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what's a war board without a conflict?

Tank/afv thread Strelok 05/21/2020 (Thu) 08:20:08 No.561 [Reply] [Last]
A discussion thread about the most powerfull land vehicles and it's derivatives. Prototypes, historical, modern just needs to be an afv.
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>>38596 >Tanks always hit Yeah but the microchips to do that won't always be in supply.
>>38606 If a core component of the tank isn't in supply down, you can't make the fucking tank. That's as true for all the electronics as it is for suspension springs, gun barrels, engine parts, turret bearings, etc. If anessential part of your tank, which ICs have been for decades, is missing from the production line, you yell at procurement until the parts come in and until that happens you don't get a fucking tank.
>>38596 Drones are useful, but this sounds like another attempt to overdo jack of all trades. like F-35. So the tank crew controls the drones, along with doing their own jobs. And as they do reconnaissance, every time they see something significant other than just the next target for their tank, they report it.. Again, at the expense of paying attention to their own job. Then their commanders collect reports from many auxiliary recon units (which either miss things because it's not the main part of their training, or flood trivial redundant data). All this just looks like a needless complication for everyone involved. Is it not better to have "drone carrier" as a specialized support vehicle? With specialist crew, trained for this and focused only on its own job. The tanks need more information anyway, so collect it, process it (along with everything relevant which more than 2 drones could find) and put it on the same damn map for them.
>>38785 That's the point; that you may need the fucking tank anyways. You could have a modular tank running on an older chip that is less accurate (needs more ammunition raising the ammunition question) or you can go tankless because muh procurements and get fucked up the butt by the gay nigger enemy. See: Russia using old Soviet surplus shit in addition to modern equipment.
How well would ranging with machine guns work in a battlefield that still has tanks with modern fire-control systems, but they are not as available as they are today?

WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION 2 Strelok 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:25:10 No.7830 [Reply] [Last]
Previous Thread >>6332 https://archive.is/SCXtf >Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes https://archive.vn/cpLdk >Armenians Claim They Shot Down Another Bayraktar TB2 Over Nagorno-Karabakh https://archive.is/Rd2r0 >Azerbaijani Forces Rush To Capture Lachin Cororidor From Retreating Armenians
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>>29190 >The FM's name is Ararat Humiliating
With Russia distracted, Azerbaijan escalates in Karabakh! https://archive.ph/YmM3j The Ukraine invasion offers the opportunity and cover for Azerbaijan to test Russia’s peacekeeping mission deployed in contested Nagorny Karabakh at the behest of Turkey. >Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Azerbaijan has increasingly tested the will and capacity of the Russian peacekeeping mission deployed to the residual territory remaining under Armenian control at the end of the 2020 Karabakh war. >In early March, Azerbaijani forces were observed circling close to Armenian villages with loudspeakers urging the inhabitants to evacuate, and reports of increased ceasefire violations soon followed. On 8 March, a crucial pipeline supplying gas to the Karabakh Armenian population was cut off on Azerbaijani-held territory, leaving residents without heat for two weeks. Although the pipeline was repaired, it was reportedly cut off again, then restored. >Azerbaijani forces then advanced into the area which is ostensibly under Russian peacekeeper control, forcing the evacuation of one Armenian village, taking strategic heights overseeing others, and reportedly using drone strikes to kill three local Armenian servicemen and wound a further 15. >Although the Russian Ministry of Defence stated Azerbaijani forces later withdrew, both Azerbaijani and Armenian sources denied this. France, Russia, and the US – the co-chairs of the OSCE’s Minsk Group mandated to mediate the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict – all took the rare step of calling out Azerbaijan as the violator of the ceasefire regime. >Azerbaijan has leveraged Article 4 of the 9 November 2020 ceasefire statement, stipulating the withdrawal of Armenian troops, to justify its actions. But although 3,000 troops from Armenia reportedly did leave after the ceasefire agreement, the statement’s wording leaves the status of local Karabakh Armenian forces – the self-styled Nagorno-Karabakh Defence Army – as ambiguous. >Baku sees them as an illegal armed group on its territory, but the local authorities and population see them as essential self-defence. Yet with local Karabakh Armenian units being no match for the Azerbaijani army, it is only Russian peacekeepers that stand between Azerbaijani forces and Karabakh Armenian civilians. >The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict has always been characterized by recursive, reciprocal rounds of ethnic cleansing leaving the two national communities totally segregated. A popular Azerbaijani narrative after the 2020 war claimed that Baku had ended this heinous tradition, but this is false. No Armenians remain in territories reclaimed by Azerbaijan in 2020. >Recent developments also underline the extent to which security in Nagorny Karabakh has become a negotiation between Russia and Azerbaijan – leaving Armenia, constrained by dependency on Russia and a possible normalization of relations with Azerbaijan’s principal ally Turkey, all but powerless. >The more stretched Russia becomes in Ukraine – and in the world – the more likely Azerbaijani operations in Nagorny Karabakh will intensify, framed as ‘mopping up’ Armenian militants in a narrative of counter-insurgency. This escalates the pressure on Karabakh Armenian civilians to leave, edging towards a final ‘resolution’ through gradual ethnic cleansing.
Open file (159.25 KB 291x406 chuckle thristle.png)
'Lo and behold after Armenia started cozying up to Turkey, Azerbaijan decided they needed to attack again to keep them from fucking their boyfriend making Turkey lose interest in them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZJKTFt4hS8
>>30826 I mean, it's just an Azeri Special Military Operation
>>8738 >oil in Azerbaijan It cannot save or kill Petrodollar at this point, so does not really matter in itself. Except for Azerbaijan and nearby partners thereof. It may make a great difference for Turkey, if it either pisses off the Arabs so much that Saudi will not head State Department, or pisses off both Arabs and Mirkins. >>15019 ...which is feasible. But then Turkey itself will not matter much. Their greatest capital is the location, hence all the double-dealing. But if they fumble it enough to piss off everyone too much and lose backing, it loses value. And they won't be able to act up because they already have pissed off everyone, so this probably won't end well without an external force to deter escalation.

Open file (1.01 MB 847x1063 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 1022x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Randy Weaver has passed away. Strelok 05/14/2022 (Sat) 04:25:55 ID: 524ce3 No.34321 [Reply]
A bit late, but Randy Weaver has died yesterday at the age of 74. Never forget that feds and glowniggers are the scum of the Earth and each single last one of them will burn in whatever Hell exists. >https://www.kxly.com/randy-weaver-man-at-center-of-ruby-ridge-standoff-has-died/ F inb4 i get b&
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>>34620 I see. Thanks for the detailed account Anon. Business as usual then, I suppose. I hope 10'000 Randy Weavers appear to replace him.
>>34530 >That fuck surely knew what he was about. Literally evil. The feds also used a megaphone to taunt the survivors over it. They'd loudly broadcast things like "Good morning Vicki, what did you have for breakfast today?" at the cabin.
>>34525 I hear a lot of conflicting information on whether he just knew a guy who knew a guy in the Aryan Nations, he was a light affiliate, or a full-on member. Lots of misinfo from our side as well and there isn't a wealth of information on it like Waco. >>34660 I also hear that the feds (or just the SWAT and doughnuts or whoever the fuck was involved that weren't the Marshals and FBI) that they weren't aware anyone died.
>>34675 IIRC he just did some business with them and acted as a decent neighbor and was otherwise unaffiliated outside of like one friend who mentioned it to him. Nothing more.
>>34688 Even if he was, so what? We are all Boers now. If the Feds are going to start shooting people for having repugnant and destructive politics, Antifa and BLM are four and a half years into a tantrum that's burned down cities, killed thousands of people, and cost the economy a trillion dollars. How many cities have the Proud Boys burned down, again? Of course, in Clown World, the punchline is, since the Clintons, the FBI is half sullen IQ-55 niggers hired under Affirmative Action and half pink-haired trannies who salivate over the idea of shooting a "ultra maga agenda fascist," and the jewsmedia eggs them on. If you're not a Boomer civnat you see it for what it is. Millenial soyboys understand it perfectly well also, they just think being against "muh alt right" makes them superheroes, just like Captain America, and desperately want to kill a Proud Boy.

Open file (2.71 MB 4080x3072 1658719245268755.jpg)
Homemade Meds for Bullet wounds AntichristHater 07/25/2022 (Mon) 03:37:17 ID: 908bdb No.38058 [Reply]
I made this celox b knock off using everything seen in pic + electrical tape. Havent tested it yet, what do you guys think the likelyhood of this working is? And how should i test it?
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>>38058 >how do I test it If you live in the states shoot a pigger Quick clot bandages use kaolin as the active hemostatic ingredient. Kaolin used to be used as a powder before the us military realized that dumping hemostatic on a bleeding wound just caused it to bond to blood on the outside and it doesn't do a good job at stopping bleeding. The issues with quick clot come from its inability to sterilize wounds. So what would be the most effective delivery of both alcohol/hydrogen peroxide and kaolin to a wound? Also >>38087 I know Jack shit about antibacterial medication. What should I be looking to get my hands on?
>>38730 hmm, well if youre trying to sterilize before clotting then keep a vial of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on you with your clotting kit. i have no clue on how to apply it so i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound or if you have to soak a rag in it but either way that sounds like the easiest solution. Get some zipper sealed mylar bags, your clotting device, and a vial full of hydrogen peroxide/alchol and cotton balls/rags if needed.
Open file (275.34 KB 1551x2048 1643993459747.jpg)
>>38614 fuckin' lel, u cheeki /k/unt >>38730 FIRST fucking thing I wanna say is that I'm not a doctor. Take this for what it is, just some random faggot on the Internet telling you what he's read and/or been told. That out of the way, my first-echelon choices for minor shit in the field, personally, is either ordinary triple-antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (burger brand name, if you're not familiar), or the New-Skin shit I mentioned earlier, which contains... hang on... benzethonium chloride. Which of these I use is largely dictated by the size of the wound and the mechanism of wounding; they seem more or less equally effective in my experience. Although as I say that, it occurs to me to mention that New-Skin can be troublesome with young children in my experience; they seem prone to scratching it away if the wound itches, so bear that in mind if you're responsible for any larvae. In a more settled setting, like at home for instance, my go-to is high-strength isopropyl, like 91%. Murders fucking everything, no prisoners. Hydrogen peroxide is pretty good, too, but I'm told by my ER nurse relative that it slows healing, and that the pros are moving away from it for this reason. She also recommended PVP-I, but research I conducted found an issue with certain pathogens actually being able to sort of hide out in the agent itself (guess my nurse hadn't got that memo yet), so I'd skip it for now. As far as in vivo, you know about fish antibiotics, right? Final note, I always try to stress in these sorts of conversations that I'm not, NOT a fucking professional, and I urge you to consult someone you trust who has actual, formal training and certs. >>38088 Based namefag is based, let's do it. >>38738 >i dont know whether its ok to just dump it in the wound No, you don't wanna just dump that shit into the abdominal cavity or some shit. It's entire job is being universally toxic as shit; anything with a label saying stuff like "for external use only", you're gonna want to use carefully. I'm not qualified to advise you on how to, or indeed even whether or not to apply such agents to internal tissues; all I'll say is that by the time you have occasion to even contemplate any such action, it's time to just stop the bleeding as best you're able to and get your PT to actual fucking trauma care and let them deal with it. You or I have absolutely no business trying to sterilize deep tissue in the field, except maybe as a last-resort hail Mary when everything is fucked forever (EMP-level bullshit, for instance) and homie's definitely gonna die anyway if we don't do something.
>>38741 agreed

Open file (4.35 MB 540x304 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.gif)
Open file (1.60 MB 343x495 1642966657090.gif)
Open file (911.63 KB 397x312 Falklands.gif)
Open file (316.97 KB 500x375 char laugh.gif)
/ak/ Thread - Anime & Animation /k/ulture Strelok 07/06/2022 (Wed) 22:29:03 ID: 4b2cb2 No.37092 [Reply]
Expanded /ak/ thread. What're you watching? Even if it's not necessarily /k/ related I'm interested and I'm sure anons who haven't hid the thread would be interested in your thoughts too. Non-Japanese /k/-related animation is fine as well since it would be silly to have two threads. Posting cute girls doing operating things is also fine. Right now I'm watching Macross 7 and Amanchu. The former is about humanity surviving in space against space Satan while the latter is a nice CGDCT SoL with some yuribait involving scuba diving. Both are a lot of fun.
33 posts and 21 images omitted.
Open file (1.52 MB 1366x768 laziness.png)
Yuukoku no Moriarty ("Moriarty the Patriot") is pretty good so far. It puts a novel spin on Sherlockian fiction by, as the title suggests, making Moriarty the main character -- to the extent of not even introducing Holmes until like halfway through the first season. It's obvious that serious effort went into accuracy and detail, too. For instance, if you watch closely, you can tell that all the cigarettes are hand-rolled. It's definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of Doyle's. Also, pretty boys in Victorian garb, unf.
Open file (396.02 KB 1366x768 sherlocks_shooty.png)
>>38379 Closeup of Holmes' weapon, a pretty well-done Beaumont-Adams, which would be roughly period-correct.
>>38162 Blu-ray hipster edition?
Open file (145.69 KB 736x913 1628448535326.jpg)
>>38456 I... yes? That is the """collector's edition""", if that's what you're asking.
Open file (429.35 KB 864x480 DtB-grapnel.png)
Open file (541.64 KB 872x480 DtB-APC.png)
Open file (255.47 KB 872x480 DtB-heavy_stuff_1.png)
Open file (220.56 KB 872x480 DtB-heavy_stuff_2.png)
>>37727 Speaking of Roadside Picnic... Darker than Black. Weird shit, grimdark supers action, Yakuza and some good ninjutsu. Also, near the end of the first series a big bunch of stupid ass kids with nasty powers (as opposed to being experienced commandos or hitmen even before getting those) were thrown as cannon fodder to delay proper heavy infantry. Which ended the way it should have. >>38569 I mean, is there anything in Speshul Edition Blu ray that was not priced like this?

Strelok 07/15/2022 (Fri) 11:12:30 ID: 8c632f No.37583 [Reply] [Last]
Another month, another thread. Things happening: >Russians took Severodonetsk. Just walked in into the center unopposed >Ukrainians claimed to perform a heroic counterattack and pushing Russians out in brutal city combat out of the city. This has never actually happened. >Russians took Lysichansk unoposed >Russians currently attacking all over Siwiersk-Bakhmut line, Ukrainian lines completly collapsing >Russians shelled off Snake Island >Ukrainians shell Doneck, as in the city, with all sorts of munitions without targeting any military targets. >HIMARS and other ukrainian missile systems they stockpiled since the beggining of the war went into action, destroying several ammo dumps >Ukrainians conscripting women now >Ukrainian counteroffensives in Kherson get repelled time and time again >last one was burned out with kilometers of white phosphorous >both sides make a deal with Turkey to move grain out of ports Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>38993 >Doing so would trigger the CSTO which would be really fucking stupid. I'm surprised Ukraine hasn't tried harder to do this, if it wanted to scare the West into believing that Russia is on the war path against all of Europe. Ukraine sure is half-assing a lot of this war. Except for killing civilians and unarmed prisoners.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87imtAWIMQ Mercouris talked a bit about humanitarian politics and such. Thinks it's a sign of the Ukrainians becoming increasingly reckless/desperate. >>38997 It's still a massive gamble that looks less and less appealing with each day of the war. There's always the likelihood chance that Ukraine won't receive any more support if it becomes a clearly unwinnable war due to Belarus/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan becoming involved.
Open file (98.04 KB 556x481 FZlk9JOXgAE2ab6.png)
>>38964 >Any word on the vaunted Kherson counter offensive? Take your pick.
Open file (80.10 KB 242x317 1640298467391.png)
Bumped some threads to disingenuously get this one to page 3. New thread can be found here: >>39006
>>38992 After seeing the aftermath even Sadam's staunchest opponents agreed he was right and many of the officials are in Iran's pocket. US did succeed if we count the objective being "avoid Israel being attacked in the next few years" but not in the "regime change" because even in Sadam is gone his ideals are practically there, just without the money because the fields were bombed and now Iran manages some of them, although i think the US/"Canadians" also grabbed some.

Open file (113.54 KB 720x570 n52759_Desert Warfare.jpg)
Open file (203.57 KB 900x672 Ivanov-art-1.jpg)
Open file (212.08 KB 2048x868 EmndIs_VMAAdiMY.png)
Open file (249.22 KB 1290x2450 EM3OSidVAAAACjD.jpg)
Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Armaments Strelok 11/19/2020 (Thu) 21:05:24 No.9363 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for all sort of all sorts of /k/ related things that range from cool to cursed.
307 posts and 548 images omitted.
Open file (13.86 KB 1036x376 98141110_p0.png)
Open file (513.64 KB 1000x999 Peppa.png)
Be honest. How many here would own one if it were real?
>>37979 It looks extremely impractical. If I came into possession of something like that I'd pew pew it for fun.

Open file (361.02 KB 319x572 Khaled_Al-Asad.png)
what does /k/ think of khaled al asad Strelok 07/24/2022 (Sun) 23:22:21 ID: 4d274a No.38055 [Reply]
what do you lads think of him , do you think he would have made a good leader ?
Open file (227.49 KB 715x606 klansmen.png)
>cowadoody faggotry >shit tier template thread Hey faggot, its seems that you're lost, but 4cuc/k/ is back where you came.
>>38063 And yet you couldn't bother to sage.
>>38063 1. it seems 8ch blew up into a million pieces after that EL PASO plant fag shot up those wetbacks.. so I'm literally having to add 12 boards at once 2. Why are you gatekeeping a board like this , who tf is coming to flood this place ? 3. I was an original user from 8ch ? 4. Arma is like 85 percent DLC and Workshopshiet , I don't even think Todd has released that much DLC whilst imposing an importance creation from the community (they also recently banned the star wars modders at the behest of disney) on there importance for there own developed content on a semi-finished game.. both A2 and OA where more finished than Arma 3... and generally speaking the old cod games where good.. saying >"cowadoody faggotry" is not citing anything as to why there bad , unless thats a funny joke how old are you ? 20 ? 19 ? you 100% where not only involved in that wiki fuckery that happened when /k/ fucked with the cod official fan wiki

Open file (118.24 KB 915x641 sports-1.jpg)
Strelok 03/10/2022 (Thu) 20:39:09 No.27993 [Reply]
I have quit a good sum of money to spend purely on sports training( I wont give away info about which Country im from,but il say its enough to buy an old car..this is extra,expendable income,it wont damage me) Im obsessed over cross-functionality and inter-style matches(not mma which has devolved into its own style..I mean each fighter sticking to his own style) What do i DO? I want to do: >decathlon >track and field >muay thai,pro wrestling, water polo >climbing plus acrobatics give me some advice,some direction, i dont want to get scammed or injured
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
How do I become a TRUE caveman-man? Doing what ancient white mammoth-hunter did in the ice age..I thouht of : >carrying/pulling weights while crouched or walking on all fours >lightly weighed stretches >doing barbell training but while running or moving,not in a static posture anything else?
>>33597 If I ever become a billionarie (semen retention LOA gang!) I will bankroll that vegas sports to more massive playing levels.
>>33718 Historical medieval combat is mostly grappling, and the teams that do practice historical fighting moves tend to win even when it does turn into a brawl because of that grappling moveset advantage.
>>33860 would Aiki-jujutsu work on an armored oppponent?
Open file (12.56 KB 340x261 Baron_Dino.jpg)
I thought of a great idea for a new sport;its rugby but with calcio storico hits allowed,and hollow-wood nunchucks .It would be a mix of shin-kicking,sumo wrestling with team tactics,and nunchuck martial arts,with a ball of old leather.

do/k/uments Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 08:54:33 No.245 [Reply] [Last]
Starting properly
413 posts and 749 images omitted.
An an anon help me out here? I searched 1lib but I couldn't find a book I'm interested in. It's called "Heaven and hell: The war diary of a German paratrooper".
I didn't see any titles on mending clothes. Anybody have resources on sewing?
Anybody got that one image about homemade napalm?
>>35535 Martin Poppel's works seem to either not be archived or were stripped from archives in the few chance cases where I almost got results, so you'll have to either get the book from a library or buy it. I'd buy it myself but the PDF has DRM and I don't know how to strip it. Sorry, anon. >>35583 >Sewing Not my forte but the internet tells me these are a good starting place.
>>37629 I know which one you are talking about but I do not. I believe the /k/ube archive has it, but that aside, napalm is a mixture of aluminum soap/polymers, a gelling agent, gasoline, and benzene. The easiest way to make it is to fill a big bucket 1/2 of the way with (diesel) gasoline and then add styrofoam to produce a white gel. When it stops accepting additional styrofoam, pour off the excess gasoline and you have "quick burning" napalm. Add engine oil to slow down the burn. Commercial napalm requires a 21% benzene, 33% gasoline, 45% polystyrene composition, and aluminum salts can be used to extract a napalm "oil" from the mixture for a more pure substance. I am not a chemist.

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