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Open file (56.54 KB 1200x1200 eris-draft-emblem.png)
/eris/ ­ 05/08/2020 (Fri) 02:49:38 No.65
A thread for disorganizing our team for the 2020 cup.
Open file (756.47 KB 960x720 eris_shrug.png)
>>65 So, we're making this up as we go. Our team shall be an eristocracy wherein all Popes are Managers. Uniforms: >Home: Toga white with reflective golden highlights. Hand of Eris as sponsor on chest. >Away: TBD >Goalkeeper: Black and yellow Principia Discordia swirl Core lineup (open to debate, 23 players total): > #2: Principia Discordia (Goalkeeper) > #5: Chaos (randomly decided position) [glitchiest 3D model I can invent] > #23: Eris (Captain, Striker) > #32: Discordia (Sweeper) > #48: Polandball (Benchwarmer) Potential players: >Edward Norton I, Emperor of the United States >Pope >Greyface >J. R. "Bob" Dobbs >90s h4xx0r >[randomly generated character with random characters as name] Stadium: >Greco-Roman themed stadium (marble, gold) >Nonsensical field markings >Shitty golden-brown grass and dirt for a pitch. >Looks glitchy as fuck. Foreign objects sticking out of the pitch.
>>66 >Strife: (tries to get a red card every match)
/eris/ Base Strategy Guide [draft edition: confirm no subsequent changes before use] Formation: Hand of Eris (3-3-3-1)   X X X X  XXX X X X   X Attacking Instructions Attacking Styles: Counter Attack Build Up: Long-Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Flexible Support Range: 5 Defensive Instructions Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment Wide Pressuring: Aggressive Defensive Line: 5 Compactness: 5 Advanced Instructions: Attack 1: False Fullbacks Attack 2: False No. 9 Defence 1: Counter Target Defence 2: Gegenpress Player Settings: Select Captain: Eris Long Free Kick Taker: Principia Discordia (GK) Short FK Taker: Eris FK Taker 2: Chaos Left Corner Kick Taker: Principia Discordia (GK) Right CK Taker: Chaos Penalty Kick Taker: Eris Players to Join Attack: Principia Discordia (GK) Substitution Strategies: Sub off most tired non-medal player at 32' Sub off most tired non-medal center at 75' Sub off most tired non-medal defender at 76' Sub off most tired non-medal player at the second half of Extra Time
No no no those names are stupid. We are playing by the rules and being conventional, referencing what we belive and shit. Players should be named after latin names for the most penis shaped animals in the world.
>>66 >>72 This is looking really fucking good already. we could add the five apostles of eris to the mix of players, or all of Eris's children like Dysnomia and the like, kinda depends on what sort of theme we want to go with. Kind of assuming we won't have the creative capacity to get any custom models, but I'm happy if we get in at all. >>67 Strife and Eris are the same word, same goddess.
>>72 That's an....interesting team strategy But sure, duly noted
>>66 The shade of gold shall be #acab23 rgb
>>76 I don't know how PES works, but what the hell does a goalie need stamina for? More players in play is scientifically confirmed to increase chances of scoring! Proper intelegent footie innit! As a certified pope, I can speak for all of /eris/ when I say that a crazy fun game is more important than winning, but I compromised their values and put small sprinkles of sanity among the chaos. Thank you, I.C.U.P. official. >>77 It's a tad green (could work well for the pitch...) but at the very least I shall put that color where the sideline refs stand. >>74 Uhh... giant leptocephalus? >>75 >same word, same goddess Yeah true but I haven't learned Greek yet so Discordia and Eris are the same goddess until then. >we could add the five apostles of eris to the mix of players, or all of Eris's children like Dysnomia and the like, kinda depends on what sort of theme we want to go with. both-is-good.gif We have a lot of slots (11+3 substitutes on field, + 9 more on the bench or in other matches) so your suggestions are welcome! >Kind of assuming we won't have the creative capacity to get any custom models, but I'm happy if we get in at all. I'll do my best. Hold on folks, we're headed to the uncanny valley! I have basic Blender skills so if I have the time and you keep the enthusiasm, I'll deliver... something.
>>80 I was thinking more like atretochoana eiselti
Open file (63.20 KB 1200x1200 Eris_logo.png)
Our wiki page is live! http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//eris/ You know the deal, everything can be changed. Just discuss it before editing the wiki. Also, I remade the logo/s with transparency.
>>142 Looking nice, lad
>>142 I like them both, maybe the second is more legible? Also I can't really see anything on your page, you sure you made it?
>>142 my bad, it was simply shoutwiki being offline anyhow, I understand the whole deal with your team is chaos, but you must still provide proper numbers for your jersey in your export, else the host will just pick them at random for you. You can keep them like they are on the wiki right now. It's a problem with PES allowing only shirt numbers from 1 to 99.
>>149 >PES allowing only shirt numbers from 1 to 99. That's good to know. fnord and Bob's can be truncated no problem. I can put all real numbers in the export, although it would be a nice bonus if Chaos could be edited between matches to random numbers.
i'm not an /eris/ poster but perhaps other potential players for inconsideration could be RAW or Malaclypse the Younger?
>>157 >i'm not an /eris/ poster You are a pope and therefore equally important as the rest of us. >RAW or Malaclypse the Younger RAW is already in there on the wiki page's roster (Robert Anton Wilson). Malaclypse the Younger is also a good pick, my personal opinion is to have them on the sideline since their Principia Discordia is already on the field. However I am open to counterarguments since most of the roster so far was made in a rush by one person and therefore it is quite biased.
>>160 (cont'd) >Robert Anton Wilson Then again, maybe we should change that to RAW. The abbreviation is more commonly used........
>>160 >most of the roster so far was made in a rush by one person and therefore it is quite biased. eh who cares, if that person put most of the effort in to get us a team in the first place, why should we care? Chaos is always out of balance and thus probably biased as well. It might not be very discordian-esque but i propose either Albert Camus or Sisyphus on spot 13 due to the whole absurdism vibe that contributes to discordianism in its own way. That or Horkos.
Open file (74.05 KB 680x680 home_draft.png)
>>163 Fair enough. I'll add Albert Camus as shirt #13 (I notice he wrote about Sisyphus and helped boost absurdist philosophy so it's a convenient 2-in-1) I plan on attempting full player customization for certain characters (e.g. 3D model of Eris, fnord can be invisible or transparent, etc.) but for the other players (and a fallback if my plans are too ambitious and fail) we will need a minimum of three kits: >home: normal outfit >away: reserve uniform used if our uniform is too similar to an opponent's (possible example is pic related and /his/) >goalkeeper: current plan is a principia discordia swirl I have no /fa/ sense. Please help me. Pic related, preliminary draft idea for home uniform. Linen color base with gold highlights.
>>164 Full 3d customization is really nice but do not worry if it becomes too daunting a task. Also, if you have ideas for custom designs, refer to the meta thread up there to get a base for the kits, you can just pop it into photoshop, edit it to your heart's content and import it into PES.
>>165 >Also, if you have ideas for custom designs, refer to the meta thread up there to get a base for the kits, you can just pop it into photoshop, edit it to your heart's content and import it into PES. Yep thanks, I'll have no problem with that. I just want to make sure I don't spend hours on it and then someone comes up with a much better redesign.
Open file (110.65 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>164 i'm super fucking bad at /fa/ as well anon, this isn't an proposition, this is just how i imagined it
Ok boys, the jig is up. The team could've been anything, lyrics from mary had a little lamb, characters from F●R●I●E●N●D●S, or forbes list of people with most confidence issues in numbered order. The shirts could've been grass camouflaged, full of cat pictures, or so noisy it hurts your eyes. Instead you decide to go for references and nostalgia, like a bunch of unimaginative vertebrates you are. This is everything I'm against, and hence this team has been blessed. Remove me from the roster, I need to visit Ghana. I'm also removing you from my railing list. You have been warned. xoxo -Momma E
>>168 You know... Anyone can change the wiki.
>>168 >The shirts could've been grass camouflaged, full of cat pictures, or so noisy it hurts your eyes. Rest assured, the current designs are simply a fallback in case I am attacked with a truck. The noise and invisibility will arrive once I start rigging 3D models. Please refrain from blessing our team. I know you like the fact that you hate us but you are supposed to hate that you like that you hate us. Our counter-counter-culture is completely unacceptable and thinking otherwise will severely compromise our reputation. I have a minor suspicion that I am suffering intermittent greyface bouts due to a recent mishap involving some silver nitrate. This is why I repeatedly demand that you all stop allowing this fascist blasphemous one-Pope effort and start displacing my favorite players onto the bench. I'm putting you back on the roster as punishment until you understand the difference between randosity and chaos. Substituting lame unordered references with non sequitur ordered references is just as pathetic and boring, even if less culturally detrimental. Also you're our golden player and we need you so I'm committing fraud with your passport as a precaution. You're going nowhere you mischievous brat. glomps and smooches, Pope Grassstain the Divin' I
>>168 >grass camouflaged Unironically, a very Discordian away kit: >your kit is too similar to the opposition and it is hard to differentiate your players >replace it with a kit similar to the pitch so its hard to differentiate our players This is our away outfit until further discourse. When we start Full Player Customization, at a bare minimum fnord shall blend in like a chameleon.
>>172 What if you used the same texture used for the pitch? Like, obviously shrinked down and morphed to fit on the shirts. Could be your second kit.
Open file (95.73 KB 680x680 ClipboardImage.png)
>>157 I'm not an eris poster either so I don't know what you lads are after. But I noticed your formation seems very soccery and not chaotic at all since it's actually a well known one. Has anyone ever tried making a team with only center backs?
>>174 yeah, PES kind of self manages the team back into a working formation, but you can do it.
>>174 Are you suggesting we should lose on purpose? That would surely suit your team very well wouldn't it?
>>176 No, I'm suggesting you should win accidentally.
>>174 Can we make a second team for our own /b/ or /3/ board and make it a complete asymmetric chaotic mess? I feel an obligation to give this team an interesting yet somewhat winnable strategy rather than true chaos. Games without both teams scoring are ultimately less interesting. I was not aware that an hourglass variant of 3-3-3-1 was actually a recognized strategy (it's just supposed to be a sane approximation of the 'Hand of Eris' symbol). Anyway, I have supplied tactical instructions to only loosely follow formation so in the end it's a healthy mix of eris and aneris.
Open file (427.29 KB 480x564 BFormation.png)
Open file (87.22 KB 200x235 200px-TestFormation.png)
>>174 >Has anyone ever tried making a team with only center backs? I don't know about 4CC, but here our two closest examples would be: 1) /b/ with 7 defenders (only 3 fullbacks) >won more games than lost 2) /test/ with chaos >won far more than lost, always made knockout, got 3rd place once
Referee has been promoted to the front, hopefully they can score. If I can handle FPC, jersey numbers will be obfuscated and/or incorrect.
>>199 As a non Eris user and avid soccer fan, the second formation triggered my autism so much I'm losing it, so I guess it's on the right track It's akin that video of the little girl pushing the screen of a gameboy
>>199 just make a smiley face of the players
>>202 >>199 /test/ only ran that formation as of the last Cup. They had a pretty normal formation in Cups previous. You are correct about /b/ though, they've ran that formation since their founding.
How can we fuck with the commentary with a player name? The penis snake is good, but can a meta joke work well? Like a player named 'no-one'.
>>205 name players "the referee", "the other team", "the keeper" or "they"
>>198 >>202 I'm starting to ease up and am increasingly open to the idea of an asymmetric layout and moving the 'Hand of Eris' to a list of previous layouts, in the unlikely case we fail miserably and want it back. maybe a good old this:    X X  XX  X XX  X X X G
>>208 banana phone?
>>213 I think the official name is "Don't Tell Them We're All Right-Footed"
Roster has been transferred over to my save file. I've got Eris and Norton's models working fine, but for the other two [no-one] and fnord, are they supposed to be completely invisible?
>>659 Yes, they are working correctly. I hope it is acceptable (note both play the same position).
>>174 >Has anyone ever tried making a team with only center backs? So it turns out PES disallows you to place more than 5 players in the defense or 0 in attack, so you can only make a really defensive 5-3-1 I played them against /co/ and they lost 0-1.
^^ Updated anthems ^^ I'll link them from the wiki. Team anthem, generic goal horn and Eris's own goal horn. PS: I'm running tests for an updated strategy and right now while I'm writing this post Eris just got a double yellow for assault in the first half. Fuck yeah!
>>777 You are quite literally doing Goddess's work! I fucking love you man
I made a roster page a while ago, is it too vague and stylized to be useful to commentators? http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//eris//Roster To be fair, a third of them have no deeper meaning at all. >>827 And don't think that I don't appreciate it, Anon!
Third edition of our strategy and cards have been submitted. Bonus anthems [uploads failed]: >Goddess Porn goal horn Attached. >Victory anthem Cardiacs - Tarred and Feathered >pre-game music/qualifier theme/misc. ReFlex - Eris @ https://glitchhopcommunity.bandcamp.com/track/eris
Open file (819.24 KB 960x720 r.i.p.png)
>>968 The lead singer of our victory anthem has passed away. R.I.P. Tim Smith I dedicate our /test/ match victory to you. It's not much but it's all we have so far.
Open file (23.43 KB 512x64 ErisianMagazine.png)
Open file (55.07 KB 512x64 opposite.png)
Two adboards whipped up quickly, not sure how good the second will look in a compressed livestream.
How did you get custom shaders to work or is it the default shader?
>>1172 What effect do you mean? I only used Basic_CNS and Pony shaders (Pony for flat anime-type shading) and a one-sided texture for Eris's outline, mesh has inverted normals. The rainbow kit abuses mipmaps, those are modified in the .dds texture. (They appear a little smoother in my game so I'll have to tweak it a little and hope it works fine.)
Open file (94.01 KB 601x274 eris.png)
I believe what happened with the Round 1 /eris/ game is that an older EDIT file (submitted 18 June) was either used instead of or mixed with the updated EDIT file (submitted 18 July, by coincidence). We can retry an import and confirm it or just manually fix this before next match (player appearance settings didn't even import anyway? That's half the reason I did an EDIT file). I'll prepare a roster document. The potential effects of this mix-up, assuming that is what has happened: >as you saw, team tactics were live-managed before the match I believe SFK already changed short-pass to long-pass after the /test/ match? We then fixed the advanced strategies and defensive line I was also supposed to change Attacking Area from Centre to Wide but I didn't realize. I declared that we were satisfied with this. >as noted, players and their strategy cards were outdated This resulted in medal players being incorrect (bronze and silver swapped SS <--> CB, bronze changed from CMF to LWF), sub players being in incorrect positions and most likely various changes to player cards. Again, I declared that we were fine to play regardless. >non-goalkeepers had place-kicking skill set to 40 instead of the player's rank (between 77 - 99) My first submission had an error due to a tool mislabeling stats. This looked like it was already fixed as Chaos's stats were shown and their place-kicking was correctly set to 85, so unless SFK manually fixed this, I think the tool imported some stats but not others. Otherwise it would have been a technical violation of cup rules and messed with our corner kick (40 instead of 99). To be honest, the only part I am legitimately annoyed with is entirely my fault; when our corner kick taker was substituted off at the start of the match, PES automatically made the kick taker Eris, who was specifically designed for receiving corner kicks. I wish to update our sub strategy to specify who takes the corners if the normal kicker is subbed off; I think this is alright even though we are past the roster deadline. I think I can speak for /eris/ when I say 'shit happens, embrace chaos, good game' but I wish to be clear about what happened and state that I think /eris/ are happy with either accepting the result as-is or holding a rematch, whichever /yuri/ rep and SKF feel is appropriate. It was a fun game :)
>>1326 Send over that list of corrections/roster document ASAP. I'll work on fixing it.
>>1339 Sent, want to confirm it went through as mail was having trouble yesterday and I suspect it's still silently broken.
"There's a pattern developing in this game, the right flank is the productive one" -Jim Beglin
note to self: add X-Files theme for RAW's goal horn.
>>1766 note to self: same theme for the two invisible fnord players
New anthem for /eris/, to be used if we've scored three or more goals and you're just repeating an anthem you've already played. If you didn't like the nightcore then you'll hate this. It's a pisscore remix of brony music. (See also: >>1589 , anthem for goalkeeper assisting on a corner kick, but you won't hear it anyway over me shittalking soloman)
we missed an amazing opportunity to have Professor Nutbutter be a goalie :(
Alright, you win. We'll choose some good music. This masterpiece of an album received an initial critical reception of 0/10. :^)
>>2375 A 0/10 from Vox is the utmost of compliments though.

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