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Rivalry General Supporter 07/06/2020 (Mon) 14:59:56 No.868
Discuss rivalry match-ups that would be especially exciting to watch, if they occur.
Weeb Trifecta: /2hu/, /a/, /anime/ An epic fight scene for first place (in the alphabet). Battle of the Gods: /christian/, /eris/ There is no god but God, we're just not sure which one... Kinda Comfy: /kind/, /latecomfy/ Good luck! Fun With a Football: /art/, /loomis/ We don't make plays, just happy little accidents. Two Girls, One Cup: /cuckquean/, /yuri/ The only thing better than a girl is another girl. Deux Vult: /christian/, /cuckquean/, /yuri/ Repent, heretics! Hail!: /eris/, /fascist/ Lawful vs. Chaotic, a showdown between autocracy and eristocracy [autistic screeching] : /v/, /v/ trolls With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Kinda wanted to see /otter/ vs /furry/, but I guess they're not joining.
>>869 Who is /kindlatecomfy/ supposed to play against?
Please stop getting the name wrong, it's /late/ & /comfy/ not /latecomfy/.
/a/ vs /bane/ sort of organically became a rivalry. I'm sure there's more. >>872 It's probably the fault of the wiki's naming conventions that that's spreading, I'll use /late/+/comfy/ as often as I can.
>>872 My mistake, I'm used to the wiki spelling. Sorry. >>874 I didn't check the wiki but I'm sure there are some canon rivalries there too. >>870 Can you settle for /monster/?
>>870 Don't think they got any real rivals
>>877 Who would want to be a rival to otters?
/japan/ vs rulecucked boards, particularly /a/ or /monster/
I want to see /monster/ vs /cuckquean/ and /monster/ vs /lego/
>>884 You'll have to explain that one anon.
>>885 The former as a surprisingly fun and friendly rivalry due to what happened with /cuckquean/ backing up a lot of /monster/'s stuff and having a bicorn on their team, and the latter because anubis girls are autistic lego lovers.
Is /sp/ joining? They had a friendly rivalry with /monster/ and not-so-friendly ones with /int/ and /argentina/ on 8chan.
Yeah they're entered in already.
/christian/ v /eris/ and /ausneets/ for religion and all that (Given that /ausneets/ follows the traditional indigenous traditions of the dreamtime and none of that Jew Dog Christ cuck stuff ay)
>>909 Fuck yeah, The Dreaming derby. Let's try and get the commentator for /ausneets/ home game to pay respects to the traditional custodians of the land.
Now that the draw is in we can name which games to get HYPE'd for: Group A: J-League Finals >/librejp/ vs /japan/ Group A: pls stop yelling >/v/ vs /kind/ Group A: Dead Board Memorial Match >/v/ vs /japan/ Group B: BIG GUYS Showdown >/wooo/ vs /bane/ Group B: Lego Star Wars Game >/lego/ vs /sw/ Group C: Bicorn Derby >/monster/ vs /cuckquean/ Group D: Art Critique Club >/bmn/ vs /loomis/ Group F: Mythology Matchup >/ausneets/ vs /eris/ >Group G: Christian Fascist Thread >/christian/ vs /fascism/ >Group G: National Rematch >/fascist/ vs /lang/
>>1180 /eris/ vs. /sp/ should be a very high-scoring match.
>>1181 look at this prophet
>>1180 If /2hu/ manages to fuck up their own second place I propose /ita/ vs. /2hu/ as Spaghetticon 2020
everyone vs /islam/ is a rivalry I'm down with
I foresee an epic /lang/ vs /pol/ rap battle.
>>2054 >The War of Words /pol/ vs /lang/ >The Mahabharata Match /pol/ vs /inch/ >The Haiku Heat /pol/ vs /japan/ >The Hero Slays The Dragon /pol/ vs /monster/ >The Divine Competition /pol/ vs /ita/
>>2055 >tfw we will never see it

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