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what's a war board without a conflict?

The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening Strelok 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:25:17 No.6086 [Reply] [Last]
2 for 1 Asian Special Fuck it I'm just going to clone the old OP. Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea https://web.archive.org/web/20200613152332/https://twitter.com/xhnews/status/1271824285703651328 >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ https://archive.is/ycpZY >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office https://archive.is/5xu42 >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032412/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617000200325 >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy"

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>>17052 >that sketch Kek, you're hired Strelok. Please take charge of the special Earth Defense Division of the Space Force.
Open file (1.19 MB 1050x591 ClipboardImage.png)
India Border Clash Leaves at Least 5 Dead https://archive.is/8KYVv Two Indian states have been arguing since the 1980s over where exactly the line falls on a 193-square-mile strip of land dividing them. On Monday, guns and hand grenades came out. >At least five police officers from the state of Assam were killed and dozens of officers and civilians were injured in the melee, which took place in the small village of Vairengte in the Kolasib district of the far northeastern state of Mizoram. >Mizoram and Assam officials quickly blamed each other for the bloodshed. >The flare-up over the disputed territory was the first involving casualties in decades, experts said, and raised broader questions about India’s ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P. >The clash occurred two days after Amit Shah, India’s powerful home minister, and a member of the party, held a meeting with state leaders meant to resolve the border dispute there and some elsewhere in India’s northeast. >Though Assam is led by the B.J.P. and Mizoram by a regional party in coalition with the B.J.P., the talks with Mr. Shah appeared not to defuse tensions >Observers outside the political fray said two state police forces shooting at one another raised serious issues. >Boundary disputes between Mizoram and Assam are not new. The two sides have argued where exactly the line falls on a 193-square-mile strip of land since the 1980s, when Mizoram and three other Indian states were carved out of Assam, a sprawling state that borders Bhutan and Bangladesh. >The states were created in accords drawn with the government of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in an attempt to broker a solution to years of rebel insurgency by groups seeking independence from India. >The episode began Monday morning, when police officers from Assam state seized a newly constructed Mizoram police post, according to Mizoram officials. The Assam police said that the post was illegal because it fell within Assam’s borders, and that troops had taken it over in protest. >But by Monday afternoon, hundreds of people, many Indigenous Mizo, from villages on the outskirts of the Singla Forest Reserve had joined the standoff, throwing stones and firing guns. At the same time, Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, and Zoramthanga, the chief minister of Mizoram, traded barbs on social media, tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office and Mr. Shah. >“Assam police used cane charging and tear gas smoke,” Vanlalfaka Ralte, the Kolasib district police chief, said. >“Assam side started firing on the Mizoram side,” Mr. Ralte said, “Then my troops replied.” >The Assam police had a different account. They said after they seized the post, Mizo civilians attacked them. >Afterward, Assam police officials said, Mizoram police opened fire on Assam police and civilians using automatic weapons including light machine guns, which are used in military combat.

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>>17636 Finally a war that India can win
Slight sage because its old new but here's an "interview" (read propaganda) shot of a China 039A submarine, you can see some command controls near the very end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyku34SAMzM
https://archive.is/PUInR >Amid fears of leak, China nuclear plant operator says reactor shut down for ‘maintenance’ >Weeks after the Chinese government admitted damage to fuel rods at a nuclear power plant, the operator said one of its reactors has been shut down for “maintenance”. An increase in radiation inside Unit 1 reactor of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant had sparked fears of a leak, according to a CNN report. >"After lengthy conversations between French and Chinese technical personnel, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant ... decided to shut down Unit 1 for maintenance," China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) said in an online statement. >The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, owned by CGN and Electricite de France (EDF), began commercial operation in December 2018. EDF had warned of an “imminent radiological threat” after damage to fuel rods, reported CNN citing a letter to the US department of energy. >In the letter, the French power company reportedly accused the Chinese safety authority of raising the acceptable level of radiation outside the power plant, a report denied by the Chinese government. While the ministry of ecology and environment admitted the power plant had five broken fuel rods, it said no radioactivity leaked. >The ministry claimed on its social media account that the radiation was contained by barriers that functioned as planned. “There is no problem of radioactive leakage to the environment,” the ministry statement said. It also downplayed the damage saying it was a “common phenomenon” and the damaged fuel rods accounted for “less than 0.01 percent" of the 60,000 fuel rods in the reactor. >After China’s admission of minor damage to the plant, a spokesperson for EDF told CNN that it was a "serious situation that is evolving." The spokesperson said that EDF would have shut down the reactor if it was in France due to "the procedures and practices in terms of operating nuclear power plants in France," reported CNN. Wonder if they'll blame T*iw*nese saboteurs/Vtuber simps should it create anudda zone.

Open file (686.54 KB 4000x3000 tres.jpg)
Open file (761.59 KB 4000x3000 quatro.jpg)
Open file (2.13 MB 4000x3000 dos.jpg)
Open file (1.38 MB 4000x3000 uno.jpg)
GFS - Gardening, Food acquisition and Stock keeping thread Strelok 07/30/2021 (Fri) 17:19:58 No.17689 [Reply]
Greetings Streloks, as anounced in >>17677, this is the thread about gardening, acquiring food and keeping stocks for long(er) Term survival. the main topics for this thread are -growing food for long term survival. -harvesting wild food if gardening is not an option for whatever reason. -legal and illegal food acquisition in areas where gardening is hard or undoable or in the case of insufficient skills. -wild gardening/guerilla gardening as alternative ways of growing food without owning land. >What is the purpose of the info ITT? This thread is aimed at providing information to every Strelok, on how to provide his own food, wether it is only for himself, or for a large fighting force. This is not only important for Post-collapse scenarios, but also an important factor of gaining freedom by independence from the government and society. >what does this have to do with /k/? At the time of the thread creation, /k/ is the board for weapons, combat and outdoorsmanship. A part of every armed conflict is the provisioning of food for the combatants to upkeep morale and fighting ability. Knowing how to grow and how to acquire food in any conditions is an important part of sustaining a fighting force, as the past has shown that a hungry soldier cannot win a conflict, and looting, even if an option, is only a short term solution, that cannot fully replace a stable supply of fresh provisions. Therefore, i see this as a quite important, and unfortunately overlooked aspect of /k/. >What goes in regards to posting. I'm not playing janny, but i'd prefer to keep this thread focused on the 4 main topics at the beginning of the Post. Related questions and discussion are welcome, and as long as it stays roughly on topic, i see the threads purpose as fulfilled.

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as for the first question: >>17682 >Do Hügelkulturen work on sandy soil? Not in their usual form, no. What has to be done, is providing some form of erosion protection, in order to keep the wood at the base of the Hügelkultur covered to facilitate rotting. For this purpose, gaps and pockets of air between the wood can be filled with wood chips or grass clippings, and a few layers of news paper or grass clippings can be put at the base of the Hügel to prevent drainage and erosion. Otherwise, Hügelkultur works with practically any soil, as long as it's properties are taken into consideration.
Open file (184.62 KB 491x314 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (468.24 KB 486x631 ClipboardImage.png)
I think the 4x4x4 potato box/chicken wire cylinder is a must-have if your climate allows for potato growth. If it doesn't look for whatever tuber happens to grow there. Most tubers are edible so long as they aren't poisonous, some just require more chewing than others.

Open file (2.43 MB 3840x2160 338 Lapua Magnum.jpg)
Autistic ideas Strelok 08/21/2020 (Fri) 16:45:14 No.5117 [Reply] [Last]
The subject says it all, so I shall start it with this one: .338 Lapua Magnum with a rebated rim, and an advanced primer ignition machine gun to go with it. If you don't know what that means, then kikepedia can help you out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blowback_%28firearms%29#Advanced_primer_ignition_%28API%29_blowback But the tl;dr is that it's a simple blowback mechanism that ignites the gunpowder while the cartridge is still travelling forward, and that means the bolt can be a lot lighter. Now, this machine gun would be meant for vehicles first and foremost, because there is already a small push for .338 machine guns anyway, but that one design seems to be way too complex for vehicle use, especially if you put next to it a blowback machine gun. And in theory you could refit any weapon chambered for .338 LM to fire this new cartridge simply by modifying or replacing the bolt and otherwise leaving alone the weapon.
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Open file (105.80 KB 1200x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Would it be autistic to make a patch out of pic relatad?
>>13735 Patches by definition are autism.
Open file (374.61 KB 3772x2131 AK_Bullpup.jpg)
Open file (13.34 KB 300x169 tbh.jpg)
Open file (86.02 KB 1100x634 OA93.jpg)
Since there's the dumb 9mm/45 discussion again I thought I'd suggest something totally new. Start with a bullpup AR, or AK pistol. Add a .30 caliber barrel with a custom chamber for something that looks like the 300 WSM but is only half as long; expecting about 1750fps pushing a 147gr boat tail out of a 7" barrel. Would this shut up the fudds arguing between their century-old calibers, do you suppose? Would YOU carry such a beast? >>12596 I've been dreaming of this in an AR-platform rifle for weeks now. Thanks, Strelok.
>>14492 I get ~1600fps out of a 6 1/2" barrel with a 230gr .45WM. Yes I like your autism and would carry as impractical as it may seem
>>9525 >a new family of autocannons and AGLs in conjunction, so that they use as many common parts as possible, and even the different ones are similar enough so that somebody who is trained to repair one of them can deal with the other one. You could even lengthen the case, use a longer barrel, and load it with 40mm Bofors ammunition. If you manage to recreate the ballistics then you'll get the equivalent of a belt-fed 40mm L/70 Bofors gun, and have access to a wide variety of shells.

US Navy Ship on Fire for Two Days Straight Strelok 07/14/2020 (Tue) 04:40:10 No.4168 [Reply]
1,000-degree blaze continues to rage aboard Navy ship in San Diego The fire has brought down the USS Bonhomme Richard's forward mast. More than 400 sailors are working to put out the massive fire that continues to rage aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego and Navy officials are unclear how long the blaze might continue to burn.nThe fire has brought down the amphibious assault ship's forward mast and caused other damage to the ship's superstructure that rises above its flight deck. "There is a tremendous amount of heat underneath and that's where it's -- it's flashing up -- also forward, closer to the bow again there's a heat source and we're trying to get to that as well," Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, the commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3 said at a news conference Monday in San Diego. Sobeck said that the temperatures in the fire's heat sources are reaching as high as 1,000 degrees. With temperatures that high, the sailors are rotating in on 15-minute firefighting shifts. Asked if he believes the ship could be saved, Sobeck said, "I feel absolutely hopeful because we have sailors giving it their all." He also expressed confidence that the fire will not get close to the ship's supply of one million gallons of fuel, which lies two decks below the blaze. The fire continues to cause damage to the the ship's superstructure, which rises above its flight deck and has brought down one of the two masts that tower above. Sobeck acknowledged that the ship's Halon fire suppression system -- which could have put out the initial fire -- was not activated because it was also receiving maintenance. "We again augment that with firefighting elements from the pier and the shipyard," said Sobeck. Teams of sailors were pouring water onto the ship from the pier and from tugboats along its side. Navy helicopters have also dropped 415 buckets of water on the ship to contain the fire, much as they have done in the past to help put out wildfires. There were 57 sailors injured after the fire started aboard the ship on Sunday, most have been treated for exhaustion and smoke inhalation. A U.S. official told ABC News that the last five individuals who remained hospitalized have been released from the hospital.

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A member of the crew has finally been charged. The name has not been released; infer from that what you will.
>>17671 >no sause https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58021390 https://archive.is//L1yA7 >name redacted Either female, or black. may I guess both? >The US Navy has filed charges against a sailor over a massive blaze aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard in 2020 that destroyed the amphibious warship. >The sailor, whose name has not been publicly revealed, is accused of starting the fire, says Navy spokesperson Cmdr Sean Robertson. >The blaze aboard the warship in San Diego, California, where the vessel was docked, took four days to put out. >At least 40 sailors and 23 civilians were injured. I>n a statement, Cmdr Robertson said the accused sailor "was a member of Bonhomme Richard's crew at the time". >"Evidence collected during the investigation is sufficient to direct a preliminary hearing in accordance with due process under the military justice system," he said. >The fire started on 12 July 2020, and over four days US Navy helicopters carried more than 1,500 water bucket drops and tug boats sprayed water on the $1bn (£716m) vessel's side to contain the blaze.
>>17672 >>no sause Given that there's no information aside from that once sentence, but many news agencies are reporting it, I figured you could just take your pick. Though there are some that claim that names usually aren't publicly given at this stage in the proceedings, until the charges actually get approved for court martial.
>>17672 >accused of starting the fire So it wasn't negligence is the takeaway here, I guess.
>>17676 That depends entirely on whether it was a colorful or other vibrant goodifying the place up or not, Strelok. Same goes for a vagino-anal as well, I imagine. Crocodile tears + complaints of "Muh microagressions! Muh reparations! WE!" will go a long way in current year to arriving at minor slap on the wrist. In fact I would be pretty surprised at this point in all the proceedings of kikery going on in the US Mil r/n if it was an le Ebil Nahdzee! Literally worse than Hitler! accompanied by six million reees all coordinated in chorus. >My prediction: Stronk, independynt nigress on the rag, who simply took things too far and torched the place, after a 'coordinated campaign of microagressions by <insert rando[s] here>'. Calling it.

Open file (63.00 KB 500x406 66364a.jpg)
Where can I get plans to build a nuke? Atomicon 02/19/2021 (Fri) 20:03:37 No.13445 [Reply] [Last]
I'm looking for blueprints to build a nuke.
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>>13858 I'll lynch them too this time so we can avoid another industrial revolution
I suggest you for materials, use the radioreactive stuff in smoke detectors, tho make sure the stuff you put in your home made Little Boy, also you don't need more uranium than just as much as a paper clip in size (that's how much uranium they've used in Little Boy and in Fat Man, the more you have, the worse the consequences for all of us, including you, including me and including everyone good that isn't a jew) good luck boss. o7
>>17617 t. notafed
>>16169 > What I notice with these conspiracies is that they serve zero purpose to the people enacting them, unlike say the theory that people are being dumbed down and genetically diluted to make an easier to control slave force. Like I said before, the theories state that the government are satanist/hate God and want to rebel against him & release the antichrist and the way they do that is to make the population not believe in him by hiding evidence that he exists, while I do think some of what they say might be true (such as the fact that the elite have been in bed with "spiritualists" and what not, although that could be because elites arent that smart and also believe in hogwash) it doesnt make sense as to why they want the antichrist to come since the antichrist birth starts a "timer" for the end of the world which would eventually lead to hell for the elites (and elites do feel pain so I doubt they want to burn there forever)
>>17678 And the elephant in the room also refuses to rebuild their temple. Make of that what you will.

Open file (477.46 KB 320x189 Bob.gif)
Weird Battles Strelok 07/06/2021 (Tue) 21:53:51 No.17013 [Reply]
Post battles that occurred under very strange circumstances, had strange alliances, or were fought over other unconventional circumstances >kraut commander of a castle prison saw the writing on the wall and went to the advancing burgers for help against the SS >the combined forces of Burgers, Baguette and Austrian prisoners, and defecting krauts fight against other krauts that missed the memo that fuhrer was kill https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Castle_Itter are there any other significant battles where enemy forces teamed up with each other?
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>>17017 Also Soviets were against China by that point and so were the Vietnamese.
>>17482 >nips win by doing absolutely nothing
>>17564 Did they put the island full of traps or something before leaving?
>>17577 That's just how dangerous amphibious landings are, even almost completely unopposed. Even the US Marine Corps right after the war, when they had it down to a science, managed to lose people in every serious training landing. And that was just training. Of course, that's also why the post-war congress decided to get involved and neutered the Marines' ability to seriously train for their one job, which led to the atrocities in Korea (which only worked because they called back into service WW2 Vets who were actually trained for that), and the complete lack of successful incidents of actual medium scale (or larger) amphibious operations after that.
>>17577 As >>17596 said, the whiplash from an amphibious landing alone is enough to give a lot of people concussions/spine damage. Amphibious landings are dangerous even when there isn't anyone around and everything goes great.

Naval thread Strelok 10/09/2020 (Fri) 21:04:32 No.7107 [Reply] [Last]
Subject says it all.
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>>17535 >I understand correctly there is no point in designing something similar with today's propulsion technologies. Pretty much correct. There really wasn't any particular reason to as early as the 1930s, either, but today's tech has made it entirely pointless unless you're desperately trying to avoid any traces of IEP. >I'm just wildly speculating here You're correct in what the idea is. That's the proper 'safe' way to work an industry back up into a lost (or completely new) capability or technology, by steps not by leaps. Otherwise, you end up with the Zumwalt and/or LCS fiascoes. Even the Iowas (/what would have been the Montanas) were preceded by the North Carolinas and South Dakotas as prototypes, and even they were derived from the Heavy Cruisers the USN loved so much - that's the reason why the USN Fast Battleships have Cruiser hullforms. Really, you could build the thing using smaller guns as a start, say multi-gun turreted 5in or 8in/203mm guns as a starting place, basically starting with a Heavy Cruiser before advancing to the Pocket Battleship or Battlecruiser, but actually selling that to a political body in charge of funding would be optimistic on the best of days. As for Secondaries in the American notation system, some firms actually did include the secondaries in the shorthand (leading to some references such as 2A0.5eA1 for the Iowas), but in general the shorthand was for the quickest glance at the centerline layout since that was considered the most important part, and adding the non-centerline secondaries was usually considered to be defeating the point. When they were getting into greater details, they would refer to the layouts by 'names' (which often seemed arbitrary) for even the main battery - chaser (2A1 with Turret #2 superfiring), lancer (as chaser but where the #3 turret could engage over the shoulder), runner (1A2 with Turret #2 superfiring over #3), evens (2A2, Turrets #2 and #3 superfiring over #1 and #4 respectively), all-forward (2/3A0), flat (any number of turrets on the main deck, these being the Deutschlands and Gangut as the only examples off the top of my head) and so on. For secondaries, they used terms such as 'Hex', 'Square', 'Diamond', 'Broadsides', and 'Cruiser' (which ironically was used by the Fast Battleships) to convey the general layout - all names descended from earlier main battery layouts, incidentally.
>>17538 >multi-gun turreted 5in or 8in/203mm guns as a starting place I can see how the former would work, but correct me if I'm wrong. So, dust off the plans of the Worcester-class, fit it out with all the bells and whistles of a modern warship, redesign the triple turrets for 155mm guns that work with standard NATO ammunition, and also equip it with Mk57-style peripheral VLS cells (but they should be redesigned Mk41 cells that can work with all the available missiles for that). The missiles would be the main armament against surface targets, and the 155mm DP guns' main job would be to clear the skies of any enemy missile or aircraft that wanders too close. So in a ship-to-ship missile duel they'd have a good chance to win simply by destroying most of the enemy missiles, and the armour would help them survive a few hits. And even if the game changes to big guns firing scramjet missiles at everything not underwater, they'd still have a job as the modern incarnations of the Atlanta-class AA cruisers. But what would be the job of a cruiser with 203mm guns? Those are too small to launch scramjets, yet they might be just too big to be proper DP guns. A cruiser with 155mm guns wouldn't rock the boat as much, because it would mostly function like other modern warships, just with a significantly stronger gun armament. But for the 203mm cruiser those guns might be just deadweight outside of shore bombardment, and you don't need that many such guns for that job anyway. And I don't think you could sell the idea of chasing enemy ships to shoot them up with heavy guns if both sides have much longer-ranged missiles. I imagine it's possible to develop a turret with two 203mm guns that fits into the same turret ring, and then replace one or two 155mm turrets for a mixed armament. So, what am I missing here?
>>17570 >Modernized, Upgraded Worcester That could actually work, I had been thinking purely of an upgraded Juneau-class with a battery of 5in/62cal guns capable of using present or reasonable proposed 5in shells (such as Vulcano and Super-DART). >But what would be the job of a cruiser with 203mm guns? Shore Bombardment, Surface Warfare, Anti-Air, Anti-Submarine, Special-Operations Support, showing the flag, carrying an Admiral around. Could be basically anything, really. There's actually nothing stopping an 8in gun from being used as a DP gun anymore, firerate (12rpm) and all-angle loading were solved with the 8in/55cal Mk71 MCLWG all the way back in 1975. Design a Super-DART for the 8in and I see no reason why it couldn't be used in the AA role. In effect, consider that anything a smaller shell can be designed for, an 8in shell can also be designed for, so long as the rate of fire (again, 12rpm) is sufficient... which, considering the old arm-launchers are still in service in the world (Taiwan), 6sec/shot must be good enough for some people. Tie this in with the effective muzzle velocity of an enlarged version of a sabotted AA shell (such as the aforementioned Super-DART) and you basically have your 'high velocity projectiles' without even trying. >And I don't think you could sell the idea of chasing enemy ships to shoot them up with heavy guns if both sides have much longer-ranged missiles. Consider that if you are fielding ships that can shoot down the enemy's missiles so effectively that they will be very quick to build their own versions (rapid fire gun technology is no secret to anybody, really), meaning they too will be able to shoot down your missiles just as effectively. Once this form of parity is reached, given the rapid increases in short-range detection capabilities to counter 'stealth missiles', the only effective Anti-Ship weapon becomes... a gun with shells that cannot be effectively shot down, which starts at around the 8in mark for HE shells (recall, 155mm shells are stopped cold by C-RAM and HELs already). Of course, we don't actually even need to reach into exotic gun-toting ships to reach this form of parity, HELs are already rapidly pushing us there and all sides of any prospective naval conflict in the future are already well on their way to developing practical HELs as CIWS or greater forms of AA. Sooner or later, a return to Gun is inevitable.
>>17538 >IEP What's that?
>>17584 Integrated Electrical Propulsion. In essence, it's any propulsion system that translates the force generated at the prime mover (engine/genset) to the drive unit (before your screw/propeller/wheels) by way of electrical impetus (wires->motors) instead of kinetic impetus (drive trains/shafts->gearboxes). Borrowing a few terms that are technically incorrect, but get the point across, of course. This is mostly silly in land vehicles as the benefits are so minor as to be insignificant, but on naval vessels it allows the engines to run almost purely at peak efficiency by way of battery storage as well as better compartmentalization due to reduced major penetrations of bulkheads.

What is easier and more reliable to build in a cave? Strelok 07/21/2021 (Wed) 20:30:42 No.17439 [Reply]
So, I've got my list of different aircraft that I've tought about: 1.1 Petrol Jet 1.2 Electric Jet 1.3 Petrol Piston Propeller 1.4 Electric Engine Propeller 2.1 He 162 2.2 Me 262 2.3 Ta 183 2.4 Bf 109 (G6/K4/other improved variant) 2.5 Other Germany war emergency fighter I just want a general opinion and a reason for your opinion. Thank you! Just a quick note: I am a bit more inclined with He 162, with electric jet engine, as I have experience with it from games (using a stirling generator + car batteries for fuel on the real one) and maintenance after flight would be easier. If you suggest something else please have something with the criteria: can hold minimum 4 pylons for SAAMS or bombs, can fly for over 4 hours and have spare fuel for another 30 minute of emergency flight back home, easy to build by untrained personel in cramped conditions, can get up to mach 0.8 without structural damage/failure.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>17539 Yeah, I now realize that too, after a nights rest. Scary what sleep deprivation and late night anger can do to a strelok. also, I just remembered: if OP wants to build planes in a cave, depending on its size, maybe he could go for MiG-15's, they were developed right after the second world war, and they approximately hit the OPs criteria, although fuel doesn't hit (1.5 hours max, 2.4 if you pick the hunter variant). But, if it's for efficiency and effectiveness in combat, >>17540 has the right idea.
>>17540 drones can get hacked, have a max distance until communications can't happen anymore for a small team as over 1000km is a long long distance, can get hijacked easily by enemy forces if I try to use the internet. The only way this would work it would be if it would get a strong encryption and I've got to fly it over cities so I would get internet, which will make my drone visible. >>17537 the materials I'll use will be of higher quality. Wood isn't that good, expecially for a jet fighter. Like a bri'ish ace that flew it said that the He 162, if well trained pilots flew it, it would've been a game changer. The BF 109 I put there, even though it doesn't meet that mach 0.8 speed criteria as the mach 0.8 is only for jets, sorry for not pointing it out in the first place. Also the workers have some experience in the workshop, altough only simple stuff as installing an electric motor on a bike or reinforcing a part of the house and stuff. Not that experienced with manufacturing parts from raw materials and such. The part with MiG-15 I considered it before, but dismissed it as the shock when I bombard [REDACTED]. Like what would attract more attention? "An unindentified MiG-15 pilot struck [REDACTED] this morning with multiple bombs and rockets, hitting the air defence of [REDACTED]. It is tought that ISIS/HAMAS is being the attack. Watch the rest on our channel later this day!" or "An unindentified Nazi pilot flying an WW2 era jet plane struck [REDACTED] this morning, killing [REDACTED] people, are Nazis coming back and what are they going to do? See on our channel later this day!" Sorry for the wall of text.>>17540
>>17546 >Finally reveals the end goal of this thread In your shoes, I would build smaller drones that are basically RC missiles and completely disposable, so you don't have to worry about maintenance or resupplying your devices. This cuts costs on the manufacture and having a smaller form factor will enable you to carry even hundreds in something like a moving truck. >Hacking the drones It's not impossible, but with the scenario I'm proposing it would be incredibly unlikely. You would be using either a 2.4 GHz antenna setup or a 4G LTE setup on the drones. These are very common signals and to try to hijack the drones using them in time probably wouldn't happen. You could even program the drones to head to the target whilst completely cut off from you. A box truck full of drones that can fire from anywhere would be a very difficult problem to solve. >Distance The drones wouldn't have a maximum range of 1000km, you are correct about that. With a proper antenna you can reach about 33km (20 miles) which is still pretty good. Outfitting the drones with 4G dongles could possibly extend that range, I really don't know. But the kicker with this set-up is that nobody can really plan for it. A moving box truck with a hundred drones sets up 20 miles away and sends suicide drones at a target? How do you stop that? >what about the audience? IM THE JOKAH BABY Idk paint swastikas on the drones? If you dressed up like a clown and danced with signs supporting and showing abortion pictures you'd probably get the reactions you are looking for. And also I'd get a big laugh from seeing that on the news. >Sorry for the wall of text Enjoy reading mine, friend
>>17565 I see I see, the part with the guided RC V1's I've thougt about and are in my plans, tho only as laser guided as GPS would be bitch in trying to control the drone. The GPS would read that le drone would be 1km forward or backward if it ain't precise (as the drone would get over 1000km of traveling, it will loose precision). I also have an old saying: "Overestimate your enemy twice and sub estimate yourself twice for the best strategy." Btw, hi mr jew that watches us! I'll fucking kill you ^^ And another good one would be: "when everything gets fucked, at least you've got a manual" (this refers to the reliability of manual vehicles, when it gets fucked, at least you can repair it easily, without a problem) Not to forget, it's quite gay to lay back and let a robot do the job 99.9%, that's what trannies of US military do. Plus, a robot isn't that smart. Even tho it might be programmed very well, it is still worse than a human. A bot can predict so much till it get's a loading error that cannot be resolved and it crashes. Also, imo, it is more cool to see an explosion in real life than on a screen.
>>17576 Honestly, at that point you could just go for homebrew mortars. High range and destructive capabilities, paired with high mobility makes those an extremely effective way of attacking targets. And if you put some effort into production and QC, you can get quite the precision with 'em.

Open file (147.14 KB 430x200 SmallGIF_WW1.gif)
Alternative history thread Strelok 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:42:02 No.17124 [Reply]
This thread includes alternative history wars, conflicts, weapons, tactics and more. For instance >Axis victory proxy wars >Their equipment >East centered world, conflicts And more
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>>17157 *Sage
>>17153 Probably Non-Aligned moment is formed with India-Egypt ahead instead and pajeets at the helm. Yugo still probably gonna break up since Tito's sheer will alongisde his hopes and dreams was the sole thing holding the republic togeather. Not very plausible since Tito/Stalin started going for the neck REAL fast post WW2. Here's a few fun ideas for you guys: Lin Biao and the 751 plan (It's rymes with "Armed uprising") kick off sucessfully and Mao's raproachment with the west is thwarted and Mao is killed. Zhou Enlai isn't retarded and at the Lushan conference they coup out Mao for Peng Dehuai. Deng Xiaoping and Peng end up dissolving the CPC (those two were never "real" communists) and the Sino-Soviet split occurs in 1959. The Argies actually are competent enough to not reverse the torpedo gyros and their two subs intercep the British Carrier force of Sierra Leoine
>>17130 Operation Sealion is basically impossible yes. Don't forget that the inverse, D-Day, took the world's two largest navies, air superiority, good support from locals and a deception operation to move reserves and still wasn't a sure thing. There were also giant floating harbours and literal pipelines across the channel. The logistics of a naval invasion at scale are terrifying meanwhile Sealion plans proposed towing barges across which is a joke not to mention the German reliance on horses for transport adding a whole extra level of headache. There are two paths to knocking the UK out barring perhaps adding decades onto the timeline and/or proposing nukes. Firstly starvation but arguably continental Europe is at almost as much of a risk of starvation as the UK is plenty of incidents of starvation and resource shortages during WW2 unless they can swing around and kill the bulk of the USSR. Secondly threaten the Empire enough (close the Suez, pressure Spain to make noises about joining so Gibraltar is threatened) and offer very reasonable terms to both the UK and France to bow out and go fuck up the nips. This would require Germany to have stuck with allying with the Chinese instead of swapping to the Japanese but that probably would have worked better anyway since Japan would have acted the same alliance or not. It would also require Mussolini to not demand too much and that's a potential issue too. >>17143 >Germany kept a lot of their industry producing civilian goods even long after everyone else had switched to a war economy If memory serves it was 1943, after Stalingrad was fully retaken, that they finally went for a proper total war economy. >>17153 The real question is what if the Sino-Soviet split never happened. That had a far larger effect on the Cold War and led to post-Mao China being subtly backed by the USA.
Open file (302.17 KB 736x425 ClipboardImage.png)
Could the n*zis have built a semi-mass production capable crude supercavitating torpedo or better yet rocket propelled midget submarines if a Strelok with Superkavitierender Unterwasserlaufkörper blueprints and extensive engineering+physics knowledge behind the weapon system were to get isekai'd back to June 1st 1940 Berlin?
>>17547 >Could the n*zis have built a semi-mass production capable crude supercavitating torpedo No, the infrastructure required to build practical supercavitation wouldn't exist for another ~30 years and even if you carried back plans to build all of that, it'd take longer than WW2 did just to build them. Same thing goes with your spoiler due to underwater rocket propulsion.

Open file (14.60 MB 718x480 Rhodesian Dissidents.mp4)
Open file (3.88 MB 720x404 SA 1985.webm)
Open file (3.79 MB 480x336 SA Police.webm)
Webm Thread Strelok 09/21/2020 (Mon) 06:22:02 No.5995 [Reply] [Last]
Post /k/ videos
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>>17365 What strikes me as nonsensical is the woman's claim of it being 'ironic'. Actually it's perfectly logical. What would you expect of illiterate baboons anyway? Shakespeare?
>>17365 Hah, the old addage remains true >the only things they don't loot are work boots and fathers' day cards
Open file (42.55 KB 375x600 julio-cesar.jpg)
>>17377 >Shakespeare WE
Open file (677.19 KB 640x360 00074487.mp4)
who cares about niggers post more /k/ino

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