helps. thanks for the book, i'll see if i can find it in pdf. infographics tend to be very condensed and straightforward, so I'd be happy to have someone post them here. maybe, if someone here is a trained medical professional, he could provide some helpful info from personal experience. I am thankful for every bit of info i can get my hands on, and i bet there are several other anons who think the same
>>10307 Just so you know, there is a second edition of the book under the same name, which seems to be shit [according to the reviews]. The link I posted was to the first book.
>>10310 Shit, looks like I'm retarded [my mom always told me I was autistic, I guess she was right} the like I posted was to the third edition.
A big problem you usually cant do much about is sepsis, so you need antibiotics. If you dont have them you're pretty much fucked. For everything else look into army fields manuals.
>>10315 Some trees natrually have anti microbial properties. But they usually are to a degree carcinogenic everything is with a low therpeutic index. American trees of Xanthozylum spp (esp Z. Clava herculis) are an example with the compound cherylthene

US Navy Ship on Fire for Two Days Straight Strelok 07/14/2020 (Tue) 04:40:10 No.4168 [Reply]
1,000-degree blaze continues to rage aboard Navy ship in San Diego The fire has brought down the USS Bonhomme Richard's forward mast. More than 400 sailors are working to put out the massive fire that continues to rage aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego and Navy officials are unclear how long the blaze might continue to burn.nThe fire has brought down the amphibious assault ship's forward mast and caused other damage to the ship's superstructure that rises above its flight deck. "There is a tremendous amount of heat underneath and that's where it's -- it's flashing up -- also forward, closer to the bow again there's a heat source and we're trying to get to that as well," Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, the commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3 said at a news conference Monday in San Diego. Sobeck said that the temperatures in the fire's heat sources are reaching as high as 1,000 degrees. With temperatures that high, the sailors are rotating in on 15-minute firefighting shifts. Asked if he believes the ship could be saved, Sobeck said, "I feel absolutely hopeful because we have sailors giving it their all." He also expressed confidence that the fire will not get close to the ship's supply of one million gallons of fuel, which lies two decks below the blaze. The fire continues to cause damage to the the ship's superstructure, which rises above its flight deck and has brought down one of the two masts that tower above. Sobeck acknowledged that the ship's Halon fire suppression system -- which could have put out the initial fire -- was not activated because it was also receiving maintenance. "We again augment that with firefighting elements from the pier and the shipyard," said Sobeck. Teams of sailors were pouring water onto the ship from the pier and from tugboats along its side. Navy helicopters have also dropped 415 buckets of water on the ship to contain the fire, much as they have done in the past to help put out wildfires. There were 57 sailors injured after the fire started aboard the ship on Sunday, most have been treated for exhaustion and smoke inhalation. A U.S. official told ABC News that the last five individuals who remained hospitalized have been released from the hospital.

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>>9866 >'98 Check that, even earlier: 1997
>>9866 >>9867 Maybe the real fight was the friends she made along the way.
>>9866 >motto irony It's due to the fact that the fire was noticed for so long and wasn't contained. It's painstakingly obvious (at least in the photo) that there was no attempt to even douse the area in question. I'd was also slightly making a joke about also it being lost in a dock rather than going down in a blaze of glory >>9863 >arson theroy Probably just the higher ups covering their asses. They can't blame it on a black or a hispanic because muh racisim and would incite riots 4.0. Most likely it'll be joe shmuck from alabama or some asian person since white people are the devil and asians are "basically white".
>>9871 Could be. >>9875 Ahh, I see then. Makes sense.
>>9875 >tfw no dreyfus affair 2.0

Open file (15.30 MB 854x480 Rhodesians Never Die.mp4)
Rhodesia Thread Strelok 11/12/2020 (Thu) 02:34:29 No.8898 [Reply]
November 11, the birth of one of the greatest nations to ever grace this planet. Imagine if they were still around today, we'd have a safe place to run to when the world collapses.
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Open file (1.95 MB 3071x2185 751.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 3056x3071 752.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 2986x3071 756.jpg)
Open file (1.66 MB 3008x3071 757.jpg)
Open file (2.21 MB 3071x2304 769.jpg)
Open file (1.72 MB 3071x2298 770.jpg)
Open file (1.11 MB 3071x2936 773.jpg)
Open file (2.21 MB 3071x2083 782.jpg)
Open file (2.33 MB 3071x2251 783.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 3071x2408 784.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 3071x2095 1038.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 3071x2052 1039.jpg)
Open file (1.62 MB 3071x2017 1044.jpg)
Open file (2.27 MB 3071x2117 1090.jpg)
Open file (2.63 MB 2134x3071 1091.jpg)
Open file (2.52 MB 3071x2238 1092.jpg)
Open file (1.96 MB 3071x2062 1102.jpg)
Open file (1.90 MB 3071x1993 1103.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 3071x2029 1131.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 3071x2033 1132.jpg)
Open file (1.80 MB 3071x2068 1133.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 3071x2142 1134.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 3071x2096 1135.jpg)
Open file (2.05 MB 3071x2069 1136.jpg)
Open file (1.76 MB 3071x2022 1137.jpg)

US Air Force claims to have built a superplane in secret Strelok 09/20/2020 (Sun) 18:17:35 No.5846 [Reply] [Last]
Revealed: US Air Force Has Secretly Built and Flown a New Fighter Jet The new digital tools that designed the full-scale flight demonstrator could herald a sea change in weapons acquisition. >The U.S. Air Force’s disclosure that it has secretly built and flown a prototype fighter jet could signal a shift in how the military buys weapons and who builds them. >Will Roper, the head of Air Force acquisition, revealed the existence of the new jet, which he said was part of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD, project. “NGAD right now is designing, assembling, testing in the digital world, exploring things that would have cost time and money to wait for physical world results,” Roper said during a video presentation at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference on Tuesday. “NGAD has come so far that the full-scale flight demonstrator has already flown in the physical world. It’s broken a lot of records in the doing.” >Roper provided no more details about the jet, which is presumed to be the Pentagon’s first attempt to build a “sixth-generation” tactical aircraft after the fifth-gen F-22 and F-35 jets. He even declined to name the company or companies that built the jet. But he said the digital design technology used to build the new plane could increase competition and increase the number of American military jet makers. >“Digital engineering is lowering overhead for production and assembly [so] you do not have to have huge facilities, huge workforces [and] expensive tooling,” Roper said on a video conference call with reporters after his presentation. “It is letting us take aircraft assembly back to where we were in the [19]70s and prior to it — back when we had 10 or more companies who could build airplanes for the United States Air Force, because you could do it in hangar-like facilities with small, but very good teams, of engineers and mechanics. We're going back to that. It's super exciting.” >Lockheed Martin and Boeing are the only two U.S. companies that currently build fighter jets. >The Air Force in July revealed that it received 18 bids for a new drone that could fly in formation with manned fighter jets. While Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Atomics won contracts, much smaller Kratos, which has been the subject of acquisition speculation, also received a contract. “We're...surprised there were 18 bidders,” Cowen & Company analyst Roman Schweizer, wrote in a July 24 note to investors. “Having five competitors for a decent-sized program is pretty solid, in our opinion, particularly when you consider three or fewer is the norm for most platforms, weapons or systems.” >Another reason for disclosing the NGAD project: Roper wants companies to invest more in digital design technology. In recent years, the Pentagon writ large has been trying to tap into innovation, particularly commercial technology, that could be adopted for the military. >Roper declined to give many additional details about the NGAD project because it is classified. But he said part of the reasoning for disclosing the existence of a test aircraft was to prove to naysayers that combat aircraft could be fully designed and tested on computers before they’re physically built, much like the way Boeing and Saab built the T-7 pilot training jet in recent years. “I've had many people in the Pentagon and elsewhere, say, ‘I see how you could apply that approach to a trainer like T-7, but you could not build a cutting-edge warfighting system that way,’” Roper said. “I've had to listen to that and just nod my head and say, ‘Well, you may be right,’ knowing in the back of my head that you're actually wrong because of what NGAD has done.”

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Can carbon nanotubes serve as anti-fragmentation armor on rigid airship hulls?
>>9492 >that spoiler Yes, CNT alloys and composites are nearly wonder-materials and have a wide variety of uses for lightweight but durable materials, but the bigger question is why?
>>9214 >Has anyone ever thought to use frag grenades-turned-quadcopters as mobile boobytraps? How new are you? https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=XcixM7OT4eA >nano-thermite explosive drones >both confirms nano-thermite evidence at WTC, and announces the HK drone swarm future >happened before the mall ninja kinetic missile assassination >muh 2 hours This is the exact agenda of what is to come. Do you like seeing the future, anon? >>9496 Line of sight laser based communication.
>>9515 >all these geriatric orcs barely kept alive by transfusion of children's blood
>>9515 After watching it here are a few of the more interesting or memorable things: >foreign policy According to them the state secretary needs people who can think in long term strategies. One of them even said that they need a ˝long-range dialogue that doesn't change every 4 years˝. That is of course impossible, because American foreign policy is determined by the relative strength of various lobbies, but they obviously didn't say a thing about at. >nukes Nucular wepinz r bad'n'immoral! t. Reagan. Paradoxically they want to get rid of smaller nuclear weapons because they are afraid that somebody might use them even in a situation where said somebody would be afraid to go balls deep and start a total nuclear war. Either they are using some kind of a reverse logic to make sure that ICBMs will fly in the coming decades, or they are very naive. They are also afraid that North Korea will prompt other Asian countries to develop their own nukes, and they don't want that. >deglobalization They bring up the meme of 3D printing (one of them points out that addictive manufacturing is a better term, and I have to actually agree), but correctly identify automatization as being the real deal. And they conclude that it's pointless to manufacture anything in the other half of the globe if you don't need cheap labour. But then they don't say anything about where it leads, I assume it's because the US of A was drumming the beat of global trade for so long that no matter what they say, somebody will have a problem with that. >immigration WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS! They say that nigger hordes are going to swarm out from Apefrica, but then don't really comment on that. >climate change They bring up the idea of carbon tax, and how it's a challenge, yadda yadda. The usual panels. Still, they did mention the possibility of new viruses emerging, and this video is a few years old, so this is where we can start speaking about conspiracies. >military stuff Drones are the future, at least according to them. They even argue to deploy cheap drone swarms in Europe that can be activated by reservists when if the USSR Russians attacks. One of them nearly said Soviet Union instead of Russia, but then quickly corrected himself. Only to unironically say Soviet Union a few minutes later. They also said that the DoD should buy ˝smaller˝ and cheaper systems, not big expensive ones. Which is an excellent point, but again, they should know that the DoD is the puppet of the military-industrial complex, so it's never going to happen. >Russia According to them Russkies have a strong military but are quite weak actually, and they should have a dialogue with them. Which sounds like they want to poke the bear. They said that Russia feels threatened if NATO's influence reaches the eastern border of Ukraine, but Europe feels threatened if NATO's influence end at the western border of Ukraine. So they bring up some bullshit about how Ukraine should be a free and independent country that can choose its own destiny. Translation: they should bring Ukraine into their fold. >China

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META BREAD 2 Strelok Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:38:08 No.21 [Reply] [Last]
This is where you go to complain. In my brief usage of IRC and seeing its effects, the concept of secret administrative communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving forward, any e-mails exchanged between myself and my moderators will be posted here in full for your viewing pleasure. /k/ does not have an IRC, discord, TikTok, exhentai, or Everquest account.
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>>7433 no shit
Open file (42.90 KB 610x452 1472074061384.jpg)
>>7433 >Rule 8 : Do not post invite links to Discord groups. way ahead of you pal
This is more of a meta discussion for the cafe in general, but was anyone here noticed that the server was down about 6-7 hours ago?
>>9319 Same

One-Time Time Travel Strelok 11/12/2020 (Thu) 20:15:29 No.8925 [Reply]
If you were offered the chance to 'time travel' back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? What would you do? Would you even accept the offer? You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~
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Open file (19.50 KB 438x438 1605371762307.jpg)
Why would I care about 1938 when everything had already gone to shit in 1863 and 1913? 1938 was the result of 1913 and 1917.
Open file (87.86 KB 650x487 inthetub.jpg)
>>9008 Don't forget them to teach late medieval hydro power, that would actually cause a population boom. And maybe don't forget of sanitation? While the myth of the Middle Ages not seeing one single bath in Europe is entierly based on myth, and slander, every single little no-name village had a HOT bathhouse connected to the bakery, do not forget that you are coming in from the current day. I hope you take the hygienic precautions in consideration, you wouldn't want everybody dying around you.
>>9169 Take a look at this before we turn this into an ise/k/ai thread: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Came_Early
>>9191 Wait, why did Poul Anderson write a novel about my first time? Seems a bit disrespectful.
Open file (119.62 KB 637x265 yes.png)
Just nuke them all bro, they're going to nuke your ally Japan for no good reason anyway

Cold War projects Strelok 10/11/2020 (Sun) 08:50:41 No.7182 [Reply]
A thread to discuss everything from nuclear tanks to nuclear spacecraft, and many more things.
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>>7196 What do you even want to know? It was posited that there were strategic assets in the '80s that were capable of shooting down nuclear missiles, and that the Soviets (insofar as at least the Russians) were in on it. Half of that is technically public knowledge these days. >>7796 >Rex84 There are literally hundreds of these plans out there. War Plan White is still a thing, although it goes by different names these days. >also what was the project with the giant cannon that shot computers into space to collect data for the space program. High Altitude Research Project, aka Project HARP. Gerald Bull's only successful, publicly admitted super-gun.
>>7797 >What do you even want to know? Honestly? I want that anon to spoon feed me shit outside of Wikipedia. I didn't know about MARAUDER until early this year, probably because of that same anon. Take this for instance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV6BCrbZbgY Pulsed laser launch vehicle. Good luck searching for that if you don't even know it exists. It was an offshoot of SDI that I learned about in the 90's. There was talk about Russia developing advanced EMP deterrents, which prevented the middle east getting worse than what it was.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Excalibur >Project Excalibur was a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Cold War–era research program to develop an X-ray laser as a ballistic missile defense (BMD) for the United States.[1] The concept involved packing large numbers of expendable X-ray lasers around a nuclear device. When the device detonated, the X-rays released by the bomb would be focused by the lasers, each of which would be aimed at a target missile.[2] When detonated in space, the lack of atmosphere to block the X-rays allowed attacks on missiles thousands of kilometers away. Quite strange that this is the article of the day on wikipedia.
Open file (51.06 KB 450x439 SLAM-e1367945279900.jpg)
>>7182 Don't forget Project Pluto and the SLAM, the missile powered by an exposed nuclear reactor that was supposed to loiter over the Soviet Union releasing radioactive waste everywhere before detonating over its target.

Open file (962.42 KB 762x507 ClipboardImage.png)
Major developments being ignored Strelok 11/13/2020 (Fri) 04:22:53 No.8941 [Reply]
What are some big innovations in weapons technology/strategy that you think aren't getting enough attention from the big militaries of the modern age? Why do you think it's getting ignored, and why do you think it could change the face of warfare? I suggest the Technical, because fast, lightweight ground transport isn't something most major armies are concerned with as far as I can tell. Boots on the ground are vital if you want true control of a region, and even the jury rigged examples we see used by guerilla fighters in the Middle East and Africa are game changers for the people using them. I'm interested to hear other opinions, or why I'm wrong.
7 posts omitted.
Can Van Riper-tier suicide attack boats be made semi-autonomous similar to what the Chair Force is cooking up with unmanned fighter drone wingmen for the F-35? So the Iranians need to send only a few dozen mechahideen flotilla commanders to paradise when facing off against a USN CVBG.
>>8976 You can already do that with arduinos and some solenoids.
>>8941 Technicals will definitely become a part a of a major military when they go against a near-peer adversary simply due to their abundance and the abundance of roads. Even if they aren't 'officially' adopted civilian trucks/cars will surely be made use of heavily in logistics and troop transportation simply due to abundance. In combat oriented roles I see troops on technicals acting in the same manner as dragoons, using the trucks to carry supplies, hmg's, atgm's, recoil-less rifles, mortars, and so on while the troops fight on foot. In a near-peer war I see the ability to move lots of manpower and materials will be decisive and as such technicals will quickly become extensively used. I think they aren't receiving attention because they don't fit into current prevailing doctrines and activities, and any development of technicals would purely be on their use.
>>8941 I think the 'hunter-killer' concept of tanks will be applied to the general army as well. That is the focus on spotting and engaging targets as quickly and accuracy as possible. Cheap Surveillance Drones will be more wide spread in armies and will see themselves organically embedded in smaller units of battle (ei battalion, company, platoon and even squad level) Optics on these will be more and more expensive and effective. Loitering munitions will be such an increased threat that they will be view which as much paranoia as IEDs are now in counter insurgency. A bomb can drop any where any time. Precision munitions. munitions that can reliably hit a vehicle, emplacement, building. Will be used to great effect in the next major conflict. Even more so one that can hit a moving target. On the other hand I think we might see a return of 'dumb munitions' for non western countries. Weaponry that has little to non adjust itself in flight, and therefor lest costly per shot/round/rocket, but is guided by state of the art launchers and FOs. I think massed rocket artillery might make a combat in this regard as it particularly suited for this.
Open file (475.01 KB 1170x610 ClipboardImage.png)
With LEO being so crowded these days is it possible for ICBM launches to induce Kessler syndrome by accident?

WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION 2 Strelok 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:25:10 No.7830 [Reply] [Last]
Previous Thread >>6332 https://archive.is/SCXtf >Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes https://archive.vn/cpLdk >Armenians Claim They Shot Down Another Bayraktar TB2 Over Nagorno-Karabakh https://archive.is/Rd2r0 >Azerbaijani Forces Rush To Capture Lachin Cororidor From Retreating Armenians
174 posts and 51 images omitted.
>>8794 >>8795 >>8801 Need to mention, Turkey will also be in the peacekeeping force alongside Russia.
>>8807 That confirms what I suspected: there was some kind of a secret deal between Russia and Turkey.
Armenia really shot itself in the foot didn't it? >>8798 Not with today's geopolitical reality >>8799 >pic related
Open file (83.51 KB 820x461 1489414778705.jpg)
>>8799 >The roach on the left tip-toeing, hoping to appear taller than he really is >Unfortunately for him the photograph is not at head-level
Very interesting interview on the topic by Syrian girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jjy57i-xJE

Open file (313.54 KB 2000x1150 441388805_preview_bmws3.png)
Ammo you wish existed Strelok 11/10/2020 (Tue) 05:34:36 No.8753 [Reply]
I just wanna buy some Gun-Nut brand ammo frens.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>8781 >silver bullets What for? Just drill a hole in a regular bullet and fill the cavity with silver if you want to play van Helsing.
Is that the old retexture by Slug from Half-Life Improvement Team / Half-Life Creations forums?
>>8838 A fellow man of culture I see.
>>8780 >Too bad it would be financially unviable for the most part The major issue is brass forming. Of course you'll also need an FFL :^)
>>8780 Already exists.

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