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Open file (47.53 KB 1000x1000 sleeves.jpg)
body armor Strelok 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:51:09 No.4494 [Reply] [Last]
anyone buy kevlar sleeves? I was looking at https://www.superiorglove.com/en/arm-protection/kevlar-protective-sleeves and am not sure what would be a good investment. Other site selling vests only sold gloves which doesn't seem like enough. Also any advice for how to plan to don this stuff rapidly in a safe area in emergencies? Like if there was home invasion with knives? Also wondering if there are any sleeves with NIJIII ratings against bullets since vests only cover torso. I've also read that material in bulletproof vests break down after two years, is that how often you need to buy them? Seems very expensive, wondering if some brands last longer than others.
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>>4814 Primers are piss easy provided you've got standard book matches. Take standard primer out, disassemble, add matchhead dust with some of the striker tape, reassemble carefully and these you go.
>>4817 >Making primers from scratch would be the touchiest shit ever. Fulminates and azides are not to be fucked with lightly. Thankfully you only need tiny quantities, so I'm more concerned with availability of the feedstocks, but yeah, it's certainly not ideal. >But where you get your electricity from? Honestly could be as simple as a spring powered dynamo or a lead-acid battery in your backpack and a coil pack. Post-collapse I'm assuming electric generation is going to outlast the primary stockpiles of ammunition, since it's going to be a very long time before we're out of alternators and washing machine motors to salvage. Dry cells will probably be depleted before ammunition is, even lithium ion cells will probably be worn out or dead from storage by that point
>>4817 >But where you get your electricity from Solar powered guns? Maybe hook up the dynamo of a crank-operated lamp to your gun to end up with a neo-wheellock look.
>>4820 >Solar powered guns? Growing silicon wafers are to fiddly. >Maybe hook up the dynamo of a crank-operated lamp to your gun to end up with a neo-wheellock look. Now that's an idea. I kind of like that.
>>4754 >size of plates The size of the plates doesn't affect the protective value that they provide. A 4'x6' plate rated NIJIII will provide the same protection as a 10"x12" plate rated NIJIII. Most ballistic plates are 10x12 as that size will cover the vitals for almost everyone, like a one-size fits all (for the front and back). As for armor construction, you want your ballistic plates to at least stop 55gr 5.56 unless you are in an area where that isn't a concern (the ghetto or whatever) I was thinking if you took the fiberglass hard plates from that video above, glued ceramic to the front and a metal plate to the back it could (possibly) stop 5.56 like an improvised SAPI plate

Letter of the law, spirit of a Strelok Strelok 07/11/2020 (Sat) 16:19:37 No.4053 [Reply] [Last]
British man took a Ruger 96-44, a few bits of aluminium, and made a belt-fed bullpup lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum. And this is perfectly legal in Bongistan of all places. https://invidio.us/watch?v=sU5qtmvwftY https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/07/08/belt-fed-bullpup-lever-action-rifle-chambered-in-44-magnum/ http://archive.is/9Cidf This thread is to discuss similar contraceptions that don't give a flying fuck about the spirit of some retarded law.
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>>4053 I've seen that fellows work before he turned his 96/44 into that. Lots of motivation for people in shitholes.
>>4053 >British man took a Ruger 96-44, a few bits of aluminium, and made a belt-fed bullpup lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum. And this is perfectly legal in Bongistan of all places. Only for now, the Police will no doubt be busy trying to get the law changed again. I think they managed to close the loophole of the double trigger guns, for example.
>>4055 What's even more impressive is that he might have just invented a new type of belt: the lift-out. Instead of pulling or pushing out the cartridge vertically the lifter just pushes it up, like if it was fed from a tube magazine. It's perfect for rimmed cartridges, and I could see it work especially well with shotgun shells. Although it's quite possible that somebody already made such a belt before, but I don't know any examples.
>>4053 Could this weapon be used in a hypothetical insurgency that total won't happen besides in the video game "Insurgency"?. Regardless, it's an extremely impressive piece of engineering an makes the local politicians asshurt. Images unrelated
>>4659 >Could this weapon be used in a hypothetical insurgency that total won't happen besides in the video game "Insurgency"?. You could use unsharpened sticks and rotting cheese to fight an insurgency if you wish so. Don't get me wrong, this weapon could be most certainly used to your advantage in certain situations, but taking over a country is a bit more complicated that firing lots of .44 Magnum in a timely manner.

Germany to partially disband KSK Strelok 07/01/2020 (Wed) 23:25:15 No.3570 [Reply] [Last]
https://archive.is/DacUQ >Germany's defence minister says she has ordered the partial dissolution of the elite KSK commando force, which has come under growing criticism over right-wing extremism in its ranks. >In January, military intelligence said there were almost 600 suspected far-right supporters in the army last year. >They also said the KSK (Special Forces Command) was seen as a particular problem, with 20 members of the elite force suspected of right-wing extremism. >The KSK "cannot continue to exist in its current form" and must be "better integrated into the Bundeswehr [German army]", said the report, seen by the AFP news agency. >"Anyone who turns out to be a right-wing extremist has no place in the Bundeswehr and must leave it," she told German radio. >Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer said the latest findings - including the disappearance of 48,000 rounds of ammunition and 62kg (137lb) of explosives - were "disturbing" and "alarming". TLDR Germs partially disband special forces because they were too right wing and were getting a little terroristy
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>>4114 >at least US soldiers seem to Can confirm similar for Germany, though I haven't seen it with cleaning material and not during basic training. >despite the fact that the dipshits on watch duty were supposed to, you know, keep watch over that kind of shit. What can they do honestly? Going to report half your platoon? You know you won't and I had it happen it to me on one of my first watches. If you get a container of supplies (no ammo or special stuff, though) everything below NCO will just walk in your stall in broad daylight and take from that container until it is half-empty, leaving the place literally with bags full of stuff you just signed for. Fuck it but next time you do it yourself to restore the balance.
>>4124 That's not how it was in my barracks, when someone actually got caught stealing supplies the whole floor would fuck with them relentlessly because the rest of us would get in trouble if the troop commander decided to do an inspection and noticed all of the shit he had the supply sergeant order was mysteriously gone despite supposing to last for a couple of months. That may have just been because of that particular CO though, dude loved him some layouts and barracks inspections.
>>3754 Compulsory military service was a fucking joke before they abolished it, everybody in my school year who got the notice either: >failed the drug screening >got rejected for bad health >refused service and did a social service year instead The only people who went want go anyway or were IQ 89 refuse too stupid to avoid service. This wouldn't change one bit if they reintroduced service, except they'd maybe hand tons of non-Germans basic military training because lol demographics.
>>4130 >That's not how it was in my barracks I didn't experience any such behavior during basic training but later it was not all that uncommon. Not in every branch or unit are opportunities, the scope is also different and it honestly baffles me to this day how we got away with it. I think the army sometimes doesn't know how much shit it has and how much of it was entrusted back then to people that were just drafted. People who didn't care about careers or consequences. For them it was just a year or less doing boring stuff, drinking a lot and then moving on. Who cares if they got 21 days in the brig, if they are caught at all. I hope they don't bring back compulsatory military service ever. As this anon implied most of youth today is trash, the whites just as the niggers. >>4132 >failed the drug screening >got rejected for bad health thank god, the former should be shot, the latter are worthless in their own right. We have teens today whose bodies are so wrecked you'd think they are fourty years old.
They are just moving eastward to Poland and Romania. The only bases left in Germany now are either garrison or training.

Open file (85.13 KB 757x1600 Type 00 NBC suit.jpg)
Open file (208.46 KB 959x1279 1.jpg)
Camo and other clothing Strelok 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:06:19 No.1085 [Reply] [Last]
Camo, jackets, hats, paint, shoes, and etc. go in this thread. The rule of thumb for camo is that if you don't know what to get, you want a general camo, your options are limited, or you're on a budget just get flecktarn. ATACS and SS-Leto are god-tier for lush environments, and alpenflage, strichtarn, and multicam are good for drier areas. M05 Winter for Winter.
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>>4355 Just get it filthy.
>>4358 Ok cool, I figured that would probably be the answer, but I still want to try the dye to see what it'll look like. I've got plenty of spare sets so I might as well.
>>4363 Try to soak one piece in Black Tea and look if it was the right tone that you want. Black Tea is able to get some nice darker brown shades to clothes that don't easily wash out.
>>4363 Just throw that multicam in the trash where it belongs and get yourself something nice instead. PhantomLeaf and ConCamo are the new hotness in town. Alternatively, pick any German style of camo from any era of your liking. They invented and perfected camo after all.
>>4394 Sounds like a plan. >>4477 I got them for free, I wouldn't spend money on multicams. I also don't have spare money to get other stuff either right now anyway, and they're worth it for backup camping clothes so they're being kept regardless.

Open file (51.12 KB 489x389 download (7).jpg)
Open file (89.63 KB 900x900 download (8).jpg)
Radio and Communication Thread. Strelok 07/12/2020 (Sun) 23:56:42 No.4110 [Reply] [Last]
Hello I getting a 5 pack of BaoFeng UV-5R Radios plus some longer antennas for some frens and I. Radios and communications are one of the most important things but I am a complete retard with them. How do I program them? Are some better brands/models? What are good COMSEC rules and practices? Dump what every you have.
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>>4112 Don't forget to grab a copy of local PD/Fire/EMS (Usually just one or two for dispatch) frequencies. That way you can keep in touch on what's going down in the initial stages. Probably want to write those down.
>>4110 Get a copy of the ARRL study guide and get your HAM license. The books have good info in them, and if you're gonna read the whole thing you might as well get the license. There are a few non-HAM bands you can also tune into on your baofeng - GMRS, MURS, and FRS. Transmitting in these is a bit of a legal grey area though, so keep that in mind if you're going to use them. Generally speaking, so long as you're operating within the specifications of the band and not interfering with anyone else's communications I doubt anyone will complain. As for COMSEC, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Radio brevity is the easiest - you can't be tracked if you aren't transmitting so keep transmissions short and to the point. For communications from a semi-permanent station, you may want to invest in a directional antenna like a yagi. This has the double benefit of making your signal stronger for the intended receiver while making it harder to detect from other directions. Naturally, you'll have to have an idea of where the other person is located before you can use it. Conversely, if you're monitoring local freqs, having a directional antenna will give you the basis for beginning your own SIGINT program, as now you can get a rough line of bearing to whatever signals you pick up
I would like to get my HAM loicense but every place that did tests is closed.
>>4431 Yeah, this got me too. Have my technician and was hoping to get the general, but my state closed down the day before I was scheduled to test for general. Have an ICOM 7300 sitting around unused because of this crap.
>>4110 Unless you have someone to talk to, having a radio is pretty useless. However, it's pretty great for figuring out who and what is out there (SIGNIT). Get something entry level for the 2m band (VHF), and an SDR dongle. Antenna's matter a lot, so spend some time learning some basic wire antennas and using directional setups, find and listen to the local traffic using the SDR. This guy has some good intro articles: http s://brushbeater.wordpress.com/ In my part of the world, the CB band is totally dead but the VHF bands are packed so we moved into CB for local contact and HF AM SSB for the long range stuff.

Open file (56.57 KB 880x660 10mmbbl.jpg)
Open file (140.44 KB 2200x1650 660631.jpg)
Strelok 05/22/2020 (Fri) 08:11:50 No.614 [Reply] [Last]
80% build of something more series than an AR Built five ARs, but I have other things on my list. a glockalike, that should be predominantly AR-like in difficulty level. But I've bought some parts for a 1911 in the full centimeter. Honestly I think pic-attached are literal matches. Slide is from tr-enabling, which is Swenson, I think? Tried fitting everything together, used a vise to press the new pin through the new link to hold it to the new (inexpensive) barrel. The link doesn't move. I mean, if I run a nail though it, secure the nail in a vice, and use a mallet to tap the barrel, it will actuate, but I can't make it move with less pressure. Is this a problem? The bushing doesn't go all the way onto the barrel. Is this normal? I assume I'll have to sand out the center of the bushing until I can slide it a ways down the barrel, yes? and the slide. I can make the bushing get stuck in the slide opening, but it gets pretty stuck pretty quickly. I'm assuming I'll need to sand equal parts from slide opening, bushing, until I have a chance at securing the bushing inside the slide where it belongs? What book might I still be able to get from the local library that tells me anything useful about the specifics of what metal to take off when assembling arbitrarily sourced items together to make a functioning pistol? (Also do I use a 9mm firing pin, or .45? Or do they make a .40/10mm and I just haven't found it yet?)
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>>3219 Also: >Glockstore >Big Tex Outdoors Bookmarked, thank you.
>>3219 >call up the poly80 fuckers and ask for a replacement. So now I've heard back from them, and they say that alphawolf barrels aren't really reliably compatible, and that sometimes alphawolf is unclear as to whether it's a gen-3, or gen-4 part, and ALL IN CAPS OH MY GAWD USING GEN-4 PARTS IN YOUR POLYMER 80 FRAME WILL VOID & NULLIFY YOUR LIFETIME WARRENTY So they recommend I try a different barrel and good luck/good day. I don't want to buy another barrel. I haven't seen any good reason why this one won't work and until I can measure a working barrel I'm going to assume I'm just being obtuse and the frame, obstinate.
>>3569 >Wolf barrels not working Honestly sounds more like CYA since people have used all manner or Frankenstein tier number of brand names in their 80s and came out fine. Part of the CYA is to suggest gen 3 factory parts only. Also gen 4 barrels SHOULD work in a gen 3 frame. How much info did you give them? Can you possibly make a new ticket but just don't mention the wolf stuff. just claim you were building with gen 3 factory parts like a good boy. Or if there is too much info just use a friends address and claim that a locking block never came with the kit.
Open file (2.41 MB 3264x2448 WrongFocusPt.JPG)
Open file (2.07 MB 2448x3264 NoSpringYet.JPG)
Open file (107.25 KB 2099x787 ScuffedSeat.jpg)
>>3572 > but just don't mention the wolf stuff Their generic "thank your for creating a support ticket with us" message asks for brand and model of every part. Barrel specifically, slide specifically, LPK specifically, and whose trigger you're using specifically. Then once someone actually responded, they asked for photos. I mean, I could use a different email account so it wouldn't initially look like the same customer, but how many folks write it about their robins egg blue gen-1 frame not allowing the customer to rack the slide?
>>3577 guess I have to check my own dubs. For those that care about this -- I got a BCA g17 barrel on sale, and everything seems to work. Oh, the trigger is slightly horrible, and I can only barely rack the slide. But as 9mm (which I don't want) it works. The recoil spring wouldn't fully reach between the g35 barrel and the front of the slide. Also, the lip of the g35 barrel, where the threads start, was still inside the slide -- it's possible that lip was catching on the slide. Now that I have a working barrel to compare against, I can try to determine what the best way forward is. If I bought a g34 slide, would everything work? Maybe I can grind off the lip, and make a 'loading ramp' on the slide opening, so nothing catches. From everything I've read, the g35 locking block is the same as the g17 & g22 blocks. So this barrel should work in this _frame_ but perhaps it *is* the slide. More to come as I continue to accrue spare parts for a 2nd & 3rd glockalike.

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