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Open file (61.80 KB 290x292 moe_z.png)
/v/ Supporter 07/02/2020 (Thu) 17:45:35 No.791
New thread since the old one was about whether to include /v/ at all. This is the /v/alkan combo of 8moe/v/ and z/v/. The current roster that is uncontested/agreed upon in both threads so far: >Expand Dong (GK) Timeless, also has a really good model in-game. >Teagan (LB) Uncommon Time is something truly unique to 8/v/, we can't let it go. Sanic (RB) Tifa's Dicks (LMF) Gay Ass Border Rock Punished /v/ (CMF) Mamachan (CF) Friday Night (CMF) Erin (CF) Generally picks are being chosen from the old roster. We need to finalize the roster and the kits, but it should be easier to do that with everyone in one thread instead of split across two boards.
>8moe and z/v/ I don't want to be in the same team as julay faggots from that botted shithole. They aren't 8chan and their BO is a fucking tranny so fuck them. Mark did the right thing deleting your gay thread pushing this forced bullshit, fuck off.
>>792 >their BO is a fucking tranny that's the first time I hear of that and I would appreciate some sources, at the same time, I agree with the rest of your post, they don't even deserve to be called /v/.
>>793 I agree. Post some proof so I can laugh at it.
>>792 >>793 >>794 this is why /v/ shouldn't join
>>795 >/v/ shouldn't join because anons don't want to band with trannies Fuck off and go back to zch, tranny.
>>796 you know people wanna have a good time watching the cup, not have the entire chat be filled with arguments about who's a tranny.
>>797 Then you should let 8chan.moe be the only /v/ in the cup. Literally none of the others are 8chan.
>>798 Ho boy here we go.
>>798 literally no one is 8chan since it doesn't exist anymore. I want no /v/ to be in the cup since letting any of them join will remove the fun from the game, as we have seen.
>>795 >asking for proof is bad Sorry anon, next time I'll just make sure to listen and believe.
>>800 >8chan doesn't exist 8chan is right here https://8chan.moe . Get your eyes checked or learn to accept reality, tranny, you will never be 8chan.
>Mark goons shitting their own team due to including communities of anons that don't like them More fuel to the fire, let it be so people can see the cancer
>>791 Perfect, thank you brother. I have been a bit busy so I couldn't come and alert you guys. This should net us a good 26 teams total. >>792 Well, it's either that, or no /v/ at all.
>>798 aah, I see who you are you're the same guy on the 8chan.moe thread telling people the /icup/ is somehow an 8chan exclusive and thus it must either be played among 8chan teams or not at all well, I hope you come to terms with your hate and take the hehpill
>>798 You can always not watch it if you don't like it. >>791 Don't worry about it, OP, the guy has a huge hate boner for this merger and has gone on 8moe trying to stir shit up
Open file (1.32 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>804 >no /v/ at all. please
Open file (354.22 KB 680x581 47e.png)
>>802 >>798 lmao thanks for the free PPH increase, idiot >>791 I think I remember a blue and orange shirt from the Zchan thread, have you proposed it to the 8moe guys yet? Anyhow, I vote Gunther as a substitution.
>>800 Hey man z energy sponsored zchan/v/ is chill, don't lump us with cakemoe, at first we want to go in join team with /geimu/ but people there aren't interested in the cup and some crossposter keep pushing a join team with cakemoe. Many people on zchan don't want to go in with cakemoe or not interested in the cup at all so zchan/v/ should either sit out of this one or go in in our own team. >>802 That's cakemoe or kikemoe or fedschan or acidchan or shithole but NOT 8chan, 8chan is dead.
Don't care about Mark Don't care about muh trannies Don't care about IRC e-celebs Don't care about Julay Love me footy Love me team Simple as
>>810 >words words words muh these guys said buh those guys said see >>811
Whether you hate 8chan or zchan, I see no reason the two can't at least temp cooperate here for some fun.
>>791 I should mention, /v/ is going to be called The /v/alkans in honor of all the disappeared /v/s, so you can rest easy if you get assblasted that it's not REAL /v/ material.
Open file (151.03 KB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>809 Someone else did over on 8moe and the consensus was to use the blue Z. We're find using a sideway infinity z with a blue color and it's a good combination of the two logos (in my opinion). Pic related. The original blue Z uniform.
>>816 >a sideway infinity z with a blue color Yeah seems like a good combination.
>>816 looks fine to me t. 8chan user
Open file (24.30 KB 525x350 norf and souf united.jpg)
>>811 This tbh fock all D&C shills one nation one hobby one team
>>791 Add: Redanon Agydaggy Chaika Delivery Anchor Backpack Cuck Smash is Trash EDF
>>811 >>820 Norf and Souf look like they're starting to get along now. My guess is it's only a couple of trolls caring about mods, anyone interested will probably be alright fan.
Open file (77.22 KB 2048x2048 vnewp1.png)
Open file (65.09 KB 2048x2048 vnewp2.png)
Open file (73.23 KB 2048x2048 vnewp3.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 2048x2048 vnewg1.png)
(copying this over just in case) Alright, I've updated the uniforms as per feedback and added the new (old) combination logo. On top of that, we've got a roster situation that needs updating. Players that are agreed upon from the former roster: Expand Dong (GK) Teagan (LB) Sanic (RB) Tifa's Dicks (LMF) Gay Ass Border Rock (RMF) Punished /v/ (CMF) Mamachan (CF) Sundowner (??) Friday Night (CMF) Erin (CF) Suggestions to add: Z Energy Man/CEO Gunther Redanon Agydaggy Delivery Anchor Backpack Cuck Smash is Trash EDF METOO'd Chaika also was suggested but she's on /a/ already. Now the holdover players plus these suggs give us 19 total. That is enough to get us over the roster minimum. We'll still need to determine team formation (or just stick with the old 4-4-2) and name medal players.
>>792 >year of the lord 2020 >still sucking mark's cut jew dick and being proud of it >this assblasted other IBs that don't want to get railed in the ass exist this is why nobody likes you mark goons and your 8chan knockoff
Open file (387.86 KB 844x844 poke.png)
>>828 the thread has moved way pass that flamepost, anon. keep up!
>>830 >don't mind all the shit we've said against you >I want to be friends now :) how about I don't want to be near the likes of lying retards who still follow mark like yourself and the sperg above? fuck you both, jew ass kissers.
>like yourself I don't browse either site. /v/ is for fags.
The uniforms are looking good, looking forward to playing.
>Gay Ass Border Rock Sounds like more of a GK to me than the infamous Dongky Long.
>>831 The last time someone obsessed this much over Mark Julay exploded. You are not pulling the same shit on here, not where /comfy/ lives. Fuck off nigger
>>837 This place won't explode since we're not run by a bunch of Moots in a chat room. Don't worry anon.
>>835 Yeah sounds more keeper-ish imo >>838 That's right, but please let's behave
>>838 You only need one infiltrator to shit things up, just like in Julay
>>837 Focusing attention on drive-by flame posts doesn't help. Let's decide medal players from >>826 before the deadline.
>>842 >someone disagrees with me on something >it's gotta be the trolls >I will now proceed to dismiss your opinion on the matter what next, you're gonna cover your ears and go "lalalalalalala I can't hear you!"
>>839 >Yeah sounds more keeper-ish imo For sure. No-one gets past the border rock.
>>844 The rock got blown up though. Is that what we want in a keeper?
Open file (95.95 KB 480x600 vlineup.png)
Open file (87.23 KB 480x600 vinformation.png)
Well, since we seem to be stalling right before the deadline, I'll push this through. Image 1 is our roster with their respective positions, Image 2 is what the formation will actually look like, as I had to move the players around in Image 1 for readability. This should be enough to get us over the line, and I believe we can move a thing or two around in the strategy phase if we're not happy with it.
>>826 We need to decide the medal players first but does anyone know if these players have custom models? I think sanic might have.
>>846 Cool, now all we need are the medal players and we're set for this deadline (1 gold 1 silver 2 bronze)
>>847 Sanic, Teagan, Donkey Kong, and FRIDAY NIGHT have models already in-game. Also I can't imagine it would be very difficult to make a red anon model. >>848 Punished /v/ ought to be a medal. He's been gold in the past. We can make one striker a medal, since we've got two on the field and one on the bench, and then the other two I guess it's open season?
>>846 That's good
>>791 There's now a big issue with /v/ Zchan were the biggest contributors to the new roster and export, but now the board is gone permanently. How are we going to handle this?
Open file (14.04 KB 579x536 1cc.png)
Was coming here to post my thoughts on this exactly On the one hand, it's pretty shitty to see all this talent go to waste, but on the other I would think that the team itself loses meaning if it's basically just for one other board. I would honestly rather NOT have /v/ participating at all if it came down to that.
>>935 >>934 I'm keeping an eye on it. I'm also currently looking into why 8moe took down the Cup thread. As for the logistics if /v/ drops out, there won't be a problem. I know how things can be kept even.
8moe here. I'd still like us to participate in some capacity. Z-anons got shafted hard last night, and the situation is fucked, but I'd hate to see no /v/ in the cup, and I think dropping one board because another died is stupid. There are other options, depending on what the organizer is okay with.
>>940 Noted. What other options were you thinking of?
>>941 First and foremost, if (former) z-anons want to just continue with this season and retain the logos, name, etc. That kicks the can down the road to next season and avoids any last-minute changes. The other option that comes to mind is, if enough of them want to rebrand to /geimu/ then we could alternatively just keep the arrangement more or less the same but swap boards. Would probably require a rebrand and new uniforms, but I assume the roster would stay the same. I don't want the team to just be consumed by 8moe against the will of z-anons. If possible, I think a few days should pass to see how things play out. The issue is still hot and I think coming at it with cooler heads might be best. That being said, I think the "just have no /v/" comes across as "if 8moe/v/ is the only /v/ left standing then fuck them". It comes across as a deliberate attempt to exclude our board. If the shoe were on the other foot, I don't think it would be fair to z-anons to delete their team because half of it disappeared, and I also don't think anybody would be suggesting that.
>>940 (I'm not a /v/irgin.) I'm annoyed at all the drama (and that it understandably crashlanded in /shelter/ with over-defensive Z-anons and otherboard insitigators) BUT, Z-anons didn't all die. they still exist and so does their cultural impact. I see their admin as no reason for the team to disintegrate. No offense but both your board sites have cunt admins. You are not them, so you're fine in my books. Even if your icup team becomes a re/v/ugee over here on neutral ground, that could still work.
>>943 >Z-anons didn't all die. they still exist and so does their cultural impact. Those faggots never had value, they'll all be forgotten when summer ends.
>>940 >and I think dropping one board because another died is stupid. Why was the 8chan.moe thread about the cup removed?
>>946 an icup staff is looking into it (>>936) , I doubt the random anon you replied to would somehow have the answer.
>>936 >>946 >>948 Here's the explanation I've received so far: >I don't think this was answered publicly already so here it goes, from what I understand the thread fell off the catalog, it wasn't manually deleted. No manual deletion means the thread was unpinned for some reason. That leads a different question but really, it's the same one: Why?
>>954 Why does it need to be pinned at all times? Threads fall off boards. A new one can be created.
>>954 I do recall seeing the thread low down in the catalog a couple of days ago (page 8 or 9) so I believe that. Still, why tho. I don't feel they are obliged to pin it but they should.
>>958 >>957 It doesn't need to be pinned, it's that they did it in the first place then just randomly unpinned it. I guess what's a little more irritating is the timing of it as well. It's a joint project and the other hub just died, leave the thread up as your touchpoint.

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