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Open file (25.62 KB 540x342 kizunashoot.jpg)
/k/ video games Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 04:53:04 No.236 [Reply] [Last]
I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?
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>>21581 Speak for yourself, my own expectations have gotten worse and worse over the years. Back when it was first announced I figured it'd merely be mediocre, now it's shaping up to be an absolute disaster.
WARGAME 4 IS COMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4yZRkFsQUM Get prepared to be disappointing like STALKER, because... >Early access >6 Nations >SD 2 tier DLC probable >No gimmick unicorns This is a tossup >SD 2 deckbuilding
>>21608 At least the mods for the originals keep getting better Shame we will never get a proper sequel and instead will get this rushed out console cashgrab for the redditor audience. >>21631 >Regiments >Broken Arrow >Men of War 2 It's a good time to like Wargames
>>21608 At least the mods for the originals keep getting better Shame we will never get a proper sequel and instead will get this rushed out console cashgrab for the redditor audience. >>21631 >Regiments >Broken Arrow >Men of War 2 It's a good time to like Wargames
>>21678 >Men of War Not to be a complete jackass, but has 1C ever done anything to improve the game and the GEM engine other than adding assault mode and the few other single player stuff? I remember cold war being a complete fucking shitshow with HP bars and other COH tier bullshit?

Open file (85.13 KB 757x1600 Type 00 NBC suit.jpg)
Open file (208.46 KB 959x1279 1.jpg)
Camo and other clothing Strelok 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:06:19 No.1085 [Reply] [Last]
Camo, jackets, hats, paint, shoes, and etc. go in this thread. The rule of thumb for camo is that if you don't know what to get, you want a general camo, your options are limited, or you're on a budget just get flecktarn. ATACS and SS-Leto are god-tier for lush environments, and alpenflage, strichtarn, and multicam are good for drier areas. M05 Winter for Winter.
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>>20470 >Aussie DPCU >Nearly US$100 a set Well, looks like I have a little investment sitting in my cupboard after all.....
Open file (37.71 KB 474x314 JGSDF.jpg)
Any places where I can get rare camo's? like JGSDF gear or irish army camo? something about those restricted military items is pretty cool, is there any cool camo out there that YOU would like to get your hands on?
Open file (35.77 KB 474x515 Gurlukovich mercs.jpg)
Open file (97.07 KB 1280x720 Gurlukovich mercs 2.jpg)
Any good places to buy cheap camo from? What camo would be the closest to the mercs from MGS2?
>>21625 >Any good places to buy cheap camo from? Your local surplus store, if there is one. Otherwise try ebay or other similar online stores. >What camo would be the closest to the mercs from MGS2? The one in the left image looks similar to the more brownish TTsKO variants, the one in the right image looks like the MVD/OMON Kamush/Tigr/Тень urban lizard-stripe pattern I believe it is called "metro" or "shadow".
>>21625 >Any good places to buy cheap camo from? colemans has alot but youll have to pay shipping charges, otherwise either ebay or a local store unless you want to go exploring through the online surplus stores

The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening Strelok 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:25:17 No.6086 [Reply] [Last]
2 for 1 Asian Special Fuck it I'm just going to clone the old OP. Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea https://web.archive.org/web/20200613152332/https://twitter.com/xhnews/status/1271824285703651328 >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ https://archive.is/ycpZY >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office https://archive.is/5xu42 >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032412/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617000200325 >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy"

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Open file (689.14 KB 400x300 risitas.webm)
>>21572 Not the present world order, but something that resembles an organized functioning society instead of 21st century South Africa. >>21618 <China's Han population is homogenous
>>21618 >China's Han population is homogenous and falling apart at the seams. Where is it falling apart? Will China finally collapse? I thought it should've happened two decades ago? They are telling me of 2030, any second now! >Japan is the embodiment of Fascist economic ideals and has been in a recession for over 30 years. Nope. They were since the 50's until about 30 years ago. Why did it change? Because of the Plaza Accord.
>>21618 Look at all the seething replies with no real arguments lol. Keep it up. As for the NatSocs, imagine getting sent by that dude hitler to your death because of his arrogance. It truly is over for your ideology.
Open file (56.35 KB 1086x246 china_must_grow.png)
China seems to have stepped up its game in Taiwan and instead of sending a few jets to test their defenses, they now send dozens. Between this and NATO sending forces to eastern Europe in case Putin nabs Ukraine, we live in interesting times. https://archive.is/gMqGT
>>21818 You could maybe reply to the posts which replied to you instead of talking to youself?

New Meta Thread Strelok Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 21:51:10 No.10348 [Reply] [Last]
In an effort to stop posting meta in the /k/antina so Streloks can use it for its intended purposes, I'm establishing a new meta thread. The old one has been locked and I'll just let it gracefully fall off the board. IF YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH BOARD ADMINISTRATION (ME) POST IN THIS THREAD- I DON'T READ EVERYTHING ON THE BOARD. Volunteering REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED SEE BELOW Volunteers are welcome to apply. e-mail answers to following statements >Your account name (required for all Lynxchan boards, unfortunately) >Timezones you'll be able to assist with >Previous experience, if any >specific topics you've got more interest in relevant to the board Communications powerwordN@cock.li in an attempt to increase transparency behind administrative action, moving forward posts that end up deleted or banned will be screenshotted and posted here along with ban duration and some explanation as to why. if you've had something you posted removed or been banned and do not see your post here, please e-mail me and i'll look into it. the reason for this is so the userbase can see what reasons people get banned and if they find said action disagreeable, tell me that i'm not doing my job correctly so as to improve and fix whatever the fuck is going on.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 08:20:29.
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>>21500 So we shouldn't use the zzz bunker then?
Open file (136.52 KB 373x521 1638803097594.png)
>>21500 I honestly don't care any more. If I was going to be arrested it would have happened already. >>21523 I'm not using zzz for personal reasons and dislike of the captcha system, and will not pretend to have some greater cause since it's just me being petty. I will move off the webring entirely before you will catch me willingly sharing a home with /japan/'s cult of personality. That is my opinion regardless of further splintering and potentially more dead boards. Right now I'm considering 16chan when this /k/ eventually gets banned off anon.cafe in the coming months. In the mean time I will post on both.
>>21526 >zzzchan /japan/ issues As the current vol on zzz, my (very brief) interactions with sturgeon have been nothing but cordial, and since I don't bother viewing the other boards I have no idea what /japan/ does. If most people end up on 16chan, I'll probably end up there. I still absolutely refuse to use the cafe because the administration clearly does not want us here If only I had enough time to make my own imageboard dedicated to /k/ first and formost >>21523 >Should we? If you trust zzzchan enough, sure. I was just given board perms when it was created as a bunker since /fascist/ got yeeted and still am.
>>21500 go back
deleted spam, closed report for "trap derail". not enough posts for it to be considered spam.

Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240 [Reply] [Last]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
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Why does no one talk about how several parts of the webring are compromised by glowposters?
How do I into FreeCAD? looking to 3D model and print the PPSH41
>>21502 A good basic start is Flowwie's tutorials https://yewtu.be/watch?v=u8otDF_C_fw (sadly only 1 and 2 are out but that should get you started) Then there's the freecad wiki, with both a manual as well as a huge number of pages about specific concepts, tools, and processes. Freecad is very similar to solidworks, which can sometimes assist in finding resources on how to model tricky geometry, but ymmv.
Open file (261.91 KB 883x293 stg45.jpg)
Hypothetically speaking, If I became the leader of a country tomorrow, what would be the best course of action to equip the entire nation of men women and children with guns? What easy to manufacture, cheap and reliable weapon systems could I use to arm over a million people in a short time period? Should I go the route of using standard NATO calibers and basing the rifle off of the ar-18 or should I use/develop another caliber to compete with the new next generation weapons systems made by the USA or just bring back 7.92mm kurz for the lulz? The weapons would be used for guerilla warfare in case of an enemy invasion or general defense of the citizen and his property, sorta like Switzerland. We also need camo, gas masks, helmets and uniforms for everyone in the country so what would be the best solution for that too?
Open file (86.28 KB 1022x900 1.jpg)
Open file (394.81 KB 1600x995 2.jpg)
Is the P90 a great weapon held back by it's weak ammunition? How would a 5.7mm MMJ or .221 Fireball P90 fair out?

US Navy Ship on Fire for Two Days Straight Strelok 07/14/2020 (Tue) 04:40:10 No.4168 [Reply] [Last]
1,000-degree blaze continues to rage aboard Navy ship in San Diego The fire has brought down the USS Bonhomme Richard's forward mast. More than 400 sailors are working to put out the massive fire that continues to rage aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego and Navy officials are unclear how long the blaze might continue to burn.nThe fire has brought down the amphibious assault ship's forward mast and caused other damage to the ship's superstructure that rises above its flight deck. "There is a tremendous amount of heat underneath and that's where it's -- it's flashing up -- also forward, closer to the bow again there's a heat source and we're trying to get to that as well," Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, the commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3 said at a news conference Monday in San Diego. Sobeck said that the temperatures in the fire's heat sources are reaching as high as 1,000 degrees. With temperatures that high, the sailors are rotating in on 15-minute firefighting shifts. Asked if he believes the ship could be saved, Sobeck said, "I feel absolutely hopeful because we have sailors giving it their all." He also expressed confidence that the fire will not get close to the ship's supply of one million gallons of fuel, which lies two decks below the blaze. The fire continues to cause damage to the the ship's superstructure, which rises above its flight deck and has brought down one of the two masts that tower above. Sobeck acknowledged that the ship's Halon fire suppression system -- which could have put out the initial fire -- was not activated because it was also receiving maintenance. "We again augment that with firefighting elements from the pier and the shipyard," said Sobeck. Teams of sailors were pouring water onto the ship from the pier and from tugboats along its side. Navy helicopters have also dropped 415 buckets of water on the ship to contain the fire, much as they have done in the past to help put out wildfires. There were 57 sailors injured after the fire started aboard the ship on Sunday, most have been treated for exhaustion and smoke inhalation. A U.S. official told ABC News that the last five individuals who remained hospitalized have been released from the hospital.

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>>19995 >petty tyrant It kinda... misses the mark but I guess. Like I said, like middle management but actually kinda semi-competent.
>>19984 >some combination of the Navy and/or Congress stopped it >Congress intervened and dictated that the ships would have the AGS system whether or not the program was successful. Certain members of congress have an important job: funneling federal shekels back to their district in the form of military spending. Projects getting cancelled typically means jobs are lost at home which can jeopardize the congress critter's reelection, and as is their nature they put their own interests ahead of the nation at large.
Open file (29.60 KB 325x243 download.jpeg-1.jpg)
>>20042 >and as is their nature they put their own interests ahead of the nation at large. Except in the cases where it screws over everyone equally.
>>19995 >>19996 > like middle management but actually kinda semi-competent. If the subtext is also that the person is a little bit of a prima-donna and/or is pompous then the word you're looking for is "martinet".

a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
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>>20567 looking pretty good. personally id say the bit about the side arm being unimportant in the gearfag 101 part is a bit dismissive of perfectly capable fighting tools. way I've always viewed it is your pistol can be a side arm but it can also be a 2nd primary weapon if the situation requires it. this is mostly only relevant to direct action type shit as most of my experience revolves around SWAT shit but if you have a person in cuffs or otherwise under control you need one hand to keep them under control so a rifle rapidly becomes a bad choice. the same applies to using a ladder either when getting over a perimeter wall or gaining access to a balcony. you need to keep one hand on the ladder so you don't fall off which leaves you with only one hand to operate a weapon. this is where pistols really shine. i personally feel that pistols should be practiced one handed as often as possible as it becomes much more versatile then. you should add a strategy about using an ear dropper or squirt gun to get fentanyl on people like a mossad agent for the agent 47 inclined individuals. also definitely don't recommend people getting bump keys to steal shit from patrol cars.
Reading List of the New Awakening Text upgrade
>>20567 Yo. You recommended acquiring access to the Grantville Gazettes for having some idea as to how to re-establish technology after a capital-C Collapse. Can you tell me which specific ones I should get? If you can zip all the relevant ones up and post it in fileditch or in this thread, that would be great as well. Thanks in advance. I am mostly asking this because libgen.rs has 68 pages worth of Grantville Gazette issues and it would take a eternity and a half to download them all unassisted.
>>20567 >New version I've been working on the fruit/nut tree guide, if you could read whats on it and tell me anything you can't understand as a layman I'll add it in next revision when I'm not busy wageslaving
>>21316 >personally id say the bit about the side arm being unimportant in the gearfag 101 part is a bit dismissive of perfectly capable fighting tools. way I've always viewed it is your pistol can be a side arm but it can also be a 2nd primary weapon if the situation requires it. I wouldn't exactly call it a "2nd primary" - it is a niche weapon for when your primary is incapacitated or too big for what you're doing. >if you have a person in cuffs or otherwise under control you need one hand to keep them under control so a rifle rapidly becomes a bad choice. If they are under control (in the context of SHTF) I'm not going to be within 6ft of them, and if they run or try to fight they're getting a bullet, not my hands on them. There is no reason to go hands-on with someone with unknown fighting ability, especially when there won't be any investigation into their (self-inflicted by stupidity) death. >using a ladder either when getting over a perimeter wall or gaining access to a balcony. you need to keep one hand on the ladder so you don't fall off which leaves you with only one hand to operate a weapon. this is where pistols really shine. i personally feel that pistols should be practiced one handed as often as possible as it becomes much more versatile then. Agreed, or if you are checking say, a car boot - but again, this is because the primary weapon is too big and is temporarily laid aside. If you want to re-write the "gearfag 101" thing please do - my PC went KIA and I'm still looking for a substitute copy of MS Word so I can prepare the next edition and other stuff. I only included those infographics as it beat re-writing the whole thing myself, but I've always meant to go back and re-write it and edit it to fit in with the "Selecting Personal Equipment" stuff in Chapter 6 (page 232 of version 2.1.2). Check what I have on page 217 on version 2.1.2 - it describes the safest known low-tech method of searching a prisoner or body. The searcher does not need to be armed, and in fact, being armed means they are likely to take unnecessary risks and remain too close to the prisoner if they do start to resist. It is the cover man's job to use violence if the prisoner resists. >>21384 I'll create a pdf of the non-fiction stuff I used when I can and I'll post it here. >>21371

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Open file (145.92 KB 1200x798 naval spetnaz.jpg)
naval SF/rescue swimmer/tactical naval activities training Strelok 01/01/2022 (Sat) 17:23:18 No.21408 [Reply]
what's the TRUTH about swimming? does swimming itself make a swimmer's body? or are the "swimming denialists" right when they say that those people already had that body to begin with? Am I to lift too, to look good? what happens if I swim at a quick pace for 4 hours every day? what are the differences in training between having a sprint-swimmer body,and a long-distance swimmer body? >once this lockdown shit is over i'll sign up to swim 5 hours a day 6 days a week >how do I get a tactical swimmer body? need I also lift? >how do I learn to hold my breath underwater for 90 seconds?
swimming is basically upper body cardio which is important just like lower body cardio. just replace some of your run days with swim days if you are active. 5 hours of swimming a day is very excessive. maybe 1 hour every few days.

Artillery thread Strelok 03/03/2021 (Wed) 15:35:13 No.13754 [Reply]
A thread where we can went our pent up thoughts about the king/queen/god/aidoru (please underline your preference) of the battlefield.
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The frogs started to standardize their artillery in the 17th century, and kept improving the basic ideas until the middle of the 19th century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Jacques_Keller https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florent-Jean_de_Valli%C3%A8re https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gribeauval_system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_XI_system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Val%C3%A9e_system Alas, it looks like wikipedia has the most detailed descriptions of them on the English language internet.
Could modern 155mm guns (and their Warsaw pact equivalents) deal with an old school star fortress? I know they were a problem for German field artillery during ww1, and they were still a somehow though nut during ww2. And you can actually find a few of them in Eastern Europe even today, so it they have a small chance of ending up in the front lines soon.
>>21332 Fairly easily, really. I mean, it'd be a question of amassing enough of the guns to have the desired effect within a quick time frame, but it's something virtually any of the third tier powers or higher could pull off. Any of the second and first tier powers, however, would instead just bomb the place to obliteration.
>>20870 Speaking of French artillery, vbbsmyt finally uploaded a new video, and it's about their 75mm gun.

Open file (686.54 KB 4000x3000 tres.jpg)
Open file (761.59 KB 4000x3000 quatro.jpg)
Open file (2.13 MB 4000x3000 dos.jpg)
Open file (1.38 MB 4000x3000 uno.jpg)
GFS - Gardening, Food acquisition and Stock keeping thread Strelok 07/30/2021 (Fri) 17:19:58 No.17689 [Reply]
Greetings Streloks, as anounced in >>17677, this is the thread about gardening, acquiring food and keeping stocks for long(er) Term survival. the main topics for this thread are -growing food for long term survival. -harvesting wild food if gardening is not an option for whatever reason. -legal and illegal food acquisition in areas where gardening is hard or undoable or in the case of insufficient skills. -wild gardening/guerilla gardening as alternative ways of growing food without owning land. >What is the purpose of the info ITT? This thread is aimed at providing information to every Strelok, on how to provide his own food, wether it is only for himself, or for a large fighting force. This is not only important for Post-collapse scenarios, but also an important factor of gaining freedom by independence from the government and society. >what does this have to do with /k/? At the time of the thread creation, /k/ is the board for weapons, combat and outdoorsmanship. A part of every armed conflict is the provisioning of food for the combatants to upkeep morale and fighting ability. Knowing how to grow and how to acquire food in any conditions is an important part of sustaining a fighting force, as the past has shown that a hungry soldier cannot win a conflict, and looting, even if an option, is only a short term solution, that cannot fully replace a stable supply of fresh provisions. Therefore, i see this as a quite important, and unfortunately overlooked aspect of /k/. >What goes in regards to posting. I'm not playing janny, but i'd prefer to keep this thread focused on the 4 main topics at the beginning of the Post. Related questions and discussion are welcome, and as long as it stays roughly on topic, i see the threads purpose as fulfilled.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>21105 Alright, I'll look for some bunching onions next time I'm out. The sound interesting, but what exactly are bunching onions? From my fairly brief research I discovered they were basically spring onions. Do you have any specific variety to recommend? The guardsman and deep purple variety seem interesting. I like the guardsman for being fast growing and as silly as this might sound, I have never seen a purple spring onion before. >>21112 No I actually haven't actually. Like I said in my previous post, I'm in the cotton belt, More specifically, Zone 8. Would those onions even work in this area? >>21039 That actually sounds like a fun idea. Spread out some kitchen scraps and see if it grows.
>>21140 Welsh Onion. Hardy Perennial onions. The least work possible for the most onion.
>>21140 >zone 8 Just be careful of thrips/aphids/whiteflies. In addition, day length is more important for onions that most climactic requirements. I believe the majority of the cotton belt states can only grow short/intermediate day onion . Make sure to save seeds and rotate so you don't get pink root (soil borne fungal disease), that shit is a bitch to remove without EPA banned chemicals (Methyl Bromide). As for dividing where to plant short/intermediate onions, intermediate for the northern portion, on USDA 7-8 border on the red river.
Open file (474.71 KB 1200x1600 042.JPG)
Open file (179.76 KB 1066x1600 walking onion.JPG)
Open file (291.55 KB 1000x1333 Blog - June 25 2010.jpg)
>>21140 >they were basically spring onions They are but they're a special kind of spring onion that multiplies and "bunches" together and mkes a perennial patch. So don't harvest all at once. >Do you have any specific variety to recommend? Either Evergreen or White Spear. I prefer Evergreen because it's hardier but that's not so much an issue for you. There's also the Egyptian Walking Onion which is a hybrid mutant between the common onion and bunching onion. I actually produces small underground bulbs and tiny above ground bulbs in addition to green onions. I would suggest growing them along with bunching onions rather than instead of. >No I actually haven't actually. Like I said in my previous post, I'm in the cotton belt, More specifically, Zone 8. Would those onions even work in this area? According to the place that I've bought them from they should >The Yellow Potato onion has good drought resistance, pink root resistance, and is widely adapted for different growing regions, except Florida and southern Texas.
>>21140 Upgrade. Plant Hardiness Zone Map (2012, USDA.gov)

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