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Team submissions for the Inter-boarc Cup Tournament #7 are OPEN

Open file (38.92 KB 512x512 1592210741750.png)
/librejp/ /librejp/ 06/22/2020 (Mon) 20:36:58 No.666
Hello!! We know it's so late, but we will join. Any help would be appreciated.
Open file (31.06 KB 411x577 SecondTop.jpg)
GK - Morita LB - Potion CB - odili CB - mona RB - Claura CMF - Keion-chan CMF - dude LMF - Omanko-salada RMF- arigatsuo CF - daitouryou CF - Libre
Open file (18.31 KB 360x360 elesa check em.jpg)
>>666 Welcome to the Cup! You'll need to come up with team uniforms, as well as substitutes for your squad.
Thank you! We appreciate your patience as it might take some time.
I went and said hello in their thread. Looks like these guys have everything they need, just have to post their uniforms here. >>666 What a cute shield. And what sleek Satan trips!
Open file (184.80 KB 2048x2048 librejp_home.png)
Open file (187.16 KB 2048x2048 librejp_away.png)
Open file (189.68 KB 2048x2048 librejp_gk.png)
Subs: GK - tochaki01 LB - tochaki02 CB - tochaki03 CB - tochaki04 RB - tochaki05 CMF - tochaki06 CMF - tochaki07 LMF - tochaki08 RMF- tochaki09 CF - tochaki10 CF - tochaki11
thank you
>Attack False No. 9 >Defense Deep Defensive Line Thank you!

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