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what's a war board without a conflict?

Welcome to /k/. Strelok 09/07/2019 (Sat) 10:23:40 No.1 [Reply]
RULES work in progress, see meta thread >>10348 1. spamming will result in post deletion and a 4 hr ban >what is spamming Spamming is posting the same thing repeatedly in a thread that does not contribute to its discussion or topic. Purpose for doing so can vary, but the intent isn't relevant to the ban. 2. spoiler porn and gore 3. do not post personal, identifying information. if you are posting pictures of places you've been and shit you own, remove EXIF data, metadata, check for reflections, etc. better yet- don't post your own shit! 4. offtopic discussions should not be carried over between threads. if you find some riveting thing you'd love to talk about that isn't relevant to the board's topic, make a thread on a more specialized board and link it with a post. >what is offtopic? Offtopic means not directly or indirectly related to weaponry, outdoorsmanship, and general survivalism or the territories or circumstances they are employed in. >this is vague This is intentional. As long as someone can reasonably demonstrate how a topic is relevant to the board's topic, it should stay. 5. Name/avatar/tripfagging is gay and antithetical to imageboard use, do not do this. 6. follow global rules (>>>/meta/) 7. dont shill other websites outside of the webring (check out my D*scord!/69420chan/etc) 8. you are your own moderator. if someone disagrees with you or posts something you don't like, then just ignore them

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Open file (988.18 KB 500x281 senjougahara stapler.gif)
USA AWB 2.0 thread 01/31/2021 (Sun) 01:30:54 No.12674 [Reply] [Last]
Get ready lads, new AWB incoming Previous riots thread is autosaging read the pdf on the first post below (error posting otherwise) or read the tl;dr >registration of all firearms at federal level >mandatory licenses with 5 (actually 3 years) registration renewal of 800 >800 fee for registration license >24 hours of training >insurance requirement * >psych eval, will interview family/coworker/exes, suicide, mental issues (depression), etc are grounds for denial Dont go to a psych doctor ever again basically >must surrender firearms upon license expiry >12 months license suspension possible >bans ammo larger than 50cal >must inform AG of loaning a firearm >10-40 year prison sentences (10-20 mimums mostly, one or two 1-5 year minimums), fines up to 150,000 >strange ass "large capacity feeding device ban", see below: >Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Defined.—Section 921(a) of such title, as amended by section 1 of this Act, is amended by inserting after paragraph (30) the following:

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Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 02/04/2021 (Thu) 00:40:33.
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>>14893 >I think the 2nd and 3rd degree murder charges are bullshit I don't what the specific laws are in that jurisdiction, so I don't know exactly how much intent or what kinds needs to be proven for the different charges they're going for. I assume they're giving the jury enough options that they can pick whatever level of intent and culpability they think fits, if any, from premeditation down to some form of negligence. >Also, Chauvin to our knowledge has minimal medical training I'm sure it depends on jurisdiction, but I was under the impression that cops usually did get at least some medical training, especially relating to drug use given how very often they encounter it. In my area at least cops have been issued naloxone kits specifically to deal with fentanyl use, so I certainly hope they get the training to go with it. Now, as yesterday's incident proves, training does not guarantee competence by any means, but then that brings its own legal consequences.
>>14883 >I really, really doubt that cnc/lathe ban will go through, but most likely they'll ban a certain type of lathe/cnc just like muh "assault weapon" ban. Once they ban one thing it will be expanded into everything. So I'm sure they'll try to ban or require licensing or age restrictions on one special low cost 3d printer, lathe, and probably that "ghost gun" mini-cnc mill, then it will expand out to every cutting machine. OY DOO YOU HAUV AH LIOSENS FO THAOT FILE? I predict a requirement to register as a hobbyist or handyman in the future, just like they did with the drones. Vid related. https://redirect.invidious.io/watch?v=pq1TXEE_QK4
>>14896 >medical training Okay, so here is what you are missing. As a first responder (EMS/FD and PD to a degree), you are not subject to good Samaritan laws. A cop usually is trained to provide AED, CPR, and or naxalone training. They are not always authorized to act on this even if they are trained by department policy. If they do it's an easy malpractice lawsuit and you get a fist shoved up your ass and fired. Now, if you are a medical provider (eg; a SWAT team medic with medical training above basic CPR, eg; Emergency Care Attendant, Licensed Paramedic, etc.), you must be first trained to perform the procedure, then you must be authorized and cleared to perform that procedure (by your institution standing protocol), and finally medical direction must not contradict your institutions standing protocol. If medical direction asks you to behead someone, you ask them, are you sure? And then proceed to do it. If Chauvin was an ECA (any ems level really, no CPR is not an EMR) and was authorized by the department to act in that authority, then yes, he 100% deserves a manslaughter/negligence charge because even the most basic EMS level that would be negligent. Most cops only have CPR training, and are not proper medical personnel, SWAT tactical medics are an exception. And if they have EMS certs, they usually are prohibited (At least where I am) from utilizing it in an official capacity per standing protocol. For instance. If I am an EMT, I am not allowed to perform IV needles because I am not trained for it. If I was trained for it by my institution, I would only be allowed to use it in my institution (eg; if I respond to mutual aid from a nearby city, I would have to follow their protocols). I've seen hospital EMTs do IV's and intubations even though its in clear violation of protocol, hospitals can get away with it because you could say that its someone else. But on an ambulance where there's only 2-3 people? Good luck convincing the jury when your under DIRECT CCTV video in the ambu.
Open file (583.09 KB 500x500 laughing mimimi 1.gif)
>>14886 >I'll tase him! >Taser! Taser! Taser!
>>14898 That's very informative, thanks. Though at the same time, isn't there a difference between specifically acting on medical training, and simply recognizing the situation and re-evaluating what you are doing?

Naval thread Strelok 10/09/2020 (Fri) 21:04:32 No.7107 [Reply] [Last]
Subject says it all.
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>>14619 Ofc. Several in fact.
>>14620 Should we think of fancy CNC machines, or just the basic combo of a lathe and a milling machine in the average shop? And are they constantly used, or just there just to be safe? And why do they need several workshops to begin with?
>>14625 Fancy CNC machines most likely. There is no point in having shit equipment in machine shops as it's not like budget is going to be a limiting factor. Several machine shops are neede in case first becomes inoperational, probably. And because of space restrictions for all the equipment that might be needed to for fabrication and repair of parts.
Open file (4.40 MB 4964x3790 Washington_ships.jpg)
>>14031 Was deck armour still fairly thin in the axed Washington designs? And did they make it thicker in the 1930s because they expected more plunging fire or because aircraft were already deemed to be a serious enough threat to warrant more protection?
>>14802 Top of head response here, forgive me. >Was deck armour still fairly thin in the axed Washington designs? Fairly, yes, at least in effect. Some of them actually had more metal in their decks than the later Fast Battleships, but the schemes were not efficient in their use of that metal, to say the least. The science of deck armor hadn't quite been fully understood yet, and the battleship holiday ironically actually did a lot to advance the science behind it. The later treaties would force the powers to side towards efficiency over bulk, further improving deck schemes. >did they make it thicker in the 1930s because they expected more plunging fire or because aircraft were already deemed to be a serious enough threat to warrant more protection? Depends on which navy you are referring to. The Germans obviously didn't make their deck armor thicker, the Japanese did it because of plunging fire, the French did it entirely because of Aircraft (to the point they face hardened their turret roof armor), and the British and Americans kind of had both in mind.

/100rads/ part 3 new and improved Strelok 03/13/2021 (Sat) 19:15:43 No.13971 [Reply] [Last]
old thread >>10541
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Open file (317.87 KB 690x950 46834849.png)
>>14757 >not trolling and subverting the enemy Never forget, we will win because we have fun.
https://archive.is/6nAgo Is creating conservative superhumans by building faulty nuclear reactors across the US part of Bill Gates' master plan?
>>14760 >i'll just play it off as trolling How the fuck is cuck/k/ even fun? Its just an endless circlejerk of tripniggers, faggots and failures. Have a wrong opinion? Well prepare thy anus for an entire thread of asspained replies of how "You are not real /k/™". Not to mention meetupfags are just parasitic failed normalfags who crawled out of /soc/ just to shit up the site/board with their facebookfaggotry. Newgroids who came after 2012 still do not want to adapt to the board culture and site culture. Is that what fun is to you, anon? The same shit recycled every fucking month and week? Not to mention that the faggot mods/hotpockets will slap you with a month ban for saying kike/nigger under the guise of "trolling" Fuck
>nog tries to flee a "traffic stop" read: he ran when the cops realized the guy they had been about to give a warning actually had an arrest warrant out for waving a gun at people and skipping out on court dates >dumb cunt cop tries to Tase him but she draws the wrong fucking weapon and shoots him dead instead >ten miles from where the Floyd trial is being held Why is the world so retarded?
>>14884 Friendly reminder that police officers only have to prove they can shoot center of mass 10 feet away from a practice dummy to be allowed to carry in most jurisdictions.

Middle East/Africa 2 for 1 special Strelok 11/15/2020 (Sun) 03:52:15 No.9172 [Reply] [Last]
Thread dedicated to conflicts involving Middle Eastern and African country's. We haven't had a middle east thread for months now so feel free to post some interesting developments that we may have missed during the threads absence. Just make sure that if you are posting old events have the date of the event listed as to not cause confusion. https://archive.is/pQiPv >Military Situation In Syria On November 13, 2020 >November 13, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positons north of Tal Tamar >November 13, clashes between SAA and Turkish-backed forces were erupted near Tadef >November 13, artillery Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positions north of Minnagh airbase >November 13, Russian warplanes pounded militant targets near the village of Al-Barah >November 13, Russian forces struck areas near Idlib central prison with two Iskandar missiles, pro-militant sources speculated (the usage of Iskander missiles remains unconfirmed). https://archive.is/Xq8rk >Russian Missile, Air Strikes Hit Western Outskirts Of HTS-Held Idlib City >On November 13 afternoon, a missile struck the western outskirts of the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib, which is occupied by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) https://archive.is/tOV8s >75 Syrian Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syrian Clashes In Last Two Weeks >"48 regime soldiers and allied militiamen were killed, while 27 ISIS members were killed,” the SOHR said in the report, “the death toll is expected to rise as some injured are in serious condition, amid reports of further fatalities"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>13916 Radioactive AIDS sounds entertaining.
>>13916 >Well, terrifying for the 'Fricans. Everyone else around the world would be getting the popcorn, and hoping for the payout of solid 4k HD footage of a nuclear detonation over some unfortunate Central African capital city. Well until some Arabs end up buying or stealing the nukes, then it becomaes everyone's problem.
Open file (330.90 KB 700x466 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13925 >>13925 I feel that if A-rabs were interested in buying or stealing a nuke, they'd go to Pakistan for that, even if an old South African bomb were on the loose somewhere down in the Dark Continent, unless it was remarkably easy. But if it were remarkably easy, there'd be an arms race by every militant political faction, small nation or non-state actor with enough muscle to try to claim it. Which would also likely be fun to watch. The world's wannabes versus Africa.
last non zogged countries on earth?
>>14876 The majority aren't, Anglo.

Open file (109.39 KB 768x637 waco-compund-burning.jpeg)
Siege and defensive strategies thread Strelok 04/12/2021 (Mon) 17:11:33 No.14872 [Reply]
I don't know if you lads already talked about it, if there was a thread about this before, or if some infographics of it exist, but here it is: Tell me about your take on organizing a fortress, and how to defend it against ZOG-bots successfully. As an example, let's take the Waco siege 1993. what can we take from it? what was well done, what wasn't? How would you improve upon the example? And are there any other modern examples we could study?
1 post and 1 image omitted.
Open file (187.82 KB 960x622 welcome.jpg)
>>14872 It's pretty simple, you just dig some trenches around the perimeter, and then put a nuke in the middle of the compound. If the trenches fall you press the big red button and it's over both for you and the BATFE boys.
Open file (855.96 KB 181x181 1590951541075.gif)
>>14873 i lurked 8fags since 2016, and this here cafe since late 2019. I either start posting or i die a lurker. And i prefer the former
Open file (258.50 KB 720x1280 house-defense1.jpg)
>>14872 I have this infographic in my pile of misc /k/ stuff. Seems like reasonable advice.
>>14875 Sure friendo. Can't wait to see these posts in a FBI report and laugh.
>>14875 >joined after 4/pol/ deletion and Trump Turk shilling >8fags That time was the largest influx of infiltrators and agents that 8chan ever had. How do we know that didn't include you, Strelok?

Russia vs Ukraine Strelok 04/02/2021 (Fri) 15:11:32 No.14576 [Reply] [Last]
Things seem to be heating up and I think this deserves its own discussion thread. Or at least I think it will soon. https://archive.is/bpADR https://archive.is/gA8ee How big do you think this will get? Will it spill over into Europe? Will Biden do something retarded that makes things worse?
54 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>14709 I know, he needs Ukraine as a buffer state. But if that's not possible then he needs Novorussia instead. And if he needs to support Hoborussia with all the might of Russia proper, then he will do so. But realistically speaking, it's a good chance to use up stockpiles of old equipment and to have some blood on at least a few units.
Turkey's Erdogan calls for end to 'worrying' developments in eastern Ukraine, offers support https://archive.md/zXHh8 >ANKARA/KYIV (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday called for the “worrying” developments in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region to come to an end after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart in Istanbul, adding Turkey was ready to provide any necessary support. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy held more than three hours of talks with Erdogan in Istanbul as part of a previously scheduled visit, amid tensions between Kyiv and Moscow over the conflict in Donbass. Kyiv has raised the alarm over a buildup of Russian forces near the border between Ukraine and Russia, and over a rise in violence along the line of contact separating Ukrainian troops and Russia-backed separatists in Donbass. The Russian military movements have fuelled concerns that Moscow is preparing to send forces into Ukraine. The Kremlin denies its troops are a threat, but says they will remain as long as it sees fit. The United States says Russia has amassed more troops on Ukraine’s eastern border than at any time since 2014, when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine and backed separatists in Donbass. On Friday, Turkey said Washington will send two warships to the Black Sea next week. >Speaking at a news conference alongside Zelenskiy, Erdogan said he hoped the conflict would be resolved peacefully, through dialogue based on diplomatic customs, in line with international laws and Ukraine’s territorial integrity. “We hope for the worrying escalation observed on the field recently to end as soon as possible, the ceasefire to continue and for the conflict to be resolved via dialogue on the basis of the Minsk agreements,” Erdogan said. “We are ready to provide any support necessary for this. ”Major combat in Donbass ended with a truce agreed in the Belarusian capital Minsk in 2015, whose implementation France and Germany have helped to oversee. Sporadic fighting continues despite repeated attempts to implement a ceasefire. >Zelenskiy said the positions of Kyiv and Ankara coincided on threats in the Black Sea and the response to those threats, and added he briefed Erdogan “in detail” on developments in Donbass. “We discussed in detail the issues of security and joint counteraction to challenges in the Black Sea region and it is worth noting that the visions of Kyiv and Ankara coincide both regarding the threats themselves and the ways of responding to these threats,” he said. NATO member Turkey has forged close cooperation with Russia over conflicts in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as in the defence and energy areas. But it has criticised Crimea’s annexation and supported Ukraine’s territorial integrity. It has also sold drones to Kyiv in 2019. Erdogan said on Saturday that Turkey and Ukraine launched a platform with their foreign and defence ministers to discuss defence industry cooperation, but added this was “not in any way a move against third countries”. Ukraine and Russia have traded blame for the increase in violence in the conflict, which Kyiv says has killed 14,000 people since 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a call with Erdogan on Friday, accused Ukraine of “dangerous provocative actions” in Donbass. Kyiv said on Saturday Ukraine could be provoked by Russian aggravation of the situation in Donbass. Erdogan really does want to LARP as a sultan.
>>14759 I wish someone would just decide that enough is enough and kill that cockroach already. Even his own military hates his guts.
Open file (15.12 KB 236x428 turk horns.jpg)
>>14759 >inb4 super fucking roach satan starts WWIII because he fancies himself Suleiman 2.0
>>14879 >romanized: Süleyman-ı Evvel How incredibly fucking apropos.

Open file (412.63 KB 1391x1076 SHTF OP.jpg)
SHTF GENERAL:HANDY GRAPHIC EDITION Strelok 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:50:36 No.5569 [Reply] [Last]
2 months before the election. US is on emp, coup, internet blackout, power blackout watch for the next 6 months. Imagine that some or most of this applies to Europe and Austrailia/NZ as well. Best of luck on your preps, don't neglect your networking.
158 posts and 97 images omitted.
Open file (355.14 KB 1088x608 HidingaBody.jpg)
>>10628 >Finally, if you get the chance read the english translation of Zuozhuan and Spring and Autumn Chronicles, it gives a lot of insight into where the US is fucking headed tbh. Just if anyone else is interested, I searched for the title mentioned by our resident Chinese strelok and found a translation, though I haven't read it yet: https://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=836BB3D4ADAB7EB0B16F3E7DEF9D59C1
Open file (228.56 KB 1236x794 1587393147-3.jpg)
Open file (426.49 KB 1500x960 1587393147-0.jpg)

Open file (47.53 KB 1000x1000 sleeves.jpg)
body armor Strelok 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:51:09 No.4494 [Reply] [Last]
anyone buy kevlar sleeves? I was looking at https://www.superiorglove.com/en/arm-protection/kevlar-protective-sleeves and am not sure what would be a good investment. Other site selling vests only sold gloves which doesn't seem like enough. Also any advice for how to plan to don this stuff rapidly in a safe area in emergencies? Like if there was home invasion with knives? Also wondering if there are any sleeves with NIJIII ratings against bullets since vests only cover torso. I've also read that material in bulletproof vests break down after two years, is that how often you need to buy them? Seems very expensive, wondering if some brands last longer than others.
74 posts and 23 images omitted.
Open file (1.62 MB 4000x3000 fluffy bang.jpg)
>>14762 In the future it's all going to move towards specialized polymer vests that rapidly reduce impact while being cut-resistant, but as of this time those are still expensive, so stab-resistant and bullet-resistant are not the same thing. "Stabproof" clothing options are designed to resist cutting/tearing/splitting but typically do little in terms of acute impact resistance past whatever meager padding has been added. Defensive "bulletproof" vests rated II or lighter (such as Kevlar) rely on dispersing the kinetic energy of the projectile over a large surface area so as to prevent it from going into your soft squishy body, but this means they're fairly worthless against rifle rounds which are more of a "piercing" round designed specifically around this body armor flaw (which is why rifle calibers are great for hunting boar, bear, moose, etc. since those animals have thick "bullet resistant" skin and hard points). This isn't considered a design flaw because typically these sorts of vests are to prevent being killed by a concealed firearm with less kinetic energy behind it, where it will hurt when you're shot but it won't cause much more than bruising. Plates ("level III and better") are the opposite in that they are designed to prevent deformation upon impact, but because of this they lack many of the features of "bulletproof" armor that people find desirable such as dispersing the impact over the surface of the protected area (E.G. you will still get blunt trauma without padding underneath). It's also heavy as shit because typically you're dealing with metal or ceramics. This makes it useful for defensive positions or specific applications, but it's typically a situation where it will only protect you once, for a high cost, and then it's worthless or its value has heavily reduced. IIIa is a meme. It tries to be the best of both worlds but is in fact the worst of both. It fails to provide the same level of protection as plates while also failing to reduce the force of impact like II/IIa armor does. There are exceptions to this rule beginning to come out, but you're looking at spending over a grand for one of those exceptions and it's anything but concealable. Depending on application, either a chest rig with III+ plates to protect your organs (very explicitly noticeable) or a II/IIa undershirt or jacket is the most ideal solution that will provide protection without reducing mobility. In your specific case, I would combine a a II/IIa tank top (these run for $100-$300 depending on brand and weigh about 10lbs) with either a welder's/construction jacket or a set of coveralls. That setup will blend into most establishments by making you look like a hick or tradesman, and welder's/construction jackets/coveralls can be bought with stab resistance, shrapnel resistance, and flame retardant properties for about $60-$150 depending on brand. Just keep in mind that there's a difference between flame retardant fabrics and clothes treated with flame retardant chemicals since most common household detergents and dryer sheets will strip flame retardant chemicals from your clothes. I believe borax and simple green are both safe, those are what I used when I had to wear flame-retardant (treated) coveralls that got hella filthy, but don't quote me on that.
Open file (405.82 KB 894x763 Cirno Stalker.png)
>>14765 Thanks. I thought IIIa was basically the same as level II/IIa stuff but able to deal with slightly more powerful pistol rounds. Is there anything I need to know about the construction of these vests like how ceramic rifle plates can have thick padding around the strike face to lower weight and have it compare better on paper? Maybe that's the construction difference between IIIa and II/IIa?
>>14160 If Civilization goes to shit to such a degree, you shouldn't worry about firearms anymore, but about actually getting shit done. And bows and crossbows get shit done. Guns are only needed if you're in for a really big fight, and even then, you could fuck up a reasonably big enemy force by using traps and ambushes. BUT I WANT ME GUNZ Well, in that case you better hoard pdfs on the basics of science and basic chemistry, physics and engineering, because those will come in handy. Tables and charts for specific calculations too. and don't let them stay digital, print everything out, on good quality paper, bind it and keep it dry and cool. You will need every scrap of knowledge for rebuilding civilization, and therefore, guns. >>4814 Sulfur is fucking hard to get, if you don't live near a volcano or a hot spring, you're outta luck, because fucking around with extraction of sulfur from minerals is pretty high on the industrial ladder, and when you manage rig a contraption to condense evaporated sulfur from melting minerals, you may just as well relocate to an area with volcanic activity and work with abundant natural sulfur deposits. As to saltpetre: stack shit and piss with separating layers of straw, let it rot, and then wash the whole stuff with water, which you then mix with potash, boil it off and let the saltpetre crystallize. done. That way you get a pure enough product to make a good gunpowder.
>>14767 Isn't diesel fuel fairly high in sulphur? I thought that was the main byproduct produced when trying to extract platinum from a sawed-off catalytic converter? Match heads are sulfur mixed with potassium chlorate if I remember correctly (that's why you can mix them with sugar to make explosives for those toy rockets).
>>14768 Not the anon, but I think he forgot that sulphur is the main byproduct of crude oil distillation (i.e. oil refinery). It's probably a good idea to start there. Though it's not crystalline sulphur, but hydrogen sulphate, so you would need to separate it somehow, and at that point you could just as well just burn it and use it to synthesize sulphuric acid. As to matchheads, sulphur hasn't been used since... The 1950s I think? It's been replaced with red phosphorus which, instead of being part of the matchhead, is now part of the striking surface of the matchbox. Chlorate is right though.

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