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Open file (56.57 KB 880x660 10mmbbl.jpg)
Open file (140.44 KB 2200x1650 660631.jpg)
Strelok 05/22/2020 (Fri) 08:11:50 No.614 [Reply] [Last]
80% build of something more series than an AR Built five ARs, but I have other things on my list. a glockalike, that should be predominantly AR-like in difficulty level. But I've bought some parts for a 1911 in the full centimeter. Honestly I think pic-attached are literal matches. Slide is from tr-enabling, which is Swenson, I think? Tried fitting everything together, used a vise to press the new pin through the new link to hold it to the new (inexpensive) barrel. The link doesn't move. I mean, if I run a nail though it, secure the nail in a vice, and use a mallet to tap the barrel, it will actuate, but I can't make it move with less pressure. Is this a problem? The bushing doesn't go all the way onto the barrel. Is this normal? I assume I'll have to sand out the center of the bushing until I can slide it a ways down the barrel, yes? and the slide. I can make the bushing get stuck in the slide opening, but it gets pretty stuck pretty quickly. I'm assuming I'll need to sand equal parts from slide opening, bushing, until I have a chance at securing the bushing inside the slide where it belongs? What book might I still be able to get from the local library that tells me anything useful about the specifics of what metal to take off when assembling arbitrarily sourced items together to make a functioning pistol? (Also do I use a 9mm firing pin, or .45? Or do they make a .40/10mm and I just haven't found it yet?)
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>>3219 >you get a walther p38 looking thing Was hoping for that, actually. Doesn't look like I'll get there with this. > I think the .357 barrel diameters are wider than 9mm despite having nearly the same projectile Not nearly; they literally are the same. But there's a boatload more powder (well...an extra 600fps worth, anyway) so they use more metal to withstand the higher / longer lasting pressures. Thus: > Just return either the barrel or slide and get the thing you need >don't try to dremel tool gun smith your way out of it. Too late. To be fair though, I bought these parts years ago; there's no returning them now. I did piece together some valuable information. For gen-3 glocks, the official locking block is the same for the 31, and the 35 as well as a bunch of other calibers. So unless I need a different locking block from poly80 to make a 31, I won't need a different block for the 35 barrel. Also I found ONE VIDEO of someone who had the exact problem I had -- they got another block from poly80, no change, they talked a bit more, company suggested grinding a few thousands off the left side of the chamber block of the aftermarket barrel. This fixes the gun. Something about needing to see daylight on either side of the barrel in order for it to function normally. I don't really want to buy a $175 barrel but if poly80 doesn't reply (I have opened a support ticket with them, now) I will eventually get around to buying a barrel more in keeping with the build I intended. But I will continue to curse glock for their noisome and irritating naming conventions.
>>3219 Also: >Glockstore >Big Tex Outdoors Bookmarked, thank you.
>>3219 >call up the poly80 fuckers and ask for a replacement. So now I've heard back from them, and they say that alphawolf barrels aren't really reliably compatible, and that sometimes alphawolf is unclear as to whether it's a gen-3, or gen-4 part, and ALL IN CAPS OH MY GAWD USING GEN-4 PARTS IN YOUR POLYMER 80 FRAME WILL VOID & NULLIFY YOUR LIFETIME WARRENTY So they recommend I try a different barrel and good luck/good day. I don't want to buy another barrel. I haven't seen any good reason why this one won't work and until I can measure a working barrel I'm going to assume I'm just being obtuse and the frame, obstinate.
>>3569 >Wolf barrels not working Honestly sounds more like CYA since people have used all manner or Frankenstein tier number of brand names in their 80s and came out fine. Part of the CYA is to suggest gen 3 factory parts only. Also gen 4 barrels SHOULD work in a gen 3 frame. How much info did you give them? Can you possibly make a new ticket but just don't mention the wolf stuff. just claim you were building with gen 3 factory parts like a good boy. Or if there is too much info just use a friends address and claim that a locking block never came with the kit.
Open file (2.41 MB 3264x2448 WrongFocusPt.JPG)
Open file (2.07 MB 2448x3264 NoSpringYet.JPG)
Open file (107.25 KB 2099x787 ScuffedSeat.jpg)
>>3572 > but just don't mention the wolf stuff Their generic "thank your for creating a support ticket with us" message asks for brand and model of every part. Barrel specifically, slide specifically, LPK specifically, and whose trigger you're using specifically. Then once someone actually responded, they asked for photos. I mean, I could use a different email account so it wouldn't initially look like the same customer, but how many folks write it about their robins egg blue gen-1 frame not allowing the customer to rack the slide?

Open file (31.78 KB 600x442 the trooper.jpg)
Julay (at the moment) is down. Strelok 09/30/2019 (Mon) 05:18:13 No.2 [Reply] [Last]
I'll make this thread so that if any stelo/k/ remembers this place can see it, hopefully in the frontpage.
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>>3541 i know what thread brought you here
Open file (141.37 KB 960x960 void_man.png)
>>3542 heeheehee. Just one question so I'm not completely fucked. Apparently there was another bunker? And now everyone's here? What happened?
>>3544 After 8chan took forever to come back as 8kun, several bunkers decided to bootstrap themselves together in a webring. Julay is one of the biggest and was were /k/ was. It got so big Robi, the admin, started having trouble managing it, so while sorts his shit out we moved over here to anon cafe, another part of the webring. We may or may not go back. We lost some people in the transfer and the Happenings threads are taking up much of the traffic right now so things are bit slow, but we're still the most active alternate /k/.
>>3547 >leaving out the part where one of julay's global cuckpockets allowed CP spam on /v/ because he was butthurt about 2D loli shit not being deleted >leaving out the part where the owner not only didn't punish said butthurt hotpocket for openly allowing CP spam, but defended him >leaving out the part where not only /k/, but pretty much every other board bailed because of this If anyone goes back to julay they are a cuck and a retard, the faggotry among the admin and his vols is nearly as bad as what happened with 8kun.
Open file (964.12 KB 1300x1300 jewlay world julay.png)
>>3547 >It got so big Robi, the admin, started having trouble managing it Never believe Rabbi's lies

Open file (130.80 KB 768x595 8chan-owner-edit.jpg)
How to get introduced to guns in a firearm-banned country? Strelok 06/06/2020 (Sat) 21:53:22 No.1932 [Reply] [Last]
Just answer the title >PS: Happy we're out of 8kun
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Op, use the board to learning everything you can from maintenance to how choose the exact weapon from you. This board has plenty knowledge for people from countries where guns are banned, I'm not sure about how you will learn target acquisition without shoot a gun, but I think you can use few modern games to do it. I'm from some country where guns are banned, but I'm learning everything I can here before get an AR-15, two glocks and few grenades.
>>2622 >guns are banned >get guns Yeah I think OP's question is about that second step you're mentionning.
Just make Ammonpulver ammunition
Open file (728.58 KB 900x900 1462432907034.png)
>>2538 >You can't buy guns or ammo on the DN ok fed
>>2538 snot brained retard

Open file (175.58 KB 400x400 1588992393199.png)
Biological warfare: Coronavirus (I/XIV): Old Boots New Dirt Edition Strelok 05/13/2020 (Wed) 04:23:10 No.84 [Reply] [Last]
Coronavirus Cases: 4,259,527 (without China) Deaths: 288,260 (without China) Recovered: 1,602,443 (with China) Missing her love: You >NEWS Unreleased White House report shows coronavirus rates spiking in heartland communities http://archive.is/BYO3k Up to 5 NY Children Dead, 93 Sickened by Rare COVID-Related Illness http://archive.is/BERaE Coronavirus researcher killed https://archive.is/cvRP6 CCP told WHO to hold back info on "human-human" transmission

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (38.37 KB summary.pdf)
Since this is probably the last thread, might as well close it off with a summary of the information about Quercetin and other immunological adjuvants from the opening replies collated and condensed for Streloks' reference in the future American wasteland. It is missing the latest treatment which is Dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory steroid which was found to improve the survival rate of patients requiring ventilation and to a lesser degree of patients requiring oxygen therapy. It appears to reduce the severity of the cytokine storm in those that experience one, so if you are in the deep lung terminal stage of the illness it's worth giving it a shot. The Oxford "vaccine" isn't coming until the end of the year. >OXFORD SCIENTIST DEVELOPING POSSIBLE COVID-19 VACCINE SAYS DO NOT ASSUME VACCINE BY THE WINTER, BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST: RTRS https://archive.is/gNoOQ
>>3586 Thanks, anon, stay safe
Open file (748.88 KB 928x747 1593535740359.png)
>>123 Good post., Vitamin K is good for your blood veins and it is also needed for normal blood coagulation, however, as Covid-19 can cause clotting, it might be smart to stop using Vitamin K, if you get infected. Also, Iodine is potentially good supplement, too (remember, iodine is antiseptic and it is used for ex. to purify water and as mouthwash to clean your gum if you have candida yeast problem. As a side note, iodine also helps your body to get rid of fluoride) Don't forget to take your fish oil supplements, because apparently omega-3 lowers inflammation and can make blood thinner (also, in addition of being anti-inflammatory and painkiller, aspirin also prevents clotting as well) Probiotics can be useful for preventing secondary infections but do not get a probiotics product that contains Saccharomyces boulardii (or any other kind of yeast) since there have been reports of it causing systemic fungal infection in patients with compromized immune system. Zinc acetate is probably the best form of zinc supplement for preventing corona-chan (and other kinds of respiratory infections) because it doesn't have to reach your gut before it starts absorbing (meaning zinc acetate likely protects your throat more than other forms of zinc) The downside of zinc acetate is that it tastes like shit and it can accelerate the growth of candida yeast in your mouth (remember to clean your tongue and go buy some iodine mouthwash, if you do get a candida problem) Finally, pure L-arginine (or Arginine hydrochloride) could also be a good supplement to add to your regime. Arginine improves blood flow and it is needed for production of nitric oxide (aka nitrogen monoxide) which is needed by your body for maintaining normal blood pressure and it also plays role in immune system, as well. Arginine is also important for your blood veins because your endothelial cells need it. Nitric oxide therapy is also being researched for treating Covid-19 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.micinf.2020.05.002) (plus, arginine also helps your body to transfer fat away from your muscles and possibly helps your body to burn fat, and arginine has been researched for preventing and treating non-alcoholic fatty liver) The potential downside of prolonged continuous use of arginine supplements can be TMAO, which is a compound that's made by your gut bacteria. TMAO may or may not contribute for clotting of veins (the evidence is conflicting; there is possibility that TMAO doesn't actually have any significant effect on cardiovascular health). Researchers recommend taking arginine for 2 months and then having a 2 week break before continuing the use of arginine supplements. (as a side note, you should take arginine supplements between meals since other amino acids "compete" with arginine)
>>3618 Doesn't Citrulline also help with nitric oxide production? I don't think it has the same issues with TMAO that Arginine has. Incidentally Viagra also helps with altitude sickness due to similar effects on blood flow, and there were some studies indicating it could help with coronavirus induced low oxygen levels.
>>709 I’m going to bring up this topic again since the original post got tossed aside due to cross-board bullshit. I am not the anon in the screen cap, but I do work in a hospital (building maintenance) and I’ve seen the same things happen in that post. The first thing you should know is that the Affordable Care Act has caused hospitals to bleed funds for a decade now. The crux of the problem is that Medicare and Medicaid don’t pay out nearly as well as private insurance does. Since more people have access to insurance there are more people going to medical facilities for their problems. As a result hospitals have had to treat more patients than before, but have received proportionally less funding. Hospitals have very little ways to cut costs. They can’t reduce the number of patients they’re admitting, because they’re legally obligated to provide aid to anyone who asks for it. They have no control over drug and equipment costs, which are designed to bleed out as much insurance money as they can. They can’t control staff salaries because those are often built on multi-year contracts, and any major deviation will just lead to strikes or employees leaving for other jobs. Outsourcing departments like IT or purchasing is its own can of worms, though it helps reduce costs there’s a huge drop in quality. It also doesn’t help that the CEO and the rest of the top management are all greedy fucks with inflated salaries who outsourced most of their responsibilities to "consultants" on the hospital's dime. What they DO have control over is building upgrade projects and the amount of staff per department, and by now ten years after the fact both are being pushed to the breaking point. We have a wing in our hospital which is older than I am and is falling apart. We’ve had to shut off the water in most of the building because the drain systems leaks like a sieve and we can’t replace the pipes without significant costs. The only thing we can really do with this space is convert the old patient rooms to be used for offices. Even though it’s been in the plans for years to demolish and replace this money pit, we haven’t been able to do anything because of the short-term costs. As for staffing, in my department for the past several years for about every two employees that have left or retired we’ve only hired one replacement. As of right now we’re just a couple employees above the bare minimum to operate the building and its boiler/chiller plant. And that’s where we were prior to the shut-down mid-March. Two months later in May, our director came down for a meeting about why we weren’t going to be hiring for a vacancy recently created by one of our staff retiring (can’t blame the guy, if I were his age and had the money I’d be out too). Now, with all the costs involved in running a hospital, our biggest money makers are elective surgeries and medical imaging. With the shutdown both of those were put on hold. As a result, over the course of two months the hospital had a roughly $50 million deficit. We’d managed to get about $30 million in government grants, but there’s no telling if we’d be able to get any more than that (I am not hopeful). And that was a month and a half ago. I can’t imagine that things have gotten much better since then, though we have slowly started opening up elective surgeries and imaging again.

PDF thread Strelok 06/28/2020 (Sun) 13:12:09 No.3438 [Reply] [Last]
A good 'ol fashion PDF thread. Anything /k/-related. If anyone has >German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary >Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two: German, Italian and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945 or >Type VII U-Boats (by Robert C. Stern) I will do fucking anything for them

META BREAD 2 Strelok Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:38:08 No.21 [Reply] [Last]
This is where you go to complain. In my brief usage of IRC and seeing its effects, the concept of secret administrative communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving forward, any e-mails exchanged between myself and my moderators will be posted here in full for your viewing pleasure. /k/ does not have an IRC, discord, TikTok, exhentai, or Everquest account.
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In case any of you post on any 8moe boards for whatever reason, you should be aware that the site is now openly harvesting user data so they can profile down to the individual tor poster. Be very weary.
>>21 Would it be possible to pin /100rads/ in order to stop it from being buried under all the current events threads?
>>3334 Wouldn't want to go back to julay. Their IRC circlejerking and robi's unbreakable union with that one absolute faggot of a global (now an admin i'm sure) already lead to disaster once, and I'll also freely admit I'm always on the side of a very lenient rules outlook verses the other side.
>>3389 Julay is definitely not worth trusting anymore.
>>3366 >profile down to the individual tor poster Note this part: >The latter is a side effect of the most common configurations of tor Basically don't use a shitty tor distros or re-generate your keys. aka. tor equivalent of clearing browser cookies or running browser in-private. Unfortunately only effective against dim witted pedos.

/k/ for /icup/ 2020! Strelok 05/18/2020 (Mon) 14:12:30 No.455 [Reply] [Last]
What's going on, /k/ommandos, It's the Infinity Cup committee here, to tell you guys that we'd love to have you play with us! Come over https://anon.cafe/icup/ if you want to give it a look!
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>>457 You can export Stadiums too, you could make one that looks like The Zone or a random Sarajevo dilapidated football pitch. >>459 But CP spammers don't bareback, it's more akin Heaven Smiles from Killer7, you know those fuckers who explode on contact while laughing maniacally.
Something like this but like with target practice silhouettes in place of the spectators, maybe some other knickknack here and there.
>>457 >What's the point of a stadium without one of those? Streaking.
Open file (117.59 KB 341x547 kkit.jpg)
Alright guys, your original kit is the in the game. You'll need two more before the Cup actually kicks off, but for now, you've got your main look.
Open file (2.28 MB 1600x900 k.jpg)
As a heads up, there is one week left to submit your board's entry to the Infinity Cup! For your entry to be considered complete, we still need to know your medal players on your roster (Gold Silver, 2 Bronze) and 2 more kits from your board. I also managed to find some models for your players, here's a team shot with 4 of them

Open file (42.21 KB 694x520 proxy-image.jpg)
Coolest full package Strelok 06/20/2020 (Sat) 10:51:09 No.2975 [Reply] [Last]
Which nation had the coolest set of weaponry and armour pre-firearms? Danes have really cool big ass axes while Celts waved their dick at you and got hopped up on haggis to fuck you up. Hard to argue with a naked ginger smelling of pig fat from gelling his hair 3 feet tall.
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>>3064 >the garb of mesoamerican and South American pre-Colombian civilizations Excellent taste, Aztecs in particular interest me.
>>3064 >pre-firearms >posts late Samurai armor
>>3270 That type of scaling was a mid-period Samurai Armor, not late; began production in the early to mid 1300s (before the introduction of firearms to Japan) but reached popularity in the early Sengoku period (again, before the introduction of firearms to Japan). The late period Samurai Armor introduced in the late stages of the Sengoku (after firearms were introduced to Japan) emulated European Plate and didn't use scaling. This is of course a moot point, because you seem to be arguing from a stance of 'the moment (proper) firearms (such as arquebuses or better) were introduced anywhere in the world', in which case you'd be correct.
>>3220 Post em. /tg/ on cuckchan has a shit load of archives in their generals full of historic stuff. Worth the trip if you're looking for those kinds of books.
Open file (85.33 KB 278x541 NanbanDo.jpg)
Open file (103.56 KB 200x252 1544673296.png)
Open file (102.88 KB 700x1016 warrior of the west.jpg)
>>3284 >The late period Samurai Armor introduced in the late stages of the Sengoku (after firearms were introduced to Japan) emulated European Plate and didn't use scaling. In some cases it didn't merely replicate European armor, it actually was old European armor that was sold to them by the Portuguese. In some cases the late samurai armor ornamentally mimicked the kozane scales of earlier armor types.

Open file (52.88 KB 650x700 afrikakorpsbw.png)
Open file (103.02 KB 563x675 animubootybw.png)
Open file (22.53 KB 1006x1587 bearnade.gif)
Open file (47.16 KB 450x710 benisbw.png)
Stencils for ammo boxes and such. Strelok 06/22/2020 (Mon) 05:38:13 No.3113 [Reply] [Last]
I feel kind enough to share some /k/ related stencils I saved over the years.
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I have these.
Open file (4.30 KB 261x371 Impurity rune.png)
Open file (89.23 KB 1969x1957 1529619508.png)
>>3170 >>3171 Something's fucky about image uploading right now. I'll try one more time.
Open file (774.55 KB 8263x8250 sunlightparm.png)
>>3131 Don't listen to this dumbass, there's nothing wrong with most of these.
>>3174 Reuploading because this image is broke.

Open file (58.17 KB 863x398 Run-Hide-Fight.jpg)
Shooting Spree Defense Strelok 05/21/2020 (Thu) 16:35:48 No.586 [Reply] [Last]
We always get threads about spree shooters, but i'ld like to get a useful discussion going that doesn't end up being all about politics and beta faggot uprising memes. Something occured to me and that is these guys are typically open carrying long guns, usually AR platforms. Rarely do they use supressors, or a handgun/handguns in close quarters to kill a high number of people.If one of you were to get caught in the wake of one of these faggots temper tantrums how would you deal with the problem of being outgunned? There are lots of tactics we could discuss about how to neutralize or escape the threat before being mortally wounded. I personally feel morally obligated to close with the threat and gain a position that I could THEN draw my side arm and incapacitate or kill, then move on to the next objective. Why I decide to draw when i'm in position? A few reasons. 1) Avoid attention. If I appear as unthreatening as possible I can avoid attention while other people are looking for a guy with a gun to either avoid or pursue then i'll reduce the potential chaos I have to deal with. 2) Element of surprise. Again closing without posing a threat allows me time to gain a superior position, which is especially important when being outgunned. He may or may not target me with accurate fire, but the point is to reduce the odds as much as possible because he can't throw a rock and expect to hit every ant all at once. Some ants may make it easier by crowding around each other and the bigger the ant the more likely the rock will hit it, but smaller ants are less likely to be hit because they aren't as noticable. This is important psychologically too because most of these guys wont have to tranquility to rationally identify and react to a threat letting a harmless looking person get too close could be fatal for them. Are they accurate? Are they cocky? Do they need to reload? It isn't a simple yes or no and this is probably where the most danger is. 3) Self defense claim. There may be nothing to this, but I just thought if somehow I don't kill him and he latter presses charges. If I pop shot him from 20 meters with my pistol and it breaks his lower vertebrate effectively crippling his body and will to fight can he then survive and press charges against me for shooting him in the back? Might be less important or not depending on what laws govern your state and what (((lawyer))) he has. I apologize for a lack of sources to draw from as this isn't something I thought heavily about until now for reasons such as "I'll just draw faster, hur, magdump, hur, surpressive fire, durh" and my only real experience in fighting comes from Greco-Roman, old USSR style boxing, BJJ, free sparing in the army, HEMA and basic literature like The Art of War, or The Book of Five Rings. Hopefully now that i've posed this question you all could provide your resources and we could gain deeper insight from one another. Thoughts?
27 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>742 This is very important. Don't forget Port Arthur. You may think you're facing some mk ultra tard when really it's some Tier 1 operator and the tard is just the fall guy.
>>2384 To add to that composition many children nowadays are getting supplied with personal laptops for their courses. Would a laptop and the necessary books be sufficient impromptu defense all things considered?
>>2394 for pistol caliber, yes. Not for rifle.
Open file (24.17 KB 500x333 retardbart.jpg)
>>2384 >>2394 What if they don't shoot you in the book bag? What happens if they shoot you where you don't have a book bag? Get's the old noggin' joggin.
>>2960 >What if they don't shoot you in the plate carrier? What happens if they shoot you where you don't have a plate carrier? It's almost like a book bag is a more socially acceptable low profile and stripped down plate carrier that sacrifices some protection (one side protection only) for weight savings.

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