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/2hu/ Supporter 07/10/2020 (Fri) 01:51:33 No.904
This is now the official /2hu/ team thread. Discuss tactics with me, your manager.... Is what I want to say, but since the goals are made up, and the formations don't matter, use this thread to discuss how much you hate [CHARACTER] being on the roster. Or, I don't know, give suggestions on what you want to see on the team. I will dripfeed everything the team has currently over the next few weeks.
/japan/'s team is easier
>>904 We'll probably not get anyone to do tactics / team cards.
Do you guys have custom MMD models for the 2hus?
>>1086 You do. I've been in touch with the one autist behind /2hu/ for the past few Cups. You'll be fine. >>1120 There's a bunch, they need to be sorted through though.
Open file (377.44 KB 1197x819 choice1.png)
Open file (453.19 KB 1326x896 choice2.png)
Open file (156.83 KB 521x516 choice3.png)
Hi, I'm working on your MMDs. Three of the characters in your starting eleven have more than one version, so please let me know which you prefer. >Reimu Hakurei : Which outfit? One shows waist, one doesn't. >Mokou: Normal or torn sleeves? >Cirno: Which of the two hairstyles?
>>1206 >no waist >normal >2nd
>>1206 >>1207 thanks
>>1206 >no waist The left one?
>>1215 Yes please.
Open file (990.75 KB 1852x1518 choice4.png)
>>1217 Great. Most of your starting eleven MMDs are now finished and working in game. One more question for the starting eleven. Izayoi Sakuya's MMD had over 30 different versions (combinations of different outfits, with an A, E and S version. Image shows some outfits and the face and texture difference between E and S). On top of this, I have to manually assign textures. Can you send a picture of what they should look like? Is there a preference for the A, E, S versions? (One difference is that A has a purple logo, E has a green logo and S has a blue logo, if that helps)
>>1218 Wait so sending you MMDs is enough or what? I thought I had to rigg them myself.
>>1221 Yes, it might be a bit late now though.
>>1222 I've checked the blender tutorials. Does it help if the models have the proper vertex groups? Does it matter how many textures the model has?
If I don't make it out of this week alive, I decree /2hu/ wins the tournament.
>>1223 >I thought I had to rigg them myself. Some of us are volunteering to rig because otherwise there would be almost none like previous years. >Does it help if the models have the proper vertex groups? Does it matter how many textures the model has? I don't know how to usefully use the vertex groups to be honest, I'll say no. Once I make the model take the same pose as a reference PES model, I remove all vertex groups and transfer the PES ones over with their weights, repainting any details if needed. This makes the model animate in game properly. Each mesh has a single texture, so usually I'll make a 1024x1024 array of the textures if there are less than 9 of them and use that as a texture for the entire model. Which team and what are you modelling? If you can't into PES, just send it/them over as soon as you can. If your team has no models yet I can bump you up the queue above some teams that submitted ten or more MMDs and it might be too many to complete by the first game. I'm not in the loop with the other Blenderfags progress.
>>1230 PS: if you we talking about /2hu/ you already have too many. They were sent in behind the scenes.
>>1230 /japan/ >>969 we've already linked some models. Not sure if they've been imported yet. The names might be cryptic in terms of who is supposed to be which model
>>1232 I'll ask the head rigger if another anon has started on them. fiery.me is down right now so I can't do anything with that yet.
7 of the rigged /2hu/ models: https://anonfiles.com/VeI1w9L7oe/2HU_Publish_zip This first week has so far had none of the 2020 models included so don't worry that a dozen of the player models aren't there yet; other teams are in the same boat and it should be fixed by game 2.
>>904 Just here to wish you guys good luck this year
Since the board appears to be locked and I think I know why I just want to mention a couple of things based on this post http://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/thread/1262.html#1463 >We also still need settle with 16 to 23 2hus that will play and who the starting 11 will be. Is the current roster fine or are there any changes you want to make? The other question is if there are models for the rest of the girls, because I remember that in the last cup there were some who hadn't one for it.
Glad to see you guys back >>3120 >and I think I know why Why was it locked?
>>3126 There's a malehu thread that got spammed by some autist with a bunch of futanari and other gay shit, and as such I imagine BO decided to lock the board to stop that retard.
>>3127 I didn't lock it on purpose, he hit the 30 pph limit. I didn't even notice the board was locked until someone said so over the report window.
Open file (47.18 KB 1416x451 2hu formations.png)
Regarding the roster, current idea is that we mostly copy last cup http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//2hu//Roster However we'd like Yuuka moved from Defense to Center for a 3-3-4 formation and pic related are current tactics. Medals aren't decided yet. Also if it's possible we'd like to change shirt numbers since someone asked them to be renumbered after the last popularity poll, new numbers would be: >Patchouli Knowledge #19 >Cirno #18 >Izayoi Sakuya #6 >Shameimaru Aya #11 >Kazami Yuuka #24 >Clownpiece #52 >Kochiya Sanae #13 >Reimu Hakurei #3 >Fujiwara no Mokou #8 >Kirisame Marisa #2 <Reserve players >Yakumo Yukari #16 >Kaguya Houraisan #35 >Komeiji Koishi #4 >Reisen Udongein Inaba #14 >Tewi Inaba #64 >Yukkuri Abuse #5 >Mumei #30 >Rumia #21 >Junko #28 >Suika Ibuki #31 >Flandre Scarlet #5 >Reiuji Utsuho #39
>>3181 Thanks and sorry for that oversight, Chen is shirt #61

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