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How does halal hunting work? فلان 11/30/2022 (Wed) 16:21:54 No.631
I am training to become a hunter and the topic of hunting and Islam came up in the group. >https://newmuslimguide.com/en/your-food-and-drink/66 >[...] game hunted by a pagan or an insane person is not lawful (halaal ). Are all animals hunted by kafir haram? Or is it just the specific animals felled by them? If a believer is in a hunting team which has non-believers in it, is the game halal if and only if felled by the believers in the group?
Another question: if I understand correctly hunting domesticated animals is not permitted. How does this work with animals that are normally considered game but are kept similarly to domesticated animals? Moose are an example which are sometimes kept, with some difficulty, which is how we have moose cheese (which is very expensive). Deer are also sometimes kept in large "game pens" which can be many hectares in size. Obviously "hunting" such penned animals is not permitted, but does this make their non-penned brothers and sisters also not permitted?

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