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Open file (32.96 KB 496x601 Yuri_logo.png)
Supporter 07/05/2020 (Sun) 23:19:13 No.859
/yuri/ slowly and dramatically reporting in!
Open file (664.54 KB 1226x868 by yoruda.jpg)
OK, here's the current situation. BO and the people who worked on the team previously are currently very busy irl, even if they can still be reached. So I'll be making sure the team has everything it needs to participate and will do my best to support it throughout the tournament. There is not that much enthusiasm back in the board, but that's just what happens when you read so much drama with a hint of depression for years. A guilty pleasure. Personally, I'm a divegrass fan and a /u/ native, and have supported this team's great campaign during the whole last cup. Playing the full amount of possible matches is a nice achievement. Hopefully, some more nee-sans will join in this campaign. But /u/ is a popular team, full of love and carnival, so I'm expecting a lot of support from different anons. Absolutely everyone is welcomed to cheer for pure love! When the plans for this edition were starting, we were told about the possibilities of reusing old assets, changing some trademarks, and the change of the name to the "new" one. So for all of you not in the know, here's the nature of the board: both 8/u/ and 8/yuri/ agreed to become a single board when coming to the webring. Staff and regulars from both boards are currently together in our home, along some new anons, too. So the names /u/ and /yuri/ can be used interchangeably without any problems at all. It was also unanimously decided that 8kun was to be ditched, so everyone's gathered in smug/yuri while we have a nicely compiled list of bunkers, alternatives, and procedures in case of emergency. Given all that, my complete inexperience in PES stuff and lack of creative talent at all, and that the team did fairly well last time. I'd like to request the use of all the same assets we used for the previous edition of the cup. I'll be taking care of any minimum adjustment or last minute tweak that could be needed. Please and thank you!
Open file (161.85 KB 868x750 by gozenta (amta).jpg)
>>860 Also, if any other supporter is feeling a little curious about what this team is all about, please come and check us out over at smuglo.li/yuri This is a most welcoming board dedicated to the appreciation of cute anime girls and girl's love. We like to take things slowly, but there are always many anons lurking if you have any questions or would just like to chat for a while about the most pure love genre there is. We're actually starting a new season of anime streaming, too. In about 10 minutes! Come around if you'd like to hang out for a while, we currently have streams scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday. The address is https://streamchan.org/#shizuruslovehut https://streamchan.org/hls/shizuruslovehut.m3u8 rtmp://streamchan.org/live/shizuruslovehut.flv New manga releases are compiled and posted almost every single day, there is a scanlation team, and threads for every medium in which this beautiful genre shows up. Not to mention plenty of gorgeous & awesome anime girls! Hope to see you around...
Open file (1.94 MB 1999x1678 sukabu89 science.png)
>>860 >>862 Happy to have you guys aboard! We'll keep everything the same for you then. Anons on the board can still contribute to the Cup by making adboards or finding/making 3D models for the players on /yuri/. I'll also try to do one or two streams on the way to the Cup's start, I'm just hoping Ctyube/Twitch figures their shit out in the meantime.
Open file (111.73 KB 287x419 hitomi.png)
>>863 I found a few board relevant models we could use Cyber Sluts: Ami Aiba (red haired girl, MMD format) https://www.deviantart.com/guiltronprime/art/Tamer-Pack-2-0-Cyber-Sleuth-Main-3-835345074 Shiramine Nokia (MMD format): https://www.deviantart.com/guiltronprime/art/Shiramine-Nokia-Digimon-Cyber-Sleuth-840166572 Valkyrie Drive: Mirei Shikishima (MMD): https://www.deviantart.com/shreis/art/Valkyrie-Drive-Mirei-Shikishima-775456636 Mana Inagawa (MMD): https://www.deviantart.com/shreis/art/Valkyrie-Drive-Bhikkhuni-Mana-Inagawa-P1-761897945 Ranka and Manpakumaru (XPS, BONELESS) https://www.deviantart.com/user619/art/VALKYRIE-DRIVE-BHIKKHUNI-models-754676136 Unfortunately I can't find Rinka and Mamori anywhere, so if the girls I posted do make it in, we'll have to pretend that their GFs are watching in the crowd Meduca: Main magical girls (MMD): https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im3952693? There was a an amazing pack that had all of the girls plus Hitomi (pic related) in school girl outfits. We originally wanted to use them on our first icup, but it looks like the download page for them was taken down some time after that https://bowlroll.net/file/14671 I can't find archives of this pack anywhere either. If some kind anon somehow finds this pack, please make it so that Hitomi is our goal keeper. Nights of Azure: Arnice (3ds max format?) https://files.catbox.moe/qp021i.7z This also appears to have been taken down too, but luckily I actually downloaded this one before that happened.
A clean copy of our current roster for quicker reference: 19 GK Okada Self Insert 27 LB KAGAWA LIFE! 11 CB √úbermensch 10 CB Maria-sama 9 RB Aki Lovely 8 DMF Tacos, Tacos, Tacosu 23 CMF 100% Bullying 22 CMF RAPE! 32 AMF Miko Embrace 20 SS Etoile-sama (Captain) 1 CF ShizNat 38 GK Tylenol 21 LB Kashira, Kashira 24 CB Gayy Lmao 5 CB WA HA HA 7 CB TANOSHII! 17 RB Cocaine Ninja 6 DMF But That's Forbidden Love 37 DMF Yuritopia! 13 CMF Aaeru Ackbar 4 CMF Lesbo Fites 2 CMF <<Sword>>
To answer the question asked of me via email: I can pass them along to one of the Blenderfags and see if they can rig them up properly.
>>1128 >>1166 An interesting fact: our board may be still somewhat small, but it has yet to fail in fulfilling any request. Feel free to come by any time...
>>1168 Thanks :D
Open file (36.88 KB 304x104 adb-ban.png)
>we made it to the knockouts with 2 points. >worst stats ever to get past the groups stage. Shameful display aborted, the temp-manager's head is still joined to her neck! Historical achievement, in the comical category. Whelp, that's all we can say. Next up is figuring out who will rape who in the match against the 2whos. We're definitely not the favs here, but we've saved face already. Anyways, what I came here to say is that I've seen the models the local blenderfag finished for us. And they look truly awesome!! I can't put in words how thankful I am, really. Thanks a bunch! It was said that it was a little hard to figure out what player each model belonged to, and this has been duly noted, our roster is in fact more based on ancient community memes than actual anime lesbians. We are gonna correct that before next cup, as it was the original plan, only difference being that it will probably be done by the manager that takes over after me. So for that end, I humbly request that you keep working on getting those models to work for us, no matter the pace. The ones mentioned, attached, and assigned in the e-mail referred here >>1013 are kinda a priority (that Nokia is lovely, thanks again), but I don't mean to rush anyone. We will still try to find more appropriate models around, the most important one being Hitomi by far, and deliver them to the rigger by e-mail in our way to the next competition. Sorry for waiting a little long to thank you for this, but that's just kinda how we roll. As a small token of appreciation I thought about leaving you some fav doujin work to enjoy, but then realized that I don't know the first thing about your tastes. So instead I'm leaving you here a small selection of varied thingies, and hoping that you'll like at least some. Please feel free to ask for stuff or make any request if you feel like it. Once again: thanks a lot! https://files.catbox.moe/4jvo16.zip https://files.catbox.moe/zowshh.7z https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/ane_no_himitsu/download https://files.catbox.moe/1i0d29.7z https://files.catbox.moe/hoqdew.7z
>cucked Whelp, pasaron cosas. We kinda deserved it, but I'm not forgetting that we made it the farthest from all teams in our F (death) group and in the last Cup's top 4. Riggin' attempts aside, you cannot call luck to our thing when the stand-in goalkeeper played 3 of our last 6 games. Imagine if Doom or Ridley played half their matches. Our shape was abysmal, and we were still close, crashing the posts 3 fricking times in the last game. But I ain't complaining, making it there with only 2 points in the group stage is a worthy achievement! Now a shout-out to our fair champion /fascist/, may this be a sign of the times to come! Also, let it never be said that we don't know how to lose, this is for /cuckquean/ who were a better team and deserved the win: https://files.catbox.moe/h94ku2.zip

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