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Open file (52.88 KB 650x700 afrikakorpsbw.png)
Open file (103.02 KB 563x675 animubootybw.png)
Open file (22.53 KB 1006x1587 bearnade.gif)
Open file (47.16 KB 450x710 benisbw.png)
Stencils for ammo boxes and such. Strelok 06/22/2020 (Mon) 05:38:13 No.3113 [Reply] [Last]
I feel kind enough to share some /k/ related stencils I saved over the years.
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I have these.
Open file (4.30 KB 261x371 Impurity rune.png)
Open file (89.23 KB 1969x1957 1529619508.png)
>>3170 >>3171 Something's fucky about image uploading right now. I'll try one more time.
Open file (774.55 KB 8263x8250 sunlightparm.png)
>>3131 Don't listen to this dumbass, there's nothing wrong with most of these.
>>3174 Reuploading because this image is broke.

Open file (58.17 KB 863x398 Run-Hide-Fight.jpg)
Shooting Spree Defense Strelok 05/21/2020 (Thu) 16:35:48 No.586 [Reply] [Last]
We always get threads about spree shooters, but i'ld like to get a useful discussion going that doesn't end up being all about politics and beta faggot uprising memes. Something occured to me and that is these guys are typically open carrying long guns, usually AR platforms. Rarely do they use supressors, or a handgun/handguns in close quarters to kill a high number of people.If one of you were to get caught in the wake of one of these faggots temper tantrums how would you deal with the problem of being outgunned? There are lots of tactics we could discuss about how to neutralize or escape the threat before being mortally wounded. I personally feel morally obligated to close with the threat and gain a position that I could THEN draw my side arm and incapacitate or kill, then move on to the next objective. Why I decide to draw when i'm in position? A few reasons. 1) Avoid attention. If I appear as unthreatening as possible I can avoid attention while other people are looking for a guy with a gun to either avoid or pursue then i'll reduce the potential chaos I have to deal with. 2) Element of surprise. Again closing without posing a threat allows me time to gain a superior position, which is especially important when being outgunned. He may or may not target me with accurate fire, but the point is to reduce the odds as much as possible because he can't throw a rock and expect to hit every ant all at once. Some ants may make it easier by crowding around each other and the bigger the ant the more likely the rock will hit it, but smaller ants are less likely to be hit because they aren't as noticable. This is important psychologically too because most of these guys wont have to tranquility to rationally identify and react to a threat letting a harmless looking person get too close could be fatal for them. Are they accurate? Are they cocky? Do they need to reload? It isn't a simple yes or no and this is probably where the most danger is. 3) Self defense claim. There may be nothing to this, but I just thought if somehow I don't kill him and he latter presses charges. If I pop shot him from 20 meters with my pistol and it breaks his lower vertebrate effectively crippling his body and will to fight can he then survive and press charges against me for shooting him in the back? Might be less important or not depending on what laws govern your state and what (((lawyer))) he has. I apologize for a lack of sources to draw from as this isn't something I thought heavily about until now for reasons such as "I'll just draw faster, hur, magdump, hur, surpressive fire, durh" and my only real experience in fighting comes from Greco-Roman, old USSR style boxing, BJJ, free sparing in the army, HEMA and basic literature like The Art of War, or The Book of Five Rings. Hopefully now that i've posed this question you all could provide your resources and we could gain deeper insight from one another. Thoughts?
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>>742 This is very important. Don't forget Port Arthur. You may think you're facing some mk ultra tard when really it's some Tier 1 operator and the tard is just the fall guy.
>>2384 To add to that composition many children nowadays are getting supplied with personal laptops for their courses. Would a laptop and the necessary books be sufficient impromptu defense all things considered?
>>2394 for pistol caliber, yes. Not for rifle.
Open file (24.17 KB 500x333 retardbart.jpg)
>>2384 >>2394 What if they don't shoot you in the book bag? What happens if they shoot you where you don't have a book bag? Get's the old noggin' joggin.
>>2960 >What if they don't shoot you in the plate carrier? What happens if they shoot you where you don't have a plate carrier? It's almost like a book bag is a more socially acceptable low profile and stripped down plate carrier that sacrifices some protection (one side protection only) for weight savings.

Open file (139.01 KB 500x535 1252555298985.jpg)
Weaponry to fight a cryptid Strelok 06/02/2020 (Tue) 04:19:51 No.1322 [Reply] [Last]
You find out there's some cryptid in your area. Big foot, a yeti, some weird thing with assholes for nipples. Doesn't really matter what it is exactly. You and a couple of guys are to form a militia and check the area after 3 kids come running home bloody and crying. What do you take equipment wise? What tactics would you use as a small team to fight an animal of unknown capabilities (at least a bear in size and strength) and high intelligence (potentially human level intelligence)?
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>>1376 Everyone being informed back fires pretty badly for "real" monster hunters. Small town monsters do documentaries on towns with cryptids and how it effects them. As soon as a monster makes any news story the area is swarming with FUDs and larpers going here there and every where. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmnSCGr65Pk One of the best documentaries made on these kind of things. Sherrif being interviewed and the family who claimed it, even has the journo who wrote the stories up. It became a real shit show once it grew legs.
>>1322 >after 3 kids come running home bloody and crying. What do you take equipment wise? I go full commando, I only need one thing if you know what I mean.
Open file (90.92 KB 618x618 263623680456.jpg)
>>1322 Get stab/slash protection armor. Armor is a force multiplier and in the forest you cannot guarantee that the encounter isn't going to be close and personal.
>>1379 missing out on your bushy moustache policy for rifle/shotgun team
A coathanger.

Open file (433.76 KB 604x604 1573156499486.png)
Riots 2 Strelok 06/08/2020 (Mon) 07:57:54 No.2030 [Reply] [Last]
There be riots. This be them riot posts. Them police be shootin gud bois. Them Irish be raycis Post your riot shit here so the China Flu thread isn't cluttered.
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Chinks just murdered three poo soldiers in the Himalayas.
>>2718 Link, you absolute nigger. I’ve been waiting for Sino-Indian war part II electric pooinloo for so long.
>>2720 Won't happen. Not unless the ruskies/america get involved. Pakis are worth shit and get facerolled. Also, its less of a nationalist issue more of a "water rights" issue. Both side could give less of a shit about Tibetans caught in the crossfire.
>>2712 >>2718 >>2746 much more dead possibly >>2747
>>2748 The last time those two fought 99% of casualties were from attrition due to the extreme altitude Literally more people died just going to the area than fighting lol High altitude sickness is a bitch

Open file (8.51 KB 255x255 ak.jpg)
Strelok 05/31/2020 (Sun) 04:51:27 No.1025 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1025 Its korean trash metal strelok. You can get new steel Bulgarian mags cheaper than that.
>>1109 I have a couple of the korean mags, and they are actually pretty reliable. The only downside is being thinner steel.
>>1027 What about tactical push-up?
>>1109 >>1111 Are these equal to Bulgarian surplus mags? Is the construction and quality identical?

Open file (199.74 KB 366x360 ClipboardImage.png)
Strelok 05/18/2020 (Mon) 03:53:59 No.430 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1795 Great, I'm on a watchlist now. BRB microwaving my phone and putting ol' tannie out on the lawn.
>>1794 Did the prison specifically reply to your mail by telling they dumped your letters?
>>1897 I'm assuming they did on the basis of what their Muslim leader said about that one response back and what Breivik has been complaining about for awhile. >>1795 I write letters quite often so it wasn't a matter of wasted time.
>>1936 What response? It's true that no other letter has appeared since the russian guy's letter last year though. NZ is no different than a third world country in treating political prisoners.
>>2399 Her ablooblooing that he was able to send letters out, that response. >third world country in treating political prisoners. Most western nations treat political prisoners in a manner that would make the KGB seem tame in comparison.

Open file (136.04 KB 800x568 HOWA5.56 Berreta 40mm.jpg)
Open file (79.40 KB 800x536 SFP9 VP9.jpg)
Open file (106.52 KB 800x568 tfw chinks.jpg)
Open file (129.90 KB 800x583 nerdcheck.jpg)
R&D, New Adoption, Procurements Thread I Strelok 05/20/2020 (Wed) 15:04:43 No.512 [Reply] [Last]
NEW SHIT HOT SHIT Thread to discuss new research projects, developments, adoptions, and procurements of /k/ related material. JAPAN: "Type 20" Rifle unveiled = Improved Drainage, Pistol Renewed May 18th http://archive.is/3oiGh https://trafficnews.jp/post/96397 Translated by anon >The Ground Self Defense Forces unveiled newly adopted Type 20 5.56mm rifle and 9mm Pistol SFP 9 to the press on the 18th. The new rifle has been outfitted with use in remote island defence operations in mind, with improvements in drainage and corrosion resistance, in addition to a new stock with adjustable cheek riser and stock extension. The new rifle is to be adopted by infantry regiments of the various army groups and the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade. >The current rifle (Type 89) was introduced in 1989, and pistol (P220) in 1982, both being renewed for the first time in 31 and 38 years respectively. The Ministry of Defence plans to acquire 3283 new Type 20 rifles and 323 SFP9 pistols within the year. >The new rifle is made by Howa Industries (Aichi Pref. Kiyosu City). It is capable of firing 30 rounds continuously [sic], and maintains the famous "ア・タ・レ (translates to HIT)" selector markings (安全・アンゼン=Safe)・タ(単発・タンパツ=Single Shot)・レ(連射・レンシャ=Automatic Fire)". The rifle has a grip on the forend improving manipulation [sic]. The new pistol is made by Heckler and Koch of Germany and carries 15 rounds. The grip is far more ergonomic and it is capable of single handed magazine extraction. With sexy andguards with MLOK slots, cringepods, and journalists who know so little about firearms and picatinny rails, you can all marvel how the Japanese rearmament continues cheerfully.
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>>565 >>568 >>573 Think i’ve been playing a lot of 40k recently because that reminds me of a lasgun.
>>573 Just to be clear, these aren't official. They were made by some Chinese guy on Pixiv from what he could figure out from the patent drawings.
>>565 I just want telescoped polymer 5.56 for civilian use. they should go with that ammunition but put in in a bullpup to piss everyone off though. speaking of telescoped it would be nice to have .500S&W bullets loaded into a telescoping polymer case that could fit into the grip of an autoloader so we can have halo magnums in real life
Do you guys think it would be feesable to hand-press telescopic captured piston rounds like the old PSS had? You might be able to extract them with a normal bolt action rifle
>>2327 Yes, but I doubt they could be reloaded after use. It would be like loading a normal cartridge, but with the added steps of seating the piston and sizing the case mouth. It would be easiest to base it off of an existing straight walled round for brass availability and to minimize the amount of dies that would be needed. You'd also want to anneal the case mouth before necking it down.

Meme revolver thread Strelok 05/13/2020 (Wed) 16:34:55 No.184 [Reply] [Last]
Let's pick up where we left, and I don't mean the part with the glockfag. >Mateba Unica 6 Conservation and Refurbishment https://invidio.us/watch?v=HJ0WOIMvecc
On the subject of Matebas, does anyone know how the new production ones compare to the originals?
>>194 Are they already out in the market in significant quantity? Because I strongly suspect that a few richfags bought them as safequeens, and now the Italian factory is surely closed for a while. It might have been enough to ruin the company.
>>241 I know kommandostore had their preorder slots filled pretty quick. It was a limited-run import deal with the factory (import ~2000 units and we'll see how they sell, then maybe import more), so corona-chan scare probably didn't hurt them as badly as it might have otherwise.
>>184 am I retarded if I want to get a rock island M206 and then strip off the parkerizing and get it blued since I won't be able to afford a Detective special?

Open file (96.01 KB 476x400 mag571_6.png)
Strelok 06/07/2020 (Sun) 22:12:01 No.2001 [Reply] [Last]
How 2 go about getting a high capacity mag if I live in a state where they're banned completely? NY state is garbage but I managed to get a setup with detachable mags. Just unsure of how to procure something better than 10 round capacity. Ideas?
>>2001 Methinks you should use the appropriate thread.

Open file (137.35 KB 863x659 14in Railway Gun.jpeg)
Artillery thread Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 13:14:04 No.268 [Reply] [Last]
I like 'em big.
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>>1962 Really? I thought the problem with battleships was that they're too easy to destroy relative to the cost of production and destroyers could basically do their job with missiles while remaining cheaper while the range of naval combat increased beyond the range of 16in guns. Battleships armed SLRCs would pretty much solve all of those problems with just their range alone.
>>1969 You should read this whole thread: >>503
>>1969 Strelok, 50nmi sabot shells for the 16in guns were invented in 1945. By 1965, that had extended to ~85nmi, and by the early '80s ~100nmi (that one was actually test fired from the USS Wisconsin and achieved those results in the real world - all 9 shots landed within 9 yards of the target at that range, too). The Navy considered it pointless back in the 40s/50s because they basically didn't believe a surface ship was capable of natively targeting at those ranges and were very hesitant to rely on then fledgling rotary-wing Air Observers. By the 60's New Jersey reactivation, they were putting a lot of serious work into it before politics pulled the New Jersey back into mothballs. Again in the 80s, a lot of work went into them, resulting in the ~100nmi sabot shell, and then some absolute genius at Pratt and Whitney realized that 11in sub-caliber shell was the perfect size and shape to have a scramjet put in it and the range spiked to 480nmi - with the same precision guidance as the non-powered version and while keeping an appreciable (if small) warhead. See the second and third images in >>271 for more on scaling that system up. I'd guess the old thread would still be up on julay if you want to go read that before it dies, too. With 24in cannon (designs for which exist), you don't even need a sabot.
>>1974 >they basically didn't believe a surface ship was capable of natively targeting at those ranges and were very hesitant to rely on then fledgling rotary-wing Air Observers. What changed since then? I mean, is it a specific technology, or just radars, drones and everything else advanced so much that it's not a problem any more?
>>1975 Basically everything advanced enough and they got enough experience with fire support that they decided it was practical again. They actually still think a ship's native combat range cannot be any greater than 58nmi, even if they counted shipborne aircraft as 'native', they've just come to begrudgingly accept 'hand-off' guidance as something that just has to be.

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