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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

South America Strelok 01/25/2023 (Wed) 03:51:01 No.46647 [Reply] [Last]
Sleepy, mothballed militaries on this continent often only get to see action during civil unrest and the occasional coup d'état. Studying them is interesting if you want to see how Third World militaries cope with alienation from society and a lack of a clear enemy. And coping in general. The Brazilian Army has large troop numbers compared to its neighbors, but not as much of a numerical advantage when counting military hardware. It has a gargantuan territory to cover with motorized, jungle, light, border, etc. infantry. Brigades have to spread out their battalions, but this isn't just by the length of the border and coastline, brigades deep into the heart of the country do it too. Conscripts have to serve close to where they live, and officers still believe in molding and educating the unwashed masses through conscription. The Army is the only service with a substantial number of conscripts. Some say there'd be enough volunteers to abolish conscription. For the past couple decades, Army strategists have devised several schemes splitting their force between mostly professional, high-readiness brigades and outdated brigades only meant to process conscripts. There's supposed to be a reserve, but nobody's sure if a true mobilization would work. All motorized infantry is set to be mechanized with the locally-assembled Iveco Guarani, but that's gonna take many years. The cavalry's older Urutu APCs have already been replaced. Its Cascavels will be replaced by Centauro IIs by a contract signed last month. Some of them will also be locally assembled and there's a degree of parts commonality with the Guarani; furthermore, Argentina is now set to also use Guaranis, which might give the defense industry some economy of scale. Leopard 1s will serve as far as 2040 and I haven't heard of any replacement for the M-113s which are supposed to follow them. The Air Force's Gripens are very early on in their replacement of earlier F-5s. The Navy "has" an aircraft carrier because they designated their helicopter carrier (Atlântico, formerly the HMS Ocean) as a "multipurpose aircraft carrier". Which they only use for helicopters anyway. They still have about ~5 carrier-capable Skyhawks so they can take off from a nonexistant carrier and, aided by nonexistant AEW aircraft, dogfight at sea with their guns. I've read in some of their material that the Atlântico's Artisan system could still guide the Skyhawks, but how much would this be useful without AEW aircraft? Please tell me.
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Open file (140.79 KB 976x380 MSS_141216_04.jpg)
There are seemingly no ATGMs in operation. Several sources mention the Milan and Eryx were used in the past but have been discontinued, and it is exceedingly difficult to find information on them. Ten Spike LR2 launchers were purchased in 2021, but they haven't even arrived. An indigenous ATGM, the MSS, is tested every once in a while, but don't get your hopes up, this program is ongoing since 1986. I conclude the top brass is simply oblivious to this decades-old technology and information on their success in any war in recent years doesn't filter up to the High Command, which would much rather keep buying outdated MBTs and other flashy items just to keep up their hollow prestige. What's worrisome is that few seem to worry at all about ATGMs, which would provide some cost-effective deterrence for a poor military without threatening neighboring countries.
>>54871 weapons without a huge industrial overhead cost like man-portable systems are less desirable because they are harder to control and can threaten more complex weapons systems like the MBTs you mentioned. Tools useful for guerilla warfare are also useful for civil insurgency.
>>54873 (you don't sage just because you disagree) So the top brass will never buy ATGMs because it thinks cartels will get them? If that were the case, the Air Force would've never allowed the Armed Forces to buy MANPADS.
>>54891 (saging so as not to keep a thread at the top with incessant shitflinging between two streloks.) The Air Force is confident in their ability to circumvent portable anti-air weapons with planes that are invisible to radar. Why do you think that there is no interest in portable anti-air lasers? If you think about it there's nothing better for taking down distant, fast moving targets than a weapon with a velocity matching the speed of light in the same medium. It's not that we don't have the technology, it's that it's asinine to invent a counter to your own weapons systems.
Open file (314.91 KB 1024x697 Air Force antiair.jpg)
>>54973 >(saging so as not to keep a thread at the top with incessant shitflinging between two streloks.) If you mean the ones in past months, ignore them. Content (researching shithole country armed forces and reading the official sources critically) should be bumped. >The Air Force is confident in their ability to circumvent portable anti-air weapons with planes that are invisible to radar. But this is a shithole country we're talking about. The Brazilian Air Force isn't confident on anything, the best it has is the Gripen. Yet back in the 90s, when it didn't even have those, it consented to the Army's purchase of Iglas, and even got some of them for its base security teams. The Navy bought MANPADS for its marines, too. Nobody vetoed them on the basis that Rio cartels would be shooting down Air Force jets. And no jets have been shot down. Likewise, fears of cartels or other Brazilian insurgents getting ATGMs wouldn't be brought up. That's why I attribute the current situation to the High Command's vanity and technological conservatism. From a Third World perspective, weapons might even be produced locally, but they won't be bleeding-edge technologies. Only actual military powers can push industrial boundaries. What a sensible Third World, low-budget military should do is select among existing technologies those with the greatest cost-effectiveness for destroying an invader's expensive hardware. A poor investment for a high-tech military might be the best for a shithole country. Hence, jungle infantry brigades would ideally have large stocks of MANPADs, as a hypothetical invader would rely a lot on helicopters. A resource-rich, "pacifist" Third World military's rational purpose is to maximize the cost of a high-tech invasion.

Open file (165.07 KB 1024x683 fun times.jpg)
Open file (4.70 MB 1920x1080 hosing.png)
Open file (402.35 KB 839x802 Myanmar.png)
Open file (891.01 KB 3000x1978 Peaceful protestors lol.jpeg)
Open file (192.13 KB 1024x683 Wrecked.jpg)
Myanmar/Burma Thread Strelok 02/21/2021 (Sun) 08:09:46 No.13491 [Reply] [Last]
We should have a Myanmar/Burma thread. I think it's a big enough topic to justify having it separate from the Chink/Pajeet thread. >What happened? Long story short the Myanmar military has guaranteed 1/3rd representation in their version of congress. Aung San Suu Kyi had introduced a bunch of progressive reforms over the last few years and had frequent visits with Chinese despite Myanmar and China being in a technically hostile relationship. This is a big deal because Chinese nationals have been actively waging a civil war in Northern Myanmar. Suu Kyi lost international support after she approved the Muslim genocides back in 2017 in order to avoid a death sentence by the Myanmar military. The Myanmar military claims there was election fraud, but the evidence is more that this was a move to ensure national sovereignty as the current leader of the military would have been forced to step down/retire following the elections due to anti-military legislation congress passed in recent years. The military is using the excuse of Wu Flu to keep Myanmar's congressional body from officially convening by claiming that public officials violated COVID restrictions and utilized communication means to contact foreign countries when they were under investigation (something that is extremely illegal in Myanmar). Currently civil servants are protesting by manipulating the markets to crash the Myanmar economy with no survivors in order to try to justify UN interference in the form of foreign aid. Health workers, education workers, transportation workers, and banks are refusing to operate and holding protests. Foreign interference is expected. >Why does this matter? The military coup is aiming to restore the balance of power between military and civilian offices in government. If this fails, you can expect a war between Myanmar and China before the end of Biden's presidency as a means of China acquiring more territory. Specifically gemstone/mineral-rich territory that Myanmar already heavily exploits. This could give China an unprecedented economic edge to manipulate the precious metals market. Despite the military crackdown on communications and being an active part of the government, it is likely that the international community will use the protests as an excuse to start civil war in Myanmar since it could give them an excuse to plant western government military bases near China. >Who are the good guys? There are none. Suu Kyi is a progressive bitch, but the military are equally power-hungry and mostly working to preserve power structures that they failed to keep over the 2000s/2010s. Stop crashing and let me post the thread, damn it. >Flood Detected >When the thread didn't even fucking post God damn it.
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I'm reading more and more reports of fathers being part of rebel NUG-aligned forces while their sons are joining the Junta. Usually it's the other way around which makes this interesting that it seems to only be the middle-aged generations >>46288 Not directly, but suddenly NUG-aligned forces have been launching attacks on the Junta again with heavier equipment such as artillery that they did not previously own, suggesting that the funding is at work. https://www.barrons.com/news/one-dead-after-myanmar-rebels-attack-provincial-celebration-junta-01673793309 https://www.foxnews.com/world/myanmar-air-strike-destroys-2-villages-inhabited-ethnic-ethnic-rebel-forces-kills-5
>>46294 The interpretation I've been seeing with the generation gap is that pre-conflict, the military was considered a good job. Secure, well-paid, relatively comfortable; a better career than a laborer or farmer, so something to encourage your kids to do and be proud of. Then when the conflict started the parents opposed to things the Junta was doing, while the younger people who had been joining were tending to keep riding the career.
The Burmese junta has decided to put Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest for life instead of leaving the old woman in prison for life, likely in deference to her late father who was a junta ally and/or in deference to the illegal KNU gambling rings. The NUG has fallen into obscurity because stability is more important to Myanmar normalfags than liberty. The Karens (KNU) are still at it and seem to have formed a military junta "of democracy" to oppose the Junta with the NUG (national unity government) piggybacking off their success but ultimately being irrelevant, but they have been struggling after it came to light that they were getting their money to fight the war against the Burmese Junta by their political leadership running illegal gambling rings for the Junta (they have since been ousted). The Junta outlawed political parties back in March which has made it near-impossible for upstart pro-democracy (NLD) groups to make an impact on the elections, but elections are allegedly to be held still at "some point."
>>54609 >made it near-impossible for upstart pro-(((democracy))) [] groups Glowniggers must be seething, what with their favorite sham being defanged.
>>54609 Any interesting guns seen in use since the FGC-9 showed up?

a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
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Open file (1.47 MB 1116x766 BUNKER image.PNG)
>>43141 >>43938 It also occurred to me that you could just ask me for the text and images I use to make the .pdfs I post. Or even (shock, horror) contribute material to put in the book (something I suggested people do since day 1, when I asked the original guy who made the list if I could edit it for my own use, wayyy back before we all moved /k/ out of 8chan).
Any good information on physical conditioning in here?
>Any good information in here? no
>>54447 If not here you might check out the do/k/uments thread, strelok.
Good job, strelo/k/, I appreciate the effort and time you put in to write this down. While I do not agree with everything, it's a good work to put in place the basics of post-collapse survival. I just have one question: my greatest concern in any sort of collapse or post-apocalyptic situation is that ammunition will eventually run out, especially in extremely violent situations as might be expected in the collapse and subsequent tribal warfare. Granted, ammo factories can be taken, and gunsmithies can be set up to do handloading, but both can take precious time and lives. How likely is it that, for a given period between the initial collapse and stabilization, that people will be forced to resort to simpler weapons like muskets, bows (long, compound, and cross), and melee weapons?

US Air Force claims to have built a superplane in secret Strelok 09/20/2020 (Sun) 18:17:35 No.5846 [Reply] [Last]
Revealed: US Air Force Has Secretly Built and Flown a New Fighter Jet The new digital tools that designed the full-scale flight demonstrator could herald a sea change in weapons acquisition. >The U.S. Air Force’s disclosure that it has secretly built and flown a prototype fighter jet could signal a shift in how the military buys weapons and who builds them. >Will Roper, the head of Air Force acquisition, revealed the existence of the new jet, which he said was part of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD, project. “NGAD right now is designing, assembling, testing in the digital world, exploring things that would have cost time and money to wait for physical world results,” Roper said during a video presentation at the Air Force Association’s Virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference on Tuesday. “NGAD has come so far that the full-scale flight demonstrator has already flown in the physical world. It’s broken a lot of records in the doing.” >Roper provided no more details about the jet, which is presumed to be the Pentagon’s first attempt to build a “sixth-generation” tactical aircraft after the fifth-gen F-22 and F-35 jets. He even declined to name the company or companies that built the jet. But he said the digital design technology used to build the new plane could increase competition and increase the number of American military jet makers. >“Digital engineering is lowering overhead for production and assembly [so] you do not have to have huge facilities, huge workforces [and] expensive tooling,” Roper said on a video conference call with reporters after his presentation. “It is letting us take aircraft assembly back to where we were in the [19]70s and prior to it — back when we had 10 or more companies who could build airplanes for the United States Air Force, because you could do it in hangar-like facilities with small, but very good teams, of engineers and mechanics. We're going back to that. It's super exciting.” >Lockheed Martin and Boeing are the only two U.S. companies that currently build fighter jets. >The Air Force in July revealed that it received 18 bids for a new drone that could fly in formation with manned fighter jets. While Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Atomics won contracts, much smaller Kratos, which has been the subject of acquisition speculation, also received a contract. “We're...surprised there were 18 bidders,” Cowen & Company analyst Roman Schweizer, wrote in a July 24 note to investors. “Having five competitors for a decent-sized program is pretty solid, in our opinion, particularly when you consider three or fewer is the norm for most platforms, weapons or systems.” >Another reason for disclosing the NGAD project: Roper wants companies to invest more in digital design technology. In recent years, the Pentagon writ large has been trying to tap into innovation, particularly commercial technology, that could be adopted for the military. >Roper declined to give many additional details about the NGAD project because it is classified. But he said part of the reasoning for disclosing the existence of a test aircraft was to prove to naysayers that combat aircraft could be fully designed and tested on computers before they’re physically built, much like the way Boeing and Saab built the T-7 pilot training jet in recent years. “I've had many people in the Pentagon and elsewhere, say, ‘I see how you could apply that approach to a trainer like T-7, but you could not build a cutting-edge warfighting system that way,’” Roper said. “I've had to listen to that and just nod my head and say, ‘Well, you may be right,’ knowing in the back of my head that you're actually wrong because of what NGAD has done.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>6593 Isn't this the one that uses a huge amount of the extremely limited tritium supply? <once this machine is up and running, key information can be gained that will help pave the way to commercial, power-producing fusion devices, whose fuel — deuterium and tritium — can be made available in virtually limitless supplies. That's a fat lel. This is the project with the 'uh, we'll just stick some shields there and maybe we'll be able to harvest tritium from that?' side goal. I thought they'd already built this and it did produce energy like every other tabletop fusion reactor a highschooler made at home.
>>5847 > why the F-35 was so unexplainably *expensive* Not at all. This looked like classic Pentagon Pricing. Except more cheeky (what's with promises to do everything at once), so with even more grift on every stage. >>5928 > This is where the "space force" funding was originally going The Space Force thing looked more like an attempt to reboot NASA with personnel that isn't thoroughly pozzed, that could perhaps do something more productive than "Wahmen In Tech!!1" self-celebrations at workplace. >>5992 Ah, but this would require sanity... >>6019 Or, grift intensifies. Sounds about right.
I'd rather this not get slid.
So, beside Lockheed Martin and Boeing price:quality rates going over the edge even by Pentagon standards, do they consider “muh stealth” thing mostly obsolete? Because that was what killed “10 or more companies” era, IIRC.
Is the Su-75 fine from a production standpoint? With globohomo sanctions on plane parts I wonder if the MiG-29 and Su-27 series might still be in service by the early 22nd century.

Open file (324.83 KB 1024x676 innadesert.jpg)
Open file (845.72 KB 1024x768 usmcbrowning.jpg)
Open file (43.52 KB 352x500 usarmy80swoodland.jpg)
Open file (344.39 KB 480x712 godblessamerica.jpg)
Open file (18.24 KB 288x288 murica.jpg)
4th OF JULY NIGGERS Strelok 07/05/2023 (Wed) 02:26:55 No.53173 [Reply]
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Open file (88.49 KB 868x1024 clownpeicecreampie.jpg)
>>53624 Where is that footage from?
>>53453 Finally, a sensible post. Don't get me wrong, blacks are racially distant from us, and have a different and lower nature. However, all the nigging and chimping out you're seeing is because they're used as foot soldiers & shock troops by the kikes. If they were freed from their mind control and allowed to live separately from us, there would be far less problems.
>>53453 That's because (((egalitarianism))) is poison and it provokes a natural immunity reaction. Niggers, unlike gypsies, might be a able to reach and maintain a low-mid tier of civilization but telling actual civilized people that they can reach their level and therefore should intermingle and mix with them despite of all the obvious dangers provokes fight or flight instincts to the civilized folk towards the most obvious threat than towards (((camouflaged ones))) that are trying to promote desegregation.
>American thread >Immediately turns into butthurt from turd worlders, camel jockeys, and beaners
>>54345 https://news.northwestfront.info/lone-wolf-terrorism-rfn-apr-03-2023-558/ <Do you agree that being a solo operator is pointless?

Open file (147.14 KB 430x200 SmallGIF_WW1.gif)
Alternative history thread Strelok 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:42:02 No.17124 [Reply] [Last]
This thread includes alternative history wars, conflicts, weapons, tactics and more. For instance >Axis victory proxy wars >Their equipment >East centered world, conflicts And more
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>>49714 O-I heavy tanks seeing the light of day?
>>18346 I think you can make a plausible argument for America's economy collapsing. We made a lot of loans to the British during WW1 even before officially joining, and just them losing and getting saddled with reparations would be bad news all on its own, never mind what would happen if the Empire was exiled to Canada and the socialist revolution in the home island refused to honor the debt. >>19649 Executing John Brown would be a great start.
>>47834 >tf >tp
>>54344 >>tf >>tp Speak english, colonist
>>54355 Quite so.

/out/doorsmanship Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 03:47:46 No.10262 [Reply] [Last]
A thread dedicated to camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor sports, and general outdoorsmanship. The fresh open air, clear blue skies, ice-cold white winters, and grey-black storms that threaten fire and flash floods are your domain Strelok. What will you make of it? Have you done any camping in the last year? Are you making sure to get that D get sunlight for your eyes and general health? Even in a concrete jungle there's usually great secrets to be found with a little time, exploration, and innovation.
103 posts and 35 images omitted.
>>34585 Larger wolf population meant they wouldn’t fuck coyotes out of desperation, probably
>>45857 >any tips? Yes, if your gonna fish during the Summer time be sure to wear light breathable sweat wicking and UPF rated pants and long sleeve shirts so your not eaten alive by the mosquitos since you'll be sitting still by the water for a while. I prefer that anyway since I hate bug spray and how it inevitably just rolls off with your sweat after a few hours. Just spray around the few vulnerable area's around your body like the ankles and collar of your shirt. D not underestimate how quickly a swarm of mosquitos and other such insects will make you absolutely miserable.
Open file (608.18 KB 1600x1200 6.jpg)
Do you guys know any good campsites in New England specifically Maine and New Hampshire? All the ones I'm looking at are either lakes or going to be swarming with vacationers.
>>10535 I suggest that you should take a look at pemmican (both of these videos) : https://invidio.us/watch?v=x_vLuMobHCI https://invidio.us/watch?v=HQZj1-lSilw&listen=false Pemmican is basically dried beef jerky that is ground-to-dust, and mix with rendered suet. One important semantic that Townsend touches on in the comments, is that you NEED to use suet as your fat, other fats wouldn't preserve the meat the way the suet does. I personally would recommend vaccum-sealing it, as with colonial times, they would seal it in a second layer of suet, just to be extra-sure it's properly preserved. If you -really- want to make it as shelf-stable as possible, just stick with dried meat and suet, and cook with whatever else stuff you got on hand. >>46348 Speaking of bows, I've been thinking of getting a bow for target shooting and possibly hunting. The problem is, I'm a lefty, most bows in the shops are for right-handers. How do I find/ask for a left-handed bow?
>>54281 >>10535 Oh, and some warnings regarding suet if you choose to make pemmican. 1. Render suet at between 190-220 Farenheit. Any hotter is asking for a bad day, and some crockpots don't go below that. 2. If you ever spill it or it's dried in the floor/counter, only something hot can clean it up. Get something hot and wipe it up with it, either through microwaving a lightly-damp cloth towel, or by using a heated swiffer/mop. 3. Pouring liquid suet down the drain is asking for a bad time. (it gets hard when cold, meaning, horrible clogs).

Open file (103.76 KB 1500x1500 Taurus M44 Tracker TALO.jpg)
Post revolvers Strelok 06/14/2023 (Wed) 05:33:33 No.52017 [Reply]
Just do it.
2 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>52017 Here's a sampling of some interesting ones. >>52067 BEGONE THOTS
Quick links to all the revolver posts in the fantasy weapons thread. >>9366 >>9384 >>15724 >>15731 >>18049 >>18127 >>34151 >>40391 >>49361 >>49365 >>49498
This cookie bullshit is why no one would post here by the way. It keeps breaking. I forgot what I was even going to post as I had to click right out of the site to fix it.

Automatic firepower Strelok 09/22/2021 (Wed) 16:22:10 No.19322 [Reply]
Machine guns, autocannons, automatic grenade launchers, early hand-cranked weapons, and everything else that's meant to shoot a lot.
36 posts and 31 images omitted.
Open file (44.87 KB 800x677 Fokker-Leimberger 3.jpg)
Open file (56.30 KB 800x538 Fokker-Leimberger 2.jpg)
Open file (38.04 KB 800x330 Fokker-Leimberger 1.jpg)
>>52155 Looking at that straight-walled 50mm cartridge, I cannot help but wonder if it would be possible to make a split-breech rotary machine gun that fires it. The main problem is that cases tend to split, but if you made such a straight case out of a modern steel alloy, then maybe that problem would disappear. You could even make the walls a tad thicker than normal and play with the powder charge a bit to make it perform just the same.
>>53000 >>53090 How about locating them with sounds? Drones have pretty district sounds, and a simple computer with a pair of microphones shouldn't break the bank.
>>53959 It would need some good directional mic's but it can be done. The U.S. tested some microphone systems that could detect the location of a sniper based on the sound of the shot, and they were quite good IIRC.
Wouldnt spamming antimaterial rifles be very effective in Africa? even .50 can fuck up anything they have in there. >>53959 Interesting idea but making a silent glider or maybe even baloon drone should be very easy.
>>53967 Looks like there are multiple systems out there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunfire_locator#Acoustic >>54003 > a silent glider or maybe even baloon drone should be very easy. But then those wouldn't be as manoeuvrable as a drone that has its own motors, not to mention that even a relatively mild wind could ground them. Besides, potentially cockblocking at least 99% of currently available drones sounds like a good starting point to me.

Strelok 07/09/2023 (Sun) 14:24:40 No.53371 [Reply]
He had an MP7.
2 posts omitted.
Literally who? Guys please stop assuming that we watch TV or browse news sites. Who is this supposed to be and why does his weapon choice matter
>>53874 Ukraine or is france finally imploding
>>53890 >implying these must be mutually exclusive
>>53890 The OP pic predates the Russo/Ukrainian war. Lurk moar, newfag.
>>53946 How am I supposed to know? Tell me. The OP just posts the pic and some meaningless words.

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