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29:64 "This worldly life is no more than play and amusement. But the Hereafter is indeed the real life, if only they knew."

Open file (44.61 KB 768x512 TalibaNazi.png)
فلان 10/23/2022 (Sun) 18:35:35 ID: bc3410 No.586
"The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?" - Adolf Hitler >According to Speer, Hitler wished that the Umayyad Caliphate had won the Battle of Tours against the Franks in 732. This particular battle is credited with stopping the influx of Islam further into Europe and saving Christianity in Europe. "Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers — already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity! — then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so." - Adolf Hitler >According to Speer, Hitler was convinced that had Islam taken root in central Europe at this time, the Germanic people would have become the “heirs of that religion” with Islam being “perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament”. Hitler said that while the Arabs, on account of their “racial inferiority”, would have been unable to handle the harsh climate and conditions of the region, and that instead the Islamized Germans would have “stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire”. A “religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith”. >As per the book “Islam and Nazi Germany’s War” written by David Motadel, Muslims fought for both the Allies and the Axis in World War II. However, only the Nazis and the Islamists had a “spiritual romance” sharing mutual hatred of the Jews, the Bolsheviks, and liberal democracy.
If Hitler was honest in what he said, why didn't he just accept Islam?
>>587 His party would've never got elected if they were Islamists.
>>588 Then he would have been like Heraclius who understood that Muhammad (peace be upon him) came with the truth but did not accept Islam for fear of losing his worldly position.
>>586 Currently, nazis are our enemies. They fight us in europe and think that their race is better. Islam and national socialism collide in political, social, economical ways. Socially such as, we find mixed marriage to be permitted. Hitler wasn't able to save his people in this life, but he should have became muslim and islamfied his people to save them in the afterlife. Sadly that did not happen.
>>587 He said these things out of pragmatism, thinking that Islam was a "warrior religion" which would be useful for Germany to conquer the world, not knowing that fighting in Islam is only for Allah's sake and not for the superiority of one race over another. We find the same kind of thought in some of the white supremacists of today.
>>593 Not just white supremacists, but "ambitious" people in general who like to be authoritarian like Napoleon and Adolf. Ironically, our Prophet peace be upon him and his family was not
>>637 I would have liked to tell you the verse of the Qur'an where Allah says: O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware (49:13) but it seems you've already made up your mind before coming here.
>>637 You're destroying your race by preventing them from converting to Islam which is the only true religion that can save them from infinite hellish torture in the afterlife. We want your race to convert to Islam and be saved while you want the opposite, you are the enemy of your race. Muhammad peace be upon him had 11 wives. On the other hand, hitler had 0 wives, 0 children, and killed himself as a virgin. That's gay.
>>586 >According to Speer fake

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