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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202 [Reply] [Last]
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
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>>4684 This.
>>4685 >FIREWORK FACTORY Wasn't it a chemical warehouse near a computer center?
Open file (65.61 KB 500x333 1389097042033.jpg)
Open file (1.92 MB 256x256 boom.mp4)
>>4677 >>4678 Fireworks in the warehouse/being made in the building sounds about right. Gotta keep in mind that 300lb of gunpowder (the main ingredient in fireworks) is enough to take out a neighborhood block. In this case, if the explosion happened closer to the bottom of the building and it was an open-floored warehouse (which it sounds like it was), the building would effectively act like a tube for a mortar, sending an initial burst out the windows as it tried to vent (the initial smoke plume) before blowing out the roof or a wall with the force of the explosion leaving that way. The colors of the smoke seem pretty consistent as well since you get the nice deep red from the strontium carbonate and similarly a nice orange probably from calcium chloride. The other chloride salts used for coloring fireworks would probably readily chemically react with the sodium nitrate in yellow fireworks and whatever else was nearby in the heat created from the explosion and dust thrown in the air forming most of the brown/grey gunk down below. Only thing I don't understand is that white plume unless it's just from gunpowder.
There's a separate thread for the explosion >>4686 >>4700 No, they've confirmed it was ammonium nitrate.

Welcome to /k/. Strelok 09/07/2019 (Sat) 10:23:40 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
It's not a retreat, we're attacking new territory! HOTPOCKET UPDATE Per user consensus we are going to be staying here for the long haul. My e-mail is powerwordN@cock.li. If you would like to moderate for the board, please send an e-mail to me with your time zones and either a timestamped image of a firearm you own or (if you live in some derivative of yurop) anything that can be improvised as a weapon. Make sure there isn't EXIF data or any identifying marks on the weapon such as serial numbers, fingerprints in reflection, yourself, etc. Happenings (civil unrest, mass shooting, etc) generally do not merit a thread on /k/ as this is not intended to be a board for discussing current events. Unless you have some specific reason for why a current event needs to go on /k/, please post your thread there. I've been very lax on enforcing this and the result has been a drop in the board's quality. There are other boards on the webring more suitable for race war discussion and I'd recommend you go there instead. Rules are viewable in the post box, but I will repost them here for your convenience: 1 : Follow the global rules. 2 : Do not spam content or dump porn. 3 : Spoiler gore or NSFW content. 4 : Do not honeypot streloks into committing crime. 5 : Keep threads on topic; if the conversation's too off track, then make a new thread. 6 :DO NOT POST PERSONAL, IDENTIFYING DATA ABOUT YOURSELF WITHOUT PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Check any pictures for EXIF data, serial numbers, reflective surfaces, etc. OPSEC is important! 7 : If you make a thread that cites a web page or article, please use an archiving service for the URL and make sure the text you're quoting is actually from the article. Please do not post direct links to external websites on this board or they may be filtered. Archive before posting. 8 : Do not post invite links to Discord groups.

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Open file (1.33 MB 976x687 chat.PNG)
QTDDTOT-Questions that don't deserve their own thread Strelok 05/29/2020 (Fri) 04:29:15 No.881 [Reply] [Last]
Didn't see this thread up yet so I decided to create it.
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>>4667 I've only ever seen that kind of stuff in surplus stores or at gun shows here in VA. Can't think of any recognizable names at least.
>>4638 >https://www.martialartswords.com/blogs/articles/kodachi-vs-wakizashi-whats-the-difference This link has the words >"they aren't necessarily the same" >meaning, "sometimes they're the same" Katanas are about three feet long, Kodachis are about two feet, and wakizashi were one foot. The Kodachi was considered a primary sword, and thus its short length meant civvis could own one. But the wakizashi was a short sword, and rulings on short swords were different than long swords making them "police use only" Other cultural differences seem to be in play in the matter as well. So, strelok, if you understood the japanese mind, you would not need to ask. Since you do not understand, you will not find an answer. That is your answer.
>>4670 That link helps clear it up. That's mostly what I thought but then I saw a vid of a Nip martial artist refer to what I would have called a wakizashi a kodachi and I began wondering if they were just synonyms.
Open file (2.20 MB 316x213 larry david2.gif)
Have you ever bought a gun and had it shipped to you from armslist? I know it's retarded, but there's deals among those scams, and I want them. I'm trying to find an idiot proof way of sending a rando money for a gun, but being able to refund it if he fucks me over. I heard there's a way to get paypal money with a credit card, and then get the card company to refund the money even if paypal won't (1. because they're a bunch of fucks, 2. because they officially do not condone firearms sales on their platform). I'd like something more reliable though. This guy I'm talking to right now wants the money before he ships, but he's willing to give me his driver's license photocopy. Is that enough to hold him accountable? Should I get him to take pictures of the gun with hotdogs and mountain dew in the frame to prove he actually has it? You know, shit he can't just google. Already tried reverse imaging the ad pic, and it was clean.
>>4710 Not worth the risk maybe try gunbroker

Open file (42.55 KB 540x405 Bigfuckinglines.jpg)
Open file (362.27 KB 921x1400 ultimatelarp.jpeg)
Gun purchases. Panic buying new fags. And other shit. Strelok 07/28/2020 (Tue) 23:30:07 No.4526 [Reply] [Last]
Alright faggots. 2020 so far has been fun and it created a ton of new fags for the gun community. Now this board is likely not the first, second, or third place a new fag will come for gun advice. So this is not that thread. So have any of you: Bought a gun sometime this year? Bought a piece of gear like an optic or maybe even armor? Helped someone buy a gun? Teach someone how to not anhero? Or did you laugh and call someone a faggot for not buying earlier? Did a family member or friend or coworker become a total retard the second they got their first gun? either turning into an internet tough guy or saying I'm a 2A person now """"""BUT"""""" Were you planning to buy something but just said fuck it due to the lines and/or couldn't because of stripped bare shelves? Do any of you happen to work in a gun store and did you get fun phone calls from people in shitholes asking to buy a fun and have it delivered to their doors? Do you live and work in a shithole and have the fun of explaining the hoops they have to jump through? Did you explain the hoops and obstacles with a shit eating grin on your face? I've been trying to get two friends to get a gun for a while now and neither have made the effort to even get a wood stick for defense even though one said he wanted a fun for possible shtf reasons way before gook aids was a thing. Some people can't get motivated by seeing hordes of retards talk about spreading the fun I guess. I've helped two boomer age pencil pushers by taking them to the range and letting them fire an okay amount I think of self defense oriented guns (AR, shotguns, DA\SA and striker fired handguns, a revolver also) and got paid for it too. They had a bit of a reaction upon seeing the AR A3/A4 20 inch style but after handling the shotguns and handguns they warmed up real quick to it. Lines had been forming outside of gun shops when this all kicked off, sometimes wrapping around the block while the rain was pouring. I figured I would wait for the panic buying to calm down and thought I'd be safe since the gun I've been wanting was either a Ruger sp101 or a Smith and Wesson J-frame thinking plastic blasters and shotguns would be the only things that would be hard to restock. But then a wonderful culture spreader got subtracted from the diversity interaction statistics, and for now I won't be able to larp as a 30s detective or CC in a plastic dog shit bag in hand while blasting a home made pharmaceuticals enthusiast if it ever comes to it.
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>>4666 No brass frames when it comes to revolvers, everything else is fair game. BP is simple and most BP guns out there are fool proof. Just watch cap and balls maintenance video, they do need a good thorough clean when done with though.
>>4672 >they do need a good thorough clean when done with though. Especially if you're using old fashioned BP and not a BP replacement.
>>4673 Even with BP replacements its a good idea to scrub the shit out of them.
>>4666 If you are going to use it for defensive purposes I'd assume you'd want a revolver for quick follow-up shots, unless you wanted to get one of those neat 12ga double barrel muzzleloaders you could literally blast loads of cum at home invaders
Open file (59.29 KB 1131x926 1080.jpg)
Commiefornian here and most common calibers are pretty much gone or crap like UMC, Freedom buckets, or Winchester Forged though 308 & shotgun ammo is still available, I was really surprised 8mm Mauser wasn't in stock at a couple of my go-tos but even more so that Romanian silvertip 7.62x54r spamcans were available. Places would often have 3-5 people standing before being allowed entry into the store, and the last place I visited had fudd guns being 60-80 percent in stock.

Open file (270.71 KB 1600x1055 STG44.jpg)
WW2 General Strelok 06/08/2020 (Mon) 13:04:40 No.2057 [Reply] [Last]
epic WW2 bread
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>>4631 Ofcourse not. They would still have gotten mauled just as badly by the Royal Navy, diesel-engines or no diesel-engines. They would never have been able to build up their force to be able to challenge home-fleet. And unless home fleet is sunk or tied down, german surface raiders are going to all be sunk or mission-killed eventually.
If Franco backed Hitler between the fall of France and Operation Barbarossa, what would have changed? How much of an involvement could Franco make before pissing off his supporters? Assuming Spain took Gibraltar, could they have held it? Would the cost of the extension of Atlantic wall be justified by the extra troops available for the Eastern Front? If Gibraltar was held, how dominant would the Axis be in the Mediterranean? Could the Axis then take the Suez and completely shut the Allies out?
Have any of you read Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges by Kurt von Tippelskirch?
Open file (412.70 KB 636x1161 bea_c11_warai3.png)
>>4657 >Spain joins the Axis after the fall of France, allows Germany+Italy to station troops on Spanish territory but does not send any regular troops of its own beyond Spain's borders >Germany also sends considerable amounts of machinery and other materiel to Spain in order to help them rebuild and bolster their economy >Franco somehow avoids getting couped by allied strawmen, Gibraltar falls >Safe supply line to the African continent established >Malta falls, mediterranean Royal Navy warships leave for the Suez >UK seizes the Canary Islands >U-boats and Kriegsmarine+Regia Marina capital ships are re-based in Gibraltar >Mussolini does not invade Greece, preferring to exploit the gains made in Africa instead >Rommel removes the undersupplied British from Egypt and captures the Suez canal in early 1941 >Greece and Yugoslavia join the Axis shortly afterwards >Iraq revolts against British rule, doesn't get shoah'd as Rommel is already aiding the Arab uprising in Palestine and Vichy-held Syria is too spooked to defy German military might, Cyprus also falls into Italian hands much to the chagrin of Greece while Mussolini sends reinforcements to Italian East Africa >The Vichy French fleet at Mers el-Kebir remains in Vichy hands >Churchill declares war on Evil France to save Good France from Fascism in Chad >the Luftwaffe which never suffered the losses it did during the BoB as it remained on the defensive during 1940 begins a strategic bombing campaign against an increasingly strained British homeland subsisting almost entirely on strictly rationed lend-lease goods due to gorillions of GRT sunk in the Atlantic >Portugal gets bullied into joining the Axis >the UK occupies Madeira, the Azores and Cape Verde islands

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4688 The latter seems to be more likely, considering that Spain was fed by food shipments from the US.

Open file (603.79 KB 480x848 1516925566042.mp4)
Massive Explosion in Beirut Strelok 08/04/2020 (Tue) 18:20:31 No.4686 [Reply] [Last]
Mainstream is claiming its likely a fireworks factory explosion but I'm not buying it, what kind of firepower do you need to pull this off?
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Open file (127.12 KB 1242x529 EenLN2RX0AEtokl.jpeg.jpg)
>>4718 There is another?
>>4692 >Days after new Israel-Palestine rocket attacks >A week after Jordan and Lebanon warned Israel about going into Golan and militarizing the area >Christian party officer killed I don't know, man
Open file (156.30 KB 359x200 terrists.png)
A couple of latin american outlets, particularly Mexico's government-aligned newspaper, mention the warehouse as "a base for making terrorist explosives" Yeah, this cholent stinks
>>4724 I dunno. You'd think if there was any pretense at all to blame their political enemies, they'd have done it.

Open file (442.94 KB 585x690 1592062926234.png)
Open file (8.28 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
Open file (1.57 MB 1200x614 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (170.67 KB 1280x1010 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (736.20 KB 900x859 ClipboardImage.png)
Gookening / Pajeetening Strelok 06/17/2020 (Wed) 04:14:42 No.2765 [Reply] [Last]
2 for 1 Asian Special Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea https://web.archive.org/web/20200613152332/https://twitter.com/xhnews/status/1271824285703651328 >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ https://archive.is/ycpZY >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office https://archive.is/5xu42 >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032412/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617000200325 >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy"

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>>4598 >BLM has its own tropical storm What is this timeline.
Open file (43.33 KB 770x433 ind1.jpg)
China moves PLA battalion across India’s Lipulekh Pass immediately after agreement to disarm and disengage https://archive.is/SCfDJ >China has mobilised a battalion strength of People’s Liberation Army soldiers near Uttarakhand’s Lipulekh Pass, one of the locations along the Line of Actual Control that have witnessed movement of Chinese troops over the last few weeks outside of the Ladakh sector, people familiar with the matter told Hindustan Times. >Simultaneously, Indian military officers in Ladakh noticed a huge effort by Chinese troops to bolster its strength in the depth areas, and give infrastructure projects on its side a hard push. Chinese troops have augmented its presence on its side of the LAC elsewhere too. >Lipulekh Pass, which falls on the Mansarovar Yatra route, has been in the headlines for the last few months after Nepal objected to a 80-km road built by India to the Himalayan pass. The Lipulekh Pass is also used for annual barter trade during June-October between tribal populations living on either side of the Indo-China LAC. >“The situation on the Line of Actual Control remains dynamic with the PLA trying to emphasise its presence beyond Ladakh by building infrastructure on their side of the LAC,” the top military commander quoted above said. >The government has already sounded out its embassies in US, Russia and Europe to locate manufacturers of high-altitude clothing and snow tent manufacturers for emergency purchases. >“After the PLA aggression, we don’t trust the Chinese and fear that they will come back again north of Pangong Tso as summer arrives in 2021,” said a military commander. China brings in more boats, accommodation for additional troops at Pangong Lake In latest satellite imagery of July 29 analysed by India Today OSINT team 13 boats of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces Naval Wing can be seen at Finger 5 and Finger 6. https://archive.is/fVsU2 >The Chinese have been enhancing their strength bringing additional boats to the friction areas of the Pangong Lake and setting up new huts to accommodate more troops even as the disengagement set in. >In the latest satellite imagery of July 29 analysed by India Today OSINT team 13 boats of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces Naval Wing can be seen at Finger 5 and Finger 6. >At Finger 5 three boats can be seen while 10 are at Finger 6. Each boat can carry at least 10 soldiers. This means around 130 Chinese troops usually belonging to their elite forces are present extremely close to Finger 4 that was always under Indian control. >On June 15 there were 8 boats visible at Finger 6 but there has been an addition now. >“These jetties were not there earlier at Finger 5 or 6. They used to be beyond Finger 8. A permanent presence shows they are expanding their presence to control up to Finger 4,” says Lt Gen DS Hooda, a former Northern Army Commander who has been incharge of operations in Ladakh as well.
>>4598 >>4602 There are now three tropical storms in the Western Pacific: Dindo, Hagupit, and Sinlaku. Hagupit is heading towards Northern vietnam, Dindo is pausing over the Phillippines , Sinlaku is heading towards Taiwan and up north through the Chinese coastline. They had to abruptly shut and reopen two gates at the Three Gorges, and water level picked up briefly. They main be trying to contain water so that Wuhan will drain out before the storms hit. Somebody is really firing up HAARP.
Indian shitposting knows no limits.
>>4701 I was trying to figure out what you were talking about for the first half of the video. The ending got a giggle.

Open file (25.62 KB 540x342 kizunashoot.jpg)
/k/ video games Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 04:53:04 No.236 [Reply] [Last]
I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?
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Open file (29.94 KB 620x412 moonman.jpeg)
Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? >>291 Some more /k/ tier games are XCOM the classics and the new ones. I admit that XCOM: Enemy Within is kind of dumbed down but I still think it's a fun game. Even though some might disagree with this, and I understand why they would, I actually enjoyed XCOM 2. My primary reason is because it legitimately made me feel like an insurgent fighting a superior military. It could almost be a Vietcong or Taliban simulator. Almost every engagement I got into was opened with an explosive. I'd say the worst part of the game are the character models, and the story related characters. I didn't really care for any of them., and Xenonauts with the Community edition mod is pretty fun. I have encountered a few game breaking bugs that actually caused me to uninstall the game but outside of that I think it's pretty fun Resident Evil 5 and 6 are games that I've found surprisingly enjoyable, If you can suspend your disbelief that they are resident evil games. Resident Evil 5 is fun because the first part of the game has you taking on waves of African niggers and you can roleplay with your /k/ids that you are fighting to save Rhodesia or take back South Africa. Resident Evil 6 is fun because it's a mechanically interesting 3rd person shooter. It's what gears of war isn't. It's not a perfect game by any means but it is fun; It's just not a good Resident Evil game. In fact, I would actually call Resident Evil 6 the worst Resident Evil if we are comparing it to the other games since it's nothing like them and almost completely throws horror out the window. It's mostly fun due to its game play and the hand to hand combat. A final game I would like to recommend, especially if you happen to live near an extremely culturally enriched area, would be Moonman Doom. The game itself is a mod for Doom and you are given 3 characters to play as. Moonman, Ben Garrison, and Adolf Hitler. There's nothing particularly crazy about the mod but it's primarily the subject matter that makes it enjoyable. I would recommend playing it you feel yourself stressed out and frustrated at the world. It's really great for that purpose.
>>4637 >Are they still around? nanochan.
>>4661 this. any /tech/ board on a non-onion address or that needs javascript is illegitimate.
>>4660 >Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? 4. You should also give Alpha Centauri a try but if you are just looking for Civ like gameplay check out Endless Legend and Oriental Empires.
>>4660 >moonman mod There is another /pol/ tier games as well, such as "Angry Goy". They're simple 16-bit 2d shooters which can take just 30-60 minutes for walkthrough, but has a lot of fun encounters and and racist/edgy humor. First one: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=16657115 And second: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=27578206

Letter of the law, spirit of a Strelok Strelok 07/11/2020 (Sat) 16:19:37 No.4053 [Reply] [Last]
British man took a Ruger 96-44, a few bits of aluminium, and made a belt-fed bullpup lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum. And this is perfectly legal in Bongistan of all places. https://invidio.us/watch?v=sU5qtmvwftY https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/07/08/belt-fed-bullpup-lever-action-rifle-chambered-in-44-magnum/ http://archive.is/9Cidf This thread is to discuss similar contraceptions that don't give a flying fuck about the spirit of some retarded law.
>>4053 This is pretty cool. Belt being 3d printed could be improved with an alignment sheath or something. Looks like a round fell out of the belt at 4:26 since there's nothing really to stop it while dangling, but it's a prototype so expected. The can in the pic looks like the answer to that. Fuck it, I want one.
>>4053 I've seen that fellows work before he turned his 96/44 into that. Lots of motivation for people in shitholes.
>>4053 >British man took a Ruger 96-44, a few bits of aluminium, and made a belt-fed bullpup lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum. And this is perfectly legal in Bongistan of all places. Only for now, the Police will no doubt be busy trying to get the law changed again. I think they managed to close the loophole of the double trigger guns, for example.
>>4055 What's even more impressive is that he might have just invented a new type of belt: the lift-out. Instead of pulling or pushing out the cartridge vertically the lifter just pushes it up, like if it was fed from a tube magazine. It's perfect for rimmed cartridges, and I could see it work especially well with shotgun shells. Although it's quite possible that somebody already made such a belt before, but I don't know any examples.
>>4053 Could this weapon be used in a hypothetical insurgency that total won't happen besides in the video game "Insurgency"?. Regardless, it's an extremely impressive piece of engineering an makes the local politicians asshurt. Images unrelated

Open file (47.53 KB 1000x1000 sleeves.jpg)
body armor Strelok 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:51:09 No.4494 [Reply] [Last]
anyone buy kevlar sleeves? I was looking at https://www.superiorglove.com/en/arm-protection/kevlar-protective-sleeves and am not sure what would be a good investment. Other site selling vests only sold gloves which doesn't seem like enough. Also any advice for how to plan to don this stuff rapidly in a safe area in emergencies? Like if there was home invasion with knives? Also wondering if there are any sleeves with NIJIII ratings against bullets since vests only cover torso. I've also read that material in bulletproof vests break down after two years, is that how often you need to buy them? Seems very expensive, wondering if some brands last longer than others.
43 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>4610 Sulfur can be found with salt deposits and traces in many other ore deposits. Easy to extract too, thanks the low melting point. And then there's volcanic rock and volcanic regions of course. Saltpetre on the other hand is a bitch to extract, since it requires quicklime, which means limestone + kilns, and then you rot quicklime, urine, earth and straw together and boil that delicious mixture down, then filter it with additional quicklime. And you need a lot of the stuff, unlike sulfur.
>>4640 AR500 steel (what you'd use for a steel target) with truck bed liner for anti-spalling, and some extra padding behind it for anti-trauma. For thickness just copy what you see commercial offerings using. You won't be able to bend the steel without degrading its effectiveness though, so you're probably best off covering a small area because a flat piece of steel will be uncomfortable and hard to breathe in. Or instead of using it as portable armor, just use it to armor-up a fixed position for cover. >>4642 Quality pistol and rifle rounds will go clear through a car door FYI
>>4645 >Quality pistol and rifle rounds will go clear through a car door FYI like cutting through hot butter, sure, the point is it's enough to keep HPs from expanding FWIW
Open file (23.10 KB 474x474 carharts jacket.jpeg)
>>4646 If that's all you want farmer armor should work as well and be much lighter. Plus it can actually stop very small calibers
>>4651 >If that's all you want nahh, I want something super easy to make at home against stabbing and cutting, defeating HPs is just a bonus though a welcome one. You can live with ball passing through your waist but taking an HP, anywhere actually, bad times lol >heavy clothing I don't know what kind of clothing they tested here but expansion was well within parameters https://www.ammunitiontogo.com/lodge/barriers-and-ammo/ compare that to the effect of sheet metal

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