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Background Anonymous Board owner 09/03/2019 (Tue) 16:46:39 No.1
Welcome to the backup board of 8chan's /irc/. original drop https://archive.is/cm3eg Still working mirror https://web.archive.org/web/20150127143057/http://a.pomf.se/qvfgbc.7z Background of the leak >What the hell am I looking at? about 2 and a half years worth of logs from 4chan's low level staff channel. >How did they get to 8chan? One of the Janitors wasn't happy about Hiro demanding the dox of all volunteers, dropped out and simply leaked that motherfucker in the hopes to show Janny in a better light? >What have you found instead? A mostly absent m00t, and some Janitor spreading their worst practices to everyone while m00t lost 80% of all veterans. >How many people have even read all that shit? Be honest! Only two on the behalf of like 6 boards and hash tag. >Have you gotten any contact to Janny? Sadly not. Here's the thing, people leave IRC all the time, some people exchange their handles like other people their underpants. Trust me, I tried to find people who were involved in something completely different 4 years ago and I mostly ran into dead ends and rumors. That Janiteam has moved to discord doesn't help it neither nor the secrecy of the channel. Its reasonable to suspect, that the furries running the show there have everything. On Rizon, there was only the risk of pissing of one person leaking a lot of shit or some sped smuggling himself and only leaking about an hour worth of logs. >What has m00t ever done to you? Basically nothing since I am not a /pol/lack. What a moderator named rapeApe has done is banning a entire topic, because some dipshit decided it was cool to shit up the gamergate threads with an link to an article by a certain Chelsea Van Valkenburg thus causing one of the wildest shit storm of 2014. There was no reasoning with the staff and no home for us. /v/ has even managed to overwhelm 4chon.
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Open file (2.24 MB 2742x1905 1422206474233.jpg)
Open file (859.54 KB 880x1038 ClipboardImage.png)
Background about 8chan >Why is 8chan down? In principle, nobody knows. Officially Its owners have taken it down voluntarily after the perp of a mass shooting has posted his manifesto on a very declined /pol/. Think of it as 2014 neo /v/ but in love of mass murder. Before that there was another spree killer who is definitely a /pol/lack who has announced his intend on /pol/ and then live streamed the massacre on facebook. This has put 8chan in connection with at least two mass shootings. The reason why nothing happened to 4chan although there were 2 4chan murders is a media campaign by its founder Fredrick Brennan, AKA HW_BEAT_THAT, copypaste or simply Hotwheels. >Founder? Wasn't Hothweels its admin? Yes, until he stepped down out of his free volition in May 2016. Until he simply stayed absent from his Job in November 2018 and got his privacy violated by Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan's and 2ch's mother company, he was only a technical adviser who has advised Mr. Watkins to close 8chan. He had quit the job on his own. >Who the fuck is Jim Watkins? Some boomer who runs the very tech company behind 8chan and 2ch. He was his former business partner. >So the 2chan guy. What was the nature of the partnership? 8chan goes into 2ch's fold as its international division while Hotwheels get employed by the Waktins. He stays admin, which means he has to do the administrative work himself except the parts he hands to volunteers. The main domain 8chan used was his old one while 8ch.net was intended for the official Japanese instance. Since January 2015, Jim's domain was used. >What happened then? The vichan base couldn't power 8chan and soon posting became impossible due to load. Hotwheels decided to reject the offer the creator of the Software we are using now in favor of what Joshua Connor Moon, better known as Null, the admin of Kiwifarms had in mind. It was called Infinity Next and it failed because 1) PHP is not suitable for the task 2) Null wasn't that good at Database design 3) Null assumed some common pitfalls of IB development would take care of themself After two failed migrations and 3 failed attempts to switch to Next, Hotwheels simply gave up being admin. It also came out that he wasn't using his own website since Summer 2015. After months without any new software, the Server infrastructure was upgraded. During this Job Hotwheels has insulted his coworker in front of all the Anons lurking in the meta thread and then simply gave the entire thing away to Jim. >Who is the Administrator now? CodemonkeyZ or Ron Watkins. He is coordinating all the administrative work going on there. So far he was way better than Hotwheels which must have chapped his ass. >What? Well, let me put it this way: After the second killing spree, he was severely molested by the press who still think he runs the place. Instead he decided to let the long standing grudge over the botched business deal and months worth of molestation from Jim to explode and gave any journo coming by a ride, leaking Company interna left right and center. The entire shit show lead to him to start fights with any well known 8chan staff, especially Codemonkey and Jim.
Edited last time by ppaperman on 07/18/2020 (Sat) 13:28:23.
Open file (91.07 KB 720x540 kk4H1CD.jpg)
Last thing about this board itself >What's its purpose again? With 8chan out of the picture, there is no place where 4chan Anons could talk about problems with the direction 4chan is going. Certain bad janitors haven't disappeared in contrary to m00t. >Hasn't the dwarf said that Hiro is a better admin? This doesn't make him less of spyware deploying scumbag or more of super duper man who doesn't need sleep. Latter would be necessary to clean the Augean stables that is Janiteam. >How do you plan to restore the content from 8chan? Since the Admin suggested me to not host the leaks here, I will simply upload a copy of it that covers one day each on a platform that is unable to know what it is hosting for technical reasons and then put links in the threads here. >When will you do this? Each weekend from now. Maybe you get a month or two depending how long I can put it with it or whether I can afford to do that. I am not a NEET anymore.
Edited last time by ppaperman on 07/18/2020 (Sat) 13:28:31.
andonuts still uses IRC and he has the same handle. I never see him speaking though.
How does one get irc logs anyways? With my very small experience with irc i find that all messages are deleted once you close the client
Most IRC clients have logging options. The Janiteam ones were probably made locally. Other logs were made by public loggers some webmaster ran back in the days. One such example would be Galbadia Garden that got pretty infamous.
so this is the deadest board available
test /roll{1d6}
Open file (177.36 KB 537x1047 ClipboardImage.png)
I just leave this nonsense here for prosperity. If he thinks that 8chan.moe is still in the webring, he is massively gidding himself. Infinity had NO federation. Not that was side project by one of the other devs inside the 8chan development channel if I remember this right. As you can see on the list of boards of this place and that of any other participating, it 8chan.moe is nowhere to be seen: https://anon.cafe/boards.js Why is it not here anymore? Simple; 8chan.moe allowed reincarnation of /hebe/ that sent a shockwave of disgust and panic through the entire webring. By the way, for real Federation check out this: https://fchan.xyz/ This uses real federation with Activity pub instead of a shared board list. >>25 Looks like it.
>>44 >reincarnation of /hebe/ that sent a shockwave of disgust and panic through the entire webring all apologies if this is deemed off topic but that t-chan board that is now on the webring has moderation that seems very questionable in this regard. not the intention of this post to start any meta drama or open up a flame war regarding morals, but if content like that is seen as a threat to the stability and viability of the webring, then, well that's all this post is intended to address. just leaving this here because unsure which board's /meta/ might be best to address this
>>44 I’d forgotten that bonegoblin even existed, tbh. I thought he was making fonts and being a commie furry these days; why’s he lurking 8moe?
>>46 >commie furry >/hebe/ You think....?

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