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29:64 "This worldly life is no more than play and amusement. But the Hereafter is indeed the real life, if only they knew."

QTDDTOT Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 00:45:34 ID: 32cb9e No.21
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.
>>579 It is upon a Muslim woman to veil her hair in public. If she does not do so, she is sinning. The Safavid regime, despite its deviance, is correct when requiring the veil. And Allah knows best.
>>579 >What does /islam/ think of the women rebellion on Iran? The khimar/hijab/jilbab are for the believing women. Those Iranian protesting women are not believers in the revelation. As a matter of fact, probably not even Muslims, just culturally Iranian. No Muslimah, a believer in Allah, His Messenger صلى الله عليه وآله وصحبه وسلم the Final Hour, and so on would do what those women are doing. Those Iranian women are reminiscent of 1960's American women when they started to burn their bras in protest. Those protesting women are stupid, but so are the Ayahtoilet Shites and their Jewish Shiaism religion
Is music haram? Taliban banned all music.
>>590 Musical instruments are.
>>591 Why?
What about circumcision? Does one have to be circumcised to be a Muslim (Hanafi)?
Open file (117.60 KB 500x667 1667070418286.jpg)
Would a muslim actually go to hell if he died from a bullet to the head, if that bullet was covered in bacon grease?
>>601 No.
>>601 Does Allah, praised him be. Hate the parasitical jewish race? t. never read the Qur'an
>>604 Allah(SWT) hates Judaism and those who practice it while knowing about Islam, not the Jewish race itself. Allah(SWT) will like the Jews who follow Judaism if they repent and revert to Islam. >never read the Qur'an There you go https://archive.org/details/the-clear-quran-english-translation-by-dr-mustafa-khattab
>>600 Circumcision isn't necessary.
>Iran's attorney general has announced that the parliament and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution will review the country's stance on mandatory hijabs and release a report within two weeks. In a speech in the religious city of Qom on Friday, Mohammad Javad Montazeri stressed that any decision on the hijab issue should be based on a "planned approach". Last week, the head of the Iranian president's communication team told state news agency IRNA that requests from all quarters of society for the relaxation of the hijab rules have been passed on to authorities. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iran-attorney-general-begins-review-stance-mandatory-hijab https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20221203-protest-hit-iran-says-reviewing-mandatory-headscarf-law What do you predict will happen in Iran with this? Their headscarfs don't even cover that much compared to a niqab let alone burqa as used in Afghanistan and they're having trouble enforcing this. Also their divorce rate doubled in the past decade from about 10% to 20%.
>>21 Is this a Halal board?
>>635 I would hope that it is
>>634 Inshallah kheir. I know the glowies are onto them, trying to stir trouble up like they did in so many other countries under the guise of colored revolutions. I hope this is a temporary move they're playing to appease tensions and not be overwhelmed, and not a definitive step Iran is taking in this unfortunate direction. >>396 They gave me the stomach to clean. Ugh. Maybe next time inshallah.
Is this board run by the same 8chan/8kun board owner?
>Taliban says eight ISIL fighters killed in raids in Afghanistan >“These members had a main role in the attack on the [Logan] hotel and paved the way for foreign [ISIL] members to come to Afghanistan,” the spokesperson said in a tweet. >ISIL claimed responsibility for a deadly bombing near a checkpoint at the Afghan capital’s military airport on Sunday. The group said that attack was carried out by someone that also took part in the Longan Hotel assault in mid-December. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/1/5/taliban-says-eight-isil-fighters-killed-in-raids-in-afghanistan What are these ISIL clowns doing? Do they just want power? Doesn't Afghanistan already have a based form of Sharia law now? Shouldn't they be in the rest of MENA, to help kick the yanks and French out? Or is ISIL in the pocket of the yanks?
>>651 No.
>>652 The IS is fighting against the Taliban because the Taliban are a regional movement that has limited itself to Afghanistan alone and because they have sought diplomatic relations with and recognition of the non-Islamic world order. In contrast, the IS seeks a global, universal Islamic caliphate, so the Taliban's goals are distinct from the goals of the IS. Beyond that, their giving protection to the Shi'a and to other minority polytheistic religions is another reason why the IS is fighting them. The IS already has various fronts, Afghanistan being one of them. It's also present in Sham, Iraq, Yemen, West Africa, Somalia, even the Philippines. In every region of the world where it has enough resources to wage war, it will do so.
Ramadan is approaching. Are you preparing yet brothers and sisters?
The OP image was of a character from the "Touhou" series (a pagan thing), so it was removed to keep us safe.
>>652 >What are these ISIL clowns doing? The moment you realize ISIS/ISIL are mossad mercenaries in search of "x" things or plain out destroy people or places you will make sense of their actions
>>675 Do you have any proof or are you just speculating? If the IS was truly an Israeli plot to weaken their neighbors, then the Jews better hope it never establishes itself because it would be much more dangerous for them than what it replaced.
>>674 Well done.
>>673 Yeeeeeeeaaaaah boooooi I am pumped.
How come Iran allows transgenderism but not homosexuality?
>>680 They're crazy Shias.
>>680 The whole thing about turning all their homos into ladyboys is presumably a pre-Islamic Persian thing.
Open file (447.10 KB 768x512 mouth breather.png)
>>405 I agree. >>406 >Japan is a kufir country and their media promotes unislamic values. I agree. However, that doesn't mean anime as a medium is haram.
>>406 You are retarded. What the hell is an Islamic theme anyway? People like you make your religion your national identity and needlessly push away/attack anything you see as foreign. This is an attitude that is the total opposite to the Sunnah. The world is never as simple as our values and their values fool.
>>676 >Do you have any proof or are you just speculating? It calls itself the Islamic State, but proceeds to ignore the biggest enemy of Islam in the region. Go figure. >the Jews better hope it never establishes itself because it would be much more dangerous for them than what it replaced. Haven't you noticed? They were never worried about IS since the beginning. Strange, isn't it? Almost as if...
>>795 Come on. Speak clearly, bro. Just say what you mean. >Meme of IS being funded / co opted by Israel It's not bad to pick your battles and fight your enemy when you're capable of fighting them. Even Saladin first conquered Syria and Iraq before he attacked the crusader state in Palestine. Did that make him an agent of the crusaders? No. It's just necessary to reach a certain level of consolidation and power before you're capable of invading a stronger enemy. You might as well complain that IS hasn't invaded America. Plus, it's not even true that Islamic State has ignored Israel. They have a cell there and have been carrying out attacks.
Why isn't there an alliance between Muslim countries? Similar to NATO.
>>802 We are not ruled by upright Muslims. So it won't happen.
>>803 Certainly there is a need for an alliance between all Muslims.
I heard that there was an Arabian foreigner in Japan that kicked the head of a Shinto statue, and according to a Islamic friend of mine, he's making Islam look bad because the religion forbids people from insulting/attacking other religions. Is that true?
>>812 Personally I haven't heard of that. Destroying the idols is what the prophets did, including Ibrahim and Muhammad (peace be upon them both), so it's definitely part of the religion. What your friend is referring to is probably the verse which prohibits insulting the false deities lest the idol worshippers insult Allah out of ignorance.
Open file (7.71 MB 1280x720 1661163615473512449.mp4)
>>815 It's a statue, no Japanese were hurt.
>>817 nta but what if a Japanese enter a mosque in your country and starts desecrating it ?
>>818 Your comparison is unequal. Islam is the truth and mosques are objectively superior over polytheistic shrines.
Open file (14.58 MB 1920x1080 hakim lollipop story-30.mp4)
>iraqi >muslim >youtuber >communist
>>821 Well, which is it? Is he a communist or a Muslim?
>>822 see this is why I come here. it's refreshing to see the unfiltered idealist core of Islam, not filtered by radlib apologists
>>812 Yes, Islam forbids insulting and being aggressors. As for the early Islamic conquests under the Rashidun caliphates, who knows. Either A : they were actually liberating the oppressed under the Byzantine and Sassanian rule B : they don't understand the Quran, since there was barely any religious scholarship at the time to teach them the correct methodology to study the Quran. So they just take one verse of the Quran separately and went nuts with it >>814 Islam tells Muslims to make da'wah in a nice way. That is not da'wah. That is deliberate provocation. It accomplishes nothing but stoking the flames of hatred. That's just retarded. The Prophets get a free pass, because there is wisdom behind their actions. Ibrahim's (as) actions made the polytheists think. Muhammad (saw) is just cleansing the holy ground of impurities.
>>832 It's OK for us to be the aggressors, in war sense. https://sunnah.com/bukhari:2818 https://sunnah.com/bulugh/11/1 The Rashidun caliphs understood the Quran, Muhammad peace be upon him taught them. The Prophet > scholars. Duh. https://sunnah.com/mishkat:3767 It would be in the benefit of the Japanese people if we were to destroy every idol and shrine.
>>832 Allahu akbar! Are you suggesting the Prophet's ﷺ closest companions didn't understand the Qur'an? Are you questioning their faith after Allah has revealed that He is pleased with them as they are pleased with Him? The companions are the ones who preserved the knowledge of the religion, they're the reason we even have scholars today. The Prophet ﷺ said: "I was sent to join the ties of kinship, to break the idols, and to proclaim the oneness of Allah so that nothing be associated with Him." (Muslim 832) And 'Ali (Allah be pleased with him) said to Abu'l-Hayyaj al-Asadi: "Should I not send you on the same mission as Allah's Messenger ﷺ sent me? Do not leave an image without obliterating it, or a high grave without levelling it." (Muslim 969) Breaking the idols is an act of piety not limited to the prophets at all. The companions used to break the idols wherever they came upon them, from Persia to Africa. And in this they did not misunderstand anything; wasn't it the Messenger ﷺ himself who sent Jarir to destroy the false deity at Dhul Khalasa, so he went out and destroyed it? (Bukhari 3823) As for what the scholars said. Here's Ibn Al-Qayyim (Allah's mercy on him): "It is not allowed to leave places of Shirk and tawagheet (false gods) even for one day after having the ability to destroy them. These are signs of Kufr and Shirk, and this is the peak of evil. So it is never allowed to acknowledge them if you have the power. And this is the ruling for the tombstone which is on the grave which is taken as taghoot, worshipped besides Allah. And it is also the ruling for stones which people go to, to seek barakaah, kissing them and making offerings to them. It is not allowed to leave anything of them on the earth when you have the ability to remove them. A lot of these are at the same level as Lat, Uzza, Manat or are even considered more than these to those people who worship them. Wallahu musta'an." (Zad Al-Ma'ad 3/506)
Why do cruciferous vegetables produce cross-shaped patterns of flowers? Why are cruciferous vegetables one of the only plants on earth where all but a single variety are edible and even that variety is technically edible in small doses? Why are cruciferous vegetables poisonous to most living things but not to humans? Is mustard god's gift to man?
Which is worse crucifixion or rape?
>>812 Islam does not forbid attacking other religions. What is forbidden is insulting the gods of other religions, lest they respond by insulting Allah out of ignorance.

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